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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Nickolas Miller15.15a (.8)Hilltop Speed
2.7-8Davion Dunkley15.29a SR (.8)East Bay Elite
3.7-8RayAnthony Cambell15.42a (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.7-8La'Rico Tezeno16.34a SR (.8)Flying Jaguars
5.7-8Shahil Madison16.36a SR (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
6.7-8Pharrell Williams16.56a PR (.8)Moorpark Striders
7.7-8Bishop-Amer Davis16.67a (.8)Moorpark Striders
8.7-8Jeremiah King16.69a (.8)RPM Legacy

100 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Naias Johnson13.92a (1.7)100 Black Wings
2.9-10Kai'Lib Copes13.92a PR (1.7)3M Track
3.9-10Zion Mayo14.10a (1.7)Hilltop Speed
4.9-10Shean-Andrew Demetrius14.33a (1.7)Umoja
5.9-10D'Aunte Johnson14.35a (1.7)3M Track
6.9-10Raymond Price14.40a (1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.9-10Donovan Taubodo14.74a (1.7)RPM Legacy
8.Omari Davis14.76a (1.7)Unattached
9.9-10Iyanu Olukotun15.14a (1.7)Palo Alto Lightning

100 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Maurice Saulsbury11.89a PR (-.3)Big Valley TC
2.11-12Malcolm Clemons13.20a (-.3)Oakland PAL
3.11-12Armauni Archie13.21a (-.3)East Bay Elite
4.11-12Andre Bishop13.49a (-.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Paul Randall13.52a (-.3)Oakland PAL
6.11-12Daniel Thompson13.65a (-.3)Moorpark Striders
7.-Cameron Lewis13.65a (-.3)Elk Grove PAL
8.11-12Isaac Jones14.01a (-.3)East Bay Elite
--11-12Donovan JordanDNF (-.3)Phenom Elite

100 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Brandon Bains11.90a SR (.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
2.13-14Tim Bernal12.03a (.2)Hilltop Speed
3.13-14LaNique Wilkes12.09a PR (.2)East Bay Elite
4.13-14JoseLorenzo Villadolid12.15a (.2)MacCanDo Tenderloin ...
5.13-14Jeremy Washington12.20a (.2)100 Black Wings
6.13-14Lawrence Evans12.21a (.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.13-14Javon Stearns12.36a (.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.13-14Jalon Stanley12.37a SR (.2)100 Black Wings
9.-Kenroy Higgins12.50a (.2)100 Black Wings

100 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jamaun Charles11.29a (-.2)Unattached
2.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham11.43a SR (-.2)Reno Tahoe Athletics
3.15-16Elijah McDowell11.46a (-.2)Lodi
4.15-16Ugo Dike11.52a (-.2)Pacific Racers Athle...
5.15-16D'Maurier McKenzie11.78a (-.2)East Bay Elite
6.-Christopher Uzoma11.80a (-.2)TGS Goldrush TC
7.-Patrick Reed12.09a (-.2)Full Stride
8.15-16Samuel Nuss12.11a (-.2)Hilltop Speed

100 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tyus Williamson11.24a (.6)Unattached
2.15-16Markel Moore11.29a (.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
3.17-18Richard Cooper11.32a (.6)TGS Goldrush TC
4.17-18Eddie Robinson11.48a (.6)Flying Jaguars
5.-Elijah Whitmore11.56a (.6)TGS Goldrush TC
6.17-18Erik Spangberg11.65a (.6)Marin Waves Track & ...
7.Christopher Gloudeman11.70a (.6)Unattached
8.17-18Brandyn Mcevoy11.72a (.6)TGS Goldrush TC
9.-Faraaz Rashidi11.75a (.6)Fox Athletics

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nickolas Miller15.22a (1.2)Hilltop Speed
2.7-8RayAnthony Cambell15.42aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.7-8Davion Dunkley15.76a (.1)East Bay Elite
4.7-8La'Rico Tezeno16.56a (-.4)Flying Jaguars
5.7-8Jeremiah King16.68a SR (-.4)RPM Legacy
6.7-8Bishop-Amer Davis16.76aMoorpark Striders
6.7-8Pharrell Williams16.76a (1.2)Moorpark Striders
8.7-8Shahil Madison16.77a (.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
9.7-8Jeaden Underwood16.84a SR (-.4)Umoja
10.Martin Magaletta16.90aUnattached
11.7-8Isaiah Knowles-Dixon17.02a SROakland PAL
12.7-8Brandon Moore17.06a (1.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
13.7-8Harshit Aswale17.21a SR (.1)Umoja
14.-Ian Moss17.63a PR (-.4)Mercury
15.7-8Harlem Clemons17.68a (.1)Oakland PAL
16.7-8Deji Ajose17.83a (.1)Hilltop Speed
17.7-8Gavin Thompson17.86a (1.2)East Bay Elite
18.Lucien Bailey18.14a (-.4)Unattached
19.7-8Denzaiah Lewis18.34a SR (.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
20.7-8Kwincy Mavis18.34a (-.4)Central Valley Roadr...
21.7-8Keith Kelly18.45a (1.2)Nor Cal Pacesetters
22.7-8K'Rone Sizemore18.93aEast Bay Elite
23.7-8Kelvin Joiner18.99aBeast Athletic Perfo...
24.7-8Gregory Stank19.51aCentral Valley Roadr...
25.7-8Omoree Washington19.95aRPM Legacy
26.7-8Jeremiah Hawkins19.99a (-.4)Oakland PAL
27.7-8Darien Taubodo20.00a (1.2)RPM Legacy
28.7-8Sebastian Hammock20.03a (.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
29.7-8jon Jones20.37a (.1)Beast Athletic Perfo...
30.Dillon Anawalt21.55a (-.4)Unattached

100 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.-Naias Johnson13.88a PR (.4)100 Black Wings
2.9-10Kai'Lib Copes14.15a (.7)3M Track
3.9-10D'Aunte Johnson14.26a (-.1)3M Track
4.9-10Zion Mayo14.28a (.8)Hilltop Speed
5.9-10Shean-Andrew Demetrius14.35a (-.1)Umoja
6.9-10Raymond Price14.45a (.4)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.9-10Iyanu Olukotun14.66a PR (.7)Palo Alto Lightning
8.9-10Donovan Taubodo14.78a (-.1)RPM Legacy
9.Omari Davis14.79a (.8)Unattached
10.9Simeon Harris14.81a (.7)Nor Cal Pacesetters
11.9-10Ranesses Williams14.81a (.8)Berkeley Blaze
12.9-10Cornell Davis14.84a SR (.7)Hampton Phillips Cla...
13.9-10Sekou Brandon15.31a (.4)Castro Valley Track
14.-Gregory Kornguth15.50a PR (.8)Diablo Valley Track ...
15.9-10Jibri Shelby15.61a (-.1)Oakland PAL
16.9-10Donovan Parler15.79a SR (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
17.9-10Jaden Mims15.81a (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
18.9-10Jared Patterson15.89a (.7)RPM Legacy
19.9-10Brandyn Knott16.33a SR (.4)RPM Legacy
20.9-10Mickey Merzon16.45a SR (-.1)Central Valley Roadr...
21.9-10Nathan Rooks16.63a SR (.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
22.9-10Elijah Fountaine16.64a (.4)Oakland PAL
23.9-10Kristopher Lucy16.73a (.4)Oakland PAL
24.9-10Estevan Osuna17.04a SR (.8)Umoja
25.9-10Benjamin Ferneau17.06a (.7)Oak Hill Racing
26.Liam Milby18.44a (.4)Unattached

100 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Maurice Saulsbury12.01a (-.1)Big Valley TC
2.11-12Donovan Jordan12.45a (1.3)Phenom Elite
3.11-12Malcolm Clemons13.13a (-.3)Oakland PAL
4.11-12Armauni Archie13.17a (-.3)East Bay Elite
5.11-12Daniel Thompson13.50a (1.3)Moorpark Striders
6.11-12Andre Bishop13.51a (1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.11-12Paul Randall13.58a (-.1)Oakland PAL
8.-Cameron Lewis13.87a (1.3)Elk Grove PAL
9.11-12Isaac Jones13.95a (-.3)East Bay Elite
10.11-12Jabril White14.03a (-.1)Oakland PAL
11.11-12Imani Lopez14.33a (-.3)Napa Track
12.11-12Francisco Sanchez14.42a (1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
13.11-12Rashaan Woodland14.50a SR (-.1)100 Black Wings
14.11-12David Norris14.51a (-.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
15.11-12Thaddeus Hills14.53a (-.1)RPM Legacy
16.11-12Marcus Tymous14.54a (1.3)Castro Valley Track
17.11-12Reese Agu14.70a SR (-.1)Umoja
18.11-12Darnell Earby14.79a SR (-.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
19.12Jonah Hinckley14.80a (-.3)Diablo Valley Track ...
20.11-12Javon Diggs14.83a PR (-.3)Moorpark Striders
21.11-12Caleb Branner15.03a (1.3)RPM Legacy
22.11-12Tejwan Henderson15.08a (1.3)RPM Legacy
23.11-12Cameron Reynolds15.35a SR (-.3)Top Pacers
24.11-12Elias Jones15.75a (-.1)East Bay Elite

100 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Lawrence Evans12.05a (.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
2.13-14Tim Bernal12.09a (.9)Hilltop Speed
3.13-14Brandon Bains12.14a (-.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.13-14LaNique Wilkes12.15a (-1.0)East Bay Elite
5.13-14JoseLorenzo Villadolid12.17a (1.8)MacCanDo Tenderloin ...
6.13-14Jeremy Washington12.26a (1.8)100 Black Wings
7.13-14Javon Stearns12.33a PR (.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.-Kenroy Higgins12.40a PR (-1.0)100 Black Wings
9.13-14Jalon Stanley12.45a (.9)100 Black Wings
10.13-14Destynd Lewis12.47a (.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
11.13-14Jonathan Helbling12.56a (.7)Central Valley Roadr...
12.13-14Aries Loeza12.59a (-.9)Pacific Racers Athle...
13.13-14Femi Ajose12.65a (-1.0)Hilltop Speed
14.13-14Darius Sykes-Miller12.69a (.9)Hercules Running Reb...
15.13-14Miles Lewis12.78a (.7)Central Valley Roadr...
16.13-14Conrad Raymond12.79a (1.8)Marin Waves Track & ...
17.13-14William Jones12.82a (-1.0)Big Valley TC
18.13-14Nile Harris13.00a (-1.0)Hilltop Speed
19.13-14Dauson Booker13.06a SR (-.9)Central Valley Roadr...
20.13-14Isaiah Alexander13.12a (-.9)Hilltop Speed
21.9-10Kevin Clanton13.19a PR (-.9)Nor Cal Pacesetters
22.13-14Craig Wills13.40a PR (.7)RPM Legacy
23.13-14Dallas Moss13.44a PR (1.8)Raise the Bar Pole V...
24.13-14Wayne Jackson13.55a (.9)Sacramento Speed Fac...
25.13-14Kenneth Woods13.56a (.9)RPM Legacy
26.13-14Adam Moncrief13.70a PR (-1.0)Elk Grove PAL
27.13-14Alonzo Floriolli13.81a (1.8)A1 Track (Audience o...
28.11-12Matthew Sanchez14.38a (-.9)Marin Waves Track & ...
29.-Mateo del Castillo14.48a PR (-1.0)Lodi
30.-Ajoni Johnson14.85a PR (.9)Nor Cal Pacesetters
31.13-14Kabir Arora14.92a (-.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...

