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100 Meters  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Quincy Tacker15.61aTigard Youth Track
2.7-8Kenyon Andrews16.63a SRSouth Central Athlet...
3.7-8Major Williams17.05aTigard Youth Track
4.7-8Kobe Thomas17.19aSouth Central Athlet...
5.7-8Deion Johnson17.26aInner City Steppers
6.7-8Phillip Bradford Jr17.31aInner City Steppers
7.7-8Kingston Paschal17.98aInner City Steppers
8.9-10Reece Glasper17.99aRose City Striders
9.7-8Jaylen Alicea-murray18.30aTeam Blackout Elite ...
10.7-8Luke Cutting18.57aTrinity Track
11.7-8Nolan Swaim18.58aTigard Youth Track
12.7-8Nicholas Orr19.42aTualatin Youth Track
13.7-8McKinley Hayes19.64aMcMinnville Track
14.7-8Brooklyn White19.94aTigard Youth Track
15.7-8Ewan Gillespie20.06aBeaverton Youth Track
16.6UBoston Manning20.14aInner City Steppers
17.7-8Kellen Blakely20.15aTigard Youth Track
18.7-8Dane Bakke20.51aTigard Youth Track
19.7-8Spencer Rasmussen21.11aSherwood Track
20.7-8Michael Neumayer21.24aSherwood Track
21.7-8Campbell Willis21.30aMcMinnville Track
22.7-8Hunter Hendriksen21.57aTigard Youth Track
23.7-8Jace Glasper22.07aRose City Striders
24.7-8Cruz Cervantes22.46a PREmerald Valley Track
25.7-8Kekoa Stamps22.58aSherwood Track
26.6UIsaac Honl24.15a SRInner City Steppers
27.7-8Preston Raleigh24.19a PRSherwood Track
28.6UReece Law25.13aMustang Track
29.6UAyyub Giovanni25.32aInner City Steppers
30.6UKenji Brown25.61a PRInner City Steppers
31.6UCedric Pearson-Bey25.70aInner City Steppers
7-8Cris ForemanDNSSherwood Track
6UDaniel HayesDNSInner City Steppers
13-14Dylan GuptaDNSEmerald Valley Track
7-8Jamin PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
7-8Caden BurdickDNSTrinity Track
7-8Quentin PhillipsDNSTrinity Track
7-8Ian WeisenfluhDNSSherwood Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track
7-8Cannon HowardDNSTeam Blackout Elite ...

100 Meters  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10LeRoy Horton14.31aTeam Blackout Elite ...
2.9-10Zyon Floyd14.35aTigard Youth Track
3.9-10Julian Keeton15.70aBeaverton Youth Track
4.9-10Tyson Pierce15.93aSherwood Track
5.9-10Simon Willis15.97aSpeed N Action Track...
6.9-10Kenen Elder16.01aTrinity Track
7.9-10Logan Hayes16.08aMcMinnville Track
8.9-10Joseph West Jr16.16aAlbina Roadrunners
9.9-10Vincent Sadighi16.18aTigard Youth Track
10.9-10Nolen Scott16.19aSherwood Track
11.9-10Zhaiel Smith16.27aAlbina Roadrunners
12.9-10Porter Sullivan16.28aTigard Youth Track
13.9-10Noah Saldana16.69aTigard Youth Track
14.9-10Anthony Washington Jr16.87aTigard Youth Track
15.9-10Samuel Hudspeth16.95a PRSalem Track
16.9-10Ja'Vaun Johnson17.00aInner City Steppers
17.9-10Cooper Lines17.02aTigard Youth Track
18.9-10Kysen Lambert17.03aInner City Steppers
19.9-10Sam Howard17.08aValley Velocity Track
20.9-10Michael Ward17.42aTeam Blackout Elite ...
21.9-10Xavier McDonald17.53a PRMustang Track
22.9-10Darian Triplett17.74aTigard Youth Track
23.9-10Hunter Smith18.11aTualatin Youth Track
24.9-10Bennet Haffner18.18aBeaverton Youth Track
25.9-10Gabe Trerise18.22a PRSherwood Track
26.9-10Chase Smith18.32aTigard Youth Track
27.9-10Josh Krisky18.38aBeaverton Youth Track
28.9-10Blane Como18.57aTigard Youth Track
29.9-10JaeShaun Brandon18.67aTigard Youth Track
30.9-10Emmanuel Dempsey18.76aInner City Steppers
31.9-10Jaamir Roberson18.81aInner City Steppers
32.9-10Theodore Marshall-Hilliker18.95aTualatin Youth Track
33.9-10Seth Reese18.98aSherwood Track
34.9-10Ethan McHill18.99aSherwood Track
35.9-10Mekhi Gardner19.32aAlbina Roadrunners
36.9-10Rowan Jamieson19.38aSalem Track
37.9-10Calvin Cowing20.53aAlbina Roadrunners
38.9-10Carter Golda20.92aSherwood Track
39.9-10Timothy Wiltbank20.95aTigard Youth Track
9-10Madden TanuvasaDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Emerson HarrellDNSSherwood Track
9-10Samuel WardwellDNSMustang Track
9-10Andrew HunstadDNSTualatin Youth Track
9-10Ray HayesDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Conrad HurdleDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Marques SpencerDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Luckas WilliamsDNSMcMinnville Track
9-10Isaiah PhillipsDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Kaixue LandDNSTrack City Track
9-10Oliver VoitDNSMcMinnville Track
9-10Jordan HicksDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Kai McFarlandDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10August FrantzDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Jack LinderDNSMcMinnville Track

100 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Xavier Simpson12.31aTigard Youth Track
2.6Caleb Rodriguez13.82aJefferson
3.11-12Nasir Tucker14.79aInner City Steppers
4.11-12Miles Ward14.82aTigard Youth Track
5.11-12Joshua Peters15.00aValley Velocity Track
6.11-12Darien Witham15.10aEmerald Valley Track
7.11-12Kobe Mendez15.25aTigard Youth Track
8.11-12William (Jeff) Scott15.48aTigard Youth Track
9.11-12Dylan Martell15.55aSalem Track
10.11-12Ethan Newton15.58a PRSalem Track
11.11-12Marcus Johnson15.68aAlbina Roadrunners
12.11-12Zachary Klein15.69aTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Joseph McIntosh15.85aAlbina Roadrunners
14.11-12Solon Sanders15.97aInner City Steppers
15.11-12Ryker Wolvers15.99aSherwood Track
16.11-12Derek Sossie16.03aValley Velocity Track
17.11-12Grant Golda16.05aSherwood Track
18.11-12Jazmear Ware16.11aInner City Steppers
19.11-12Alex Payne16.20aTigard Youth Track
20.11-12Elijah Jackman16.25aTigard Youth Track
21.11-12Brian Cammack16.27aTeam Blackout Elite ...
22.11-12Zakary Meyer16.33a PRSherwood Track
23.11-12Marcus Ludes16.39aTigard Youth Track
24.11-12Joshua Trerise16.45aSherwood Track
25.11-12Kyler Casey16.65aTigard Youth Track
26.6Tanner Nash16.72aJefferson
27.11-12Kaimbrian Batiste-Wyatt16.73aAlbina Roadrunners
28.11-12Gerh Botvinnik16.83a PREmerald Valley Track
29.11-12Austin Milton16.92aSherwood Track
30.11-12Tevian Batiste-Wyatt17.06aAlbina Roadrunners
31.11-12Benjamin Mangum17.07aTualatin Youth Track
32.11-12Derek Smith17.21aTrinity Track
33.9-10Jack Chidester17.24aSherwood Track
34.11-12Alex Luster17.28aTrinity Track
35.11-12Joseph Wiessman17.42aMustang Track
36.11-12Jaydon Green17.56aTigard Youth Track
37.11-12Chase Bradshaw17.64aTigard Youth Track
38.11-12Ayden Francis17.69a PREmerald Valley Track
39.11-12Mycah Alemseghed17.86aInner City Steppers
40.11-12Anthony Dickson18.09aTeam Oregon USA
41.11-12Aden Nice18.16a PREmerald Valley Track
42.11-12Kyle Miller18.31a PREmerald Valley Track
43.11-12Luke Johnson18.66a PRMcMinnville Track
44.11-12Chance Savage18.76aInner City Steppers
45.11-12Josh Belizaire19.00aInner City Steppers
46.11-12Andrew Ard19.25aSherwood Track
11-12Cooper SchweitzerDNSSherwood Track
11-12Ian McGeheeDNSBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Lucas RamageDNSMustang Track
6Isaiah BolingDNSJefferson
11-12Aiden LopezDNSTigard Youth Track
-Nate DeweyDNSSpeed N Action Track...
11-12Sione LeibnerDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Jak PetersonDNSTrinity Track
11-12Noah MarmorDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12KeHon IrvingDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Sean HosieDNSMustang Track
11-12Carson MaasDNSTrinity Track
11-12Zachary KwongDNSTrinity Track
11-12Desmond JenkinsDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Lukas VaughtDNSSherwood Track
11-12Cohen VelazquezDNSTualatin Youth Track
11-12Brody LawrenceDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Aiden SchneiderDNSMustang Track

