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100 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Kaiden Gibbs14.72aOakland PAL
2.7-8Jeremiah Edwards15.27aFull Stride
3.7-8Damari Dean15.36aFull Stride
4.7-8Cy Lugo15.56a SRRPM Legacy
5.Marquay Hunter15.84aUnattached
6.7-8Osani Gayles15.94aBeast Athletic Perfo...
7.7-8Karim Abdur-Rahim15.99a PRPacific United
8.7-8Allen Bishop16.31aSacramento Speed Fac...
9.7-8Kenneth McKinley16.41aStockton Saints
10.7-8Parris Perry16.46aFull Stride
11.7-8Xavier Conwell16.47a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
12.7-8TayVon Taylor16.67aLegion of Zoom
13.Clifton Mathews16.72aUnattached
14.7-8Ceyean Brown17.46a SRSwoop Time
15.6URobert Eddings17.56aFull Stride
16.7-8Jerome McGee III17.60a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
17.7-8Jaysen Stout17.96aCentral Valley Roadr...
18.7-8Camron Gilliam17.98aSan Francisco Striders
19.7-8Devyn Parrow18.30aSwoop Time
20.7-8Nehemiah Brown18.47aSan Francisco Striders
21.6UWade Swain18.56aFull Stride
22.7-8Gregory Thomas18.61aSwoop Time
23.7-8Anthony Brown18.66aSwoop Time
24.7-8Tristan Anderson18.67aHampton Phillips Cla...
25.7-8Yosef Moten18.78aM.P. Striders Youth ...
26.7-8Thomas Bell19.00aSan Francisco Striders
27.7-8Maximus Gomillion19.03aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
28.6UChristopher Walker19.04aBig Valley TC
29.Sha'Mar Taylor19.08aUnattached
30.7-8Christian Panadero19.24aRevolution Express T...
31.7-8Bobby Mask19.59a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
32.7-8Malik Lazenby19.74aTeam Onalysis
33.7-8Brandon Thweatt20.15a SRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
34.-Daryn Hoffman20.36aCentral Valley Roadr...
7-8David Young20.43aNorth Bay Panthers
35.7-8Alijah Gonzalez20.43aGod Speed Track Club
36.6UXaiden Lloyd22.08a PR5 NORTH
37.7-8Nehemiah Lloyd22.80a5 NORTH
38.Dane Bromfield57.62aUnattached

100 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Kenny Moore14.28aThe Running Rams Tra...
2.9-10Jamison Starks14.31a PRD1 Athletics
3.9-10Deshawn Seymour Jr14.55a SRFull Stride
4.9-10Jadyn Hudson14.72a SRFull Stride
5.9-10Andrew Bishop14.77aSacramento Speed Fac...
6.Kayden Hoang14.83aUnattached
7.9-10Aldayshine Jackson14.95a PRStockton Saints
8.Da'Marion Taylor14.99aUnattached
9.9-10Jeremy Haynes Jr15.00aD1 Athletics
10.9-10Je'Mon Brown15.01aSan Francisco Striders
11.9-10Justin Johnson15.07aSacramento Speed Fac...
12.Da'Mari'e Taylor15.11aUnattached
13.Saxton Rogers jr.15.33aUnattached
14.9-10Omari Gayles15.41aBeast Athletic Perfo...
15.9-10Harlem Clemons15.67aOakland PAL
16.9-10Caleb Hill15.77aSacramento Speed Fac...
17.Marzellus HUNTER15.79aUnattached
18.Caelen Miranda15.82aUnattached
19.7-8Deionjay Walker15.84aBig Valley TC
20.-Larry Winston15.98aBig Valley TC
21.9-10Alex Castro16.05a PR5 NORTH
22.9-10Rodney Turner16.15aSwoop Time
23.9-10Fernando Marenco Jr16.57aD1 Athletics
24.9-10Ismael Dominguez16.65a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
25.9-10Damien Parrow17.63aSwoop Time
26.9-10Brady Lowell17.98aNapa Track
27.9-10Hunter Scott21.16a PRNorth Bay Panthers

100 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Mirzett Evans IV13.35aSacramento Speed Fac...
2.11-12Eddie Geh Jr13.88a PR5 NORTH
3.11-12Mateo Espinoza13.92aPhenom Elite
4.11-12Joshua Pickett14.04aM.P. Striders Youth ...
5.11-12Arell Carter14.12a SRFull Stride
6.11-12Khalil Walls14.40a SR5 NORTH
7.11-12Jayden Robinson14.66aNorth Bay Panthers
8.11-12Kamar Johnson14.74aRPM Legacy
9.11-12Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson14.87aFull Stride
10.11-12Marc Harrell15.40aFull Stride
11.11-12Marquez Anderson15.43aNorth Bay Panthers
12.11-12Mykel King15.51a SRFull Stride
13.11-12Kenneth McGhee15.70aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
14.-Preston King15.79a PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
15.11-12Peyton Turner15.84aSwoop Time
16.Edwin Hill III16.08aUnattached
17.11-12Brayden Scott16.41aNorth Bay Panthers
18.11-12Jaeziah Lewis16.84a PRSwoop Time
19.11-12Daron Brown18.56a PRCentral Valley Roadr...

