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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jason James11.11a PRCrater
2.12Wes Lathen11.28a PRGrants Pass
3.11Justin Ruyle11.61a PRGrants Pass
10Brad Meredith11.71a PRGrants Pass
1jv12Jeremy Wallace11.6hGrants Pass
5.10Paul Park12.28a PRCrater
2jv10John Ray12.1hGrants Pass
10David Partin12.2hGrants Pass
3 JV9Trevor Joli12.41hCrater
6 JV9Isaac Ahem13.03hCrater
11Shane Smith13.48aGrants Pass
9Joe Ahlo13.35hCrater
10Ryan Hodder14.1hGrants Pass

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dan LeBel23.10hCrater
2.11Justin Ruyle23.5hGrants Pass
3.11Greg Dallaire23.82hCrater
10Brad Meredith24.2hGrants Pass
1jv9Terry Hodder24.2h PRGrants Pass
10John Ray24.6hGrants Pass
9Trevor Joli26.62hCrater
9David Petee26.76hCrater
10Chris Lillie26.86h PRCrater
9Isaac Ahem27.43hCrater
9Joe Ahlo28.99hCrater

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Greg Dallaire51.11aCrater
2.11Justin Ruyle52.08aGrants Pass
3.10Mark Stork53.35aGrants Pass
4.9Charlie Fehl55.48aCrater
5.10Joe LeBel57.39a SRCrater
6.9David Petee64.69a PRCrater

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Hanlin2:03.13a PRGrants Pass
2.10Isaac Stoutenburg2:03.60a SRCrater
3.11Geoff Donaldson2:04.17aCrater
12Michael Scanlan2:05.70aGrants Pass
5.12Samuel Jacobson2:07.24a PRCrater
1 JV9Jake Keyser2:11.48aCrater
2 JV9John Grether2:22.62aCrater
3 JV10John Wasnewski2:25.66aCrater
11Andrew Phillipi2:34.21a PRGrants Pass
9Ricky Isabell2:35.99a PRCrater
9Mike Stillwell2:42.92aCrater
10Bryan Erickson2:43.35aCrater

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1 .9Jake Keyser4:25.86aCrater
2.10Matt Johnson4:32.86a SRGrants Pass
3.10Graham Doody4:34.23aGrants Pass
4.9John Grether4:44.75aCrater
11Denver Speelman4:54.10aGrants Pass
10John Edwards5:02.96aGrants Pass
10Jon Buel5:03.19a SRCrater
10Cole Burgess5:11.49aGrants Pass
10Bryan Erickson5:30.31aCrater
9Mike Stillwell5:34.20hCrater
9Scott Marshall5:53.17hCrater
12Andy Thone5:55.66h PRCrater

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jamie Gunn9:40.23a PRGrants Pass
2.9Tim Seig9:43.06a PRGrants Pass
3.11Brandon Reavis9:48.53aCrater
4.10Isaac Stoutenburg9:53.63aCrater
9Bradley Higgins9:59.54aGrants Pass
3.12Samuel Jacobson10:23.86aCrater
9Alex Stowell10:24.11a SRGrants Pass
10Jon Buel10:57.60aCrater
11Ryan DeRoo10:59.55aCrater
11Josh Allphin11:11.64aCrater

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jason James14.50h PRCrater
2.11Adam Goff15.69hCrater
3.10Scott Pieper18.03hGrants Pass
11Trenton Tocher18.40h SRGrants Pass
12Jeremy Wallace19.68hGrants Pass
9Jeremy Wallace19.66h PRCrater

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jason James41.16aCrater
2.10Scott Pieper44.75aGrants Pass
3.11Trenton Tocher44.88aGrants Pass
4.11Adam Goff45.08aCrater
11Kevin Hopper47.82a PRGrants Pass
9Ian Campbell49.19aGrants Pass
7.9Colby Earp50.32aCrater

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brad Meredith
Justin Ruyle
Matt Ditty
Wes Lathen
44.52aGrants Pass
1jv-Mark Stork
Scott Pieper
John Ray
Terry Hodder
47.32aGrants Pass
2.-Justin Weathers
Nick Nutting
Paul Park
Dustin Meza

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matt Johnson
Scott Pieper
Mark Stork
Jamie Gunn
3:35.57aGrants Pass
2.-Relay Team 3:37.04aCrater
-Relay Team 3:57.57aGrants Pass
-Relay Team 4:16.4hGrants Pass

