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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Reshawd Fyne11.42aMartin County
2.12Zach Burrows11.46aMartin County
3.12Rico Pierre11.49a SRSouth Fork
4.11Travon Johnson11.77a SRMartin County
5.11Lorenz Velasco11.83aSouth Fork
6.12Bryan Wilson11.88aSouth Fork
7.11Matthew Birdens11.89aSouth Fork
8.12Tyler King12.09aSebastian River
9.9Lorenzo Forrest12.10a PRLincoln Park Academy
10.11Jafeous Taylor12.13aSebastian River
11.11Herschel Hester12.14aMartin County
12.11Justin Velez12.15a SRLincoln Park Academy
13.11Dadrick Thompson12.30a SRLincoln Park Academy
14.12Johntavis Brown12.33a PRSebastian River
15.11Devonzia Paschal13.10aSebastian River

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Reshawd Fyne23.88aMartin County
2.11Lorenz Velasco24.39aSouth Fork
3.-Mitchell Patterson24.69a PRMartin County
4.-Kenton Joseph24.79aLincoln Park Academy
5.9Lorenzo Forrest24.80aLincoln Park Academy
6.11Matthew Birdens25.12aSouth Fork
7.11Jafeous Taylor25.61aSebastian River
8.11Dadrick Thompson25.68aLincoln Park Academy
9.11Dondre Cypress26.36aSebastian River
10.9Austin Cherry26.86a PRMartin County
11.10Jimmy Webster27.49aSebastian River
12.11Cole Chambers27.64a PRSebastian River
--11Justin VelezNTLincoln Park Academy
--12Rico PierreNTSouth Fork
--12Brandon BattleNTMartin County
--10Colton HaggertyNTSouth Fork

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jake Burton50.37a PRMartin County
2.10Colton Haggerty52.55aSouth Fork
3.12Legend Dodd53.44aSouth Fork
4.12Reid Pirson53.59a PRMartin County
5.11Herschel Hester53.76aMartin County
6.11Vincent Harris54.86aSebastian River
7.11Jacob Prickett55.77a SRSouth Fork
8.9Jaz Hunter55.89aLincoln Park Academy
9.12Adrien Marsden56.94aLincoln Park Academy
10.12Caleb Underhill57.45aLincoln Park Academy
11.11Dondre Cypress59.98aSebastian River
12.10Jose Vallejo1:00.36aSebastian River
13.12Andres Cruz1:00.42a PRSouth Fork
14.12Norris Rogers1:03.26aSebastian River
---Kenton JosephNTLincoln Park Academy
--12Brandon BattleNTMartin County

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.9Chris Graves2:09.55aSebastian River
3.12Patrick Weinberg2:09.83aSouth Fork
4.11Justin May2:10.70aLincoln Park Academy
5.10Kolby Golliher2:15.07aSebastian River
6.11Jacob Prickett2:18.20a SRSouth Fork
7.-MC Gershowitz2:18.48a PRMartin County
8.11Daniel Perez2:20.21aSebastian River
9.11Paul Alerte2:20.94aSebastian River
10.12Hunter Brown2:22.13aMartin County
11.12Ryan Raffensberger2:25.69a PRLincoln Park Academy
12.10Robert Sullivan2:27.49a PRMartin County
--9Jordan ChangNTSouth Fork
---MC PriceNTMartin County
---MC RemsburgNTMartin County
---MC WiseNTMartin County
---MC AyalaNTMartin County
--11Chris LarsonNTSebastian River
--11Peter CraigNTLincoln Park Academy
--11Thomas EzzoNTSouth Fork
--9Spencer StallsNTLincoln Park Academy
--11Jordan GarmenNTMartin County
--10Peter San JuanNTMartin County
--10Devin BrouilletteNTSouth Fork

