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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Zach McGuire11.5hTraverse City West
11Dominic Teeples11.9hTraverse City West
11Evan Lee11.9hCadillac
12Grant Balino12.0hTraverse City West
9Nate Boswood11.97hGaylord
9Kam Rainey12.1hTraverse City West
10Jack Mikula12.1hTraverse City West
9Kaden Dennis12.2hCadillac
9Donovan Michael12.2hTraverse City West
10Alex Tokie12.3hTraverse City West
11Jose Tapia12.26hTraverse City West
10Justin Roberson12.22hGaylord
10Jake Juranek12.33hGaylord
12Colton Kars12.4hCadillac
10Dakota Castor12.5hTraverse City West
10Tyler Eyth12.48hGaylord
9Christian Latuszek12.6hGaylord
10Joseph Leal12.6hTraverse City West
10Logan Pawloski12.64hTraverse City West
9David Derry12.79hTraverse City West
9Zach Okma12.8hTraverse City West
10Sam Jacob12.9h PRTraverse City West
10Adam Javed13.04hTraverse City West
10Matt Watts13.01hGaylord
9Cody Moyer13.16hGaylord
12Jared King13.18h PRGaylord
9Steven Palmer13.24hGaylord
9Dylan VonOppen13.32h PRGaylord
10Evan Cochrun13.5hTraverse City West
9Kody Kidder16.78hGaylord

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Jack Bishop23.3hTraverse City West
10Dan Phifer23.5hTraverse City West
11Evan Lee23.5hCadillac
11Collin Watters24.1h SRGaylord
11Austin Kirby24.49hGaylord
9Donovan Michael24.6hTraverse City West
10Grant Ellison24.8hTraverse City West
11TJ Baker24.9hCadillac
9Kaden Dennis24.9hCadillac
9Nate Boswood25.0hGaylord
11Dominic Teeples25.0hTraverse City West
10Alex Tokie25.3hTraverse City West
11Caleb Mohr25.5h PRGaylord
12Will Spence25.6hCadillac
9Gavin Daniels25.6hCadillac
9Zach Okma25.7hTraverse City West
9Kam Rainey25.8hTraverse City West
9Kam Rainey25.8hTraverse City West
12Colton Kars26.0hCadillac
10Joseph Leal26.1hTraverse City West
10Logan Pawloski26.2hTraverse City West
11Jose Tapia26.2hTraverse City West
10Tyler Eyth26.2hGaylord
10Dominic Cataldo26.4hCadillac
10Sam Jacob26.7hTraverse City West
9Christian Latuszek26.9hGaylord
9Cody Moyer27.0hGaylord
10Matt Watts27.0hGaylord
10Adam Javed27.1hTraverse City West
9Ethan Nida27.4hGaylord
9Dylan VonOppen27.7hGaylord
9David Derry27.7hTraverse City West
9Steven Palmer28.5hGaylord
10Joe Meier28.6hCadillac

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Evan Lee52.7hCadillac
11Caleb Mohr55.0hGaylord
10Jack Bishop55.5h SRTraverse City West
10Jakovon Pryor-McCovery56.6hGaylord
9Zach Dittenbir56.8h SRTraverse City West
9Lukas Sawusch56.9h SRTraverse City West
11Quinn Kaspriak57.9hCadillac
9Ethan Nida58.4hGaylord
12Santiago Alvarez58.6h PRTraverse City West
10Dan Phifer58.8h PRTraverse City West
10Jake Juranek1:02.4hGaylord
9Wabanung Bussey1:02.4h PRTraverse City West
9Drew Daenzer1:05h SRTraverse City West
9Israel Lannin1:08.3h PRTraverse City West
10Joe Meier1:09.3hCadillac

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut2:09.2hCadillac
11John Alberts2:09.9hCadillac
10Nick Hirschenberger2:14.7hTraverse City West
11Nick Amato2:15.4hTraverse City West
11Jimmy Seekamp2:15.8hTraverse City West
10Calvin Hilt2:16.1h PRTraverse City West
9Zak Goddard2:16.2hGaylord
11Jordan Monarch2:19.6hGaylord
9Justin Desloover2:22.4hGaylord
11Max Stebbins2:25.5hCadillac
11Quinn Kaspriak2:27.6hCadillac
9Wabanung Bussey2:39.6h PRTraverse City West
9Kyle Pike2:43.7hCadillac
9Jered Holland2:44.6hCadillac
10Nathiel Deitlin2:50.7hCadillac

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Thiebaut4:45.7hCadillac
10Nick Hirschenberger4:46.5hTraverse City West
10Nick Hirschenberger4:46.5hTraverse City West
11Nick Amato4:46.8h SRTraverse City West
11Jimmy Seekamp4:49.1hTraverse City West
12Sterling McPherson4:57.6hGaylord
9Jack Hervela4:59.1hGaylord
10Jacob Kuziel5:39hGaylord
11Matt Sullivan5:39hGaylord
11Collin Monusko5:39hGaylord
9Ryan Myers5:39hGaylord
10Guage Szymanski5:57hGaylord
10Michael Schmidt6:07hGaylord
9Josh Warren6:14hGaylord

