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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Nickolas Miller15.55a (-1.3)Hilltop Speed
2.Joshua Dunu15.80a (-1.3)Unattached
3.RayAnthony Campbell15.99a (-1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.7-8La'Rico Tezeno16.35a (-1.3)Flying Jaguars
5.Dilibe Allison16.63a (-1.3)Unattached
6.7-8Brandon Moore16.99a (-1.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.7-8Shahil Madison17.14a (-1.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.Bishop-Amer Davis19.03a (-1.3)M.P. Striders Youth ...

100 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10D'Aunte Johnson13.85a (-1.7)3M Track
2.9-10Kai'Lib Copes14.13a (-1.7)3M Track
3.9-10Raymond Price14.18a (-1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.9-10Naseem Hassaan14.23a (-1.7)Minds In Motion
5.Shean-Andrew Demetrius14.38a (-1.7)Umoja
6.-Naias Johnson14.40a (-1.7)100 Black Wings
7.9-10Donovan Taubodo14.85a (-1.7)RPM Legacy
8.9-10Iyanu Olukotun15.48a (-1.7)Palo Alto Lightning

100 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons13.26a (-1.9)Oakland PAL
2.Tramayne Paster13.33a (-1.9)Minds In Motion
3.-Cameron Lewis13.82a (-1.9)Elk Grove PAL
4.11-12Francisco Sanchez13.87a SR (-1.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.Giovanni Wiggins14.09a (-1.9)Minds In Motion
6.11-12Imani Lopez14.60a (-1.9)Napa Track

100 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Brandon Bains12.10a (-1.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
2.13-14Tim Bernal12.19a (-1.2)Hilltop Speed
3.13-14Jeremy Washington12.19a SR (-1.2)100 Black Wings
4.13-14Lawrence Evans12.43a (-1.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Destynd Lewis12.43a (-1.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
6.Jose Lorenzo Villadolid12.47a (-1.2)MacCanDo Tenderloin ...
7.Javon Sturns12.48a (-1.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.13-14Jalon Stanley12.60a (-1.2)100 Black Wings

100 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham11.57a (-1.3)Reno Tahoe Athletics
2.15-16Elijah McDowell11.58a (-1.3)Lodi
3.-Christopher Uzoma11.96a (-1.3)TGS Goldrush TC
4.-Stephon Garcia12.16a PR (-1.3)Central Valley Phoenix
5.15-16Harris Miner12.24a (-1.3)Diablo Valley Track ...
6.-Gregory Dare12.31a (-1.3)Team Onalysis
7.-Patrick Reed12.31a (-1.3)Full Stride
1.15-16Brian Yeager12.33aFox Athletics
2.15-16Michael Gonzalez12.34aLodi
8.-Orlando Wilkerson12.38a (-1.3)TGS Goldrush TC
3.15-16Daniel Richardson13.00aTeam RAW

100 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tyler Brendel11.50aUnattached
1.17-18Richard Cooper11.51a (-1.7)TGS Goldrush TC
2.17-18Eddie Robinson11.67a (-1.7)Flying Jaguars
3.17-18Brandyn Mcevoy11.67a (-1.7)TGS Goldrush TC
4.-Faraaz Rashidi11.72a (-1.7)Fox Athletics
2.17-18Daniel Yeager11.78aFox Athletics
5.Christopher Gloudeman11.78a (-1.7)Unattached
6.-Rolando Torres11.83a (-1.7)Bakersfield Yellow J...
7.15-16Markel Moore11.88a (-1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi11.99a (-1.7)Rivals United
3.17-18Jeffrey Lam12.00aRevolution Express T...
4.-David Sharpe12.11aSierra Foothill Trac...
5.17-18Kelly McConnell12.19aFox Athletics
6.19+Clay Shields12.30aLodi
7.-Ryan Ozminkowski12.56aLodi
8.17-18Collin Echols12.75aRevolution Express T...
9.Nolan O'Brien13.36aUnattached

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nickolas Miller15.87a (-2.3)Hilltop Speed
2.Joshua Dunu15.91a (-2.5)Unattached
3.RayAnthony Campbell16.05a (-2.5)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.7-8La'Rico Tezeno16.66a (-2.3)Flying Jaguars
5.Dilibe Allison16.83a (-2.3)Unattached
6.Bishop-Amer Davis16.96a (-2.3)M.P. Striders Youth ...
7.7-8Brandon Moore17.18a (-2.3)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.7-8Shahil Madison17.23a (-2.5)Sacramento Speed Fac...
9.Pharrell Williams17.32a (-2.5)M.P. Striders Youth ...
10.Zylan Moya18.46a (-2.5)Omni Athletic

100 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.9-10D'Aunte Johnson14.21a (-3.0)3M Track
2.-Naias Johnson14.25a (-2.1)100 Black Wings
3.9-10Raymond Price14.30a (-2.1)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.9-10Naseem Hassaan14.41a (-3.0)Minds In Motion
5.9-10Kai'Lib Copes14.64a (-2.1)3M Track
6.Shean-Andrew Demetrius14.77a (-3.0)Umoja
7.9-10Donovan Taubodo15.17a (-2.1)RPM Legacy
8.9-10Iyanu Olukotun15.48a (-3.0)Palo Alto Lightning
9.9-10Cornell Davis15.58a (-3.0)Hampton Phillips Cla...
10.9-10Mason Lopez15.85a (-2.1)Sanger Striders
11.Justin Smith16.36a (-2.1)Omni Athletic

100 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons13.26a (-1.9)Oakland PAL
2.Tramayne Paster13.33a (-1.9)Minds In Motion
3.-Cameron Lewis13.82a (-1.9)Elk Grove PAL
4.11-12Francisco Sanchez13.87a (-1.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.Giovanni Wiggins14.09a (-1.9)Minds In Motion
6.11-12Imani Lopez14.60a (-1.9)Napa Track

100 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Tim Bernal12.35a (-2.1)Hilltop Speed
2.13-14Jeremy Washington12.40a (-2.7)100 Black Wings
3.13-14Brandon Bains12.49a (-2.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.Jose Lorenzo Villadolid12.54a (-2.1)MacCanDo Tenderloin ...
5.Javon Sturns12.56a (-2.1)East Palo Alto Greyh...
6.13-14Lawrence Evans12.60a (-2.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.13-14Destynd Lewis12.61a (-2.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.13-14Jalon Stanley12.68a (-2.1)100 Black Wings
9.13-14Jonathan Helbling13.09a (-2.7)Central Valley Roadr...

100 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.15-16Elijah McDowell11.67a (-2.3)Lodi
2.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham11.67a (-1.2)Reno Tahoe Athletics
3.-Christopher Uzoma12.14a (-1.2)TGS Goldrush TC
5.15-16Harris Miner12.21a (-1.2)Diablo Valley Track ...
4.-Patrick Reed12.25a (-2.3)Full Stride
6.-Stephon Garcia12.27a (-2.3)Central Valley Phoenix
7.-Orlando Wilkerson12.35a (-1.2)TGS Goldrush TC
8.-Gregory Dare12.40a (-1.2)Team Onalysis
9.-Mario Chiquito12.41a PR (-2.3)Bakersfield Yellow J...
10.-Jeremy Shumaker12.72a PR (-1.2)Bakersfield Yellow J...
11.Chineme Allison12.83a (-2.3)Unattached
-Leon VerdugoDNS (-2.3)Bakersfield Yellow J...

100 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.17-18Richard Cooper11.64a (-2.0)TGS Goldrush TC
2.-Faraaz Rashidi11.72a (-1.3)Fox Athletics
3.-Rolando Torres11.76a PR (-1.3)Bakersfield Yellow J...
4.17-18Brandyn Mcevoy11.82a (-2.0)TGS Goldrush TC
5.17-18Eddie Robinson11.86a (-2.0)Flying Jaguars
6.Christopher Gloudeman11.87a (-1.3)Unattached
7.15-16Markel Moore11.91a (-1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi11.94a (-2.0)Rivals United
9.-Jayon Roseman11.99a (-2.0)TGS Goldrush TC
10.17-18Jaedon Webb12.07a (-1.3)Central Valley Roadr...

