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VarsityJunior Varsity
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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zach Dicken11.02a PR (1.0)Coppell
2.12Ian Braxton11.04a (4.0)Lewisville Marcus
3.11Logien Franklin11.08a (3.0)Denton Guyer
4.11Kyle Smith11.12a (3.0)Lewisville
5.10De'undre Taylor11.28a (2.0)Lewisville The Colony
6.10Zach Richards11.29a PR (1.0)Lewisville Hebron
7.11Evan Powell11.35a SR (3.0)Lewisville Hebron
8.11Nick Boda11.41a (2.0)Lewisville Marcus
9.10Antonio Reed11.48a PR (2.0)Arlington
10.11Myron Mason11.59a (3.0)Denton Guyer
11.11Uzowihe Ifeanyichukwu11.65a (2.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
12.10Darien Ruffin11.75a (3.0)Arlington
13.12Mark Scott11.81a (4.0)Lewisville Hebron
14.12Joseph Do11.82a PR (4.0)Lewisville
14.12Bailey Somero11.82a (1.0)Lewisville Marcus
16.12Lenneth Conkelton11.87a PR (4.0)Coppell
17.12Kyandus Hall12.05a (2.0)Irving
18.11Nick Howard12.09a PR (3.0)Irving
19.11Timmie Heard12.16a (1.0)Coppell
20.11Kendrick Johnson12.24a (4.0)Lewisville The Colony
21.10D'montae Davis12.26a (1.0)Arlington
22.-Addison Nillpraphan12.41a SR (4.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
23.10James Mcafee12.65a PR (3.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
24.11Marques Jones13.12a SR (2.0)Denton Guyer
25.11Romeo Radford13.29a (1.0)Irving

100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Kwame Mickels11.35a (4.0)Lewisville
2.9Coby Kelley11.52a (2.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
3.11Andres Aguirre11.69a (4.0)Lewisville The Colony
4.11Aaron Kovacevich11.72a PR (2.0)Lewisville Marcus
5.9Noah Cain11.73a (1.0)Denton Guyer
6.12Blessing Gwen11.79a (3.0)Arlington
7.10Jacob Shumard11.82a (4.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
8.10Mason Reeves11.86a (3.0)Lewisville Hebron
9.10Christian Tucker11.89a (3.0)Lewisville Hebron
9.10Collin Lundgren11.89a PR (2.0)Lewisville Hebron
11.10Devin Jefferson11.93a PR (3.0)Denton Guyer
12.11Kenneth Momah11.96a (1.0)Lewisville
13.10Nathan Arispe12.03a (1.0)Coppell
14.10Javontae Thomas12.15a (2.0)Lewisville The Colony
15.11Caleb Bridges12.19a PR (2.0)Denton Guyer
15.12Jacob McCoy12.19a (3.0)Lewisville Marcus
17.9Jonathan McGill12.25a (2.0)Coppell
18.9Connor Brown12.32a PR (4.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
19.11Cahlyl Rossin12.35a (2.0)Coppell
20.11David Winfrey12.36a (1.0)Lewisville
21.9Ja'Darius Proby12.43a (3.0)Irving
22.11Kendrick Kirklin12.59a (4.0)Irving
23.9Marvin Hunley12.66a (4.0)Arlington
24.10Michael Marinello12.86a (1.0)Lewisville Marcus
25.9Xavier Radford12.92a (4.0)Irving
26.12Silvestre Rojas14.00a (3.0)Arlington

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ian Braxton21.75a (4.0)Lewisville Marcus
2.12Jalen Brown22.15a (1.0)Lewisville The Colony
3.11Zach Dicken22.29a (3.0)Coppell
4.11Jadon Johnson22.32a (4.0)Lewisville
5.11Brock Thompson22.66a (3.0)Denton Guyer
6.10Antonio Delacruz22.72a (1.0)Lewisville The Colony
7.11Nick Boda23.23a (2.0)Lewisville Marcus
8.12Alan Braxton23.33a SR (3.0)Arlington
9.11Derian Vaughn23.39a (3.0)Lewisville Hebron
10.9Justin Dinka23.55a (2.0)Coppell
11.11Christian Moore23.78a (4.0)Denton Guyer
12.12Hogan Pearson24.03a (2.0)Lewisville Hebron
13.11William Radke24.13a (3.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
14.12Joseph Do24.38a (4.0)Lewisville
15.11Romeo Radford24.63a PR (2.0)Irving
16.12Lenneth Conkelton24.65a (1.0)Coppell
17.11Nick Howard24.79a PR (1.0)Irving
18.11Levante Briggs25.53a PR (3.0)Irving
19.11Kendrick Johnson25.65a (4.0)Lewisville The Colony
20.11Marques Jones26.30a SR (2.0)Denton Guyer

