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100 Meters  3A - Finals

1.11Darneal Griffin11.14aRogers (Spokane)
2.12Cole Jensen11.23a PRShadle Park
3.12Jake Hoffman11.27aNorth Central
4.9Khalil Winfrey11.39aRogers (Spokane)
5.10Roy Hyatt11.50aMt Spokane
6.10Isaac Wicks11.50aNorth Central
7.11Quinn Zerba11.56aNorth Central
8.11Stu Stiles11.58aMt Spokane

100 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Alex Tullos10.98aJoel Ferris
2.12Davian Barlow10.99aMead
3.12Deandre Williams11.20aLewis and Clark
4.10Jalen Hicks11.22aJoel Ferris
5.12Miguel Gonzalez11.45aCentral Valley
6.11Tom Davis11.48aGonzaga Prep
7.12Austin Stone11.49aMead
8.9Clayton Leslie12.13aMead

100 Meters  3A - Prelims

1.11Darneal Griffin11.19aRogers (Spokane)
2.12Jake Hoffman11.20aNorth Central
3.12Cole Jensen11.38aShadle Park
4.10Isaac Wicks11.43aNorth Central
5.10Roy Hyatt11.44aMt Spokane
6.9Khalil Winfrey11.47aRogers (Spokane)
7.11Stu Stiles11.50aMt Spokane
8.11Quinn Zerba11.58aNorth Central
9.12Morgan Cordier11.63aMt Spokane
10.11Brandon Gleese11.67aShadle Park
11.9Zach Vogel11.78aMt Spokane
12.12Jonathan Batters11.78aShadle Park
13.10Quinton McDonald11.86aUniversity
14.11Avery Fortune12.22aNorth Central

100 Meters  4A - Prelims

1.12Davian Barlow10.82aMead
2.12Alex Tullos10.92aJoel Ferris
3.12Deandre Williams11.06aLewis and Clark
4.12Austin Stone11.10aMead
5.10Jalen Hicks11.13aJoel Ferris
6.12Miguel Gonzalez11.39aCentral Valley
7.11Tom Davis11.41aGonzaga Prep
8.9Clayton Leslie11.44aMead
9.9Rashad Hill11.61aLewis and Clark
10.12Gunnar Kayser11.76aMead
11.11Justin Fayant11.84aCentral Valley
12.9Eli Waxman11.99aGonzaga Prep

200 Meters  3A - Finals

1.12Austin Upmeyer22.30a PRUniversity
2.12Cole Jensen22.63aShadle Park
3.11Darneal Griffin22.63a PRRogers (Spokane)
4.9Khalil Winfrey23.03a SRRogers (Spokane)
5.12Jake Hoffman23.12aNorth Central
6.10Roy Hyatt23.31aMt Spokane
7.12Morgan Cordier23.68aMt Spokane
8.12Adrian Bonner23.86aUniversity

200 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Alex Tullos22.30aJoel Ferris
2.11Coleton Fitzgerald22.40aLewis and Clark
3.12Davian Barlow22.42a PRMead
4.12Deandre Williams22.56aLewis and Clark
5.12Miguel Gonzalez23.21aCentral Valley
6.12Austin Stone23.35aMead
7.10Sam Bloom23.61a SRJoel Ferris
8.11Tom Davis23.78aGonzaga Prep

200 Meters  3A - Prelims

1.12Austin Upmeyer22.33aUniversity
2.12Cole Jensen22.76aShadle Park
3.11Darneal Griffin22.87aRogers (Spokane)
4.12Jake Hoffman22.90aNorth Central
5.10Roy Hyatt23.28aMt Spokane
6.9Khalil Winfrey23.29aRogers (Spokane)
7.12Adrian Bonner23.66aUniversity
8.12Morgan Cordier23.68aMt Spokane
9.10Oray Fifer24.11aRogers (Spokane)
10.10Tod Kahler24.14aMt Spokane
11.12Jonathan Batters24.29aShadle Park
12.12Doran Porter24.39aShadle Park
13.12Austin Smith24.74aUniversity
14.10Justin Hombel24.78aUniversity
9Darius Savick-BattersDNSShadle Park

