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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Hunter Wiltjer12.08hHoward City-Tri-County
2.11Hunter Vidro12.12hHoward City-Tri-County
3.11Alex Britten12.27h PRHoward City-Tri-County
4.10Isaiah Pierce12.30h SRSpring Lake
5.12Zach Sherwood12.39hSpring Lake
6.10Chris Warner12.49hSpring Lake
7.12Noah Rick12.51hSpring Lake
8.11John Zuzula12.64hHoward City-Tri-County
9.11Keon Rick12.67hSpring Lake
10.12Anthoney Zerbe12.79h PRHoward City-Tri-County
11.10Evan Lounsbury12.86hSpring Lake
12.12Thomas Reetz12.92hHoward City-Tri-County
13.9Sawyer Maxson12.94hHoward City-Tri-County
14.11Ben Johnson13.08hSpring Lake
15.12Josh Olrich13.15hSpring Lake
16.11Grant Peterson13.44h PRSpring Lake
17.10Casey King13.47hSpring Lake
18.12Sam Kaltz13.51h SRHoward City-Tri-County
19.12Mitch Davis13.54hSpring Lake
20.12Jacob Orling13.61hSpring Lake
21.9Timmy Totengco13.62hHoward City-Tri-County
22.10Collin Thompson13.79hSpring Lake
23.11Kurt Recker13.91hSpring Lake
24.11Austin VanStrate13.92hSpring Lake
25.12Jordan Smant13.96hSpring Lake
26.10Jacob Bryant14.17h PRSpring Lake
27.9Michael Freeland14.27hHoward City-Tri-County
28.11Joey Bowen14.42hSpring Lake
29.9Tanner Gyger14.62hHoward City-Tri-County
30.10Levi Kinsey14.70h PRHoward City-Tri-County
31.12Cameron Hysell14.76h PRHoward City-Tri-County
32.10Jack Dewald14.95hSpring Lake
33.9Miguel Lagunas14.99hHoward City-Tri-County
34.10Drew Christensen15.12hSpring Lake
35.11Josh Hogan15.26hSpring Lake
36.9Gavin Mackenzie15.32hHoward City-Tri-County
37.10Dan Stewart15.48hSpring Lake
12John NewellNTHoward City-Tri-County
10Christian FugateNTHoward City-Tri-County
12Prescott GallagherNTSpring Lake

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Johnathan Becktell23.85hHoward City-Tri-County
2.11Hunter Vidro24.72hHoward City-Tri-County
3.10Isaiah Pierce25.03h SRSpring Lake
4.11John Zuzula25.55h PRHoward City-Tri-County
5.11Alex Britten25.65h SRHoward City-Tri-County
6.10Chris Warner25.89hSpring Lake
7.11Keon Rick25.90hSpring Lake
8.12Zach Sherwood26.11hSpring Lake
9.9Timmy Totengco26.98hHoward City-Tri-County
10.12Josh Olrich27.04hSpring Lake
11.11Ben Johnson27.25h PRSpring Lake
12.9Sawyer Maxson27.49hHoward City-Tri-County
13.12Mitch Davis27.63h PRSpring Lake
14.10Evan Lounsbury27.94hSpring Lake
15.12Sam Kaltz28.28h SRHoward City-Tri-County
16.12Kaleb Miller28.37hHoward City-Tri-County
17.11Austin VanStrate28.43hSpring Lake
18.10Casey King28.49hSpring Lake
19.10Collin Thompson28.95hSpring Lake
20.12Jacob Orling29.23hSpring Lake
21.9JD Bradley29.55hHoward City-Tri-County
22.10Jacob Bryant29.70hSpring Lake
23.9Tanner Gyger30.15hHoward City-Tri-County
24.12Cameron Hysell30.26h PRHoward City-Tri-County
25.9Michael Freeland30.73h SRHoward City-Tri-County
26.9Miguel Lagunas30.86hHoward City-Tri-County
27.11Joey Bowen30.91hSpring Lake
28.10Jack Dewald31.14h PRSpring Lake
29.10Levi Kinsey31.34h PRHoward City-Tri-County
30.9Gavin Mackenzie31.79h SRHoward City-Tri-County
31.10Dan Stewart32.20hSpring Lake
12Thomas ReetzNTHoward City-Tri-County
11Grant PetersonNTSpring Lake
11Marco LagunasNTHoward City-Tri-County
10Christian FugateNTHoward City-Tri-County
12Jordan SmantNTSpring Lake
10Caleb BoonNTSpring Lake