100 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.Elijah Gaines12.69aUnattached
2.13-14Xavier Tacker13.06aTigard Youth Track
3.8Diego Rodriguez13.15aJefferson
4.Adam Ferguson13.23a37-Unattached
5.-Garrett Shaver13.32aSpeed N Action Track...
6.Nicholas Riedman13.38a37-Unattached
6.13-14Matthew Otness13.38aTigard Youth Track
8.Tyce Chaney13.39aUnattached
9.13-14Abel Cervantes13.41aMcMinnville Track
10.13-14Mikey Davis13.51aAlbina Roadrunners
11.13-14Caleb Hagan13.58aTigard Youth Track
12.13-14Edgar Gayheart IV13.70aInner City Steppers
13.8Xandor Koslow13.76aJefferson
14.Darrius Clemons13.80aUnattached
15.13-14Caleb Wachsmuth13.87a PRTigard Youth Track
16.13-14Koll Kindle14.02a SRTigard Youth Track
17.13-14George Brandon14.25aSpeed N Action Track...
18.11-12Deandre Napier14.37a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
19.Anthony Harriss14.42aUnattached
20.13-14Alex Barlow14.45aTualatin Youth Track
21.13-14Cameron Andrews14.81aSouth Central Athlet...
22.Mykel Boyd15.20aUnattached
23.13-14Justin Thomas15.26aInner City Steppers
24.13-14Bryce Luster15.31aTrinity Track
25.13-14Grant Powell15.39a PRSalem Track
26.13-14Jake Wihtol16.04aTigard Youth Track
27.13-14Connor Henderson16.19aTigard Youth Track
28.11-12Kamarion Napier16.42aTeam Blackout Elite ...
29.13-14Nathan Loftin17.97aSpeed N Action Track...
13-14Cornelius MorganDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12OJ FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
13-14Alexander HarerDNSValley Velocity Track
13-14Leonard IrvingDNSInner City Steppers
13-14Emmanuel HuangDNSRose City Striders
13-14Ethan ThompsonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Hugh ShannoDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Brayden ZolkoskeDNSTigard Youth Track
7Rene FloresDNSJefferson
7Tristan CalkinsDNSJefferson
8Ahmed IbrahimDNSJefferson

100 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

1.17-18Davion Finney12.47aVancouver USA Nation...
2.Asa Farrell12.64a37-Unattached
3.15-16Ahmed Hersi13.09aDynasty Elite Athlet...
4.15-16Chase Rogers13.22aSalem Track
5.15-16Kev'veon Campbell13.32aDynasty Elite Athlet...
6.15-16Ethan Elder13.67aTrinity Track
15-16Mikal-Larue HamiltonDNSAlbina Roadrunners

100 Meters  1998-99 - Finals

17-18Kainoa KaioDNSAlbina Roadrunners

200 Meters  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Quincy Tacker33.57aTigard Youth Track
2.7-8Major Williams35.99aTigard Youth Track
3.7-8Cannon Howard36.01aTeam Blackout Elite ...
4.7-8Kingston Paschal37.82aInner City Steppers
5.7-8Jaylen Alicea-murray38.16a SRTeam Blackout Elite ...
6.7-8Kobe Thomas38.38aSouth Central Athlet...
7.7-8Luke Cutting40.17aTrinity Track
8.7-8Brody Eipp43.42a PREmerald Valley Track
9.7-8Hunter Hendriksen43.47aTigard Youth Track
10.7-8Michael Neumayer47.29aSherwood Track
7-8Cris ForemanDNSSherwood Track
7-8Kekoa StampsDNSSherwood Track
7-8Josiah PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
6UCedric Pearson-BeyDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Deion JohnsonDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Phillip Bradford JrDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Ewan GillespieDNSBeaverton Youth Track
7-8Caden BurdickDNSTrinity Track
7-8Jamin PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
6UKenji BrownDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Reece GlasperDNSRose City Striders
6UAyyub GiovanniDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Dallas GeislerDNSSalem Track
6UBoston ManningDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Will PierpontDNSEmerald Valley Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track
7-8Ian WeisenfluhDNSSherwood Track

200 Meters  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10LeRoy Horton29.47aTeam Blackout Elite ...
2.9-10Zyon Floyd30.14aTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Jonathan Frazier32.52aTeam Blackout Elite ...
4.9-10Porter Sullivan32.97aTigard Youth Track
5.9-10Julian Keeton33.18aBeaverton Youth Track
6.9-10Ocean Freeman34.30a SRSouth Central Athlet...
7.9-10Tariq Shabazz34.50a PRSouth Central Athlet...
8.9-10Trevor Henkel34.92aSalem Track
9.-Corey Alicea murray35.01a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
10.9-10Michael Ward35.95aTeam Blackout Elite ...
11.9-10Darian Triplett37.72aTigard Youth Track
12.9-10Cooper Lines39.14aTigard Youth Track
13.9-10Rowan Jamieson39.41aSalem Track
14.9-10JaeShaun Brandon39.83aTigard Youth Track
15.9-10Kai Greensted44.63a PRInner City Steppers
9-10Emmanuel DempseyDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Anthony Washington JrDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Zhaiel SmithDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Mekhi GardnerDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Luckas WilliamsDNSMcMinnville Track
9-10Isaiah PhillipsDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Ray HayesDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Theodore Marshall-HillikerDNSTualatin Youth Track
9-10Marques SpencerDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Nolen ScottDNSSherwood Track
9-10Ja'Vaun JohnsonDNSInner City Steppers
9-10Colt NessDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Timothy WiltbankDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Madden TanuvasaDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Benjamin HaywoodDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Calvin CowingDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Kenen ElderDNSTrinity Track
9-10Josh KriskyDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Edward PierpontDNSEmerald Valley Track
9-10Joseph West JrDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Tyson PierceDNSSherwood Track
9-10Hudson BoydDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Simon WillisDNSSpeed N Action Track...
9-10Gabe TreriseDNSSherwood Track

200 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Xavier Simpson25.43aTigard Youth Track
2.11-12Matthew Verkamp29.84aSherwood Track
3.11-12Miles Ward31.18aTigard Youth Track
4.11-12Max Gillespie33.58a PRMustang Track
5.11-12Elijah Jackman33.91a PRTigard Youth Track
6.11-12Karson Boschma35.42a PRTigard Youth Track
7.6Tanner Nash35.62aJefferson
8.11-12PK Bean36.00aValley Velocity Track
9.11-12Samuel King36.01a PRMcMinnville Track
10.11-12Marcus Johnson36.30a PRAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Joseph McIntoshDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Luke JohnsonDNSMcMinnville Track
11-12Ayden FrancisDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Darien WithamDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Aden NiceDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Gerh BotvinnikDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Jak PetersonDNSTrinity Track
11-12Dylan MartellDNSSalem Track
-Nate DeweyDNSSpeed N Action Track...
11-12KeHon IrvingDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Jazmear WareDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Joshua PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
11-12Mycah AlemseghedDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Ian McGeheeDNSBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Solon SandersDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Zachary HancockDNSSherwood Track
11-12Cooper SchweitzerDNSSherwood Track
11-12Joshua TreriseDNSSherwood Track
11-12Nasir TuckerDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Kobe MendezDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Marcus CowingDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Austin MitchellDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Grant GoldaDNSSherwood Track
11-12William (Jeff) ScottDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Carson MaasDNSTrinity Track

200 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.Adam Ferguson26.16a37-Unattached
2.13-14Matthew Otness26.88aTigard Youth Track
3.13-14Xavier Tacker26.93aTigard Youth Track
4.13-14Charles Verkamp27.35aSherwood Track
5.13-14Andrew McDade27.46aTigard Youth Track
6.13-14Abel Cervantes28.58aMcMinnville Track
7.13-14Luke Wargo28.84aTigard Youth Track
8.11-12Deandre Napier28.86aTeam Blackout Elite ...
9.13-14Cameron Andrews29.18aSouth Central Athlet...
10.13-14Hayden Boyd29.54aTigard Youth Track
11.Mykel Boyd30.87aUnattached
12.13-14Justin Thomas30.90aInner City Steppers
13.11-12Kamarion Napier34.42aTeam Blackout Elite ...
13-14Emmanuel HuangDNSRose City Striders
-Garrett ShaverDNSSpeed N Action Track...
13-14Demerio JamisonDNSInner City Steppers
13-14Grant PowellDNSSalem Track
13-14Mikey DavisDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Denzel PintoDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Asher PelaezDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Caleb HaganDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Edgar Gayheart IVDNSInner City Steppers
13-14George BrandonDNSSpeed N Action Track...
13-14Kaden FullerDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Alexander HarerDNSValley Velocity Track
9-10Ocean FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
11-12OJ FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...

200 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

15-16Chase RogersDNSSalem Track
15-16Mikal-Larue HamiltonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
15-16Ethan ElderDNSTrinity Track
15-16Ahmed HersiDNSDynasty Elite Athlet...
15-16Kev'veon CampbellDNSDynasty Elite Athlet...

