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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nolen Bright-Mitchell10.70hConcord
2.11Tanner Parshall11.05h PRQuincy
3.12John Kinney11.52h PRUnion City
4.11Treyvon Miller11.74hConcord
5.11Tyler Wonders11.79hQuincy
6.12Ben Philipot11.84h PRQuincy
7.10John Spragg12.19hQuincy
8.9Marqiz Lane12.20hConcord
9.9James Demarest12.23h PRUnion City
10.11Spencer Connell12.29h SRUnion City
11.12Bryan Morrow12.49hQuincy
12.11Nick Marshall12.56hQuincy
13.10Quenton Gripman12.81hQuincy
14.11David Katz12.83h PRUnion City
15.10William DePew12.92h PRQuincy
16.9Dalton Connin12.92hQuincy
17.11Jordan Weber13.00h PRQuincy
18.9Jacob Shilling13.99hQuincy
19.9Bryce Bassage14.48hQuincy
20.9Ethan Bonjooner14.53hConcord
21.9Gavin Lindsey14.96h PRUnion City

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.12Brett Lehman23.50hConcord
3.12Justin Whitcomb23.78h PRUnion City
4.11Tanner Parshall23.95hQuincy
5.11Treyvon Miller24.42h SRConcord
6.10Mason Harbaugh24.86h PRQuincy
7.11Tyler Wonders24.87hQuincy
8.9Michael Fisher25.17hQuincy
9.11Spencer Connell25.30h PRUnion City
10.9Marqiz Lane25.31h PRConcord
11.11Nick Marshall25.85h PRQuincy
12.9James Demarest26.16h PRUnion City
13.12Bryan Morrow27.16hQuincy
14.9Cody Rice27.20h PRUnion City
15.10William DePew27.88hQuincy
16.9Dalton Connin28.19hQuincy
17.10Quenton Gripman28.49hQuincy
18.10Logan Widlitzki29.77hQuincy
19.9Ethan Bonjooner33.40hConcord
20.9Bryce Bassage47.13hQuincy

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zach Hudson52.69hConcord
2.11Tanner Parshall53.04hQuincy
3.12Jared Shepard54.82hUnion City
4.-J Hinkle55.47h PRConcord
5.9Michael Fisher58.98hQuincy
6.11Joey Hutchins1:01.19h SRConcord
7.9Daniel Mikovits1:01.25h SRConcord
8.11Blake Shellberg1:04.67h PRUnion City
9.11Jakob Roberts1:04.93hConcord
10.9Bryce Bassage1:05.13hQuincy
11.10Joe Oberlitner1:05.38hQuincy
12.9Justin Detgen1:05.58h PRConcord
13.10David Mikovits1:07.06h PRConcord
14.10Summet (Mo) Chingchairit1:07.49hConcord
15.10Quenton Gripman1:08.34hQuincy
16.11Dakota Householder1:54.79h PRConcord

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jesse Hersha2:04.12hConcord
2.11Jacob Hall2:05.68hConcord
3.12John Kinney2:10.09h PRUnion City
4.9Daniel Mikovits2:10.15hConcord
5.12Riley Horn2:11.09h PRQuincy
6.11Joey Hutchins2:13.20h SRConcord
7.12Aaron Cutler2:14.00hQuincy
8.12Zachariah Slack2:14.40hQuincy
9.9Justin Detgen2:18.30h SRConcord
10.9Luke Clancy2:27.06h PRQuincy
11.12Jason Keisle2:31.35h PRQuincy

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob Hall4:32.87hConcord
2.11Jesse Hersha4:35.45hConcord
3.12Riley Horn4:48.35hQuincy
4.11Jakob Roberts5:36.76h SRConcord
5.9Dallas Franks5:41.98h PRQuincy
6.9Blane Flanders5:47.90h PRUnion City
7.12Luke Wiser6:09.08h PRQuincy

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Riley Horn10:50.50hQuincy
2.12Zachariah Slack12:14.14h SRQuincy
3.12Jason Keisle13:25.70h PRQuincy
4.9Blane Flanders14:24.02hUnion City

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Chevy Burk16.57hConcord
2.11Nate Champion16.70hUnion City
3.12Ryan Henning17.10hQuincy
4.10Tyler Touchet17.23h SRUnion City
5.12Hunter Winger18.79hQuincy
6.10Nick Shafer18.90hUnion City
7.12Mason Nousain20.40hConcord
8.12Luke Wiser22.89hQuincy

