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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mitch Pelroy11.57aCoupeville
2.12Cody Hernkind11.60aOak Harbor
3.10Carlton Johnson11.69aOak Harbor
4.10Sheyenne Sams11.73a PROak Harbor
5.11Jayden Davilla11.90a PROak Harbor
6.9Elijah Nichols12.02a PRSouth Whidbey
7.10Nick French12.05a PRSouth Whidbey
8.12Larry Hurlburt12.19a PRCoupeville
9.9Hunter Parrick12.54a SRSouth Whidbey
10.11Stryder Elverum12.61a PRSouth Whidbey
11.12Shawn Kump12.67a PRCoupeville
12.12Frederick Seludo13.27a PRKetchikan
13.11Taylor McLaren14.95aKetchikan
14.12Neil Gonzales14.98aKetchikan
12Austin NicholsSCRCoupeville

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dejon Devroe23.67aOak Harbor
2.10Carlton Johnson24.09aOak Harbor
3.10Sheyenne Sams24.20aOak Harbor
4.11Kelton Thompson24.27aKetchikan
5.12Peter Frannsn24.51a PROak Harbor
6.9Elijah Nichols25.00a PRSouth Whidbey
7.12Shawn Kump26.71a PRCoupeville
8.9Hunter Parrick28.00aSouth Whidbey
9.11Braydon Namor28.18a SRAlberni
10.10Connor Van Vliet28.68a PRAlberni
9Chris WilsonSCRSouth Whidbey
12Frederick SeludoSCRKetchikan

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dejon Devroe50.74aOak Harbor
2.12Chris Opdyke52.06a PROak Harbor
3.12Mitch Pelroy52.73aCoupeville
4.11Kelton Thompson53.52aKetchikan
5.12Marcel Weaver55.85aOak Harbor
6.11Dakota Sinchak56.37a PROak Harbor
7.11Sam Landau57.80h SRCoupeville
8.10Davon Wake58.60h PRKetchikan
9.10Beau Albertson58.99aKetchikan
10.9Brandon Chapman59.40h SRSouth Whidbey
11.12Frederick Seludo59.90hKetchikan
12.11Stryder Elverum1:02.50hSouth Whidbey
13.11Braydon Namor1:04.36a SRAlberni
12Max HilemanSCRSouth Whidbey

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Schrum2:03.50hOak Harbor
2.12Matt Reith2:04.60h SROak Harbor
3.12Jack Dodson2:11.70hKetchikan
4.12Larry Hurlburt2:12.70h PRCoupeville
5.11Josh Crebbin2:13.10h PROak Harbor
6.9Sebastian Ceaser2:16.20hOak Harbor
7.10Beau Albertson2:17.10hKetchikan
8.9Will Holbert2:32.70hSouth Whidbey
9Jonas AndersonSCRSouth Whidbey
9Zach Spross-RamseySCRSouth Whidbey
12Will ZinkSCRSouth Whidbey

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Schrum5:01.99aOak Harbor
2.9Cole Zink5:08.01aSouth Whidbey
3.9Sebastian Ceaser5:08.11a SROak Harbor
4.11Josh Crebbin5:08.46aOak Harbor
5.9Matthew Hampton5:09.08aCoupeville
6.12Cody Hendricks5:23.63a PRKetchikan
7.9Truman Hood5:26.62aSouth Whidbey
8.10Alex Daniels5:28.18a PRKetchikan
9.11Ricky Voelz5:36.20aKetchikan
10.9Griffin Dolling5:43.71a SRAlberni
11.10Jake McCormick5:54.41aCoupeville
12.9Michael Kelly6:22.00aCoupeville
12Will ZinkSCRSouth Whidbey

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Reith11:29.70aOak Harbor
2.9Cole Zink11:32.31aSouth Whidbey
3.9Matthew Hampton11:43.37a SRCoupeville
4.12Cody Hendricks12:09.63aKetchikan
5.9Griffin Dolling12:28.26a PRAlberni
6.10Alex Daniels12:55.72aKetchikan
7.11Sam Landau12:57.18aCoupeville
8.10Jake McCormick13:16.46aCoupeville

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jack Dodson18.11aKetchikan
2.12Cody Sanders18.15a PROak Harbor
3.11Patrick Mayer18.84aOak Harbor
4.10Brandon Kelley22.72aCoupeville

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jack Dodson44.10hKetchikan
2.11Patrick Mayer46.00hOak Harbor
3.12Cody Sanders47.20h PROak Harbor
4.11Ricky Voelz49.00hKetchikan
5.10Brandon Kelley49.90hCoupeville

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jayden Davilla
Carlton Johnson
Sheyenne Sams
Cody Hernkind
45.57aOak Harbor
2.-Elijah Nichols
Hunter Parrick
Stryder Elverum
Nick French
47.83aSouth Whidbey
3.-Brandon Kelley
Stephen Edwards
Shawn Kump
Austin Nichols

