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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Devante Walker12.20aTraverse City Central
2.9Terrell Solberg12.42aTraverse City Central
3.12Zac Blake12.60aTraverse City Central
4.12Will Spence12.61aCadillac
5.11Taran Lutes12.66aTraverse City Central
6.10Ryan Anderson12.72aTraverse City Central
7.12Colton Kars12.72aCadillac
8.9Joshua Holly12.99aTraverse City Central
9.11Dominic Farmer13.08aTraverse City Central
10.10Dominic Cataldo13.12aCadillac
11.10Blake Cannon13.16aTraverse City Central
12.9Alex Hodges13.43aTraverse City Central
13.9Austin Ramsey13.45aTraverse City Central
14.10Joe Meier13.48aCadillac
15.9Bryce Andersom13.57a PRTraverse City Central
16.9Elijah Cobb13.83aTraverse City Central
17.10Trey Pflum13.95aTraverse City Central
18.12Yam Vang14.61aTraverse City Central

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Evan Lee23.76aCadillac
2.9Devante Walker24.03aTraverse City Central
3.11Anthony Kratovil24.84a SRTraverse City Central
4.11Taran Lutes25.01aTraverse City Central
5.10Jacob Leonard25.09a PRTraverse City Central
6.12Will Spence25.18a SRCadillac
7.9Robbie Morse25.29aTraverse City Central
8.10Trevor Wheeler25.39a SRTraverse City Central
9.12Colton Kars26.22aCadillac
10.12Ben Macioszek27.68a PRCadillac
11.9Elijah Cobb28.04aTraverse City Central
12.9Bryce Andersom28.13aTraverse City Central
13.10Joe Meier28.26aCadillac
14.10Trey Pflum29.06aTraverse City Central

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Belcher23.2hTraverse City Central
1.9Devante Walker23.57h SRTraverse City Central
1.11Anthony Kratovil23.68hTraverse City Central
9Terrell Solberg23.76hTraverse City Central
9Robbie Morse24.5hTraverse City Central
11Rhys Adle24.5hTraverse City Central
10Trevor Wheeler24.6hTraverse City Central
1.11Drew Girard-Pampu24.6hTraverse City Central
10Jacob Leonard24.7hTraverse City Central
11Alex Endresen24.7h PRTraverse City Central
9Jordan Fisher26.0hTraverse City Central
10Ryan Anderson27.25hTraverse City Central

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Terrell Solberg53.89aTraverse City Central
2.12Marco Morcote54.79aTraverse City Central
3.9Robbie Morse55.62aTraverse City Central
4.11Quinn Kaspriak57.97aCadillac
5.9Jordan Fisher57.99aTraverse City Central
6.10Alex Everts58.28aTraverse City Central
7.11Max Stebbins58.91aCadillac
8.12Colton Kars59.39aCadillac
9.9Brian Platt1:00.33a PRTraverse City Central
10.12Ben Macioszek1:01.46a PRCadillac
11.11Alex Endresen1:02.03aTraverse City Central
12.10James Westbarger1:07.88aTraverse City Central
13.10Joe Meier1:08.42aCadillac

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

1.9Terrell Solberg55.1hTraverse City Central
1.9Robbie Morse55.2hTraverse City Central
12Forrest Lewallen56.2hTraverse City Central
1.9Kyle Barger57.7h SRTraverse City Central
1.9Zach Hankins57.9hTraverse City Central
9Jordan Fisher59.2hTraverse City Central
9Alex Hodges62.7h PRTraverse City Central
11Alex Endresen63.1hTraverse City Central

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Brower2:06.19aTraverse City Central
2.12Phillip Merrell2:08.40aCadillac
3.12Nate Reicha2:15.78aTraverse City Central
4.11Max Stebbins2:18.86aCadillac
5.11Clay Darling2:25.39aTraverse City Central
6.11Charlie Payne2:27.92aCadillac
7.9Jered Holland2:36.64aCadillac
8.11Ben Bradshaw2:37.51a PRTraverse City Central
9.10Nathiel Deitlin2:42.91a PRCadillac
10.9Nick Catlin2:56.23aCadillac

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Brower2:09.5hTraverse City Central
1.9Zach Hankins2:10h SRTraverse City Central
1.12Forrest Lewallen2:16h SRTraverse City Central
1.12Marco Morcote2:16hTraverse City Central
3.10Alex Everts2:16hTraverse City Central
3.11Clay Darling2:21hTraverse City Central
3.10Caleb Muszynski2:23hTraverse City Central
3.11Alex Endresen2:31h PRTraverse City Central