400 Meters  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Kenyon Andrews1:17.29aSouth Central Athlet...
2.7-8Cannon Howard1:20.71aTeam Blackout Elite ...
3.7-8Pawlos Euchi1:20.73aBeaverton Youth Track
4.7-8Josiah Peters1:22.55aValley Velocity Track
5.13-14Dylan Gupta1:23.33a PREmerald Valley Track
6.7-8Ian Morelock1:23.38a PREmerald Valley Track
7.7-8Hunter Hurl1:23.80aMcMinnville Track
8.7-8Kobe Thomas1:25.13aSouth Central Athlet...
9.7-8Phillipe Gerlach1:27.57aRose City Striders
10.7-8Dane Bakke1:32.17aTigard Youth Track
11.7-8Jaylen Alicea-murray1:32.50aTeam Blackout Elite ...
12.7-8Kellen Blakely1:32.63aTigard Youth Track
13.7-8Dallas Geisler1:32.81aSalem Track
14.7-8Brooklyn White1:37.35aTigard Youth Track
15.7-8Nicholas Orr1:38.48aTualatin Youth Track
16.7-8Kekoa Stamps1:41.48aSherwood Track
17.7-8Campbell Willis1:41.85a PRMcMinnville Track
18.7-8Elliot Gonzalez1:42.78aSalem Track
19.7-8Quentin Phillips1:43.28aTrinity Track
20.6USam Trerise1:44.03a SRSherwood Track
21.7-8Jace Glasper1:45.22aRose City Striders
22.7-8Kenyon Thompson1:45.24aTualatin Youth Track
23.7-8Michael Neumayer1:50.74aSherwood Track
24.7-8Cris Foreman1:56.07a SRSherwood Track
9-10Jacob PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track
7-8Major WilliamsDNSTigard Youth Track
7-8Will PierpontDNSEmerald Valley Track

400 Meters  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10LeRoy Horton1:09.28aTeam Blackout Elite ...
2.9-10Kenen Elder1:11.15aTrinity Track
3.11-12Jonathan Frazier1:11.19aTeam Blackout Elite ...
4.9-10Zyon Floyd1:12.42a PRTigard Youth Track
5.9-10Robert Johnston1:16.02aValley Velocity Track
6.9-10Tariq Shabazz1:16.04aSouth Central Athlet...
7.9-10Jack Linder1:16.46aMcMinnville Track
8.9-10Tyson Pierce1:17.02a SRSherwood Track
9.9-10Nolen Scott1:17.43a PRSherwood Track
10.9-10Jacob Peters1:17.44a PRValley Velocity Track
11.-Corey Alicea murray1:20.40a SRTeam Blackout Elite ...
12.9-10Ocean Freeman1:20.77aSouth Central Athlet...
13.9-10Owen Gurney1:21.80aValley Velocity Track
14.9-10Noah Saldana1:21.90a PRTigard Youth Track
15.9-10Oliver Voit1:21.91aMcMinnville Track
16.9-10Ezra Miller1:22.69a PRValley Velocity Track
17.9-10Edward Pierpont1:23.37a SREmerald Valley Track
18.9-10Quinn Hancock1:23.75aSherwood Track
19.9-10Otto Davies1:28.14aMcMinnville Track
20.9-10Calvin Cowing1:29.03a PRAlbina Roadrunners
21.9-10Kai McFarland1:29.19aBeaverton Youth Track
22.Kai Yue Land1:33.81aUnattached
23.9-10Royce Johnson1:39.61a PRTigard Youth Track
24.9-10Emerson Harrell1:40.73a PRSherwood Track
25.9-10Timothy Wiltbank1:45.81aTigard Youth Track
9-10Colt NessDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Liam KilianDNSSherwood Track
9-10Ray HayesDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Jordan HicksDNSBeaverton Youth Track

400 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Matthew Verkamp1:05.12aSherwood Track
2.11-12Cade Waller1:11.23aTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Samren Puth1:11.29a PRMustang Track
4.11-12Logan Flesch1:11.80aSalem Track
5.11-12Carson Maas1:11.93a PRTrinity Track
6.11-12Kellen Reed1:12.48a PRMcMinnville Track
7.11-12Marcus Cowing1:12.79aAlbina Roadrunners
8.11-12Kyler Casey1:13.94aTigard Youth Track
9.11-12Max Gillespie1:14.39aMustang Track
10.11-12Derek Sossie1:14.65aValley Velocity Track
11.11-12Mason Weisgerber1:15.20a PRTrinity Track
12.11-12Peyton Peters1:15.60a PRMustang Track
13.11-12Brandon Smith1:16.84a PRTrinity Track
14.11-12Jacob Smith1:16.90a PRTrinity Track
15.11-12PK Bean1:17.06a PRValley Velocity Track
16.11-12Ryder Drangstveit1:18.04aTigard Youth Track
17.11-12Ryker Wolvers1:18.30a SRSherwood Track
18.11-12Louden Miller1:18.44a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
19.11-12Benjamin Mangum1:19.13a PRTualatin Youth Track
20.11-12Kyle Spencer1:19.59aMcMinnville Track
21.11-12Paulo Rodriguez1:20.20aTigard Youth Track
22.11-12Kobe Mendez1:20.28aTigard Youth Track
23.11-12Aaron Lakeman1:21.32aTualatin Youth Track
24.11-12Grant Carli1:21.77a PRTrinity Track
25.11-12Jaydon Green1:22.29aTigard Youth Track
26.11-12Caleb Gerhard1:23.32a SRTigard Youth Track
27.11-12Joseph McIntosh1:23.44aAlbina Roadrunners
28.11-12Timothy Parsons1:23.92aTualatin Youth Track
29.11-12Kivon Nash1:25.08aTeam Blackout Elite ...
30.11-12Alex Luster1:25.51aTrinity Track
31.11-12Joseph Wiessman1:27.65aMustang Track
32.11-12Elvis Weller1:27.71aSpeed N Action Track...
33.11-12Sean Colyer1:28.92a PRTrinity Track
34.11-12Jonah Raleigh1:31.54a PRSherwood Track
35.11-12Bishop Murff1:33.79aTigard Youth Track
11-12Christian ReidDNSSherwood Track
-Nate DeweyDNSSpeed N Action Track...
11-12Reuben PooleDNSBowerman Track
11-12Koby KesslerDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Miles WardDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Isaiah PooleDNSBowerman Track
11-12Austin MiltonDNSSherwood Track

400 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Denzel Pinto56.46aTigard Youth Track
2.13-14Andrew McDade56.78aTigard Youth Track
3.13-14Abel Cervantes57.24aMcMinnville Track
4.13-14Charles Verkamp58.53aSherwood Track
5.8Xandor Koslow1:01.86a PRJefferson
6.-Garrett Shaver1:02.59a PRSpeed N Action Track...
7.13-14Asher Krauel1:02.66aSherwood Track
8.13-14Luke Wargo1:02.68aTigard Youth Track
9.13-14Caleb Wachsmuth1:03.97a PRTigard Youth Track
10.11-12Deandre Napier1:04.07a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
11.13-14Rodrigo Arriaga Martinez1:04.13a PRMcMinnville Track
12.13-14Richard Wade1:07.31aVancouver USA Nation...
13.13-14Trevin Mitchell1:08.18aBeaverton Youth Track
14.13-14Kaden Fuller1:08.31aTigard Youth Track
15.13-14Dominik Miller1:09.97a PRMcMinnville Track
16.13-14Grant Powell1:11.55a PRSalem Track
17.13-14Cade Smith1:17.38a PRTigard Youth Track
18.11-12Kamarion Napier1:20.56aTeam Blackout Elite ...
13-14Emmanuel HuangDNSRose City Striders
13-14Ismael Ventura-ArellanoDNSSalem Track
13-14Mikey DavisDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Ethan ThompsonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Hugh ShannoDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Caleb HaganDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Ocean FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
13-14Alexander HarerDNSValley Velocity Track
13-14Diego PadillaDNSVancouver USA Nation...

400 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

1.Micah Williams53.21a37-Unattached
2.15-16Mikal-Larue Hamilton1:01.83a SRAlbina Roadrunners
3.15-16Elias Lewis1:06.36a PRSpeed N Action Track...
15-16Ethan ElderDNSTrinity Track
15-16Kevin FrerichDNSTualatin Youth Track
17-18Davion FinneyDNSVancouver USA Nation...
15-16Seth MooreDNSVancouver USA Nation...
-Imam ShabazzDNSSouth Central Athlet...

