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200 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Chelsea Carrier-Eades23.49a (.1)Unattached
2.Erica Bougard23.56a (.1)Unattached
3.SrSami Spenner23.67a SR (.1)Nebraska - Omaha
4.SrKeia Pinnick23.74a (1.0)Arizona State
5.Sharon Day24.02a (1.0)Asics
6.Heather Miller24.08a (.1)Central Park Track
7.Lindsay Schwartz24.18a (.4)Unattached
8.Kiani Profit24.22a (.4)Chula Vista Elite
9.Vanessa Jules24.26a (.4)Unattached
10.JrAllison Reaser24.34a (1.0)San Diego State
11.SrBreanna Leslie24.36a (.4)Azusa Pacific
12.Lindsay Lettow24.70a (.1)Unattached
13.Bettie Wade24.95a (.1)Nike
14.Ryann Krais24.98a (.4)Nike
15.SrTanya Friesen25.39a (1.0)Wichita State
16.JrTatum Souza25.73a (1.0)UCLA
17.Chantae McMillan25.96a (1.0)Nike

100m Hurdles - 33"  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Chelsea Carrier-Eades12.91a (4.9)Unattached
2.SrKeia Pinnick13.04a PR (2.7)Arizona State
3.JrAllison Reaser13.35a (2.7)San Diego State
4.Vanessa Jules13.44a (4.9)Unattached
5.Erica Bougard13.53a (4.9)Unattached
6.Sharon Day13.54a (1.7)Asics
7.Kiani Profit13.58a (1.7)Chula Vista Elite
8.Lindsay Schwartz13.61a (4.9)Unattached
9.SrBreanna Leslie13.73a PR (2.7)Azusa Pacific
10.Heather Miller13.75a (4.9)Central Park Track
10.Bettie Wade13.75a (1.7)Nike
12.Ryann Krais13.76a (1.7)Nike
13.Lindsay Lettow13.92a (1.7)Unattached
14.SrSami Spenner13.94a SR (2.7)Nebraska - Omaha
15.SrTanya Friesen13.96a (4.9)Wichita State
16.JrTatum Souza13.96a (1.7)UCLA
17.Chantae McMillan14.03a (2.7)Nike

Shot Put - 4kg  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Sharon Day13.77mAsics
2.Chantae McMillan13.51mNike
3.Bettie Wade13.49mNike
4.JrTatum Souza13.08m SRUCLA
5.JrAllison Reaser12.08m PRSan Diego State
6.Lindsay Lettow11.95mUnattached
7.Ryann Krais11.87mNike
8.SrSami Spenner11.73m SRNebraska - Omaha
9.Heather Miller11.66mCentral Park Track
10.Kiani Profit11.62mChula Vista Elite
11.Lindsay Schwartz11.61mUnattached
12.Chelsea Carrier-Eades10.99mUnattached
13.SrKeia Pinnick10.87mArizona State
14.SrBreanna Leslie10.67mAzusa Pacific
15.Vanessa Jules10.62mUnattached
16.Erica Bougard10.37mUnattached
17.SrTanya Friesen8.29mWichita State

High Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Sharon Day1.90mAsics
2.Bettie Wade1.81mNike
3.Ryann Krais1.78mNike
4.Erica Bougard1.78mUnattached
5.Heather Miller1.75mCentral Park Track
6.Vanessa Jules1.75mUnattached
7.Lindsay Lettow1.72mUnattached
9.SrBreanna Leslie1.69mAzusa Pacific
10.SrKeia Pinnick1.69mArizona State
11.Chelsea Carrier-Eades1.69mUnattached
12.SrTanya Friesen1.69mWichita State
13.Kiani Profit1.66mChula Vista Elite
14.JrTatum Souza1.66mUCLA
15.Chantae McMillan1.66mNike
16.SrSami Spenner1.63mNebraska - Omaha
17.JrAllison Reaser1.54mSan Diego State


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