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100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Mortimer12.36aCentral Valley
2.9Anthony Gold12.41aMead
3.9Duanian Bryant12.43aMead
4.10Nicholas Shaber12.47a PRCentral Valley
5.11Connor Butner12.71aCentral Valley
6.10Jackson Ellis-Ulmer12.72a SRMead
7.9Matt Stapleton12.86a SRMead
8.11John Spokas13.01a PRCentral Valley
9.9Mickael Akers13.11aMead
10.10Elijah Cole13.14aMead
11.9Christopher Mendez13.67a PRCentral Valley
13.10Thomas Kramer14.19aCentral Valley

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Kody Palmer24.76a SRMead
2.11Ryan Stroeher25.30aMead
3.12Jacob Williams25.88a SRCentral Valley
4.9Duanian Bryant26.12a PRMead
5.10Jackson Ellis-Ulmer26.84aMead
6.9Braden Skinfill27.68a SRCentral Valley
7.12Jevon Cabrera27.91a PRMead
8.11Michael Nutkowitz29.36a PRMead

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Nicholas Shaber55.07aCentral Valley
2.9Anthony Gold55.55a SRMead
3.11Matt Underwood55.63a SRCentral Valley
4.9Jorge Tecca55.65aCentral Valley
5.10Kody Palmer56.33a SRMead
6.12Steven Jensen57.25aCentral Valley
7.11Ryan Stroeher59.27aMead
8.11Calen Busch59.28a SRMead
9.12Jevon Cabrera1:00.65a PRMead
10.10Elijah Cole1:01.42a PRMead
11.11Michael Nutkowitz1:03.24a PRMead
12.11McKay Tucker1:03.30aCentral Valley

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Anthony Brines2:10.76aCentral Valley
2.12Daniel Palmer2:11.81a PRMead
3.12Steven Jensen2:12.33aCentral Valley
4.10Chad Samuelson2:12.56a SRCentral Valley
5.10Christopher Walker2:14.06aCentral Valley
6.9Andrew Magee2:22.80aMead
7.11McKay Tucker2:23.00aCentral Valley
8.9Austin Dickey2:25.84a PRMead
9.10Matthew Troxel2:29.70aCentral Valley
10.11Will Goins2:33.34aMead
11.11Phenix Pitts2:33.40aCentral Valley
12.9Alex Seckel2:34.20a PRCentral Valley
13.9Aric Williams2:34.89a SRMead
14.9Desi Cabrerra2:35.70a PRMead

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Anthony Brines4:49.42a PRCentral Valley
2.9Colton Pegram4:52.85a SRCentral Valley
3.9Briton Demars4:53.51aCentral Valley
4.10Chad Samuelson4:56.26a SRCentral Valley
5.9Caleb Nicholls4:57.36a SRCentral Valley
6.10Christopher Walker4:58.02a PRCentral Valley
7.11Phillip Smith4:59.86aCentral Valley
8.9Sean Chapel5:00.18aMead
9.10James Wilson5:00.71a SRCentral Valley
10.11Seth Nicholls5:00.78a PRCentral Valley
11.9Stephen Heintz5:04.64aCentral Valley
12.11Isaac Nokes5:08.23aMead
13.9Phillip Gardner5:09.28aMead
14.9Andrew Magee5:10.87a SRMead
15.9Austin Dickey5:11.35a PRMead
16.10Tyler Templeton5:12.19a SRMead
17.9John McLain5:12.84a SRCentral Valley
18.12Daniel Palmer5:16.46a SRMead
19.10Matthew Troxel5:19.97aCentral Valley
20.10Allan Hockett5:24.76a PRCentral Valley
21.9Alex Seckel5:27.08a SRCentral Valley
22.9Aric Williams5:31.39a PRMead
23.11Will Goins5:33.31a PRMead
24.9Desi Cabrerra5:34.14aMead
25.9Tracy Robeson5:40.89aCentral Valley
26.11Phenix Pitts5:42.44a PRCentral Valley
27.11Seth Munyon5:42.87aCentral Valley
28.9Jonathan Graham6:04.50aCentral Valley
29.11Jake Weisbeck6:31.39a SRCentral Valley

3200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Colton Pegram10:32.80aCentral Valley
2.10James Wilson10:46.03a PRCentral Valley
3.11Phillip Smith10:47.48aCentral Valley
4.9Briton Demars10:58.09aCentral Valley
5.9Caleb Nicholls11:07.40aCentral Valley
6.9Phillip Gardner11:13.89aMead
7.11Isaac Nokes11:39.84a SRMead
8.10Allan Hockett11:50.00a PRCentral Valley
9.9Austin Dickey11:59.90a PRMead
10.10Tyler Templeton12:34.01aMead

110m Hurdles - 39"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Stacey Svensrud18.24aCentral Valley
2.12Jefthe Armour18.55aCentral Valley
3.9Anthony Gold18.57a PRMead
4.11Nick Mortimer18.59a PRCentral Valley
5.9Aleks Vasilyev18.97a SRMead
6.9Colin Gessler19.22aCentral Valley
7.10Zack Felice19.70aMead
8.10Jackson Ellis-Ulmer20.96a PRMead
9.11Jackson Kadel22.53a PRMead
10.10Korey Jacque26.09aMead

300m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Mortimer46.56aCentral Valley
2.11Stacey Svensrud46.65aCentral Valley
3.9Matt Hays48.85aCentral Valley
4.10Jackson Ellis-Ulmer48.90a PRMead
5.9Mickael Akers49.73a PRMead
6.9Trevor Brown50.22aCentral Valley

