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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew Duckett11.85a SRNiles Brandywine
2.11Colby Brundige11.88aThree Rivers
3.12Nathan Anders12.11a PRNiles Brandywine
4.11Isaiah Crider12.15aCassopolis Ross Beatty
5.11Todd Vidmar12.32aThree Rivers
6.11Sam Harris12.46a PRThree Rivers
7.9Braxton Bowley12.49aThree Rivers
8.11Bailey Miholer-Wortinger12.56aThree Rivers
9.11Zach Newton12.63a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
10.9Tyson New12.71aThree Rivers
11.10Lex Breseman12.76a PRThree Rivers
12.12Jon Adair12.82a PRThree Rivers
13.9Deion Deans12.84a SRThree Rivers
14.12Deandre Ballard12.89aCassopolis Ross Beatty
15.11Charlie Rodriquez12.94a PRNiles Brandywine
16.9Micha Welch13.09aCassopolis Ross Beatty
17.11Marty Ward13.14aNiles Brandywine
18.9Danny Martinez13.28a PRThree Rivers
19.12Ray King13.30a PRThree Rivers
20.9Aaron Majewski13.31a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
21.10Michael Okayama13.36a PRNiles Brandywine
22.10DJ Loveland13.49aNiles Brandywine
23.9Antonio Hunter13.64a PRThree Rivers
24.12Kane Greer13.66aNiles Brandywine
25.10Tyler Vanlaecke13.68aNiles Brandywine
26.10Justin Williamson13.94aNiles Brandywine
27.9Erish Edmisten14.34a PRThree Rivers
28.10Logan Evans14.59a PRThree Rivers
29.9Xxavier Bowe14.69a SRCassopolis Ross Beatty
30.9Tim Rowley14.70a PRThree Rivers
31.9Zavier Barth14.71a PRThree Rivers
32.11Jordan Hunt14.74a PRNiles Brandywine
33.11Mitchell Stahl15.15a SRThree Rivers
34.9Ronnie Rhodes15.83a PRThree Rivers
11Tyler EvansDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Shane LosDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Vinny PeelDQNiles Brandywine
10Marquise DavisDQNiles Brandywine

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nate Eldridge23.88aThree Rivers
2.11Zak Zagon24.94a SRThree Rivers
3.9Tyson New25.40aThree Rivers
4.11Matt Kline25.43aNiles Brandywine
5.12Brandon Earles26.04a PRNiles Brandywine
6.12Charles Kuemin26.42aNiles Brandywine
7.9Conner Earles26.61a PRNiles Brandywine
8.10Matthew Pittman26.98aCassopolis Ross Beatty
9.12Isaac Davis27.44a PRNiles Brandywine
10.11Jowaine Robertson27.48a PRThree Rivers
11.10Caleb Horst27.67aNiles Brandywine
12.9Austin Rice27.73a PRThree Rivers
13.10Tyler Vanlaecke28.11aNiles Brandywine
14.11Micheal Greene28.22a PRThree Rivers
15.10Justin Williamson28.36a PRNiles Brandywine
16.10Eddy Mugenzi28.79aNiles Brandywine
17.9Zack McKee29.08a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
18.10Alek Horvath29.17aNiles Brandywine
19.11Isaiah Crider29.34a SRCassopolis Ross Beatty
20.9Erish Edmisten29.51a PRThree Rivers
21.12Kane Greer29.77aNiles Brandywine
22.9Zavier Barth31.32a PRThree Rivers
23.9Xxavier Bowe32.19aCassopolis Ross Beatty
24.11Mitchell Stahl35.31a SRThree Rivers
9Micha WelchDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Shane LosDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Aaron MajewskiDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
10Marquise DavisDQNiles Brandywine
11Drew KruegerDQNiles Brandywine
11Zach NewtonDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
10DJ LovelandDQNiles Brandywine
11Tyler EvansDQCassopolis Ross Beatty

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nate Eldridge52.78aThree Rivers
2.11Matt Kline56.09aNiles Brandywine
3.11Zach Newton58.30aCassopolis Ross Beatty
4.11Blake Lerner58.63a PRNiles Brandywine
5.9Danny Martinez1:00.18aThree Rivers
6.11Jowaine Robertson1:00.90a PRThree Rivers
7.11Tim Solis1:01.67aThree Rivers
8.12Isaac Davis1:02.01aNiles Brandywine
9.10Matthew Pittman1:04.63aCassopolis Ross Beatty
10.9Zack McKee1:05.94a SRCassopolis Ross Beatty
11.9Xxavier Bowe1:15.11aCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Shane LosDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
12Deandre BallardDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
11Tyler EvansDQCassopolis Ross Beatty
9Austin RiceDQThree Rivers
11Micheal GreeneDQThree Rivers

