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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brandon Earles12.04aNiles Brandywine
2.11Blake Lerner12.92aNiles Brandywine
3.11Charlie Rodriquez12.95aNiles Brandywine
4.-John Tarnowski12.96aNew Buffalo
5.9Nigel Durham12.99aNew Buffalo
6.11Marty Ward13.03a SRNiles Brandywine
7.12Chris Smith13.14a PRColoma
8.10DJ Loveland13.33aNiles Brandywine
9.10Tyler Vanlaecke13.40aNiles Brandywine
10.11Draven Santana13.47a PRColoma
11.12Brandon Shriver13.54aNiles Brandywine
12.10Eddy Mugenzi13.60a PRNiles Brandywine
13.10Alek Horvath13.76aNiles Brandywine
14.11Randy Frank13.90a PRColoma
15.10Blake Williams14.08a PRColoma
16.10Justin Williamson14.24aNiles Brandywine
17.12Josh Flanagan14.53a PRNiles Brandywine
18.9Gabe Doggett15.02a PRColoma
19.11Jake Szilagyi15.77a PRNiles Brandywine

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Drace Taylor24.84aColoma
2.-John Tarnowski25.81aNew Buffalo
3.12Charles Kuemin25.82aNiles Brandywine
4.11Matt Kline26.15aNiles Brandywine
5.11Steve Mugenzi26.33a PRNiles Brandywine
6.12Chris Smith26.36a PRColoma
7.9Nigel Durham26.52aNew Buffalo
8.9Dustin Ikerd26.57a PRColoma
9.10Caleb Horst27.31aNiles Brandywine
10.10Michael Okayama27.34a SRNiles Brandywine
11.10Tyler Vanlaecke27.37aNiles Brandywine
12.12Brandon Shriver27.98a PRNiles Brandywine
13.11Randy Frank28.22a PRColoma
14.10Alek Horvath28.53aNiles Brandywine
15.10DJ Loveland29.01aNiles Brandywine
16.11Brandon Peek29.46a PRColoma
17.9Austin Hebner29.53a SRColoma
18.10Justin Williamson29.88aNiles Brandywine
19.10Tony Anglin-Green30.41a PRColoma
20.10Philipp Kleeman31.40a PRColoma
10Austin KnappDNSNiles Brandywine

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kamren English53.80a PRNew Buffalo
2.11Matt Kline56.47aNiles Brandywine
3.11Drace Taylor58.74aColoma
4.10Michael Okayama59.36a SRNiles Brandywine
5.10Tony Anglin-Green1:05.76a PRColoma
6.11Brandon Peek1:06.49a SRColoma
7.10Cameron Hoch1:09.47aNew Buffalo
8.9Austin Hebner1:12.47a PRColoma

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Robbins2:12.68aNiles Brandywine
2.11Andrew Boocher2:18.11a SRNiles Brandywine
3.10Wyatt Eager2:23.57aNiles Brandywine
4.10Anthony Puma2:25.33a PRColoma
5.10Keegan Lewis2:32.52a PRColoma
6.10Matt Sweet2:35.09a PRColoma
7.12Evan Zacharski2:40.33aNiles Brandywine
8.12Kamren English2:45.59aNew Buffalo
9.10Reese Sample2:53.36a PRColoma
10.10Jesse Scruggs2:58.45a PRColoma
11.10Auston Ebrecht2:59.28aColoma
12.9Chrys Skaggs3:22.20a PRColoma
9Clayton BurgessDNSColoma
9Greg OlsenDNSColoma
12Conor RockhillDNSColoma
12Alex WoerdehoffDNSNew Buffalo

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Robbins4:42.95aNiles Brandywine
2.12Alex Woerdehoff4:50.80aNew Buffalo
3.10Wyatt Eager4:54.01aNiles Brandywine
4.11Riley VanPelt4:57.22a SRNew Buffalo
5.10James Harrell5:10.03a SRNiles Brandywine
6.12Ryan Cade5:12.79aColoma
7.11Ben Olsen5:29.32aColoma
8.10Joshua Youngs5:39.79aNiles Brandywine
9.12Evan Zacharski5:47.36aNiles Brandywine
10.9Greg Olsen6:00.50a SRColoma
11.10Reese Sample6:01.25a SRColoma
12.10Jesse Scruggs6:31.91a PRColoma
12Kamren EnglishDNSNew Buffalo

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Danner10:15.13a PRNiles Brandywine
2.10James Harrell11:15.25aNiles Brandywine
3.12Ryan Cade11:41.76a SRColoma
4.11Riley VanPelt11:48.23aNew Buffalo
5.11Ben Olsen12:32.04a SRColoma
6.10Eddy Mugenzi12:58.12a PRNiles Brandywine
7.10Joshua Youngs13:23.06aNiles Brandywine
8.9Greg Olsen13:35.73a SRColoma
9Patrick GuntzDNSColoma
12Evan ZacharskiDNSNiles Brandywine

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nathan Anders15.65aNiles Brandywine
2.11Andrew Duckett15.72aNiles Brandywine
3.12Zac Stephens18.92aColoma
4.11Steve Mugenzi20.03aNiles Brandywine
5.9Vinny Peel20.05aNiles Brandywine
6.9Brandon Bower21.61aColoma
7.10Cameron Hoch21.79aNew Buffalo
8.9Zane Lute22.13a SRColoma

