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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Doug Stikeleather11.56hNorth Branch
12Jacob Young12.21hNorth Branch
10Adrian Incarnati12.58hNorth Branch
3.9Shane Horton12.55hOtisville LakeVille
11Noah Tuinei12.70hNorth Branch
4.11Kyle Wheeler12.66h SROtisville LakeVille
10Gabe Rose12.74hNorth Branch
12Juuso Veko13.15hNorth Branch
11Thomas Ajlouni13.28hNorth Branch
5.9Chris Lanoue13.27hOtisville LakeVille
11Brennen Zimmerman13.50hNorth Branch
9Kyle Beatley13.66hNorth Branch
9Timothy Gozowsky13.63hNorth Branch
9.10Matt Wilson13.72hOtisville LakeVille
11Zach Butterfield13.94hNorth Branch
6.11Geno Mersino13.94h SROtisville LakeVille
11Tyler Seaman14.41hNorth Branch

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Jacob Huffaker23.78h SRNorth Branch
12Jacob Young24.48h PRNorth Branch
2.11Dylan Gann24.44h PROtisville LakeVille
12John Utley25.39h PRNorth Branch
5.11Kyle Wheeler25.87h SROtisville LakeVille
10Gabe Rose26.02hNorth Branch
11Noah Tuinei26.9hNorth Branch
12Juuso Veko27.47h PRNorth Branch
11Thomas Ajlouni27.93hNorth Branch
7.10Matt Wilson28.60hOtisville LakeVille
6.9Chris Lanoue28.72hOtisville LakeVille
11Brennen Zimmerman29.18h SRNorth Branch
11Tyler Seaman30.25h PRNorth Branch
9Timothy Gozowsky30.25hNorth Branch

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Connor Kikta54.72hOtisville LakeVille
11Shane Skalski56.06hNorth Branch
11Jacob Huffaker56.56hNorth Branch
11Noah Tuinei61.20h PRNorth Branch
11Zach Butterfield62.52h SRNorth Branch
11Thomas Ajlouni62.55h PRNorth Branch
9Kyle Beatley64.25hNorth Branch
10Jacob Davis64.85h PRNorth Branch
4.11Daniel Tinnin1:08.15hOtisville LakeVille
9Timothy Gozowsky69.81hNorth Branch

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew McCray2:09.11hOtisville LakeVille
10Christian Howay2:17.77h PRNorth Branch
11Adam Friend2:28.56hNorth Branch
4.10Josh Hutchinson2:31.88h SROtisville LakeVille
9Michael Lilly2:45.47hNorth Branch
6.9Kyle English2:48.38hOtisville LakeVille
7.11Daniel Tinnin2:49.94hOtisville LakeVille
9Trevor Brandt2:51.03h SRNorth Branch
9.11Richard Lichtenfelt3:05.44hOtisville LakeVille

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew McCray5:03.90hOtisville LakeVille
11Brandon Seeley5:17.84h SRNorth Branch
11Adam Friend5:21.21hNorth Branch
9Kaleb Bickel5:28.38hNorth Branch
5.10Wyatt Horton5:33.50hOtisville LakeVille
11Thomas Ajlouni5:35.92h PRNorth Branch
11Jonathon Ankley5:35.92hNorth Branch
12Corey Wirth5:37.65h PRNorth Branch
8.10Bailey Lincoln5:40.15hOtisville LakeVille
9.12Aaron Jackson5:51.24h PROtisville LakeVille
10.9Kyle English5:59.06h SROtisville LakeVille
9Kyle Beatley5:59.17h SRNorth Branch
9Donnie Tounier6:10.40hNorth Branch
12Ethan Hunt6:32.88hNorth Branch
14.11Geno Mersino6:49.15hOtisville LakeVille

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Brandon Seeley11:28.93hNorth Branch
9Kaleb Bickel11:40.25hNorth Branch
3.10Wyatt Horton11:40.31h PROtisville LakeVille
4.11John Gusowski11:46.59h PROtisville LakeVille
11Jonathon Ankley12:04.79hNorth Branch
10Jacob Peralta12:14.22hNorth Branch
12Corey Wirth12:24.73hNorth Branch
8.9Kyle English12:26.47h SROtisville LakeVille
9.12Aaron Jackson12:31.59h PROtisville LakeVille
10.10Bailey Lincoln12:56.85hOtisville LakeVille
9Donnie Tounier13:09.47h PRNorth Branch
12.11Richard Lichtenfelt15:13.85hOtisville LakeVille

