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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Small11.49h SRComstock
2.12Ben Cole12.18hOtsego
3.10Jack Laughlin12.27hOtsego
4.10Chaz Hook12.57hOtsego
5.9Seth Bommerscheim12.72hOtsego
6.9Nate Chambers12.75hOtsego
7.12Jeremy Bohl13.24h SROtsego
8.9David Arrtis13.53h PROtsego
9.9Jerry Ewing13.95hOtsego
10.10Joseph Morrison15.57hOtsego
11.9Brandon Bourner16.43hOtsego

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trey Pfeiffer23.22h PROtsego
2.12Joshua Mussche23.89h PRComstock
3.10Fabian Gonzalez23.90h PRComstock
4.12Saleh Hasan24.79hComstock
5.10Kyle Robinson25.48hOtsego
6.12Peter Bell25.50h SRComstock
7.11Sawyer Hess26.11h PROtsego
8.9Seth Bommerscheim26.29h SROtsego
9.9Jacob Agy27.15hOtsego
10.9Dylan Montnegro27.33h PROtsego
11.9Adam Coe28.27hOtsego
12.9David Arrtis28.96h PROtsego
13.12Kevin Chui29.05h PROtsego
14.9Jerry Ewing29.18h SROtsego
15.10Joseph Morrison31.88h PROtsego
16.9Brandon Bourner33.77h PROtsego

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cameron Neely55.25hOtsego
2.12Saleh Hasan56.31hComstock
3.12Doug Keto1:00.24h PRComstock
4.10Austin Salome1:02.73h SRComstock
9Nate Chambers65.7h PROtsego
5.12Kevin Chui1:05.70hOtsego

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Nick Kiel57.54hOtsego
11Dustin Goodrich57.78hOtsego
10Cameron Brylowski63.24hOtsego

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zack Richards2:11.25hComstock
2.10Nick Kiel2:13.11hOtsego
3.11Ethan Barber2:24.96hComstock
4.10Cameron Brylowski2:33.81hOtsego
5.9Mubark Hasan2:35.47h SRComstock

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zack Richards4:59.00hComstock
2.12Joshua Mussche5:02.59h PRComstock
3.12Ludvig Killingberg5:04.78hOtsego
4.11John Finch5:21.72hOtsego
5.9Mubark Hasan5:52.34hComstock
6.11Liam Griffin6:03.20h PROtsego

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ludvig Killingberg11:18.92hOtsego
2.10Austin Salome11:20.12hComstock
3.9Sammy Moran11:35.99hOtsego
4.11John Finch11:54.68hOtsego
5.12Doug Keto12:02.59h SRComstock
6.11Liam Griffin13:27.48h PROtsego

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Skylar Rizzolo17.40hComstock
2.12Ryan Bennet18.10hOtsego
3.9Nate Chambers18.57hOtsego
4.11Jesse McDaniel18.89hOtsego
5.12Gabe Balderramas21.74hComstock

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Skylar Rizzolo46.67hComstock
2.9Nate Chambers48.60hOtsego
3.11Jesse McDaniel50.55hOtsego
4.12Gabe Balderramas54.29hComstock

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Michael Small Jr.
Alee Holmes
Fabian Gonzalez
Dominique Blakely
2.-Jack Laughlin
Trey Pfeiffer
Ben Cole
Sawyer Hess
2.-Relay Team 48.98hOtsego
3.-Relay Team 51.95hOtsego
4.-Relay Team 55.27hOtsego

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Saleh Hasan
Michael Small Jr.
Fabian Gonzalez
Alee Holmes
2.-Jack Laughlin
Trey Pfeiffer
Ben Cole
Cameron Neely
2.-Relay Team 1:38.74hOtsego
3.-Relay Team 1:50.31hComstock

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:43.44hComstock
2.-Relay Team 3:52.91hOtsego
2.-Dustin Goodrich
Nick Kiel
Cameron Brylowski
Cameron Neely

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 9:22.57hComstock
2.-Relay Team 9:41.88hOtsego
2.-Cameron Brylowski
Nick Kiel
Ludvig Killingberg
Sammy Moran

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Sam Deneau45'09.25" PROtsego
2.12McLane May38'06.25"Otsego
3.12Nathan Henton36'05.50" PRComstock
3.9Shane Howe36'04.50"Otsego
5.12Kodie Blain35'09.00"Otsego
6.9Johnathan Kesteris33'09.00"Otsego
7.11Mitchell May33'01.25"Otsego
8.10Damber Dylon31'09.00"Otsego
9.12Emmanuel Huizar30'02.00"Comstock
10.11Sagin Gabos28'06.00"Otsego
11.12Jordon Richards28'03.50"Comstock
12.12Fred Amahdi25'05.00"Otsego
13.10Ryan Long22'10.00"Otsego
14.12Cam Lake22'06.75"Comstock

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kodie Blain117'08.00"Otsego
2.12Sam Deneau107'01.00"Otsego
3.12McLane May105'03.00"Otsego
4.10Damber Dylon97'03.00"Otsego
5.11Mitchell May95'11.00"Otsego
6.9Johnathan Kesteris90'03.00"Otsego
7.9Shane Howe89'04.00"Otsego
8.12Emmanuel Huizar86'07.00"Comstock
9.12Jordon Richards84'02.00"Comstock
10.12Nathan Henton82'08.00" PRComstock
11.11Sagin Gabos80'00.00"Otsego
12.10Ryan Long69'10.00" PROtsego
13.12Fred Amahdi64'01.00"Otsego
14.12Cam Lake60'00.00"Comstock

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Riese Bierlein5'10.00"Otsego
2.12Dominique Blakely5'00.00"Comstock
3.11Alee HolmesNFComstock
4.9Dylan MontnegroNFOtsego
5.10Chaz HookNFOtsego
6.9Jerry EwingNFOtsego

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Dustin Goodrich9'00.00"Otsego
2.9Jacob Agy8'6.10Otsego
3.11Zack Richards8'06.00" SRComstock
4.11Ethan Barber8'00.00" SRComstock
2.9Jacob GoodrichNFOtsego
5.9Adam CoeNFOtsego

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trey Pfeiffer18'06.50"Otsego
2.12Dominique Blakely18'05.50"Comstock
3.10Fabian Gonzalez17'11.00" PRComstock
4.10Michael Small17'11.00"Comstock
5.10Jack Laughlin16'07.00"Otsego
6.10Chaz Hook16'06.00"Otsego
7.9Seth Bommerscheim16'04.00"Otsego
8.11Sawyer Hess16'02.00"Otsego
9.11Jesse McDaniel15'07.50"Otsego
10.9Mubark Hasan15'06.50" SRComstock
11.10Joseph Morrison11'01.50"Otsego
12.9Brandon Bourner10'02.50"Otsego


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