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nathan Anders41.22aNiles Brandywine
2.11Andrew Duckett42.63aNiles Brandywine
3.9Brandon Bower46.31a SRColoma
4.11Steve Mugenzi49.11aNiles Brandywine
5.9Zane Lute51.27a SRColoma
6.9Vinny Peel52.99aNiles Brandywine
7.10Caleb Horst53.85aNiles Brandywine

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Blake Lerner
Tyler Vanlaecke
Brandon Shriver
Brandon Earles
48.68aNiles Brandywine
2.-Ryan Parrigin
Chris Smith
Draven Santana
Dustin Ikerd

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Blake Lerner
Charles Kuemin
Matt Kline
Caleb Horst
1:41.50aNiles Brandywine
2.-Dustin Ikerd
Ryan Parrigin
Chris Smith
Draven Santana

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nathan Anders
Matt Kline
Michael Robbins
Andrew Duckett
3:45.28aNiles Brandywine
2.-Drace Taylor
Ryan Parrigin
Auston Ebrecht
Keegan Lewis

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Michael Robbins
Zach Schmidt
Wyatt Eager
Tyler Danner
9:06.48aNiles Brandywine
2.-Ben Olsen
Ryan Cade
Auston Ebrecht
Patrick Guntz

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Wayne Seabury41-10.00Coloma
2.12Richard Nekvasil40-11.00 PRNew Buffalo
3.11Charlie Rodriquez38-07.00Niles Brandywine
4.11Marty Ward38-03.00Niles Brandywine
5.11Taylor Nagy36-05.00New Buffalo
6.11Jake Szilagyi34-07.00Niles Brandywine
7.-John Tarnowski34-06.00 PRNew Buffalo
8.10Matt Sweet32-03.00 PRColoma
9.12Josh Flanagan29-08.00Niles Brandywine
10.9Tyler Blevins28-09.00 SRColoma
11.10Philipp Kleeman26-10.50 PRColoma
12.9Vinny Peel26-09.00 PRNiles Brandywine
13.10Garrick Thompson26-00.00Niles Brandywine
14.11Drew Krueger25-10.00Niles Brandywine
14.10Adam Grenon25-10.00 SRColoma
16.10Cameron Hoch25-05.00New Buffalo
17.9Aaron Casto25-04.00 SRNiles Brandywine
11Max EudaveDNSNew Buffalo
12DeMarquez PayneDNSColoma

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Marty Ward116-04Niles Brandywine
2.12Richard Nekvasil92-04New Buffalo
3.11Jake Szilagyi91-01Niles Brandywine
4.10Matt Sweet89-06 PRColoma
5.12Josh Flanagan89-04Niles Brandywine
6.10Austin Knapp88-07Niles Brandywine
7.11Wayne Seabury85-10Coloma
8.11Justin Regina84-02 PRNew Buffalo
9.11Taylor Nagy78-05New Buffalo
10.10Adam Grenon77-02 PRColoma
11.9Tyler Blevins71-08 SRColoma
12.10Philipp Kleeman70-10 PRColoma
13.10Garrick Thompson69-06Niles Brandywine
14.9Aaron Casto65-09Niles Brandywine
15.11Drew Krueger64-08Niles Brandywine
16.10Cameron Hoch62-02 PRNew Buffalo
11Max EudaveDNSNew Buffalo
12DeMarquez PayneDNSColoma
17.11Charlie RodriquezNiles Brandywine
18.10Caleb HorstNiles Brandywine

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kamren English6-00.00New Buffalo
2.11Andrew Boocher5-09.00Niles Brandywine
3.10Austin Knapp5-09.00 PRNiles Brandywine
4.12Alex Woerdehoff5-06.00New Buffalo
4.12Nick Caldwell5-06.00 PRColoma
6.12Tarrie Landry5-03.00 PRColoma
6.11Zach Schmidt5-03.00Niles Brandywine
8.11Steve Mugenzi5-03.00Niles Brandywine

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zac Stephens11-00.00 PRColoma
2.12Charles Kuemin10-06.00Niles Brandywine
3.12Brandon Shriver9-06.00Niles Brandywine
4.9Creo Brewster9-06.00New Buffalo
5.12Alex Woerdehoff9-00.00New Buffalo
6.9Gabe Doggett8-00.00 SRColoma
7.10Blake Williams7-06.00 PRColoma

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Drace Taylor19-04.75Coloma
2.11Andrew Duckett19-03.00Niles Brandywine
3.12Nathan Anders18-09.75Niles Brandywine
4.12Charles Kuemin17-04.75Niles Brandywine
5.12Tarrie Landry17-04.25 PRColoma
6.9Nigel Durham17-02.50New Buffalo
7.10Michael Okayama16-03.50Niles Brandywine
8.9Vinny Peel16-00.00Niles Brandywine
9.11Blake Lerner15-03.00Niles Brandywine
10.9Dustin Ikerd14-10.00 SRColoma
11.10Justin Williamson14-09.00Niles Brandywine
12.10Tyler Vanlaecke14-07.50Niles Brandywine
13.9Brandon Bower14-05.75 PRColoma
14.10DJ Loveland14-01.00Niles Brandywine
15.10Eddy Mugenzi13-10.50Niles Brandywine
16.10Alek Horvath13-09.25Niles Brandywine


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