200 Meters  4A - Prelims

1.11Coleton Fitzgerald22.18aLewis and Clark
2.12Alex Tullos22.27aJoel Ferris
3.12Deandre Williams22.55aLewis and Clark
4.12Davian Barlow22.68aMead
5.12Miguel Gonzalez23.17aCentral Valley
6.12Austin Stone23.20aMead
7.11Tom Davis23.39aGonzaga Prep
8.10Sam Bloom23.62aJoel Ferris
9.12Nigel King23.66aLewis and Clark
10.12Adam Croteau23.82aJoel Ferris
11.11John Remington23.95aLewis and Clark
12.11Justin Fayant24.25aCentral Valley
9Clayton LeslieDNSMead

400 Meters  3A - Finals

1.12Austin Upmeyer49.45aUniversity
2.12Cole Jensen51.04aShadle Park
3.12Adrian Bonner51.53a PRUniversity
4.10Jacob Krantz52.08aMt Spokane
5.11Quinn Zerba52.72aNorth Central
6.11Ben Hutchens53.98aUniversity
7.12Hayden Snell54.05aShadle Park
8.9Nathan Koch54.34aMt Spokane

400 Meters  4A - Finals

1.11Coleton Fitzgerald49.67aLewis and Clark
2.10Sam Bloom50.87a SRJoel Ferris
3.11Adam Chamberlain51.22aCentral Valley
4.12Nate Medellin51.59aMead
5.10Aj Layton51.92aMead
6.12Michael Butler52.24aCentral Valley
7.10Kenny Collins52.57aLewis and Clark
8.12Kyile LeBlanc53.35aCentral Valley

400 Meters  3A - Prelims

1.12Austin Upmeyer51.55aUniversity
2.12Cole Jensen51.61aShadle Park
3.10Jacob Krantz52.37aMt Spokane
4.12Adrian Bonner53.46aUniversity
5.11Ben Hutchens53.62aUniversity
6.11Quinn Zerba53.81aNorth Central
7.9Nathan Koch54.37aMt Spokane
8.12Hayden Snell54.85aShadle Park
9.10Isaac Wicks55.64aNorth Central
10.10Ethan Boniecki55.78aUniversity
11.10Justin Hombel55.94aUniversity
12.12Brandon Collins56.61aShadle Park
13.11Brandon Rose56.70aRogers (Spokane)
9Darius Savick-BattersDNSShadle Park

400 Meters  4A - Prelims

1.11Coleton Fitzgerald50.88aLewis and Clark
2.11Adam Chamberlain51.05aCentral Valley
3.12Nate Medellin51.25aMead
4.10Sam Bloom51.25aJoel Ferris
5.12Kyile LeBlanc52.38aCentral Valley
6.10Kenny Collins52.48aLewis and Clark
7.12Michael Butler52.59aCentral Valley
8.10Aj Layton52.91aMead
9.12Calen Busch52.96aMead
10.10Jorge Tecca53.56aCentral Valley
11.12Kramer Geren53.80aJoel Ferris
12.11Nicholas Shaber53.82aCentral Valley
13.9Connor Giannini54.93aGonzaga Prep
14.11John Remington58.73aLewis and Clark

800 Meters  3A - Finals

1.12Keith Williams1:57.71aNorth Central
2.12Daniel Brunner1:58.65aUniversity
3.11Oliver Reed2:02.06aNorth Central
4.12Nathan Collins2:02.47aUniversity
5.10Patrick Miranne2:02.90aUniversity
6.10Andrew Vandine2:04.64aNorth Central
7.11Peter Glanzer2:05.56aShadle Park
8.11Ben Hutchens2:13.50aUniversity

800 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Daniel Schofield1:54.84aMead
2.11Frankie Hoerner1:55.28aGonzaga Prep
3.12Anthony Brines1:57.86aCentral Valley
4.12Travis Thorne1:58.71aJoel Ferris
5.11Austyn Knudsen1:58.84a PRCentral Valley
6.10Dominic Cranshaw2:00.07aJoel Ferris
7.10Liam Cossette2:01.08a SRJoel Ferris
8.12Casey Strauss2:04.36aCentral Valley