800 Meters  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Kenyon Andrews2:46.11aSouth Central Athlet...
2.7-8Pawlos Euchi3:01.20aBeaverton Youth Track
3.7-8Ian Morelock3:08.79aEmerald Valley Track
4.7-8Hunter Hurl3:08.84aMcMinnville Track
5.7-8Nolan Swaim3:09.92aTigard Youth Track
6.7-8Wesley Kerns3:11.72a PRTigard Youth Track
7.7-8Luke Cutting3:22.32aTrinity Track
8.7-8Kellen Blakely3:40.09a SRTigard Youth Track
9.7-8Jack Cutting3:45.95aTrinity Track
10.6ULandyn Adams3:48.72aSalem Track
7-8Phillipe GerlachDNSRose City Striders
7-8Dallas GeislerDNSSalem Track
7-8Ashenafi KolbDNSSalem Track
9-10Jacob PetersDNSValley Velocity Track
7-8Cris ForemanDNSSherwood Track
7-8Elliot GonzalezDNSSalem Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track

800 Meters  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Justin Temple Jr2:53.13aTeam Blackout Elite ...
2.9-10Tariq Shabazz2:53.20aSouth Central Athlet...
3.9-10Peter Hachey3:00.06aEmerald Valley Track
4.9-10Owen Gurney3:00.13aValley Velocity Track
5.9-10Sawyer Schaap3:03.31aSalem Track
6.9-10Trevor Henkel3:05.12a SRSalem Track
7.9-10Ethan Chesire3:20.17aBeaverton Youth Track
8.9-10Jack Bishop3:25.71aTigard Youth Track
9-10Quinn HancockDNSSherwood Track
9-10Luke ValdezDNSSherwood Track
9-10Seth ReeseDNSSherwood Track
9-10Andrew HunstadDNSTualatin Youth Track
9-10Ocean FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
9-10Jackson ReederDNSEmerald Valley Track
9-10Kai McFarlandDNSBeaverton Youth Track

800 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.Benjamin Balazs2:30.45a37-Unattached
2.11-12Koby Kessler2:42.59aTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Kellen Reed2:43.15aMcMinnville Track
4.11-12Logan Flesch2:46.51aSalem Track
5.11-12Derek Sossie2:47.65a PRValley Velocity Track
6.11-12Cade Waller2:48.12aTigard Youth Track
7.11-12Max Gillespie2:49.94a PRMustang Track
8.11-12Kaleb Euchi2:50.77aBeaverton Youth Track
9.11-12Adam Reeder2:52.79a SREmerald Valley Track
10.11-12Kyle Spencer2:54.72a SRMcMinnville Track
11.11-12Kasen Paolo2:54.89aMcMinnville Track
12.11-12Ryder Drangstveit2:55.60aTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Samuel King2:56.39a SRMcMinnville Track
14.11-12Atticus Waddell3:02.97a SRTigard Youth Track
15.11-12Andrew Friess3:03.59aInner City Steppers
16.11-12Steven Imke3:06.03a SRTeam Blackout Elite ...
17.11-12Louden Miller3:11.67aTeam Blackout Elite ...
18.11-12Kivon Nash3:12.14aTeam Blackout Elite ...
19.11-12Fulton Browne3:16.60aTrinity Track
20.11-12Bishop Murff3:18.25aTigard Youth Track
11-12Luke VillanoDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Christian ReidDNSSherwood Track
11-12Peyton PetersDNSMustang Track
11-12Sean ColyerDNSTrinity Track
11-12Jacob SmithDNSTrinity Track
11-12Brandon SmithDNSTrinity Track
11-12Grant CarliDNSTrinity Track
11-12Elvis WellerDNSSpeed N Action Track...
9-10Jack ChidesterDNSSherwood Track
11-12Austin MitchellDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Aiden CarterDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Conner DoyleDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Logan LawDNSMustang Track
11-12Brody MateerDNSBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Carter CuttingDNSTrinity Track

800 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Andrew McDade2:18.79aTigard Youth Track
2.13-14Evan Henkel2:18.83aSalem Track
3.John Hofenbredl2:20.64aUnattached
4.13-14Denzel Pinto2:22.68aTigard Youth Track
5.13-14Lincoln Woodhouse2:24.39aTigard Youth Track
6.13-14Luke Wargo2:25.60aTigard Youth Track
7.Nicholas Riedman2:26.49a37-Unattached
8.Tyce Chaney2:33.18aUnattached
9.13-14Kaden Fuller2:48.79a SRTigard Youth Track
15-16Hunter GilbertDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Noah AndersonDNSSalem Track
13-14Asher KrauelDNSSherwood Track
13-14Andrew GoemaereDNSSalem Track
13-14Evan VillanoDNSEmerald Valley Track
13-14Dominik MillerDNSMcMinnville Track
9-10Ocean FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
13-14Rodrigo Arriaga MartinezDNSMcMinnville Track
13-14Oscar Arriaga MartinezDNSMcMinnville Track
13-14Ismael Ventura-ArellanoDNSSalem Track
8Ahmed IbrahimDNSJefferson
8O'Ryan HutleyDNSJefferson

800 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Hunter Gilbert2:08.69aTigard Youth Track
2.15-16Peyton Kuffel2:12.57aTigard Youth Track
3.15-16Luke Ness2:13.99a PRTigard Youth Track
4.15-16Drew McMullen2:26.83a PRAmity Track

1500 Meters  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Pawlos Euchi5:54.24aBeaverton Youth Track
2.7-8Hunter Hurl6:02.62aMcMinnville Track
3.7-8Wesley Kerns6:08.73aTigard Youth Track
4.7-8Nolan Swaim6:13.08a SRTigard Youth Track
5.William Laman6:17.63a37-Unattached
6.7-8Dallas Geisler6:28.82a PRSalem Track
7.7-8Joseph Herrera6:42.67aSalem Track
8.6ULandyn Adams6:55.60aSalem Track
9.7-8Jack Cutting7:02.83aTrinity Track
10.7-8Spencer Rasmussen7:04.66a SRSherwood Track
11.7-8Brody Eipp7:29.83a PREmerald Valley Track
9-10Jacob PetersDNSValley Velocity Track

1500 Meters  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Justin Temple Jr5:46.25aTeam Blackout Elite ...
2.9-10Jack Linder5:51.93aMcMinnville Track
3.9-10Peter Hachey5:53.08aEmerald Valley Track
4.9-10Ezra Miller6:00.63a PRValley Velocity Track
5.9-10Sawyer Schaap6:03.98aSalem Track
6.9-10Owen Gurney6:08.21aValley Velocity Track
7.9-10Oliver Voit6:14.78aMcMinnville Track
8.9-10Ethan Chesire6:28.40aBeaverton Youth Track
9.9-10Jacoby Briles6:30.68aTigard Youth Track
10.9-10Andrew Hunstad6:42.64aTualatin Youth Track
11.9-10Royce Johnson6:45.92aTigard Youth Track
9-10Jackson ReederDNSEmerald Valley Track
9-10Luke ValdezDNSSherwood Track

1500 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Koby Kessler5:01.65aTigard Youth Track
2.11-12Logan Law5:05.95aMustang Track
3.11-12Carter Cutting5:11.74aTrinity Track
4.11-12Logan Flesch5:35.69aSalem Track
5.11-12Mason Weisgerber5:41.54aTrinity Track
6.11-12Kasen Paolo5:45.07aMcMinnville Track
7.11-12Samuel King5:48.93aMcMinnville Track
8.11-12Zachary Harrington5:55.35aSalem Track
9.11-12Aaron Lakeman5:56.00aTualatin Youth Track
10.11-12Coleton Urquhart5:57.56aSalem Track
11.Thomas Laman5:59.08a37-Unattached
12.11-12Bishop Murff6:00.09a SRTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Atticus Waddell6:00.11a PRTigard Youth Track
14.11-12Ethan Strong6:01.16aTigard Youth Track
15.11-12Quinn Thompson6:02.78a PRTualatin Youth Track
16.11-12Griffin Baxley6:03.10a SREmerald Valley Track
17.11-12Steven Imke6:04.10aTeam Blackout Elite ...
18.11-12Timothy Parsons6:05.04a PRTualatin Youth Track
19.11-12Conner Doyle6:19.20a PREmerald Valley Track
20.11-12Reuben Poole6:35.90a SRBowerman Track
21.11-12Fulton Browne6:36.19aTrinity Track
22.11-12Vaughn Croxton6:38.26aTigard Youth Track
23.11-12Brody Mateer6:53.44a PRBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Kaleb EuchiDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Owen GeigerDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Caymus RoacheDNSSalem Track
9-10Jack ChidesterDNSSherwood Track
11-12Isaiah PooleDNSBowerman Track
11-12Zachary HancockDNSSherwood Track
11-12Christian ReidDNSSherwood Track

1500 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.15-16Hunter Gilbert4:28.08aTigard Youth Track
2.13-14Andrew McDade4:41.77aTigard Youth Track
3.13-14Lincoln Woodhouse4:44.60aTigard Youth Track
4.13-14Evan Villano4:54.66a PREmerald Valley Track
5.13-14Dominik Miller4:59.62a PRMcMinnville Track
6.13-14Evan Gonzalez4:59.99aSalem Track
7.13-14Rodrigo Arriaga Martinez5:01.82aMcMinnville Track
8.13-14Ismael Ventura-Arellano5:08.48a PRSalem Track
9.13-14Andrew Goemaere5:12.58aSalem Track
10.13-14Alex Barlow5:18.29a PRTualatin Youth Track
11.13-14Oscar Arriaga Martinez5:35.74aMcMinnville Track
13-14Bryce LusterDNSTrinity Track
13-14Noah AndersonDNSSalem Track
8Ahmed IbrahimDNSJefferson

1500 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Cooper Lawrence4:43.74aTigard Youth Track
2.15-16Drew McMullen4:50.37a SRAmity Track
3.15-16Dakota Honl4:52.44a PRInner City Steppers
4.Seth Moore5:41.57aUnattached

1500m Racewalk  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Lukas Vaught1:14.51a PRSherwood Track
11-12Brody MateerDNSBeaverton Youth Track

3000 Meters  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Logan Law10:21.63aMustang Track
2.11-12Kellen Reed11:08.47aMcMinnville Track
3.11-12Kaleb Euchi11:31.30aBeaverton Youth Track
4.11-12Mason Weisgerber11:32.42aTrinity Track
5.11-12Kyle Spencer11:39.00aMcMinnville Track
6.11-12Jeremy Clark11:52.97a PRBowerman Track
7.11-12Ryder Drangstveit12:00.60aTigard Youth Track
8.11-12Zachary Harrington12:02.40aSalem Track
9.11-12Griffin Baxley12:16.18aEmerald Valley Track
10.11-12Luke Villano12:51.69a PREmerald Valley Track
11.11-12Austin Mitchell12:58.14a SRTigard Youth Track
12.11-12Bishop Murff13:01.58aTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Elijah Buswell14:02.85a PRSalem Track
14.11-12Fulton Browne14:13.15aTrinity Track
11-12Will BorrevikDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Adam ReederDNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Christian ReidDNSSherwood Track

