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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jordan Walsh11.74aEast Grand Rapids
2.12Zach Walker12.00aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.12Collin Bernard12.13aEast Grand Rapids
4.12Grant Gauger12.58aEast Grand Rapids
5.11Matt Basch12.65aGR Forest Hills Cent...
6.10Earl Sain12.74a SREast Grand Rapids
7.12Mac Middleton12.80aEast Grand Rapids
8.12Nick Vinals13.12aEast Grand Rapids
9.11Hunter Herzog13.21aGR Forest Hills Cent...
10.12Hunter Myers13.23aGR Forest Hills Cent...
11.10Will Reinke13.29a SREast Grand Rapids
12.12James Eerdmans13.41aEast Grand Rapids
13.12Andrew Griffin13.46aEast Grand Rapids
14.10Calvin Gaines13.48aEast Grand Rapids
14.9Daniel Tomko13.48a PRGR Forest Hills Cent...
16.11Max Adams13.65aEast Grand Rapids
17.11Luke Merritt13.86a PREast Grand Rapids
17.10Griffin Fry13.86aGR Forest Hills Cent...
19.9Thomas Mack13.97aEast Grand Rapids
20.10Nick MacGeorge14.12aEast Grand Rapids
21.9Jack Theut14.45aEast Grand Rapids
22.10Max Condon14.48aEast Grand Rapids
23.9Chris Steers14.67aEast Grand Rapids
24.9Bobby Yarger14.91aEast Grand Rapids
25.9Clayton Dejong15.39aEast Grand Rapids
26.11Caleb Johnson15.52a PREast Grand Rapids
27.11Bob Hollander16.62aEast Grand Rapids

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Olgren23.79aEast Grand Rapids
2.12Zach Walker24.68aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.12Grant Gauger25.57a PREast Grand Rapids
4.10Marshal Brummel25.71aGR Forest Hills Cent...
5.10Earl Sain25.97aEast Grand Rapids
6.12Keegan Bogdan26.34a PREast Grand Rapids
7.12Andrew Griffin26.51aEast Grand Rapids
8.10Calvin Gaines26.64a SREast Grand Rapids
9.12Hunter Myers27.17aGR Forest Hills Cent...
10.11Spencer Erdman27.24aGR Forest Hills Cent...
11.11Hunter Herzog27.25aGR Forest Hills Cent...
12.9Noah Russo27.28aEast Grand Rapids
13.11Austin Erdman27.40a SRGR Forest Hills Cent...
14.11Max Adams27.69aEast Grand Rapids
15.9Thomas Mack27.79a PREast Grand Rapids
16.11Ryan Heintzelman28.45aGR Forest Hills Cent...
17.10Justin Spates28.98aGR Forest Hills Cent...
18.10Griffin Fry29.16aGR Forest Hills Cent...
19.9Jack Theut29.27a SREast Grand Rapids
20.11Alec Vandersloot29.49a PREast Grand Rapids
21.9Clayton Dejong30.23a PREast Grand Rapids
22.9Bobby Yarger30.94aEast Grand Rapids

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Erik Molenaar53.39a PREast Grand Rapids
2.10Sam Matthews54.80aEast Grand Rapids
3.12Ben Eastburg55.05aGR Forest Hills Cent...
4.10Jon Urich59.31aGR Forest Hills Cent...
5.11Spencer Erdman59.92aGR Forest Hills Cent...
6.11Ryan Heintzelman1:02.80aGR Forest Hills Cent...
7.11Luke Merritt1:03.75a PREast Grand Rapids
8.11Austin Erdman1:04.23aGR Forest Hills Cent...
9.10Griffin Fry1:09.09aGR Forest Hills Cent...
10.9Clayton Dejong1:11.45a PREast Grand Rapids

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sean Lang2:03.03aEast Grand Rapids
2.12Bryce McBride2:04.64aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.10Matthew Levitt2:09.76a SREast Grand Rapids
4.12Jamey Cunningham2:14.74aEast Grand Rapids
5.9Cade Vruggink2:15.72aEast Grand Rapids
6.11Lucas Bailey2:21.81aGR Forest Hills Cent...
7.9Ben Oostendorp2:24.08aEast Grand Rapids
8.10Ian Jones2:26.15aEast Grand Rapids
9.9Josh Brander2:30.08a PREast Grand Rapids
10.9Sam Manguse2:31.82a PREast Grand Rapids
11.10Lukas Zimmermann2:38.21aEast Grand Rapids
12.9Ben Collins2:52.61a SREast Grand Rapids

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jamey Cunningham4:40.63aEast Grand Rapids
2.10Matthew Levitt4:43.66aEast Grand Rapids
3.12Zak Longo4:44.92a PREast Grand Rapids
4.12Bryce McBride4:55.38a SRGR Forest Hills Cent...
5.11Kenton Rossi4:56.40a SREast Grand Rapids
6.10Easton Schultz5:02.13aEast Grand Rapids
7.9Josh Brander5:09.89a PREast Grand Rapids
8.9Sam Manguse5:12.69a PREast Grand Rapids
9.11Lucas Bailey5:13.66aGR Forest Hills Cent...
10.11Nic Shorey5:13.99a PREast Grand Rapids
11.10Josh Ball5:16.03a SRGR Forest Hills Cent...
12.11Austin Tomko5:20.69aGR Forest Hills Cent...
13.10Lukas Zimmermann5:42.36aEast Grand Rapids
14.9Ben Collins6:05.12a SREast Grand Rapids
15.12Corey Skar6:56.39a PREast Grand Rapids