100 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.Jamaun Charles11.18a (.3)Unattached
2.15-16Elijah McDowell11.49a (.9)Lodi
4.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham11.49a (.9)Reno Tahoe Athletics
3.15-16Ugo Dike11.60a (.6)Pacific Racers Athle...
5.15-16D'Maurier McKenzie11.66a SR (.6)East Bay Elite
6.-Christopher Uzoma11.72a PR (.3)TGS Goldrush TC
7.15-16Samuel Nuss11.97a (.6)Hilltop Speed
8.-Patrick Reed12.02a (.3)Full Stride
9.15-16Harris Miner12.09a (.3)Diablo Valley Track ...
10.-Orlando Wilkerson12.16a PR (.9)TGS Goldrush TC
10.-Gregory Dare12.16a PR (.3)Team Onalysis
12.15-16Charles McClain12.16a PR (.9)Dynasty
13.15-16Ben O'Dwyer12.16a PR (.6)Napa Track
14.15-16Xavier Archie12.19a (.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
15.15-16Tayari Reed12.22a PR (.6)Revolution Express T...
16.13-14Jemantaj Frommoethelydo12.24a SR (.9)TGS Goldrush TC
17.Shelton Wynder12.61a (.9)Unattached
18.15-16Justin Harvey12.79a (.9)Hilltop Speed
19.15-16Dylan Smith13.07a SR (.9)SLO Town Track
20.15-16Matthew Case13.27a SR (.6)Umoja

100 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.15-16Markel Moore11.25a PR (.5)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.Tyus Williamson11.27a (.5)Unattached
5.17-18Richard Cooper11.40a (.5)TGS Goldrush TC
2.17-18Eddie Robinson11.43a (-.2)Flying Jaguars
3.-Elijah Whitmore11.45a PR (.5)TGS Goldrush TC
6.Christopher Gloudeman11.66a (.5)Unattached
7.17-18Brandyn Mcevoy11.67a (-.2)TGS Goldrush TC
8.-Faraaz Rashidi11.67a PR (-.2)Fox Athletics
9.17-18Erik Spangberg11.68a (.5)Marin Waves Track & ...
10.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi11.72a (-.2)Rivals United
11.17-18Jaedon Webb11.73a (.5)Central Valley Roadr...
12.-Jayon Roseman11.78a PR (-.2)TGS Goldrush TC
13.-Valdis Birznieks11.80a PR (.5)Castro Valley Track
14.Tommy Wright11.88a (.5)Unattached
15.17-18William Scheetz11.88a SR (-.2)Fox Athletics
16.-Tyler Polen11.89a PR (.5)Fox Athletics
17.-Drew Russert11.92a PR (-.2)Fox Athletics
18.-Clayton Schmidt12.25a PR (.5)Flying Jaguars
19.-Mike Wheaton12.53a PR (.5)Rivals United
20.17-18Nathan Richter12.56a PR (.5)Napa Track
21.-Joe Matsuoka12.60a PR (-.2)Los Gatos
22.17-18Alex Nowak12.70a SR (.5)Team Onalysis
23.-Joey Rodriguez12.74a PR (.5)Manteca Track
24.15-16Aaron Kirkendoll13.14a (.5)Oakland PAL

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Nickolas Miller32.04a (.3)Hilltop Speed
2.7-8Zion Taylor32.22a (.3)Oakland PAL
3.7-8Julius Wilson34.69a (.3)A1 Track (Audience o...
4.7-8Jeremiah King34.71a (.3)RPM Legacy
5.7-8Dorian Byrd34.74a (.3)Hilltop Speed
6.7-8Brandon Moore35.10a (.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.7-8Shahil Madison35.70a (.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.7-8Davion Dunkley36.87a (.3)East Bay Elite

200 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Di'Niko Bates27.67a (-.6)3M Track
2.-Marcel Struggs-Anderson28.00a (-.6)100 Black Wings
3.-Naias Johnson28.68a PR (-.6)100 Black Wings
4.9-10Shean-Andrew Demetrius29.26a SR (-.6)Umoja
5.9-10Zion Mayo29.52a (-.6)Hilltop Speed
6.Omari Davis29.82a (-.6)Unattached
7.9-10Ranesses Williams30.49a (-.6)Berkeley Blaze
--9Jaylen WalkerDQ (-.6)Nor Cal Pacesetters

200 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Maurice Saulsbury24.55a (.5)Big Valley TC
2.11-12Malcolm Clemons26.95a (.5)Oakland PAL
3.11-12Zamir Wallace27.69a (.5)Full Stride
4.11-12Andre Bishop27.77a (.5)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Armauni Archie28.32a (.5)East Bay Elite
6.11-12Josiah Johnson28.43a SR (.5)Pacific Racers Athle...
7.11-12Paul Randall28.47a (.5)Oakland PAL
8.11-12Noah Mitchell28.77a (.5)3M Track
9.11-12Elijah King29.20a (.5)RPM Legacy

200 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Nathaniel Rosas24.35a (2.1)East Palo Alto Greyh...
2.13-14Tim Bernal24.55a (2.1)Hilltop Speed
3.13-14Jeremy Washington24.55a (2.1)100 Black Wings
4.13-14LaNique Wilkes25.55a (2.1)East Bay Elite
5.13-14Lawrence Evans25.67a (2.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
6.13-14Femi Ajose25.80a (2.1)Hilltop Speed
7.13-14Conrad Raymond25.83a (2.1)Marin Waves Track & ...

200 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jamaun Charles22.58aUnattached
2.15-16Isaiah Matthews23.12aPacific Racers Athle...
3.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham23.17aReno Tahoe Athletics
4.15-16Ugo Dike23.59aPacific Racers Athle...
5.-Christopher Uzoma23.83aTGS Goldrush TC
6.15-16Harris Miner24.67aDiablo Valley Track ...
7.15-16Noah Loeliger24.95aDiablo Valley Track ...
8.15-16D'Maurier McKenzie25.60aEast Bay Elite
--15-16Kea'leon Dyer-HoganDQHercules Running Reb...

200 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jason Brown22.77a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
2.-Elijah Whitmore22.83a (-.1)TGS Goldrush TC
3.17-18Noveleen Singh22.97a (-.1)Central Valley Roadr...
4.17-18Adonis Johnson22.98a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
5.17-18Ruben Paez23.43a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
6.17-18Eddie Robinson23.58a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
7.17-18Erik Spangberg23.66a (-.1)Marin Waves Track & ...
8.Christopher Gloudeman23.66a (-.1)Unattached
9.17-18Malik Gresham23.67a (-.1)Oakland PAL

200 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nickolas Miller33.18a (.3)Hilltop Speed
2.7-8Davion Dunkley33.53a (.4)East Bay Elite
3.7-8Julius Wilson34.29a PRA1 Track (Audience o...
4.7-8Zion Taylor34.44a (.4)Oakland PAL
5.7-8Brandon Moore34.46a (.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
6.7-8Shahil Madison34.85a (.4)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.7-8Dorian Byrd35.25aHilltop Speed
8.7-8Jeremiah King35.38a (.4)RPM Legacy
9.7-8Jeaden Underwood35.47a PRUmoja
10.7-8Aidan Johnson35.48aOakland PAL
11.7-8La'Rico Tezeno35.91a (.4)Flying Jaguars
12.7-8Bishop-Amer Davis36.10aMoorpark Striders
13.7-8Elijah Hughes36.16a (.3)Oakland PAL
14.Martin Magaletta37.16a (.4)Unattached
15.-Ian Moss37.31a PR (.4)Mercury
16.Noah Lyons37.33aUnattached
17.7-8Harshit Aswale37.48a PR (.3)Umoja
18.7-8Deji Ajose38.31a (.3)Hilltop Speed
19.7-8Gavin Thompson38.42a SR (.3)East Bay Elite
20.7-8Harlem Clemons38.91a SR (.4)Oakland PAL
21.7-8K'Rone Sizemore40.35a SREast Bay Elite
22.7-8Kwincy Mavis40.62a (.3)Central Valley Roadr...
23.7-8Darien Taubodo42.07a SR (.3)RPM Legacy
24.7-8Omoree Washington42.72a PR (.3)RPM Legacy
25.7-8Sebastian Hammock46.48a (.4)Sacramento Speed Fac...

200 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.-Marcel Struggs-Anderson28.70a (-.4)100 Black Wings
2.-Naias Johnson28.75a (-.5)100 Black Wings
3.9-10Di'Niko Bates29.03a3M Track
4.9-10Zion Mayo29.58a (-.4)Hilltop Speed
5.Omari Davis29.67a (-.4)Unattached
6.9-10Shean-Andrew Demetrius30.02a (.8)Umoja
7.9-10Ranesses Williams30.20a PR (-.4)Berkeley Blaze
8.9Jaylen Walker30.89a (.8)Nor Cal Pacesetters
9.9-10Max Griffiths31.12a (.8)Umoja
10.9-10Kole White31.14a (-.5)Berkeley Blaze
11.9-10Jayzal Joseph31.18a (-.5)Team Onalysis
12.9-10Charles Turner31.61aRPM Legacy
13.9-10Iyanu Olukotun32.42a (-.5)Palo Alto Lightning
14.9-10Sekou Brandon32.71a (.8)Castro Valley Track
15.9-10Cornell Davis33.08a (-.4)Hampton Phillips Cla...
16.-Gregory Kornguth33.34a PR (-.4)Diablo Valley Track ...
17.9-10Alex Atack34.43aOakland PAL
18.9-10Jeremiah Johnson34.80a (-.4)Central Valley Roadr...
19.9-10Isreal Babbitt36.15a (.8)Pacific Racers Athle...
20.9-10Mykel King36.31a (.8)Full Stride
21.9-10Wyatt Wiggins36.67a (-.4)Pacific Racers Athle...
22.9-10Ato Early37.55a (-.5)Sacramento Speed Fac...
23.9-10Brandyn Knott37.90a SR (.8)RPM Legacy
24.Liam Milby39.33aUnattached

