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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Herbert11.58a SRPortage Northern
2.11Eric Hyames11.77aPortage Northern
3.12Dreshon Taylor11.78aBenton Harbor
4.11Mitchell Gercak11.92aPortage Northern
5.10Brandon Sturgeon11.93aPortage Central
--10Jalen Stevens12.02a PRBenton Harbor
--11Jordan Connon12.20a SRPortage Northern
6.9Antionio McGee12.27aBenton Harbor
--10Jerome Leiter12.29a PRPortage Northern
--9Kyler Quezada12.32aPortage Northern
7.9Zak Kirschman12.34aPortage Central
8.9Dallin Bingham12.40aPortage Northern
--9Josh Fazal12.51a PRPortage Northern
9.12Damaree Bell12.57a PRBenton Harbor
--11Joshua Leiter12.64aPortage Northern
--10Lucis Compton12.73a PRPortage Central
--11Devin Dumont12.75a PRPortage Northern
--9Wesley Hyames12.78aPortage Northern
--11Stephen Chow12.88aPortage Northern
10.12Theo Parsons12.90aBenton Harbor
--12Patrick O'Keefe12.93a PRPortage Northern
--10Sam Eiler12.98aPortage Northern
--11Jordon Buell13.03a SRPortage Northern
--9Ben Stump13.20aPortage Northern
--9Jalen Anglin13.22aPortage Northern
--9Tyriq Kingston13.45aPortage Northern
--11Andrew Burch13.95aPortage Central
--9Jonathan Fridman14.07aPortage Northern
--9Mohammad Hasher14.11a SRPortage Northern
--10Devon Bruner14.27aPortage Northern
--9Brandon Lankerd14.27aPortage Central
--10Christopher Reyes14.48aPortage Central

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Herbert23.63a SRPortage Northern
2.11Mitchell Gercak24.19aPortage Northern
3.10Brandon Sturgeon24.28aPortage Central
4.9Hasten Biddlecome24.35aPortage Northern
5.9Eric Coley24.52aPortage Northern
6.12Tate Mazer25.13aPortage Central
7.9Zak Kirschman25.14a SRPortage Central
8.11Ian Epkey25.31aPortage Central
--11Jordan Connon25.80aPortage Northern
9.12Theo Parsons25.85aBenton Harbor
--9Antionio Varnado25.86a SRBenton Harbor
--9Kyler Quezada25.94aPortage Northern
--10Quentin Strother26.03a SRPortage Central
--10Lucis Compton26.14a PRPortage Central
--11Stephen Chow26.21a PRPortage Northern
--9Tyriq Kingston26.25a SRPortage Northern
--11Devin Dumont26.44a PRPortage Northern
--9Josh Fazal26.65a PRPortage Northern
--10Sam Eiler26.69aPortage Northern
10.12Dreshon Taylor26.91aBenton Harbor
--11Jean-Luc Mondoux26.94a SRPortage Northern
--11Jordon Buell26.96aPortage Northern
--9Ben Stump27.05aPortage Northern
--9Wesley Hyames27.12aPortage Northern
--9Jesse Liebert27.41a PRPortage Northern
--10Alex Wojewoda27.98aPortage Northern
--10Jacob Burnett27.98a SRPortage Northern
--11Andrew Burch28.24aPortage Central
--9Randy Prince28.36aPortage Northern
--9Jonathan Fridman28.67a PRPortage Northern
--10Christopher Reyes29.49aPortage Central
--9Gabe Daniel29.63aPortage Northern
--9Mohammad Hasher29.68aPortage Northern
--10Devon Bruner29.80aPortage Northern
11.9Antionio McGee30.38aBenton Harbor
--9Carter Taverna32.05aPortage Northern

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Eric Coley54.44aPortage Northern
2.11Eric Hyames56.11aPortage Northern
3.11Tyshaun Walls56.49aBenton Harbor
4.11Malik Hall56.53a SRBenton Harbor
5.9Hasten Biddlecome57.11aPortage Northern
6.11Alex Knue57.78aPortage Central
7.9Brady Rudesill58.95aPortage Central
8.9Wesley Hyames59.99aPortage Northern
9.9Antionio Varnado1:00.08aBenton Harbor
10.11Ian Epkey1:00.44aPortage Central
11.12Tate Mazer1:00.73a SRPortage Central
12.9Dallin Bingham1:01.25aPortage Northern
13.9Jon Koning1:02.33aPortage Central
14.10Sam Eiler1:02.46aPortage Northern
15.9Nicholas Johnson1:02.83aBenton Harbor
16.11Stephen Chow1:03.01a SRPortage Northern
17.9Jesse Liebert1:04.32aPortage Northern
18.9Austin Morgan1:05.01aBenton Harbor
19.9Chris Johnson1:05.89aBenton Harbor
20.9Randy Prince1:06.09aPortage Northern
21.12Logan Crooks1:06.29aPortage Central
22.10Devon Bruner1:06.51aPortage Northern
23.9Mohammad Hasher1:06.99aPortage Northern
24.11Jean-Luc Mondoux1:07.72aPortage Northern
25.9Jonathan Fridman1:08.83a PRPortage Northern
26.10Jalen Stevens1:10.42aBenton Harbor