100 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jacob McBeth12.12aRPM Legacy
2.13-14Malcolm Clemons12.14aOakland PAL
3.13-14Paul Randall12.27aOakland PAL
4.13-14Malachi Bibbs12.41aReno Wolfpack Youth ...
5.13-14Khalil Smith12.53aSan Francisco Striders
6.13-14Joseph Lopez12.93aM.P. Striders Youth ...
7.13-14Jabril White13.06aOakland PAL
8.13-14Jeremiah Renfrow13.11aCentral Valley Roadr...
9.13-14Clarence Strong13.13a SRFull Stride
10.13-14Austin Glatt13.17aRevolution Express T...
11.13-14Donovan Taubodo13.24aRPM Legacy
12.-Jonah Coleman13.44aGod Speed Track Club
13.13-14Jason Kuehne13.50a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
14.13-14Keyon Forbes13.51a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
15.13-14Brycen Mogensen13.65aRevolution Express T...
16.13-14Aden Gardner13.79aRPM Legacy
17.13-14Oscar Rivas14.03aRPM Legacy
18.13-14Tyrei Washington14.06aGod Speed Track Club
19.13-14Izik Rodrigues14.24aSwoop Time
20.13-14DehJion Butler14.41aSwoop Time
21.13-14Andrew Freeman14.56a PRNorth Bay Panthers
21.13-14Jeremiah Williams14.56a SRSwoop Time
23.13-14Chrichion Brown14.57aSwoop Time
24.Mar'Kel Taylor14.58aUnattached
25.-Malakai Lomano14.62a PRBig Valley TC
26.-Johnathan LeVaro15.21aBig Valley TC
27.13-14Jaylon Ingram15.27aNorth Bay Panthers
28.13-14Deonte Moore16.76aStockton Saints

100 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Maurice Saulsbury Jr.11.28aUnattached
2.15-16Jacob Trach11.68aSacramento Speed Fac...
3.13-14LaMonte Walker11.83a PRBig Valley TC
4.David Norris11.91aUnattached
5.Antonio Lopes12.19aUnattached
6.Bryce Kunkle12.50aUnattached
7.15-16Angel Quinteto12.56aPhenom Elite
8.Zion Chatman12.60aUnattached
9.DuMaurier Cotton12.69aUnattached
10.-Tyrrell Lane13.52aBig Valley TC
11.Angelo Stout13.93aUnattached
12.15-16Dionte Shannon14.26aSwoop Time

100 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Terrence Gladney Jr10.98aLegion of Zoom
2.17-18Akaash Clayton11.13a PRLegion of Zoom
3.17-18Lawrence Evans11.27aSacramento Speed Fac...
4.17-18Ty Coloma11.60a SRLegion of Zoom
5.Aaron McChristian11.62aUnattached
6.17-18Erick Huot12.25aStockton Saints
7.-Jason Jiminez12.34a PRStockton Saints
8.17-18Mosai Bulter12.59aTeam Onalysis
9.MARSHAUN Hunter12.60aUnattached

200 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Oliver Tan32.78aEast Bay Heat Track ...
2.7-8Tony Benefield Jr.34.17a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
3.7-8Allen Bishop34.73aSacramento Speed Fac...
4.7-8Karim Abdur-Rahim34.76aPacific United
5.7-8TayVon Taylor35.13a PRLegion of Zoom
6.7-8Titus Dorn37.01aM.P. Striders Youth ...
7.7-8Ceyean Brown37.24aSwoop Time
8.7-8Jerome McGee III37.83a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
9.6UJordan Earl38.44a PRFull Stride
10.7-8Gregory Thomas38.47a PRSwoop Time
11.7-8Camron Gilliam40.14aSan Francisco Striders
12.7-8Devyn Parrow40.97aSwoop Time
13.Sha'Mar Taylor41.18aUnattached
14.7-8Nehemiah Lloyd41.57a5 NORTH
15.7-8Anthony Brown41.76aSwoop Time
16.7-8Chimobi Nnaji45.99aRevolution Express T...
17.6UXaiden Lloyd48.74a5 NORTH
18.7-8Bobby Mask50.05aM.P. Striders Youth ...
19.Jayson Williams58.20aUnattached

200 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Cameron Williams29.12aD1 Athletics
2.9-10Kenny Moore29.77aThe Running Rams Tra...
3.9-10Je'Mon Brown30.01aSan Francisco Striders
4.9-10Ajani Lewis30.03aRPM Legacy
5.9-10Jamison Starks30.32aD1 Athletics
6.9-10Andrew Bishop30.49aSacramento Speed Fac...
7.Kayden Hoang30.50aUnattached
8.9-10Justin Johnson31.19aSacramento Speed Fac...
9.Da'Marion Taylor31.56aUnattached
10.9-10Charles Chatman31.81a PRSan Francisco Striders
11.9-10Jeremy Haynes Jr32.30aD1 Athletics
12.9-10Xavier Anyaoha32.34aEast Bay Heat Track ...
13.9-10Javion Ganaway32.44aGod Speed Track Club
14.Caelen Miranda32.52aUnattached
15.Da'Mari'e Taylor32.62aUnattached
16.Saxton Rogers jr.33.33aUnattached
17.9-10Alex Castro33.35a PR5 NORTH
18.7-8Deionjay Walker33.51a PRBig Valley TC
19.9-10Jaylon Harris33.56aStockton Saints
20.9-10Caleb Hill34.45aSacramento Speed Fac...
21.9-10Fernando Marenco Jr35.65aD1 Athletics
22.9-10Isaiah Pratt40.67a5 NORTH
23.9-10Samuel Fesseha42.14a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
24.9-10Deshawn Nichols48.98a PRBig Valley TC