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut4:45.48aCadillac
2.12Graham Bevier4:54.46aTraverse City Central
3.11Max Stebbins4:56.39aCadillac
4.11John Alberts5:03.83aCadillac
5.12Nate Reicha5:11.38aTraverse City Central
6.9Kyle Barger5:12.76aTraverse City Central
7.9Brendan Shanahan5:16.10aCadillac
8.11Tyler Sepanik5:17.94aTraverse City Central
9.10William Chown5:18.73aTraverse City Central
10.9Seth Beaudry5:20.50aTraverse City Central
11.9Michael Gills5:20.83aTraverse City Central
12.11Charlie Payne5:23.66aCadillac
13.9Noah Trigaud5:31.51a PRTraverse City Central
14.9Jered Holland5:31.76a SRCadillac
15.10Caleb Muszynski5:39.23aTraverse City Central
16.10Nathiel Deitlin5:40.07aCadillac
17.9Kyle Pike5:43.60aCadillac
18.11Riley McKeown5:47.18aTraverse City Central
19.11Devan Roush5:51.23aTraverse City Central
20.9Jacob Shutler5:53.55aTraverse City Central
21.11Ben Bradshaw5:54.06aTraverse City Central
22.10Cody Richardson5:55.81aTraverse City Central
23.10JJ Thomas5:58.81aTraverse City Central
24.10Jordan Pellerito6:17.38aTraverse City Central
25.9Nick Catlin6:24.00aCadillac
26.10David Matteson6:33.31aTraverse City Central

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut10:35.70aCadillac
2.12Graham Bevier11:05.32aTraverse City Central
3.11John Alberts11:19.89a PRCadillac
4.11Tyler Sepanik11:37.48aTraverse City Central
5.10William Chown11:45.95aTraverse City Central
6.9Nick Friar11:49.10aTraverse City Central
7.9Seth Beaudry11:56.34aTraverse City Central
8.9Jacob Shutler13:13.10aTraverse City Central

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alex Hu15.81aTraverse City Central
2.12Aaron Taylor16.09aTraverse City Central
3.12Max Knoblock16.88aTraverse City Central
4.11Austin Carlington17.57aCadillac
5.12Josh Belcher17.98aTraverse City Central
6.11Nick Hart18.12aTraverse City Central
7.11Justin Roy18.54aTraverse City Central
8.10Jake Maier18.78aCadillac
9.10Michael Jones20.42aCadillac

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Belcher41.42aTraverse City Central
2.11Austin Carlington43.78aCadillac
3.12Max Knoblock44.97aTraverse City Central
4.9Kaden Dennis46.79a PRCadillac
5.9Nik Norton47.18aTraverse City Central
6.10Jake Maier47.24aCadillac
7.9James Brumfield47.99aTraverse City Central
8.11Justin Roy48.00aTraverse City Central
9.11Spencer Kroupa48.43aTraverse City Central
10.11Nick Hart49.07aTraverse City Central
11.10Michael Jones49.65aCadillac
12.10Ryan Anderson51.24aTraverse City Central

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Devante Walker
Sean Williams
Anthony Kratovil
Aaron Taylor
45.74aTraverse City Central
2.-Drew Girard-Pampu
Taran Lutes
Trevor Wheeler
Alex Hu
46.76aTraverse City Central
3.-TJ Baker
Mike Holdship
Kaden Dennis
Gavin Daniels
4.-Zac Blake
Jacob Leonard
Jordan Fisher
Nick Friedli
49.24aTraverse City Central
5.-Blake Cannon
Isaac Szymanski
Elijah Cobb
Austin Ramsey
52.35aTraverse City Central

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Devante Walker
Anthony Kratovil
Drew Girard-Pampu
Josh Belcher
1:35.35aTraverse City Central
2.-Kaden Dennis
Gavin Daniels
TJ Baker
Evan Lee
3.-Rhys Adle
Terrell Solberg
Robbie Morse
Trevor Wheeler
1:37.77aTraverse City Central
4.-Austin Ramsey
Bryce Andersom
Jordan Fisher
Jacob Leonard
1:43.15aTraverse City Central
5.-Quinn Kaspriak
Charlie Payne
Brendan Shanahan
Phillip Merrell

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.9Terrell Solberg
Zach Hankins
Kyle Barger
Robbie Morse
3:46.73aTraverse City Central
2.-Austin Carlington
Trevor Thiebaut
Phillip Merrell
Jake Maier
3.-Forrest Lewallen
Jordan Fisher
Alex Hodges
Alex Endresen
4:01.22aTraverse City Central
4.-Brendan Shanahan
Ben Macioszek
Michael Jones
Charlie Payne