200 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Maurice Saulsbury24.46a PR (-.8)Big Valley TC
2.11-12Malcolm Clemons27.22a (-.6)Oakland PAL
3.11-12Zamir Wallace27.51a (.3)Full Stride
4.11-12Andre Bishop27.57a (.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Armauni Archie27.88a (.5)East Bay Elite
6.11-12Josiah Johnson28.62a (.5)Pacific Racers Athle...
7.11-12Paul Randall28.72a (-.6)Oakland PAL
8.11-12Elijah King28.77a (.5)RPM Legacy
9.11-12Noah Mitchell28.84a (-.3)3M Track
10.11-12Christian Bean28.90a (.3)RPM Legacy
11.11-12Jabril White28.94a (-.8)Oakland PAL
12.11-12Jordyn Williams29.34a SR (.5)RPM Legacy
13.11-12Jeloni Brown29.70a (-.3)Hilltop Speed
14.11-12David Norris29.72a (.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
15.11-12David Coker29.82a (.5)A1 Track (Audience o...
16.11-12Kurtis Lee29.89a SR (-.3)Umoja
17.9-10Asa Mobley29.90a SR (-.3)100 Black Wings
18.11-12Imani Lopez29.93a PR (-.8)Napa Track
19.11-12Alex Young29.96a (-.6)Hilltop Speed
20.11-12Marcus Tymous30.24a PR (.5)Castro Valley Track
21.11-12Jordan Green30.30a (.5)Castro Valley Track
22.11-12Cassius Lockett30.32a SR (-.6)Revolution Express T...
23.11-12Francisco Sanchez30.54a SR (-.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
24.11-12Kelvin Barney30.58a (-.3)Full Stride
25.11-12Ayush Gupta30.62a (-.3)Palo Alto Lightning
26.11-12Jaden Green30.64a (-.8)Castro Valley Track
27.11-12Isaiah Gilmore31.37a (-.6)Hilltop Speed
28.11-12Javon Diggs31.39a PR (-.8)Moorpark Striders
29.-Jeffrey Rasmussen31.67a PR (.3)Elk Grove PAL
30.11-12Rashaan Woodland32.05a SR (-.3)100 Black Wings
31.11-12Levi Galant32.81a SR (.3)Castro Valley Track
32.11-12Elias Jones32.94a (-.8)East Bay Elite
33.11-12Jordan Spears34.86a PR (-.6)North Sacramento Hur...
--11-12Thaddeus HillsDQ (-.8)RPM Legacy

200 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Taejon King24.64a (1.2)Pacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14Nathaniel Rosas24.72a (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Tim Bernal24.73a (.9)Hilltop Speed
4.13-14Lawrence Evans24.90a (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Jeremy Washington25.16a (.8)100 Black Wings
6.13-14LaNique Wilkes25.19a (1.2)East Bay Elite
7.13-14Conrad Raymond25.26a (1.9)Marin Waves Track & ...
8.13-14JoseLorenzo Villadolid25.28a (.8)MacCanDo Tenderloin ...
9.13-14Femi Ajose25.36a SR (1.9)Hilltop Speed
10.13-14Jalon Stanley25.52a (1.9)100 Black Wings
11.13-14Javon Stearns25.56a (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
12.13-14Destynd Lewis25.62a (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
13.13-14Aries Loeza25.67a (.9)Pacific Racers Athle...
14.13-14Jovon Johnson25.78a (1.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
15.13-14Tyler Condensa25.91a PR (.8)Los Gatos
16.13-14Jordan Mims25.97a (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
17.-Kenroy Higgins26.11a PR (.8)100 Black Wings
18.13-14Marion Brown26.11a (.9)Full Stride
19.13-14Miles Lewis26.25a (1.2)Central Valley Roadr...
20.13-14Nile Harris26.40a (1.9)Hilltop Speed
21.13-14Jonathan Helbling26.75a (.8)Central Valley Roadr...
22.13-14Isaiah Alexander26.87a (1.9)Hilltop Speed
23.13-14Jacob Williams27.93a (1.2)RPM Legacy
24.13-14Craig Wills28.03a (.8)RPM Legacy
25.9-10Kevin Clanton28.20a PR (1.9)Nor Cal Pacesetters
26.13-14Adam Moncrief28.24a PR (1.9)Elk Grove PAL
27.13-14Khalil Foye28.31a SR (.8)North Sacramento Hur...
28.13-14Zachary Gentry28.43a (.9)Full Stride
29.13-14Darryl Byrd29.95a (1.2)Hilltop Speed
30.-Mateo del Castillo30.33a PR (.9)Lodi
31.11-12Matthew Sanchez30.46a (.8)Marin Waves Track & ...
32.13-14Eric Waltz31.47a (.8)Umoja
33.13-14Kristian Evans33.39a (1.2)RPM Legacy

200 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.Jamaun Charles22.83a (.1)Unattached
2.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham23.71a (1.4)Reno Tahoe Athletics
3.15-16Isaiah Matthews23.74a (1.0)Pacific Racers Athle...
4.15-16Kea'leon Dyer-Hogan24.04a (1.0)Hercules Running Reb...
5.15-16Noah Loeliger24.08a (.1)Diablo Valley Track ...
6.-Christopher Uzoma24.08a (.1)TGS Goldrush TC
7.15-16Harris Miner24.16a PR (.1)Diablo Valley Track ...
8.15-16Ugo Dike24.25a (-.4)Pacific Racers Athle...
9.15-16D'Maurier McKenzie24.26a (-.4)East Bay Elite
10.15-16Darrion Cunningham24.46a (-.4)Hampton Phillips Cla...
11.15-16Ibrahima Mobley24.66a (1.4)100 Black Wings
12.15-16Tayari Reed24.94a (.1)Revolution Express T...
13.-Patrick Reed24.99a (.1)Full Stride
14.15-16DeMario Brown25.01a (1.0)Hampton Phillips Cla...
15.15-16Charles McClain25.01a (.1)Dynasty
16.-Gregory Dare25.23a PR (1.4)Team Onalysis
17.Shelton Wynder25.34a (-.4)Unattached
18.15-16Larry Aubert25.50a (1.4)Moorpark Striders
19.15-16Ben O'Dwyer25.50a PR (1.4)Napa Track
20.15-16Korey Lombard25.76a (1.0)Flying Jaguars
21.15-16Xavier Archie25.90a (1.0)Sacramento Speed Fac...
22.15-16MacLean Conner25.96a PR (1.0)TGS Goldrush TC
23.8Samuel Walker26.13a PR (1.0)Pacific Racers Athle...
24.15-16Cedric Harris-Dixon26.23a PR (-.4)Manteca Track
25.15-16Justin Harvey26.29a (1.0)Hilltop Speed
26.15-16Elijah Thompson27.21a (1.4)Moorpark Striders
27.15-16Matthew Case27.36a (-.4)Umoja
28.-Aaron Malbrough28.33a PR (.1)Hampton Phillips Cla...
---Orlando WilkersonDQ (-.4)TGS Goldrush TC
--15-16Samuel NussDQ (1.4)Hilltop Speed

200 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.17-18Jason Brown22.96a (1.4)Flying Jaguars
2.17-18Noveleen Singh23.09a (1.6)Central Valley Roadr...
3.-Elijah Whitmore23.16a (1.4)TGS Goldrush TC
4.17-18Adonis Johnson23.44a (1.4)Flying Jaguars
5.Christopher Gloudeman23.48a (1.9)Unattached
6.17-18Eddie Robinson23.57a (1.6)Flying Jaguars
7.17-18Malik Gresham23.61a (1.9)Oakland PAL
8.17-18Erik Spangberg23.70a (1.9)Marin Waves Track & ...
9.17-18Ruben Paez23.73a (1.4)Flying Jaguars
10.17-18Christopher Davis23.78a (1.6)Central Valley Roadr...
11.17-18Jaedon Webb23.80a (1.6)Central Valley Roadr...
12.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi23.81a (1.4)Rivals United
13.Tommy Wright23.92a (1.9)Unattached
14.-Valdis Birznieks24.06a (1.6)Castro Valley Track
15.17-18Brandyn Mcevoy24.11a (1.4)TGS Goldrush TC
16.-Faraaz Rashidi24.28a PR (1.9)Fox Athletics
17.17-18William Scheetz24.28a SR (1.9)Fox Athletics
18.-Jonathan Perry24.76a PR (1.4)TGS Goldrush TC
19.-Tyler Polen25.26a PR (1.6)Fox Athletics
20.-Mike Wheaton25.85a PR (1.6)Rivals United

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jurrion Dickey1:13.41a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.7-8Zion Taylor1:17.05a SROakland PAL
3.7-8Nickolas Miller1:17.77aHilltop Speed
4.7-8Elijah Hughes1:18.22aOakland PAL
5.7-8Jeremiah King1:20.35aRPM Legacy
6.-Ian Moss1:22.94a PRMercury
7.7-8Dorian Byrd1:23.21a SRHilltop Speed
8.Martin Magaletta1:23.50aUnattached
9.7-8Harry Waterman1:35.97aEast Bay Heat Track ...

400 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jadyn Marshall1:05.09aDynasty
2.9-10Dezrynd Lewis1:08.43aSacramento Speed Fac...
3.9-10Aaron Waltz1:08.85aUmoja
4.9-10Kyle Crawford1:10.20aCastro Valley Track
5.9-10Jayzal Joseph1:10.24aTeam Onalysis
6.9-10Charles Turner1:11.20aRPM Legacy
7.9-10Kole White1:11.82aBerkeley Blaze
8.9-10Jahree Beck1:16.31aSacramento Speed Fac...
9.9-10Sekou Brandon1:17.03aCastro Valley Track

400 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Zamir Wallace59.80aFull Stride
2.11-12Jamar Marshall1:01.87a PRDynasty
3.11-12Oscar Guitron1:01.88a PRManteca Track
4.11-12David Coker1:03.04aA1 Track (Audience o...
5.11-12Dezmynd Lewis1:03.05aSacramento Speed Fac...
6.11-12Elijah King1:03.99aRPM Legacy
7.11-12Frazier White1:04.85aBerkeley Blaze
8.11-12Jordyn Williams1:04.93aRPM Legacy

400 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Taejon King54.03aPacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14Nathaniel Rosas54.65a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Tim Bernal55.39aHilltop Speed
4.13-14Tyler Condensa55.67a PRLos Gatos
5.13-14Jordan Tillis56.30a SRPacific Racers Athle...
6.13-14Jordon Dabney56.41a100 Black Wings
7.13-14Jovon Johnson57.16aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
--13-14Brandon BainsDNFEast Palo Alto Greyh...

400 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jamaun Charles49.97aUnattached
2.15-16Isaiah Matthews51.67aPacific Racers Athle...
3.15-16Darrion Cunningham52.80a SRHampton Phillips Cla...
4.15-16Samuel Nuss53.07aHilltop Speed
5.-Orlando Wilkerson54.21aTGS Goldrush TC
6.13-14Jemantaj Frommoethelydo55.09aTGS Goldrush TC

400 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Herbie Polk49.58aUnattached
2.17-18Kareem Dupree50.87a PRHampton Phillips Cla...
3.17-18Christopher Davis51.07aCentral Valley Roadr...
4.17-18Noveleen Singh51.29a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.17-18Ruben Paez52.82aFlying Jaguars
6.-Valdis Birznieks53.44a PRCastro Valley Track
7.17-18Jaedon Webb53.86aCentral Valley Roadr...

400 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nickolas Miller1:15.44aHilltop Speed
2.7-8Jurrion Dickey1:16.06aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.7-8Elijah Hughes1:17.38a SROakland PAL
4.7-8Zion Taylor1:20.38aOakland PAL
5.7-8Jeremiah King1:20.68aRPM Legacy
6.Martin Magaletta1:24.80aUnattached
7.7-8Harry Waterman1:26.36a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
8.7-8Dorian Byrd1:26.67aHilltop Speed
9.-Ian Moss1:26.70aMercury
10.7-8Pharrell Williams1:26.79a PRMoorpark Striders
11.7-8Aakash Arumugam1:26.79aBlazin Jaguars
12.7-8Harshit Aswale1:29.58aUmoja
13.7-8Malcolm Rooks1:32.96a SRSacramento Speed Fac...