3000 Meters  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Lincoln Woodhouse9:55.47a SRTigard Youth Track
2.13-14Bryce Luster10:22.70aTrinity Track
3.13-14Evan Gonzalez10:23.56aSalem Track
13-14Noah AndersonDNSSalem Track

3000 Meters  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Cooper Lawrence9:55.27a PRTigard Youth Track
2.15-16Noah Clark12:21.72aBowerman Track

80m Hurdles - 30"  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Karson Boschma14.72a PRTigard Youth Track
2.11-12Ethan Newton15.92aSalem Track
3.11-12Koby Kessler16.21aTigard Youth Track
4.11-12Austin Mitchell16.75aTigard Youth Track
5.11-12Coleton Urquhart17.19aSalem Track
6.11-12Zakary Meyer18.09a SRSherwood Track
7.11-12Isaiah Graves18.39a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
8.11-12Chase Bradshaw18.78aTigard Youth Track
9.11-12Solon Sanders18.81aInner City Steppers
10.11-12Aaron Lakeman19.19aTualatin Youth Track
11.11-12Elijah Buswell19.30aSalem Track
12.11-12Caleb Gerhard20.21aTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Jaydon Green20.31aTigard Youth Track
14.11-12Brian Cammack20.37aTeam Blackout Elite ...
15.11-12Benjamin Mangum20.56aTualatin Youth Track
16.11-12Timothy Parsons21.09aTualatin Youth Track
17.11-12Bishop Murff21.42a SRTigard Youth Track
18.11-12Nick Gnehm1:00.79a PRTualatin Youth Track
11-12Sean HosieDNSMustang Track
11-12Spencer HorneDNSMcMinnville Track
11-12Samuel HorneDNSMcMinnville Track
11-12Aiden LopezDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Kyler CaseyDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Kaleb EuchiDNSBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Zachary KleinDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Vaughn CroxtonDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Ethan StrongDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Aiden CarterDNSTigard Youth Track

100m Hurdles - 33"  2002-03 - Finals

1.Elijah Gaines16.30aUnattached
2.13-14Spencer Kuffel18.16aTigard Youth Track
3.Anthony Harriss19.00aUnattached
4.Darrius Clemons19.37aUnattached
5.13-14Alex Barlow20.82aTualatin Youth Track
6.13-14Cameron Andrews21.31aSouth Central Athlet...
7.13-14Trevin Mitchell21.32aBeaverton Youth Track
8.13-14Jake Wihtol21.54a PRTigard Youth Track
11-12OJ FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
13-14Caleb WachsmuthDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Arthur KatahdinDNSMustang Track
13-14Bryce LusterDNSTrinity Track
13-14Demerio JamisonDNSInner City Steppers
13-14Andrew BalesDNSMcMinnville Track
7Rene FloresDNSJefferson
13-14Koll KindleDNSTigard Youth Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  2000-01 - Finals

15-16Rahul Krisha BurmaDNSBeaverton Youth Track

200m Hurdles - 30"  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Spencer Kuffel31.43aTigard Youth Track
2.11-12Karson Boschma33.55a PRTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Deandre Napier34.76a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
4.13-14Cameron Andrews36.32aSouth Central Athlet...
5.11-12Kamarion Napier49.06a PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
11-12OJ FreemanDNSSouth Central Athlet...
13-14Caleb WachsmuthDNSTigard Youth Track

4x100 Relay  2008+ - Finals

1.Phillip Bradford Jr
Deion Johnson
Boston Manning
Kingston Paschal
1:09.75aInner City Steppers
2.7-8Dane Bakke
Kellen Blakely
Quincy Tacker
Major Williams
1:09.92aTigard Youth Track
3.7-8Cris Foreman
Michael Neumayer
Preston Raleigh
Spencer Rasmussen
1:22.08aSherwood Track
Ian Morelock
Brody Eipp
Cruz Cervantes
Dylan Gupta
DNSEmerald Valley Track

4x100 Relay  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Hudson Boyd
Zyon Floyd
Vincent Sadighi
Porter Sullivan
1:01.19aTigard Youth Track
2.9-10Cooper Lines
Noah Saldana
Colt Ness
Darian Triplett
1:05.75aTigard Youth Track
3.9-10Isaiah Johnson
Montana Mayo
Michael Ward
Dominic Williams
1:07.03aTeam Blackout Elite ...
4.9-10Bennet Haffner
Kai McFarland
Jordan Hicks
Julian Keeton
1:07.52aBeaverton Youth Track
5.9-10Otto Davies
Logan Hayes
Jack Linder
Oliver Voit
1:08.36aMcMinnville Track
6.9-10August Frantz
Ja'Vaun Johnson
Kysen Lambert
Jaamir Roberson
1:10.20aInner City Steppers
7.9-10Jackson Reeder
Edward Pierpont
Peter Hachey
Owen Geiger
1:11.71aEmerald Valley Track
9-10Calvin Cowing
Mekhi Gardner
Ray Hayes
Zhaiel Smith
DNSAlbina Roadrunners

4x100 Relay  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Kobe Mendez
Desmond Jenkins
Jeff Scott
Xavier Simpson
57.23aTigard Youth Track
2.11-12KeHon Irving
Sione Leibner
Solon Sanders
Nasir Tucker
58.83aInner City Steppers
3.11-12Joseph Wiessman
Max Gillespie
Samren Puth
Logan Law
1:01.28aMustang Track
4.11-12Carter Cutting
Zachary Kwong
Alex Luster
Carson Maas
1:01.32aTrinity Track
5.11-12Jaydon Green
Aiden Lopez
Alex Payne
Zachary Klein
1:04.20aTigard Youth Track
6.11-12Kaimbrian Batiste-Wyatt
Tevian Batiste-Wyatt
Marcus Cowing
Marcus Johnson
1:04.38aAlbina Roadrunners
7.11-12Jak Peterson
Brandon Smith
Derek Smith
Jacob Smith
1:05.65aTrinity Track
8.11-12Gerh Botvinnik
Ayden Francis
Adam Reeder
Aden Nice
1:08.57aEmerald Valley Track
9.Benjamin Mangum
Timothy Parsons
Kenyon Thompson
Quinn Thompson
1:10.52aTualatin Youth Track
Relay Team DNSJefferson
11-12Conner Doyle
Kyle Miller
Darien Witham
Luke Villano
DNSEmerald Valley Track
11-12Mycah Alemseghed
Sam Frantz
Jonathan Huckans
Jazmear Ware
DNSInner City Steppers

4x100 Relay  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Hayden Boyd
Caleb Hagan
Matthew Otness
Xavier Tacker
49.90aTigard Youth Track
2.Rene Flores
Ahmed Ibrahim
Xandor Koslow
Diego Rodriguez
Relay Team DNSJefferson

4x400 Relay  2006-07 - Finals

1.Corey Alicea murray
Alex Horton
Isaiah Johnson
Justin Temple
5:17.03aTeam Blackout Elite ...

4x400 Relay  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Koby Kessler
Cade Waller
Karson Boschma
Miles Ward
4:42.25aTigard Youth Track
2.11-12Samuel Horne
Spencer Horne
Kyle Spencer
Kellen Reed
5:06.06aMcMinnville Track
3.11-12Grant Carli
Carter Cutting
Zachary Kwong
Mason Weisgerber
5:14.44aTrinity Track

4x400 Relay  2002-03 - Finals

13-14Edgar Gayheart IV
Leonard Irving
Demerio Jamison
Justin Thomas
DNSInner City Steppers

4x800 Relay  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Jonathan Frazier
Steven Imke
Louden Miller
Kivon Nash
12:31.94aTeam Blackout Elite ...