800 Meters  3A - Prelims

1.12Daniel Brunner1:57.85aUniversity
2.11Oliver Reed2:00.07aNorth Central
3.10Andrew Vandine2:00.52aNorth Central
4.11Ben Hutchens2:00.66aUniversity
5.12Keith Williams2:00.99aNorth Central
6.10Patrick Miranne2:02.61aUniversity
7.12Nathan Collins2:03.74aUniversity
8.11Peter Glanzer2:05.02aShadle Park
9.10Cale Lester2:05.91aNorth Central
10.12Colin Kubik2:05.94aNorth Central
11.11Tiernan Osborne2:06.21aShadle Park
12.11Corey Tindel2:06.81aUniversity
13.10Caleb Landron2:07.96aNorth Central

800 Meters  4A - Prelims

1.12Daniel Schofield1:57.60aMead
2.12Travis Thorne1:58.34aJoel Ferris
3.12Anthony Brines1:58.63aCentral Valley
4.11Frankie Hoerner1:58.83aGonzaga Prep
5.11Austyn Knudsen1:59.46aCentral Valley
6.10Dominic Cranshaw1:59.77aJoel Ferris
7.12Casey Strauss2:01.76aCentral Valley
8.10Liam Cossette2:01.99aJoel Ferris
9.12Alex Scheibner2:03.60aLewis and Clark
10.11Nathan Ellis2:03.67aMead
11.10Stephen Heintz2:04.46aCentral Valley
12.12Skylar Mackie2:06.33aMead
13.11Christopher O'Donnell2:06.94aLewis and Clark
14.12Ben Plaster2:08.40aGonzaga Prep
15.12Davis Mathieu2:13.83aLewis and Clark

1600 Meters  3A - Finals

1.12Keith Williams4:15.77aNorth Central
2.10Tanner Anderson4:18.04aNorth Central
3.12Daniel Brunner4:19.62a PRUniversity
4.10John Dressel4:20.63aMt Spokane
5.10Andrew Vandine4:22.45a SRNorth Central
6.11Taylor (Kai) Wilmot4:22.77aNorth Central
7.11Nick Hauger4:22.80a SRShadle Park
8.12Nik Taylor4:23.07a PRNorth Central
9.11Oliver Reed4:27.14aNorth Central
10.12Colin Kubik4:27.80aNorth Central
11.11Jacob Vandenberg4:30.49a SRMt Spokane
12.10Patrick Miranne4:32.56aUniversity
13.11Kees von Michalofski4:33.15a SRMt Spokane
14.11Taylor Smith4:34.35aUniversity
15.12Austen Frostad4:36.71aNorth Central
16.12Isaac Kitzan4:49.34aNorth Central

1600 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Andrew Gardner4:11.99a SRMead
2.12Sumner Goodwin4:16.41aLewis and Clark
3.12Travis Thorne4:23.82aJoel Ferris
4.11Peter Helman4:26.50aJoel Ferris
5.11Ian Andres4:27.76a SRGonzaga Prep
6.11Tyler Brant4:31.56a SRMead
7.12Logan Giese4:32.96aCentral Valley
8.10Briton Demars4:34.64aCentral Valley
9.11Corey Hunter4:37.42a SRCentral Valley
10.11Antonio Fuentes4:37.57aLewis and Clark
11.10Spencer Jensen4:40.67aCentral Valley
12.9Will Medellin4:45.13aMead
13.10Caleb Nicholls4:48.18aCentral Valley
14.11Austin Seely4:56.61aCentral Valley
15.10Corbin Carlton5:07.01aMead