400 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.9-10Jadyn Marshall1:05.88aDynasty
2.9-10Dezrynd Lewis1:07.82aSacramento Speed Fac...
4.9-10Kyle Crawford1:08.12aCastro Valley Track
5.9-10Aaron Waltz1:10.37aUmoja
6.9-10Kole White1:10.42aBerkeley Blaze
7.9-10Charles Turner1:11.27aRPM Legacy
3.9-10Jayzal Joseph1:13.48aTeam Onalysis
8.9-10Jahree Beck1:14.70aSacramento Speed Fac...
9.9-10Sekou Brandon1:15.38aCastro Valley Track
10.9-10Eli Lane1:16.72aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
11.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk1:16.86aCastro Valley Track
12.9-10Ralph Kasow1:16.98aEast Bay Heat Track ...
13.9-10Emilio Cardenas1:17.02aA1 Track (Audience o...
14.9-10Mykel King1:17.71a SRFull Stride
15.9-10Timmie Dexter1:17.83aNor Cal Pacesetters
16.9-10Joshua Hyman Jr1:19.49aSacramento Speed Fac...
17.9-10Isreal Babbitt1:21.29a SRPacific Racers Athle...
18.9-10Khephren Clark1:23.10aTeam Onalysis
19.8Oliver Williams1:24.95aNor Cal Pacesetters
20.9-10Wyatt Wiggins1:25.99a PRPacific Racers Athle...
21.9-10Estevan Osuna1:26.06a SRUmoja
22.9-10Ato Early1:27.78aSacramento Speed Fac...
23.-Kenji Tella1:30.50a PRPalo Alto Lightning

400 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Zamir Wallace1:01.46aFull Stride
2.11-12Oscar Guitron1:01.93aManteca Track
5.11-12David Coker1:02.83a PRA1 Track (Audience o...
3.11-12Christopher Rogers1:03.51aDiablo Valley Track ...
6.11-12Frazier White1:03.74aBerkeley Blaze
4.11-12Jamar Marshall1:03.77aDynasty
7.11-12Dezmynd Lewis1:04.37aSacramento Speed Fac...
8.11-12Jordyn Williams1:05.69aRPM Legacy
9.11-12Elijah King1:06.08aRPM Legacy
10.11-12Alex Young1:06.79aHilltop Speed
11.Khoi Nguyen1:07.03aUnattached
12.11-12Josiah Johnson1:07.11a SRPacific Racers Athle...
13.11-12Jeremiah Latu1:07.48aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
14.11-12Justin Chiao1:07.48a PROak Hill Racing
15.9-10Asa Mobley1:07.80a SR100 Black Wings
16.11-12Tanay Menezes1:08.13aUmoja
17.11-12Todd Kane-Ross1:08.24aOakland PAL
18.Tyler Rasmussen1:08.52aUnattached
19.11-12Tracy Lane1:08.81aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
20.11-12Christopher Pearson1:08.82aOakland PAL
21.11-12Reese Agu1:09.89a SRUmoja
22.11-12Isaiah Gilmore1:11.23a SRHilltop Speed
23.Bryce Capuano1:11.37aUnattached
24.11-12Levi Galant1:11.78a SRCastro Valley Track
25.11-12Zachary Kelsey1:11.96aBlazin Jaguars
26.12Riley Noon1:12.62a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
27.-Jeffrey Rasmussen1:13.02a PRElk Grove PAL
28.11-12Ayinde Olukotun1:21.77a PRPalo Alto Lightning
29.11-12Tyree Reed1:22.24aEast Bay Elite
30.11-12Jordan Spears1:23.33aNorth Sacramento Hur...
31.11-12Vedant Arun1:29.53aPalo Alto Lightning

400 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Taejon King53.91a SRPacific Racers Athle...
5.13-14Xavier Weaver54.37a SRPacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14Nathaniel Rosas55.33aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Tim Bernal55.48aHilltop Speed
6.13-14Tyler Condensa55.88aLos Gatos
7.13-14Jovon Johnson56.46aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.13-14Brandon Bains56.50aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.13-14Jordan Tillis56.57aPacific Racers Athle...
9.13-14Jordon Dabney57.28a100 Black Wings
10.13-14Destynd Lewis57.80aSacramento Speed Fac...
11.13-14Conrad Raymond58.13aMarin Waves Track & ...
12.13-14Jordan Mims58.86aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
13.13-14Dauson Booker59.45aCentral Valley Roadr...
14.13-14Jacob Williams1:00.73aRPM Legacy
15.13-14Kenneth Woods1:00.85aRPM Legacy
16.13-14Zachary Gentry1:01.06a PRFull Stride
17.13-14Craig Wills1:01.35a PRRPM Legacy
18.Felix Sloo1:03.86aUnattached
19.13-14Khalil Foye1:04.14a SRNorth Sacramento Hur...
20.13-14Chandler Robinson1:04.23aBerkeley Blaze
21.13-14Angelo Edgerly1:04.56aBerkeley Blaze
22.13-14Darryl Byrd1:10.83aHilltop Speed
23.13-14Eric Waltz1:11.32a SRUmoja
24.-Mateo del Castillo1:12.53a PRLodi
25.13-14Marlo Hernandez1:12.65aDiablo Valley Track ...
26.-Jajuan Despanie1:19.28a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
27.13-14Kristian Evans1:25.35aRPM Legacy

400 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.Jamaun Charles50.16aUnattached
2.15-16Isaiah Matthews52.69aPacific Racers Athle...
3.15-16Samuel Nuss52.92aHilltop Speed
4.15-16Darrion Cunningham53.67aHampton Phillips Cla...
5.15-16Elijah McDowell53.91aLodi
6.-Orlando Wilkerson53.91aTGS Goldrush TC
7.15-16Nikolaus Moore54.09aDiablo Valley Track ...
8.15-16Deion Lightfoot-Shelton54.27aBlazin Jaguars
9.13-14Jemantaj Frommoethelydo54.28aTGS Goldrush TC
10.-Christopher Uzoma54.38a PRTGS Goldrush TC
11.15-16Michael Gonzalez55.32aLodi
12.Shelton Wynder55.60aUnattached
13.Pearson McIntire56.18aUnattached
14.Isaiah Hanna56.43aUnattached
15.15-16Cedric Harris-Dixon59.82aManteca Track
16.15-16Dylan Smith1:01.44a SRSLO Town Track
17.15-16Korey Lombard1:04.04aFlying Jaguars
18.13-14John O'Connor1:05.03a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
--15-16Ibrahima MobleyDQ100 Black Wings

400 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.Herbie Polk49.56aUnattached
2.17-18Christopher Davis50.49a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
3.17-18Noveleen Singh51.52aCentral Valley Roadr...
4.17-18Kareem Dupree52.17aHampton Phillips Cla...
5.15-16Robert Heckey52.29a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
6.17-18Ruben Paez53.15aFlying Jaguars
7.-Johann Leffler53.43aTeam Onalysis
8.-Valdis Birznieks53.54aCastro Valley Track
9.17-18Jaedon Webb53.95aCentral Valley Roadr...
10.17-18Malik Gresham54.77aOakland PAL
11.-Pricer Hitchcock55.63a PRSLO Town Track
12.15-16D'Angelo Burnham56.30a PRReno Tahoe Athletics
13.17-18Alex Nowak1:00.80aTeam Onalysis

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Miles Jones2:43.16a3M Track
2.7-8Justin Pretre2:48.55aPalo Alto Lightning
3.6ULuke Reiss2:52.34a SRSan Luis Distance
4.7-8Elian Hijmans Malessy2:55.98aOak Hill Racing
5.7-8Aakash Arumugam3:06.41aBlazin Jaguars
6.7-8Jordan Maldonado3:06.85aBlaze All Our Sports...
7.7Broen Holman3:07.40a SRFoothill Gold Track
8.7-8Isaiah Frias3:12.77a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
9.7-8Harry Waterman3:14.68a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
10.7-8Malcolm Rooks3:23.01a PRSacramento Speed Fac...
--7-8Nathaniel CovingtonDQMoorpark Striders

800 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Ian Torres2:30.85a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
2.9-10Jadyn Marshall2:33.74aDynasty
3.9-10Aaron Waltz2:34.84a PRUmoja
4.9-10Dezrynd Lewis2:36.00aSacramento Speed Fac...
5.6Cameron Sampson2:36.27a SRPacific Racers Athle...
6.9-10Drew Fenton2:37.29a SRSilver Bullets Track
7.9-10Alex Selwyn2:38.08aPalo Alto Lightning
8.7-8Dylan Reiss2:41.59a SRSan Luis Distance
9.9-10Miguel Suarez-Hevia2:44.00a SRAmerican Canyon Stri...
10.9-10Ralph Kasow2:44.96a SREast Bay Heat Track ...
11.6Jayson Leach2:46.42aPacific Racers Athle...
12.9-10Emilio Cardenas2:47.95aA1 Track (Audience o...
13.9-10Jahree Beck2:51.03a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
14.9-10Amarion Antonio2:52.58aBlaze All Our Sports...
15.9-10Justin Mims2:54.21aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
16.9-10Andrew Scannell2:55.06a PROak Hill Racing
17.9-10Jed Hornback2:55.20a PRSanta Rosa Express
18.-Rishi Tella2:55.43a PRPalo Alto Lightning
19.8William McGee2:56.08aPacific Racers Athle...
20.9-10Jadan Wenceslao2:58.46aOak Hill Racing
21.9-10Mickey Merzon3:02.32a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
22.9-10Julian Montoya3:02.60aPalo Alto Lightning
23.9-10Zachary Furber-Dobson3:06.07a SRCastro Valley Track
24.-Kenji Tella3:17.70a PRPalo Alto Lightning
25.9-10Estevan Osuna3:19.73a SRUmoja
26.9-10Lamonte Aubert3:31.05aMoorpark Striders
--9-10Alex AtackDQOakland PAL
--9-10Benjamin FerneauDQOak Hill Racing

800 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12De Von Dupree2:26.80aUmoja
2.11-12Amir Wallace2:27.01aFull Stride
3.11-12Dezmynd Lewis2:27.63a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
4.11-12Christopher Rogers2:28.59aDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Justin Chiao2:31.16aOak Hill Racing
6.11-12Oscar Guitron2:31.80aManteca Track
7.11-12Frazier White2:31.89aBerkeley Blaze
8.11-12Cayden Hein2:32.34aDiablo Valley Track ...
9.11-12Christopher Pearson2:32.85aOakland PAL
10.11-12Anthony Frias2:33.15aCentral Valley Roadr...
11.11-12Nitin Sagi2:33.81aUmoja
12.Khoi Nguyen2:35.02aUnattached
13.11-12Todd Kane-Ross2:36.68aOakland PAL
14.-Graham Tewksbury2:39.12a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
15.11-12Brandon Hein2:40.12aDiablo Valley Track ...
16.Tyler Rasmussen2:40.26aUnattached
17.11-12Levi Galant2:42.14a SRCastro Valley Track
18.11-12Owen Mackenzie2:42.94aPalo Alto Lightning
19.11-12Theodore Miller2:43.82a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
20.11-12James Pappadakis2:45.33a SRMercury
21.11-12Adam Anderson2:45.87a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
22.-Jeffrey Rasmussen2:45.88a PRElk Grove PAL
23.13-14Sean Wright2:46.56aDiablo Valley Track ...
24.11-12Ayush Gupta2:46.70a SRPalo Alto Lightning
25.Bryce Capuano2:46.82aUnattached
26.11-12Louis Gallia IV2:53.66aOak Hill Racing
27.11-12Jack Maiden2:55.77a PRPalo Alto Lightning
28.11-12Seth Miu3:01.30aCastro Valley Track
29.11-12Tyree Reed3:03.03aEast Bay Elite
30.11-12Joshua Athayde3:07.24aOak Hill Racing
31.11-12Ayinde Olukotun3:09.71a PRPalo Alto Lightning
32.-Conal Mosbaugh3:13.44a PRCastro Valley Track
33.11-12Vedant Arun3:13.94a PRPalo Alto Lightning
34.11-12Andrew Ingerman3:15.55a SRCastro Valley Track

