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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Hasler12.00aSt. Louis
2.10Robbie Trudell12.03a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
3.12Tim Iltis12.08aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
4.11Royce Houthoofd12.41a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
5.12Curtis Thurlow12.43aMerrill
6.11Alex Clark12.53aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
7.12Matt Castillo12.53a PRSt. Louis
8.11Marco Anchondo12.54aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
9.10Dominick Dempsey12.59a SRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10.11Tim Stoelting12.73aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11.9Markos Azucar12.78a SRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
12.11Evan Rezler12.88aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
13.12Antonio De la Cruze12.90a PRSt. Louis
14.9Charles Glumm13.10a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
15.12Nathan Warren13.25aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
16.10Trent Lutzke13.27aMerrill
17.12Jonny Ryu13.58aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
18.9Konnor Holton13.60a PRSt. Louis
19.12Kyle Rodgers13.82aMerrill
20.9Kellar Carnes13.83aMerrill
21.10Steven Brimmer14.11aSt. Louis
22.9George Denman14.30aSt. Louis
23.10Brad Heath14.46a PRMerrill
24.9Ben White15.52a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10Matt ThurlowNTMerrill

100 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Ricky Butler11.34hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Tim Stoelting11.67h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
12Tim Iltis11.75hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Connor LeRoy11.80hSaginaw Valley Luthe...

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Connor LeRoy23.60aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.12Matt Hasler24.20aSt. Louis
3.10Robbie Trudell24.47a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
4.11Justin Houthoofd25.00a SRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
5.11Tim Stoelting25.34aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
6.12Curtis Thurlow25.44aMerrill
7.11Alex Clark25.64aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
8.11Marco Anchondo25.65aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
9.11Royce Houthoofd25.77aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10.12Cody Kostal25.82aSt. Louis
11.10Isaiah Hough26.19aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
12.10Dominick Dempsey26.85aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
13.9Charles Glumm26.94a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
14.12Jared Wolven27.29aSt. Louis
15.12Antonio De la Cruze27.55aSt. Louis
16.12Jonny Ryu28.14aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
17.9Konnor Holton28.16aSt. Louis
18.9Kellar Carnes28.89aMerrill
19.11Charlie Williams28.96aMerrill
20.9George Denman29.56a PRSt. Louis
21.10Brad Heath30.91aMerrill
10Matt ThurlowNTMerrill
12Matt CastilloNTSt. Louis

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Evan Rezler24.09h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10Isaiah Hough24.41h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Connor LeRoy24.59hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Justin Houthoofd24.75hSaginaw Valley Luthe...

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eddie Jackson54.75aSt. Louis
2.9Markos Azucar55.17aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
3.12Collin Shaw55.32a PRSt. Louis
4.11Justin Houthoofd56.35aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
5.12Cody Kostal57.65aSt. Louis
6.11Marco Anchondo58.08aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
7.12Nathan Warren58.43aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
8.11Evan Rezler58.44a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
9.10Isaiah Hough1:00.46aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10.12Jared Wolven1:00.85aSt. Louis
11.11Charlie Williams1:12.60aMerrill
10Brad HeathNTMerrill

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Connor LeRoy55.34hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
9Markos Azucar56.25hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Justin Houthoofd56.90hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
12Nathan Warren57.04hSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10Isaiah Hough58.01h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10Stephen Greenwell1:04.5h SRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
12Jonny Ryu1:04.5h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
11Chad Schmude1:05.1h PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Connor Pilmore2:16.79aSt. Louis
2.11Matt Starry2:19.29aSt. Louis
3.9Adam Zimmerman2:20.94aSt. Louis
4.11Parker Morris2:23.66aSt. Louis
5.10Nick Rowe2:41.69aMerrill
6.9Axton Yerks2:45.93aSt. Louis
7.11Chad Schmude2:50.34a PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
8.9Andrew Strarry2:59.00a PRSt. Louis
9.10Ruben Haggerty3:12.04aMerrill
10.10Dean Austin3:17.60aSt. Louis
11.12Bam Phuthip3:20.12a PRSt. Louis
9Ben WhiteNTSaginaw Valley Luthe...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Connor Pilmore5:03.27aSt. Louis
2.12Collin Shaw5:03.39aSt. Louis
3.11Matt Starry5:03.52aSt. Louis
4.11Demetrios Scott5:22.39aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10Ruben HaggertyNTMerrill
10Nick RoweNTMerrill

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Connor Pilmore10:29.00aSt. Louis
2.9Evan Goodell10:39.00aSt. Louis
3.10Michael Allen11:33.00aSt. Louis
4.11Demetrios Scott11:57.00aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
5.12Alec Honig12:24.00aSt. Louis
6.11Brett Humphrey12:44.00aSt. Louis

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ricky Butler15.82aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.10Jase Anderson18.54aSt. Louis
3.11Levi Woods19.26aMerrill
4.10Stephen Greenwell19.53aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
5.12Kegan Lamentola20.88aSt. Louis