200 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Calvin Smith26.61a PRGod Speed Track Club
2.11-12Mirzett Evans IV27.28aSacramento Speed Fac...
3.11-12Dawit Fesseha27.98aEast Bay Heat Track ...
4.11-12Mateo Espinoza28.67aPhenom Elite
5.11-12Eddie Geh Jr28.76a PR5 NORTH
6.11-12Jemari Ganaway28.88aGod Speed Track Club
7.11-12Khalil Walls30.03a5 NORTH
8.11-12Russell Tan30.43a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
9.11-12Kamar Johnson30.81aRPM Legacy
10.11-12Mason Ready31.62aFast & Fierce YT&F
11.11-12Jayden Robinson31.89aNorth Bay Panthers
12.11-12Kenneth McGhee33.33aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
13.11-12Peyton Turner33.55aSwoop Time
14.11-12Marquez Anderson33.66aNorth Bay Panthers
15.11-12Andrew Simmons33.67a PR5 NORTH
16.Oscar Duncan34.00aUnattached
17.11-12Jaeziah Lewis36.15aSwoop Time
18.Edwin Hill III38.37aUnattached

200 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Paul Randall24.85aOakland PAL
2.13-14Jacob McBeth24.93aRPM Legacy
3.13-14Malachi Bibbs26.79aReno Wolfpack Youth ...
4.13-14Joseph Lopez26.99aM.P. Striders Youth ...
5.13-14Khalil Smith27.23aSan Francisco Striders
6.-Jonah Coleman27.33a PRGod Speed Track Club
7.13-14Aden Gardner27.86aRPM Legacy
8.13-14William Holden-Wingate27.89aMarin Waves Track & ...
9.13-14Sean Huckleberry27.93aMarin Waves Track & ...
10.13-14Donovan Taubodo27.97aRPM Legacy
11.13-14Keyon Forbes28.04aM.P. Striders Youth ...
12.13-14Jason Kuehne28.11a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
13.13-14Oscar Rivas28.50aRPM Legacy
14.13-14Alex Nasoni28.54aTeam Onalysis
15.13-14Zion Booker28.99aNorth Bay Panthers
16.13-14Izik Rodrigues29.33aSwoop Time
17.13-14Tyrei Washington29.66a PRGod Speed Track Club
18.13-14Chrichion Brown29.94aSwoop Time
19.13-14Jeremiah Williams30.12aSwoop Time
20.13-14DehJion Butler30.45aSwoop Time
21.-Johnathan LeVaro30.74aBig Valley TC
22.-Malakai Lomano30.98a PRBig Valley TC
23.13-14Nicholas Crawford31.14a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
24.13-14Deonte Moore34.75aStockton Saints
25.13-14Jaylon Ingram35.78aNorth Bay Panthers

200 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Maurice Saulsbury Jr.22.51aUnattached
2.15-16Jacob Trach23.29aSacramento Speed Fac...
3.13-14LaMonte Walker23.75a PRBig Valley TC
4.David Norris23.98aUnattached
5.Antonio Lopes24.56aUnattached
6.Bryce Kunkle24.95aUnattached
7.15-16Parker Vallier25.88a PRRevolution Express T...
8.15-16Angel Quinteto25.89aPhenom Elite
9.15-16Jake Maas-Espinoza26.90aPhenom Elite
10.-Tyrrell Lane27.03aBig Valley TC
11.-Daniel Ramirez27.27a PRPacific United
12.15-16William Wade27.62a PRRevolution Express T...
13.15-16Dionte Shannon29.35aSwoop Time

200 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Terrence Gladney Jr22.11aLegion of Zoom
2.17-18Lawrence Evans22.94aSacramento Speed Fac...
3.Aaron McChristian23.15aUnattached
4.17-18Jacob Sanchez Jr24.53a SRRevolution Express T...
5.17-18Erick Huot25.25aStockton Saints

400 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Jamieson Strunk1:15.72a PRRevolution Express T...
2.7-8Titus Dorn1:16.05a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
3.7-8Christopher Hall1:16.29a PRHampton Phillips Cla...
4.7-8Allen Bishop1:17.48a PRSacramento Speed Fac...
5.7-8TayVon Taylor1:19.15aLegion of Zoom
6.7-8Parris Perry1:21.87a PRFull Stride
7.7-8Damari Dean1:22.58aFull Stride
8.7-8Ceyean Brown1:24.69a SRSwoop Time
9.6URobert Eddings1:26.76aFull Stride
10.7-8Xavier Conwell1:27.03a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
11.7-8Jerome McGee III1:28.38a PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
12.7-8Jaysen Stout1:30.89a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
13.7-8Anthony Brown1:31.04a PRSwoop Time
14.7-8Tristan Anderson1:31.67aHampton Phillips Cla...
15.7-8Nehemiah Brown1:34.26a SRSan Francisco Striders
16.6UWade Swain1:37.72aFull Stride
17.7-8Tyler Jimenez1:38.73a PRHampton Phillips Cla...
18.7-8Thomas Bell1:39.97aSan Francisco Striders
19.6UDarius Jarvis1:40.51a SRRPM Legacy
20.Dane Bromfield1:43.17aUnattached