3200 Meters  3A - Finals

1.10John Dressel9:25.04aMt Spokane
2.12Isaac Kitzan9:27.00aNorth Central
3.10Tanner Anderson9:28.09aNorth Central
4.11Nick Hauger9:28.86aShadle Park
5.11Taylor (Kai) Wilmot9:29.62aNorth Central
6.12Nik Taylor9:29.70aNorth Central
7.9Justin Janke9:36.72aNorth Central
8.11Jacob Vandenberg9:43.28aMt Spokane
9.12Austen Frostad9:49.54aNorth Central
10.11Taylor Smith10:00.17aUniversity
11.9Sam Sjoberg10:07.17aNorth Central
12.12Brian Hafferkamp10:07.54aShadle Park
13.10Zach Skalstad10:25.41aNorth Central
14.12Austin Sloan10:34.66aUniversity
15.10Ian Figon10:42.61aMt Spokane

3200 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Sumner Goodwin9:19.88aLewis and Clark
2.11Peter Helman9:32.98aJoel Ferris
3.12Andrew Gardner9:33.68aMead
4.11Ian Andres9:37.52aGonzaga Prep
5.11Corey Hunter9:46.64aCentral Valley
6.10Spencer Jensen9:47.95aCentral Valley
7.11Tyler Brant9:50.55aMead
8.10Briton Demars9:56.35aCentral Valley
9.11Antonio Fuentes9:57.05aLewis and Clark
10.10Colton Pegram10:00.03aCentral Valley
11.11Matt Hommel10:09.71aCentral Valley
12.10Caleb Nicholls10:12.17aCentral Valley
13.9Will Medellin10:15.74aMead
14.11Jacob Hagen10:20.11aLewis and Clark
15.10Corbin Carlton10:27.17aMead
16.11Austin Seely10:33.44aCentral Valley

110m Hurdles - 39"  3A - Finals

1.11Carlos Riojas16.07aMt Spokane
2.11Thilo Graham16.34aShadle Park
3.12Marquise Whitsett16.37aUniversity
4.12Ross Swanson16.48aShadle Park
5.10Mike Proudfoot16.65aMt Spokane
6.12Jordan Nichols17.01aShadle Park
7.10Joshua Harris17.20aNorth Central
8.10Thomas Connors18.65aUniversity

110m Hurdles - 39"  4A - Finals

1.10Parker Bowden15.05aCentral Valley
2.11Sam Johnson15.22aMead
3.9Nicholas J Johnson15.57aGonzaga Prep
4.12Ian Montgomery15.74aMead
5.9Bryan Anderson15.97aMead
6.11Jack Padon16.00a PRGonzaga Prep
7.11Jensen Rye16.37aJoel Ferris
8.12Grayson Sykes18.13aCentral Valley

110m Hurdles - 39"  3A - Prelims

1.11Carlos Riojas15.97aMt Spokane
2.11Thilo Graham16.20aShadle Park
3.12Ross Swanson16.42aShadle Park
4.12Marquise Whitsett16.46aUniversity
5.10Mike Proudfoot16.64aMt Spokane
6.10Joshua Harris16.79aNorth Central
7.12Jordan Nichols17.25aShadle Park
8.10Thomas Connors17.65aUniversity
9.10Kalani Fejeran17.93aMt Spokane
10.10Dray White18.11aUniversity
11.9Ben Stevens19.19aMt Spokane

110m Hurdles - 39"  4A - Prelims

1.11Sam Johnson15.16aMead
2.10Parker Bowden15.40aCentral Valley
3.9Nicholas J Johnson15.55aGonzaga Prep
4.12Ian Montgomery15.95aMead
5.9Bryan Anderson16.14aMead
6.12Grayson Sykes16.35aCentral Valley
7.11Jack Padon16.60aGonzaga Prep
8.11Jensen Rye16.78aJoel Ferris
9.10Jakobie Andrews16.83aJoel Ferris
10.10Kevin Moore-Young17.08aLewis and Clark
11.12Marcus King17.24aLewis and Clark
12.10Nathan Wood17.29aJoel Ferris
13.9Ben Craig17.37aCentral Valley
14.12Jean-Luc Cing-Mars17.77aLewis and Clark
10Colin GesslerDNSCentral Valley
10Connor GuinnDNSCentral Valley

