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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Erik Chard11.65aByron Center
2.10Josh Koetje11.99aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.11Heath Brower12.22a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.11Nick Keuning12.31aHudsonville Unity Ch...
5.10Isaac Ambrose12.32aByron Center
6.10Nick Chard12.33aByron Center
7.11Joshua Lenhart12.38aByron Center
8.12Seth Visser12.61aHudsonville Unity Ch...
9.9Reid Ruhland12.83aByron Center
10.10Tyler Bronsink13.08a PRByron Center
11.9Theodore Russell13.15a PRByron Center
12.9Austin Eustice13.21aByron Center
13.12Josh Lee13.24aByron Center
14.12Eriq Gonzalez13.29aByron Center
15.9Jackson Wait13.41aByron Center
16.10Thomas Geerlings13.49aByron Center
17.12Kevin Tran13.54aByron Center
18.9Giovanni Mompremier14.77aByron Center
19.9Jake Boer15.04a PRByron Center
20.9Dylan Nguyen15.76aByron Center

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Erik Chard23.83aByron Center
2.10Josh Koetje24.31aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Marcos Sanchez24.77aByron Center
4.11Joshua Lenhart25.09aByron Center
5.10Nick Chard25.15aByron Center
6.12Seth Visser25.19aHudsonville Unity Ch...
7.12Eriq Gonzalez25.84a PRByron Center
8.9Reid Ruhland26.09a SRByron Center
9.9Austin Eustice26.27aByron Center
10.10Joel Hasselbring26.30aByron Center
11.11Ryan DeVries27.95a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
12.11Heath Brower29.62aHudsonville Unity Ch...
13.9Giovanni Mompremier33.21aByron Center

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Phil Sattler52.81aByron Center
2.11Tom Huisman54.33aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Josh Lee57.76aByron Center
4.11Mason Witte58.30aHudsonville Unity Ch...
5.9Jackson Wait58.34aByron Center
6.9Sam DeMey59.68a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
7.10Joel Hasselbring1:00.24aByron Center
8.9Austin Eustice1:00.77aByron Center
9.9William Ritsema1:02.15a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
10.10Brian Haan1:04.28aByron Center

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jake Newhall2:09.37aByron Center
2.10Connor Schwartz2:11.89aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.9Gideon DeGraaf2:15.17aHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.12Drew Folkerts2:19.48aHudsonville Unity Ch...
5.12Nate Morris2:19.83a PRByron Center
6.12Andrew Vanzytveld2:20.75a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
7.10Matthew Tetreault2:27.66aByron Center
8.10Brian Haan2:38.41aByron Center

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Sattler4:50.45aByron Center
2.12Collin Wiersema4:58.83aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.10Connor Schwartz5:00.25aHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.12Andrew Vanzytveld5:10.22aHudsonville Unity Ch...
5.12Drew Folkerts5:20.50a PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
6.10Matthew Tetreault5:22.98a PRByron Center
7.12Nate Morris5:23.42aByron Center
8.10Logan Thomas5:29.77aByron Center

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Sattler9:55.68aByron Center
2.12Collin Wiersema10:38.08aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Codi Wiersema10:45.04aHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.10Jason Klaassen11:29.88aHudsonville Unity Ch...
5.10Logan Thomas12:08.13aByron Center

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin Tran18.14aByron Center
2.12Ben Brinks18.35aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Luke Thorp18.42aByron Center
4.9Jacob Moore19.61a SRByron Center
5.10Tim VanDyke21.21aHudsonville Unity Ch...
--10Israel Castillo22.03a PRByron Center

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Luke Thorp45.50aByron Center
2.12Ben Brinks48.20aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.9Jacob Moore50.83a SRByron Center
4.12Kevin Tran54.07aByron Center
--10Israel Castillo54.54a SRByron Center
5.10Tim VanDyke55.69aHudsonville Unity Ch...
6.10Jason Klaassen57.00aHudsonville Unity Ch...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Erik Chard
Marcos Sanchez
Nick Chard
Coby Babbs
45.20aByron Center
2.-Heath Brower
Nick Keuning
Josh Kotje
Ryan DeVries
47.80aHudsonville Unity Ch...

