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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Forrest Lindelof11.47hBishop Walsh
2.12Corwyn Brown11.57hFrankfort
3.11Terrell McGraw11.59hBishop Walsh
4.10joshua Snyder11.65hCalvary Christian
5.12Dustin Hinkle11.98h PREast Hardy
6.9Tyler Murphy12.01hEast Hardy
7.12Conner Lin12.24hBishop Walsh
8.9Nicholas Miller12.66hFrankfort
9.11Ken Nicolas12.72hBishop Walsh
10.10Edward Crossland12.94h SRBishop Walsh
11.9Caleb Snyder12.97h SRCalvary Christian
12.9Lucas Barosa13.10hCalvary Christian
13.11Seth Kester13.55h PRCalvary Christian
9Simon DigonFrankfort
11Clayton FordPetersburg
10Edward CrosslandBishop Walsh
10joshua SnyderCalvary Christian
10Nathan LewisFrankfort

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terrell McGraw24.25hBishop Walsh
2.12Forrest Lindelof24.33hBishop Walsh
3.11Colten Readd25.57hFrankfort
4.12Devin Burke25.84hFrankfort
5.11Joel Whetzel26.16h SRBishop Walsh
6.12Conner Lin26.91hBishop Walsh
7.9Braxton Lewis27.88hFrankfort
8.12Kim Nicolas28.54h PRBishop Walsh
9.9Simon Digon29.88hFrankfort
10.9Kyle VanName33.10hEast Hardy
11Seth KesterCalvary Christian
9Lucas BarosaCalvary Christian
10joshua SnyderCalvary Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Devin Burke56.00hFrankfort
2.11Colten Readd57.60hFrankfort
3.12Grant Basagic58.69hPetersburg
4.12Zach Deck1:01.00h PREast Hardy
5.11Joel Whetzel1:01.09hBishop Walsh
6.12Michael Dwyer1:03.10hBishop Walsh
7.10Edward Crossland1:03.80hBishop Walsh
8.10Kevin Malone1:04.50h PREast Hardy
9.9Nicholas Miller1:05.60hFrankfort
10.9Kyle VanName1:05.70hEast Hardy
11.9Simon Digon1:05.90hFrankfort
12.10Ryan Kenney1:10.00hFrankfort
13.11Clayton Ford1:12.78hPetersburg
14.11Chass Reel1:15.70h PREast Hardy
9Caleb SnyderCalvary Christian
9Blake BowmanBishop Walsh
12Brandon LongBishop Walsh
9Victor ScarpelliBishop Walsh
10Lou HofackerBishop Walsh
1.12Shawn ChildersEast Hardy
2.10Matthew DebBishop Walsh
3.10Marshall WratchfordPetersburg
4.10Nick HerrickPetersburg
5.9Braxton LewisFrankfort
6.9Garrett IckesFrankfort
7.11Josh TanBishop Walsh
8.10Josh SutphinFrankfort
9.10Joseph CrawfordFrankfort
10.11Aaron RedmanPetersburg
11.9Aaron BorhoFrankfort
12.12Tommy LlewellynBishop Walsh
13.10Sawyer LlewellynBishop Walsh
14.10Paul MooreBishop Walsh
15.10Shawn EvansFrankfort
16.10Casey ShetlerFrankfort
17.10Andrew DayFrankfort

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Trae Miller2:12.00hFrankfort
2.11Robbie Snyder2:28.00h SRBishop Walsh
3.9Marcus Linn2:30.00h SRBishop Walsh
4.12Tanner Shreve2:33.00h PRFrankfort
5.11Zach Godlove2:36.00h SREast Hardy
6.9Blake Bowman2:37.00h PRBishop Walsh
7.10Michael Muir2:40.00h SRBishop Walsh
8.9Jordan Garber2:41.00hFrankfort
9.10Kevin Malone2:43.00h SREast Hardy
10.9Joshua Carder2:58.00h SRFrankfort
11.9Ian Im3:15.00h SREast Hardy
12.11Chass Reel3:27.00hEast Hardy
9Victor ScarpelliBishop Walsh

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Trae Miller4:51.00hFrankfort
2.-Matthew Carter5:29.00h PREast Hardy
3.11Nathan Turley5:31.00hBishop Walsh
4.9Marcus Linn5:35.00hBishop Walsh
5.12Tanner Shreve5:52.00h PRFrankfort
6.9Blake Bowman5:53.00h PRBishop Walsh
7.9Jordan Garber5:54.00h PRFrankfort
8.11Michael Bartholomew6:05.00hBishop Walsh
9.10Michael Muir6:06.00hBishop Walsh
10.9Joshua Carder6:31.00hFrankfort
11.9Dan Wolodkin6:37.00hBishop Walsh
12.9Ian Im6:48.00h SREast Hardy

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Lucas Young10:45.00h SRFrankfort
2.11Shane Ickes11:07.00hFrankfort
3.9Marcus Linn12:05.00hBishop Walsh
4.11Austin Earle12:27.00hEast Hardy
5.12Ethan Yarbrough12:33.00hFrankfort
6.11Nathan Turley12:58.00hBishop Walsh
7.9Dan Wolodkin13:40.00h PRBishop Walsh
8.9Ian Im14:41.00h SREast Hardy
9.11Michael Bartholomew14:51.00hBishop Walsh