300m Hurdles - 36"  3A - Finals

1.12David Blue40.22aNorth Central
2.11Thilo Graham40.33aShadle Park
3.12Marquise Whitsett41.06aUniversity
4.12Jordan Nichols42.04aShadle Park
5.10Joshua Harris42.54aNorth Central
6.12Ross Swanson43.39aShadle Park
7.10Josh Smith44.04aUniversity
8.10Mike Proudfoot45.06aMt Spokane

300m Hurdles - 36"  4A - Finals

1.12Grayson Sykes40.55aCentral Valley
2.12Ian Montgomery41.66aMead
3.9Bryan Anderson41.75aMead
4.11Garrett Norris41.89aMead
5.11Cole Karstetter42.26aJoel Ferris
6.10Jakobie Andrews43.78aJoel Ferris
7.12Jean-Luc Cing-Mars44.75aLewis and Clark
8.12Marcus King44.77aLewis and Clark

300m Hurdles - 36"  3A - Prelims

1.12David Blue40.61aNorth Central
2.11Thilo Graham40.69aShadle Park
3.12Marquise Whitsett41.66aUniversity
4.10Joshua Harris42.17aNorth Central
5.12Ross Swanson42.78aShadle Park
6.12Jordan Nichols43.02aShadle Park
7.10Mike Proudfoot43.12aMt Spokane
8.10Josh Smith43.36aUniversity
9.12Joe Diego44.94aMt Spokane
10.10Joseph Roberts45.94aNorth Central
11.10Thomas Connors48.54aUniversity

300m Hurdles - 36"  4A - Prelims

1.12Grayson Sykes40.55aCentral Valley
2.11Garrett Norris41.54aMead
3.9Bryan Anderson42.03aMead
4.12Ian Montgomery42.79aMead
5.10Jakobie Andrews43.92aJoel Ferris
6.11Cole Karstetter43.99aJoel Ferris
7.12Jean-Luc Cing-Mars44.24aLewis and Clark
8.12Marcus King44.46aLewis and Clark
9.10Kevin Moore-Young45.76aLewis and Clark
10.11Jensen Rye46.24aJoel Ferris
11.10Nathan Wood48.52aJoel Ferris
10Collin NelsonDNSCentral Valley

4x100 Relay  3A - Finals

1.-Isaac Wicks
Jake Hoffman
David Blue
Quinn Zerba
43.08aNorth Central
2.-Morgan Cordier
Stu Stiles
Zach Vogel
Roy Hyatt
43.38aMt Spokane
3.-Darneal Griffin
Khalil Winfrey
Anthony Hampton
Oray Fifer
43.92aRogers (Spokane)
4.-Tanner Hiebert
Austin Smith
Marquise Whitsett
Quinton McDonald
5.-Connor Tangeman
Jonathan Batters
Brandon Collins
Thilo Graham
46.57aShadle Park

4x100 Relay  4A - Finals

1.-Clayton Leslie
Gunnar Kayser
Austin Stone
Davian Barlow
-Coleton Fitzgerald
Deandre Williams
Nigel King
Kevin Moore-Young
43.47aLewis and Clark
2.-Justin Fayant
Miguel Gonzalez
Grayson Sykes
Michael Butler
43.93aCentral Valley
3.-Jalen Hicks
Cole Karstetter
Adam Croteau
Keegan Bray
44.28aJoel Ferris

4x400 Relay  3A - Finals

1.-Adrian Bonner
Daniel Brunner
Marquise Whitsett
Austin Upmeyer
2.-Jacob Krantz
Cameron Goodman
Zach Vogel
Roy Hyatt
3:29.33aMt Spokane
3.-Isaac Wicks
Jake Hoffman
David Blue
Quinn Zerba
3:33.32aNorth Central
4.-Thilo Graham
Jordan Nichols
Ross Swanson
Hayden Snell
3:36.33aShadle Park

