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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Peter Kessel10.9hBirmingham Seaholm
12Joshua Smith11.4hBirmingham Seaholm
12Andrew Barton11.9h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Izaak Gerkis12.0hBirmingham Seaholm

100 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Peter Kessel11.1hBirmingham Seaholm
12Dominic Sierpien11.2h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Joshua Smith11.2hBirmingham Seaholm
12Aaron Ware11.2hBirmingham Seaholm

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Aaron Ware22.8hBirmingham Seaholm
12Peter Kessel23.3hBirmingham Seaholm
12Dominic Sierpien24.4hBirmingham Seaholm
9Izaak Gerkis24.9hBirmingham Seaholm
9Tristan Strucienski25.6hBirmingham Seaholm
9Jake Lievios26.4hBirmingham Seaholm
9Richard Marx27.3h SRBirmingham Seaholm
9Dominic Bertollini27.8h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Eric Ruthruff27.9hBirmingham Seaholm
10Kyle Lewis28.2hBirmingham Seaholm
9Peter Sheehan28.3h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Riley Byrd28.4hBirmingham Seaholm
10Matthew Akroyd28.7h SRBirmingham Seaholm
12Mason Hardy29.4h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Brian Colton31.7hBirmingham Seaholm
9James Adams35.8hBirmingham Seaholm

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Aaron Ware22.9hBirmingham Seaholm
12Dominic Sierpien23.7h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Peter Kessel23.8hBirmingham Seaholm
12Spencer Mink23.9hBirmingham Seaholm

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Spencer Mink53.2hBirmingham Seaholm
11Alex Crump55.4hBirmingham Seaholm
12Andrew Barton56.2hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jack Walton58.3h SRBirmingham Seaholm
9Michael Kaminski59.6hBirmingham Seaholm
9Jake Lievios61h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Kyle Lewis62.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Peter Sheehan62h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Dominic Bertollini63hBirmingham Seaholm
10Emmett Kowalski63.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Matt Perham63h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Riley Byrd65h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Matthew Akroyd66h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Eric Ruthruff69.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Aidan Collins70h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Danny Ashcraft73hBirmingham Seaholm
9James Adams75.0hBirmingham Seaholm

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Alex Crump55.3hBirmingham Seaholm
12Spencer Mink55.3hBirmingham Seaholm
10Joey Russell56.0hBirmingham Seaholm
12Stephen Young56.1hBirmingham Seaholm
10Scott Caspersen56.4hBirmingham Seaholm
12Russell Ladd56.6h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Andrew Barton56.7hBirmingham Seaholm
9Luke Wallace57.2h SRBirmingham Seaholm
9Mac Fritz58.4hBirmingham Seaholm
12Ross Bernard58.7h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Liam Little59.2h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Michael Kaminski59.9hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jack Walton60hBirmingham Seaholm
12Dominic Sierpien60.3h SRBirmingham Seaholm
9Tristan Strucienski60.4h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Max Abrams60.6h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Matt DaDamio60.7h SRBirmingham Seaholm
12Jacob Sandy61.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Izaak Gerkis61.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Dalton Mink61.8hBirmingham Seaholm
11Colin Bull64.7h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Peter Sheehan65.7h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Richard Marx69.5h PRBirmingham Seaholm
11Patrick O'Brien70.0h PRBirmingham Seaholm

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Matthew Almeranti2:06.1hBirmingham Seaholm
9Luke Wallace2:09.9hBirmingham Seaholm
10Liam Little2:14.2hBirmingham Seaholm
10Joey Russell2:14.3hBirmingham Seaholm
12Russell Ladd2:22hBirmingham Seaholm
9Matt DaDamio2:26hBirmingham Seaholm
9Isaac Susser2:28hBirmingham Seaholm
9Andy Cowdery2:29hBirmingham Seaholm
12Hunter Steed2:29hBirmingham Seaholm
12Matthew Silbergleit2:32h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Charlie Cowdery2:32h SRBirmingham Seaholm
11Patrick Mayhew2:32h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Aaron Brooks2:33hBirmingham Seaholm
10Griffin Watt2:35h SRBirmingham Seaholm
11James Comer2:36h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Jack Schumaker2:44hBirmingham Seaholm
9Ethan Butcher2:46h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10Colin Weinert2:47h SRBirmingham Seaholm
12Andrew Wandyez2:49h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Brian Smythe2:49hBirmingham Seaholm
9Griffin Simmons2:49h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Peter Peterson2:50h PRBirmingham Seaholm
12Conner Liddle2:50h PRBirmingham Seaholm
11Patrick O'Brien2:52hBirmingham Seaholm
11Colin Bull2:52h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10August McCardell3:00hBirmingham Seaholm
9Aidan Collins3:07hBirmingham Seaholm
12Matt Perham3:12h PRBirmingham Seaholm

