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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Phillip Smith12.59aBay City Western
2.11Jaquan Dones12.61aFlushing
3.10Tom Ouillette12.97aBay City Western
3.9Julien York12.97aFlushing
5.10Nigel Cotton12.99aFlushing
6.10Blake Watson13.39aBay City Western
7.10Nolan O'Callahn13.72aFlushing
8.9Jacob Campbell14.09aBay City Western
9.10AJ Cuesta14.96aBay City Western

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Phillip Smith12.59aBay City Western
2.11Jaquan Dones12.61aFlushing
3.10Tom Ouillette12.97aBay City Western
3.9Julien York12.97a SRFlushing
5.10Nigel Cotton12.99a PRFlushing
6.10Blake Watson13.39aBay City Western
7.10Nolan O'Callahn13.72a SRFlushing
8.9Jacob Campbell14.09aBay City Western
9.10AJ Cuesta14.96aBay City Western
9Nick JordanNTFlushing

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Keith Rodriguez24.80aBay City Western
2.11Phillip Smith25.22a SRBay City Western
3.11Travis Havercamp25.37aBay City Western
4.10Nigel Cotton27.01aFlushing
5.11Jaquan Dones27.09a PRFlushing
6.9Mario Hernandez27.21aBay City Western
7.12Jameson Perdue27.30a PRBay City Western
8.9Merrit Hicks28.30a SRFlushing
9.10Nolan O'Callahn29.00a SRFlushing
10.9Dravyn Wenzlaff30.30aFlushing
11.9Jacob Boyer30.90aFlushing
12.9Cole Strobel32.00aFlushing
9Nick JordanNTFlushing
12Demarcus CarterNTBay City Central

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Keith Rodriguez54.84aBay City Western
2.11Travis Havercamp56.65aBay City Western
3.10George Berg58.16a SRBay City Western
4.11Alex Schlatter58.25aBay City Western
5.9Zane Gallaher59.53a SRBay City Western
6.9Spencer Chappell59.55a PRFlushing
7.12Jameson Perdue1:00.64a PRBay City Western
8.9Julien York1:00.70a SRFlushing
9.9Nick Jordan1:01.15aFlushing
10.9Nick Willman1:03.22aFlushing
11.9Dravyn Wenzlaff1:03.42a PRFlushing
12.9Jacob Campbell1:03.86a SRBay City Western
13.9Jacob Boyer1:04.89aFlushing
14.9Jacob Walraven1:05.09a PRBay City Western
15.10Nolan O'Callahn1:08.29a SRFlushing
11Noah GerhardtNTBay City Western

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nick Verity2:04.21a PRBay City Western
2.12Michele Visconti2:04.79a PRFlushing
3.11Rob Roest2:08.78aFlushing
4.12Alex Yue2:11.18a PRFlushing
5.12Gabe Witt2:13.42aBay City Central
6.9Spencer Chappell2:17.82aFlushing
7.11Dominic Clifford2:25.63a SRBay City Central
8.11Zach Urbanski2:25.91a SRBay City Western
9.10Josh Cianek2:27.25a SRBay City Western
10.12Marc Frey2:33.39aFlushing
11.12Fadi Odeh2:44.80aFlushing
12.9Nick Willman2:53.17aFlushing
10Majad AbuaitaNTFlushing
12Owen SmithNTFlushing
12Nathan GrocholskiNTBay City Western
12Kris SchwiemanNTFlushing
11Jay EmoryNTFlushing
12Colin DoleNTBay City Western
9Christian BentoskiNTFlushing
10Hunter DenicoleNTFlushing
10Matt KarasNTFlushing