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Nickolas Miller31.18a (4.8)Hilltop Speed
2.7-8Zion Taylor31.86a SR (4.8)Oakland PAL
3.Joshua Dunu32.76a (4.8)Unattached
4.7-8La'Rico Tezeno33.56a SR (4.8)Flying Jaguars
5.7-8Dorian Byrd33.80a SR (4.8)Hilltop Speed
6.7-8Brandon Moore33.91a (4.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.7-8Aidan Johnson34.98a (4.8)Oakland PAL
8.Bishop-Amer Davis35.34a (4.8)M.P. Striders Youth ...

200 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Marcel Struggs-Anderson27.70a PR (1.7)100 Black Wings
2.9-10Di'Niko Bates27.77a (1.7)3M Track
3.9-10Naseem Hassaan28.64a (1.7)Minds In Motion
4.-Naias Johnson29.17a (1.7)100 Black Wings
5.Jayzel Joseph29.76a (1.7)Team Onalysis
6.Omari Davis29.86a (1.7)Unattached
7.9Jaylen Walker30.24a PR (1.7)Nor Cal Pacesetters
8.Shean-Andrew Demetrius31.04a (1.7)Umoja

200 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons26.90aOakland PAL
2.Tramayne Paster27.10aMinds In Motion
3.11-12Zamir Wallace27.87aFull Stride
4.11-12Christian Bean28.39a PRRPM Legacy
5.Giovanni Wiggins28.88aMinds In Motion
6.11-12Jordyn Williams29.43aRPM Legacy
7.11-12Noah Mitchell34.01a3M Track

200 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Conrad Raymond24.19a SR (-.2)Marin Waves Track & ...
2.13-14Jeremy Washington24.21a PR (-.2)100 Black Wings
3.13-14Tim Bernal24.61a (-.2)Hilltop Speed
4.13-14Nathaniel Rosas24.64a (-.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.Javon Sturns24.71a (-.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
6.13-14Destynd Lewis24.91a (-.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
7.13-14Lawrence Evans25.14a (-.2)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.13-14Jalon Stanley25.36a SR (-.2)100 Black Wings

200 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham23.12a PR (1.6)Reno Tahoe Athletics
2.-Christopher Uzoma23.45a PR (1.6)TGS Goldrush TC
3.15-16Ibrahima Mobley23.82a SR (1.6)100 Black Wings
4.15-16Noah Loeliger24.05a (1.6)Diablo Valley Track ...
5.15-16Darrion Cunningham24.16a SR (1.6)Hampton Phillips Cla...
6.15-16Harris Miner24.51a (1.6)Diablo Valley Track ...
7.15-16Tayari Reed24.52a PR (1.6)Revolution Express T...
8.-Leon Verdugo25.11a PR (1.6)Bakersfield Yellow J...

200 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jason Brown22.50a PR (2.2)Flying Jaguars
2.17-18Noveleen Singh22.54a PR (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
3.Christopher Gloudeman22.71a (2.2)Unattached
4.17-18Adonis Johnson22.86a PR (2.2)Flying Jaguars
5.17-18Christopher Davis22.93a (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
6.17-18Eddie Robinson23.49a (2.2)Flying Jaguars
7.17-18Jaedon Webb23.55a (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
8.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi23.63a (2.2)Rivals United

200 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Nickolas Miller32.28a (.8)Hilltop Speed
3.Joshua Dunu32.75a (.8)Unattached
7-8Shahil Madison32.76a SR (-.6)Sacramento Speed Fac...
2.7-8Zion Taylor32.85a (-.6)Oakland PAL
4.7-8Dorian Byrd34.31a (-.6)Hilltop Speed
5.7-8Aidan Johnson34.40a SR (-.6)Oakland PAL
6.7-8La'Rico Tezeno34.41a (.8)Flying Jaguars
7.7-8Brandon Moore34.97a (.8)Sacramento Speed Fac...
8.Bishop-Amer Davis35.24a (.8)M.P. Striders Youth ...
9.7-8Trent Navo36.37a (.8)Sanger Striders
10.Zylan Moya37.60a (.8)Omni Athletic

200 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.-Marcel Struggs-Anderson28.23a (1.9)100 Black Wings
2.9-10Di'Niko Bates28.50a (-.5)3M Track
3.-Naias Johnson28.96a (-.5)100 Black Wings
4.9-10Naseem Hassaan29.50a (1.9)Minds In Motion
5.Shean-Andrew Demetrius29.76a (-.5)Umoja
6.9Jaylen Walker30.56a (1.9)Nor Cal Pacesetters
8.Jayzel Joseph30.98a (-.5)Team Onalysis
9.9-10Naseer Hassaan33.31a (-.5)Minds In Motion
10.Justin Smith34.10a (1.9)Omni Athletic

200 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons26.90aOakland PAL
2.Tramayne Paster27.10aMinds In Motion
3.11-12Zamir Wallace27.87aFull Stride
4.11-12Christian Bean28.39aRPM Legacy
5.Giovanni Wiggins28.88aMinds In Motion
6.11-12Jordyn Williams29.43aRPM Legacy
7.11-12Noah Mitchell34.01a3M Track

200 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Jeremy Washington24.76a (.6)100 Black Wings
3.13-14Conrad Raymond24.85a (.6)Marin Waves Track & ...
2.13-14Lawrence Evans24.99a (-1.0)Sacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Tim Bernal25.18a (.6)Hilltop Speed
6.Javon Sturns25.34a (.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.13-14Nathaniel Rosas25.40a (-1.0)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.13-14Jalon Stanley25.83a (-1.0)100 Black Wings
8.13-14Destynd Lewis25.96a (.6)Sacramento Speed Fac...
9.13-14Jewell Hicks27.28a (.6)Team RAW
10.Femi Ajosi27.41a (-1.0)Hilltop Speed
11.Brycson Fox31.59a (-1.0)Omni Athletic

200 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.15-16Ivan Giron-Burnham23.46a (.1)Reno Tahoe Athletics
2.-Christopher Uzoma24.03a (-1.0)TGS Goldrush TC
3.15-16Ibrahima Mobley24.12a (.1)100 Black Wings
5.15-16Noah Loeliger24.51a (.1)Diablo Valley Track ...
6.15-16Harris Miner24.71a (.1)Diablo Valley Track ...
4.15-16Darrion Cunningham24.78a (-1.0)Hampton Phillips Cla...
7.15-16Tayari Reed24.84a (-1.0)Revolution Express T...
8.-Leon Verdugo25.30a (.1)Bakersfield Yellow J...
9.-Mario Chiquito26.16a PR (-1.0)Bakersfield Yellow J...
15-16Malik ElizeeDNS (-1.0)Team RAW

200 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.17-18Noveleen Singh22.76a (-.7)Central Valley Roadr...
2.17-18Jason Brown22.86a (-1.0)Flying Jaguars
3.17-18Adonis Johnson22.95a (-.7)Flying Jaguars
4.17-18Christopher Davis23.32a (-1.0)Central Valley Roadr...
5.17-18Eddie Robinson23.33a (-.7)Flying Jaguars
6.Christopher Gloudeman23.44a (-.7)Unattached
7.17-18Jaedon Webb23.44a PR (-.7)Central Valley Roadr...
8.17-18Vincent Tramontozzi23.58a (-.7)Rivals United
9.17-18Ruben Paez23.90a (-1.0)Flying Jaguars
10.17-18Malik Gresham24.07a (-1.0)Oakland PAL
11.-Rolando Torres24.09a PR (-1.0)Bakersfield Yellow J...
12.17-18Ty Jones24.49a (-1.0)Team RAW