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Chevy Burk44.90h PRConcord
2.10Nick Shafer45.92hUnion City
3.12Ryan Henning47.16hQuincy
4.12Mason Nousain47.20hConcord
5.12Hunter Winger48.29hQuincy
6.12Luke Wiser48.78hQuincy
7.10Tyler Touchet49.00hUnion City

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brett Lehman
Lonelle Langston
Chase Hinkle
Nolen Bright-Mitchell
2.-Justin Whitcomb
Nate Champion
Thomas Anderson
John Kinney
46.03hUnion City
3.-Nick Marshall
Tyler Wonders
Mason Harbaugh
Tanner Parshall
3.-Mason Harbaugh
Tyler Wonders
Nick Marshall
Tanner Parshall

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brett Lehman
Lonelle Langston
Chevy Burk
Nolen Bright-Mitchell
2.-Justin Whitcomb
Nate Champion
Thomas Anderson
John Kinney
1:35.16hUnion City
3.-Ben Philipot
Michael Fisher
Mason Harbaugh
Tyler Wonders

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jacob Hall
Mason Nousain
Chase Hinkle
Zach Hudson
2.-Justin Whitcomb
Spencer Connell
Jared Shepard
Thomas Anderson
3:42.82hUnion City
3.-Aaron Cutler
Michael Fisher
Bryce Bassage
Zachariah Slack

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jacob Hall
Joey Hutchins
Zach Hudson
Jesse Hersha
2.-Riley Horn
Zachariah Slack
Hunter Winger
Aaron Cutler
3.-Jared Shepard
Blane Flanders
Bransom Turley
James Demarest
10:27.75hUnion City

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Peterson45'04.00"Quincy
2.12Mackenzie Anderson44'05.00"Concord
3.11Isaac Reincke41'02.50" PRUnion City
4.12Lance Klopfenstein39'04.50"Union City
5.12Evan Cross39'02.00"Union City
6.11Jordan Weber37'07.75"Quincy
7.12Karl Day35'10.00"Concord
8.10Joe Oberlitner34'03.00"Quincy
9.11Dakota Householder29'10.00"Concord
10.9Cody Rice29'03.25"Union City
11.12Carter Silva29'00.50"Quincy
12.10Chris Connin28'01.00"Quincy
13.9Brandan Cross27'04.00"Union City
14.9Gavin Lindsey25'01.00"Union City
15.10Mason Whitney24'11.00"Quincy
16.12Parker Smith23'00.50"Union City
17.10Matthew Oberlitner20'07.00" SRQuincy

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Evan Cross136'03.00"Union City
2.12Mackenzie Anderson122'09.00"Concord
3.12Michael Peterson112'11.00"Quincy
4.11Isaac Reincke111'03.00"Union City
5.11Jordan Weber110'10.00"Quincy
6.10Chris Connin97'04.50"Quincy
7.12Lance Klopfenstein89'05.00" PRUnion City
8.10Joe Oberlitner87'09.00"Quincy
9.9Brandan Cross85'04.00"Union City
10.12Karl Day82'04.50"Concord
11.9Cody Rice82'02.00" PRUnion City
12.12Carter Silva79'05.00"Quincy
13.11Dakota Householder77'04.00"Concord
14.10Mason Whitney68'02.50" SRQuincy
15.12Parker Smith64'03.50" PRUnion City
16.10Matthew Oberlitner36'06.00"Quincy

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Logan Miller6'00.01"Quincy
2.12Lonelle Langston6'00.00"Concord
3.9Dalton Connin5'04.00" PRQuincy
4.10Logan Widlitzki5'00.00"Quincy
5.11Blake ShellbergNFUnion City
6.10Bransom TurleyNFUnion City
7.11Spencer ConnellNFUnion City

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jared Shepard10'00.00"Union City
2.11David Katz9'06.01" PRUnion City
3.12Dallas Connin9'06.00"Quincy
4.11Blake Shellberg8'06.00"Union City
5.10Summet (Mo) ChingchairitNFConcord
6.9Jacob ShillingNFQuincy
7.12Hunter WingerNFQuincy
8.9James DemarestNFUnion City

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Thomas Anderson20'05.00"Union City
2.12Chevy Burk19'11.25"Concord
3.10Mason Harbaugh16'08.25"Quincy
4.10William DePew16'05.75" PRQuincy
5.11Nick Marshall16'00.00" PRQuincy
6.12Bryan Morrow15'02.00" PRQuincy


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