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Rob Roest4:42.54aFlushing
2.11Andrew Lawrence4:55.59aBay City Western
3.10Antonio Wenglikowski4:57.16a SRBay City Western
4.11Sam Michalak4:57.44a SRBay City Western
5.9Matthew Billette4:57.81a SRBay City Western
6.11Jay Emory4:59.18aFlushing
7.9Christian Bentoski5:00.79aFlushing
9Khaymaree Robinson5:29.29a PRBay City Central
9.12Marc Frey5:29.91a PRFlushing
10.9Brandon Simon5:39.03aBay City Western
11.12Colin Dole5:40.10aBay City Western
12.10Hunter Denicole5:56.50a SRFlushing
13.10Zach Boyer6:01.07aFlushing
14.10Majad Abuaita7:40.79a PRFlushing
10Matt KarasNTFlushing
12Kris SchwiemanNTFlushing
12Nathan GrocholskiNTBay City Western
12Owen SmithNTFlushing
12Fadi OdehNTFlushing

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kris Schwieman10:29.90a SRFlushing
2.12Owen Smith10:49.78aFlushing
3.12Marc Frey12:38.55a PRFlushing
10Zach BoyerNTFlushing
11Jay EmoryNTFlushing
11Rob RoestNTFlushing

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zack Goodale16.10aFlushing
2.10Jordan Crum16.19aFlushing
3.10Cole Rechsteiner17.66aBay City Western
4.11Justin Eauclaire18.21aBay City Central
5.11Bobby Jaster18.27aFlushing
6.9Khristian Kozol18.62a SRFlushing
7.9Brennan Baldwin19.26a SRBay City Western
8.10Ben Walther19.46aFlushing
9Khaymaree Robinson20.30a PRBay City Central
10.12Cory Pioszak20.32a PRBay City Central
11.10Christian Jones20.57a PRFlushing
10Ben WaltherNTFlushing

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jordan Crum41.41aFlushing
2.11Bobby Jaster46.85aFlushing
3.9Khristian Kozol47.43aFlushing
4.12Cory Pioszak47.71aBay City Central
5.9Brennan Baldwin47.80aBay City Western
6.11Tyler Stawasz48.63aFlushing

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Prelims

1.10Jordan Crum41.41aFlushing
2.11Bobby Jaster46.85aFlushing
3.9Khristian Kozol47.43a SRFlushing
4.12Cory Pioszak47.71aBay City Central
5.9Brennan Baldwin47.80a SRBay City Western
6.11Tyler Stawasz48.63aFlushing
7.10Christian Jones49.40a PRFlushing
8.10Ben Walther51.50aFlushing
9Khaymaree Robinson54.39a PRBay City Central

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 44.99aBay City Central
2.-Lamonte Dabney
Mason Herr
Ethan Dupuis
Nolan Martin

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:34.92aBay City Central
2.-Lamonte Dabney
Mason Herr
Ethan Dupuis
Nolan Martin

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nick Verity
Alex Schlatter
Keith Rodriguez
Travis Havercamp
3:46.23aBay City Western
2.-Bobby Jaster
Nick Jordan
Khristian Kozol
Spencer Chappell
3.-Andrew Lawrence
Sam Michalak
Zach Urbanski
Travis Schlatter
4:05.20aBay City Western

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cedric McGee45-06.00 SRBay City Central
2.11Brett Sweicicki45-03.50Bay City Western
3.11Jason Bannister44-05.00 SRBay City Western
4.11Chris Johnson43-09.00Flushing
5.12Alyn Metevia43-08.00Bay City Central
6.11Cody Okes42-07.00Bay City Western
7.11Jacob Britt39-11.00 SRFlushing
8.10Issa Odeh39-05.00 SRFlushing
9.9Jared Brown38-11.00 PRBay City Central
10.12Chris Jacobs38-01.50Bay City Central
11.11Jared Leonard37-09.00 SRBay City Western
12.12Bryce Meylan37-06.00Bay City Western
13.12Darwin Smith35-07.00 PRFlushing
14.10Patrick Markey35-03.00 PRBay City Western
14.11Owen Deming35-03.00 SRBay City Western
16.11Matt Fast34-11.50 SRFlushing
17.12Cesar Rodriguez34-04.00Bay City Central
18.11Zach Hobgood33-05.00Bay City Western
19.9Tyler Mogg32-05.00Bay City Western
20.12Mark Peterson31-09.00 PRBay City Central
21.11Tyler Henneke31-08.50Flushing
22.9Mason Brown30-01.50Bay City Western
23.10Calvin Hess-Nielsen29-07.00 PRBay City Western
24.10Dominik Meixner28-08.00 PRBay City Western
25.11Aaron Fritz28-00.00 PRBay City Western
26.10Josh Houhilan27-08.00Bay City Western
27.9Luke Hartman27-01.00Flushing
28.8Tyler Knochel24-10.50Bay City Western
29.9Jonah Bellor24-09.00Bay City Western
10Shawn StolterNDBay City Central
10Kane WendlingNDBay City Western
12Brandon ThomasNDBay City Central
12Nathan DroptinyNDBay City Western