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jurrion Dickey1:14.52aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.7-8Zion Taylor1:24.65aOakland PAL
3.Pharrell Williams1:25.83aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.7-8Dorian Byrd1:26.31aHilltop Speed
5.7-8Harshit Aswale1:27.93aUmoja

400 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Naseem Hassaan1:05.22aMinds In Motion
2.9-10Dezrynd Lewis1:05.70a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
3.9-10Nick Wise1:06.38aSanger Striders
4.9-10Kyle Crawford1:07.35a PRCastro Valley Track
5.Jayzel Joseph1:07.48aTeam Onalysis
6.9-10Aaron Waltz1:07.58a PRUmoja
7.9-10Sekou Brandon1:11.61a PRCastro Valley Track
1.9-10Britton Navo1:13.57aSanger Striders
8.9-10Britton Navo1:13.94aSanger Striders
2.9-10Cornell Davis1:15.93aHampton Phillips Cla...
3.9-10Kennedy Navo1:17.80aSanger Striders
4.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk1:21.68aCastro Valley Track

400 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Zamir Wallace1:00.59aFull Stride
2.11-12Christopher Rogers1:01.49aDiablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Dezmynd Lewis1:02.14a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
4.11-12Oscar Guitron1:02.57aManteca Track
5.11-12David Coker1:04.15aA1 Track (Audience o...
6.11-12Jordyn Williams1:04.77aRPM Legacy
7.11-12Alex Young1:05.59aHilltop Speed

400 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jordan Mims54.69a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.13-14Nathaniel Rosas54.78aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Jordon Dabney55.31a SR100 Black Wings
4.13-14Conrad Raymond55.43a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
5.13-14Tyler Condensa55.77aLos Gatos
6.13-14Jovon Johnson57.02aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.13-14Destynd Lewis57.24aSacramento Speed Fac...
13-14Brandon BainsDNFEast Palo Alto Greyh...

400 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Elijah McDowell52.97a PRLodi
2.-Orlando Wilkerson53.20a PRTGS Goldrush TC
3.15-16Darrion Cunningham53.40aHampton Phillips Cla...
4.13-14Jemantaj Frommoethelydo53.51a PRTGS Goldrush TC
5.15-16Nikolaus Moore53.59aDiablo Valley Track ...
6.Ashanti McFarland53.99aUnattached
1.15-16Michael Gonzalez54.95aLodi
7.Shelton Wynder55.03aUnattached
2.15-16Brian Yeager55.51aFox Athletics
8.-Stephon Garcia55.93a PRCentral Valley Phoenix
3.15-16Daniel Richardson59.14aTeam RAW

400 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Herbie Polk49.09aUnattached
2.17-18Kareem Dupree51.05aHampton Phillips Cla...
1.Tyler Brendel51.64aUnattached
2.17-18Daniel Yeager51.95aFox Athletics
3.17-18Jeffrey Lam52.20aRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Ty Jones52.22a PRTeam RAW
4.17-18Jaedon Webb52.41aCentral Valley Roadr...
4.17-18Kelly McConnell53.19aFox Athletics
5.15-16Robert Heckey53.26aSierra Foothill Trac...
6.17-18Malik Gresham55.17aOakland PAL
5.19+Clay Shields56.13aLodi
6.-Ryan Ozminkowski56.14aLodi
7.Nolan O'Brien57.55aUnattached
8.17-18Collin Echols57.88aRevolution Express T...
9.-David Sharpe58.93aSierra Foothill Trac...
-Johann LefflerDNSTeam Onalysis

400 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Jurrion Dickey1:14.52aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.7-8Zion Taylor1:24.65aOakland PAL
3.Pharrell Williams1:25.83aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.7-8Dorian Byrd1:26.31aHilltop Speed
5.7-8Harshit Aswale1:27.93aUmoja

400 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Prelims

1.9-10Nick Wise1:06.40aSanger Striders
3.9-10Dezrynd Lewis1:06.71aSacramento Speed Fac...
2.9-10Naseem Hassaan1:07.75aMinds In Motion
4.9-10Kyle Crawford1:08.00aCastro Valley Track
5.Jayzel Joseph1:08.06aTeam Onalysis
6.9-10Aaron Waltz1:10.21aUmoja
7.9-10Sekou Brandon1:12.99aCastro Valley Track
8.9-10Britton Navo1:13.95aSanger Striders
9.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk1:14.00a SRCastro Valley Track
10.9-10Kennedy Navo1:14.07aSanger Striders
11.Ralph 'rj' Kasow1:15.49aEast Bay Heat Track ...
9-10Naseer Hassaan1:15.77aMinds In Motion
12.9-10Jahree Beck1:16.83aSacramento Speed Fac...
13.Elias Lane1:17.61aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

400 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Zamir Wallace1:00.59aFull Stride
2.11-12Christopher Rogers1:01.49aDiablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Dezmynd Lewis1:02.14aSacramento Speed Fac...
4.11-12Oscar Guitron1:02.57aManteca Track
5.11-12David Coker1:04.15aA1 Track (Audience o...
6.11-12Jordyn Williams1:04.77aRPM Legacy
7.11-12Alex Young1:05.59aHilltop Speed

400 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Brandon Bains54.85aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Jordan Mims54.92aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.13-14Tyler Condensa56.24aLos Gatos
5.13-14Jovon Johnson56.37a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.13-14Nathaniel Rosas56.53aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.13-14Conrad Raymond56.64aMarin Waves Track & ...
7.13-14Destynd Lewis57.05a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
8.13-14Jordon Dabney59.18a100 Black Wings
9.Carlton Lennon1:01.46aDragon Fly Sprinters
10.Brycson Fox1:11.39aOmni Athletic

400 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

1.15-16Elijah McDowell52.97aLodi
2.-Orlando Wilkerson53.20aTGS Goldrush TC
3.15-16Darrion Cunningham53.40aHampton Phillips Cla...
4.13-14Jemantaj Frommoethelydo53.51aTGS Goldrush TC
5.15-16Nikolaus Moore53.59aDiablo Valley Track ...
6.Ashanti McFarland53.99aUnattached
7.Shelton Wynder55.03aUnattached
8.-Stephon Garcia55.93aCentral Valley Phoenix

400 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.Herbie Polk49.07aUnattached
2.17-18Kareem Dupree50.89aHampton Phillips Cla...
3.17-18Jaedon Webb51.81a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.17-18Malik Gresham52.22a PROakland PAL
4.17-18Ty Jones52.26aTeam RAW
6.-Johann Leffler52.47a PRTeam Onalysis
7.Javier Sanchez52.48aUnattached
8.15-16Robert Heckey52.53aSierra Foothill Trac...
9.17-18Christopher Davis52.70aCentral Valley Roadr...
10.17-18Noveleen Singh53.15aCentral Valley Roadr...
11.17-18Ruben Paez53.64aFlying Jaguars
12.-Valdis Birznieks55.17aCastro Valley Track
17-18Al GreenDNSTeam RAW

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Miles Jones2:45.01a3M Track
2.7-8Justin Pretre2:48.68aPalo Alto Lightning
3.7-8Aakash Arumugam2:59.57aBlazin Jaguars
4.7Broen Holman3:07.65aFoothill Gold Track
5.7-8Jordan Maldonado3:12.21aBlaze All Our Sports...
6.7-8Isaiah Frias3:17.24aCentral Valley Roadr...