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Jon Koning2:08.87aPortage Central
2.12Mac Westra2:09.90aPortage Central
3.9Glen Kellam2:10.32aPortage Northern
4.12Mack Evans2:14.30aPortage Northern
5.9Gannon Foley2:16.28a SRPortage Central
6.10Wayne Matunas2:20.47a SRPortage Northern
7.12Logan Crooks2:26.58aPortage Central
8.9Kyle Deutscher2:32.50a PRPortage Northern
9.9Zach Franks2:33.95aPortage Central
10.10Zak Awad2:38.36a SRPortage Central
11.9Chris Kulpa2:38.47aPortage Northern
12.11Quinton Broach2:40.91aPortage Central
13.10Logan Lee2:41.65aPortage Central
14.12Jonathan Lockhart2:42.49aPortage Northern
15.10Logan McDonald2:42.69aPortage Northern
16.9Aidan Sorensen2:42.77aPortage Northern
17.10Ben Coll2:45.74aPortage Central
18.11Derick Augst2:47.47a SRPortage Northern
19.9Caleb Story2:48.58aPortage Central

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Connor Wuori4:39.99aPortage Central
2.10Wayne Matunas4:52.45aPortage Northern
3.12Alex Kulpa4:54.25aPortage Northern
4.9Gannon Foley4:55.25aPortage Central
5.11Brian Stubelt5:04.18aPortage Central
6.10Codey Clemens5:07.09aPortage Northern
7.12Brad Worthington5:10.68aPortage Central
8.11Ian Otto5:12.79aPortage Northern
9.10Dalton Seeley5:30.38aPortage Central
10.9Michael Stinchcomb5:34.14aPortage Northern
11.12Jonathan Lockhart5:34.32aPortage Northern
12.9Zach Franks5:34.83aPortage Central
13.11Quinton Broach5:35.43aPortage Central
14.10Logan McDonald5:51.14a SRPortage Northern
15.10Zak Awad5:56.44aPortage Central
16.10Logan Lee6:02.61aPortage Central
17.10Ben Coll6:04.72aPortage Central
18.11Emilio Johnson6:05.13aBenton Harbor
19.9Chris Kulpa6:06.58aPortage Northern
20.9Caleb Story6:16.21aPortage Central
21.11Derick Augst6:21.75aPortage Northern

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alex Kulpa10:27.89aPortage Northern
2.11Brian Stubelt10:45.34a SRPortage Central
3.12Brad Worthington10:56.74aPortage Central
4.11Ian Otto10:58.79a SRPortage Northern
5.10Codey Clemens10:59.92aPortage Northern
6.10Dalton Seeley11:42.08aPortage Central
7.9Michael Stinchcomb11:48.83aPortage Northern
8.11Quinton Broach12:25.10aPortage Central

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Guerrant16.87aPortage Northern
2.12Connor Gabriel17.47aPortage Central
3.12Stephen Pepps17.87aPortage Northern
4.10Quentin Strother18.72a SRPortage Central
5.9Jon Ulsh19.06aPortage Central
6.10Til Longjohn19.13aPortage Central
7.11Jordon Buell20.84aPortage Northern
8.9Jaquon Bennett21.23aBenton Harbor
9.10Tyrece Lamar22.97aBenton Harbor

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Guerrant43.71aPortage Northern
2.12Stephen Pepps46.03aPortage Northern
3.12Connor Gabriel49.30aPortage Central
--12Patrick O'Keefe49.37aPortage Northern
4.10Quentin Strother50.93a SRPortage Central
5.9Jon Ulsh51.11aPortage Central
6.10Jacob Burnett51.88aPortage Northern
7.10Til Longjohn55.37aPortage Central
8.9Jaquon Bennett1:01.44aBenton Harbor
9.10Tyrece Lamar1:02.37aBenton Harbor

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jordan Connon
Nicholas Herbert
Mitchell Gercak
Eric Hyames
46.09aPortage Northern
2.-Brady Rudesill
Zak Kirschman
Brandon Sturgeon
Tate Mazer
48.25aPortage Central
3.-Antionio McGee
Jalen Stevens
Damaree Bell
Dreshon Taylor
49.30aBenton Harbor
4.-Lucis Compton
Quentin Strother
Andrew Burch
Brandon Lankerd
52.37aPortage Central

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Eric Coley
Hasten Biddlecome
Eric Hyames
Kyler Quezada
1:38.47aPortage Northern
2.-Tate Mazer
Zak Kirschman
Brandon Sturgeon
Ian Epkey
1:40.34aPortage Central
3.-Tyshaun Walls
Dreshon Taylor
Jalen Stevens
Jaton Gunn
1:40.82aBenton Harbor
4.-Relay Team 1:55.05aPortage Central

