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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob Hill10.90hDetroit Country Day
2.12Trevor Mason11.18h SRMacomb Lutheran North
3.11Blake Washington11.28hSouthfield Christian
4.10Nicholas Mitchell11.5hSouthfield Christian
10Larry Penson11.55h SRDetroit Country Day
10Kone Bowman11.6h SRDetroit Country Day
11Robert Banks11.6h SRSouthfield Christian
10Matthew Song11.7h SRDetroit Country Day
10Richard Feagin11.9h SRSouthfield Christian
11Phil Martin11.96hMacomb Lutheran North
10Justin Ashman12.06hMacomb Lutheran North
11Rod Parks12.15h PRSouthfield Christian
9Tommy Papas12.61h PRMacomb Lutheran North
9Zach Anderson13.06h PRMacomb Lutheran North
11Sam Lee13.18h PRMacomb Lutheran North
12Curtis Kennedy13.4h PRSouthfield Christian
9Joseph Karle13.50h PRMacomb Lutheran North
10Delues Whitfield13.6h PRSouthfield Christian
11Joshua Beard15.7h PRSouthfield Christian

100 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Blake Washington11.1h SRSouthfield Christian
10Nicholas Mitchell11.4h SRSouthfield Christian
12Aldred Williams11.4h PRSouthfield Christian
10Justin Ashman12.35hMacomb Lutheran North
9Tommy Papas12.45h PRMacomb Lutheran North
10Richard Feagin12.5h PRSouthfield Christian
11Sam Lee12.68h PRMacomb Lutheran North
9Aaron Pratt13.40hMacomb Lutheran North

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Maurice Ways22.74h PRDetroit Country Day
2.12Trevor Mason23.12h SRMacomb Lutheran North
3.11Blake Washington23.24hSouthfield Christian
11Jacob Hill23.31hDetroit Country Day
12Phillip Kovalev23.43hDetroit Country Day
10Jalen Morgan24.09hDetroit Country Day
11Antonio Shall25.59h SRMacomb Lutheran North
10Justin Ashman25.65hMacomb Lutheran North
11Phil Martin25.75hMacomb Lutheran North

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Blake Washington22.2h PRSouthfield Christian
3.12Trevor Mason23.11h SRMacomb Lutheran North
3.10Zach Stadnika23.18h SRMacomb Lutheran North
12Donald Parker23.8h PRSouthfield Christian
3.12Sam Bielecki24.07hMacomb Lutheran North
10Nicholas Mitchell24.3h SRSouthfield Christian
12Aldred Williams25.9h SRSouthfield Christian
3.11Phil Martin26.24hMacomb Lutheran North

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Taylor Graffa52.94hDetroit Country Day
12Phillip Kovalev54.25hDetroit Country Day
3.12Donald Parker54.66hSouthfield Christian
10Matthew Song55.88hDetroit Country Day
10Mark Hudson57.88hDetroit Country Day
10Tyler Prisby59.22hMacomb Lutheran North
9Trevor Smith1:01.94hMacomb Lutheran North
9Stavros Cardasis63.11hDetroit Country Day
9Nathan Kurek1:08.59h PRMacomb Lutheran North

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Phillip Kovalev54.8hDetroit Country Day
12Taylor Graffa56.1hDetroit Country Day
12Maurice Ways56.9hDetroit Country Day
10Kone Bowman56.9hDetroit Country Day
12Donald Parker58h PRSouthfield Christian
10Richard Feagin59h PRSouthfield Christian
2.12Jonah Taykowski59.10hMacomb Lutheran North
11Christopher Szymczak60h SRSouthfield Christian
2.12Seth Majeski60.20h SRMacomb Lutheran North
2.10Tyler Prisby60.40hMacomb Lutheran North
2.12Dave Halvorson60.70hMacomb Lutheran North
12Aldred Williams62h SRSouthfield Christian
9Max Vowles62h PRSouthfield Christian
10DeShawn Moore65h SRSouthfield Christian
10Charles Simms72h SRSouthfield Christian
9Brock Washington79h SRSouthfield Christian