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Robbins2:08.36aNiles Brandywine
2.12David McCriston2:12.04aThree Rivers
3.10Wyatt Eager2:18.26aNiles Brandywine
4.9Andrew Johnson2:22.77aThree Rivers
5.12Josh Brady2:23.76aCassopolis Ross Beatty
6.11Joseph Lundquist2:24.79a PRThree Rivers
7.10Tanner Blyly2:25.63a PRThree Rivers
8.11Tyler Hay2:26.30aThree Rivers
9.11Dustin Roberts2:32.34a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
10.12Stuart Ayers2:32.70a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
11.11Andrew Boocher2:32.84aNiles Brandywine
12.10Wesley Turner2:35.30a SRThree Rivers
13.9Alec Robinson2:38.28a PRThree Rivers
14.11Simranpal Singh2:39.15a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
15.10Sean Connelly2:40.63a SRThree Rivers
16.12Bart Zegeling2:41.66a PRThree Rivers
17.11Tim Solis2:43.46a PRThree Rivers
11David KellyDQCassopolis Ross Beatty

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Robbins4:50.96aNiles Brandywine
2.12Tyler Danner4:58.15aNiles Brandywine
3.10Tanner Blyly5:03.03aThree Rivers
4.10James Harrell5:27.73aNiles Brandywine
5.10Michael Speelman5:30.12a SRThree Rivers
6.11Joseph Lundquist5:31.12aThree Rivers
7.12Alfredo Castro5:35.68aThree Rivers
8.9Jon Scare5:38.45a SRThree Rivers
9.10Eddy Mugenzi5:39.11a PRNiles Brandywine
10.10Dylan Alexandersen5:43.75a SRThree Rivers
11.9Davis Dickerson5:46.49a SRThree Rivers
12.12Stuart Ayers5:46.96aCassopolis Ross Beatty
13.12Josh Brady5:50.89a SRCassopolis Ross Beatty
14.10Joshua Youngs5:53.50aNiles Brandywine
15.12Evan Zacharski5:54.39aNiles Brandywine
16.11Dustin Roberts6:01.76a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
17.10Sean Connelly6:07.52a PRThree Rivers
18.11Simranpal Singh6:10.26a PRCassopolis Ross Beatty
11David KellyDQCassopolis Ross Beatty

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Danner11:05.93aNiles Brandywine
2.10James Harrell11:50.38aNiles Brandywine
3.12Alfredo Castro11:59.94aThree Rivers
4.10Michael Speelman12:03.91aThree Rivers
5.9Jon Scare12:08.01aThree Rivers
6.9Davis Dickerson12:23.83a SRThree Rivers
7.10Dylan Alexandersen12:38.19a PRThree Rivers
8.10Joshua Youngs13:13.46aNiles Brandywine
9.12Evan Zacharski13:21.11aNiles Brandywine

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew Duckett15.98aNiles Brandywine
2.12Nathan Anders16.40aNiles Brandywine
3.10Isaiah Wrencher-Smith16.64aThree Rivers
4.11Johnel Stewart18.46a SRThree Rivers
5.11Quinton Tabanguil19.57aThree Rivers
6.11Steve Mugenzi19.60a PRNiles Brandywine
7.9Zack McKee23.15aCassopolis Ross Beatty

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew Duckett40.97aNiles Brandywine
2.12Nathan Anders41.01aNiles Brandywine
3.11Johnel Stewart41.98aThree Rivers
4.10Isaiah Wrencher-Smith42.55a SRThree Rivers
5.11Steve Mugenzi47.51aNiles Brandywine
6.11Quinton Tabanguil48.46aThree Rivers
7.9Vinny Peel49.97aNiles Brandywine
8.10Michael Okayama51.23aNiles Brandywine
9.10Caleb Horst51.52aNiles Brandywine

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Colby Brundige
Bailey Miholer-Wortinger
Todd Vidmar
Ray King
47.27aThree Rivers
2.-Conner Earles
Marty Ward
Blake Lerner
Brandon Earles
48.17aNiles Brandywine
3.-Lex Breseman
Deion Deans
Antonio Hunter
Jon Adair
49.43aThree Rivers
4.-Isaiah Crider
Micha Welch
Aaron Majewski
Deandre Ballard
49.83aCassopolis Ross Beatty

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Colby Brundige
Zak Zagon
Johnel Stewart
Todd Vidmar
1:36.55aThree Rivers
2.-Conner Earles
Matt Kline
Blake Lerner
Brandon Earles
1:41.04aNiles Brandywine
3.-Relay Team 1:48.04aThree Rivers

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nate Eldridge
Isaiah Smith
Johnel Stewart
David McCriston
3:38.55aThree Rivers
2.-Nathan Anders
Matt Kline
Michael Robbins
Steve Mugenzi
3:40.66aNiles Brandywine
3.-Relay Team 4:06.03aNiles Brandywine
4.-Zavier Barth
Andrew Johnson
Danny Martinez
Tyler Hay
4:11.62aThree Rivers
5.-Sean Connelly
Mitchel Stahl
Micheal Greene
Bart Zegeling
4:17.98aThree Rivers
6.-Lex Breseman
Wesley Turner
Erish Edmisten
Braxton Bowley
4:46.68aThree Rivers