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tristan McGaha16.12hOtisville LakeVille
2.11Dylan Gann16.38h PROtisville LakeVille
12John Utley16.75hNorth Branch
4.11Adam Batchelor17.87h SROtisville LakeVille
10Jordan Armstrong17.96h PRNorth Branch
10Cameron Buike18.31h SRNorth Branch
10Rowdy Bridger19.59h PRNorth Branch

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tristan McGaha43.90hOtisville LakeVille
2.11Adam Batchelor44.25hOtisville LakeVille
3.11Dylan Gann45.09h SROtisville LakeVille
12John Utley45.71hNorth Branch
10Cameron Buike49.99hNorth Branch
10Jordan Armstrong52.28hNorth Branch
11Brennen Zimmerman56.15hNorth Branch
10Rowdy Bridger56.59h SRNorth Branch

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Gabe Wells
Adrian Incarnati
Jacob Young
Doug Stikeleather
46.88hNorth Branch
2.-Chris Lanoue
Kyle Wheeler
Shane Horton
Dylan Gann
49"08.02hOtisville LakeVille

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Gabe Wells
Jacob Young
Doug Stikeleather
Aaron Fielder
1:37.09hNorth Branch
2.-Tristan McGaha
Shane Horton
Kyle Wheeler
Adam Batchelor
40:21.02hOtisville LakeVille

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Connor Kikta
Andrew McCray
Shane Horton
Tristan McGaha
3:43.31hOtisville LakeVille
-Gabe Wells
Adrian Incarnati
Jacob Young
Doug Stikeleather
3:51.10hNorth Branch

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 9:29hOtisville LakeVille
-Jonathon Ankley
Brandon Seeley
Jacob Peralta
Adam Friend
9:44.00aNorth Branch

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

11Michael McKee41'North Branch
11Brendan Miller37' 1"North Branch
10Brandon Oleskiuw36' 3.5"Otisville LakeVille
10Jacob Davis35' 7" SRNorth Branch
11Nathan Dunn34"5" PROtisville LakeVille
11Logan Woidan33' 3"North Branch
11Daniel Brace33' 1"North Branch
11Nate Chappel32'11Otisville LakeVille
11Al Tanner32' 3"Otisville LakeVille
10Todd Rea32' 3"North Branch
11Austin Bennett31' 11"North Branch
11Dylan Lawrence30'7" PROtisville LakeVille
9Ben Selesky28' 6" SROtisville LakeVille
9Travis Miller26' 11"North Branch
9Trevor Brandt24' 5"North Branch
11Jake Jackson24'5 PROtisville LakeVille
10David Ross23' 11"North Branch

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

11Austin Bennett100' 11" SRNorth Branch
11Brendan Miller98' 1" PRNorth Branch
10Jacob Davis88' 6"North Branch
11Michael McKee87' 8" PRNorth Branch
10Christian Howay85'2" PRNorth Branch
11Logan Woidan80' 6"North Branch
11Daniel Brace80' 3" PRNorth Branch
9Kaleb Bickel79'North Branch
10Todd Rea75' 6North Branch
10David Ross66' 9"North Branch
9Travis Miller66' 8"North Branch
9Trevor Brandt64' 3"North Branch

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sam White5'8 SROtisville LakeVille
10Christian Howay5' 6"North Branch
3.12Matt Shaver5'2Otisville LakeVille
11Jacob Huffaker5'North Branch
9Kyle Beatley5'North Branch

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Connor Kikta20'8" SROtisville LakeVille
12Aaron Fielder20'7" PRNorth Branch
12Doug Stikeleather20'2" PRNorth Branch
10Adrian Incarnati18'9" SRNorth Branch
5.12Matt Shaver18' 2" PROtisville LakeVille
10Cameron Buike17'10" SRNorth Branch
10Gabe Rose17' 4 1:2" PRNorth Branch
6.11Adam Batchelor17'4" PROtisville LakeVille
11Zach Butterfield16'3" SRNorth Branch
11Noah Tuinei16'2" PRNorth Branch
8.10Matt Wilson14"8" SROtisville LakeVille


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