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jonah Taykowski2:13.56hMacomb Lutheran North
9Cole Bearden2:14.24hDetroit Country Day
3.9Max Vowles2:16.36hSouthfield Christian
4.12Dave Halvorson2:17.02hMacomb Lutheran North
9Alex Kepreos2:20.70hMacomb Lutheran North
5.11Christopher Szymczak2:20.65hSouthfield Christian
12Seth Majeski2:23.40hMacomb Lutheran North
11Neil Khandwala2:25.87hDetroit Country Day
10Anthony Devroy2:27.70hMacomb Lutheran North
11Andrew Tian2:30.37hDetroit Country Day
9Alex Schneider2:32.30h SRMacomb Lutheran North
11Henry Fu2:32.55hDetroit Country Day
9William Martin2:38.20hMacomb Lutheran North
11Connor Barr2:38.37hDetroit Country Day
11Tyler Kressbach2:42.40h PRMacomb Lutheran North
11James Obermaier2:48.08hDetroit Country Day
11Michael Shao2:50.43hDetroit Country Day
9Stephen Dinka2:56h PRDetroit Country Day
10Moiz Mahmood2:58.46hDetroit Country Day
10Joshen Patel2:58.93hDetroit Country Day
12Alborz Bral3:01.24hDetroit Country Day
11Zenny Chu3:02.56hDetroit Country Day
9Rohit Misra3:05.37hDetroit Country Day
9Josh Conrad3:09.30hMacomb Lutheran North
10Eric Hao3:15hDetroit Country Day
9Alexander Bosch3:17hDetroit Country Day
9Omer Siddiqui6:51hDetroit Country Day

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

9Cole Bearden2:12.6hDetroit Country Day
1.11Jacob Miller2:14.32hMacomb Lutheran North
1.12Dave Halvorson2:16.40hMacomb Lutheran North
1.12Jonah Taykowski2:16.80hMacomb Lutheran North
10Johnny Yang2:18.2hDetroit Country Day
11Christopher Szymczak2:19h SRSouthfield Christian
9Max Vowles2:20h SRSouthfield Christian
11Andrew Tian2:20.1hDetroit Country Day
10Joe Zhang2:20.6hDetroit Country Day
11Neil Khandwala2:21hDetroit Country Day
11Henry Fu2:22hDetroit Country Day
1.10Anthony Devroy2:22.76h PRMacomb Lutheran North
12Ali Hakim2:27.1h PRDetroit Country Day
11James Obermaier2:30.4hDetroit Country Day
11Elijah Taylor2:34.8h SRDetroit Country Day
12Brian Xu2:36hDetroit Country Day
9Mark Harting2:39h SRSouthfield Christian
10Charles Simms2:41h PRSouthfield Christian
11Zenny Chu2:41h PRDetroit Country Day
11Michael Shao2:42.8hDetroit Country Day
11Naveen Jasti2:43.1h SRDetroit Country Day
9Stephen Dinka2:48.3hDetroit Country Day
10Moiz Mahmood2:51.1hDetroit Country Day
10Robert Wei2:53h PRDetroit Country Day
10Joshen Patel2:58hDetroit Country Day
12Alborz Bral2:58.6hDetroit Country Day
9Rohit Misra3:01hDetroit Country Day
10Eric Hao3:03h SRDetroit Country Day
9Alexander Bosch3:03.6hDetroit Country Day
9Omer Siddiqui3:07.4hDetroit Country Day

