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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nick Tibbetts12.30aOgemaw Heights
2.11Josh Awrey12.79aOgemaw Heights
3.11TJ Baker12.84a SRCadillac
4.9Kaden Dennis12.94aCadillac
5.11Austin Cline13.05aOgemaw Heights
6.10Zach Zettel13.06aOgemaw Heights
7.11John Alley13.18aOgemaw Heights
8.12Will Spence13.29aCadillac
9.9Gavin Miller13.59aOgemaw Heights
10.11Zach Farley13.83aOgemaw Heights
11.10Brandon Munsey14.12aOgemaw Heights
12.9Cody VanGoethem14.16aOgemaw Heights
13.10Jared Winters14.17aOgemaw Heights
14.11Danny Gehl14.20aOgemaw Heights
15.10Chris Nouhan14.24aOgemaw Heights
16.10Spencer Withers14.33aOgemaw Heights
17.11Mychael Hintz14.37aOgemaw Heights
18.9Jayden Pena15.42aOgemaw Heights

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Evan Lee25.07aCadillac
2.10Nick Tibbetts25.59aOgemaw Heights
3.11Josh Awrey25.68aOgemaw Heights
4.11John Alley26.57aOgemaw Heights
5.11Garrett Nimeth26.93aOgemaw Heights
6.10Dominic Cataldo27.17aCadillac
7.10Chris Nouhan27.55aOgemaw Heights
8.10Brandon Munsey27.81aOgemaw Heights
9.9Cody VanGoethem28.26aOgemaw Heights
10.10Jared Winters28.32aOgemaw Heights
11.12Cody Stilwell28.41a PRCadillac
12.10Joe Meier28.57aCadillac
13.9Gavin Miller28.60aOgemaw Heights
14.9Austin Whitlock28.62aOgemaw Heights
15.10Zach Zettel29.22aOgemaw Heights

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11John Alberts55.22aCadillac
2.11Garrett Nimeth58.34aOgemaw Heights
3.11Quinn Kaspriak58.74aCadillac
4.11Danny Gehl59.93a PROgemaw Heights
5.11Max Stebbins1:00.16aCadillac
6.10Spencer Withers1:01.77aOgemaw Heights
--11Dan McMurrayNTCadillac
--11Austin ClineNTOgemaw Heights

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut2:06.62aCadillac
2.12Phillip Merrell2:13.28aCadillac
3.11Dillon Zettel2:21.47aOgemaw Heights
4.12Ben Macioszek2:23.20a PRCadillac
5.9Shelbey Coates2:29.41aOgemaw Heights
6.9Jayden Pena2:30.10aOgemaw Heights
7.9Nick Catlin2:55.13aCadillac

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut4:51.02aCadillac
2.11Max Stebbins4:59.68aCadillac
3.12Phillip Merrell5:03.65aCadillac
4.12Paul Travis5:13.52aOgemaw Heights
5.12Ben Macioszek5:13.77aCadillac
6.11Charlie Payne5:17.08aCadillac
7.9Brendan Shanahan5:21.69aCadillac
8.10Eric Wood5:21.87aOgemaw Heights
9.9Adam Zettel5:32.40aOgemaw Heights
10.9Kyle Pike5:58.45aCadillac
11.9Jake Peck6:21.88a SROgemaw Heights
12.9Nick Catlin6:38.37aCadillac

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut10:40.23aCadillac
2.11Keegan Atherton11:12.08a SROgemaw Heights
3.12Phillip Merrell11:19.63aCadillac
4.12Ben Macioszek11:48.68aCadillac
5.11Charlie Payne11:55.14aCadillac
6.9Jered Holland11:57.48aCadillac
7.9Nick Catlin14:20.23a PRCadillac
--9Kyle PikeNTCadillac
--9Brendan ShanahanNTCadillac
--10Nathiel DeitlinNTCadillac

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Austin Carlington19.26aCadillac
2.10Jake Maier20.44aCadillac
3.10Cameron Diaz20.89aOgemaw Heights
4.10Michael Dewell20.93aOgemaw Heights
5.10Michael Jones21.01aCadillac
6.11Adam Shuff22.22aOgemaw Heights

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Austin Carlington47.07aCadillac
2.10Jake Maier48.38aCadillac
3.10Michael Jones49.52aCadillac
4.10Cameron Diaz51.63aOgemaw Heights
5.10Michael Dewell52.91aOgemaw Heights
6.11Adam Shuff55.06aOgemaw Heights
--11Dominic VulcanoNTOgemaw Heights