400 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Cameron Williams1:05.84aD1 Athletics
2.9-10Deshawn Seymour Jr1:05.87a SRFull Stride
3.9-10Ajani Lewis1:06.85aRPM Legacy
4.9-10Je'Mon Brown1:09.78a PRSan Francisco Striders
5.Carson Karr1:11.97aUnattached
6.9-10Andrew Bishop1:12.07aSacramento Speed Fac...
7.9-10Carter Jackson1:12.88aD1 Athletics
8.9-10Kenny Moore1:13.26aThe Running Rams Tra...
9.9-10Jeremy Haynes Jr1:13.33aD1 Athletics
10.9-10Timothy Edwards1:13.35aFull Stride
11.9-10Charles Chatman1:13.89aSan Francisco Striders
12.9-10Xavier Anyaoha1:15.17a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
13.9-10Ismael Dominguez1:15.86a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
14.9-10Jadyn Hudson1:17.45a SRFull Stride
15.9-10Josiah Bivins1:19.97aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
16.9-10Alex Castro1:22.42a5 NORTH
17.9-10Fernando Marenco Jr1:23.59aD1 Athletics
18.9-10Rodney Turner1:26.88a SRSwoop Time
19.9-10Caleb Hill1:26.95a SRSacramento Speed Fac...
20.9-10Isaiah Pratt1:30.86a5 NORTH
21.9-10Damien Parrow1:31.20a PRSwoop Time
22.9-10Brady Lowell1:33.65aNapa Track
23.9-10Austin Popovich1:58.87aFast & Fierce YT&F

400 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Calvin Smith59.88a PRGod Speed Track Club
2.11-12Kaleb Roberts1:06.44aRPM Legacy
3.11-12Joseph Escobar1:08.16a PRThe Running Rams Tra...
4.11-12Joshua Pickett1:08.33a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
5.11-12Joseph Stout1:08.99aCentral Valley Roadr...
6.11-12Mason Ready1:09.20aFast & Fierce YT&F
7.11-12Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson1:09.29a SRFull Stride
8.Christian Hyde1:13.91aUnattached
9.11-12Jayden Robinson1:14.16aNorth Bay Panthers
10.11-12Mykel King1:15.10aFull Stride
11.11-12Marc Harrell1:15.54aFull Stride
12.11-12Peyton Turner1:18.40a SRSwoop Time
13.Oscar Duncan1:18.41aUnattached
14.11-12Andrew Simmons1:19.05a PR5 NORTH
15.11-12Jaeziah Lewis1:25.31a PRSwoop Time
16.11-12Brayden Scott1:30.37aNorth Bay Panthers
17.11-12Prince-Khaleed Balinton1:30.97a PRStockton Saints

400 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Khalil Smith56.76aSan Francisco Striders
2.13-14Jabril White58.06a PROakland PAL
3.13-14Jadyn Marshall58.68aGod Speed Track Club
4.13-14Jeremiah Renfrow59.02aCentral Valley Roadr...
5.13-14Clarence Strong59.72a SRFull Stride
6.13-14Malachi Bibbs59.99a SRReno Wolfpack Youth ...
7.13-14Brycen Mogensen1:01.48a PRRevolution Express T...
8.13-14Nathan Kent1:01.71a PRRevolution Express T...
9.-Jonah Coleman1:01.93aGod Speed Track Club
10.13-14Alex Nasoni1:03.15aTeam Onalysis
11.13-14Joseph Lopez1:03.21aM.P. Striders Youth ...
12.-Malik Shakur1:04.67a PRGod Speed Track Club
13.13-14Justin Espinoza1:04.70aPhenom Elite
14.13-14Izik Rodrigues1:04.96aSwoop Time
15.13-14Louis Fowlis1:05.91a SRSan Francisco Striders
16.13-14William Holden-Wingate1:06.18aMarin Waves Track & ...
17.13-14Casey Potrebic1:06.37a SRNapa Track
18.13-14Zion Booker1:07.28aNorth Bay Panthers
19.13-14Jeremiah Williams1:07.46aSwoop Time
20.13-14Chrichion Brown1:07.66a SRSwoop Time
21.13-14Deonte Moore1:08.11a PRStockton Saints
22.13-14Nicholas Crawford1:10.65aM.P. Striders Youth ...
23.13-14Maxwell Olivares1:10.95a PRStockton Saints
24.13-14DehJion Butler1:11.27aSwoop Time
25.13-14Jaylon Ingram1:12.91aNorth Bay Panthers

400 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Parker Vallier51.95a PRRevolution Express T...
2.Newton Quinlan53.96aSt. mary
3.Christopherjohn Duncan55.14aUnattached
4.15-16Alvaro Cardenas55.15a PRPhenom Elite
5.15-16Paul Law58.80a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
6.15-16William Wade59.70aRevolution Express T...
7.15-16Ernest Stard1:01.89aM.P. Striders Youth ...
8.-Daniel Ramirez1:03.47a PRPacific United
9.15-16Dionte Shannon1:06.27aSwoop Time
10.15-16Bryce Ogden1:09.74a PRNapa Track

400 Meters  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Jamar Marshall53.53a SRGod Speed Track Club
2.17-18Jacob Sanchez Jr55.25a PRRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Massimo Giovannini58.11a PRLegion of Zoom
4.17-18Mosai Bulter1:02.24aTeam Onalysis

800 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Cy Lugo2:54.49aRPM Legacy
2.7-8Oliver Tan2:57.95a PREast Bay Heat Track ...
3.7-8Tony Benefield Jr.3:09.35a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.7-8David Gray3:16.02aStockton Saints
5.6UKaden Hall3:35.07aM.P. Striders Youth ...
6.Braxton Ratzlaff3:50.06aUnattached
7.7-8Tyler Jimenez3:59.03aHampton Phillips Cla...