800 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Alex Selwyn2:35.93a PRPalo Alto Lightning
2.9-10Dezrynd Lewis2:35.95a PRSacramento Speed Fac...
3.9-10Drew Fenton2:38.35aSilver Bullets Track
4.9-10Aaron Waltz2:39.58aUmoja
5.Ralph 'rj' Kasow2:44.92aEast Bay Heat Track ...
6.9-10Miguel Suarez-Hevia2:46.62aAmerican Canyon Stri...
7.9-10Emilio Cardenas2:49.03aA1 Track (Audience o...
9-10Ian TorresDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

800 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Amir Wallace2:19.38aFull Stride
2.11-12De Von Dupree2:24.31a SRUmoja
3.11-12Oscar Guitron2:25.02a PRManteca Track
4.11-12Justin Chiao2:25.46a PROak Hill Racing
5.11-12Christopher Rogers2:25.84a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
6.11-12Anthony Frias2:26.90aCentral Valley Roadr...
7.11-12Nitin Sagi2:27.38a SRUmoja
8.11-12Cayden Hein2:27.67a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
9.11-12Christopher Pearson2:32.01aOakland PAL
10.Khoi Nguyen2:34.30aUnattached
11.11-12Dezmynd Lewis2:36.17aSacramento Speed Fac...

800 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jason Gomez2:08.98aOak Hill Racing
2.13-14Vincent Friesen2:09.17a SRCastro Valley Track
3.13-14Max Sawyer2:09.98a PRSilver Bullets Track
4.13-14Andrew Helmers2:10.74a PROak Hill Racing
5.13-14Michael Sakellar2:11.00a PRLos Gatos
6.Brandon Hanna2:11.26aUnattached
7.13-14Kent Slaney2:15.24aOak Hill Racing
8.11-12Connor Landis2:18.91a SRFoothill Gold Track
9.13-14Conrad Raymond2:20.79a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
10.13-14Marion Brown2:21.81aFull Stride

800 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Isaiah Hanna2:03.98aUnattached
2.15-16Nikolaus Moore2:09.85aDiablo Valley Track ...
3.Larry Aubert2:10.70aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.15-16Samir Arora2:12.07a PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.David Kerstan2:19.27aUnattached
6.15-16Jose Hernandez2:24.08a SRSanger Striders
7.15-16Deyvan Maldonado2:27.39aBlaze All Our Sports...
8.-Colby Dibble2:37.87aFoothill Gold Track
9.-Aaron Malbrough2:52.46aHampton Phillips Cla...
13-14John O'ConnorDNSMarin Waves Track & ...

800 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Amaris Clay2:00.88aMission Valley Track...
2.17-18Jack Kobylka2:04.33a PRNapa Track
3.17-18John Hogan2:04.96a SRTeam Onalysis
4.Javier Sanchez2:05.19aUnattached
5.15-16Robert Heckey2:06.02a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
6.15-16D'Angelo Burnham2:06.21a SRReno Tahoe Athletics
7.-Johann Leffler2:08.56a PRTeam Onalysis
8.Albert Tran2:10.00aUnattached
9.19+Jessie Woods Jr2:13.91a PRRPM Legacy
17-18Benjamin CohenDNSMarin Waves Track & ...
17-18Alfonso RamirezDNSSanger Striders

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Miles Jones5:16.35a3M Track
2.6ULuke Reiss5:47.72a SRSan Luis Distance
3.7Broen Holman5:54.76a SRFoothill Gold Track
4.7-8Aakash Arumugam5:57.15aBlazin Jaguars
5.7-8Jordan Maldonado5:58.55aBlaze All Our Sports...
6.7-8Alexander Sawczuk7:24.81aCastro Valley Track
7-8Isaiah FriasDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

1500 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Dylan Gunn5:12.30aDiablo Valley Track ...
2.9-10Drew Fenton5:12.67aSilver Bullets Track
3.9-10Alex Selwyn5:15.11a SRPalo Alto Lightning
4.7-8Dylan Reiss5:23.50aSan Luis Distance
5.9-10Amarion Antonio5:34.99a PRBlaze All Our Sports...
6.9-10Jed Hornback5:37.58a PRSanta Rosa Express
7.9-10Andrew Scannell5:46.75aOak Hill Racing
8.9-10Miguel Suarez-Hevia5:57.71aAmerican Canyon Stri...
9-10Ian TorresDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

1500 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.Job Skandera4:43.11aUnattached
2.11-12Amir Wallace4:48.08aFull Stride
3.Nehemiah Skandera4:51.08aUnattached
4.11-12Cameron Meier4:55.91a SROak Hill Racing
5.11-12Dion Dupree4:59.06aUmoja
6.11-12Oscar Guitron4:59.71a PRManteca Track
7.11-12Cayden Hein5:00.08a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
8.11-12Miles Worthen5:03.42a SROak Hill Racing
9.Henry Burditt5:10.71aUnattached
10.11-12Christopher Pearson5:15.75aOakland PAL
11.11-12Justin Chiao5:24.89aOak Hill Racing
12.11-12Jordan Ayon5:29.48aMcFarland Track
1.11-12Malcolm Clemons6:23.01aOakland PAL
2.Samuel Thayer6:26.76aUnattached
11-12Anthony FriasDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

1500 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Neil Braganza4:19.52a2nd Wind Athletics
2.13-14Jason Gomez4:22.03aOak Hill Racing
3.13-14Max Sawyer4:26.83aSilver Bullets Track
4.13-14Kent Slaney4:27.36a PROak Hill Racing
5.13-14Miles Duncan4:32.09a PR100 Black Wings
6.13-14Andrew Helmers4:37.05aOak Hill Racing
7.13-14Vincent Friesen4:40.46aCastro Valley Track
8.13-14Jackson McIlroy4:47.05aFoothill Gold Track
9.13-14Gavin Hill4:50.76aCastro Valley Track
1.13-14Roy Nehoran5:55.57aBlazin Jaguars
2.13-14Grant Cotter6:02.10aRail City Striders

1500 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Cristian Monsalud4:14.77a PRMission Valley Track...
2.15-16Carter Mackey4:17.46a PRCastro Valley Track
3.Isaiah Hanna4:20.33aUnattached
4.15-16Gabriel Rouhani4:22.56a PRHilltop Speed
5.-Taisei Nishiki4:27.17a PRLos Gatos
6.15-16David Frisbie4:30.44aA1 Track (Audience o...
7.15-16James Sever4:31.03a PRCentral Coast Runners
8.Chad Nathanson4:35.06aUnattached
9.-Jeremy Hart4:37.04aCentral Valley Roadr...
10.15-16Zachery Connolly4:45.42aCastro Valley Track
11.15-16Samir Arora4:52.54aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
1.15-16Daniel Richardson5:17.70aTeam RAW
2.15-16Brian Yeager5:24.33aFox Athletics
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez5:28.48aLodi
15-16Jose HernandezDNSSanger Striders
-Zachary KatzmanDNS100 Black Wings

1500 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jack Kobylka4:17.12a PRNapa Track
2.17-18Benjamin Cohen4:19.46a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
3.-Chris Garcia4:29.50a PRBakersfield Yellow J...
4.-Zach Bibeault4:32.55aMarin Waves Track & ...
5.Matthew Villarreal4:32.86aSanger Striders
6.Albert Tran4:33.65aUnattached
1.17-18Jeffrey Lam4:54.03aRevolution Express T...
2.17-18Kelly McConnell4:55.86aFox Athletics
3.19+Clay Shields4:59.12aLodi
4.-Ryan Ozminkowski4:59.28aLodi
5.Nolan O'Brien5:09.47aUnattached
6.17-18Daniel Yeager5:11.42aFox Athletics
7.17-18Collin Echols6:06.82aRevolution Express T...
17-18John HoganDNSTeam Onalysis
-David SharpeDNSSierra Foothill Trac...
13-14Daveon SaduskyDNSThe Raptors

1500m Racewalk  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.Salvador Espinoza12:26.64aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

1500m Racewalk  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Ricardo Gonzalez10:36.91aValley Coyotes