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mike White45' 10Crater
2.10Tyler Dungey44'6.5Grants Pass
3.12Tom Davidson44'2Grants Pass
4.12Brandon Farey39' 7Crater
6.11Curtis Naegele37' 10Crater
1.11Rich McDonald36' 5Crater
2.9Brenton Marrow36' 3Crater
3jv10Brandon Frick36'0Grants Pass
10Justin Cardinal35' 4Crater
10Chris Parkhurst34'6Grants Pass
9Dan Clogston34' 5Crater
9Sam Delaney34' 2Crater
9Erick Calvo33'6Grants Pass
9Quinn Guerrero33'3Grants Pass
10Zachary Wohlhuter32'9Grants Pass
9Nick Ryan32' 4Crater
11Shane Smith30'2Grants Pass
9Rocky Anderson29' 11 SRCrater
9Nick Torgeson29'7Grants Pass
9Alex Parke27' 11Crater
10Grant Fahey27'4Grants Pass
9Larry Miller26'0Crater
9Marcus Hilliker25' 11Crater
9Kenny McKeane23'10Grants Pass

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Wes Lathen153'4 PRGrants Pass
2.12Brandon Farey146' 11Crater
3.12Dustin Posey117' 6Crater
9Brenton Marrow111' 11Crater
1jv10Brandon Frick105'8Grants Pass
9Dan Clogston101' 3Crater
11Rich McDonald99' 7 PRCrater
9Rocky Anderson98' 9 SRCrater
11Curtis Naegele98' 8Crater
11Shane Smith97'5Grants Pass
9Quinn Guerrero94'6Grants Pass
9Nick Torgeson93'8 PRGrants Pass
10Chris Parkhurst88'5Grants Pass
9Erick Calvo87'10Grants Pass
9Sam Delaney85' 11Crater
10Zachary Wohlhuter85'8Grants Pass
9Nick Ryan85' 2 SRCrater
10Grant Fahey76'5Grants Pass
9Alex Parke70' 1Crater
10Justin Cardinal66' 6Crater
9Kenny McKeane62'3Grants Pass
10Tyler DungeynmGrants Pass

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dan LeBel151' 6Crater
2.12Dustin Posey144' 7Crater
3.10Mark Stork143'5Grants Pass
4.10Joe LeBel128' 6Crater
10Zachary Wohlhuter127'11.5Grants Pass
10Brandon Frick114'2.5Grants Pass
3jv11Kevin Hopper113'8Grants Pass
9Nick Ryan109' 3Crater
9Alex Parke102' 11Crater
9Larry Miller100Crater
9Erick Calvo89'5.5Grants Pass
9Ariel Cushman88' 1.5Crater
9Kenny McKeane66'2.5Grants Pass

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Wes Lathen6'4 PRGrants Pass
11Geoff Donaldson6' 2"Crater
11Lenny Pierce5' 6Crater
1 Jv10Joe LeBel5' 6Crater
9James Oshal5' 3Crater
9Ariel Cushman5' 3 PRCrater
11Will Culver5'3Grants Pass
9Spencer Fogelquist5'3Grants Pass
11Trenton Tocher5'3Grants Pass
12Dan LeBelNHCrater

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Adam Goff12'Crater
2.9Spencer Fogelquist11'0Grants Pass
3.11Kevin Hopper10'0Grants Pass
9Colby Earp9'Crater

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Terry Hodder19'0Grants Pass
3.11Dustin Meza18' 9Crater
3.12Jeremy Wallace18'8Grants Pass
4.12Justin Weathers18' 5Crater
10Brad Meredith18'1.5Grants Pass
6.10Nick Nutting17' 6.5Crater
1 JV11Lenny Pierce17' 5Crater
2jv11Will Culver16'3.5 PRGrants Pass
3.10Paul Park16' 3Crater
4 JV9James Oshal16' 2Crater
5 JV10Brandon Williams14' 10Crater
11Joe Harp14' 9Crater
10Ollie Aeschbacher14' 8.5Crater
10Ryan Hodder14'0 PRGrants Pass
9Mike Skinner12' 5Crater

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

11Dustin Meza39' 0Crater
10Nick Nutting37' 11Crater
3.11Trenton Tocher37'9Grants Pass
11Lenny Pierce37' 4.5 PRCrater
10David Partin35'8.5 SRGrants Pass
1 JV10Brandon Williams31' 6.5Crater
2 JV10Ollie Aeschbacher30' 9.25Crater
3 JV9Mike Skinner29'8.25Crater
4JV11Joe Harp28' 10.5Crater


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