800 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Cameron Williams2:40.63aD1 Athletics
2.9-10Ajani Lewis2:45.77aRPM Legacy
3.9-10Charles Chatman2:51.28aSan Francisco Striders
4.9-10Jaylon Harris2:51.61a SRStockton Saints
5.9-10Aldayshine Jackson3:16.96a PRStockton Saints
6.9-10Josiah Bivins3:23.14aPhoenix Gliders Trac...

800 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Kaleb Roberts2:38.32aRPM Legacy
2.11-12Kamar Johnson2:53.60aRPM Legacy
2.11-12Taurus Horne2:53.60aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.11-12Russell Tan2:55.94aEast Bay Heat Track ...
5.11-12La Monte Aubert3:12.66aM.P. Striders Youth ...

800 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.Connor Chen2:22.66aUnattached
2.13-14Jayson Leach2:36.46aPacific United
3.13-14Nicholas Crawford2:44.14aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.13-14Louis Fowlis2:45.03aSan Francisco Striders

800 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Newton Quinlan2:11.03aSt. mary
2.Christopherjohn Duncan2:11.04aUnattached
3.15-16Alvaro Cardenas2:15.78aPhenom Elite
4.15-16Paul Law2:16.17a PRMarin Waves Track & ...
5.-Damien Giacchino2:19.66aFast & Fierce YT&F

1500 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8David Gray6:29.82aStockton Saints
2.6UKaden Hall6:43.53a SRM.P. Striders Youth ...
3.Braxton Ratzlaff6:58.53aUnattached
4.6UDarius Jarvis7:56.90aRPM Legacy

1500 Meters  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tai Pena5:33.65aUnattached
2.Carson Karr5:34.47aUnattached
3.9-10Timothy Edwards5:45.64aFull Stride
4.tony sperandeo5:56.78aUnattached
5.9-10Jaylon Harris6:02.50aStockton Saints
6.9-10Aldayshine Jackson6:19.96a PRStockton Saints
7.9-10Ryler Pettit7:01.17aRevolution Express T...

1500 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Kaleb Roberts5:32.69aRPM Legacy
2.11-12Lucas Harding5:42.25aTeam Onalysis
3.11-12Arell Carter5:51.17aFull Stride
4.11-12Khani-Arman Velazquez6:22.24aRPM Legacy

1500 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Todd Kane-Ross4:34.65aOakland PAL
2.Connor Chen4:39.50aUnattached
3.13-14Blake Adolphson4:49.51a PRSacramento Elite
4.13-14Casey Potrebic4:52.72aNapa Track
5.13-14Jayson Leach5:07.59aPacific United
6.13-14Dakota Jones5:20.10aSacramento Elite
7.13-14Eric Huitt5:38.92aSacramento Elite

1500 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Christopherjohn Duncan4:32.24aUnattached
2.15-16Paul Law4:36.57a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
3.15-16Ernest Stard4:57.29aM.P. Striders Youth ...
4.-Damien Giacchino5:20.10aFast & Fierce YT&F

1500m Racewalk  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10K'John Wise12:29.88aGod Speed Track Club

1500m Racewalk  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Prince-Khaleed Balinton11:20.39aStockton Saints

3000 Meters  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Aiden Grossman11:14.60aCentral Valley Roadr...
2.11-12Lucas Harding11:53.40a PRTeam Onalysis
3.11-12Cole Toumajian12:57.83aRevolution Express T...

3000 Meters  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Casey Potrebic10:46.63aNapa Track
2.13-14Theodore Miller11:37.66aCentral Valley Roadr...
3.13-14Robert Pacheco11:59.13aCentral Valley Roadr...
4.13-14Peter Pacheco12:31.62aCentral Valley Roadr...
5.13-14Drew Holloran12:48.63aNapa Track

3000 Meters  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.Christopherjohn Duncan9:47.98aUnattached
2.15-16Paul Law9:48.81a PRMarin Waves Track & ...

3000m Racewalk  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Tavonte Liles21:35.66aStockton Saints
2.13-14Anthony Conlon25:31.92aPhenom Elite

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Jemari Ganaway14.21aGod Speed Track Club
2.11-12Joseph Escobar15.36a PRThe Running Rams Tra...
3.11-12Joseph Stout16.59a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.11-12Ato Early19.57aSacramento Speed Fac...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Jadyn Marshall15.53aGod Speed Track Club
2.13-14Ethan George15.76aStockton Saints
3.13-14Joseph Brown15.98aRevolution Express T...
4.-Malik Shakur17.73a PRGod Speed Track Club
5.13-14Austin Glatt19.83aRevolution Express T...
6.13-14Ajani Hill Sandoval20.11a PRRevolution Express T...