3000 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Lior Kishinevsky10:43.28aUmoja
2.11-12Thomas Murphy10:49.28aOak Hill Racing
3.11-12Miles Worthen10:49.80aOak Hill Racing
4.11-12Aidan Boyle10:54.66aOak Hill Racing
5.11-12Cameron Meier10:57.99aOak Hill Racing
6.11-12Owen Mackenzie11:07.15a PRPalo Alto Lightning
7.11-12Jack Gray11:16.66aOak Hill Racing
8.11-12Ryan Bradley11:23.70aOak Hill Racing
9.11-12Jordan Ayon11:25.60a SRMcFarland Track
10.11-12Tanay Menezes11:34.93a PRUmoja
11.11-12Turner Labrash11:44.80aOak Hill Racing
12.11-12Xander Reimers11:48.48aOak Hill Racing

3000 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Kent Slaney9:58.74aOak Hill Racing
2.13-14Zacharias Martinez10:15.20aTamalpa Runners, Inc.
3.13-14Jackson McIlroy10:34.92aFoothill Gold Track
4.13-14Sam Craig10:47.28aPalo Alto Lightning
5.13-14Jeremy Lahr10:53.73aOak Hill Racing
6.12Ryan Dunlap11:22.41aFoothill Gold Track
7.13-14Austin Mellick11:44.90aOak Hill Racing

3000 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Carter Mackey9:35.82aCastro Valley Track
2.15-16James Sever9:41.76aCentral Coast Runners
3.-Taisei Nishiki9:43.59aLos Gatos
4.13-14Ariel Monsalud9:50.56a SRMission Valley Track...
5.Chad Nathanson9:50.67aUnattached
6.-Jeremy Hart10:19.03aCentral Valley Roadr...
7.15-16Daniel Maneloveg10:30.00aOak Hill Racing
15-16Zachery ConnollyDNSCastro Valley Track

3000 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Phillip Kruse9:39.13aLodi
2.-Chris Garcia10:00.47a PRBakersfield Yellow J...
3.Matthew Villarreal10:10.84aSanger Striders
4.13-14Daveon Sadusky11:14.42aThe Raptors

3000m Racewalk  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Robert Missirian17:32.64aSanta Cruz
13-14Jason Gomez18:48.95aOak Hill Racing

80m Hurdles - 33"  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons14.52aOakland PAL
2.Samuel Thayer17.62aUnattached

80m Hurdles - 33"  11-12 Year Olds - Prelims

1.11-12Shayan Alvarez14.23a PR (-2.1)Beast Athletic Perfo...
2.11-12David Norris14.25a PR (-2.1)Sacramento Speed Fac...
3.11-12Noah Mitchell14.76a (-2.1)3M Track
4.Samuel Thayer16.31a (-2.1)Unattached
11-12Adrian MorenoDNS (-2.1)Team RAW

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Grant Cotter16.95aRail City Striders
2.13-14Roy Nehoran22.20aBlazin Jaguars

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 Year Olds - Prelims

1.13-14Michael Johnson14.85a (-1.7)Umoja
2.13-14Matai Lealaimatafao15.90a PR (-1.7)Sanger Striders
3.13-14Nicholas Anderson15.91a (-1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.13-14Wayne Jackson17.10a (-1.7)Sacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Solomon Tinnon19.56a (-1.7)Napa Track
6.Felix Sloo19.72a (-1.7)Unattached
13-14Kekoa TaitDNF (-1.7)Sanger Striders

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager16.37aFox Athletics
2.15-16Michael Gonzalez18.44aLodi
3.15-16Daniel Richardson18.54aTeam RAW

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Daniel Yeager16.08aFox Athletics
2.-Ryan Ozminkowski16.65aLodi
3.19+Clay Shields17.01aLodi
4.17-18Kelly McConnell18.96aFox Athletics
5.17-18Collin Echols19.41aRevolution Express T...
6.Nolan O'Brien19.55aUnattached
7.17-18Jeffrey Lam20.05aRevolution Express T...
-David SharpeFSSierra Foothill Trac...

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 Year Olds - Prelims

15-16Malik ElizeeDNSTeam RAW

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 Year Olds - Prelims

1.17-18Kareem Dupree15.07a (-.3)Hampton Phillips Cla...
2.17-18Javion Robinson15.14a (-.3)Oakland PAL
3.Roshaan Rogers15.60a (-.3)Unattached
4.17-18Daniel Yeager15.68a PR (-.3)Fox Athletics
5.-Jonathan Perry15.92a (-.3)TGS Goldrush TC
6.-Clayton Schmidt17.85a PR (-.3)Flying Jaguars
7.-Sean Felderman18.16a PR (-.3)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
17-18James WarwickDNS (-.3)Central Valley Roadr...

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Michael Johnson28.07a PR (3.0)Umoja
2.13-14Matai Lealaimatafao28.38a (3.0)Sanger Striders
3.13-14Kekoa Tait29.78a (3.0)Sanger Striders
4.13-14Wayne Jackson30.22a (3.0)Sacramento Speed Fac...
5.13-14Alex Moran30.58a (3.0)Umoja
6.13-14Jewell Hicks31.62a (3.0)Team RAW
7.Felix Sloo32.05a (3.0)Unattached
8.13-14Marlo Hernandez34.70a PR (3.0)Diablo Valley Track ...

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16DeMario Brown1:08.75aHampton Phillips Cla...

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Daniel Yeager57.47aFox Athletics
2.Roshaan Rogers1:00.14aUnattached
3.17-18Kelly McConnell1:00.75aFox Athletics
4.-Sean Felderman1:04.68a PRMenlo i Greyhounds T...
5.Noel Anaya1:05.77aUnattached

2k Steeplechase  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Cristian Monsalud6:44.64a PRMission Valley Track...
2.15-16Deyvan Maldonado7:58.55aBlaze All Our Sports...
15-16Zachery ConnollyDNSCastro Valley Track
15-16Nicholas KolbDNSSierra Foothill Trac...
15-16Carter MackeyDNSCastro Valley Track

2k Steeplechase  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Noel Anaya7:14.78aUnattached
2.-Zachary Fisher8:06.00a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
-Matthew MyersDNSMenlo i Greyhounds T...
19+Jessie Woods JrDNSRPM Legacy

4x100 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:04.17aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x100 Relay  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Di'Niko Bates
Jermaine Brewer
Kai'Lib Copes
Daunte Johnson
56.36a3M Track
2.-Relay Team 1:00.80aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x100 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Deston Hawkins
Tracy Lane
Jeremiah Latu
Francisco Sanchez
1:01.10aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x100 Relay  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jordon Dabney
Miles Duncan
Malcolm Mobley
Jalon Stanley
47.26a100 Black Wings
2.-Relay Team 47.77aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Michael Johnson
Bralyn Lux
Alex Moran
Brook Surafel
-Relay Team 52.19aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x100 Relay  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Edgar Hernandez
Noah Loeliger
Harris Miner
Nikolaus Moore
52.30aDiablo Valley Track ...

4x100 Relay  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Jason Brown
Adonis Johnson
Ruben Paez
Eddie Robinson
43.75aFlying Jaguars
2.-Kelly McConnell
Tyler Polen
Faraaz Rashidi
Drew Russert
44.48aFox Athletics

4x400 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.-Relay Team 5:42.84aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:59.49aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.-Julian Montoya
Iyanu Olukotun
Alex Selwyn
Rishi Tella
5:10.82aPalo Alto Lightning

4x400 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12De Von Dupree
Dion Dupree
Lior Kishinevsky
Nitin Sagi
2.-Adam Anderson
Brandon Hein
Sean Wright
Niyi Olabode
4:37.52aDiablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Deston Hawkins
Tracy Lane
Jeremiah Latu
Francisco Sanchez
4:42.87aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Dabney Jordon
Miles Duncan
Kenroy Higgins
Malcolm Mobley
3:40.93a100 Black Wings
2.13-14Brandon Bains
Jovon Johnson
Jordan Mims
Nathaniel Rosas
3:42.12aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Michael Johnson
Bralyn Lux
Alex Moran
Brook Surafel
4.-Relay Team 4:06.49aHilltop Speed
5.-Relay Team 4:28.06aEast Palo Alto Greyh...