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dejon Devroe
Peter Frannsn
Chris Opdyke
Carlton Johnson
3:42.00aOak Harbor
2.-Jack Dodson
Beau Albertson
Davon Wake
Kelton Thompson
3.-Stryder Elverum
Will Zink
Cole Zink
Truman Hood
4:05.00aSouth Whidbey

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Varsity - Finals

1.-Marcel Weaver
Josh Schrum
Chris Opdyke
Matt Reith
11:58.36aOak Harbor
2.-Truman Hood
Cole Zink
Will Zink
Will Holbert
12:19.23aSouth Whidbey
3.-Cody Hendricks
Frederick Seludo
Ricky Voelz
Alex Daniels

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nick Streubel39-06.50Coupeville
2.12Colton Justus38-11.00South Whidbey
3.12Keon Crumpton38-10.25 PROak Harbor
4.9Jackson Constant38-09.50Oak Harbor
5.11Cody Ring34-02.00Ketchikan
6.11Caleb Valko33-02.25Coupeville
7.10Connor Van Vliet32-05.00 PRAlberni
8.9Tyler Adamson32-02.00Oak Harbor
9.9Angus Jones32-01.50South Whidbey
10.10Nick Weatherford31-10.75Coupeville
11.11Taylor McLaren31-05.00Ketchikan
12.10Jameson Gavac28-01.75South Whidbey
13.12Daniel Estill26-03.00South Whidbey
12Austin NicholsSCRCoupeville
11Jeremy FosterSCROak Harbor

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Keon Crumpton120-04Oak Harbor
2.9Jackson Constant111-09Oak Harbor
3.11Cody Ring110-03Ketchikan
4.10Nick Streubel105-04Coupeville
5.12Colton Justus99-05South Whidbey
6.9Angus Jones98-10South Whidbey
7.9Tyler Adamson94-00 SROak Harbor
8.10Connor Van Vliet78-09 PRAlberni
9.11Taylor McLaren75-10Ketchikan
10.12Zach Wallace71-07Oak Harbor
11.10Jameson Gavac67-02South Whidbey
12.10Konrad Borden65-00Coupeville
13.9Chris Henderson58-00South Whidbey
11Caleb ValkoSCRCoupeville
12Austin NicholsSCRCoupeville

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nick French156-03South Whidbey
2.10Piikekai Tarrant137-02 SROak Harbor
3.10Andy Madsen131-01South Whidbey
4.12Colton Justus130-02South Whidbey
5.11Dakota Sinchak120-02Oak Harbor
6.12Zach Wallace117-05Oak Harbor
7.9Angus Jones107-02 PRSouth Whidbey
8.10Nick Weatherford106-01 SRCoupeville
9.10Connor Van Vliet103-08 PRAlberni
10.11Kelton Thompson99-05 PRKetchikan
11.11Cody Ring81-01 PRKetchikan
12.10Konrad Borden71-04 SRCoupeville
13.11Taylor McLaren60-08 SRKetchikan
11Jeremy FosterSCROak Harbor

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Hailer5-08.00Oak Harbor
2.11Jacob Olson5-06.00Oak Harbor
12Shawn KumpNHCoupeville
12Neil GonzalesNHKetchikan
11Braydon NamorNHAlberni
11Dakota SinchakNHOak Harbor
12Larry HurlburtNHCoupeville

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh McVey10-00.00Oak Harbor
2.10Andy Madsen9-06.00South Whidbey
3.12James Harrison9-06.00Oak Harbor
4.10Keenan Davilla8-00.00 SROak Harbor
9Connor ParamenterNHOak Harbor

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cody Hernkind19-03.75Oak Harbor
2.9Elijah Nichols18-07.50South Whidbey
3.12Mitch Pelroy18-02.50Coupeville
4.9Dejon Devroe18-01.00Oak Harbor
5.11Allen Hills17-03.00Oak Harbor
6.11Dakota Sinchak16-06.50Oak Harbor
7.11Braydon Namor16-06.00 PRAlberni
8.10Davon Wake15-02.25Ketchikan
9.9Brandon Chapman14-10.00South Whidbey
10.9Chris Wilson13-10.50South Whidbey
10.9Hunter Parrick13-10.50South Whidbey
12.10Stephen Edwards11-03.00Coupeville
12Neil GonzalesNDKetchikan

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tucker Lundstrom41-10.25 PROak Harbor
2.12Cody Hernkind40-01.50 PROak Harbor
3.11Jayden Davilla39-03.50 PROak Harbor
4.11Allen Hills38-10.00 PROak Harbor
5.10Davon Wake34-05.00Ketchikan
10Stephen EdwardsSCRCoupeville
11Stryder ElverumFOULSouth Whidbey
12Neil GonzalesSCRKetchikan


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