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Marco Morcote
Zach Hankins
Chris Brower
Forrest Lewallen
8:53.02aTraverse City Central
1.-Relay Team 8:53.02aTraverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 9:09.70aTraverse City Central
2.-Max Stebbins
Quinn Kaspriak
Ben Macioszek
Phillip Merrell
3.-Clay Darling
Alex Everts
Alex Endresen
Caleb Muszynski
9:34.25aTraverse City Central
3.-Relay Team 9:34.25aCadillac
4.-Relay Team 9:41.42aTraverse City Central
5.-Haylea Smith
Mikayla Cross
Hannah Ludviksen
Abby Hearth
6.-Relay Team 11:07.64aCadillac
7.-Relay Team 12:18.44aTraverse City Central

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Piatek50-08.50Traverse City Central
2.12Cody Stilwell50'03.50 PRCadillac
3.10Mike Holdship43'06Cadillac
4.12Adam Foster42-10.50Traverse City Central
5.11TJ Baker41-02.50Cadillac
6.10Dominic Cataldo38-02Cadillac
7.12Ed Nguyen36-04Cadillac
8.11Zeb Broersma35-09.25Cadillac
9.10Mitchel Budnick33-11Cadillac
10.9Isiah Raby33-08Cadillac
11.10Lee McArthur32-11Traverse City Central
12.9Logan Sandy31-06Traverse City Central
13.9Brenden Arnold31-05.50Traverse City Central
14.10Jared Haver30-04Traverse City Central
15.9Isiah Echon29-10 SRTraverse City Central
16.10Matthew Mohler29-06Cadillac
17.11Clifford Cline28-08Cadillac

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Piatek165-02 PRTraverse City Central
23.11TJ Baker139'07Cadillac
3.12Adam Foster126-09Traverse City Central
4.12Cody Stilwell124'00Cadillac
5.12Ed Nguyen117-05Cadillac
6.10Mike Holdship115-05Cadillac
7.10Dominic Cataldo102-08Cadillac
8.9Logan Sandy88-07 SRTraverse City Central
9.10Jared Haver87-05Traverse City Central
10.11Zeb Broersma86-11Cadillac
11.10Matthew Mohler85-02Cadillac
12.9Isiah Raby83-11Cadillac
13.11Clifford Cline77-05Cadillac
14.9Brenden Arnold77-04Traverse City Central
15.9Isiah Echon76-01Traverse City Central
--10Lee McArthurNDTraverse City Central
--10Mitchel BudnickNDCadillac

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Spencer Kroupa6-00Traverse City Central
2.12Max Knoblock5-06Traverse City Central
3.12Zac Blake5-04Traverse City Central
4.11Nick Hart5-04Traverse City Central
5.9Gavin Daniels5-04Cadillac
6.11Justin Roy5-04Traverse City Central
7.11John Alberts5-02Cadillac
7.10Michael Jones5-02Cadillac
9.9Abe Russell5-02Traverse City Central
10.11Quinn Kaspriak5-00Cadillac
11.9Kaden Dennis5-00Cadillac

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Justin Cutler11-06Traverse City Central
2.10Jake Maier11'00Cadillac
3.10Chris Wilson11-00Traverse City Central
4.11George Madison10-00Traverse City Central
5.11Dominic Farmer9-00Traverse City Central
5.9Abe Russell9-00Traverse City Central
6.9Chase Kelly9-00Traverse City Central
7.9Jered Holland7-00Cadillac
8.9Seve Colangelo7-00 PRTraverse City Central
9.10Noah Degen7-00 SRTraverse City Central

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Austin Carlington18-11.50Cadillac
2.11Taran Lutes18-11Traverse City Central
3.12Aaron Taylor18-11Traverse City Central
4.9James Brumfield18-06.50Traverse City Central
5.10Ryan Anderson18-01.50Traverse City Central
6.9Nik Norton17-08Traverse City Central
7.10Nick Friedli17-05Traverse City Central
8.9Abe Russell17-04Traverse City Central
9.12Alex Hu17-00Traverse City Central
10.12Colton Kars16-07Cadillac
11.12Zac Blake15-10.50Traverse City Central
12.10Joe Meier14-11Cadillac
13.9Brendan Shanahan14-07Cadillac
14.9Kyle Pike13-06.50Cadillac


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