4x400 Relay  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

15-16Edgar Hernandez
Noah Loeliger
Harris Miner
Nikolaus Moore
DNSDiablo Valley Track ...

4x400 Relay  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Arthur Bogdanovich
Kelly McConnell
Faraaz Rashidi
William Scheetz
3:40.89aFox Athletics

4x800 Relay  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Nitin Sagi
De Von Dupree
Dion Dupree
Lior Kishinevsky
2.11-12Ryan Bradley
Xander Reimers
Miles Worthen
Turner Labrash
10:15.72aOak Hill Racing
3.11-12Aidan Boyle
Thomas Murphy
Jack Gray
Cameron Meier
10:27.30aOak Hill Racing
4.-Adam Anderson
Brandon Hein
Cayden Hein
Sean Wright
10:43.32aDiablo Valley Track ...

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Trent Navo5.43m PRSanger Striders
2.7-8Jason Auzenne5.18m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.7-8Alexander Sawczuk4.28mCastro Valley Track
4.7-8Tye'on Gant3.92m3M Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Cheron Smith7.80mMinds In Motion
2.9-10Jahzon Jacks7.31m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.9-10Kennedy Navo7.11m PRSanger Striders
4.9-10Jermaine Brewer7.03m3M Track
5.9-10Caleb Boggan6.39mDiablo Valley Track ...
6.9-10Britton Navo6.14m PRSanger Striders
7.9-10Wesley Rosenbaum6.08m PRBlaze All Our Sports...
1.9-10Kennedy Navo6.03mSanger Striders
2.9-10Britton Navo5.97mSanger Striders
3.9-10Cornell Davis5.59mHampton Phillips Cla...
8.Salvador Espinoza5.33mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk4.98mCastro Valley Track
9.Giovonii Mekhi Richardson4.76mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
10.-Joshua Albert3.90m PRBakersfield Yellow J...
11.9-10David Kruse3.35mLodi
12.9-10Benjamin Lee Swenson2.95mMarin Waves Track & ...

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.Justin Paboojian14.44mUnattached
2.Payton Fuller9.94mUnattached
3.11-12Enrico Giovannoni8.83m PRCastro Valley Track
4.JaJuan Dickey8.38mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Darnell Earby7.93mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.11-12Lucas Moore7.51mDiablo Valley Track ...
7.11-12Konrad Mader7.38mDiablo Valley Track ...
1.11-12Malcolm Clemons7.25mOakland PAL
2.Samuel Thayer6.79mUnattached
8.-Colin Frank-Cavanaugh4.98m PRElk Grove PAL
11-12Cruz De La RosaDNSSacramento Speed Fac...

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Jashaun Walker12.11m PR100 Black Wings
2.Terrance Matthews Murphy11.04mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Luke Largusa10.04m SRCastro Valley Track
1.13-14Grant Cotter9.90mRail City Striders
4.13-14Eric Waltz7.59m SRUmoja
2.13-14Roy Nehoran6.85mBlazin Jaguars
13-14Luc IreyDNSTeam RAW

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jonah Williams14.58mUnattached
2.15-16Adan Pena13.27m SRHilltop Speed
3.15-16Sione Liku12.18mBig Valley TC
4.15-16Patrick Ng11.91mMission Valley Track...
5.-Carlos Hernandez11.85m PRCentral Valley Phoenix
6.15-16Deshawn Miller11.81mFull Stride
7.15-16Rumnic Cheema11.72m PRManteca Track
1.15-16Daniel Richardson11.57mTeam RAW
2.15-16Brian Yeager8.62mFox Athletics
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez8.35mLodi
15-16Kevin TunnellDNSNapa Track

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Austin Sahs16.94m PRGolden State Throwers
2.17-18Josh MaKieve13.40m PRGolden State Throwers
3.Erick Loomis12.35mUnattached
1.17-18Kelly McConnell12.11mFox Athletics
2.17-18Daniel Yeager12.10mFox Athletics
4.17-18Cody Holt11.93m SRGolden State Throwers
5.17-18Michael Pearson11.60mOakland PAL
3.-David Sharpe10.98mSierra Foothill Trac...
4.Tyler Brendel10.91mUnattached
6.-Jorge Garcia10.47m PRManteca Track
5.-Ryan Ozminkowski10.20mLodi
6.Nolan O'Brien9.92mUnattached
7.17-18Collin Echols9.84mRevolution Express T...
8.17-18Jeffrey Lam8.77mRevolution Express T...
9.19+Clay Shields8.20mLodi

Discus - 1kg  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.Justin Paboojian30.51mUnattached
2.Payton Fuller28.01mUnattached
3.11-12Lucas Moore21.73mDiablo Valley Track ...
4.11-12Konrad Mader21.34m SRDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Enrico Giovannoni19.69mCastro Valley Track
7.JaJuan Dickey16.77mEast Palo Alto Greyh...

Discus - 1kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Jashaun Walker34.53m100 Black Wings
2.Terrance Matthews Murphy31.71mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Solomon Tinnon27.24mNapa Track
4.13-14Luke Largusa23.47mCastro Valley Track
13-14Dominique NavarretteDNSMinds In Motion
13-14Luc IreyDNSTeam RAW

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Jonah Williams42.98mUnattached
1.15-16Daniel Richardson37.40mTeam RAW
2.15-16Adan Pena36.87mHilltop Speed
3.15-16Kevin Tunnell36.10mNapa Track
4.Ethan Loomis35.97mUnattached
5.15-16Nicholas Kolb35.97m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
6.15-16Deshawn Miller34.57mFull Stride
7.15-16Trevor Reinwald32.40mGolden State Throwers
8.Larry Aubert32.16mM.P. Striders Youth ...
9.15-16Sione Liku28.54mBig Valley TC
10.15-16Patrick Ng24.89mMission Valley Track...
2.15-16Michael Gonzalez24.00mLodi
3.15-16Brian Yeager23.10mFox Athletics
11.-Ian Frank-Cavanaugh14.27mElk Grove PAL

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Austin Sahs47.62m PRGolden State Throwers
2.Jerry Johnson45.18mUnattached
2.Erick Loomis41.49mUnattached
3.17-18Elijah Marta40.91mSierra Foothill Trac...
1.17-18Kelly McConnell37.91mFox Athletics
2.-David Sharpe35.74mSierra Foothill Trac...
4.17-18Cody Holt34.48mGolden State Throwers
5.17-18Josh MaKieve33.66mGolden State Throwers
3.17-18Daniel Yeager33.35mFox Athletics
6.17-18Michael Pearson28.59mOakland PAL
4.17-18Collin Echols26.79mRevolution Express T...
5.19+Clay Shields23.90mLodi
6.Nolan O'Brien23.70mUnattached
7.17-18Jeffrey Lam21.35mRevolution Express T...
8.-Ryan Ozminkowski21.10mLodi

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tye'on Gant18.21m3M Track
2.7-8Alexander Sawczuk16.44mCastro Valley Track
3.7-8Miles Jones15.81m SR3M Track
4.7-8Keith Kelly13.58m SRNor Cal Pacesetters
5.7-8Jordan Maldonado12.47mBlaze All Our Sports...
6.Pharrell Williams12.08mM.P. Striders Youth ...
7.Bishop-Amer Davis8.27mM.P. Striders Youth ...
7-8Deric MorenDNSPitman Track Club

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Jermaine Brewer33.33m3M Track
2.9-10Kai'Lib Copes32.54m SR3M Track
3.Jayzel Joseph26.73mTeam Onalysis
4.9-10Wesley Rosenbaum22.75mBlaze All Our Sports...
5.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk21.70m SRCastro Valley Track
6.9-10Cheron Smith20.17mMinds In Motion
7.Salvador Espinoza18.00mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.-Joshua Albert17.50m PRBakersfield Yellow J...
9.9-10Jahzon Jacks15.60m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
10.9-10Benjamin Lee Swenson14.48m SRMarin Waves Track & ...
11.Giovonii Mekhi Richardson13.20mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
12.9-10Cornell Davis11.30mHampton Phillips Cla...