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Wayne Jackson16.44aSacramento Speed Fac...
2.15-16Jamar Marshall16.48aGod Speed Track Club
3.15-16Isaiah Woods17.14aStockton Saints

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Nicholas Mederios15.38aPacific United
2.17-18Ryan Lam16.79a PRStockton Saints

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

13-14Ethan George28.00aStockton Saints
13-14Jadyn Marshall28.16aGod Speed Track Club
-Malik Shakur32.11a PRGod Speed Track Club

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Wayne Jackson1:04.27aSacramento Speed Fac...
2.15-16Isaiah Woods1:07.30a PRStockton Saints

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Akaash Clayton56.19aLegion of Zoom
2.17-18Nicholas Mederios1:00.46a PRPacific United
3.17-18Ryan Lam1:01.35a PRStockton Saints
4.-Jason Jiminez1:03.11a PRStockton Saints
5.17-18Erick Huot1:18.34aStockton Saints

Shot Put - 2kg  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Zyrese Wiley4.86mHampton Phillips Cla...
2.7-8Yosef Moten4.25mM.P. Striders Youth ...
3.7-8Jackson King3.62m209 Throwers
4.7-8Christian Panadero2.95mRevolution Express T...
5.6UMason Ross2.26m PRRevolution Express T...
7-8Christian DixonDNSOakland PAL
7-8Korey WatsonDNSAngels Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.6Danny Walker6.49m PRBig Valley TC
2.9-10Carter Jackson6.42mD1 Athletics
3.9-10Samuel Fesseha6.24mEast Bay Heat Track ...
4.9-10K'John Wise5.22mGod Speed Track Club
5.Alonso Stephens4.97mUnattached
6.9-10Deshawn Nichols4.63m SRBig Valley TC
7.9-10Ryler Pettit4.30mRevolution Express T...
8.9-10Keelan Hall4.29mM.P. Striders Youth ...
9.9-10Hunter Scott4.13m PRNorth Bay Panthers

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Prince-Khaleed Balinton6.94mStockton Saints
2.11-12Immanuel Walker5.98mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
3.11-12Daron Brown4.42mCentral Valley Roadr...
11-12Amir HayesDNSPhenom Elite
11-12Nathaniel CovingtonDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
-Deshawnte CarlockDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
11-12William GanawayDNSGod Speed Track Club

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Tyrei Washington9.40m PRGod Speed Track Club
2.13-14Tavonte Liles9.35m SRStockton Saints
3.13-14William Holden-Wingate9.24m SRMarin Waves Track & ...
4.13-14Michael Palley8.65m PRRevolution Express T...
5.13-14Anthony Conlon8.51mPhenom Elite
6.13-14Justin Espinoza6.91mPhenom Elite
7.13-14Zion Smally6.05m PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
8.13-14Zion Booker5.98m PRNorth Bay Panthers
9.13-14Jaylon Ingram5.80m PRNorth Bay Panthers
10.13-14Ajani Hill Sandoval5.59m PRRevolution Express T...
11.13-14Ronald Walker5.33m SRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
13-14Chrichion BrownDNSSwoop Time
Andrew McGallianDNSUnattached
13-14Andrew FreemanDNSNorth Bay Panthers

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Derek Willis10.83m PRThe Running Rams Tra...
2.15-16Quentin Dervin10.44m PRNapa Track
3.15-16Jared Kenney9.44mNapa Track
4.15-16Tareq Allan9.26mRevolution Express T...
5.15-16Jake Maas-Espinoza8.78m PRPhenom Elite
-Lloyd McClureDNSPacific United

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

Winzel Brillante11.91mLords of the Ring
17-18James Giusti-Holton10.92mMarin Waves Track & ...
Ben CampagnaDNSUnattached

Discus - 1kg  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Cooper Stewart28.60mNapa Track
2.13-14Jarod Moren22.80mPitman Track Club
3.13-14Michael Palley22.17mRevolution Express T...
4.13-14Tavonte Liles21.82mStockton Saints
5.13-14Casey Potrebic19.77m PRNapa Track
6.13-14William Holden-Wingate19.25mMarin Waves Track & ...
7.13-14Zion Smally15.70m PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
8.13-14Ronald Walker12.30mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
Andrew McGallianDNSUnattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Jared Kenney33.07mNapa Track
2.-Derek Willis28.64m PRThe Running Rams Tra...
3.15-16Quentin Dervin28.41mNapa Track
4.15-16Tareq Allan21.20m PRRevolution Express T...

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.Winzel Brillante35.65mLords of the Ring
2.17-18James Giusti-Holton32.33mMarin Waves Track & ...
Ben CampagnaDNSUnattached

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Korey Watson19.30m PRAngels Track
1.7-8Jamieson Strunk19.30mRevolution Express T...
3.7-8Tyler Jimenez13.00m PRHampton Phillips Cla...
4.6UMason Ross9.00m PRRevolution Express T...
5.7-8Maximus Gomillion8.28mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
6.7-8Brandon Thweatt8.21mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
7.6UKaden Hall7.81mM.P. Striders Youth ...
8.6UChristopher Walker7.06mBig Valley TC
9.Clifton Mathews6.15mUnattached
6UDarius JarvisDNSRPM Legacy
7-8Chimobi NnajiDNSRevolution Express T...
7-8Yosef MotenDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
7-8Hussain ShawDNSPhenom Elite
7-8Pressley PearsonDNSRevolution Express T...
7-8Jackson KingDNS209 Throwers
7-8Ty Ziere MosleyDNSPhoenix Gliders Trac...
7-8Christian PanaderoDNSRevolution Express T...