800 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Xavier Weaver2:04.93a SRPacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14Jason Gomez2:10.44aOak Hill Racing
3.13-14Vincent Friesen2:11.40aCastro Valley Track
4.13-14Kent Slaney2:12.73a PROak Hill Racing
5.13-14Andrew Helmers2:13.67aOak Hill Racing
6.13-14Max Sawyer2:14.45aSilver Bullets Track
7.Brandon Hanna2:15.09aUnattached
8.13-14Michael Sakellar2:15.49aLos Gatos
9.13-14Sebastian Leon2:16.87aOak Hill Racing
10.11-12Connor Landis2:19.46aFoothill Gold Track
11.13-14Marion Brown2:21.57a PRFull Stride
12.13-14Conrad Raymond2:21.62aMarin Waves Track & ...
13.13-14Jack Bowker2:21.71a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
14.13-14Erik Stein2:21.98a SREast Bay Heat Track ...
15.13-14Jack Mader2:22.76a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
16.13-14Caleb Wong2:24.64aOak Hill Racing
17.13-14Kenneth Woods2:25.45a SRRPM Legacy
18.13-14Chandler Robinson2:26.18a PRBerkeley Blaze
19.13-14Jeremy Lahr2:26.86a SROak Hill Racing
20.13-14Armani Marcae Oliver2:27.91a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
21.13-14Jacob Williams2:28.19a SRRPM Legacy
22.13-14Jordan Lawrence2:29.03aPacific Racers Athle...
23.13-14Angelo Edgerly2:29.58a PRBerkeley Blaze
24.13-14Brendan Dowling2:29.69aRevolution Express T...
25.13-14Kesean Blanchad2:30.74a PRStockton Saints
26.George Yoshinaga2:36.23aUnattached
27.13-14Roy Nehoran2:36.70a PRBlazin Jaguars
28.13-14Brandon Owens2:38.75a SRLodi
29.13-14Montae Brown2:40.08a PRFull Stride
30.13-14Ethan Wo2:44.13a PRUmoja
31.13-14Eric Waltz2:47.88a SRUmoja
32.11-12Matthew Sanchez2:56.38a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
33.-Jajuan Despanie2:57.14a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
34.13-14Ryan Gong3:02.21a PRRevolution Express T...
35.13-14Kristian Evans3:49.00a PRRPM Legacy

800 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Connor Ross1:58.87aUnattached
2.Isaiah Hanna2:03.45aUnattached
3.15-16Nikolaus Moore2:07.89a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
4.15-16David Frisbie2:07.96aA1 Track (Audience o...
5.Pearson McIntire2:09.74aUnattached
6.15-16Larry Aubert2:12.73a PRMoorpark Striders
7.15-16Samir Arora2:18.23aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.David Kerstan2:18.53aUnattached
9.15-16Deyvan Maldonado2:25.80a PRBlaze All Our Sports...
10.-Colby Dibble2:31.27a PRFoothill Gold Track
11.-Aaron Malbrough2:43.58a PRHampton Phillips Cla...
12.13-14John O'Connor2:44.51aMarin Waves Track & ...

800 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Dante Hay1:59.04aUnattached
2.-Amaris Clay1:59.99a PRMission Valley Track...
3.17-18John Hogan2:06.10aTeam Onalysis
4.17-18Jack Kobylka2:08.12aNapa Track
5.15-16Robert Heckey2:08.31aSierra Foothill Trac...
6.-Johann Leffler2:08.66aTeam Onalysis
7.15-16D'Angelo Burnham2:08.95aReno Tahoe Athletics
8.17-18Benjamin Cohen2:09.19aMarin Waves Track & ...
9.-Pricer Hitchcock2:11.80a PRSLO Town Track
10.Albert Tran2:13.97aUnattached
11.17-18Nathan Richter2:18.23a PRNapa Track
12.19+Jessie Woods Jr2:29.38aRPM Legacy

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Miles Jones5:19.79a3M Track
2.7-8Elian Hijmans Malessy5:46.91a SROak Hill Racing
3.6ULuke Reiss5:48.19aSan Luis Distance
4.7-8Jordan Maldonado5:56.44a PRBlaze All Our Sports...
5.7-8Aakash Arumugam6:04.81aBlazin Jaguars
6.7-8Simon Taylor6:07.52aCastro Valley Track
7.7Broen Holman6:18.59aFoothill Gold Track
8.7-8Isaiah Frias6:58.44aCentral Valley Roadr...
9.7-8Alexander Sawczuk7:33.25aCastro Valley Track

1500 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Ian Torres5:04.35a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
2.9-10Drew Fenton5:05.33a SRSilver Bullets Track
3.9-10Dylan Gunn5:08.84a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
4.9-10Alex Selwyn5:16.13aPalo Alto Lightning
5.6Cameron Sampson5:21.60aPacific Racers Athle...
6.7-8Dylan Reiss5:22.33a SRSan Luis Distance
7.6Jayson Leach5:24.07a SRPacific Racers Athle...
8.9-10Miguel Suarez-Hevia5:25.19aAmerican Canyon Stri...
9.9-10Amarion Antonio5:42.33aBlaze All Our Sports...
10.9-10Andrew Scannell5:43.00a SROak Hill Racing
11.9-10Jed Hornback5:43.99aSanta Rosa Express
12.9-10Jadan Wenceslao5:44.67a SROak Hill Racing
13.-Rishi Tella5:53.84a PRPalo Alto Lightning
14.9-10Julian Montoya5:53.88a SRPalo Alto Lightning
15.8William McGee6:00.77a SRPacific Racers Athle...
16.9-10Zachary Furber-Dobson6:07.55aCastro Valley Track
17.-Kenji Tella6:26.57a PRPalo Alto Lightning

1500 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.Job Skandera4:45.50aUnattached
2.Nehemiah Skandera4:51.98aUnattached
3.11-12Amir Wallace4:53.52aFull Stride
4.11-12Dion Dupree4:56.72a SRUmoja
5.11-12Cameron Meier5:02.10aOak Hill Racing
6.11-12Cayden Hein5:03.35aDiablo Valley Track ...
7.11-12Justin Chiao5:03.86a PROak Hill Racing
8.11-12Christopher Pearson5:05.48aOakland PAL
9.11-12Oscar Guitron5:06.26aManteca Track
10.Henry Burditt5:08.12aUnattached
11.11-12Anthony Frias5:09.89aCentral Valley Roadr...
12.11-12Miles Worthen5:11.68aOak Hill Racing
13.-Graham Tewksbury5:13.46a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
14.11-12Owen Mackenzie5:13.98a PRPalo Alto Lightning
15.11-12Jack Gray5:19.65aOak Hill Racing
16.11-12James Pappadakis5:20.80a SRMercury
17.11-12Tanay Menezes5:21.64aUmoja
18.Tyler Rasmussen5:22.18aUnattached
19.11-12William Babbitt5:33.27aPacific Racers Athle...
20.Bryce Capuano5:33.51aUnattached
21.Khoi Nguyen5:34.22aUnattached
22.11-12Jack Maiden5:34.26a PRPalo Alto Lightning
23.11-12Adam Anderson5:37.30a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
24.11-12Eric Arlen5:37.54aOak Hill Racing
25.11-12Louis Gallia IV5:42.08aOak Hill Racing
26.11-12Seth Miu5:47.81aCastro Valley Track
27.11-12Tyree Reed6:03.18aEast Bay Elite
28.11-12Garrett Janice6:03.47aOak Hill Racing
29.11-12Ayinde Olukotun6:15.81aPalo Alto Lightning
30.-Conal Mosbaugh6:15.93a PRCastro Valley Track
31.11-12Vedant Arun6:25.01a PRPalo Alto Lightning
32.11-12Andrew Ingerman6:26.53aCastro Valley Track

1500 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Neil Braganza4:17.92a2nd Wind Athletics
2.13-14Jason Gomez4:20.54a SROak Hill Racing
3.13-14Max Sawyer4:26.44a PRSilver Bullets Track
4.13-14Kent Slaney4:29.20aOak Hill Racing
5.13-14Miles Duncan4:35.56a100 Black Wings
6.13-14Andrew Helmers4:36.18a PROak Hill Racing
7.13-14Jackson McIlroy4:37.57a SRFoothill Gold Track
8.13-14Jordan Lawrence4:41.47a SRPacific Racers Athle...
9.13-14Sebastian Leon4:41.57a PROak Hill Racing
10.13-14Vincent Friesen4:41.89aCastro Valley Track
11.13-14Gavin Hill4:44.72a PRCastro Valley Track
12.13-14Caleb Wong4:45.14a PROak Hill Racing
13.Shane Marshall4:45.63aUnattached
14.11-12Connor Landis4:46.50a SRFoothill Gold Track
15.John Ratliff4:46.98aUnattached
16.13-14Erik Stein4:48.27aEast Bay Heat Track ...
17.13-14Jack Bowker4:49.23a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
18.Alex Fine4:50.28aUnattached
19.13-14Jeremy Lahr4:52.68aOak Hill Racing
20.13-14Sam Craig4:53.27a SRPalo Alto Lightning
21.-Ethan Plaxton4:53.29a PRLos Gatos
22.13-14Jack Mader4:56.68aDiablo Valley Track ...
23.13-14Malcolm Mobley5:01.39a PR100 Black Wings
24.13-14Armani Marcae Oliver5:05.47aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
25.13-14Austin Mellick5:06.58a SROak Hill Racing
26.-Ross D'Orfani5:08.10a PRLos Gatos
27.13-14Carson Sawchuk5:11.86aOak Hill Racing
28.13-14Miguel Dickenson5:14.62aOak Hill Racing
29.13-14Anton Matusof5:28.21a PRA1 Track (Audience o...
30.13-14Brandon Owens5:29.43a PRLodi
31.13-14Montae Brown5:36.34aFull Stride
32.13-14Ethan Wo5:40.33a PRUmoja

1500 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Cristian Monsalud4:16.74aMission Valley Track...
2.Isaiah Hanna4:20.09aUnattached
3.15-16Carter Mackey4:22.20aCastro Valley Track
4.15-16David Frisbie4:29.21aA1 Track (Audience o...
5.Chad Nathanson4:29.94aUnattached
6.-Taisei Nishiki4:30.02aLos Gatos
7.15-16Gabriel Rouhani4:31.04aHilltop Speed
8.-Zachary Katzman4:34.00a PR100 Black Wings
9.-Jeremy Hart4:34.71a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
10.15-16Zachery Connolly4:35.87a SRCastro Valley Track
11.15-16James Sever4:37.73aCentral Coast Runners
12.15-16Samir Arora4:42.29a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
13.15-16Daniel Maneloveg4:42.62a PROak Hill Racing
14.David Kerstan4:43.36aUnattached
15.-John Carbonell4:43.76a PROak Hill Racing
16.-Spencer Shaw4:59.88a PRCastro Valley Track
17.-Colby Dibble5:00.17a SRFoothill Gold Track
18.15-16Deyvan Maldonado5:04.89aBlaze All Our Sports...
19.13-14John O'Connor5:30.18a PRMarin Waves Track & ...