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Kurtis Lee32.20mUmoja
2.11-12Enrico Giovannoni31.94mCastro Valley Track
3.Payton Fuller27.89mUnattached
4.11-12Konrad Mader27.07mDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Ryan Bradley26.70mOak Hill Racing
6.JaJuan Dickey24.51mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.11-12Lucas Moore22.32m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
8.11-12Turner Labrash21.28mOak Hill Racing
9.11-12Xander Reimers18.20mOak Hill Racing
12Riley NoonDNSDiablo Valley Track ...

Javelin - 600g  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Dauson Booker40.75mCentral Valley Roadr...
2.Terrance Matthews Murphy37.13mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.13-14Luke Largusa30.24mCastro Valley Track
4.13-14Damon Zuber27.68mMarin Waves Track & ...
5.13-14Caleb Wolterstorff27.24m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
6.13-14Austin Mellick20.43mOak Hill Racing
7.13-14Ryan Gong18.40mRevolution Express T...

Javelin - 800g  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Ethan Loomis42.50mUnattached
2.-Carlos Hernandez41.83m PRCentral Valley Phoenix
1.15-16Daniel Richardson39.60mTeam RAW
3.15-16Sione Liku36.41mBig Valley TC
4.15-16Deshawn Miller34.60mFull Stride
5.15-16Kevin Tunnell32.55mNapa Track
2.15-16Brian Yeager27.07mFox Athletics
7.15-16Patrick Ng24.17mMission Valley Track...
8.15-16Deyvan Maldonado23.63m PRBlaze All Our Sports...
9.15-16Ben O'Dwyer22.87mNapa Track
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez21.16mLodi

Javelin - 800g  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Elijah Marta53.65m SRSierra Foothill Trac...
2.17-18Brendan Cardey49.98mNapa Track
1.17-18Kelly McConnell49.75mFox Athletics
3.17-18Kelly McConnell41.56mFox Athletics
4.15-16Deaven Booker41.55mCentral Valley Roadr...
2.17-18Daniel Yeager37.60mFox Athletics
5.17-18Michael Pearson35.44m SROakland PAL
6.17-18Collin Echols34.20mRevolution Express T...
3.-Ryan Ozminkowski33.00mLodi
4.17-18Collin Echols31.70mRevolution Express T...
7.17-18Alex Nowak29.65mTeam Onalysis
5.19+Clay Shields28.57mLodi
6.Nolan O'Brien28.04mUnattached
7.17-18Jeffrey Lam26.72mRevolution Express T...
-David SharpeDNSSierra Foothill Trac...

High Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.Liam Wallace Harper1.17mNapa Track
2.9-10Nick Wise1.12mSanger Striders
3.9-10Kennedy Navo1.12mSanger Striders
1.9-10Kennedy Navo1.10mSanger Striders
1.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk1.10mCastro Valley Track
4.9-10Britton Navo1.07mSanger Striders
3.9-10Britton Navo1.05mSanger Striders
5.9-10Ato Early0.97mSacramento Speed Fac...
4.9-10Cornell Davis0.95mHampton Phillips Cla...
9-10Jeremiah JohnsonDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

High Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Amir Wallace1.42mFull Stride
1.11-12Malcolm Clemons1.31mOakland PAL
2.Samuel Thayer1.27mUnattached
3.11-12Trevor Sidlauskas1.22mDiablo Valley Track ...
2.Samuel Thayer1.21mUnattached
4.11-12Niyi Olabode1.07mDiablo Valley Track ...
11-12Jarod MorenDNSPitman Track Club
11-12Spencer PorterDNSCentral Valley Roadr...
11-12Zamir WallaceNHFull Stride

High Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Matai Lealaimatafao1.62m PRSanger Striders
2.13-14Vincent Friesen1.57mCastro Valley Track
1.13-14Grant Cotter1.52mRail City Striders
3.13-14Kekoa Tait1.42mSanger Striders
4.13-14Caleb Wolterstorff1.37mCentral Valley Roadr...
5.13-14Kabir Arora1.37m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.13-14Jordan Bains1.37m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.13-14Solomon Tinnon1.37mNapa Track
2.13-14Roy Nehoran1.27mBlazin Jaguars
8.Vivig Shantha Kumar1.27mUnattached

High Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager1.77mFox Athletics
1.15-16Brian Yeager1.72mFox Athletics
2.Bailey Thayer1.67mUnattached
3.15-16Noah Loeliger1.67mDiablo Valley Track ...
2.15-16Daniel Richardson1.62mTeam RAW
4.15-16Ben O'Dwyer1.62mNapa Track
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez1.47mLodi
5.15-16Nathaniel Moncrief1.47m PRElk Grove PAL

High Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Daniel Yeager1.97mFox Athletics
1.17-18Jeffrey Lam1.97mRevolution Express T...
1.17-18Daniel Yeager1.91mFox Athletics
3.17-18Collin Echols1.82mRevolution Express T...
2.15-16Deaven Booker1.77mCentral Valley Roadr...
3.17-18Collin Echols1.72mRevolution Express T...
4.19+Clay Shields1.72mLodi
4.Carl Chandler1.67mUnattached
5.Tyler Brendel1.67mUnattached
5.-Ryan Ozminkowski1.67mLodi
7.17-18Kelly McConnell1.62mFox Athletics
8.Nolan O'Brien1.57mUnattached
9.-David Sharpe1.37mSierra Foothill Trac...

Pole Vault  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Dallas Moss3.65m PRRaise the Bar Pole V...
2.Hayden Brake3.20mUnattached

Pole Vault  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Michael Gonzalez4.02mLodi
1.Travis Kartz3.65mUnattached
2.Tim Bartolomei3.20mUnattached
2.15-16Daniel Richardson2.47mTeam RAW
2.15-16Brian Yeager2.47mFox Athletics
-Jason McShaneNHChristian Team Minis...
13-14Jonathan RuizNHMission Valley Track...

Pole Vault  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18August Kiles4.60mTeam Onalysis
1.-Ryan Ozminkowski4.32mLodi
2.17-18Zack Supple4.30mRaise the Bar Pole V...
3.Davis Hallberg4.00mUnattached
4.Martin Yau3.70mWC Vault Factory
5.-Nicholas Staffa3.55mRaise the Bar Pole V...
2.17-18Daniel Yeager3.52mFox Athletics
6.James Donegan3.40mWC Vault Factory
3.19+Clay Shields3.37mLodi
4.17-18Collin Echols3.22mRevolution Express T...
5.Nolan O'Brien2.92mUnattached
6.17-18Kelly McConnell2.47mFox Athletics
6.17-18Jeffrey Lam2.47mRevolution Express T...
-David SharpeNHSierra Foothill Trac...