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Easton Schultz10:41.83aEast Grand Rapids
2.10Josh Ball10:54.94aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.11Stephen Hoffman10:57.25a SREast Grand Rapids
4.11Austin Tomko11:29.87aGR Forest Hills Cent...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie DeJonge16.18aEast Grand Rapids
2.12Nate Peterson17.37aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.12Matt Peneycad18.49aGR Forest Hills Cent...
4.11Aiden Wysocki20.11aEast Grand Rapids

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie DeJonge41.43aEast Grand Rapids
2.12Matt Peneycad42.32aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.12Nate Peterson43.68aGR Forest Hills Cent...
4.12Alex Clark45.47aEast Grand Rapids
5.11Aiden Wysocki47.76aEast Grand Rapids
6.10Nick MacGeorge53.64aEast Grand Rapids
7.10Max Condon56.36aEast Grand Rapids

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Collin Bernard
Alex Clark
Jordan Walsh
Matt Olgren
47.43aEast Grand Rapids
2.-Nate Peterson
Marshal Brummel
Hunter Myers
Matt Basch
48.04aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.-Calvin Gaines
Jack Theut
Bobby Yarger
Bob Hollander
57.14aEast Grand Rapids

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jordan Walsh
Erik Molenaar
Sam Matthews
Collin Bernard
1:37.29aEast Grand Rapids
---Marshal Brummel
Matt Basch
Matt Peneycad
Ben Eastburg
DQGR Forest Hills Cent...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matt Olgren
Cade Vruggink
Sam Matthews
Sean Lang
3:44.98aEast Grand Rapids
2.-Jon Urich
Nate Peterson
Ben Eastburg
Matt Peneycad
3:45.08aGR Forest Hills Cent...
3.-Alex Clark
Bobby Yarger
Josh Brander
Lukas Zimmermann
4:31.63aEast Grand Rapids
4.-Thomas Mack
Ben Oostendorp
Davion Pearson-King
Kenton Rossi
4:31.75aEast Grand Rapids
5.-Ian Jones
Nick MacGeorge
Ben Collins
Max Condon
4:36.19aEast Grand Rapids

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Cade Vruggink
Erik Molenaar
Kenton Rossi
Sean Lang
9:21.44aEast Grand Rapids
2.-Nick Shorey
Stephen Hoffman
Ian Jones
Easton Schultz
9:39.71aEast Grand Rapids

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zach Walker42-07.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
2.12Troy Gotch41-09.00East Grand Rapids
3.11Ben Kurakazusampon38-10.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
4.12Corey Skar38-03.00East Grand Rapids
5.12James Eerdmans36-02.00East Grand Rapids
6.12Nick Steers32-11.00East Grand Rapids
7.9Noah Russo31-11.00East Grand Rapids
8.12Keegan Bogdan30-05.00East Grand Rapids
9.9Chris Steers29-10.00 SREast Grand Rapids
10.10Lorik Canaj29-08.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
11.9Mitchell Banks28-08.00 PRGR Forest Hills Cent...
12.10Ron Mattia26-08.00 SREast Grand Rapids
13.9Logan Vredenburg23-08.00GR Forest Hills Cent...

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Marshal Brummel105-03GR Forest Hills Cent...
2.12Zach Walker98-05GR Forest Hills Cent...
3.12Troy Gotch96-04East Grand Rapids
4.12Nick Steers96-01East Grand Rapids
5.11Ben Kurakazusampon90-09GR Forest Hills Cent...
6.12Corey Skar87-01East Grand Rapids
7.10Ron Mattia86-03 SREast Grand Rapids
8.12James Eerdmans81-05East Grand Rapids
9.9Noah Russo79-01East Grand Rapids
10.9Chris Steers74-05East Grand Rapids
11.12Keegan Bogdan68-07East Grand Rapids
12.9Mitchell Banks50-01GR Forest Hills Cent...

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie DeJonge5-08.00East Grand Rapids
--10Sam MatthewsNHEast Grand Rapids
--10Earl SainNHEast Grand Rapids
--9Ben OostendorpNHEast Grand Rapids
--11Hunter HerzogNHGR Forest Hills Cent...
--10Justin SpatesNHGR Forest Hills Cent...
--9Clayton DejongNHEast Grand Rapids
--9Cade VrugginkNHEast Grand Rapids

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie DeJonge10-00.00East Grand Rapids
--12Alex ClarkNHEast Grand Rapids
--11James GengelbachNHGR Forest Hills Cent...
--9Daniel TomkoNHGR Forest Hills Cent...
--9Chase ShoreyNHEast Grand Rapids
--9Logan VredenburgNHGR Forest Hills Cent...

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Matt Basch17-11.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
2.10Will Reinke16-06.50East Grand Rapids
3.10Justin Spates15-11.50GR Forest Hills Cent...
4.12Hunter Myers15-09.50 PRGR Forest Hills Cent...
5.11James Gengelbach15-09.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
6.12Mac Middleton15-08.50East Grand Rapids
7.10Jon Urich15-06.00GR Forest Hills Cent...
7.12Keegan Bogdan15-06.00East Grand Rapids
9.12Grant Gauger14-08.00East Grand Rapids
10.12Andrew Griffin14-05.50East Grand Rapids
11.10Griffin Fry14-02.50GR Forest Hills Cent...
12.10Calvin Gaines14-01.00East Grand Rapids
12.10Nick MacGeorge14-01.00East Grand Rapids
14.10Max Condon13-11.50East Grand Rapids
15.9Jack Theut13-08.00East Grand Rapids
16.9Thomas Mack12-07.50 PREast Grand Rapids
17.11Alec Vandersloot12-04.00East Grand Rapids
18.11Bob Hollander9-06.00 PREast Grand Rapids


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