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Peter Freeman4:58.70hMacomb Lutheran North
9Cole Bearden5:07.87hDetroit Country Day
3.11Jacob Miller5:08.65hMacomb Lutheran North
10Johnny Yang5:14.85hDetroit Country Day
11Neil Khandwala5:31hDetroit Country Day
11Andrew Tian5:32hDetroit Country Day
9Alex Schneider5:33.80hMacomb Lutheran North
12Brian Xu5:34hDetroit Country Day
10Joe Zhang5:35hDetroit Country Day
12Ali Hakim5:40hDetroit Country Day
11Henry Fu5:41h PRDetroit Country Day
9William Martin5:41.70hMacomb Lutheran North
11Elijah Taylor5:47hDetroit Country Day
11Tyler Kressbach5:50.20hMacomb Lutheran North
9Mark Harting5:52hSouthfield Christian
11James Obermaier5:56h SRDetroit Country Day
11Brett Hudson5:56.20hMacomb Lutheran North
11Michael Shao6:04h PRDetroit Country Day
12Zach Stuef6:04.90hMacomb Lutheran North
11Naveen Jasti6:14hDetroit Country Day
9Stephen Dinka6:23hDetroit Country Day
12Alborz Bral6:25h PRDetroit Country Day
9Josh Conrad6:33.40hMacomb Lutheran North
11Zenny Chu6:34h PRDetroit Country Day
10Joshen Patel6:36h SRDetroit Country Day
10Charles Simms6:36h SRSouthfield Christian
10Moiz Mahmood6:36hDetroit Country Day
9Alexander Bosch6:50h SRDetroit Country Day
9Omer Siddiqui6:51hDetroit Country Day
9Rohit Misra6:58h PRDetroit Country Day

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Peter Freeman10:46.21hMacomb Lutheran North
10Johnny Yang11:28.4hDetroit Country Day
10Joe Zhang11:47hDetroit Country Day
4.11Ryan Peck11:58.37h PRMacomb Lutheran North
11Danny Weglarz12:11.10hMacomb Lutheran North
12Brian Xu12:12.78hDetroit Country Day
12Ali Hakim12:17.12hDetroit Country Day
11Elijah Taylor12:35.78hDetroit Country Day
11Brett Hudson13:18.20hMacomb Lutheran North
12Zach Stuef13:32.40hMacomb Lutheran North
11Naveen Jasti13:32.82hDetroit Country Day
9Nathan Kurek14:25.50h PRMacomb Lutheran North

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Sam Bielecki15.98hMacomb Lutheran North
2.10Zach Stadnika16.17hMacomb Lutheran North
4.10Mitchell Jones16.33hSouthfield Christian
11Jonathan Sadocha19.15hMacomb Lutheran North
11Tyler Koberstein20.40hMacomb Lutheran North

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zach Stadnika42.34hMacomb Lutheran North
2.12Sam Bielecki43.62hMacomb Lutheran North
11Vincent Perkins44.18hDetroit Country Day
11Tyler Koberstein48.61hMacomb Lutheran North
11Jonathan Sadocha49.49h PRMacomb Lutheran North
10Tim Boeling50.82h SRMacomb Lutheran North
11Matthew Reisler50.82h PRDetroit Country Day

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jalen Morgan
Maurice Ways
Kone Bowman
Jacob Hill
44.88hDetroit Country Day
2.-Nicholas Mitchell
Aldred Williams
Richard Fagan
Blake Washington
46.68hSouthfield Christian
DQ-Aaron Pratt
Tommy Papas
Justin Ashman
Sam Lee
DQMacomb Lutheran North

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jalen Morgan
Maurice Ways
Kone Bowman
Jacob Hill
1:33.49hDetroit Country Day
2.-Donald Parker
Nicholas Mitchell
Aldred Williams
Blake Washington
1:36.05hSouthfield Christian
3.-Phil Martin
Sam Bielecki
Zach Stadnika
Trevor Mason
1:36.52hMacomb Lutheran North

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Maurice Ways
Phillip Kovalev
Kone Bowman
Taylor Graffa
3:44.8hDetroit Country Day
2.-Dave Halvorson
Seth Majeski
Tyler Prisby
Jonah Taykowski
3:59.12hMacomb Lutheran North
3.-Aldred Williams
Christopher Szymczak
Max Vowles
Donald Parker
4:04.75hSouthfield Christian
-Richard Fagan
DeShawn Moore
Charles Simms
Brock Washington
4:37hSouthfield Christian