4x400 Relay  4A - Finals

1.-Aj Layton
Daniel Schofield
Nate Medellin
Davian Barlow
2.-Grayson Sykes
Anthony Brines
Kyile LeBlanc
Adam Chamberlain
3:25.18aCentral Valley
3.-Coleton Fitzgerald
Deandre Williams
John Remington
Kenny Collins
3:31.66aLewis and Clark
4.-Sam Bloom
Keegan Bray
Cole Karstetter
Kramer Geren
3:33.55aJoel Ferris
5.-Tom Davis
Frankie Hoerner
Jack Padon
Connor Giannini
3:35.85aGonzaga Prep

Shot Put - 12lb  3A - Finals

1.12Gage Rayman49-07.00Shadle Park
2.12Nolan Riley48-04.25 PRNorth Central
3.11Nathan Clayton48-02.25 SRShadle Park
4.12Travis Knight47-03.00Rogers (Spokane)
5.12Brandon Anderson44-08.25University
6.11Trace Hussey43-00.25 SRUniversity
7.12Cameron Babcock41-05.00Shadle Park
8.11Christopher Jordan41-03.50University
9.12Kolton Peone41-01.50Rogers (Spokane)
10.9Dalton Dixon39-07.00Mt Spokane
11.12Nate Lungstrom39-02.25Shadle Park
12.12Jed Brunette37-02.50North Central
13.12Manuel Linares36-08.25Mt Spokane
14.10Trevor Payne35-06.50Mt Spokane
15.12Levi Brosmore35-03.00Mt Spokane
12Moreli FailaugaDNSUniversity

Shot Put - 12lb  4A - Finals

1.12Damon Unland54-09.75Joel Ferris
2.12Michael Vanwert49-05.00Lewis and Clark
3.12Shawn Buck47-02.50Central Valley
4.11Jonah Jordan47-00.25Mead
5.11Shayne Riordan45-09.50Central Valley
6.12Langston Ward45-01.00Mead
7.12Josh Wanner43-10.00Central Valley
8.12Tanner Davis43-07.50Central Valley
9.12Cody Luttrull43-01.50Mead
10.11Jack Hunter43-01.00 PRGonzaga Prep
11.10Caleb Heath43-00.00Joel Ferris
12.11JD Boden41-11.50Central Valley
13.12Jacob Fintz40-03.75Mead
12Zach NayFOULMead

Discus - 1.6kg  3A - Finals

1.12Dante Solomon137-10University
2.12Levi Brosmore136-01Mt Spokane
3.11Nathan Clayton135-08Shadle Park
4.10Trevor Payne132-08Mt Spokane
5.12Andres Mora128-02Rogers (Spokane)
6.12Travis Knight125-01Rogers (Spokane)
7.9Devon Diamaio-Hart124-02Mt Spokane
8.12Gage Rayman124-02Shadle Park
9.12Brandon Anderson121-02University
10.12Daniel Riley118-10North Central
11.12Skyler Poole114-00University
12.12Manuel Linares107-02Mt Spokane
13.11Trace Hussey101-02University
14.10Jacob Yedica82-07Mt Spokane
12Moreli FailaugaDNSUniversity

Discus - 1.6kg  4A - Finals

1.12Damon Unland156-07Joel Ferris
2.12Shawn Buck152-07Central Valley
3.12Langston Ward146-10Mead
4.12Josh Wanner141-07Central Valley
5.12Zach Nay137-07Mead
6.12Alex Barry136-04Gonzaga Prep
7.12Mitchell Lowe135-06Mead
8.12Tanner Davis132-07Central Valley
9.10Cody Largent127-08Mead
10.11Jonah Jordan125-10Mead
11.11Jacob Robinson121-07Joel Ferris
12.10Zach Jensen114-09Joel Ferris
13.11Nick Bahr112-10Gonzaga Prep
14.12Grayson Gebherd109-03Lewis and Clark
15.12Michael Vanwert108-07Lewis and Clark
16.10Caleb Heath98-07Joel Ferris