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Phillip Merrell10:38.hCadillac
12Sterling McPherson10:59.6hGaylord
9Jack Hervela11:05.7h SRGaylord
12Ben Macioszek11:30.5h SRCadillac
11Charlie Payne11:50.2hCadillac
11Gage Biehl12:30.8hTraverse City West
10Jake Hendricks12:43hTraverse City West
9John Starkel13:13h SRTraverse City West

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

11Steven Fitzek16.2hGaylord
10John Sheehan16.49hTraverse City West
10Grant Ellison16.89hTraverse City West
11Austin Carlington18.3hCadillac
10Jake Maier19.1hCadillac
9Dylan VonOppen19.04h SRGaylord
12Tyler O'Neil19.19h PRTraverse City West
11Collin Diver20.26h SRTraverse City West
10Michael Jones20.5hCadillac

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

10Grant Ellison44.2hTraverse City West
11Steven Fitzek44.89hGaylord
11Austin Carlington46.9hCadillac
10John Sheehan47.9hTraverse City West
10Jake Maier50.2hCadillac
10Michael Jones50.8hCadillac
12Tyler O'Neil50.9hTraverse City West
11Collin Diver52.5hTraverse City West

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Relay Team 45.8hTraverse City West
2.-TJ Baker
Evan Lee
Gavin Daniels
Kaden Dennis
-Nate Boswood
Justin Roberson
Tyler Eyth
Jake Juranek

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Nate Boswood
Steven Fitzek
Austin Kirby
Collin Watters
-Relay Team 135.3hTraverse City West

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Alberts
Austin Carlington
Jake Maier
Trevor Thiebaut
-Collin Watters
Steven Fitzek
Jakovon Pryor-McCovery
Caleb Mohr

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Alberts
Phillip Merrell
Max Stebbins
Trevor Thiebaut
-Zak Goddard
Jordan Monarch
Ethan Nida
Justin Desloover
-Relay Team 9:58hTraverse City West

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

10Tommy Roush52'6"Traverse City West
12Cody Stilwell43'9Cadillac
10Mike Holdship41'4Cadillac
11TJ Baker41'1Cadillac
11William Stecker40'3"Gaylord
11Zeb Broersma39'5 SRCadillac
10Dominic Cataldo38'6Cadillac
10Skylar Dunckley38'3.5Traverse City West
12Ed Nguyen36'5Cadillac
10Jacob Cerny35'10"Traverse City West
10Trent Kolbusz34'8" SRTraverse City West
9Cody Moyer33'7.75"Gaylord
10Mitchel Budnick33'6Cadillac
10Jake Long33'5"Traverse City West
11Marcus O'Rourke32'11.75"Gaylord
9Isiah Raby32'11Cadillac
10Corbin Thompson31.5Traverse City West
9Donovan Milliron31'2" PRGaylord
10Matthew Mohler29'5Cadillac
10Eric Boylan28'Traverse City West
9Kody Kidder24'8"Gaylord

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

10Tommy Roush168'11" PRTraverse City West
12Cody Stilwell123'9Cadillac
11Collin Watters119'6"Gaylord
11TJ Baker114'5Cadillac
12Ed Nguyen109'10Cadillac
10Mike Holdship106'6Cadillac
10Jake Long100'1"Traverse City West
10Dominic Cataldo97'9Cadillac
10Trent Kolbusz95'8"Traverse City West
10Corbin Thompson90'5"Traverse City West
10Skylar Dunckley85'3"Traverse City West
11Zeb Broersma82'3Cadillac
10Eric Boylan79'8"Traverse City West
11William Stecker79'3"Gaylord
9Isiah Raby76'10Cadillac
10Matthew Mohler74'10Cadillac
11Marcus O'Rourke73'10"Gaylord
10Mitchel Budnick73'10Cadillac
10Jacob Cerny72'6"Traverse City West

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

10John Sheehan5'10"Traverse City West
11Austin Kirby5'8"Gaylord
10Justin Roberson5'4"Gaylord
10Calvin Hilt5'4"Traverse City West
9Gavin Daniels5'4Cadillac
9Kaden Dennis5'2Cadillac
11John Alberts5'2Cadillac
10Michael Jones5'2Cadillac
11Quinn Kaspriak5'2Cadillac
10Mike Lambert5' PRTraverse City West
9Wabanung Bussey5'Traverse City West

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

12Connor Priest11'Traverse City West
10Jake Maier10'0Cadillac
10Mike Lambert9'Traverse City West

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

11Austin Carlington18'9.25Cadillac
11Austin Kirby18'7.25"Gaylord
10John Sheehan18'7Traverse City West
10Jakovon Pryor-McCovery18'6"Gaylord
9Donovan Michael18' 4.5"Traverse City West
11Dan McMurray17'9.25Cadillac
9Wabanung Bussey17'5.75 PRTraverse City West
10Justin Roberson17'5.5"Gaylord
10Logan Pawloski16'11.5 PRTraverse City West
9Kam Rainey16'10.5"Traverse City West
10Alex Tokie16'6"Traverse City West
12Colton Kars16'2Cadillac
10Dakota Castor15'9.5 SRTraverse City West
10Adam Javed15'8.75Traverse City West
10Joe Meier15'7.75 SRCadillac
9Brendan Shanahan15'0Cadillac
9Kyle Pike12'11.75Cadillac


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