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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Myles Wright10.65h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Cherrard Cohen10.70h PRBeverly Hills Groves
12Brandon Tellis11.28hBeverly Hills Groves
11Quinton Hawkins11.57hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Jalen Saunders11.67h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Josh Vance11.79hBeverly Hills Groves
10Sam Christmon11.88h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
10Ahmad Sharon11.89h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Ryan Srock11.87h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Joseph Marsala12.12h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Garrett Mason12.19h SRBeverly Hills Groves
11Hakeem Easter12.5h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Ernest Allen12.53hBeverly Hills Groves
9Rory White12.69h SRBeverly Hills Groves
12Noah Jackson12.77hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Adam Miller12.72h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Vince Wright12.85hAuburn Hills Avondale
10Zoran Spasovski12.94hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Matthieu McEwen12.97h PRBeverly Hills Groves
12Edy Petrovici12.91h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
9William Townsel13.19hBeverly Hills Groves
9Hunter Whitmore13.37hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Abu Bangurah13.68h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Derek Frailey13.67h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Ike Uchendu13.72hBeverly Hills Groves
9Jacob Graves13.81hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Daniel Anderson13.93h PRBeverly Hills Groves

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Ross Williams22.18hBeverly Hills Groves
12Myles Wright22.49h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Brandon Tellis23.72hBeverly Hills Groves
12Josh Vance24.12h PRBeverly Hills Groves
11Quinton Hawkins24.12hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Ryan Srock24.59hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Garrett Mason25.28h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Vince Wright25.69h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Ernest Allen25.86hBeverly Hills Groves
12Edy Petrovici26.6h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Hakeem Easter26.61h SRBeverly Hills Groves
10Zoran Spasovski26.69hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Hunter Whitmore27.09h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Jacob Graves27.51h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Derek Frailey29.24h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Abu Bangurah34.71h PRAuburn Hills Avondale

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Alexander Warren53.53hBeverly Hills Groves
12John Ozerities54.5hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Cameron Morris55.56hBeverly Hills Groves
12Joseph Marsala56.21hAuburn Hills Avondale
10Ross House56.22hBeverly Hills Groves
11Micheal Benton58.6hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Edy Petrovici60.0h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
10Zoran Spasovski60.0hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Garrett Mason62.1h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Rory White62.3h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Jacob Graves63.69h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Noah Jackson63.64hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Andrew Saad63.8hBeverly Hills Groves
9Hunter Whitmore65.44hAuburn Hills Avondale

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12James Saylor2:08hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Nathan Hords2:09.6hBeverly Hills Groves
11Josh Shippy2:15hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Louis Sullivan2:23hBeverly Hills Groves
9Jacob Edelson2:25hBeverly Hills Groves
11Jimmy Searle2:29h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Joey Pastori2:35h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Roman Chronowski2:37hAuburn Hills Avondale
10Alex Larson2:45hAuburn Hills Avondale

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12James Saylor4:52hAuburn Hills Avondale
10Josh Creech5:01h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Owen Killewald5:12h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Jimmy Searle5:15hBeverly Hills Groves
11Louis Sullivan5:16hBeverly Hills Groves
10Ben Baraiac5:18hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Ben Zaremba5:21hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Alex Ross5:25h SRBeverly Hills Groves
10Adam Gongol5:28hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Perry Davis5:28h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Jacob Edelson5:30h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Jonah Kamoo5:33h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Roman Chronowski5:41hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Dominic Amatulli5:42hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Joey Pastori5:45h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Charlie Connell5:49h SRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Ryan Hafen5:50h SRBeverly Hills Groves
10Alex Larson5:57h PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9max Robinson6:07h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Anthony Galdi6:12h PRBeverly Hills Groves

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

9Ben Zaremba11:20hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Alex Ross11:53hBeverly Hills Groves
12Perry Davis12:09h PRBeverly Hills Groves
11Louis Sullivan12:15hBeverly Hills Groves
11Jimmy Searle12:29h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Jacob Edelson12:32h PRBeverly Hills Groves

