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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charity Green13.43a SRFarmington Hills Mercy
2.11Amber Riethmiler13.90aLivonia Ladywood
3.11Ogechi Nwaopara14.39aFarmington Hills Mercy
4.11Devon Yearn14.64aLivonia Ladywood
5.9Tris Teasdale14.82a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
6.11Margaret Harrington14.96aLivonia Ladywood
7.9Julie Lilley15.79aFarmington Hills Mercy
8.11Emily Fradette15.99a PRLivonia Ladywood
9.11Janelle Erlinges17.24aLivonia Ladywood
10.9Renee Cole17.63aLivonia Ladywood

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charity Green29.07a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
2.11Ani Ramon29.54aLivonia Ladywood
3.11Amber Riethmiler29.57aLivonia Ladywood
4.11Katelyn Toloff31.60a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
5.9Tris Teasdale32.47aFarmington Hills Mercy
6.9Natalie Wilson33.56a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
7.9Catherine Harrington33.57aLivonia Ladywood
8.9Kelly Solak33.80a PRLivonia Ladywood
9.11Katie Maier35.22aLivonia Ladywood
10.9Rachel Rykwalder35.52aLivonia Ladywood
11.9Grace Doyle36.15aLivonia Ladywood
12.11Janelle Erlinges37.12aLivonia Ladywood
13.11Emily Fradette39.53a PRLivonia Ladywood
14.10Brooklyn McCammon39.85a SRLivonia Ladywood

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charity Green1:06.09a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
2.10Ally Hill1:06.42aLivonia Ladywood
3.11Ogechi Nwaopara1:07.09aFarmington Hills Mercy
4.9Julie Lilley1:15.14a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
5.11Mackenzie Darr1:16.62a SRLivonia Ladywood
6.9Tris Teasdale1:20.97a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
7.9Catherine Harrington1:21.87aLivonia Ladywood
8.11Ann Mark1:25.09a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
9.12Callan Tigani1:25.68a PRLivonia Ladywood

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Lauren Lytle2:56.21aFarmington Hills Mercy
2.12Serenity Tyll2:59.36aLivonia Ladywood
3.12Julian Slavsky3:01.74a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
4.10Marisa Hardenbergh3:04.63aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.9Claire Johnston3:11.79a SRFarmington Hills Mercy
6.9Natalie Wilson3:12.78a SRFarmington Hills Mercy
7.10Veronica Larkin3:15.48a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
8.12Elyse Baron3:30.79aFarmington Hills Mercy
9.10Kristen Edwards3:44.52a PRFarmington Hills Mercy

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Allysen Eads6:03.65aFarmington Hills Mercy
2.11Katelyn Toloff6:23.80aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.10Sarah Wilson6:27.17aLivonia Ladywood
4.9Kaitlin McHenry6:28.17aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.9Lauren Lytle6:37.81aFarmington Hills Mercy
6.12Shelbi Hines6:41.19a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
7.10Hailey Goran6:51.09a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
8.12Julian Slavsky6:52.89a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
9.9Natalie Wilson7:05.35aFarmington Hills Mercy
10.9Claire Johnston7:22.06a SRFarmington Hills Mercy
11.12Elyse Baron7:26.38aFarmington Hills Mercy
12.9Emma Kruse8:24.38aFarmington Hills Mercy
13.9Jasmine Williams10:09.86aFarmington Hills Mercy

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Allysen Eads12:17.86a SRFarmington Hills Mercy
2.9Catherine McLaurin12:17.89aLivonia Ladywood
3.12Katarina Gaffka13:26.58aLivonia Ladywood
4.11Katelyn Toloff14:09.19aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.9Kaitlin McHenry14:22.50a PRFarmington Hills Mercy
6.10Hailey Goran15:03.36aFarmington Hills Mercy

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hannah Gove19.77aLivonia Ladywood
2.11Kelly Eusebi21.68aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.11Mady Morgan22.49aFarmington Hills Mercy
4.11Cate Carey24.20aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.9Arianna Allman25.86aFarmington Hills Mercy

300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hannah Gove54.29aLivonia Ladywood
2.11Margaret Harrington57.75aLivonia Ladywood
3.11Molly McClorey59.37aLivonia Ladywood
4.11Mady Morgan1:00.48aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.11Kelly Eusebi1:01.52aFarmington Hills Mercy
6.9Arianna Allman1:05.68aFarmington Hills Mercy
7.11Cate Carey1:13.76a PRFarmington Hills Mercy

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 56.82aLivonia Ladywood
2.-Relay Team 1:01.83aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.-Relay Team 1:06.37aFarmington Hills Mercy

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 2:03.95aLivonia Ladywood
2.-Relay Team 2:09.52aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.-Relay Team 2:16.95aFarmington Hills Mercy
4.-Relay Team 2:19.43aLivonia Ladywood

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:44.33aLivonia Ladywood
2.-Relay Team 5:13.56aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.-Relay Team 5:21.47aFarmington Hills Mercy
4.-Relay Team 5:38.39aFarmington Hills Mercy
5.-Relay Team 5:54.75aFarmington Hills Mercy

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 11:15.27aLivonia Ladywood
2.-Relay Team 11:37.11aFarmington Hills Mercy
3.-Relay Team 14:34.00aFarmington Hills Mercy

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Hayley Caddell32-07.00 PRFarmington Hills Mercy
2.12Dominique Jones30-08.00Farmington Hills Mercy
3.11Elon Pendleton30-02.00Farmington Hills Mercy
4.12Krystyna Kitlinski27-06.50Livonia Ladywood
5.11Kelly Wolter23-00.00Livonia Ladywood
6.10Sarah Stubbe15-07.50Livonia Ladywood

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Krystyna Kitlinski83-09Livonia Ladywood
2.12Shelbi Hines78-11Farmington Hills Mercy
3.11Elon Pendleton72-10Farmington Hills Mercy
4.12Dominique Jones70-05Farmington Hills Mercy
5.11Kelly Wolter68-05Livonia Ladywood
6.10Sarah Stubbe52-02 SRLivonia Ladywood

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ogechi Nwaopara4-10.00Farmington Hills Mercy
1.9Arianna Allman4-10.00Farmington Hills Mercy
3.11Molly McClorey4-08.00 PRLivonia Ladywood
4.11Hannah Gove4-06.00Livonia Ladywood
5.11Cate Carey4-00.00Farmington Hills Mercy
9Grace DoyleNHLivonia Ladywood
11Mady MorganNHFarmington Hills Mercy

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Callan Tigani14-02.00Livonia Ladywood
2.9Arianna Allman12-11.00Farmington Hills Mercy
3.10Justine Bahoura12-10.00Farmington Hills Mercy
4.11Mady Morgan12-04.00Farmington Hills Mercy
5.11Kelly Eusebi11-08.75Farmington Hills Mercy
6.11Brianna Hines11-02.00Farmington Hills Mercy
7.9Lauren Lytle10-02.50 PRFarmington Hills Mercy
8.11Cate Carey10-00.00 PRFarmington Hills Mercy
9.9Nina Small9-11.75 PRFarmington Hills Mercy


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