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie Warber55.00h SRSpring Lake
2.12Noah Rick56.28hSpring Lake
3.11Alex Britten59.35hHoward City-Tri-County
4.12Kaleb Miller1:01.01h PRHoward City-Tri-County
5.10Casey King1:03.63h PRSpring Lake
6.10Zack Bandstra1:03.86hSpring Lake
7.9Weston Rackley1:04.92h PRHoward City-Tri-County
8.10Jacob Bryant1:05.61hSpring Lake
9.10Collin Thompson1:07.09h PRSpring Lake
10.9Tanner Gyger1:10.00h SRHoward City-Tri-County
11.10Evan Lounsbury1:10.50hSpring Lake
12.12Sam Kaltz1:12.26h SRHoward City-Tri-County
13.9Miguel Lagunas1:12.37h PRHoward City-Tri-County
14.10Hunter Wiltjer1:13.37h PRHoward City-Tri-County
15.11Alex Ruter1:14.50hSpring Lake
16.10Jakob Wells1:21.02hSpring Lake
10Christian FugateNTHoward City-Tri-County
9JD BradleyNTHoward City-Tri-County
10Dan StewartNTSpring Lake
10Chris WarnerNTSpring Lake

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Aaron Jason2:16.33hHoward City-Tri-County
2.10Spencer Taylor2:23.68h PRHoward City-Tri-County
3.11Cameron Kyser2:24.12hSpring Lake
4.10Matt Schmidt2:24.17h SRSpring Lake
5.11Austin VanStrate2:26.47h PRSpring Lake
6.11Hunter Brimmer2:36.80hHoward City-Tri-County
7.12Kaleb Miller2:38.31h SRHoward City-Tri-County
8.12Cameron Hysell2:40.10h PRHoward City-Tri-County
9.11Alex Ruter2:44.96h SRSpring Lake
10.9Michael Freeland2:49.22hHoward City-Tri-County
11.10Jakob Wells3:22.65hSpring Lake

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Will Warmoth5:04.08hSpring Lake
2.12Connor Bolthouse5:04.12hSpring Lake
3.11Lucas Piekarski5:04.57hSpring Lake
4.9Aaron Jason5:05.52hHoward City-Tri-County
5.9Weston Rackley5:15.07hHoward City-Tri-County
6.10Matt Schmidt5:15.77hSpring Lake
7.11Cameron Kyser5:24.68hSpring Lake
8.12Kaleb Miller5:50.46hHoward City-Tri-County
9.11Hunter Brimmer5:55.60hHoward City-Tri-County
10.12Cameron Hysell5:57.89hHoward City-Tri-County
11.9Michael Freeland6:42.59hHoward City-Tri-County
10Joe NegenNTSpring Lake
10Aiden BolthouseNTSpring Lake

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Will Warmoth11:14.83h SRSpring Lake
2.9Aaron Jason11:15.25hHoward City-Tri-County
3.11Lucas Piekarski11:15.36hSpring Lake
4.10Matt Schmidt11:30.95hSpring Lake
5.9Weston Rackley11:38.86hHoward City-Tri-County
12Connor BolthouseNTSpring Lake
11Cameron KyserNTSpring Lake
10Joe NegenNTSpring Lake
10Aiden BolthouseNTSpring Lake

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Marco Lagunas17.46hHoward City-Tri-County

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Marco Lagunas45.11hHoward City-Tri-County
2.10Dan Stewart1:10.47h PRSpring Lake

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Newell
Alex Britten
Hunter Wiltjer
Hunter Vidro
47.58hHoward City-Tri-County
2.-Jordan Smant
Jacob Orling
Isaiah Pierce
Chris Warner
48.81hSpring Lake
SCR-Relay Team NTSpring Lake