Javelin - 800g  3A - Finals

1.11Carlos Riojas163-01Mt Spokane
2.12Joey Day159-01 PRNorth Central
3.12Hayden Snell158-07 PRShadle Park
4.10Jacob Krantz154-11Mt Spokane
5.12Brandon Pounds150-10 PRNorth Central
6.12Morgan Cordier148-10Mt Spokane
7.9Jacob Barnes148-03Mt Spokane
8.12Micah Goris147-04North Central
9.10Derek Ishii145-08 SRMt Spokane
10.10Quest McCollough140-08 PRMt Spokane
11.12Chris Hawkins135-06University
12.12Brandon Anderson133-06University
13.11Christopher Jordan131-03University

Javelin - 800g  4A - Finals

1.12Maverick Johnston176-11 PRGonzaga Prep
2.11Guilian Luchini173-11 SRMead
3.11Luke Hilmes171-05Mead
4.9Kirk Unland163-09 PRJoel Ferris
5.12Austin Rehkow159-04Central Valley
6.10Kerrigan Hough158-08 SRGonzaga Prep
7.12Gus Lorge156-05Central Valley
8.10Colin Gessler154-03Central Valley
9.10Parker Bowden152-08 PRCentral Valley
10.12Brady Patterson151-09Central Valley
11.11Jordan Anderson139-03Mead
12.11Connor Black136-11Lewis and Clark
13.12Grayson Gebherd129-05Lewis and Clark
14.12Cheyenne Dotson109-00Lewis and Clark
11Adam ChamberlainFOULCentral Valley

High Jump  3A - Finals

1.12Andrew Morgan6-08.00 PRUniversity
2.12Eddie Gonzalez6-08.00University
3.12Carson Murray6-06.00Rogers (Spokane)
4.12Cole Jensen6-04.00Shadle Park
5.12Logan Crum5-10.00University
6.10Cameron Duty5-10.00 SRShadle Park
7.11Brandon Gleese5-10.00Shadle Park
7.11Reed Siclair5-10.00Mt Spokane
9.11Marcus Saugen5-08.00North Central
9.12Daniel Riley5-08.00North Central
9.9Tom Zieroth5-08.00Mt Spokane
12.9Dalton Dixon5-06.00Mt Spokane
12.11Jayden Woodard5-06.00Shadle Park

High Jump  4A - Finals

1.10Max Sykes6-02.00Central Valley
2.9Nicholas J Johnson6-00.00Gonzaga Prep
3.10Liam Howard6-00.00Central Valley
4.12Tanner Peterson5-10.00Mead
5.12Galen Camp5-10.00Mead
5.12Alex Paukert5-10.00Gonzaga Prep
7.12Jared Schmick5-10.00Joel Ferris
8.12Marcus King5-08.00Lewis and Clark
8.9Ben Craig5-08.00Central Valley
8.10Thomas Kautzman5-08.00Mead
11.12Kramer Geren5-06.00Joel Ferris
12Brennan SchonDNSLewis and Clark
12Zach UhtNHMead
10Connor GuinnNHCentral Valley

Pole Vault  3A - Finals

1.11Forrest Rogers13-00.00University
2.11Daniel Martin13-00.00University
3.11J.T. Konrad13-00.00Mt Spokane
4.10Scott Hinshaw12-00.00Shadle Park
5.12Teagan Brown11-06.00Mt Spokane
6.10Quinton McDonald11-06.00University
7.11Gabe Wooddell11-06.00Mt Spokane
8.12Tyler Locke11-00.00Mt Spokane
9.10Matt Mehring11-00.00Mt Spokane
10Nate GoodmanNHMt Spokane
12Lander GriffithDNSShadle Park

Pole Vault  4A - Finals

1.12Blase' Neumann14-00.00Mead
2.10Aleks Vasilyev14-00.00Mead
3.12McKay Demars13-06.00Central Valley
3.11Colton McLendon13-06.00Mead
5.12Tyler Fox13-00.00Central Valley
6.12Jackson Kadel13-00.00Mead
7.12Derek Bischoff13-00.00Central Valley
8.11Korey Jacque13-00.00Mead
9.12Sam Akerhielm12-06.00Gonzaga Prep
10.12Nick Brown11-06.00Joel Ferris
11.9Micah Lelachear11-00.00Mead
11.10Trevor Brown11-00.00Central Valley
12Ethan CroucherNHJoel Ferris