4x800 Relay  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Lincoln Woodhouse
Andrew McDade
Spencer Kuffel
Luke Wargo
9:38.72aTigard Youth Track

Shot Put - 2kg  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Josiah Peters21-01.00Valley Velocity Track
2.7-8Boden Flaker17-00.00Tigard Youth Track
3.7-8Jamin Peters16-08.00Valley Velocity Track
4.7-8Ian Weisenfluh15-00.00Sherwood Track
5.7-8Emmanuel Frantz13-07.00Inner City Steppers
6.7-8Thomas Flaker12-09.00Tigard Youth Track
7.7-8Ashenafi Kolb12-06.00Salem Track
8.7-8Michael Neumayer10-03.00Sherwood Track
9.6UReece Law8-07.00Mustang Track
6UKenji BrownDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Kenyon ThompsonDNSTualatin Youth Track
7-8Quentin PhillipsDNSTrinity Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track
7-8Pawlos EuchiDNSBeaverton Youth Track

Shot Put - 6lb  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Austin Johnson20-09.00Mustang Track
2.9-10Nolen Scott20-03.00Sherwood Track
3.9-10Hudson Boyd19-10.00Tigard Youth Track
4.9-10Sheppard Kilkenny19-09.00Sherwood Track
5.9-10Dominic Williams19-04.00Team Blackout Elite ...
6.9-10Kylan Gray19-01.00Thurston Field and T...
7.9-10Conrad Hurdle18-05.00Albina Roadrunners
8.9-10Montana Mayo18-00.00Team Blackout Elite ...
9.9-10Justin Temple Jr15-10.00Team Blackout Elite ...
10.9-10Hudson Voss14-00.00 PRSherwood Track
11.9-10Mekhi Gardner12-10.00Albina Roadrunners
12.9-10Josh Krisky11-05.00 PRBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Jordan HicksDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Carter GoldaDNSSherwood Track
9-10Benjamin HaywoodDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Kai McFarlandDNSBeaverton Youth Track
9-10Joseph West JrDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Hunter SmithDNSTualatin Youth Track
9-10Kaixue LandDNSTrack City Track
9-10Chase SmithDNSTigard Youth Track

Shot Put - 6lb  2004-05 - Finals

1.6Caleb Rodriguez36-01.00Jefferson
2.13-14Brayden Zolkoske35-04.00 PRTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Aiden Schneider31-08.00Mustang Track
4.11-12Andrew Friess26-10.00Inner City Steppers
5.11-12Samuel Horne26-09.00McMinnville Track
6.11-12William (Jeff) Scott26-08.00Tigard Youth Track
7.11-12Austin Nelson26-07.00Tigard Youth Track
8.11-12Koby Kessler25-05.00Tigard Youth Track
9.11-12Joshua Peters24-11.00 PRValley Velocity Track
10.11-12Ethan Newton24-07.00Salem Track
11.11-12Caymus Roache24-05.00Salem Track
12.11-12Zachary Kwong23-08.00 PRTrinity Track
13.11-12Vaughn Croxton21-08.00Tigard Youth Track
14.11-12Anthony Dickson20-04.00Team Oregon USA
15.11-12Thomas Lake19-08.00 PRMcMinnville Track
16.11-12Jacob Smith18-07.00Trinity Track
17.11-12Brandon Smith17-11.00Trinity Track
18.11-12Tevian Batiste-Wyatt17-05.00Albina Roadrunners
19.11-12Kaimbrian Batiste-Wyatt16-10.00Albina Roadrunners
19.11-12Josh Belizaire16-10.00Inner City Steppers
21.11-12Jonathan Huckans16-07.00 PRInner City Steppers
22.11-12Chance Savage16-02.00Inner City Steppers
23.11-12Ethan Strong14-02.00Tigard Youth Track
24.11-12Cohen Foglio12-06.00Team Oregon USA
25.11-12Lukas Vaught12-02.00Sherwood Track
11-12Ian ClawsonDNSSalem Track
11-12Marcus CowingDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Carson SwiftDNSSalem Track
6Cody JurgensDNSJefferson
11-12Cooper SchweitzerDNSSherwood Track
11-12Michael McKinleyDNSSherwood Track
6Andew HollingsworthDNSJefferson

Shot Put - 4kg  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Benjamin Hayes37-04.00Amity Track
2.13-14Noah Culbertson36-11.00Sherwood Track
3.8Diego Rodriguez36-10.00Jefferson
4.13-14Arthur Katahdin35-11.00Mustang Track
5.8O'Ryan Hutley31-03.00Jefferson
6.13-14Spencer Kuffel29-06.00Tigard Youth Track
7.13-14Koll Kindle25-11.00Tigard Youth Track
8.13-14Brett Hieter25-08.00 PRTrack City Track
9.13-14Jacob Agresta24-09.00Team Oregon USA
10.13-14Jake Ness20-04.00Tigard Youth Track
11.13-14Justin Bernard Belizaire19-01.00 PRInner City Steppers
12.13-14Isaiah Underwood15-10.00 PRSalem Track
13.13-14Rhys Greensted14-02.00Inner City Steppers
14.13-14Andrew Bales11-07.00McMinnville Track
13-14Grant PowellDNSSalem Track
13-14Ethan ThompsonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Brayden ZolkoskeDNSTigard Youth Track
15-16Hunter GilbertDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Cornelius MorganDNSAlbina Roadrunners

Shot Put - 12lb  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Jaydan Gray35-04.00Thurston Field and T...
2.15-16Hunter Gilbert28-03.00Tigard Youth Track
3.15-16Kanaan Herron27-00.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
4.15-16Travis Dickson24-04.00Team Oregon USA

Shot Put - 12lb  1998-99 - Finals

1.17-18Geoffrey Bishop36-10.00McMinnville Track
17-18Kainoa KaioDNSAlbina Roadrunners

Discus - 1kg  2004-05 - Finals

1.6Caleb Rodriguez83-09.00 SRJefferson
2.11-12Aiden Schneider65-06.00Mustang Track
3.11-12William (Jeff) Scott64-04.00 PRTigard Youth Track
3.11-12Austin Milton64-04.00Sherwood Track
5.11-12Austin Nelson61-02.00Tigard Youth Track
6.11-12Caymus Roache52-00.00Salem Track
7.11-12Vaughn Croxton46-08.00Tigard Youth Track
8.11-12Josh Belizaire41-01.00 PRInner City Steppers
9.11-12Thomas Lake39-05.00 PRMcMinnville Track
10.11-12Luke Johnson34-01.00 PRMcMinnville Track
11.11-12Jonah Raleigh25-05.00Sherwood Track
12.11-12Lucas Ramage22-07.00Mustang Track
11-12Zachary HancockDNSSherwood Track
6Andew HollingsworthDNSJefferson
6Isaiah BolingDNSJefferson
11-12Carson SwiftDNSSalem Track
6Cody JurgensDNSJefferson
11-12Ian ClawsonDNSSalem Track

Discus - 1kg  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Benjamin Hayes117-04.00Amity Track
2.13-14Noah Culbertson110-00.00Sherwood Track
3.Anthony Harriss92-09.00Unattached
4.8O'Ryan Hutley83-01.00Jefferson
5.7Tristan Calkins74-04.00Jefferson
6.13-14Jacob Agresta72-11.00Team Oregon USA
7.13-14Brett Hieter72-00.00Track City Track
8.13-14Grant Powell64-10.00 PRSalem Track
9.13-14Jake Ness59-04.00Tigard Youth Track
10.13-14Asher Pelaez52-01.00 PRTigard Youth Track
11.13-14Nathan Loftin51-11.00Speed N Action Track...
12.13-14Rhys Greensted48-06.00Inner City Steppers
13.Mykel Boyd48-03.00Unattached
14.13-14Isaiah Underwood47-08.00 PRSalem Track
15.13-14Justin Bernard Belizaire40-00.00Inner City Steppers
7Rene FloresDNSJefferson
13-14Brayden ZolkoskeDNSTigard Youth Track
15-16Hunter GilbertDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Cornelius MorganDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Ethan KleinDNSTigard Youth Track

Discus - 1.5kg  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Jaydan Gray97-05.00 PRThurston Field and T...
2.15-16Travis Dickson78-03.00 PRTeam Oregon USA
3.15-16Hunter Gilbert65-09.00 PRTigard Youth Track
4.15-16Duncan Taft55-10.00 PRTrinity Track
15-16Kanaan HerronDNSAlbina Roadrunners