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nick Chard
Coby Babbs
Marcos Sanchez
Erik Chard
1:35.71aByron Center
2.-Tom Huisman
Nick Keuning
Jake Brinks
Josh Kotje
1:37.61aHudsonville Unity Ch...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Sam DeMey
Connor Schwartz
Jake Brinks
Tom Huisman
3:49.99aHudsonville Unity Ch...
2.-Josh Lee
John Sattler
Phil Sattler
Brenden Streelman
4:10.35aByron Center

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Codi Wiersema
Collin Wiersema
Connor Schwartz
Gideon DeGraaf
8:44.11aHudsonville Unity Ch...
2.-Brenden Streelman
Jacob Newhall
Phil Sattler
John Sattler
8:45.56aByron Center

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Al Lake48-11.25Byron Center
2.11Calvin Andrews40-03.00 PRByron Center
3.11Jon Levering39-05.00 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.10Nate Bosma38-01.75Hudsonville Unity Ch...
5.12Michael Byler38-00.50 SRByron Center
6.11Jeff Snikkers37-08.25Hudsonville Unity Ch...
7.10Josef Breitweiser37-02.75 SRByron Center
8.10Trevor Hofman36-11.50Byron Center
9.10Austin Dara35-08.50 PRByron Center
10.11Jordan Odehnal35-06.00 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
11.11Ike VanKempen35-05.25Hudsonville Unity Ch...
12.10Riley Headley35-04.00Hudsonville Unity Ch...
13.12Max Breitweiser34-03.25Byron Center
14.11Collin Stein31-06.25 SRByron Center
15.9Brian Byler31-01.00 SRByron Center
16.10Thomas Geerlings29-07.00Byron Center
17.9Jake Boer28-05.00 SRByron Center
18.9Thomas Lake24-08.50 SRByron Center
19.9Andrew Dosenberry21-11.00 SRByron Center

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Al Lake151-07Byron Center
2.11Ike VanKempen122-00Hudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Michael Byler118-00Byron Center
4.11Jeff Snikkers115-05Hudsonville Unity Ch...
5.10Austin Dara96-09 PRByron Center
6.11Jordan Odehnal96-05Hudsonville Unity Ch...
7.10Trevor Hofman93-00Byron Center
8.10Thomas Geerlings92-00 PRByron Center
9.11Collin Stein91-05 PRByron Center
9.11Jon Levering91-05 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
11.12Max Breitweiser90-06Byron Center
12.10Riley Headley81-04 SRHudsonville Unity Ch...
13.11Calvin Andrews79-06Byron Center
14.10Nate Bosma79-05 SRHudsonville Unity Ch...
15.10Josef Breitweiser75-10Byron Center
16.9Brian Byler73-01 SRByron Center
17.9Thomas Lake68-02Byron Center
18.9Jake Boer67-01 SRByron Center
19.9Andrew Dosenberry64-09 SRByron Center

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jake Brinks5-10.00 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
2.11Travis Baker5-08.00Byron Center
3.12Brennen Andrews5-08.00Byron Center
4.10Coby Babbs5-06.00Byron Center
5.11Hayden McMillian5-06.00Byron Center
6.10Connor Schwartz5-04.00 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Brenden Streelman11-00.00Byron Center
2.10Jon Walt10-06.00Hudsonville Unity Ch...
3.12Ben Gammon10-00.00 PRByron Center
4.9Jacob Moore8-06.00 SRByron Center
--10Isaac AmbroseNHByron Center

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Travis Baker19-00.50Byron Center
2.11Heath Brower18-10.00Hudsonville Unity Ch...
3.10Isaac Ambrose17-11.00Byron Center
4.9Sam DeMey17-06.50Hudsonville Unity Ch...
5.10Ethan Helder16-02.50 PRHudsonville Unity Ch...
6.10Drew Kunnen15-10.50Hudsonville Unity Ch...
7.9Jacob Moore15-01.00Byron Center
8.9Dylan Nguyen14-06.50 PRByron Center
--9Giovanni MompremierNDByron Center


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