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ricky Butler43.36aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.11Levi Woods46.32aMerrill
3.12Zack Ross46.83aSt. Louis
4.12Kegan Lamentola48.09aSt. Louis
5.10Stephen Greenwell48.14aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
6.10Jase Anderson48.42aSt. Louis

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Connor LeRoy
Tim Stoelting
Ricky Butler
Tim Iltis
46.66aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.-Matt Hasler
Matt Castillo
Jase Anderson
Kaden Keon
46.80aSt. Louis
3.-Jacob Kulhanek
Kellar Carnes
Trent Lutzke
Kyle Rodgers

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Isaiah Hough
Evan Rezler
Connor LeRoy
Justin Houthoofd
1:38.13aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.-Matt Castillo
Matt Hasler
Kaden Keon
Jase Anderson
1:39.08aSt. Louis
3.-Jacob Kulhanek
Trent Lutzke
Levi Woods
Curtis Thurlow

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nathan Warren
Justin Houthoofd
Connor LeRoy
Markos Azucar
3:45.78aSaginaw Valley Luthe...
2.-Eddie Jackson
Parker Morris
Zack Ross
Collin Shaw
3:48.45aSt. Louis
3.-Jacob Kulhanek
Trent Lutzke
Noah Horvat
Levi Woods
4.-Stephen Greenwell
Isaiah Hough
Chad Schmude
Jonny Ryu
4:13.48aSaginaw Valley Luthe...

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Zack Ross
Conner Pilmore
Collin Shaw
Parker Morris
10:51.00aSt. Louis

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dakota Latoski40-00.50St. Louis
2.10Hunter Cannefax37-11.50St. Louis
3.10Dominick Dempsey36-10.25Saginaw Valley Luthe...
4.11Marshal Rockafellow36-05.50St. Louis
5.12Mykhayla Hetmanskyy32-00.50St. Louis
6.9Braden Hanley29-11.00St. Louis
7.10Christian Smith29-07.00St. Louis
8.11Jacob Simons29-06.00Merrill
8.9Charles Glumm29-06.00Saginaw Valley Luthe...
10.9Jack Valliere29-04.00Merrill
11.9Andrew Strarry28-07.00 SRSt. Louis
12.10Robert Billings28-05.25St. Louis
13.10Aaron Brown25-05.00Merrill
14.9Ben White23-11.25Saginaw Valley Luthe...
15.11Zack Bergan22-02.00Merrill

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dakota Latoski115-10St. Louis
2.12Tim Iltis111-07Saginaw Valley Luthe...
3.11Royce Houthoofd105-04Saginaw Valley Luthe...
4.10Hunter Cannefax105-02 SRSt. Louis
5.11Jacob Simons90-06Merrill
6.11Marshal Rockafellow84-09 SRSt. Louis
7.9Jack Valliere78-11 SRMerrill
8.10Robert Billings75-10St. Louis
9.10Ruben Haggerty73-10Merrill
10.10Aaron Brown72-00Merrill
11.9Andrew Strarry67-04 SRSt. Louis
12.11Zack Bergan54-10Merrill
12Mykhayla HetmanskyyNDSt. Louis
12Jed AbbottNDSt. Louis
9Braden HanleyNDSt. Louis

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eddie Jackson6-00.00St. Louis
2.10Robbie Trudell6-00.00Saginaw Valley Luthe...
3.9Markos Azucar5-06.00Saginaw Valley Luthe...
4.11Evan Rezler5-04.00Saginaw Valley Luthe...
4.10Kaden Keon5-04.00 PRSt. Louis
6.12Kegan Lamentola5-02.00St. Louis
9George DenmanNHSt. Louis
10Steven BrimmerNHSt. Louis

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jacob Kulhanek11-00.00Merrill
2.12Zack Ross9-06.00St. Louis
3.12Cody Kostal9-00.00St. Louis
4.12Jed Abbott9-00.00St. Louis
10Matt ThurlowNHMerrill
9Konnor HoltonNHSt. Louis

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Robbie Trudell18-08.25Saginaw Valley Luthe...
2.11Eddie Jackson18-05.00St. Louis
3.10Kaden Keon17-06.50 PRSt. Louis
4.12Tim Iltis17-05.50Saginaw Valley Luthe...
5.11Ricky Butler16-06.75Saginaw Valley Luthe...
6.12Kegan Lamentola15-09.50St. Louis
7.11Tim Stoelting15-00.25Saginaw Valley Luthe...
8.9Charles Glumm14-10.75Saginaw Valley Luthe...
9.12Jonny Ryu14-05.25 PRSaginaw Valley Luthe...
10.11Charlie Williams14-01.00Merrill
11.9Konnor Holton13-06.00St. Louis
12.9Kellar Carnes13-04.75 PRMerrill
13.9Axton Yerks12-10.50 PRSt. Louis
14.9Adam Zimmerman12-02.00St. Louis
15.10Steven Brimmer11-11.00St. Louis
16.9George Denman11-04.75St. Louis
12Curtis ThurlowNDMerrill


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