Discus - 1.5kg  1998-99 - Finals

1.17-18Geoffrey Bishop112-00.00 PRMcMinnville Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Josiah Peters72-10.00Valley Velocity Track
2.7-8Jamin Peters51-03.00 PRValley Velocity Track
3.7-8Ian Weisenfluh46-11.00Sherwood Track
4.7-8Nolan Swaim45-09.00Tigard Youth Track
5.7-8Ashenafi Kolb43-11.00Salem Track
6.7-8Hunter Hurl43-02.00McMinnville Track
7.7-8Brooklyn White40-04.00Tigard Youth Track
8.7-8Thomas Flaker37-02.00Tigard Youth Track
9.7-8Spencer Rasmussen32-09.00 PRSherwood Track
10.7-8Dane Bakke32-06.00Tigard Youth Track
11.7-8Ewan Gillespie30-08.00Beaverton Youth Track
12.7-8Emmanuel Frantz30-07.00Inner City Steppers
13.7-8Michael Neumayer29-05.00Sherwood Track
14.7-8Caden Burdick27-10.00Trinity Track
15.7-8Boden Flaker27-08.00Tigard Youth Track
16.7-8Hunter Hendriksen24-00.00Tigard Youth Track
17.19+Larry Warren Sr21-02.00 PRInner City Steppers
18.6USam Trerise19-05.00Sherwood Track
19.6UReece Law17-11.00Mustang Track
20.6UIsaac Honl14-00.00Inner City Steppers
21.7-8Cris Foreman11-05.00Sherwood Track
6UDaniel HayesDNSInner City Steppers
7-8Wesley KernsDNSTigard Youth Track
7-8Cruz CervantesDNSEmerald Valley Track
7-8Joseph HerreraDNSSalem Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Nolen Scott100-04.00 PRSherwood Track
2.9-10Kenen Elder81-02.00Trinity Track
3.9-10Gabe Trerise78-10.00Sherwood Track
4.9-10Sheppard Kilkenny76-11.00Sherwood Track
5.9-10Dominic Williams71-10.00Team Blackout Elite ...
6.9-10Zhaiel Smith68-07.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
7.9-10Seth Reese66-06.00 PRSherwood Track
8.9-10Robert Johnston64-00.00Valley Velocity Track
9.9-10Isaiah Johnson60-01.00Team Blackout Elite ...
10.9-10Joseph West Jr56-10.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
11.9-10Austin Johnson55-00.00Mustang Track
12.9-10Sam Howard50-08.00Valley Velocity Track
13.9-10Chase Smith45-03.00 PRTigard Youth Track
13.9-10Calvin Cowing45-03.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
15.9-10Ethan McHill36-08.00 PRSherwood Track
15.9-10Conrad Hurdle36-08.00Albina Roadrunners
17.9-10Kylan Gray36-03.00Thurston Field and T...
18.9-10Jacoby Briles35-09.00Tigard Youth Track
19.9-10Samuel Wardwell34-10.00 PRMustang Track
20.9-10Kaixue Land33-07.00Track City Track
21.9-10Emerson Harrell32-10.00 PRSherwood Track
22.9-10Quinn Hancock31-10.00Sherwood Track
23.9-10Carter Golda31-09.00Sherwood Track
24.9-10Clarence Sellers31-08.00 PRMustang Track
25.9-10Xavier McDonald30-06.00 PRMustang Track
26.9-10Josh Krisky28-02.00Beaverton Youth Track
27.9-10Kai Greensted27-05.00Inner City Steppers
28.9-10Mekhi Gardner26-10.00Albina Roadrunners
29.9-10Royce Johnson25-10.00Tigard Youth Track
30.9-10Montana Mayo21-08.00Team Blackout Elite ...
31.9-10Timothy Wiltbank20-05.00 PRTigard Youth Track
9-10Madden TanuvasaDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10JaeShaun BrandonDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Hunter SmithDNSTualatin Youth Track
9-10Benjamin HaywoodDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Jack LinderDNSMcMinnville Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Austin Milton103-03.00Sherwood Track
2.11-12Zachary Kwong93-02.00Trinity Track
3.11-12Kaleb Euchi78-02.00Beaverton Youth Track
4.11-12Derek Smith69-04.00Trinity Track
5.11-12Paulo Rodriguez67-08.00Tigard Youth Track
6.11-12Christian Woodhouse66-06.00Tigard Youth Track
7.11-12Derek Sossie63-02.00Valley Velocity Track
8.11-12Marcus Cowing60-11.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
9.11-12Josh Belizaire56-04.00Inner City Steppers
10.11-12Alex Luster53-04.00Trinity Track
11.11-12Jonathan Huckans48-09.00 PRInner City Steppers
12.11-12Aiden Schneider46-07.00Mustang Track
13.11-12Alex Payne36-09.00Tigard Youth Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  1998-99 - Finals

1.Luke Lenahan124-05.00Unattached

Javelin - 600g  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Asher Krauel127-11.00Sherwood Track
2.13-14Benjamin Hayes120-05.00Amity Track
3.8O'Ryan Hutley105-05.00 PRJefferson
4.13-14Spencer Kuffel94-00.00 PRTigard Youth Track
5.13-14Lincoln Woodhouse89-05.00Tigard Youth Track
6.13-14Brett Hieter89-01.00Track City Track
7.13-14Justin Bernard Belizaire83-07.00 PRInner City Steppers
8.13-14Charles Verkamp76-06.00Sherwood Track
9.13-14Rhys Greensted73-05.00 PRInner City Steppers
10.13-14Connor Henderson66-03.00Tigard Youth Track
11.13-14Isaiah Underwood55-00.00 PRSalem Track
13-14Hugh ShannoDNSAlbina Roadrunners
7Tristan CalkinsDNSJefferson
13-14Cade SmithDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Brayden ZolkoskeDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Hayden BoydDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Cornelius MorganDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Caleb WachsmuthDNSTigard Youth Track

Javelin - 800g  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Peyton Kuffel129-09.00Tigard Youth Track
2.15-16Jaydan Gray123-09.00Thurston Field and T...
3.15-16Jake Mager103-02.00SuperThrowerTrackClub
4.15-16Travis Dickson91-03.00Team Oregon USA
5.15-16Enrique Noyes83-10.00Tigard Youth Track
15-16Kanaan HerronDNSAlbina Roadrunners
15-16Duncan TaftDNSTrinity Track

High Jump  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Hudson Boyd3-08.00Tigard Youth Track
1.9-10Porter Sullivan3-08.00Tigard Youth Track
3.9-10Simon Willis3-04.00Speed N Action Track...
9-10Cooper LinesNHTigard Youth Track
9-10Calvin CowingNHAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Theodore Marshall-HillikerNHTualatin Youth Track
9-10Seth ReeseNHSherwood Track
9-10Blane ComoNHTigard Youth Track
9-10Colt NessNHTigard Youth Track

High Jump  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Koby Kessler4-06.00Tigard Youth Track
1.11-12Miles Ward4-06.00Tigard Youth Track
3.11-12Andrew Friess4-02.00Inner City Steppers
3.11-12Joshua Peters4-02.00Valley Velocity Track
5.11-12Samuel Horne4-00.00McMinnville Track
5.11-12Spencer Horne4-00.00McMinnville Track
5.11-12Coleton Urquhart4-00.00Salem Track
8.11-12Ethan Newton3-10.00Salem Track
8.11-12Zachary Klein3-10.00Tigard Youth Track
8.11-12Aiden Carter3-10.00Tigard Youth Track
8.11-12Elijah Jackman3-10.00Tigard Youth Track
12.11-12Kyler Casey3-08.00Tigard Youth Track
12.11-12Marcus Ludes3-08.00Tigard Youth Track
12.11-12Isaiah Graves3-08.00 PRTeam Blackout Elite ...
15.11-12Austin Milton3-06.00Sherwood Track
15.11-12Quinn Thompson3-06.00Tualatin Youth Track
11-12Luke JohnsonNHMcMinnville Track
11-12Peyton PetersDNSMustang Track
11-12Griffin BaxleyNHEmerald Valley Track
11-12Chase BradshawNHTigard Youth Track
11-12Caleb GerhardNHTigard Youth Track
6Isaiah BolingDNSJefferson
11-12Sam FrantzNHInner City Steppers
11-12Zachary HancockNHSherwood Track
11-12PK BeanNHValley Velocity Track
11-12Ethan StrongNHTigard Youth Track
11-12Brody MateerNHBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Cade WallerNHTigard Youth Track

High Jump  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Spencer Kuffel5-06.00Tigard Youth Track
2.13-14Arthur Katahdin5-00.00Mustang Track
2.13-14Koll Kindle5-00.00Tigard Youth Track
4.13-14Asher Pelaez4-08.00 PRTigard Youth Track
4.13-14Jake Wihtol4-08.00 PRTigard Youth Track
6.13-14Bryce Luster4-04.00Trinity Track
6.Jaden Flicker4-04.00Unattached
8.Nick Moreland4-02.00Unattached

High Jump  2000-01 - Finals

1.15-16Luke Ness5-06.00 PRTigard Youth Track
2.15-16Duncan Taft5-04.00Trinity Track
3.15-16Elias Lewis4-06.00Speed N Action Track...
15-16Trevor SmithDNSAmity Track
15-16Mikal-Larue HamiltonNHAlbina Roadrunners

Pole Vault  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Arthur Katahdin11-00.00Mustang Track
2.15-16Hunter Gilbert10-06.00Tigard Youth Track
3.13-14Aiden Vanderville10-00.00 PRRaising The Bar Vault
4.13-14Koll Kindle6-00.00Tigard Youth Track
5.13-14Hayden Boyd5-00.00Tigard Youth Track
6.13-14Jake Wihtol4-06.00 PRTigard Youth Track
13-14Spencer KuffelDNSTigard Youth Track

Pole Vault  2000-01 - Finals

1.17-18Aksel Thorsfeldt13-02.00 PRTigard Youth Track

Long Jump  2008+ - Finals

1.7-8Quincy Tacker11-06.00Tigard Youth Track
2.7-8Ian Weisenfluh9-07.00Sherwood Track
3.7-8Ian Morelock9-05.00Emerald Valley Track
4.7-8Josiah Peters9-04.00Valley Velocity Track
5.7-8Nolan Swaim8-09.00Tigard Youth Track
6.7-8Dane Bakke8-06.00Tigard Youth Track
6.7-8Hunter Hurl8-06.00McMinnville Track
8.7-8Quentin Phillips7-11.00 PRTrinity Track
9.7-8Kenyon Thompson7-10.00 PRTualatin Youth Track
10.7-8Phillipe Gerlach7-09.00Rose City Striders
10.7-8Brooklyn White7-09.00Tigard Youth Track
10.7-8Joseph Herrera7-09.00Salem Track
13.7-8Kellen Blakely7-08.00Tigard Youth Track
14.7-8Jace Glasper7-07.00Rose City Striders
14.7-8Jamin Peters7-07.00Valley Velocity Track
16.7-8Major Williams7-04.00Tigard Youth Track
17.7-8Thomas Flaker7-03.00Tigard Youth Track
17.7-8Ashenafi Kolb7-03.00Salem Track
19.7-8Hunter Hendriksen7-01.00Tigard Youth Track
20.7-8Boden Flaker6-08.00Tigard Youth Track
21.7-8Nicholas Orr6-01.00Tualatin Youth Track
22.6UReece Law5-08.00Mustang Track
22.7-8Ewan Gillespie5-08.00Beaverton Youth Track
24.7-8Cris Foreman5-05.00Sherwood Track
24.7-8Elliot Gonzalez5-05.00 SRSalem Track
26.7-8Spencer Rasmussen4-11.00 SRSherwood Track
27.6USam Trerise4-10.00Sherwood Track
28.7-8Michael Neumayer4-08.00Sherwood Track
29.7-8Cruz Cervantes3-09.00Emerald Valley Track
7-8Preston RaleighDNSSherwood Track