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.Tai Pena26.20mUnattached
2.9-10Brady Lowell19.79m PRNapa Track
3.9-10Timothy Edwards19.47mFull Stride
4.9-10Masen Nies19.11m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.9-10Paxton Miller18.15mMarin Waves Track & ...
6.9-10Deric Moren17.56mPitman Track Club
7.Alonso Stephens17.15mUnattached
8.-Larry Winston16.64m SRBig Valley TC
9.9-10Samuel Fesseha16.27m PREast Bay Heat Track ...
10.9-10Ryler Pettit16.26mRevolution Express T...
11.9-10Javion Ganaway15.60mGod Speed Track Club
12.9-10Keelan Hall13.78mM.P. Striders Youth ...
13.9-10Deshawn Nichols13.22mBig Valley TC
14.9-10K'John Wise10.88mGod Speed Track Club
15.9-10Hunter Scott10.61mNorth Bay Panthers
16.9-10Josiah Bivins10.10mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
6Danny WalkerDNSBig Valley TC
9-10Frazier Caldwell IIIDNSRevolution Express T...

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Ethan Staubitz29.23m PRNorth Bay Panthers
2.11-12Devin Pettit28.30mRevolution Express T...
3.11-12Kenneth McGhee25.92mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
4.Edwin Hill III19.46mUnattached
5.11-12Brayden Scott18.81mNorth Bay Panthers
6.11-12Jack Pettit18.80mRevolution Express T...
7.11-12Cole Toumajian15.90mRevolution Express T...
8.11-12Marquez Anderson15.33mNorth Bay Panthers
9.11-12La Monte Aubert12.12mM.P. Striders Youth ...
10.11-12Immanuel Walker11.98mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
11-12Nathaniel CovingtonDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
11-12Arell CarterDNSFull Stride
11-12Amir HayesDNSPhenom Elite
-Preston KingDNSPhoenix Gliders Trac...
11-12Marc HarrellDNSFull Stride
-Deshawnte CarlockDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
11-12William GanawayDNSGod Speed Track Club

Javelin - 600g  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Joseph Brown39.12mRevolution Express T...
2.13-14Cooper Stewart38.68mNapa Track
3.13-14Austin Glatt29.72m PRRevolution Express T...
4.-Johnathan LeVaro26.68m PRBig Valley TC
5.13-14Nathan Kent25.19mRevolution Express T...
6.13-14Jarod Moren24.40mPitman Track Club
7.13-14Michael Palley23.22m PRRevolution Express T...
8.-Malakai Lomano23.04m PRBig Valley TC
9.13-14Anthony Conlon20.71mPhenom Elite
10.13-14Louis Fowlis19.57m PRSan Francisco Striders
11.13-14Drew Holloran18.87mNapa Track
13-14Jason KuehneDNSMarin Waves Track & ...
13-14Zion SmallyDNSPhoenix Gliders Trac...
13-14Ronald WalkerDNSPhoenix Gliders Trac...

Javelin - 800g  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.-Derek Willis42.88m PRThe Running Rams Tra...
-Tyrrell LaneDNSBig Valley TC
15-16Damon ZuberDNSMarin Youth Track
15-16Tareq AllanDNSRevolution Express T...

Javelin - 800g  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

Winzel BrillanteDNSLords of the Ring

High Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

2.Alonso Stephens2-10.00Unattached
9-10Justin DixonDNSOakland PAL

High Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Joseph Escobar4-02.00The Running Rams Tra...
2.11-12Devin Pettit3-10.00Revolution Express T...
3.11-12Jack Pettit3-04.00Revolution Express T...
11-12Ethan ScifresNHRevolution Express T...
11-12Ato EarlyNHSacramento Speed Fac...

High Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Paul Randall5-04.00Oakland PAL
2.13-14Joseph Brown5-02.00Revolution Express T...
3.13-14Jadyn Marshall5-02.00God Speed Track Club
4.13-14Ethan George4-04.00 PRStockton Saints
13-14Louis FowlisDNSSan Francisco Striders
13-14Brycen MogensenNHRevolution Express T...

High Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Jamar Marshall5-06.00 PRGod Speed Track Club
2.15-16Isaiah Woods5-04.00Stockton Saints
3.15-16Parker Vallier5-00.00 PRRevolution Express T...

Long Jump  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Osani Gayles11-06.25Beast Athletic Perfo...
2.7-8Kaiden Gibbs11-04.00Oakland PAL
3.7-8Jeremiah Edwards11-02.75 SRFull Stride
4.7-8David Gray10-08.50 SRStockton Saints
5.7-8Kenneth McKinley10-00.00Stockton Saints
6.7-8Cy Lugo9-00.00RPM Legacy
7.7-8Camron Gilliam6-09.50 PRSan Francisco Striders
8.6UChristopher Walker6-03.50Big Valley TC
9.Clifton Mathews5-11.50Unattached
Marquay HunterDNSUnattached
7-8Korey WatsonDNSAngels Track
11-12Samson HelsbyDNSStockton Saints
6UJordan EarlDNSFull Stride
7-8Jaysen StoutDNSCentral Valley Roadr...
7-8Aric Smith BrannerDNSSan Francisco Striders
-Daryn HoffmanDNSCentral Valley Roadr...
7-8Pressley PearsonDNSRevolution Express T...
7-8Hussain ShawDNSPhenom Elite
7-8Malik LazenbyDNSTeam Onalysis
7-8Titus DornDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
7-8Nehemiah LloydDNS5 NORTH
6UXaiden LloydDNS5 NORTH