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Tyler Danner
Wyatt Eager
Andrew Boocher
Michael Robbins
9:04.49aNiles Brandywine
2.-Tanner Blyly
Andrew Johnson
David McCriston
Joseph Lundquist
9:21.21aThree Rivers
3.-Dylan Alexandersen
Jon Scare
Tim Solis
Tyler Hay
10:15.26aThree Rivers
4.-Davis Dickerson
Alex Robinson
Wesley Turner
Bart Zegeling
10:26.87aThree Rivers

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Charlie Rodriquez40-03.00Niles Brandywine
2.9Antonio Hunter39-05.00Three Rivers
3.12Trevor Jones39-02.00Niles Brandywine
4.11Sam Harris36-04.00Three Rivers
5.12Robert Jackson35-02.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
6.11Jake Szilagyi34-05.00Niles Brandywine
7.11Marty Ward34-03.00Niles Brandywine
8.10A. J. Watson33-05.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
9.9Tim Rowley32-07.00 PRThree Rivers
10.12Josh Flanagan31-03.00Niles Brandywine
11.12Ray King30-05.00Three Rivers
12.10Logan Evans27-07.00 SRThree Rivers
13.11Hunter McKee27-06.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
14.11Jordan Hunt27-00.50 PRNiles Brandywine
15.10Garrick Thompson25-02.00Niles Brandywine
16.9Ronnie Rhodes24-01.00 PRThree Rivers
17.9Aaron Casto22-04.00Niles Brandywine
11Drew KruegerDQNiles Brandywine

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Marty Ward103-03Niles Brandywine
2.12Robert Jackson101-05Cassopolis Ross Beatty
3.10Austin Knapp93-10Niles Brandywine
4.11Charlie Rodriquez93-03Niles Brandywine
5.12Josh Flanagan89-10 PRNiles Brandywine
6.11Sam Harris89-07 PRThree Rivers
7.11Jake Szilagyi88-07Niles Brandywine
8.10A. J. Watson88-02 SRCassopolis Ross Beatty
9.12Ray King85-07Three Rivers
10.10Caleb Horst81-10Niles Brandywine
11.9Antonio Hunter79-02Three Rivers
12.11Hunter McKee73-08Cassopolis Ross Beatty
13.12Trevor Jones73-01Niles Brandywine
14.11Jordan Hunt68-05 PRNiles Brandywine
15.10Garrick Thompson66-09Niles Brandywine
16.10Logan Evans66-07Three Rivers
17.9Aaron Casto64-06Niles Brandywine
18.9Ronnie Rhodes61-06 PRThree Rivers
9Tim RowleyDQThree Rivers
11Drew KruegerDQNiles Brandywine

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nate Eldridge5-08.00Three Rivers
2.11Andrew Boocher5-06.00Niles Brandywine
3.10Isaiah Wrencher-Smith5-03.00Three Rivers
4.11Steve Mugenzi5-03.00 PRNiles Brandywine
5.9Vinny Peel5-00.00Niles Brandywine
10Marquise DavisDQNiles Brandywine
12Isaac DavisDQNiles Brandywine
11Drew KruegerDQNiles Brandywine
11Zak ZagonDQThree Rivers
9Braxton BowleyDQThree Rivers
9Austin RiceDQThree Rivers

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charles Kuemin10-06.00Niles Brandywine
2.12Javier Sandoval10-00.00Three Rivers
3.9Conner Earles9-06.00Niles Brandywine
12Kenny ChrismanDQThree Rivers
12Connor McElroyDQThree Rivers

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Blake Lerner19-02.00Niles Brandywine
2.11Colby Brundige18-09.00 SRThree Rivers
3.11Isaiah Crider17-10.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
4.12Deandre Ballard17-01.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
5.11Bailey Miholer-Wortinger17-00.00Three Rivers
6.9Deion Deans16-11.00Three Rivers
7.9Vinny Peel16-06.00Niles Brandywine
8.10Michael Okayama16-03.00Niles Brandywine
9.9Micha Welch15-08.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
10.11Jowaine Robertson15-05.00 PRThree Rivers
11.10Matthew Pittman15-03.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
12.10DJ Loveland14-10.00Niles Brandywine
13.10Alek Horvath14-09.00 SRNiles Brandywine
14.10Justin Williamson14-07.00Niles Brandywine
15.10Eddy Mugenzi14-01.00 PRNiles Brandywine
16.10Tyler Vanlaecke13-06.00Niles Brandywine
17.9Xxavier Bowe13-01.00Cassopolis Ross Beatty
18.12Kane Greer12-06.00Niles Brandywine
9Shane LosDQCassopolis Ross Beatty


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