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100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.7Jerin Baeza12.85hLife Christian
2.8Trustian Skeffington13.00hDuniway
3.8Brandon Shippey13.01hPatton
4.8Collin Winchester13.70hSantiam Christian
5.8Tristen Frey14.00hDuniway
6.8Timoteo Espinoza14.01hPatton
6.8Sergio Gutierrez14.01h PRPatton
8.8Andrew Serna14.21hPatton
9.8RJ Olson14.66hPatton
10.8Jonah Crown14.78hPatton
11.8Blake Ingram15.20hPatton
12.8Gregory Sanchez15.76hPatton
13.8Jorge Quintero16.53hDuniway
14.8Ethan Morris16.71hPatton
15.8Greg Desmond17.22hDuniway
8Mitch WagnerNTLife Christian
7Taylor BrizendineNTLife Christian
8Stevie MoralesNTPatton
6Mason TaylorNTLife Christian

100 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Morgan Rasar13.02hDuniway
2.7Alex Lynch13.33hDuniway
3.7Jesus Rodriguez13.34hDuniway
4.7Mason Waddington13.75hPatton
5.7Mason McLain13.85hSantiam Christian
6.7Nicholas Armour13.94hSantiam Christian
7.7Brock Petersen14.21hDuniway
8.7Jacob Grout14.22hDuniway
9.7Tyler Sitton14.41hPatton
10.7Jake Fowler14.52hPatton
11.7Ryan Brooks14.75hPatton
12.7Mason Wennerstrom15.07hDuniway
13.7Jackson Eggers15.19hPatton
14.7R.J. Young15.28hDuniway
15.7Kyle Hess15.88hDuniway
16.7Geoffrey Bishop16.01hPatton
17.7Caden Patten16.08hPatton
18.7Isaiah Coste16.14h PRDuniway
19.7Will Schnepp16.20h SRPatton
20.7Nicholas Langford16.27hSantiam Christian
21.7Logan Franklin17.26hDuniway
22.7Cooper Bousquet17.76hDuniway
23.7Cristian Duran17.87hPatton
24.7Elliott Horton17.94hPatton
7Garrett NockNTSantiam Christian

100 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Ray Jacob13.31hDuniway
2.6Karl Wolff14.45hDuniway
3.6Nicholas Denley14.63hPatton
4.6Jakob Wright14.70hDuniway
5.6Zach Watson15.51h PRSantiam Christian
6.6Kevin Chang15.78hPatton
7.6Bryant Kemper15.96hPatton
8.6Jelani Anderson16.03hPatton
8.6James Beals16.03hDuniway
10.6Julian LaRocca17.00hDuniway
11.6Michael Henry17.72hDuniway
12.6Gabe Romero20.21hDuniway
6Odin ThorsonNTPatton

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Trustian Skeffington26.65hDuniway
2.8Tristen Frey27.47hDuniway
3.8Andrew Serna29.01hPatton
4.8Zach Zimmers29.21hSantiam Christian
5.8Dillon Chastain29.32hPatton
6.8Jacob Clark29.34hPatton
7.8Ivan Isordia31.21hPatton
8.8Greg Desmond38.28hDuniway
7Taylor BrizendineNTLife Christian
8Collin WinchesterNTSantiam Christian
8Sergio GutierrezNTPatton
8Justin HowellNTSantiam Christian
6Mason TaylorNTLife Christian
8Jorge QuinteroNTDuniway
7Jerin BaezaNTLife Christian
8Nathan BloomsterNTLife Christian

200 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Morgan Rasar28.33hDuniway
2.7Skyler Schuck29.38hPatton
3.7Jacob Grout29.81hDuniway
4.7Brock Petersen30.09hDuniway
5.7Jake Fowler30.14hPatton
6.7Ryan Brooks30.58hPatton
7.7Isaiah Coste32.69hDuniway
8.7Kyle Hess33.19hDuniway
9.7Caden Patten33.46hPatton
10.7R.J. Young33.87h PRDuniway
11.7Will Schnepp34.69hPatton
12.7Logan Franklin36.33hDuniway
13.7Cooper Bousquet37.26h PRDuniway
7Garrett NockNTSantiam Christian
7Nicholas LangfordNTSantiam Christian
7Will EarlyNTDuniway

200 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nicholas Denley29.90hPatton
2.6Jakob Wright30.16hDuniway
3.6Kevin Chang32.84hPatton
4.6Bryant Kemper35.10h PRPatton
5.6Diego Chavez36.75hPatton
6.6Michael Henry37.85hDuniway
6Julian LaRoccaNTDuniway
6Robert DunlapNTPatton
6Odin ThorsonNTPatton