4x100 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

-Relay Team 48.82aMead
1.-Relay Team 51.15aCentral Valley
-Relay Team DQMead

4x400 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:44.58aCentral Valley
-Relay Team 3:46.55aCentral Valley
-Relay Team 4:01.49aCentral Valley
2.-Relay Team 4:14.46aMead

Shot Put - 12lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10JD Boden44-09.00 SRCentral Valley
2.10Eli Davis44-01.00 PRMead
3.12Jace McCabe43-09.00 PRCentral Valley
4.10Shayne Riordan41-03.00 SRCentral Valley
5.10Hayden Wolrehammer40-02.00 SRCentral Valley
6.11Alex Gaffney38-07.00 PRCentral Valley
7.11Jacob Fintz38-04.00 SRMead
8.11Cody Largent38-02.00 SRMead
9.10Hunter Wardian36-10.00Central Valley
10.10Tony Milla36-09.00 SRCentral Valley
11.10Dion Bond35-04.00 SRMead
12.10Philip Howard34-00.00Central Valley
13.12Sam Poston33-05.00Central Valley
14.9Isaac Humble31-02.00Central Valley
15.9Wyatt Riddle30-08.00Mead
16.9Mason Sanders29-09.00 PRCentral Valley

Discus - 1.6kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jonah Jordan110-08Mead
2.10Tony Milla108-07 SRCentral Valley
3.10Philip Howard104-09 PRCentral Valley
4.11Cody Largent103-09Mead
5.11Cody Luttrull102-02Mead
6.10Dion Bond94-04 SRMead
7.11Langston Ward90-09Mead
8.10JD Boden82-08Central Valley
9.10Shayne Riordan82-01 SRCentral Valley
10.9Isaac Humble81-06Central Valley

Javelin - 800g  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Colin Gessler134-04Central Valley
2.11Brady Patterson132-08Central Valley
3.11Austin Rehkow129-03 SRCentral Valley
4.9James Robin119-00Mead
5.11Austin Riddle117-09 SRMead
6.10Hayden Wolrehammer116-11 SRCentral Valley
7.9Mike Schupp115-05Mead
8.11Jordan Anderson114-09Mead
9.12Daniel Stillwell113-02Mead
10.10Tyler Valentine112-11 PRCentral Valley
11.12Tyler Connors108-05Central Valley
12.10Andrew Matriciano108-02Central Valley
13.11Alex Gaffney107-06Central Valley
14.9Braden Skinfill98-06Central Valley
15.9Gunnar Merkel97-10Central Valley
16.9Taylor Marisch91-00Central Valley
17.9Joshua Pozzi87-06Central Valley
18.10Jackson Wollan86-07 SRCentral Valley
19.10Edin Mujanovic82-07 SRMead
20.10Kenny Alder82-05Central Valley
21.10Anthony Cardona80-09Central Valley
22.9Daniel King78-01Mead

High Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Liam Howard5-10.00Central Valley
2.9Connor Guinn5-08.00Central Valley
3.9Kevin Minden5-08.00Mead
4.9Max Sykes5-06.00Central Valley
5.9Aaron Stintzi5-04.00Central Valley
5.10Partick Cikutovich5-04.00Mead

Pole Vault  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Partick Cikutovich10-06.00Mead
2.11Jackson Kadel10-06.00Mead
3.9Matt Hays10-00.00 SRCentral Valley
4.9Trevor Brown10-00.00Central Valley
5.10Korey Jacque9-00.00Mead
6.9Daniel Dach8-06.00Central Valley
6.9Ryan Hotchkiss8-06.00 PRCentral Valley
9Aleks VasilyevSCRMead

Long Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Aaron Stintzi18-08.75Central Valley
2.12Chris Choate18-04.25Central Valley
3.9Liam Howard18-00.00Central Valley
4.11Calen Busch18-00.00Mead
5.11Ryan Deckard17-11.25Central Valley
6.9Connor Guinn17-10.00Central Valley
7.11Stacey Svensrud17-08.75Central Valley
8.12Jacob Williams17-02.25Central Valley
9.11Manoah Ainuu17-01.00Central Valley
10.10Jared Johnson16-09.50Central Valley
11.9Duanian Bryant16-07.50Mead
12.9Trevor Brown16-04.00Central Valley
13.11Jackson Kadel16-01.50 PRMead
14.9Chase Jameson15-11.50Mead
15.9Joe Satola15-05.50Mead
16.10Austin Daines15-05.00 PRCentral Valley
17.9Derien Kraus15-01.50Mead
18.9Andrew Matheison14-11.75Central Valley
19.-Daniel Cartwright14-11.50Mead
20.11Sean Yeoh14-08.25Mead
21.9Christopher Mendez14-01.75 PRCentral Valley
22.11Jacob Kennett14-00.50 PRCentral Valley
23.10Ryan Hunter13-02.25Central Valley
24.10Thomas Kramer12-03.00 PRCentral Valley
11Aaron AllenNDMead

Triple Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Connor Guinn39-09.25 SRCentral Valley
2.11Ryan Deckard39-01.00 SRCentral Valley
3.12Chris Choate36-07.50 SRCentral Valley
4.9Liam Howard36-06.50 PRCentral Valley
5.9Jorge Tecca35-11.00Central Valley
6.12Jacob Williams35-10.00Central Valley
7.9Chase Jameson35-09.50 PRMead
8.9Joe Satola35-00.00Mead
9.11Manoah Ainuu33-08.50Central Valley
10.10Austin Daines33-05.50 PRCentral Valley
11.11Jacob Kennett30-04.50 PRCentral Valley
12.10Ryan Hunter27-01.00Central Valley


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