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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Andre Houston11.87aBay City Central
2.12Sean Reilly11.88aEssexville Garber
3.10Deontay King12.23a PRBay City Central
4.11Alex Mudd12.33aBay City Western
5.11Kody Wenglikowski12.35aEssexville Garber
6.11Garrett Irish12.60aEssexville Garber
7.11Austin Reed12.77aBay City John Glenn
8.9Jordan Verela12.82aBay City Central
9.9Collin Krygier12.94aBay City Western
10.11Kevin Reminder12.97aBay City John Glenn
11.11Phillip Smith13.04aBay City Western
12.9Josh Weiss13.51aPinconning
13.10Connor Monoghan13.61aBay City John Glenn

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Blake Oakes23.95aEssexville Garber
2.12Sean Reilly24.56aEssexville Garber
3.12Davon Jackson24.57a SRBay City Central
4.12Andre Houston24.97aBay City Central
5.11Keith Rodriguez25.30aBay City Western
5.11Travis Havercamp25.30aBay City Western
7.10Logan Martin25.57aEssexville Garber
8.9Jacob Rittenberg25.80aPinconning
9.12Matt Nielsen25.94aBay City John Glenn
10.9Jordan Verela26.00aBay City Central
11.10Cris Schnell26.60aBay City John Glenn
11Kevin ReminderNTBay City John Glenn
11Alex MuddNTBay City Western

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Blake Oakes52.52aEssexville Garber
2.10Austin Boks53.42aBay City Western
3.11Keith Rodriguez53.94aBay City Western
4.12Nick Verity54.90a PRBay City Western
5.11Adam Bilodeau55.21aEssexville Garber
6.12Alex Neering56.02a PREssexville Garber
7.12Garret Bargeron57.70aPinconning
8.10Cris Schnell57.74aBay City John Glenn
9.11Bryan Kreifeilt58.55aBay City John Glenn
10.9Thad Pioszak1:02.80aBay City Central
11.11Kheyron Robinson1:03.67a PRBay City Central
10Evan PrevostNTBay City Central
9Sterling WellsNTBay City John Glenn

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ben Yagiela2:00.80aEssexville Garber
2.10Loren Appold2:06.70aBay City Western
3.9Evan Vorwerck2:06.80aBay City Western
4.9Brendan Nesbitt2:06.90aBay City Western
5.9Desmond Glaza2:07.90aEssexville Garber
6.12Justin Page2:09.80a PRBay City John Glenn
7.9Jacob Sansburn2:10.30aEssexville Garber
8.12Gabe Witt2:10.40a PRBay City Central
9.11Joe Wohlschied2:24.00aBay City John Glenn
10.11Dominic Clifford2:27.00aBay City Central
11.10Josh Miiller2:27.80aPinconning
12.9Jake Fath2:28.00aBay City John Glenn
13.10Devyn Myers2:38.00aPinconning
10Adam BersanoNTPinconning

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ben Yagiela4:39.39aEssexville Garber
2.9Brendan Nesbitt4:42.24a SRBay City Western
3.9Jacob Sansburn4:43.36aEssexville Garber
4.10Robert Walkowiak4:44.38aBay City Central
5.9Evan Vorwerck4:47.47aBay City Western
6.11Andrew Lawrence5:09.55aBay City Western
7.9Andrew Yaworski5:11.68aEssexville Garber
8.11Nathan Nephew5:32.36aBay City John Glenn
9.9Tanner Sheahan5:35.92a PRBay City John Glenn
12Grant RivetNTBay City John Glenn

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob Stone10:53.93aEssexville Garber
2.12Grant Rivet10:59.47aBay City John Glenn
3.10Matt Koenig11:02.54aBay City Western
4.11Sam Michalak11:03.30aBay City Western
5.10Hayden Cobley11:13.68aEssexville Garber
6.11Chase Badalamenti11:14.23aEssexville Garber
7.11Andrew Lawrence11:31.21aBay City Western
8.9Tanner Sheahan12:14.44aBay City John Glenn
9.11Marcelino Tacey12:17.03aPinconning
10.10Matt Bersano12:32.66aPinconning
11.10Adam Bersano12:43.78aPinconning
12.10Logan Reder13:39.40aBay City John Glenn
13.10Cameron Bragg13:39.99aBay City Central

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cory Kanyo16.49a PRPinconning
2.10Cole Rechsteiner16.51a SRBay City Western
3.12Austin Bublitz16.90aBay City John Glenn
4.10Cameron Munroe17.63a PREssexville Garber
5.11Justin Eauclaire17.70a PRBay City Central
6.11Conner Spence18.26a SRBay City John Glenn
7.10Joseph Cooley18.34aBay City Western
8.11Jared Greshaw18.60aEssexville Garber
9.9Ryan Bublitz19.59aBay City John Glenn
10.9Brennan Baldwin19.96aBay City Western
11.11Kheyron Robinson20.03aBay City Central
12.12Cory Pioszak20.49aBay City Central

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cole Rechsteiner44.32aBay City Western
2.12Austin Bublitz45.16aBay City John Glenn
3.9Ryan Bublitz45.96aBay City John Glenn
4.10Joseph Cooley45.97aBay City Western
5.10Sawyer Hegyi47.11aBay City Western
6.10Gregory Goodwine48.03aBay City Central
7.11Justin Eauclaire48.67aBay City Central
8.11Jared Greshaw48.80aEssexville Garber
9.12Cory Pioszak48.96aBay City Central
10.10Cameron Munroe50.50aEssexville Garber
11.11Drew Pomeroy50.72aBay City John Glenn
12.9Ryan Hradecky51.36a PRPinconning

