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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jordan Maust12.49aPigeon-Laker
2.10Jacob Finkel12.93aHarbor Beach
3.9Keegan Valentine12.96a SRPigeon-Laker
4.12George Sutherland13.51a PRHarbor Beach
5.11Jeremy Smithers13.66aBad Axe
6.9Keenan Siens13.95a PRUbly
7.9Dylan Hessling14.13aHarbor Beach
8.9Gavin Pallas14.32aUbly
9.10Ethan Hund14.41aUbly
10.10Victor Gonzales14.48aBad Axe
11.9Nathan Keller14.74a SRUbly
12.9Tyler Booms15.14aHarbor Beach
13.9Anthony McLeod15.92a PRBad Axe
9Kendal DelpiereNTBad Axe
10Daniel CraycraftNTBad Axe
10Robert PineauNTBad Axe
10Jacob HassNTBad Axe
9Nick TetreauNTBad Axe

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jordan Maust25.32a SRPigeon-Laker
2.11Chris Keyes25.37a SRHarbor Beach
3.12Jacob Inbody25.38aUbly
4.10Jacob Finkel26.36aHarbor Beach
5.9Mathew Gorkowski26.57aBad Axe
6.12George Sutherland26.89aHarbor Beach
7.11Jeremy Smithers27.52aBad Axe
8.11Scott Sheperd28.76a PRUbly
9.9Keenan Siens28.86a PRUbly
10.10Ethan Hund29.16aUbly
11.9Gavin Pallas29.49aUbly
12.10Victor Gonzales30.30aBad Axe
13.9Dylan Hessling30.37aHarbor Beach
14.9Kendal Delpiere30.88aBad Axe
15.9Tyler Booms31.20aHarbor Beach
16.9Nick Tetreau32.80a PRBad Axe
17.10Jonathan Wright33.65aUbly
9Aaron KlamaNTUbly

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jacob Inbody55.51aUbly
2.12Austin Wolschlager1:01.86aBad Axe
3.9Aaron Maust1:02.13a PRPigeon-Laker
4.9Mitchel Smith1:04.04a PRHarbor Beach
5.9Dylan Hessling1:07.79aHarbor Beach
6.9Aaron Volk1:08.37aBad Axe
7.9Wolschleger Eric1:15.42a PRUbly
12tyler CrossNTUbly
10Daniel RutkowskiNTUbly
10Nathan GilbertNTUbly

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Anderson2:08.95aHarbor Beach
2.10Nathan Gilbert2:22.63aUbly
3.10Daniel Craycraft2:24.42a PRBad Axe
4.9Jonathon Brandel2:31.18a PRUbly
5.11Robert Ocomen2:32.56a SRHarbor Beach
6.9Jake Bushey2:36.43a PRPigeon-Laker
7.9Mitchel Smith2:38.84aHarbor Beach
8.9Noah Krueger2:48.39a PRUbly
9.9Alex Messing2:50.67a PRBad Axe
10.12tyler Cross2:53.91a PRUbly
11.10Aaron Hund2:54.07aUbly
12.9Wolschleger Eric3:04.36aUbly

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Anderson4:38.99aHarbor Beach
2.11Adam Grifka4:57.42aUbly
3.11Vince Salcido5:36.29aBad Axe
4.10Dillion Collison-Russell5:37.43aPigeon-Laker
5.9Jake Bushey5:57.83aPigeon-Laker
6.10James Weber6:02.71aUbly
7.9Alex Messing6:12.91aBad Axe
8.9Noah Krueger6:14.48aUbly
9.10Aaron Hund6:26.42aUbly
10.11George Selleke6:26.64a PRUbly

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Anderson10:17.82aHarbor Beach
2.11Adam Grifka10:28.96aUbly
3.11Vince Salcido12:19.09aBad Axe
4.10James Weber13:52.87aUbly
10Dillion Collison-RussellNTPigeon-Laker

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jonathan Wright18.98aUbly
1.11Roger Franzel18.98aUbly
3.11Eric Verellen20.10aHarbor Beach