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Maddox15.32hEast Hardy
2.10Grant Shanholtz17.66hPetersburg
3.12Michael Dwyer18.32hBishop Walsh

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Maddox41.20hEast Hardy
2.12Corwyn Brown45.56hFrankfort
3.12Michael Dwyer49.42hBishop Walsh
4.12Stephen Valkos52.50h PRPetersburg

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Murphy Tyler
Beck Levi
Hinkle Dustin
Anthony Sargent
48.46hEast Hardy
2.-Relay Team 50.66hFrankfort
3.-Grant Basagic
Marshall Wratchford
Stephen Valkos
Grant Shanholtz
-Nick Miller
Nathan Lewis
Casey Shetler
Joshua Sutphin
-Forrest Lindelof
Terrell McGraw
Kim Nicolas
Conner Lin
Bishop Walsh
-Relay Team Bishop Walsh

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Murphy Tyler
Beck Levi
Hinkle Dustin
Anthony Sargent
1:42.50hEast Hardy
2.-Relay Team 1:47.60hBishop Walsh
3.-Relay Team 1:48.03hFrankfort
-Nathan Lewis
Nick Miller
Casey Shetler
Joshua Sutphin
-Kim Nicolas
Ken Nicolas
Conner Lin
Forrest Lindelof
Bishop Walsh

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Devin Burke
Trae Miller
Lucas Young
Corwyn Brown
2.-Kevin Malone
Zach Godlove
VanName Kyle
Deck Zach
4:17.00hEast Hardy
3.-Relay Team 4:18.00hBishop Walsh
-Relay Team Bishop Walsh
-Joel Whetzel
Kim Nicolas
Robbie Snyder
Michael Dwyer
Bishop Walsh

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Ethan Yarbrough
Lucas Young
Shane Ickes
Trae Miller
2.-Carter Matthew
Kevin Malone
Earle Austin
Niles Coppe-Ridgeway
10:11.00hEast Hardy
3.-Relay Team 10:37.00hBishop Walsh
-Nathan Turley
Marcus Linn
Michael Bartholomew
Michael Muir
Bishop Walsh

4x60 Shuttle Hurdles  Varsity - Finals

1.-Deck Zach
Niles Coppe-Ridgeway
VanName Kyle
George Maddox
1:12.10hEast Hardy
2.-Clayton Ford
Marshall Wratchford
Grant Shanholtz
Stephen Valkos

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shawn Childers40-05.00East Hardy
2.10Marshall Wratchford38-0.50Petersburg
3.10Nick Herrick34-04.00 SRPetersburg
4.10Matthew Deb34-03.00 SRBishop Walsh
5.10Casey Shetler33-05.00Frankfort
6.11Aaron Redman33-00.00Petersburg
7.11Terrell McGraw31-11.00Bishop Walsh
8.12Tyler Shelter31-10.00Frankfort
8.9Garrett Ickes31-10.00 SRFrankfort
10.11Josh Tan31-07.00 PRBishop Walsh
11.10Paul Moore28-09.00 SRBishop Walsh
12.12Tommy Llewellyn28-06.00Bishop Walsh
13.9Braxton Lewis28-05.00Frankfort
14.10Lou Hofacker28-00.00 PRBishop Walsh
15.10Shawn Evans27-05.00 SRFrankfort
16.10Josh Sutphin27-04.00 PRFrankfort
17.10Joseph Crawford27-02.00 PRFrankfort
18.9Aaron Borho25-04.00 SRFrankfort
19.9Blake Bowman24-05.00Bishop Walsh
20.9Dan Wolodkin19-02.00Bishop Walsh
21.10Andrew Day17-10.00 SRFrankfort

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Maddox5-04.00 PREast Hardy
2.10joshua Snyder5-04.00Calvary Christian
3.9Caleb Snyder5-00.00Calvary Christian
4.10Ryan Kenney5-00.00 SRFrankfort
5.12Zach Deck4-10.00East Hardy
6.10Nathan Lewis4-10.00Frankfort
7.11Seth Kester4-08.00 PRCalvary Christian

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Corwyn Brown17-04.25Frankfort
2.10joshua Snyder16-05.50Calvary Christian
3.11Niles Coppe-Ridgeway16-01.00East Hardy
4.12Devin Burke15-08.25Frankfort
5.12Shawn Childers14-11.50 PREast Hardy
6.12Grant Basagic14-06.25 PRPetersburg
7.11Seth Kester14-04.25Calvary Christian
8.12Stephen Valkos14-04.00Petersburg
9.11Robbie Snyder14-03.50Bishop Walsh
10.9Caleb Snyder13-09.25Calvary Christian
11.12Kim Nicolas10-11.00Bishop Walsh
10Nathan LewisFrankfort
10Ryan KenneyFrankfort
11Ken NicolasBishop Walsh


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