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55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

12Tyler White7.23aMilwaukee Lutheran
10Terrance Banks7.34aMilwaukee Lutheran
9Karl Tatum7.39a SRMilwaukee Lutheran
10Ke'Juan Golden7.43aMilwaukee Lutheran
9Montravius Berry7.45aMilwaukee Lutheran
11Carl Greer7.64a PRMilwaukee Lutheran
11Brandon Hopkins8.00aMilwaukee Lutheran
10Ben Rodrian8.07a PRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Darrell Coleman8.31a PRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Joseph Greco8.33a PRMilwaukee Lutheran
11William Smith8.35a PRMilwaukee Lutheran
10Max Miller8.38aMilwaukee Lutheran
9Isaiah Seymour8.41aMilwaukee Lutheran
10Joseph Denecke8.51a PRMilwaukee Lutheran

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Terrance Banks26.1hMilwaukee Lutheran
9Karl Tatum26.5h SRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Montravius Berry27.0h SRMilwaukee Lutheran
11Cameron Cole27.3h SRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Harold Summers27.5h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Alexander Pankow27.7h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
10Ke'Juan Golden28.0hMilwaukee Lutheran
10Ben Rodrian28.2h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
11Brandon Hopkins28.6hMilwaukee Lutheran
11Curt Homan29.2h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Isaiah Seymour29.3h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
10Max Miller29.6hMilwaukee Lutheran
9Darrell Coleman29.8hMilwaukee Lutheran
9Joseph Greco30.0hMilwaukee Lutheran
10Joseph Denecke30.3h PRMilwaukee Lutheran
11William Smith31.6h PRMilwaukee Lutheran

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Vincent Walker58.1hMilwaukee Lutheran
10Sam Konings58.4hMilwaukee Lutheran
9James Jeninga58.6hMilwaukee Lutheran
12Jake Spring1:00.2hMilwaukee Lutheran
12Kevin Folker1:00.4hMilwaukee Lutheran

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Jeff Meitler2:11.1hMilwaukee Lutheran
12Seth Borchart2:17.0h PRMilwaukee Lutheran

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Jeff Meitler4:50.9hMilwaukee Lutheran
12Peter Boersma5:03.9h SRMilwaukee Lutheran
12Seth Borchart5:07.8hMilwaukee Lutheran
11David Jorgenson5:13.8hMilwaukee Lutheran
10Roman Ruud6:03.4hMilwaukee Lutheran
11Samuel Isaacson6:13.0hMilwaukee Lutheran

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

11Aaron Williamson49'3"Milwaukee Lutheran
12Tyler Bohachek42'3"Milwaukee Lutheran
10Zach Nelson34'3"Milwaukee Lutheran
11Josh Klenz32'7" SRMilwaukee Lutheran
10Ian Warner29'9.5"Milwaukee Lutheran
10Julius Gaddis29'2.5"Milwaukee Lutheran

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Jake Spring5'6"Milwaukee Lutheran
12Brian Emo5'6" PRMilwaukee Lutheran
11Aaron Williamson5'4"Milwaukee Lutheran
9Karl Tatum5'4" SRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Alexander Pankow5'2" SRMilwaukee Lutheran
9Harold Summers4'8" SRMilwaukee Lutheran
11Cameron Cole4'8"Milwaukee Lutheran
11Curt Homan4'8" PRMilwaukee Lutheran


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