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Kole Sneider4:46.37a PRMartin County
2.11Nicholas Parrenelli4:46.72aMartin County
3.12Patrick Weinberg4:50.89aSouth Fork
4.12Erick Espinoza4:52.21a PRSebastian River
5.11Justin May4:52.96aLincoln Park Academy
6.-MC Higgins4:53.32a PRMartin County
7.12Hunter Brown4:54.82aMartin County
8.10Tyler O'Brien4:55.97aMartin County
9.12Sidney Golliher4:59.00aSebastian River
10.10Blake Bachman5:01.31aLincoln Park Academy
11.11Peter Craig5:02.72aLincoln Park Academy
12.11Benjamin Fuhrman5:04.71a SRMartin County
13.9Thomas Grimsdale5:07.72aMartin County
14.10Dakota Brockway5:10.52aSouth Fork
15.11Jordan Garmen5:15.76a PRMartin County
16.-Santoya Walsh5:15.78a PRSebastian River
17.10Peter San Juan5:15.82a SRMartin County
18.-MC Altzner5:16.27a PRMartin County
19.10Addison Wier5:24.74aSouth Fork
20.-Roulette Joseph5:29.90a PRSouth Fork
21.7Caleb Pottorff5:34.59aLincoln Park Academy
22.11Paul Alerte5:36.56aSebastian River
23.9Daniel Morales5:39.57aLincoln Park Academy
24.10Robert Sullivan5:45.28a PRMartin County
25.9Christian Colon5:46.27a SRSebastian River
--11Thomas EzzoNTSouth Fork
--12William HoelkeNTSebastian River
--11Jon GonzalezNTMartin County
--9Sean BarricklowNTMartin County
---Luke HorgerNTLincoln Park Academy

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Austin Cox10:17.23aLincoln Park Academy
2.12Erick Espinoza10:40.79aSebastian River
3.12Sidney Golliher10:53.34a PRSebastian River
4.12Marvin Vincent10:54.25a PRMartin County
5.9Thomas Grimsdale11:16.03a PRMartin County
6.11Peter Craig11:19.21aLincoln Park Academy
7.10Dakota Brockway11:20.20a SRSouth Fork
8.9Daniel Morales11:21.10a PRLincoln Park Academy
---Luke HorgerNTLincoln Park Academy
--9Brenden WalshNTSebastian River
--9Casiano SantoyaNTSebastian River
---MC KastelicNTMartin County
--12Jake BurtonNTMartin County
--12Patrick WeinbergNTSouth Fork
--9Christian ColonNTSebastian River
--9Kole SneiderNTMartin County
--12Mark PruittNTLincoln Park Academy

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Deion Jones17.17aSebastian River
2.10Michael Matthews17.60aLincoln Park Academy
3.11Nicholas McAhren17.71aMartin County
4.11Jovante King20.82aSebastian River
5.11Ashton Terry20.85aSebastian River
6.9Chris Harper22.65aSebastian River

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Deion Jones43.50aSebastian River
2.10Louis D'Avino44.55aLincoln Park Academy
3.10Eden Stoian44.70aMartin County
4.11Nicholas McAhren45.04aMartin County
5.12Michael Messier46.04aSouth Fork
6.11Ashton Terry46.59aSebastian River
7.11Vincent Norelli46.68aSouth Fork
8.9Chris Harper47.40aSebastian River
9.11Oshane Bromfield47.52aMartin County
10.11Jovante King48.40aSebastian River
11.9Nicholas Cosola50.45aSouth Fork
12.12Bryan Wilson50.47aSouth Fork
13.9Austin Cherry53.48a PRMartin County

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Reshawd Fyne
Brandon Battle
Travon Johnson
Zach Burrows
42.83aMartin County
2.-Matthew Birdens
Lorenz Velasco
Bryan Wilson
Rico Pierre
45.28aSouth Fork
3.-Johntavis Brown
Tyler King
Octoavia Jefferson
Jafeous Taylor
45.52aSebastian River
4.-Lorenzo Forrest
Justin Velez
Dadrick Thompson
Steven Joseph
46.32aLincoln Park Academy

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Deion Jones
Dondre Cypress
Norris Rogers
Tyler King
3:41.71aSebastian River
2.-Michael Messier
Jacob Prickett
Legend Dodd
Colton Haggerty
3:42.03aSouth Fork
3.-Jaz Hunter
Adrien Marsden
Louis D'Avino
Caleb Underhill
3:44.13aLincoln Park Academy
4.-Jake Burton
Zach Burrows
Herschel Hester
Reid Pirson
4:09.42aMartin County

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nicholas Parrenelli
Tyler O'Brien
Jon Gonzalez
Zach Garland
8:45.17aMartin County
2.-Paul Alerte
Sidney Golliher
Erick Espinoza
William Hoelke
8:52.40aSebastian River
3.-Blake Bachman
Louis D'Avino
Ryan Raffensberger
Caleb Underhill
9:01.29aLincoln Park Academy
4.-Devin Brouillette
Jordan Chang
Joseph Roulette
Addison Wier
10:07.61aSouth Fork