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Ross Bernard2:06h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Luke Wallace2:08hBirmingham Seaholm
11Spencer Miller2:09h SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Joey Russell2:11hBirmingham Seaholm
9Mac Fritz2:11hBirmingham Seaholm
11Alex Crump2:14hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jack Walton2:14hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jacob Sandy2:17h SRBirmingham Seaholm
9Michael Kaminski2:17h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Matt DaDamio2:18h SRBirmingham Seaholm
12Matthew Almeranti2:18hBirmingham Seaholm
12Russell Ladd2:18h PRBirmingham Seaholm

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Stephen Young4:49.3hBirmingham Seaholm
10Alex Skender4:50.2hBirmingham Seaholm
10Jack Halpin4:53.3hBirmingham Seaholm
10Liam Little4:55.5hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jack Williams5:03hBirmingham Seaholm
11Michael Trease5:14hBirmingham Seaholm
11Mitch Loeffler5:16hBirmingham Seaholm
9Ben Williams5:17hBirmingham Seaholm
11Patrick Mayhew5:20h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9David Seago5:23hBirmingham Seaholm
9Isaac Susser5:23hBirmingham Seaholm
12Hunter Steed5:32hBirmingham Seaholm
9Andy Cowdery5:33hBirmingham Seaholm
9Charlie Cowdery5:36hBirmingham Seaholm
12Matthew Silbergleit5:38hBirmingham Seaholm
10Aaron Brooks5:45hBirmingham Seaholm
10Griffin Watt5:47hBirmingham Seaholm
12Andrew Wandyez5:48h PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Jack Schumaker5:57hBirmingham Seaholm
9Brian Smythe5:57hBirmingham Seaholm
10Colin Weinert5:58hBirmingham Seaholm
9Ethan Butcher6:03hBirmingham Seaholm
11Colin Bull6:05h PRBirmingham Seaholm
11James Comer6:09hBirmingham Seaholm
10Peter Peterson6:10h PRBirmingham Seaholm
11Patrick O'Brien6:12h PRBirmingham Seaholm
10August McCardell6:15hBirmingham Seaholm
12Conner Liddle6:16hBirmingham Seaholm

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Jack Halpin10:22hBirmingham Seaholm
12Ross Bernard10:25hBirmingham Seaholm
10Alex Skender10:39hBirmingham Seaholm
12Jack Williams10:55hBirmingham Seaholm

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

10Scott Caspersen19.0hBirmingham Seaholm
11Steven Graczyk19.2h PRBirmingham Seaholm

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

12Jacob Sandy45.8hBirmingham Seaholm
10Scott Caspersen45.9hBirmingham Seaholm

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Aaron Ware
Peter Kessel
Dominic Sierpien
Joshua Smith
45.0hBirmingham Seaholm

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Aaron Ware
Peter Kessel
Spencer Mink
Dominic Sierpien
1:34.5hBirmingham Seaholm

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Spencer Mink
Alex Crump
Andrew Barton
Stephen Young
3:43.4hBirmingham Seaholm
9Luke Wallace
Michael Kaminski
Matt Dadamio
Mac Fritz
3:56.2hBirmingham Seaholm
-Scott Caspersen
Jacob Sandy
Russell Ladd
Peter Sheehan
3:59.7hBirmingham Seaholm
-Joey Russell
Liam Little
Colin Bull
Jack Walton
3:59.9hBirmingham Seaholm
-Dominic Sierpien
Dalton Mink
Patrick O'Brien
Ross Bernard
4:10.8hBirmingham Seaholm
9James Adams
Tristan Strucienski
Richard Marx
Izaac Gerkis
4:11.5hBirmingham Seaholm

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Luke Wallace
Ross Bernard
Spencer Miller
Matthew Almeranti
8:44hBirmingham Seaholm
-Mac Fritz
Joey Russell
Matt Dadamio
Jacob Sandy
8:59hBirmingham Seaholm
-Michael Kaminski
Jack Walton
Alex Crump
Russell Ladd
9:05hBirmingham Seaholm

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

12Karl Marback48'10.5"Birmingham Seaholm
12Matthew Rothchild39'7.5"Birmingham Seaholm
12Mason Hardy39'7"Birmingham Seaholm
12Luke Braun37'11.5"Birmingham Seaholm
12Ryan Head35'8" PRBirmingham Seaholm

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

12Karl Marback155'9"Birmingham Seaholm
12Matthew Rothchild114'8"Birmingham Seaholm
12Mason Hardy113'4"Birmingham Seaholm
12Joshua Smith109'9"Birmingham Seaholm
12Ryan Head93'6"Birmingham Seaholm
12Luke Braun91'10"Birmingham Seaholm

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

9Max Abrams5'0Birmingham Seaholm

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Spencer Mink19'4"Birmingham Seaholm
10Dalton Mink16'2" SRBirmingham Seaholm
10Kyle Lewis15'6" PRBirmingham Seaholm
9Max Abrams14'10.75" PRBirmingham Seaholm


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