Long Jump  9-10 Year Olds - Finals

1.9-10Omari Gayles12-04.50Beast Athletic Perfo...
2.9-10Jamison Starks12-03.50D1 Athletics
3.7-8Deionjay Walker12-01.50 PRBig Valley TC
4.9-10Harlem Clemons12-00.50Oakland PAL
5.Caelen Miranda12-00.00Unattached
6.9-10Jadyn Hudson11-09.25Full Stride
7.9-10Xavier Anyaoha11-05.00 PREast Bay Heat Track ...
8.Kayden Hoang11-03.75Unattached
9.9-10Masen Nies11-01.00 PRCentral Valley Roadr...
10.9-10Rodney Turner11-00.50Swoop Time
11.9-10Javion Ganaway10-02.25 SRGod Speed Track Club
12.9-10Deshawn Seymour Jr8-10.50 PRFull Stride
12.9-10Paxton Miller8-10.50Marin Waves Track & ...
14.9-10Keelan Hall6-01.75M.P. Striders Youth ...
9-10Luke McClainDNSRPM Legacy
Marzellus HUNTERFOULUnattached
9-10Isaiah PrattDNS5 NORTH
9-10Obi OgbodoDNS5 NORTH

Long Jump  11-12 Year Olds - Finals

1.11-12Calvin Smith14-10.00 PRGod Speed Track Club
2.11-12Jemari Ganaway14-03.50 PRGod Speed Track Club
Israel Polk14-02.75Unattached
11-12Dawit Fesseha13-08.00 PREast Bay Heat Track ...
11-12Mateo Espinoza13-07.50Phenom Elite
11-12Joseph Stout13-00.00Central Valley Roadr...
7.Christian Hyde12-09.00Unattached
8.11-12Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson11-10.00Full Stride
9.11-12Ato Early10-08.00 SRSacramento Speed Fac...
11-12Mykel KingDNSFull Stride
11-12Drake MillerDNSMarin Waves Track & ...
11-12Ethan ScifresDNSRevolution Express T...
11-12Taurus HorneDNSM.P. Striders Youth ...
11-12Kalique CheevesDNSSan Francisco Striders

Long Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Malcolm Clemons18-11.00Oakland PAL
2.13-14Joseph Brown17-11.50Revolution Express T...
3.13-14Jacob McBeth15-10.50RPM Legacy
4.13-14Malachi Bibbs15-07.00 SRReno Wolfpack Youth ...
5.13-14Khalil Smith15-02.50San Francisco Striders
6.13-14Jason Kuehne14-11.00 SRMarin Waves Track & ...
7.13-14Justin Espinoza14-09.50Phenom Elite
8.13-14Brycen Mogensen14-07.50 PRRevolution Express T...
9.13-14Donovan Taubodo14-06.50RPM Legacy
10.13-14Keyon Forbes14-03.50 PRM.P. Striders Youth ...
11.-Malakai Lomano14-02.75 PRBig Valley TC
12.-Jonah Coleman13-03.00God Speed Track Club
13.-Malik Shakur13-00.00 PRGod Speed Track Club
14.13-14Oscar Rivas12-11.00RPM Legacy
15.13-14Ajani Hill Sandoval12-09.50 PRRevolution Express T...
16.13-14Aden Gardner12-08.50RPM Legacy
16.-Johnathan LeVaro12-08.50 PRBig Valley TC
18.13-14Tyrei Washington12-08.00God Speed Track Club
13-14Deonte MooreDNSStockton Saints
13-14Montay McDaniel IIDNSRPM Legacy
13-14Sean HuckleberryDNSMarin Waves Track & ...
13-14Noah HelsbyDNSStockton Saints
13-14Alex NasoniDNSTeam Onalysis
13-14Nathan KentDNSRevolution Express T...

Long Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Jamar Marshall20-02.00 PRGod Speed Track Club
2.15-16Alvaro Cardenas18-09.00 PRPhenom Elite
3.Antonio Lopes17-10.00Unattached
4.-Daniel Ramirez16-03.00 PRPacific United
5.15-16Angel Quinteto16-01.50Phenom Elite
6.15-16Dionte Shannon14-05.50Swoop Time
7.-Tyrrell Lane12-09.00 PRBig Valley TC
-Derek WillisDNSThe Running Rams Tra...
13-14LaMonte WalkerDNSBig Valley TC

Long Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Ty Coloma20-08.00Legion of Zoom
2.Aaron McChristian19-10.25Unattached
3.MARSHAUN Hunter18-05.50Unattached
4.-Jason Jiminez16-00.00 PRStockton Saints
Angelo StoutDNSUnattached
17-18Mosai BulterDNSTeam Onalysis
17-18Lawrence EvansDNSSacramento Speed Fac...

Triple Jump  13-14 Year Olds - Finals

1.13-14Sean Huckleberry36-02.00Marin Waves Track & ...
2.13-14Ethan George33-02.00Stockton Saints
13-14Nathan KentDNSRevolution Express T...
13-14Ajani Hill SandovalDNSRevolution Express T...

Triple Jump  15-16 Year Olds - Finals

1.15-16Angel Quinteto36-07.50 PRPhenom Elite
2.15-16Alvaro Cardenas36-07.00Phenom Elite
3.15-16Jake Maas-Espinoza29-10.00 PRPhenom Elite

Triple Jump  17-18 Year Olds - Finals

1.17-18Ty Coloma40-06.00 PRLegion of Zoom