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Tristen Frey1:00.81hDuniway
2.8Jose Bautista1:01.31hDuniway
3.8Ivan Isordia1:10.90hPatton
8Irvin FigueroaNTPatton
8Justin HowellNTSantiam Christian
8Nathan BloomsterNTLife Christian

400 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Adam Yarbrough1:02.95hSantiam Christian
2.7Tyler Sitton1:07.00hPatton
3.7Morgan Rasar1:09.20h PRDuniway
4.7Jacob Grout1:09.69hDuniway
5.7Will Early1:10.89hDuniway
6.7Isaiah Coste1:13.59hDuniway
7.7Kyle Hess1:18.31h PRDuniway

400 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Cameron Autencio1:08.58hDuniway
2.6Cooper Rich1:08.64h SRPatton
3.6Kevin Chang1:18.84hPatton
4.6Zach Watson1:19.77hSantiam Christian
5.6Reece Parr1:22.31hPatton
6.6Diego Chavez1:25.91hPatton
7.6Bryant Kemper1:33.45hPatton

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jason Kiff2:33.73h PRPatton
2.8Andrew Olson2:35.98hPatton
6Jacob HamadaNTLife Christian
6Joel HenningsenNTLife Christian
6Evan LaFleurNTLife Christian
7Devin DarlingNTLife Christian
8Zach KennistonNTLife Christian
8Devon WilsonNTDuniway

800 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kevin McKeegan2:32.51h SRDuniway
2.7Miles Skeen3:01.99hDuniway
7Jackson EggersNTPatton

800 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Cooper Rich2:47.47hPatton
6Jonathon PriceNTPatton
6Christian FrechNTPatton

1500 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jason Kiff5:03.64hPatton
2.8Blake Ingram5:12.74h PRPatton
3.8Ethan Morris6:12.39hPatton
8Irvin FigueroaNTPatton
8Devon WilsonNTDuniway
8Zach KennistonNTLife Christian
6Joel HenningsenNTLife Christian

1500 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kevin McKeegan5:08.05h PRDuniway
2.7Miles Skeen5:43.45hDuniway
3.7August Thornton5:45.32hSantiam Christian

1500 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Reece Parr6:02.87h PRPatton
6Christian FrechNTPatton

100m Hurdles - 30"  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Max Hayes15.71hDuniway
2.8Jason Kiff17.94hPatton
3.8Jacob Clark18.81hPatton
4.8RJ Olson19.18h PRPatton
5.8Noel Maselli20.56hPatton
6.8Andrew Olson23.00hPatton
8Andrew SernaNTPatton

100m Hurdles - 30"  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Brad Hessel16.69hDuniway
2.7Skyler Schuck17.84hPatton
3.7Mason Waddington17.90h PRPatton
4.7Caden Patten22.03hPatton
5.7Daniel Drawson22.64hPatton

100m Hurdles - 30"  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Jelani Anderson22.59hPatton
6Jonathon PriceNTPatton
6James BealsNTDuniway

4x100 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Dillon Chastain
Timoteo Espinoza
Brandon Shippey
Stevie Morales
2.8Andrew Serna
Ivan Isordia
Gregory Sanchez
Jonah Crown
-Relay Team NTSantiam Christian
-Relay Team NTLife Christian

4x100 Relay  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Alex Lynch
Brad Hessel
Morgan Rasar
Jesus Rodriguez
2.7Tyler Sitton
Skyler Schuck
Mason Waddington
Carson Brickell
3.7Isaiah Coste
Jacob Grout
Mason Wennerstrom
Brock Petersen
4.7Adam Yarbrough
Mason McLain
Nicholas Armour
Nicholas Langford
56.15hSantiam Christian
5.7Ryan Brooks
Daniel Drawson
Caden Patten
Jake Fowler

4x100 Relay  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Karl Wolff
Ray Jacob
Cameron Autencio
Jakob Wright
2.6Christian Frech
Nicholas Denley
Cooper Rich
Odin Thorson

4x400 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jose Bautista
Tristen Frey
Max Hayes
Trustian Hood
-Anthony Porpora
Jacob Hamada
Joel Henningsen
Mitch Wagner
NTLife Christian
8Timoteo Espinoza
Jason Kiff
Stevie Morales
Brandon Shippey

4x400 Relay  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Jesus Rodriguez
Kevin McKeegan
Brad Hessel
Alex Lynch
2.7Skyler Schuck
Tyler Sitton
Mason Waddington
Carson Brickell

4x400 Relay  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Jakob Wright
Cameron Autencio
Ray Jacob
Karl Wolff
2.6Odin Thorson
Cooper Rich
Nicholas Denley
Christian Frech