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Keyes46.33aHarbor Beach
2.11Roger Franzel47.17aUbly
3.10Jonathan Wright51.71aUbly
4.9Kendal Delpiere56.29aBad Axe
5.11Eric Verellen57.30aHarbor Beach
6.10Ethan Hund1:02.25a PRUbly

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kendal Delpiere
Victor Gonzales
Alex Messing
Nick Tetreau
53.64aBad Axe
2.9Keenan Siens
Gavin Pallas
Jonathon Brandel
Nathan Keller
3.-Terrance Dubs
John Karle
Dakota Valentine
Bryce Hillborn
4.-Relay Team 59.67aBad Axe

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Roger Franzel
Jacob Inbody
Keenan Siens
Gavin Pallas
2.-Relay Team 1:50:00.0aBad Axe
DQ-Jacob Finkel
Devin Cooper
Dylan Hessling
Chris Keyes
NTHarbor Beach

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Luke Anderson
Jacob Finkel
Chris Keyes
George Sutherland
3:59.95aHarbor Beach
2.-Adam Grifka
Jacob Inbody
Jonathon Brandel
tyler Cross
3.-Jake Bushey
Aaron Christy
Aaron Maust
Brandon Wolschlager
4.-Roger Franzel
Nathan Gilbert
Jonathan Wright
Wolschleger Eric
5.-Relay Team 4:27.28aBad Axe

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Adam Grifka
George Selleke
Jonathon Brandel
tyler Cross
2.-Vincent Salcido
Daniel Craycraft
Austin Wolschlager
Napat Tiensilahul
10:22.50aBad Axe
3.-Relay Team 10:54.33aPigeon-Laker

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terrance Dubs38-02.75Pigeon-Laker
2.11Scott Sheperd37-02.00Ubly
3.11John Karle36-04.00Pigeon-Laker
4.11Dakota Valentine34-10.00Pigeon-Laker
5.10Nathan Gilbert31-11.75Ubly
6.9Anthony McLeod28-07.50Bad Axe
7.9Aaron Klama27-08.00Ubly
8.9Jacob Waun27-06.75Harbor Beach
8.12Josh Waun27-06.75Harbor Beach
10.9Aaron Volk25-04.50Bad Axe
11.11Clint Schope21-10.00 PRPigeon-Laker
12.10Robert Pineau19-05.00 PRBad Axe

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terrance Dubs107-05Pigeon-Laker
2.11Dakota Valentine99-03Pigeon-Laker
3.11Scott Sheperd91-00Ubly
4.11John Karle76-02Pigeon-Laker
5.12Josh Waun74-00Harbor Beach
6.9Anthony McLeod66-00Bad Axe
7.9Aaron Klama65-08Ubly
8.9Aaron Volk62-11Bad Axe
9.9Alex Messing59-04 PRBad Axe
10.11Clint Schope51-02 PRPigeon-Laker
11.10Jacob Hass50-05 PRBad Axe
12.10Robert Pineau45-10Bad Axe

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Austin Wolschlager5-00.00Bad Axe
2.11Vince Salcido4-10.10Bad Axe
3.11George Selleke4-10.00Ubly
9Jackson MotzNHBad Axe

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.9Clark Brady7-00.00Bad Axe
2.9Nick Tetreau6-00.00 PRBad Axe
10Jacob HassNHBad Axe

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terrance Dubs17-00.00Pigeon-Laker
2.9Jackson Motz15-11.00Bad Axe
3.9Keegan Valentine15-10.00Pigeon-Laker
4.9Mathew Gorkowski14-05.10 PRBad Axe
5.10Napat Tiensilahul14-05.00 PRBad Axe
6.10Daniel Craycraft14-01.00 PRBad Axe
7.9Noah Krueger13-07.00 PRUbly
8.9Nathan Keller13-01.00 PRUbly
9.10Ethan Hund12-09.00 PRUbly
10.10Victor Gonzales12-07.00Bad Axe
11Jeremy SmithersND (1.0)Bad Axe


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Varsity - Mens
3.Bad Axe58
4.Harbor Beach51
Varsity - Womens
1.Bad Axe80
4.Harbor Beach16

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