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Andrew Mikowski41-11.00Lincoln Park Academy
2.12Brandon Pajkuric38-06.00South Fork
3.11Octoavia Jefferson37-11.00Sebastian River
4.10Zach Finnegan37-10.00Sebastian River
5.11Matthew Lightle37-05.00Sebastian River
6.10Vohn Nolan37-00.00 PRMartin County
7.12Justin Sampler36-10.00 PRMartin County
8.11Salvatore Masciello35-10.00Lincoln Park Academy
9.-Juan Hernandez34-07.00South Fork
10.9William Jones31-03.00Lincoln Park Academy
11.11Brian Spute31-01.00Martin County
12.10Brendan Cameron30-03.00South Fork
13.10Tristen Martin30-00.00Martin County
14.11Phillip Norman29-03.00Sebastian River
15.12Matt Burke25-06.00 PRLincoln Park Academy
---Aidan RalickiNDSouth Fork

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zach Finnegan123-10Sebastian River
2.11Matthew Lightle118-02Sebastian River
3.11Salvatore Masciello115-09.50Lincoln Park Academy
4.10Vohn Nolan105-04Martin County
5.11Phillip Norman105-01Sebastian River
6.12Brandon Pajkuric101-03.50South Fork
7.12Justin Sampler99-08 PRMartin County
8.12Andrew Mikowski96-10Lincoln Park Academy
9.9William Jones92-02 PRLincoln Park Academy
10.11Octoavia Jefferson90-08Sebastian River
11.10Tristen Martin88-07Martin County
12.-David Jones87-00 PRLincoln Park Academy
13.-Mason Wilborn83-00 PRSebastian River
14.10Brendan Cameron77-08South Fork
15.-Juan Hernandez70-00 PRSouth Fork
16.11Brian Spute67-05Martin County
17.12Matt Burke62-08 PRLincoln Park Academy
18.9Marcus Norman55-10.50 SRSebastian River
19.-Aidan Ralicki50-02 PRSouth Fork
20.9Andrew Fowler47-11Martin County

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Traevis Graham6-00.00 PRMartin County
2.12Justin Nathaniel5-10.00Sebastian River
3.10Michael Matthews5-08.00 SRLincoln Park Academy
4.12Matthew McDaniel5-06.00 SRMartin County
5.11Oshane Bromfield5-04.00 PRMartin County
6.9Chris Harper5-00.00Sebastian River
--12Norris RogersNHSebastian River
--11Justin TorrensNHSouth Fork
--12Justin SimmonsNHMartin County
--10Steven JosephNHLincoln Park Academy

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Rico Pierre20-02.00South Fork
2.12Justin Simmons19-09.50Martin County
3.12Justin Nathaniel19-08.50 PRSebastian River
4.12Reid Pirson19-04.00Martin County
5.9Lorenzo Forrest19-02.50Lincoln Park Academy
6.12Michael Messier18-05.00 PRSouth Fork
7.10Louis D'Avino18-01.00 PRLincoln Park Academy
8.12Anthony Smith18-00.00Sebastian River
9.10Traevis Graham17-10.00 PRMartin County
10.11Oshane Bromfield17-07.00Martin County
11.11Dondre Cypress17-06.00Sebastian River
12.11Octoavia Jefferson17-05.50 SRSebastian River
13.11Jovante King16-11.00Sebastian River
14.12Norris Rogers16-10.50 PRSebastian River
15.10Justin Peabody16-09.00 PRSebastian River
16.11Lorenz Velasco16-05.00 PRSouth Fork
17.9Nicholas Cosola14-10.00 PRSouth Fork
--10Steven JosephNDLincoln Park Academy
--11John HallNDMartin County

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Matthews40-04.25Lincoln Park Academy
2.12Justin Nathaniel38-10.00Sebastian River
3.10Deion Jones35-01.00Sebastian River
4.12Anthony Smith34-06.00Sebastian River
--12Justin SimmonsNDMartin County
--12Matthew McDanielNDMartin County
--12Johntavis BrownNDSebastian River
--11John HallNDMartin County


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