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Dorian Byrd3.05m PRHilltop Speed
1.Nathaniel Covington3.05mM.P. Striders Youth ...
3.7-8La'Rico Tezeno2.95mFlying Jaguars
4.Dilibe Allison2.80mUnattached
5.Lucien Bailey2.74mUnattached
6.7-8Aidan Johnson2.61mOakland PAL
7.7-8Kelvin Joiner2.60mBeast Athletic Perfo...
8.7-8Kwincy Mavis2.44mCentral Valley Roadr...
9.7-8Isaiah Frias2.17mCentral Valley Roadr...
7-8Trent NavoNDSanger Striders

Long Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Kyle Crawford4.37mCastro Valley Track
2.9-10D'Aunte Johnson4.28m PR3M Track
3.9-10Di'Niko Bates4.15m3M Track
4.9-10Donovan Taubodo4.08mRPM Legacy
5.9-10Aaron Waltz3.94mUmoja
6.9-10Jeremiah Earby3.83mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.9-10Dezrynd Lewis3.80mSacramento Speed Fac...
8.9-10Mason Lopez3.69m PRSanger Striders
9.9-10Nick Wise3.59mSanger Striders
10.Shean-Andrew Demetrius3.43mUmoja
11.Justin Smith3.20mOmni Athletic
12.9-10Naseer Hassaan3.04mMinds In Motion
9-10Donovan ParlerDNSSacramento Speed Fac...
9-10Jared PattersonDNSRPM Legacy

Long Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons5.04mOakland PAL
1.11-12Malcolm Clemons4.78mOakland PAL
2.Tramayne Paster4.73mMinds In Motion
3.-Cameron Lewis4.48mElk Grove PAL
4.11-12Niyi Olabode4.42mDiablo Valley Track ...
5.11-12Dezmynd Lewis4.26mSacramento Speed Fac...
6.Giovanni Wiggins4.23mMinds In Motion
7.11-12Deston Hawkins4.11mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.11-12Shayan Alvarez4.09mBeast Athletic Perfo...
2.Samuel Thayer3.54mUnattached
9.Chukwudalu Dunu3.53mUnattached
11-12Adrian MorenoDNSTeam RAW
11-12Cameron KeetonDNSTeam RAW

Long Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jeremy Washington5.41m100 Black Wings
2.13-14Jalon Stanley5.38m100 Black Wings
3.13-14Lawrence Evans5.27mSacramento Speed Fac...
4.13-14Nicholas Anderson5.04mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.13-14Matai Lealaimatafao4.95mSanger Striders
1.13-14Grant Cotter4.92mRail City Striders
6.13-14Alex Moran4.87mUmoja
7.13-14Jewell Hicks4.85mTeam RAW
8.13-14Jordan Bains4.51mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
9.13-14Jack Bowker4.43mCentral Valley Roadr...
10.13-14Bralyn Lux4.29mUmoja
11.13-14Craig Wills4.26mRPM Legacy
12.Brycson Fox3.75mOmni Athletic
2.13-14Roy Nehoran3.71mBlazin Jaguars

Long Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Darrion Cunningham5.91mHampton Phillips Cla...
2.15-16Brian Yeager5.86mFox Athletics
1.15-16Brian Yeager5.78mFox Athletics
3.Travis Robertson5.76mUnattached
4.15-16Elijah McDowell5.74mLodi
2.15-16Michael Gonzalez5.71mLodi
5.Bailey Thayer5.64mUnattached
6.Chibuikem Dunu5.62mUnattached
7.15-16Tayari Reed5.40mRevolution Express T...
8.Chineme Allison5.29mUnattached
3.15-16Daniel Richardson5.24mTeam RAW
9.-Stephon Garcia5.13mCentral Valley Phoenix
10.15-16Korey Lombard5.12mFlying Jaguars
11.Sebastian Magana Garcia5.00mUnattached
12.15-16Cedric Harris-Dixon4.11mManteca Track
13.15-16Jonathan Belasco3.96mLodi
15-16Malik ElizeeDNSTeam RAW

Long Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tommy Wright6.70mUnattached
2.17-18Adonis Johnson6.38mFlying Jaguars
1.17-18Daniel Yeager6.32mFox Athletics
3.17-18Richard Cooper6.04mTGS Goldrush TC
2.17-18Jeffrey Lam5.98mRevolution Express T...
4.-Valdis Birznieks5.95mCastro Valley Track
5.19+Jessie Woods Jr5.92mRPM Legacy
6.-Drew Russert5.90mFox Athletics
3.19+Clay Shields5.88mLodi
4.Tyler Brendel5.81mUnattached
5.17-18Collin Echols5.65mRevolution Express T...
6.17-18Kelly McConnell5.43mFox Athletics
7.-Ryan Ozminkowski5.27mLodi
8.-David Sharpe5.13mSierra Foothill Trac...
9.Nolan O'Brien5.05mUnattached
7.17-18Alex Nowak4.99mTeam Onalysis
8.17-18Ty Jones4.90mTeam RAW
17-18Al GreenDNSTeam RAW

Triple Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Brook Surafel11.31mUmoja
2.13-14Bralyn Lux9.85mUmoja

Triple Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager12.56mFox Athletics
2.Chibuikem Dunu12.13mUnattached
3.Sebastian Magana Garcia11.78mUnattached
4.Travis Robertson11.75mUnattached
5.Chineme Allison11.31mUnattached
15-16Malik ElizeeDNSTeam RAW
15-16Jonathan BelascoNDLodi

Triple Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tommy Wright14.10mUnattached
2.-Drew Russert12.66mFox Athletics
3.Carl Chandler12.37mUnattached
4.17-18Blajon Lux11.52mUmoja
17-18Al GreenDNSTeam RAW

Hammer - 12lb  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Steven Tofanelli43.73mUnattached
3.Ethan Loomis34.31mUnattached
4.15-16Trevor Reinwald33.72m SRGolden State Throwers
5.15-16Nicholas Kolb31.87mSierra Foothill Trac...

Hammer - 12lb  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Dustin Samms59.80m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
2.Erick Loomis56.50mUnattached
3.17-18Austin Sahs48.35mGolden State Throwers
4.17-18Nathan Swisley44.58m SRSierra Foothill Trac...
5.Nicholas Cabuco44.26mUnattached
6.17-18Cody Holt41.60mGolden State Throwers
7.17-18Josh MaKieve37.49mGolden State Throwers
8.-Zachary Fisher26.80m PRSierra Foothill Trac...

Triathlon Score  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Britton Navo424Sanger Striders
2.9-10Kennedy Navo402Sanger Striders
3.9-10Cornell Davis324Hampton Phillips Cla...
4.9-10Nikolas Sawczuk321Castro Valley Track

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Malcolm Clemons1412Oakland PAL
2.Samuel Thayer799Unattached

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Grant Cotter2004Rail City Striders
2.13-14Roy Nehoran1073Blazin Jaguars

Decathlon Score  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Brian Yeager4655Fox Athletics
2.15-16Daniel Richardson4619Team RAW
3.15-16Michael Gonzalez4504Lodi

Decathlon Score  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Daniel Yeager6113Fox Athletics
2.17-18Kelly McConnell5309Fox Athletics
3.-Ryan Ozminkowski5120Lodi
4.19+Clay Shields4908Lodi
5.17-18Jeffrey Lam4862Revolution Express T...
6.17-18Collin Echols4401Revolution Express T...
7.Nolan O'Brien4067Unattached


Team Scores

8 & Under - Womens
2.Castro Valley Track27
3.RPM Legacy21
4.Oak Hill Racing18
5.Blazin Jaguars16
6.38-Central Valley Ro...14
7.Minds In Motion13
8.M.P. Striders Youth ...10
8.3M Track10
8.East Bay Heat Track ...10
12.East Palo Alto Greyh...8
12.Elk Grove PAL8
12.38-Big Valley TC8
15.Team Zoom7
16.38-Hampton Phillips ...6
16.46-Omni AC6
18.Hilltop Speed5
19.The Raptors3
13-14 Year Olds - Womens
1.Diablo Valley Track ...70
2.Oak Hill Racing66
3.Bakersfield Yellow J...45
6.Full Stride28
7.Foothill Gold Track26
8.Castro Valley Track18
9.100 Black Wings17
10.Napa Track16
10.3M Track16
12.Team Onalysis12
12.Revolution Express T...12
14.Mission Valley Track...10
14.38-Raise The Bar Pol...10
16.Marin Waves Track & ...9
17.The Raptors5
17.Sanger Striders5
20.San Leandro Track4
20.38-Big Valley TC4
22.46-Omni AC3
22.46-Dragon Fly Sprint...3
24.Palo Alto Lightning2

Meet Schedule