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 44.85aBay City Central
2.-Jacob Trogan
Matt Nielsen
Kevin Reminder
Ausin Reed
47.67aBay City John Glenn
3.-Kevin Coleman
Tanner Wascher
Cory Kanyo
Jacob Rittenberg
4.-Garrett Irish
Kody Wenglikowski
Lucas Rafaill
Logan Martin
48.32aEssexville Garber
5.-Collin Krygier
Eliseo Vasquez-Landin
Blake Watson
Phillip Smith
49.69aBay City Western

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:34.63aBay City Central
2.-Logan Martin
Adam Bilodeau
Blake Oakes
Sean Reilly
1:35.03aEssexville Garber
3.-Keith Rodriguez
Phillip Smith
Travis Havercamp
Cole Rechsteiner
1:38.12aBay City Western
4.-Matt Nielsen
Jacob Trogan
Austin Bublitz
Ausin Reed
1:39.13aBay City John Glenn
5.-Jacob Rittenberg
Cory Kanyo
Tanner Wascher
Garret Bargeron

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Adam Bilodeau
Ben Yagiela
Blake Oakes
Alex Neering
3:30.29aEssexville Garber
2.-Keith Rodriguez
Loren Appold
Nick Verity
Austin Boks
3:32.16aBay City Western
3.-Relay Team 3:43.87aBay City Central
4.-Garret Bargeron
Kevin Coleman
Tanner Wascher
Jacob Rittenberg
5.-Joe Wohlschied
Bryan Kreifeilt
Justin Page
Chris Shnell
3:50.09aBay City John Glenn

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Adam Bilodeau
Desmond Glaza
Jacob Sansburn
Ben Yagiela
8:36.13aEssexville Garber
2.-Loren Appold
Kenneth Mochrie
Nick Verity
Antonio Wenglikowski
9:05.63aBay City Western
3.-Bryan Kreifeilt
Grant Rivet
Joe Wohlschied
Justin Page
9:18.60aBay City John Glenn
4.-Relay Team 9:55.81aBay City Central

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kane Wendling50-06.00 PRBay City Western
2.12Alex Neering49-00.00Essexville Garber
3.12Alyn Metevia46-03.50 PRBay City Central
4.12Cedric McGee42-05.00Bay City Central
5.11Josh Merchant40-07.75Bay City John Glenn
6.12Matt Verduyn40-07.25 PRPinconning
7.11Cody Okes40-02.75Bay City Western
8.11Brett Sweicicki39-06.00Bay City Western
9.10Eric Spence39-05.00Bay City John Glenn
10.11Nick Neering38-00.25Essexville Garber
11.11Brandon Green35-11.75Essexville Garber
12.12Chris Jacobs35-10.50Bay City Central
13.10trent Ballor34-00.00 SRPinconning
14.12Logan Maier33-00.50Bay City John Glenn

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alex Neering127-03Essexville Garber
2.11Tyler Monville126-03Bay City John Glenn
3.10Kane Wendling126-02Bay City Western
4.12Brandon Thomas124-02Bay City Central
5.11Brandon Green107-01Essexville Garber
6.11Cody Okes106-01Bay City Western
7.12Chris Jacobs104-11Bay City Central
8.11Nick Neering103-05Essexville Garber
9.11Brett Sweicicki102-08Bay City Western
10.11Josh Merchant97-08Bay City John Glenn
11.11Jason Ricklefs97-03Bay City John Glenn
12.12Greyson Briggs94-00Pinconning
13.10trent Ballor89-06Pinconning
14.11Tyler Beyette85-09Bay City Central

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kane Wendling5-10.00Bay City Western
2.10Jacob Trogan5-08.00Bay City John Glenn
3.9Dylan Jeffrey5-08.00 SRBay City Western
4.11Nathan Nephew5-08.00Bay City John Glenn
5.11Chase Badalamenti5-06.00Essexville Garber
6.12Jonah Pine5-06.00Bay City Central
7.12Gabe Witt5-04.00 PRBay City Central
7.10Hayden Cobley5-04.00Essexville Garber
12Logan MaierNHBay City John Glenn
10Sawyer HegyiNHBay City Western
11Arturo DelRioNHEssexville Garber

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tanner Wascher12-06.00Pinconning
2.11Conner Spence11-00.00Bay City John Glenn
3.12Devon Jackson10-06.00Bay City Central
4.12Matt LaBerge10-00.00 PRBay City Central
5.11Alex Schlatter10-00.00Bay City Western
6.11Jacob Stone9-06.00 SREssexville Garber
6.11Travis Schlatter9-06.00 SRBay City Western
8.10Joseph Cooley9-00.00 PRBay City Western
9.11Jacob Serum8-00.00 SRPinconning
10.9Eric Hanover8-00.00Bay City John Glenn
11.9Sterling Wells8-00.00Bay City John Glenn

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kane Wendling20-05.25 PRBay City Western
2.12Victor Teneyuque20-00.75 SRBay City Central
3.12Matt Nielsen18-07.50 PRBay City John Glenn
3.12Austin Bublitz18-07.50Bay City John Glenn
5.9Desmond Glaza18-06.50 SREssexville Garber
6.10Jacob Trogan18-02.25Bay City John Glenn
7.9Jordan Verela18-02.00 PRBay City Central
8.10Loren Appold17-08.50 PRBay City Western
9.11Kheyron Robinson17-07.75Bay City Central
10.10Brendan Candey16-11.50Essexville Garber
11.9Mario Hernandez16-00.50Bay City Western
12.9Ryan Hradecky14-11.50Pinconning


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