1500 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jack Kobylka4:18.57aNapa Track
2.17-18Benjamin Cohen4:25.34aMarin Waves Track & ...
3.-Zach Bibeault4:32.49a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
4.17-18John Hogan4:38.84a PRTeam Onalysis
5.Albert Tran4:42.02aUnattached
6.13-14Daveon Sadusky4:53.00a SRThe Raptors

1500m Racewalk  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Salvador Espinoza12:49.20aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

3000 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Aidan Boyle10:40.19a PROak Hill Racing
2.11-12Cameron Meier10:43.94a PROak Hill Racing
3.11-12Miles Worthen10:47.48aOak Hill Racing
4.11-12Thomas Murphy10:50.85aOak Hill Racing
5.11-12Lior Kishinevsky10:51.39aUmoja
6.11-12Ryan Bradley10:51.45a SROak Hill Racing
7.11-12Jack Gray10:56.18a SROak Hill Racing
8.11-12Owen Mackenzie11:17.31aPalo Alto Lightning
9.11-12Turner Labrash11:24.22a PROak Hill Racing
10.11-12Anthony Frias11:32.30a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
11.11-12Xander Reimers11:36.49a SROak Hill Racing
12.11-12Tanay Menezes11:45.10aUmoja
13.11-12William Babbitt11:54.62a PRPacific Racers Athle...
14.11-12Theodore Miller12:20.18a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
15.11-12Garrett Janice12:57.78aOak Hill Racing
--11-12Joshua AthaydeDNFOak Hill Racing

3000 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Kent Slaney9:52.73aOak Hill Racing
2.13-14Zacharias Martinez9:52.79aTamalpa Runners, Inc.
3.13-14Jackson McIlroy10:04.77a SRFoothill Gold Track
4.13-14Jordan Lawrence10:12.90aPacific Racers Athle...
5.13-14Sebastian Leon10:21.88a PROak Hill Racing
6.13-14Jeremy Lahr10:26.68aOak Hill Racing
7.13-14Caleb Wong10:29.71a PROak Hill Racing
8.Shane Marshall10:33.35aUnattached
9.13-14Sam Craig10:34.86a SRPalo Alto Lightning
10.12Ryan Dunlap10:35.73aFoothill Gold Track
11.13-14Brendan Dowling10:36.73a PRRevolution Express T...
12.13-14Austin Mellick10:37.87a SROak Hill Racing
13.Alex Fine10:42.47aUnattached
14.13-14Aashai Avadhani11:23.76a PRPalo Alto Lightning
15.13-14Anton Matusof11:50.44a PRA1 Track (Audience o...

3000 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Carter Mackey9:32.28aCastro Valley Track
2.-Taisei Nishiki9:40.88a PRLos Gatos
3.15-16Zachery Connolly9:53.36a SRCastro Valley Track
4.Chad Nathanson9:59.02aUnattached
5.15-16James Sever9:59.63aCentral Coast Runners
6.13-14Ariel Monsalud10:09.07aMission Valley Track...
7.15-16Daniel Maneloveg10:11.62a PROak Hill Racing
8.-Jeremy Hart10:14.14a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
9.-John Carbonell10:20.87a PROak Hill Racing
10.15-16Kevin Anawalt10:24.31a PRFox Athletics
11.-Spencer Shaw11:09.53a PRCastro Valley Track

3000 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Phillip Kruse9:27.83a PRLodi
2.Atif Malik10:40.94aUnattached
3.13-14Daveon Sadusky11:04.27a PRThe Raptors

3000m Racewalk  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Robert Missirian15:35.79a SRSanta Cruz
2.13-14Jason Gomez21:28.44aOak Hill Racing

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Jamar Marshall12.91aDynasty
2.11-12Marion Devore13.07aEast Bay Elite
3.11-12Kino Ampon13.56aHercules Running Reb...
4.11-12Noah Mitchell13.74a3M Track
5.11-12Shayan Alvarez14.75aBeast Athletic Perfo...
6.11-12David Norris15.01aSacramento Speed Fac...
7.11-12Daniel Thompson17.11aMoorpark Striders
8.12Jonah Hinckley17.46aDiablo Valley Track ...
9.Samuel Thayer17.94aUnattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Jamar Marshall12.91a (-.5)Dynasty
2.11-12Marion Devore13.07a PR (-.5)East Bay Elite
3.11-12Kino Ampon13.56a PR (-.5)Hercules Running Reb...
4.11-12Noah Mitchell13.74a PR (-.5)3M Track
5.11-12Shayan Alvarez14.75a PR (-.5)Beast Athletic Perfo...
6.11-12David Norris15.01a (-.5)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.11-12Daniel Thompson17.11a PR (-.5)Moorpark Striders
8.12Jonah Hinckley17.46a PR (-.5)Diablo Valley Track ...
9.Samuel Thayer17.94a (-.5)Unattached

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Michael Johnson14.64aUmoja
2.13-14Nicholas Anderson15.85aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Wayne Jackson17.03aSacramento Speed Fac...
4.13-14Kesean Blanchad18.15aStockton Saints
5.Felix Sloo19.92aUnattached
6.13-14Solomon Tinnon20.51aNapa Track

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Michael Johnson14.64a (1.1)Umoja
2.13-14Nicholas Anderson15.85a (1.1)East Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Wayne Jackson17.03a (1.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
4.13-14Kesean Blanchad18.15a (1.1)Stockton Saints
5.Felix Sloo19.92a (1.1)Unattached
6.13-14Solomon Tinnon20.51a (1.1)Napa Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16MacLean Conner20.72aTGS Goldrush TC

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18James Warwick14.65aCentral Valley Roadr...
2.17-18Kareem Dupree15.33aHampton Phillips Cla...
3.17-18Javion Robinson15.34aOakland PAL
4.RoShaan Rogers15.52aUnattached
5.-Jonathan Perry15.75aTGS Goldrush TC
6.17-18Daniel Yeager15.94aFox Athletics
7.Gregory Maggioncalda16.62aUnattached
8.-Sean Felderman18.51aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
9.-Clayton Schmidt18.83aFlying Jaguars

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.15-16MacLean Conner20.72a SR (-2.0)TGS Goldrush TC

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.17-18James Warwick14.65a PR (-1.3)Central Valley Roadr...
2.17-18Kareem Dupree15.33a (-1.3)Hampton Phillips Cla...
3.17-18Javion Robinson15.34a (-1.3)Oakland PAL
4.RoShaan Rogers15.52a (-1.3)Unattached
5.-Jonathan Perry15.75a (-1.3)TGS Goldrush TC
6.17-18Daniel Yeager15.94a (-1.3)Fox Athletics
7.Gregory Maggioncalda16.62a (-1.3)Unattached
8.-Sean Felderman18.51a (-1.3)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
9.-Clayton Schmidt18.83a (-1.3)Flying Jaguars

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14LaNique Wilkes27.62a PR (.8)East Bay Elite
2.13-14Michael Johnson28.48a (.8)Umoja
3.13-14Jordan Tillis28.98a (.8)Pacific Racers Athle...
4.13-14Kesean Blanchad30.82a (.8)Stockton Saints
5.13-14Alex Moran31.03a (.8)Umoja
6.13-14Jaelen Craft31.43a PR (.8)A1 Track (Audience o...
7.13-14Wayne Jackson31.59a (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.Felix Sloo32.62a (.8)Unattached
9.13-14Marlo Hernandez35.42a (.8)Diablo Valley Track ...

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.8Samuel Walker1:05.02aPacific Racers Athle...
2.15-16DeMario Brown1:07.03a PRHampton Phillips Cla...

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Daniel Yeager55.88a PRFox Athletics
2.17-18Kelly McConnell58.33a PRFox Athletics
3.Gregory Maggioncalda1:00.61aUnattached
4.RoShaan Rogers1:00.99aUnattached
5.Noel Anaya1:05.11aUnattached
6.-Sean Felderman1:07.37aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
--17-18Blajon LuxDQUmoja

2k Steeplechase  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Cristian Monsalud6:44.86aMission Valley Track...
2.15-16Carter Mackey6:54.67a PRCastro Valley Track
3.15-16Zachery Connolly6:57.32a SRCastro Valley Track
4.15-16Deyvan Maldonado7:54.60aBlaze All Our Sports...

2k Steeplechase  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Matthew Myers7:13.99a PRMenlo i Greyhounds T...
2.17-18Elijah Marta9:46.11a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.17-18Dustin Samms9:46.30a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
---Zachary FisherDNFSierra Foothill Trac...

4x100 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jason Auzenne
RayAnthony Cambell
Javon Chapman
Jurrion Dickey
1:03.98aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.7-8Harlem Clemons
Elijah Hughes
Aidan Johnson
Zion Taylor
1:08.16aOakland PAL
3.7-8Davion Dunkley
Israel Polk
K'Rone Sizemore
Gavin Thompson
1:13.35aEast Bay Elite

4x100 Relay  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Di'Niko Bates
Jermaine Brewer
Kai'Lib Copes
Daunte Johnson
55.82a3M Track
2.9-10Jalen Miller
Jared Patterson
Donovan Taubodo
Charles Turner
58.36aRPM Legacy
3.9-10Jeremiah Earby
Jaden Mims
Justin Mims
Raymond Price
58.48aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.-Timmie Dexter
Simeon Harris
Jaylen Walker
Oliver Williams
1:00.90aNor Cal Pacesetters

4x100 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Christian Bean
Thaddeus Hills
Elijah King
Jordyn Williams
54.57aRPM Legacy
2.11-12Deston Hawkins
Alfredo Jack
Jeremiah Latu
Francisco Sanchez
55.66aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x100 Relay  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Brandon Bains
Jovon Johnson
Nathaniel Rosas
Javon Stearns
47.13aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.-Dabney Jordon
Miles Duncan
Kenroy Higgins
Jalon Stanley
47.33a100 Black Wings
3.-Taejon King
Aries Loeza
Jordan Tillis
Josh Watterson
48.04aPacific Racers Athle...
4.13-14Nicholas Anderson
Jordan Bains
Terrance Matthews-Murphy
Jordan Mims
50.27aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.13-14Michael Johnson
Bralyn Lux
Alex Moran
Brook Surafel

4x100 Relay  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Edgar Hernandez
Noah Loeliger
Harris Miner
Nikolaus Moore
1:04.05aDiablo Valley Track ...