Shot Put - 8lb  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Drake Von31-05.50Duniway
2.8Ethan Morris23-04.00 PRPatton
8Justin HowellNDSantiam Christian
7Zach MahanNDLife Christian
8Blake IngramNDPatton

Shot Put - 8lb  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Dylan Ingham30-05.25Duniway
2.7Mason McLain29-00.75Santiam Christian
3.7Geoffrey Bishop28-00.00Patton
4.7Junior Bautista26-09.25Patton
5.7R.J. Young24-00.25Duniway
6.7Max Morton23-08.75Duniway
7.7Elliott Horton19-09.25 PRPatton
8.7Will Schnepp18-04.00Patton
9.7Mac Whitaker17-04.00Duniway
10.7Cristian Duran12-00.00 PRPatton
7August ThorntonNDSantiam Christian
7Brock PetersenNDDuniway
7Garrett NockNDSantiam Christian

Shot Put - 8lb  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nathaniel Johnson16-08.50Patton
6Julian LaRoccaNDDuniway

Discus - 1kg  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Drake Von89-00 PRDuniway
2.8Zach Zimmers68-02Santiam Christian
3.8Jacob Clark53-10 SRPatton
4.8Ethan Morris47-07Patton
5.8Blake Ingram45-04 PRPatton
6Evan LaFleurNDLife Christian
6Jeff GlennNDLife Christian
7Zach MahanNDLife Christian
8Zach KennistonNDLife Christian

Discus - 1kg  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Geoffrey Bishop100-00Patton
2.7Dylan Ingham78-03Duniway
3.7Junior Bautista67-11Patton
4.7Max Morton60-11Duniway
5.7Cooper Bousquet59-06 PRDuniway
6.7August Thornton54-04Santiam Christian
7.7Mac Whitaker46-10Duniway
8.7R.J. Young46-00Duniway
9.7Elliott Horton44-06Patton
10.7Will Schnepp37-01Patton
7Nicholas ArmourNDSantiam Christian

Discus - 1kg  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nathaniel Johnson49-00 PRPatton
2.6Zach Watson44-08Santiam Christian
3.6Gabe Romero42-05 SRDuniway
4.6Bryant Kemper37-10Patton
6Robert DunlapNDPatton

High Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Collin Winchester4-10.00Santiam Christian
1.8Timoteo Espinoza4-10.00 PRPatton
3.8Max Hayes4-08.00 PRDuniway
4.8Noel Maselli4-04.00Patton
4.8Jose Bautista4-04.00 SRDuniway
6.8Zach Zimmers4-02.00Santiam Christian
6.8RJ Olson4-02.00Patton
8Justin HowellNHSantiam Christian
8Jacob ClarkNHPatton

High Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Mason McLain5-00.00 PRSantiam Christian
2.7Alex Lynch4-02.00Duniway
3.7Jackson Eggers4-00.00Patton
7Cooper BousquetNHDuniway
7Kyle HessNHDuniway

High Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Zach Watson3-10.00Santiam Christian
6Jonathon PriceNHPatton
6Cameron AutencioNHDuniway

Long Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Brandon Shippey16-09.50 PRPatton
2.8Trustian Skeffington16-08.25Duniway
3.8Jose Bautista15-11.50Duniway
4.8Max Hayes15-09.25 PRDuniway
8Nicholas Johnson15'07.75 PRPatton
5.8Andrew Olson14-00.50Patton
6.8Noel Maselli13-10.50 PRPatton
6Max ElyNDLife Christian
8Stevie MoralesNDPatton
7Jerin BaezaNDLife Christian
8Jorge QuinteroNDDuniway
7Devin DarlingNDLife Christian
8Nathan BloomsterNDLife Christian

Long Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Jesus Rodriguez15-11.50Duniway
2.7Brad Hessel15-03.00 PRDuniway
3.7Nicholas Armour14-07.50 SRSantiam Christian
4.7Adam Yarbrough14-01.00Santiam Christian
5.7Mason Wennerstrom14-00.00Duniway
6.7Logan Franklin10-00.50 SRDuniway
7.7August Thornton9-02.00Santiam Christian
7Carson BrickellNDPatton
7Daniel DrawsonNDPatton
7Nicholas LangfordNDSantiam Christian

Long Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Ray Jacob14-10.00Duniway
2.6Kevin Chang12-05.25 PRPatton
3.6Diego Chavez9-08.00 PRPatton
4.6Gabe Romero8-01.00 SRDuniway
6Jonathon PriceNDPatton
6Robert DunlapNDPatton


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