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Eli Groendal
Johnathan Becktell
Hunter Wiltjer
Hunter Vidro
1:37.03hHoward City-Tri-County
2.-Charlie Warber
Dan Hogan
Zach Sherwood
Isaiah Pierce
1:38.41hSpring Lake

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Eli Groendal
Marco Lagunas
Johnathan Becktell
Spencer Taylor
3:47.35hHoward City-Tri-County
2.-Chris Warner
Caleb Boon
Noah Rick
Zack Bandstra
4:06.94hSpring Lake
3.-Hunter Brimmer
Christian Fugate
John Zuzula
Timmy Totengco
4:10.16hHoward City-Tri-County

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Connor Bolthouse
Will Warmoth
Lucas Piekarski
Joe Negen
9:14.04hSpring Lake
2.-Eli Groendal
Aaron Jason
Weston Rackley
Spencer Taylor
9:15.88hHoward City-Tri-County

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Anthoney Zerbe38-03.00 PRHoward City-Tri-County
2.9Sawyer Maxson34-08.00Howard City-Tri-County
3.10Levi Kinsey34-04.50Howard City-Tri-County
4.12Jordan Smant33-01.00Spring Lake
5.11Grant Peterson32-01.00Spring Lake
6.11Marshall Gabala31-04.00 SRSpring Lake
7.12Landon Dailey30-09.00 SRHoward City-Tri-County
8.12Jacob Orling30-07.00 PRSpring Lake
9.11Austin VanStrate30-01.50 PRSpring Lake
10.12Sam Kaltz29-06.00 SRHoward City-Tri-County
10.11Joey Bowen29-06.00Spring Lake
12.11Kurt Recker28-10.50Spring Lake
13.10Drew Christensen28-08.00Spring Lake
14.9Gavin Mackenzie27-04.00Howard City-Tri-County
15.9JD Bradley25-02.00 PRHoward City-Tri-County
16.11Josh Hogan19-03.00Spring Lake
9Cody SadlerNDHoward City-Tri-County
12Prescott GallagherNDSpring Lake

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Anthoney Zerbe100-07 PRHoward City-Tri-County
2.11Marshall Gabala98-05Spring Lake
3.11Kurt Recker96-09Spring Lake
4.12Landon Dailey89-05Howard City-Tri-County
5.12Thomas Reetz87-07Howard City-Tri-County
6.11John Zuzula87-04Howard City-Tri-County
7.11Joey Bowen80-00Spring Lake
8.10Levi Kinsey78-10 PRHoward City-Tri-County
9.10Drew Christensen67-04Spring Lake
10.12Jacob Orling67-02Spring Lake
11.11Grant Peterson65-10Spring Lake
12.9Sawyer Maxson63-02Howard City-Tri-County
13.9Gavin Mackenzie63-00Howard City-Tri-County
14.11Josh Hogan58-11Spring Lake
15.9JD Bradley56-05Howard City-Tri-County
12Jordan SmantNDSpring Lake
12Prescott GallagherNDSpring Lake
9Cody SadlerNDHoward City-Tri-County

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eli Groendal5-04.00Howard City-Tri-County
2.11Marshall Gabala4-10.01Spring Lake
3.9Timmy Totengco4-10.00Howard City-Tri-County
4.9Miguel LagunasNHHoward City-Tri-County

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Caleb Boon9-00.00Spring Lake
12John NewellNHHoward City-Tri-County

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Johnathan Becktell19-01.00Howard City-Tri-County
2.11Keon Rick17-03.25Spring Lake
3.11Marshall Gabala16-09.25Spring Lake
4.10Spencer Taylor16-03.50Howard City-Tri-County
5.11Hunter Brimmer15-07.50 PRHoward City-Tri-County
6.12Josh Olrich15-01.00 SRSpring Lake
7.10Collin Thompson13-10.50 PRSpring Lake
8.10Jack Dewald13-00.50Spring Lake
9.11Grant Peterson12-10.25Spring Lake
12John NewellNDHoward City-Tri-County


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Team Scores

Varsity - Mens
1.Howard City-Tri-County79
2.Spring Lake46
Varsity - Womens
1.Spring Lake126
2.Howard City-Tri-County11

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