4x100 Relay  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Jason Brown
Adonis Johnson
Ruben Paez
Adrian Perez
43.92aFlying Jaguars
2.-Kelly McConnell
Tyler Polen
Faraaz Rashidi
Drew Russert
44.17aFox Athletics

4x400 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jason Auzenne
RayAnthony Cambell
Javon Chapman
Jurrion Dickey
5:52.19aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jeremiah Earby
Eli Lane
Justin Mims
Raymond Price
4:51.57aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.-Timmie Dexter
Simeon Harris
Jaylen Walker
Oliver Williams
4:58.68aNor Cal Pacesetters
3.-Isreal Babbitt
Jayson Leach
William McGee
Cameron Sampson
5:02.96aPacific Racers Athle...
4.-Julian Montoya
Iyanu Olukotun
Alex Selwyn
Rishi Tella
5:06.72aPalo Alto Lightning

4x400 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12De Von Dupree
Dion Dupree
Lior Kishinevsky
Nitin Sagi
2.-Brandon Hein
Jonah Hinckley
Riley Noon
Niyi Olabode
4:48.44aDiablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Deston Hawkins
Alfredo Jack
Tracy Lane
Jeremiah Latu
4:55.73aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Taejon King
Aries Loeza
Jordan Tillis
Josh Watterson
3:45.74aPacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14Brandon Bains
Jovon Johnson
Jordan Mims
Nathaniel Rosas
3:46.68aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.-Dabney Jordon
Miles Duncan
Kenroy Higgins
Malcolm Mobley
3:53.70a100 Black Wings
4.13-14Michael Johnson
Bralyn Lux
Alex Moran
Brook Surafel
5.13-14Femi Ajose
Isaiah Alexander
Tim Bernal
Darryl Byrd
4:09.97aHilltop Speed
6.13-14Nicholas Anderson
Jordan Bains
Marcae Oliver
Javon Stearns
4:12.40aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Edgar Hernandez
Noah Loeliger
Harris Miner
Nikolaus Moore
3:55.04aDiablo Valley Track ...

4x400 Relay  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Arthur Bogdanovich
Kelly McConnell
Faraaz Rashidi
William Scheetz
3:34.37aFox Athletics

4x800 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Aidan Boyle
Sean Carrick
Jack Gray
Cameron Meier
10:10.01aOak Hill Racing
2.11-12De Von Dupree
Dion Dupree
Lior Kishinevsky
Nitin Sagi
3.11-12Ryan Bradley
Turner Labrash
Xander Reimers
Miles Worthen
10:28.48aOak Hill Racing
4.11-12Adam Anderson
Brandon Hein
Cayden Hein
Christopher Rogers
10:46.96aDiablo Valley Track ...

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jason Auzenne4.92mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.7-8Alexander Sawczuk4.29mCastro Valley Track
3.7-8Tye'on Gant4.00m PR3M Track
4.7-8Myles Martinez3.25m SRSacramento Speed Fac...
5.Dillon Anawalt1.92mUnattached

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jahzon Jacks7.02mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.9-10Caleb Boggan6.68m SRDiablo Valley Track ...
3.9-10Jermaine Brewer6.24m3M Track
4.9-10Nathan Rooks5.52m SRSacramento Speed Fac...
5.9-10Jibri Shelby5.39mOakland PAL
6.9-10Wesley Rosenbaum5.30mBlaze All Our Sports...
7.9-10Salvador Espinoza5.17mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.8Giovanni Richardson5.00m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
9.9-10Benjamin Ferneau4.27mOak Hill Racing
10.9-10Benjamin Lee Swenson4.09m PRMarin Waves Track & ...
11.9-10David Kruse3.94m SRLodi

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malon Hughes9.50m PRBig Valley TC
2.Payton Fuller9.20mUnattached
3.11-12JuJuan Dickey8.46m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.11-12Lucas Moore8.27mDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Konrad Mader8.10mDiablo Valley Track ...
6.11-12Darnell Earby8.09m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.11-12Enrico Giovannoni7.96mCastro Valley Track
8.11-12Daniel Thompson7.92mMoorpark Striders
9.11-12Louis Gallia IV7.78m SROak Hill Racing
10.11-12Cruz De La Rosa5.10mSacramento Speed Fac...
11.-Colin Frank-Cavanaugh4.58mElk Grove PAL

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Jashaun Walker11.15m100 Black Wings
2.13-14Terrance Matthews-Murphy10.51mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Luke Largusa9.22mCastro Valley Track
4.13-14Eric Waltz7.27mUmoja

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jonah Williams13.12mUnattached
2.15-16Adan Pena12.89mHilltop Speed
3.15-16Sione Liku12.33m SRBig Valley TC
4.15-16Patrick Ng12.05m SRMission Valley Track...
5.15-16Deshawn Miller11.25mFull Stride
6.15-16Rumnic Cheema11.12mManteca Track
7.15-16Kevin Tunnell10.70mNapa Track
8.15-16Dylan Smith10.57m PRSLO Town Track
9.17-18Josh MaKieve10.24mGolden State Throwers
10.15-16Trevor Reinwald9.61m SRGolden State Throwers
11.15-16Cameron Owens8.93mLodi
12.15-16Larry Aubert8.15mMoorpark Striders
13.-Ian Frank-Cavanaugh6.56mElk Grove PAL

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Austin Sahs15.72mGolden State Throwers
2.Jerry Johnson14.46mUnattached
3.17-18Cody Holt11.92mGolden State Throwers
4.17-18Michael Pearson11.86m SROakland PAL
5.17-18Josh MaKieve11.84mGolden State Throwers
6.-Anthony Santiago11.60m PRManteca Track
7.-David Sharpe10.90mSierra Foothill Trac...
8.-Jorge Garcia10.28mManteca Track
9.15-16Aaron Kirkendoll9.43mOakland PAL

Discus - 1kg  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.Payton Fuller27.65mUnattached
2.11-12Konrad Mader20.22mDiablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Enrico Giovannoni19.61mCastro Valley Track
4.11-12JuJuan Dickey19.36mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11Devin DeMontiero16.78m SRDiablo Valley Track ...
6.11-12Lucas Moore16.62mDiablo Valley Track ...

Discus - 1kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Terrance Matthews-Murphy40.09mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.11-12Jashaun Walker35.21m PR100 Black Wings
3.13-14Solomon Tinnon29.41mNapa Track
4.13-14Luke Largusa27.69m SRCastro Valley Track

Discus - 1kg  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jonah Williams39.82mUnattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

2.15-16Sione Liku38.22m SRBig Valley TC
3.15-16Adan Pena37.81m SRHilltop Speed
4.15-16Deshawn Miller37.24m PRFull Stride
5.15-16Kevin Tunnell36.37m SRNapa Track
6.15-16Trevor Reinwald34.10m SRGolden State Throwers
7.15-16Larry Aubert33.71mMoorpark Striders
8.15-16Nicholas Kolb32.91mSierra Foothill Trac...
9.15-16Patrick Ng32.81m PRMission Valley Track...
10.15-16Cameron Owens24.46mLodi
11.-Ian Frank-Cavanaugh14.38m PRElk Grove PAL

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jerry Johnson49.23mUnattached
2.17-18Elijah Marta44.26m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.17-18Austin Sahs38.38mGolden State Throwers
4.17-18Cody Holt35.74m SRGolden State Throwers
5.-David Sharpe34.58mSierra Foothill Trac...
6.17-18Josh MaKieve32.63mGolden State Throwers
7.17-18Michael Pearson29.37mOakland PAL
8.15-16Aaron Kirkendoll28.08m SROakland PAL

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tye'on Gant18.88m SR3M Track
2.7-8Alexander Sawczuk17.36m SRCastro Valley Track
3.Noah Lyons16.70mUnattached
4.7-8Jordan Maldonado15.76m PRBlaze All Our Sports...
5.7-8Miles Jones14.25m3M Track
6.7-8Keith Kelly12.23mNor Cal Pacesetters
7.7-8Simon Taylor12.06mCastro Valley Track
8.7-8Pharrell Williams10.46mMoorpark Striders
9.7-8Deric Moren9.15mPitman Track Club
10.7-8Bishop-Amer Davis5.20mMoorpark Striders

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jermaine Brewer35.72m PR3M Track
2.9-10Kai'Lib Copes31.94m3M Track
3.9-10Jayzal Joseph27.25mTeam Onalysis
4.9-10Wesley Rosenbaum22.17mBlaze All Our Sports...
5.9-10Jadan Wenceslao21.69m SROak Hill Racing
6.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk19.82mCastro Valley Track
7.9-10Salvador Espinoza18.66m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.8Giovanni Richardson18.09m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
9.9-10Cornell Davis18.08m SRHampton Phillips Cla...
10.Omari Davis14.91mUnattached
11.9-10Jahzon Jacks13.14mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
12.9-10Benjamin Lee Swenson12.90mMarin Waves Track & ...
13.9-10Khephren Clark12.37mTeam Onalysis
14.Liam Milby9.38mUnattached
15.9-10Lamonte Aubert8.78mMoorpark Striders

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Kurtis Lee32.44mUmoja
2.11-12Enrico Giovannoni31.97m PRCastro Valley Track
3.Payton Fuller28.67mUnattached
4.12Riley Noon28.30m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Seth Miu27.52m SRCastro Valley Track
6.11-12Konrad Mader25.45mDiablo Valley Track ...
7.11-12Ryan Bradley23.94mOak Hill Racing
8.11-12Isaac Jones23.78m PREast Bay Elite
9.11-12Lucas Moore21.61mDiablo Valley Track ...
10.11-12Xander Reimers21.58mOak Hill Racing
11.11-12JuJuan Dickey20.84mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
12.11-12Turner Labrash20.60mOak Hill Racing
13.11-12Garrett Janice16.88mOak Hill Racing

Javelin - 600g  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Dauson Booker48.77m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
2.13-14Terrance Matthews-Murphy41.34mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Luke Largusa32.55m SRCastro Valley Track
4.13-14Eddie Smith29.32m PRSLO Town Track
5.13-14Caleb Wolterstorff26.63mCentral Valley Roadr...
6.13-14Damon Zuber26.25mMarin Waves Track & ...
7.13-14Austin Mellick23.88mOak Hill Racing
8.13-14Ryan Gong18.90m SRRevolution Express T...
9.13-14Alonzo Floriolli16.65m PRA1 Track (Audience o...

Javelin - 800g  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Sione Liku38.35m SRBig Valley TC
2.15-16Deshawn Miller36.00mFull Stride
3.15-16Kevin Tunnell33.52m SRNapa Track
4.15-16Patrick Ng29.23m SRMission Valley Track...
5.17-18Josh MaKieve28.16m PRGolden State Throwers
6.15-16Ben O'Dwyer23.00mNapa Track
7.15-16Deyvan Maldonado22.88mBlaze All Our Sports...

Javelin - 800g  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Elijah Marta51.08mSierra Foothill Trac...
2.17-18Brendan Cardey51.00m PRNapa Track
3.15-16Deaven Booker46.85m SRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.17-18Kelly McConnell45.76mFox Athletics
5.15-16Aaron Kirkendoll35.47m SROakland PAL
6.17-18Alex Nowak34.15m PRTeam Onalysis
7.17-18Collin Echols32.18mRevolution Express T...
8.17-18Michael Pearson31.00mOakland PAL
9.-David Sharpe30.78m SRSierra Foothill Trac...
10.17-18Cody Holt24.47m SRGolden State Throwers

High Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jadyn Marshall1.22mDynasty
2.9-10Liam Wallace Harper1.12mNapa Track
3.9-10Jeremiah Johnson1.12mCentral Valley Roadr...
4.9-10Eli Lane1.02mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.9-10Ato Early0.92mSacramento Speed Fac...

High Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Zamir Wallace1.37mFull Stride
2.11-12Jamar Marshall1.32mDynasty
3.11-12Niyi Olabode1.32mDiablo Valley Track ...
4.Samuel Thayer1.27mUnattached
5.11-12Paul Randall1.22mOakland PAL
5.11-12Amir Wallace1.22mFull Stride
7.11-12Trevor Sidlauskas1.22mDiablo Valley Track ...
8.11-12Jarod Moren1.12mPitman Track Club
9.11-12Spencer Porter1.07mCentral Valley Roadr...

High Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Vincent Friesen1.57mCastro Valley Track
2.13-14Miles Lewis1.47mCentral Valley Roadr...
3.13-14Kesean Blanchad1.37mStockton Saints
3.13-14Caleb Wolterstorff1.37mCentral Valley Roadr...
5.13-14Kabir Arora1.32mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.13-14Solomon Tinnon1.32mNapa Track
7.13-14Jordan Bains1.32mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.13-14Isaiah Foskey1.27m PRTop Pacers
9.13-14Alonzo Floriolli1.27mA1 Track (Audience o...
10.13-14Roy Nehoran1.22mBlazin Jaguars
11.13-14Eddie Smith1.07m PRSLO Town Track
12.Vivig Shantha Kumar0.92mUnattached

High Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager1.77mFox Athletics
2.15-16Ben O'Dwyer1.72m PRNapa Track
3.15-16Noah Loeliger1.62mDiablo Valley Track ...
4.15-16Dylan Smith1.47m PRSLO Town Track
5.15-16Nathaniel Moncrief1.42mElk Grove PAL
6.Bailey Thayer1.22mUnattached

High Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jeffrey Lam1.82mRevolution Express T...
2.15-16Deaven Booker1.82m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
3.17-18Collin Echols1.82mRevolution Express T...
4.Carl Chandler1.77mUnattached
5.17-18Daniel Yeager1.77mFox Athletics
--17-18Nathan RichterNHNapa Track

Pole Vault  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Dallas Moss3.48mRaise the Bar Pole V...
2.Hayden Brake3.33mUnattached
3.13-14Roy Nehoran1.83m PRBlazin Jaguars

Pole Vault  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Travis Kartz3.95mUnattached
2.Lance Huber3.65mUnattached
3.13-14Jonathan Ruiz3.50m SRMission Valley Track...
4.Tim Bartolomei3.50mUnattached
5.-Jason McShane3.20mChristian Team Minis...
--15-16Michael GonzalezNHLodi

Pole Vault  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18August Kiles4.85mTeam Onalysis
2.17-18Zack Supple4.70m PRRaise the Bar Pole V...
3.Davis Hallberg4.10mUnattached
4.Martin Yau3.80mWc Vault Fac
5.-Nicholas Staffa3.65m PRRaise the Bar Pole V...
6.James Donegan3.50mWc Vault Fac
---Justin NguyenNHMission Valley Track...

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8La'Rico Tezeno3.24m SRFlying Jaguars
2.Lucien Bailey2.95mUnattached
3.7-8Dorian Byrd2.88mHilltop Speed
4.7-8Kwincy Mavis2.84mCentral Valley Roadr...
5.7-8Jeaden Underwood2.78mUmoja
6.7-8Aidan Johnson2.70mOakland PAL
7.Noah Lyons2.69mUnattached
8.7-8Kelvin Joiner2.66mBeast Athletic Perfo...
9.7-8Isaiah Frias2.58mCentral Valley Roadr...
9.7-8Caleb Toney2.58mUmoja
9.7-8Isaiah Knowles-Dixon2.58mOakland PAL
12.7-8Nathaniel Covington2.57mMoorpark Striders
13.7-8Darien Taubodo2.56m SRRPM Legacy
14.7-8Gregory Stank2.46mCentral Valley Roadr...
15.7-8Malcolm Rooks2.40m SRSacramento Speed Fac...
16.7-8Javon Chapman2.31m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
17.7-8jon Jones2.14mBeast Athletic Perfo...
18.7-8Brandon Moore2.04mSacramento Speed Fac...
19.7-8Myles Martinez1.80mSacramento Speed Fac...
20.Dillon Anawalt1.58mUnattached
21.7-8Jeremiah Hawkins1.55mOakland PAL

Long Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Donovan Taubodo4.16mRPM Legacy
2.9-10Di'Niko Bates4.15m3M Track
3.9-10Aaron Waltz4.13mUmoja
4.9-10Kyle Crawford4.10mCastro Valley Track
5.9-10Dezrynd Lewis3.97mSacramento Speed Fac...
6.9-10Jeremiah Earby3.94mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.9-10Donovan Parler3.81m SRSacramento Speed Fac...
8.9-10Zion Mayo3.77m SRHilltop Speed
9.9-10Alex Atack3.56m PROakland PAL
10.9-10D'Aunte Johnson3.50m3M Track
11.9-10Jared Patterson3.48m PRRPM Legacy
12.9-10Shean-Andrew Demetrius3.47m PRUmoja
13.9-10Max Griffiths3.41mUmoja
14.9-10Liam Wallace Harper3.30mNapa Track
15.-Gregory Kornguth3.25m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
16.9-10Amarion Antonio3.24mBlaze All Our Sports...
17.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk3.22mCastro Valley Track
18.9-10Brandyn Knott2.84mRPM Legacy
19.9-10Nathan Rooks2.76mSacramento Speed Fac...
20.9-10Ralph Kasow2.72mEast Bay Heat Track ...
21.9-10Benjamin Lee Swenson2.68mMarin Waves Track & ...
22.9-10Mykel King2.41mFull Stride

Long Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons5.08mOakland PAL
2.11-12Marion Devore4.88mEast Bay Elite
3.11-12Niyi Olabode4.62mDiablo Valley Track ...
4.11-12Dezmynd Lewis4.57mSacramento Speed Fac...
5.11-12Andre Bishop4.54m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.-Cameron Lewis4.52mElk Grove PAL
7.11-12Deston Hawkins4.42m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.11-12Alfredo Jack4.34mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
9.11-12Marcus Tymous4.23m PRCastro Valley Track
10.11-12Shayan Alvarez4.16mBeast Athletic Perfo...
11.11-12Jordan Green4.11m PRCastro Valley Track
12.11-12Rashaan Woodland4.05m SR100 Black Wings
13.11-12Darnell Earby4.02mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
14.11-12Ayush Gupta4.00mPalo Alto Lightning
15.11-12Kurtis Lee3.97m PRUmoja
16.11-12Jaden Green3.91mCastro Valley Track
17.11-12Jabril White3.87mOakland PAL
18.Henry Burditt3.83mUnattached
19.11-12Javon Diggs3.80m PRMoorpark Striders
20.11-12Tracy Lane3.78m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
21.11-12Jack Maiden3.63m PRPalo Alto Lightning
22.Samuel Thayer3.54mUnattached
23.11-12Cameron Reynolds3.53m PRTop Pacers
24.11-12Spencer Porter3.02mCentral Valley Roadr...

Long Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14LaNique Wilkes5.81m PREast Bay Elite
2.13-14Jalon Stanley5.64m SR100 Black Wings
3.13-14Jeremy Washington5.60m SR100 Black Wings
4.13-14Lawrence Evans5.31mSacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Nicholas Anderson5.29mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.13-14Miles Lewis5.13mCentral Valley Roadr...
7.13-14Bralyn Lux5.00mUmoja
8.13-14Jordan Bains4.84m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
9.13-14Zachary Gentry4.83mFull Stride
10.13-14Alex Moran4.82mUmoja
11.13-14Jack Bowker4.71mCentral Valley Roadr...
12.13-14Craig Wills4.55m PRRPM Legacy
13.13-14Kenneth Woods4.41mRPM Legacy
14.13-14Alonzo Floriolli4.22mA1 Track (Audience o...
15.13-14Adam Moncrief4.18m PRElk Grove PAL
16.13-14Jacob Williams4.17mRPM Legacy
17.13-14Jaelen Craft3.92mA1 Track (Audience o...
18.13-14Jordan Pena3.77m PRBlaze All Our Sports...
19.-Jajuan Despanie3.75m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
20.13-14Kabir Arora3.62mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
21.13-14Ryan Gong3.42m SRRevolution Express T...

Long Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager6.38m PRFox Athletics
2.15-16Elijah McDowell6.05mLodi
3.15-16Darrion Cunningham6.03mHampton Phillips Cla...
4.15-16Michael Gonzalez5.91m SRLodi
5.Travis Robertson5.85mUnattached
6.Bailey Thayer5.82mUnattached
7.15-16Tayari Reed5.58m PRRevolution Express T...
8.15-16Deion Lightfoot-Shelton5.47mBlazin Jaguars
9.15-16Korey Lombard5.44m PRFlying Jaguars
10.Sebastian MaganaGarcia5.41mUnattached
11.15-16Cedric Harris-Dixon4.70mManteca Track
12.15-16Jonathan Belasco4.59m PRLodi
--15-16Nathaniel MoncriefFOULElk Grove PAL

Long Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Richard Cooper6.88mTGS Goldrush TC
2.Tommy Wright6.84mUnattached
3.JrKarsten Wethington6.82m SRMission Valley Track...
4.17-18Adonis Johnson6.45mFlying Jaguars
5.19+Jessie Woods Jr6.23mRPM Legacy
6.-Drew Russert6.23m PRFox Athletics
7.17-18Jeffrey Lam6.11mRevolution Express T...
8.-Valdis Birznieks6.07m PRCastro Valley Track
9.17-18Alex Nowak5.08mTeam Onalysis
---Joey RodriguezFOULManteca Track

Triple Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Payton Young11.53mA1 Track (Audience o...
2.13-14Brook Surafel11.06mUmoja
3.13-14Bralyn Lux9.83mUmoja

Triple Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager12.98m PRFox Athletics
2.Sebastian MaganaGarcia12.55mUnattached
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez11.89m PRLodi
4.Travis Robertson10.86mUnattached
5.15-16Jonathan Belasco9.19m PRLodi

Triple Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tommy Wright13.80mUnattached
2.Carl Chandler12.82mUnattached
3.-Drew Russert12.80m PRFox Athletics
4.17-18Blajon Lux11.80mUmoja
5.17-18Jeffrey Lam10.42m PRRevolution Express T...

Hammer - 12lb  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Steven Tofanelli40.13mUnattached
2.17-18Josh MaKieve35.83mGolden State Throwers
3.15-16Trevor Reinwald28.71mGolden State Throwers

Hammer - 12lb  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Dustin Samms53.54mSierra Foothill Trac...
2.17-18Austin Sahs49.66mGolden State Throwers
3.17-18Cody Holt44.91m SRGolden State Throwers
4.Nicholas Cabuco43.70mUnattached
5.17-18Nathan Swisley39.91mSierra Foothill Trac...
6.17-18Josh MaKieve37.54m SRGolden State Throwers
7.-David Sharpe27.22m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
8.-Zachary Fisher23.04mSierra Foothill Trac...