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

12Ross Williams14.3hBeverly Hills Groves
10Nick Moore15.53hBeverly Hills Groves
11Christopher Womack16.45hAuburn Hills Avondale
12Alex Hodges17.18hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Nick Berry18.79hBeverly Hills Groves
11Waymon Jones19.72h PRBeverly Hills Groves
10Sean King21.5h SRBeverly Hills Groves
9Tanner Riley22.18hBeverly Hills Groves
10Sam White23.8h PRBeverly Hills Groves

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

12Ross Williams39.38hBeverly Hills Groves
10Noah Burton42.63hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Christopher Womack44.83hAuburn Hills Avondale
11Nick Berry44.83h PRBeverly Hills Groves
12Alex Hodges44.91hAuburn Hills Avondale
10Nick Moore46.91hBeverly Hills Groves
10Sean King50.56h SRBeverly Hills Groves
11Waymon Jones52.41h PRBeverly Hills Groves
9Tanner Riley54.19h PRBeverly Hills Groves
10Sam White57.41h PRBeverly Hills Groves

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Josh Vance
Davion Curry
Nick Moore
Cherrard Cohen
45.03hBeverly Hills Groves
-Quinton Hawkins
Ahmad Sharon
Sam Christmon
Christopher Womack
46.17hAuburn Hills Avondale

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Cherrard Cohen
Brandon Tellis
Nathan Hords
Ross Williams
1:32.3hBeverly Hills Groves
-Christopher Womack
Joseph Marsala
Ryan Srock
Sam Christmon
1:38.26hAuburn Hills Avondale

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Alexander Warren
Davion Curry
Cameron Morris
Nathan Hords
3:35.4hBeverly Hills Groves
-Myles Wright
Joseph Marsala
James Saylor
John Ozerities
3:37.64hAuburn Hills Avondale
-Ben Baraiac
Josh Creech
Josh Shippy
Adam Gongol
3:53hAuburn Hills Avondale
9Dominic Amatulli
Roman Chronowski
Ben Zaremba
Jarrett Buikema
4:30hAuburn Hills Avondale

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Ben Baraiac
Owen Killewald
Josh Shippy
Noah Burton
9:10.4hAuburn Hills Avondale

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

12Zachary Purcilly52'8Auburn Hills Avondale
11Jordan Palmer42'7"Beverly Hills Groves
10Jerimiah Evans41'10Auburn Hills Avondale
9Zion Garrett37'1Auburn Hills Avondale
12Logan Mendelson36'1"Beverly Hills Groves
12Andrew Helton35'0"Beverly Hills Groves
10Chris Keys33'7 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Stephan Jackson27'11Auburn Hills Avondale

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

11Jordan Palmer126'1"Beverly Hills Groves
12Zachary Purcilly122'9Auburn Hills Avondale
10Jerimiah Evans108'7Auburn Hills Avondale
12Andrew Helton101'11"Beverly Hills Groves
12Logan Mendelson99'9"Beverly Hills Groves
10Chris Keys91'9Auburn Hills Avondale
9Stephan Jackson81'6Auburn Hills Avondale
9Zion Garrett75'2 PRAuburn Hills Avondale

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Alex Hodges6'0Auburn Hills Avondale
10Ross House6'0" SRBeverly Hills Groves
11Davion Curry5'6" SRBeverly Hills Groves

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Myles Wright20'1Auburn Hills Avondale
11Davion Curry19'5"Beverly Hills Groves
12Alexander Warren18'7"Beverly Hills Groves
12Alex Hodges18'1Auburn Hills Avondale
10Ross House17'10"Beverly Hills Groves
10Sam Christmon16'10 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Jalen Saunders16'9Auburn Hills Avondale
9Ryan Srock16'3.5Auburn Hills Avondale


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