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brandon Thomas124-05Bay City Central
2.12Chris Jacobs116-02Bay City Central
3.11Chris Johnson113-08Flushing
4.11Brett Sweicicki113-01Bay City Western
5.12Darwin Smith111-03Flushing
6.12Demarcus Carter108-08Bay City Central
7.11Cody Okes107-09 SRBay City Western
8.12Alyn Metevia103-11 SRBay City Central
9.12Bryce Meylan103-00 PRBay City Western
10.9Jared Brown100-07 PRBay City Central
11.11Jacob Britt96-01Flushing
12.11Matt Fast92-03 SRFlushing
13.9Tyler Mogg91-11Bay City Western
14.10Issa Odeh91-01Flushing
15.11Jason Bannister90-07Bay City Western
16.11Owen Deming87-09Bay City Western
17.11Jared Leonard87-00 SRBay City Western
18.10Calvin Hess-Nielsen86-11 PRBay City Western
19.12Mark Peterson86-08Bay City Central
20.10Josh Houhilan83-01Bay City Western
21.10Patrick Markey82-07 PRBay City Western
22.11Zach Hobgood81-09Bay City Western
23.11Tyler Henneke80-07 SRFlushing
24.11Aaron Fritz73-04 PRBay City Western
25.9Luke Hartman70-11 SRFlushing
26.9Jonah Bellor69-02 PRBay City Western
27.10Dominik Meixner68-07Bay City Western
28.9Mason Brown67-07Bay City Western
29.8Tyler Knochel49-07Bay City Western
12Cesar RodriguezNDBay City Central
10Shawn StolterNDBay City Central
10Cole RechsteinerNDBay City Western
10Kane WendlingNDBay City Western
12Cedric McGeeNDBay City Central
12Nathan DroptinyNDBay City Western

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jonah Pine5-06.10Bay City Central
2.9Dylan Jeffrey5-06.00Bay City Western
10Sawyer HegyiNHBay City Western
10Christian JonesNHFlushing

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kris Schwieman11-06.10 PRFlushing
2.11Andrew Schunter11-06.00Flushing
3.11Alex Schlatter10-06.00Bay City Western
4.12Matt LaBerge10-00.00Bay City Central
5.11Travis Schlatter9-00.01Bay City Western
6.10Ben Walther9-00.00Flushing
7.9Merrit Hicks8-06.10 SRFlushing
8.10Nolan O'Callahn8-06.00Flushing
9.11Zach Urbanski7-00.00 PRBay City Western
12Devon JacksonNHBay City Central

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Victor Teneyuque19-02.00Bay City Central
2.11Jaquan Dones17-05.50Flushing
3.12Fadi Odeh17-02.75 PRFlushing
4.10Bailey Binns17-01.50 SRBay City Western
9Khaymaree Robinson16-11.00 PRBay City Central
6.11Noah Gerhardt15-11.00 PRBay City Western
7.9Julien York15-10.50Flushing
8.10Nigel Cotton15-10.25 PRFlushing
9.9Eliseo Vasquez-Landin15-04.00Bay City Western
10.10Christian Jones15-02.00 PRFlushing
11.11Bobby Jaster14-02.00Flushing
12.9Jacob Boyer13-07.00Flushing
13.9Cole Strobel11-02.50 PRFlushing
9Nick JordanNDFlushing
9Dylan JeffreyNDBay City Western
10Matt KarasNDFlushing


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Team Scores

Varsity - Mens
2.Bay City Western57.5
3.Bay City Central36
Varsity - Womens
1.Bay City Western72
3.Bay City Central19