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jacob Miller
Jonah Taykowski
Anthony Devroy
Dave Halvorson
9:10.28hMacomb Lutheran North
-Cole Bearden
Andrew Tian
Johnathan Yang
Joe Zhang
9:11.83hDetroit Country Day
-Neil Khandwala
Elijah Taylor
Zenny Chu
Joshen Patel
10:35.6hDetroit Country Day
4.-Max Vowles
Christopher Szymczak
Mark Harting
Charles Simms
10:36.28hSouthfield Christian
-Henry Fu
Brian Xu
Robert Wei
Eric Hao
10:54hDetroit Country Day
-James Obermaier
Stephen Dinka
Moiz Mahmood
Alborz Bral
11:08.6hDetroit Country Day
-Ali Hakim
Michael Shao
Alexander Bosch
Omer Siddiqui
11:21.09hDetroit Country Day

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Robert Charles43'.75Detroit Country Day
10James MacLean37'3.75 SRDetroit Country Day
4.12Curtis Kennedy33'1.75" PRSouthfield Christian
11Richard Harrington32'9Macomb Lutheran North
11Ian Henderson32'8.25Detroit Country Day
11Roy Shen31'10.25 PRDetroit Country Day
11Srikanth Desikan31'9.5Detroit Country Day
11Michael Stover30'10Detroit Country Day
9Tyler Horn30'5.5Macomb Lutheran North
11Sreehari Panicker30'.75Detroit Country Day
9Alex Kepreos27'9.5Macomb Lutheran North
11Uzair Shahid27'2.5Detroit Country Day
11Aakash Srikanth27'2Detroit Country Day
9Evan Finkel26'0.75 SRMacomb Lutheran North
9Joseph Nwabueze23'7.5Detroit Country Day
11Sanjal Sarin21'6.5Detroit Country Day
11Patrick Chen21'6.25Detroit Country Day

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Robert Charles106'9Detroit Country Day
2.11Richard Harrington96'7 PRMacomb Lutheran North
11Ian Henderson91'6Detroit Country Day
11Uzair Shahid91'4Detroit Country Day
11Roy Shen91'1 PRDetroit Country Day
4.9Tyler Horn87'8Macomb Lutheran North
9Joseph Nwabueze85'1 SRDetroit Country Day
5.9Evan Finkel84'8 SRMacomb Lutheran North
9William Humenny82'8Detroit Country Day
11Srikanth Desikan82'2 PRDetroit Country Day
11Sreehari Panicker72'1Detroit Country Day
10James MacLean69'11Detroit Country Day
11Aakash Srikanth66'3 SRDetroit Country Day
11Sanjal Sarin57'6Detroit Country Day
11Patrick Chen48Detroit Country Day

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Alex Klemm6'4Macomb Lutheran North
2.9Aaron Pratt5'10 SRMacomb Lutheran North
3.10Mitchell Jones5'10"Southfield Christian
4.11Antonio Shall5'8 SRMacomb Lutheran North
9Trevor Smith5'2" PRMacomb Lutheran North
12Stefan Koerner5'0"Macomb Lutheran North

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zach Stadnika12' 0"Macomb Lutheran North
2.12Stefan Koerner9'6" SRMacomb Lutheran North
3.10Alex Klemm9'0"Macomb Lutheran North
4.9Trevor Smith9'0"Macomb Lutheran North
5.9Zach Anderson7'0"Macomb Lutheran North
dns10Anthony Devroy0'0"Macomb Lutheran North

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zach Stadnika19'8.5Macomb Lutheran North
2.11Antonio Shall17'9Macomb Lutheran North
3.12Aldred Williams17'7"Southfield Christian
12Darrell Davison17'5.5Detroit Country Day
11Steven Conyers17'2.5Detroit Country Day
12Stefan Koerner16'10 SRMacomb Lutheran North
9Aaron Pratt16'8 SRMacomb Lutheran North
10Tyler Prisby15'8 SRMacomb Lutheran North
9Trevor Smith15'0Macomb Lutheran North
9Zach Anderson13'11Macomb Lutheran North
11Kiran Cherukuri13'7Detroit Country Day


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