Long Jump  2006-07 - Finals

1.9-10Zyon Floyd12-02.00Tigard Youth Track
2.9-10Porter Sullivan11-09.00Tigard Youth Track
3.9-10Zhaiel Smith11-04.00 PRAlbina Roadrunners
4.9-10Hudson Boyd10-11.00Tigard Youth Track
5.9-10Simon Willis10-10.00Speed N Action Track...
5.9-10Julian Keeton10-10.00Beaverton Youth Track
7.9-10Owen Gurney10-08.00Valley Velocity Track
8.9-10Nolen Scott10-07.00Sherwood Track
9.9-10Darian Triplett10-06.00Tigard Youth Track
9.9-10Joseph West Jr10-06.00Albina Roadrunners
11.9-10Vincent Sadighi10-05.00Tigard Youth Track
12.9-10Theodore Marshall-Hilliker10-04.00 PRTualatin Youth Track
13.9-10Robert Johnston9-10.00 PRValley Velocity Track
14.9-10Samuel Hudspeth9-08.00 PRSalem Track
14.9-10Kysen Lambert9-08.00Inner City Steppers
16.9-10Colt Ness9-07.00Tigard Youth Track
16.9-10Reece Glasper9-07.00Rose City Striders
18.9-10Seth Reese9-05.00Sherwood Track
18.9-10Emerson Harrell9-05.00 PRSherwood Track
18.9-10Sawyer Schaap9-05.00 SRSalem Track
18.9-10Cooper Lines9-05.00Tigard Youth Track
22.9-10Sheppard Kilkenny9-00.00Sherwood Track
22.9-10Rowan Jamieson9-00.00 PRSalem Track
24.9-10Blane Como8-07.00Tigard Youth Track
25.9-10Anthony Washington Jr8-06.00Tigard Youth Track
26.9-10Emmanuel Dempsey8-05.00 PRInner City Steppers
27.9-10Jacoby Briles8-04.00Tigard Youth Track
27.9-10Chase Smith8-04.00Tigard Youth Track
29.9-10Ethan McHill8-03.00Sherwood Track
30.9-10Samuel Wardwell8-02.00 PRMustang Track
31.9-10Jack Bishop8-01.00Tigard Youth Track
32.9-10Kai Greensted7-11.00Inner City Steppers
33.9-10Calvin Cowing7-10.00Albina Roadrunners
34.9-10Gabe Trerise7-09.00Sherwood Track
35.9-10Kaixue Land7-00.00 PRTrack City Track
35.9-10Hudson Voss7-00.00Sherwood Track
37.11-12Tucker Boone6-07.00Emerald Valley Track
37.9-10Royce Johnson6-07.00Tigard Youth Track
39.9-10Clarence Sellers4-05.00 PRMustang Track
40.9-10Timothy Wiltbank4-02.00Tigard Youth Track
9-10Madden TanuvasaDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10JaeShaun BrandonDNSTigard Youth Track
9-10Xavier McDonaldDNSMustang Track
9-10Ray HayesDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Marques SpencerDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Mekhi GardnerDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Mikey DavisDNSAlbina Roadrunners
9-10Jackson ReederDNSEmerald Valley Track
9-10Benjamin HaywoodDNSAlbina Roadrunners

Long Jump  2004-05 - Finals

1.11-12Matthew Verkamp14-04.25Sherwood Track
2.6Caleb Rodriguez14-03.50Jefferson
3.11-12Joshua Peters14-02.25Valley Velocity Track
4.11-12Aiden Carter13-11.75Tigard Youth Track
5.11-12Nasir Tucker13-08.25Inner City Steppers
6.11-12Spencer Horne13-07.50 PRMcMinnville Track
7.11-12Desmond Jenkins13-04.50Tigard Youth Track
8.11-12Marcus Cowing12-04.75 SRAlbina Roadrunners
9.11-12Kobe Mendez12-03.50Tigard Youth Track
10.11-12Coleton Urquhart12-03.00Salem Track
11.11-12Joshua Trerise11-11.50 PRSherwood Track
12.11-12Cade Waller11-11.00 PRTigard Youth Track
13.11-12Kyler Casey11-09.25 PRTigard Youth Track
14.11-12Zachary Klein11-08.25Tigard Youth Track
15.11-12Carson Maas11-06.25Trinity Track
16.11-12Christian Woodhouse11-00.50Tigard Youth Track
17.11-12Aaron Lakeman10-05.00Tualatin Youth Track
18.11-12Gerh Botvinnik10-04.75 PREmerald Valley Track
19.11-12Cohen Velazquez10-04.50 PRTualatin Youth Track
20.11-12Derek Smith10-03.75Trinity Track
21.6Tanner Nash10-03.50Jefferson
22.11-12Caleb Gerhard10-00.75 SRTigard Youth Track
23.11-12Ayden Francis10-00.25Emerald Valley Track
24.11-12Paulo Rodriguez10-00.00Tigard Youth Track
25.11-12Ethan Strong9-09.50Tigard Youth Track
25.11-12Zakary Meyer9-09.50Sherwood Track
27.11-12Aiden Lopez9-09.00Tigard Youth Track
28.11-12Marcus Ludes9-08.75Tigard Youth Track
29.11-12Alex Payne9-06.00Tigard Youth Track
30.11-12Joseph Wiessman9-05.00Mustang Track
31.11-12Anthony Dickson9-04.50 SRTeam Oregon USA
31.11-12Adam Reeder9-04.50Emerald Valley Track
33.11-12Quinn Thompson9-02.50Tualatin Youth Track
34.11-12Aden Nice9-01.50Emerald Valley Track
35.11-12Kaimbrian Batiste-Wyatt8-10.50 PRAlbina Roadrunners
36.11-12Lucas Ramage8-09.50 PRMustang Track
37.11-12Griffin Baxley8-06.75 PREmerald Valley Track
38.11-12Andrew Ard8-02.00 PRSherwood Track
39.11-12Cohen Foglio8-00.75 PRTeam Oregon USA
40.11-12Conner Doyle8-00.25 SREmerald Valley Track
41.11-12Tevian Batiste-Wyatt7-00.00Albina Roadrunners
11-12Brody MateerDNSBeaverton Youth Track
11-12Miles WardDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Logan BachmanDNSTualatin Youth Track
11-12Koby KesslerDNSTigard Youth Track
11-12Michael McKinleyDNSSherwood Track
11-12Ian McGeheeDNSBeaverton Youth Track
6Isaiah BolingDNSJefferson
6Andew HollingsworthDNSJefferson
11-12Marcus JohnsonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Noah MarmorDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Joseph McIntoshDNSAlbina Roadrunners
11-12Sione LeibnerDNSInner City Steppers
11-12Sean HosieDNSMustang Track

Long Jump  2002-03 - Finals

1.Adam Ferguson17-03.7537-Unattached
2.13-14Matthew Otness16-05.75Tigard Youth Track
3.8Diego Rodriguez16-01.25Jefferson
4.13-14Hayden Boyd15-08.25Tigard Youth Track
5.13-14Ismael Ventura-Arellano15-00.00 PRSalem Track
6.13-14Grant Powell13-10.00 PRSalem Track
7.13-14Koll Kindle13-09.25Tigard Youth Track
8.13-14Jake Wihtol13-06.50 PRTigard Youth Track
9.13-14Bryce Luster13-05.00 SRTrinity Track
10.Nick Moreland11-08.50Unattached
13-14Charles VerkampDNSSherwood Track
13-14Asher KrauelDNSSherwood Track
13-14Kaden FullerDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Connor HendersonDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Alexander HarerDNSValley Velocity Track
13-14Trevin MitchellDNSBeaverton Youth Track
13-14Cade SmithDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Denzel PintoDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Xavier TackerDNSTigard Youth Track
13-14Hugh ShannoDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Ethan ThompsonDNSAlbina Roadrunners
13-14Leonard IrvingDNSInner City Steppers
8Xandor KoslowDNSJefferson

Long Jump  2000-01 - Finals

1.Asa Farrell18-08.2537-Unattached
2.15-16Ahmed Hersi16-09.50Dynasty Elite Athlet...
3.15-16Chase Rogers16-06.00Salem Track
4.15-16Duncan Taft16-04.75Trinity Track
5.13-14Charles Verkamp15-09.75Sherwood Track
6.13-14Kaden Fuller14-01.50Tigard Youth Track
7.13-14Asher Krauel13-10.00Sherwood Track
8.15-16Mikal-Larue Hamilton13-01.75Albina Roadrunners
15-16Trevor SmithDNSAmity Track

Triple Jump  2002-03 - Finals

1.13-14Spencer Kuffel35-02.00Tigard Youth Track
2.13-14Benjamin Hayes33-06.00 PRAmity Track
3.13-14Hayden Boyd32-05.00 PRTigard Youth Track

Meet Schedule