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Hasten Biddlecome
Eric Coley
Stephen Pepps
Mitchell Gercak
3:48.49aPortage Northern
2.-Alex Knue
Mac Westra
Brady Rudesill
Jon Koning
4:14.14aPortage Central

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Glen Kellam
Mack Evans
Alex Kulpa
Evan Williams
8:39.98aPortage Northern
2.-Mac Westra
Brian Stubelt
Jon Koning
Ryan Patout
8:58.30aPortage Central
3.-Aidan Sorensen
Kyle Deutscher
Nathan Chapleau
Ian Otto
9:57.00aPortage Northern
4.-Quinton Broach
Riley Nickell
Zak Awad
Dylan Steffic
10:06.55aPortage Central
5.-Relay Team 10:23.95aPortage Central
6.-Emilio Johnson
Chris Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Austin Morgan
10:29.77aBenton Harbor

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob Mais39-10.00 PRPortage Northern
2.11Chris Sanders36-01.00Benton Harbor
3.12Josh Alvarez35-10.00Portage Central
4.10Artavian Diaz-Meneses35-10.00Portage Northern
5.10Alex Wojewoda34-09.00Portage Northern
6.11Eric Hausermann34-04.00Portage Northern
7.9Randy Prince34-01.50Portage Northern
8.11Jason Bell33-06.50 PRBenton Harbor
9.9Zach Meddaugh32-01.00Portage Central
10.10Austin Hemenway32-00.00 SRPortage Central
11.11Devin Dumont31-11.00 PRPortage Northern
12.10David Mendoza31-05.50Portage Northern
13.9Gabe Daniel31-00.00 SRPortage Northern
14.10David McNees30-09.50Portage Northern
15.9Max Kruger30-08.00 PRPortage Northern
16.10Sharief Alexander29-05.00Benton Harbor
17.10Lance Abbott28-08.00 SRPortage Northern
18.9Andrew Vanhoven27-05.00Portage Central
19.9Carter Taverna25-11.50 SRPortage Northern
20.9Jaspal Singh24-05.50Portage Northern

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Alvarez129-02 PRPortage Central
2.10Lance Abbott85-09Portage Northern
3.11Eric Hausermann83-00Portage Northern
4.10Artavian Diaz-Meneses81-00Portage Northern
5.9Gabe Daniel80-05Portage Northern
6.11Chris Sanders76-08Benton Harbor
7.10David Mendoza76-00 SRPortage Northern
8.9Zach Meddaugh74-09Portage Central
9.9Andrew Vanhoven74-00Portage Central
10.10Austin Hemenway73-04Portage Central
11.11Jason Bell68-08Benton Harbor
12.10Sharief Alexander55-04Benton Harbor
--9Max KrugerNDPortage Northern

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Guerrant6-05.00Portage Northern
2.12Tim Lotz5-03.00 PRPortage Central
3.12Patrick O'Keefe5-03.00Portage Northern
3.9Dallin Bingham5-03.00Portage Northern
--12Connor GabrielNHPortage Central

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nicholas VanDeWalker10-00.00Portage Central
2.12Tim Lotz9-06.00Portage Central
3.11Ben Mayoras9-00.00Portage Central
4.11Jean-Luc Mondoux9-00.00 PRPortage Northern
--10Jacob BurnettNHPortage Northern
--12Capstan StauntonNHPortage Northern

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Herbert19-10.75Portage Northern
2.12Dreshon Taylor19-01.75 SRBenton Harbor
3.12Connor Gabriel17-10.75Portage Central
4.11Alex Knue17-07.50Portage Central
5.12Patrick O'Keefe17-03.00Portage Northern
6.9Jaquon Bennett16-09.50Benton Harbor
7.9Tyriq Kingston16-06.00 PRPortage Northern
8.9Jalen Anglin16-05.00 SRPortage Northern
9.11Jordan Connon16-01.75Portage Northern
10.9Jesse Liebert15-09.50Portage Northern
11.9Antionio McGee15-04.50Benton Harbor
12.11Stephen Chow14-10.00Portage Northern
13.11Dillon Bierenga14-07.00Portage Central
14.9Dylan Steffic13-10.75Portage Central
15.11Andrew Burch13-03.00Portage Central
16.10Devon Bruner13-02.50Portage Northern
--10Jaton GunnNDBenton Harbor


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Team Scores

P Northern v. Benton Harbor - Mens
1.Portage Northern142
2.Benton Harbor14
P Northern v. P. Central - Mens
1.Portage Northern107
2.Portage Central56
P. Central v. Benton Harbor - Mens
1.Portage Central125
2.Benton Harbor31
P Northern v. Benton Harbor - Womens
1.Portage Northern133
2.Benton Harbor15
P Northern v. P. Central - Womens
1.Portage Northern109
2.Portage Central50
P. Central v. Benton Harbor - Womens
1.Portage Central118
2.Benton Harbor24

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