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-TJ Baker
Evan Lee
Gavin Daniels
Mike Holdship
2.-Nick Tibbetts
Zach Zettel
Ben Hartley
Josh Awrey
47.75aOgemaw Heights
3.-Relay Team 57.90aCadillac

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Evan Lee
Gavin Daniels
Dan McMurray
Kaden Dennis
2.-John Alley
Garrett Nimeth
Ben Hartley
Zach Zettel
1:41.03aOgemaw Heights

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dan McMurray
Evan Lee
John Alberts
Austin Carlington
2.-Relay Team 4:02.29aCadillac
3.-John Alley
Adam Zettel
Spencer Withers
Cameron Diaz
4:24.80aOgemaw Heights
4.-Austin Cline
Jared Winters
Michael Dewell
Austin Whitlock
4:30.79aOgemaw Heights
5.-Paul Travis
Shelbey Coates
Eric Wood
Jake Peck
4:34.04aOgemaw Heights

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Alberts
Quinn Kaspriak
Trevor Thiebaut
Phillip Merrell
2.-Brendan Shanahan
Max Stebbins
Dan McMurray
Quinn Kaspriak
3.-Shelbey Coates
Adam Zettel
Chris Nouhan
Paul Travis
10:11.13aOgemaw Heights
4.-Nathiel Deitlin
Jared Holland
Nick Catlin
Kyle Pike
---Relay Team NTCadillac

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ed Nguyen42'03.00 PRCadillac
2.11TJ Baker41'01.50Cadillac
3.10Dominic Cataldo40'00.00Cadillac
4.11Mychael Hintz38-10.50Ogemaw Heights
5.10Mike Holdship38-08.00Cadillac
6.11Zeb Broersma36-04.50Cadillac
7.10Mitchel Budnick36-01.00Cadillac
8.9Isiah Raby31-07.50Cadillac
9.9Gavin Miller28-11.00Ogemaw Heights
10.10Matthew Mohler28-10.00Cadillac
11.11Matt Carlu28-04.50Ogemaw Heights
12.11Clifford Cline27-10.50Cadillac
13.11Zach Farley25-00.00Ogemaw Heights
14.10Brandon Quigley23-09.25Ogemaw Heights

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cody Stilwell131'01Cadillac
2.11TJ Baker127'07Cadillac
3.10Mike Holdship115'07 SRCadillac
4.12Ed Nguyen111-09Cadillac
5.10Dominic Cataldo110-03Cadillac
6.11Mychael Hintz107-04 SROgemaw Heights
7.10Mitchel Budnick101-09 SRCadillac
8.11Zeb Broersma87-05Cadillac
9.11Matt Carlu85-05Ogemaw Heights
10.9Isiah Raby84-11Cadillac
11.10Matthew Mohler84-03Cadillac
12.11Clifford Cline73-07Cadillac
13.9Gavin Miller67-06Ogemaw Heights
14.10Brandon Quigley52-02Ogemaw Heights

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Quinn Kaspriak5-04.00Cadillac
2.10Michael Jones5-02.00Cadillac
3.11John Alberts5-00.00Cadillac
4.9Kaden Dennis5-00.00Cadillac
--11Garrett NimethNHOgemaw Heights

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Austin Cline12-00.00Ogemaw Heights
2.11Ben Hartley11-06.00Ogemaw Heights
3.10Jake Maier10'00.00Cadillac
4.11Danny Gehl9-00.00Ogemaw Heights
5.9Jered Holland7'06.00Cadillac
6.9Cody VanGoethem7-00.00 SROgemaw Heights
--9Austin WhitlockNHOgemaw Heights
--10Joe MeierNHCadillac

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Josh Awrey19-08.00Ogemaw Heights
2.11Ben Hartley19-06.50Ogemaw Heights
3.11Austin Carlington19-01.00Cadillac
4.11Dan McMurray18-01.25 PRCadillac
5.10Nick Tibbetts17-11.50 PROgemaw Heights
6.10Brandon Munsey16-08.50 PROgemaw Heights
7.10Spencer Withers16-06.50 PROgemaw Heights
8.9Brendan Shanahan15-10.50 PRCadillac
9.10Jared Winters15-01.50 SROgemaw Heights
10.9Kyle Pike13-06.50Cadillac
11.10Chris Nouhan13-06.00 PROgemaw Heights


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Team Scores

Varsity - Mens
2.Ogemaw Heights46
Varsity - Womens
2.Ogemaw Heights50