Long Jump  3A - Finals

1.11Brandon Gleese22-03.00Shadle Park
2.11Marcus Saugen20-09.00North Central
3.12Dane Larson20-03.75Mt Spokane
4.11Stu Stiles20-02.25Mt Spokane
5.11Reed Siclair19-03.25Mt Spokane
6.10Tod Kahler19-02.00Mt Spokane
7.9Jamaal Edwards19-01.75North Central
8.10Dray White18-11.75University
9.12Tanner Hiebert18-09.00University
10.12Anthony Hampton17-10.50Rogers (Spokane)
11.9Luke Palmer17-07.75Mt Spokane
12.9Sawyer Maxwell17-04.00Mt Spokane
13.10Cameron Duty17-02.75Shadle Park
10Oray FiferDNSRogers (Spokane)

Long Jump  4A - Finals

1.12Alex Tullos21-10.75Joel Ferris
2.10Jack Bamis21-09.50Gonzaga Prep
3.12Wyatt Langenheder20-10.25Mead
4.10Jalen Hicks20-08.00Joel Ferris
5.11Isaiah Troutt20-07.50Joel Ferris
6.12Nate Medellin20-06.25Mead
7.10Parker Bowden20-06.00Central Valley
8.12Phillip Sims19-09.00Mead
9.12Andrew Baird19-06.50Mead
9.11Zachary Sherman19-06.50Central Valley
11.12Calen Busch19-04.00Mead
12.12Nigel King18-11.50Lewis and Clark
13.12Kyle Prothe18-07.25Joel Ferris
14.11Jack Padon18-00.00Gonzaga Prep
15.9Reid Kincaid17-08.50Gonzaga Prep
12Brennan SchonDNSLewis and Clark

Triple Jump  3A - Finals

1.12Carson Murray43-09.75Rogers (Spokane)
2.11Brandon Gleese41-11.50Shadle Park
3.12Dane Larson40-11.75Mt Spokane
4.10Cameron Duty40-08.25 SRShadle Park
5.9Sawyer Maxwell39-11.75Mt Spokane
6.9Luke Palmer39-03.00 SRMt Spokane
7.12Hayden Snell39-02.50Shadle Park
8.10Thomas Connors38-11.75 PRUniversity
9.11Jayden Woodard38-00.25Shadle Park
10.12Anthony Hampton36-09.25Rogers (Spokane)
11.12Tanner Hiebert36-03.50University
10Tanner CornwellFOULMt Spokane

Triple Jump  4A - Finals

1.11Isaiah Troutt45-01.00Joel Ferris
2.10Jalen Hicks43-11.50Joel Ferris
3.12Alex Tullos43-08.00Joel Ferris
4.12Andrew LaVoie42-10.75Mead
5.10Jack Bamis42-09.75Gonzaga Prep
6.12Andrew Baird41-11.75Mead
7.10Parker Bowden41-09.50 SRCentral Valley
8.11Connor Black41-09.50 PRLewis and Clark
9.12Adam Croteau40-01.75Joel Ferris
10.12JP Benson39-10.75Central Valley
11.12Zach Schwab39-10.25 PRMead
12.10Connor Guinn39-08.50Central Valley
13.12Nigel King38-11.50 SRLewis and Clark
14.11Jamil Foster36-10.50Gonzaga Prep
11Beau ByusFOULCentral Valley
12Kyle ProtheDNSJoel Ferris

Team Scores

4A - Mens
2.Joel Ferris154
3.Central Valley142.83
4.Gonzaga Prep73.5
5.Lewis and Clark67.33
3A - Womens
1.Mt Spokane200.75
2.Shadle Park160.75
4.North Central97.75
5.Rogers (Spokane)72
4A - Womens
1.Central Valley223.83
3.Lewis and Clark124.5
4.Joel Ferris108.66
5.Gonzaga Prep89.5