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Ryan Dale23.46a (1.0)Lewisville The Colony
2.10Ian Castillo23.51a (2.0)Lewisville Hebron
3.10Jett Sutherland23.72a (4.0)Lewisville Marcus
4.9Jonathan McGill23.99a PR (4.0)Coppell
5.9Joseph Fletcher24.06a (1.0)Denton Guyer
6.11Weston Salmon24.18a (4.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
7.9Scott Devitt24.22a PR (3.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
8.10Mason Reeves24.32a (3.0)Lewisville Hebron
9.10Collin Lundgren24.34a PR (2.0)Lewisville Hebron
10.9Jabryon McCoy24.37a (1.0)Arlington
11.10Samuel Climer24.48a PR (2.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
12.10Nicholas Taylor24.54a PR (2.0)Denton Guyer
13.11Jalen Maston24.88a (2.0)Arlington
14.11Phillip Worrall24.97a (1.0)Lewisville The Colony
15.11Devontae Miller25.09a PR (4.0)Lewisville
16.10Javontae Thomas25.12a (3.0)Lewisville The Colony
17.12Marqiest Sloan25.23a (1.0)Arlington
18.9Trae-Vahn Harlin25.24a PR (2.0)Lewisville
19.9Christian Washington25.79a (4.0)Lewisville
20.11Kendrick Kirklin26.17a PR (1.0)Irving
21.10Kolbe Branch26.22a PR (4.0)Coppell
22.9Adrien Garcia26.42a PR (3.0)Lewisville Marcus
23.10Kevin Kirklin26.45a PR (3.0)Irving
24.10John Kulus26.62a SR (4.0)Lewisville Marcus
25.9Xavier Radford27.02a (3.0)Irving

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zach Dicken49.15aCoppell
2.12Jalen Brown49.98a PRLewisville The Colony
2.12Austin Warren49.98aLewisville
4.12Freddie Jackson51.10a SRLewisville Flower Mo...
5.11Lorenzo Daniel52.25aLewisville Marcus
6.11Myles Wheeler52.52aLewisville Marcus
7.11Kevin Metzler53.33aDenton Guyer
8.9Kyree Dailey53.34aArlington
9.12Ricardo Granados53.55aLewisville Hebron
10.11Marshall Mathieu53.82aLewisville Flower Mo...
11.11Jarret Nies54.40aArlington
12.10Antonio Delacruz54.66a PRLewisville The Colony
13.12Luke Conlon54.75aCoppell
14.11Jefferson Knight55.69a SRDenton Guyer
15.11Bailey Williams56.40a PRIrving
16.12Zach Holmes56.72aCoppell
17.10Carlos Avery57.39aIrving
18.12Trey Brown57.59aLewisville Flower Mo...

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Harold Murphy53.85aLewisville Marcus
2.11Issac Peterson53.92aLewisville Marcus
3.10Asa Harris54.18a SRDenton Guyer
4.9Anthony Council55.10a PRLewisville Hebron
5.10Samuel Climer55.11a PRLewisville Flower Mo...
6.11Nathan Gantchev55.55aCoppell
7.9Jovan Jackson55.89aLewisville The Colony
8.10Rodney Lawton56.08aIrving
9.11Dillard Pace56.22a SRLewisville Flower Mo...
10.10Austin Spinks56.54a PRDenton Guyer
11.10Dynarrious Jordan56.61aLewisville
12.9Brian Klimek57.29aLewisville Marcus
13.11Nevin Odum57.41a PRCoppell
14.11Carrien Echols57.86aLewisville
15.-Dylan Moseley57.88a PRLewisville Flower Mo...
16.10Brandon Guss59.16aLewisville Hebron
17.9Lance Anderson59.85aLewisville The Colony
18.10Laprince Allen59.93a PRDenton Guyer
19.11Daquarius Franklin-Fisher1:00.56aArlington
20.11Oziel Moreno1:02.04aIrving
21.10Brandon Tippett1:03.89a PRArlington
9Josh SmithNTLewisville Hebron

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Drew Cummings1:55.33a PRLewisville Hebron
2.12Freddie Jackson1:56.72aLewisville Flower Mo...
3.11Alan Huo2:00.08aCoppell
4.11Davis Grunwald2:00.88aLewisville Marcus
5.11Kevin Metzler2:01.67aDenton Guyer
6.11Zach Vineyard2:02.24a SRLewisville Marcus
7.11Benjamin Harris2:03.39aLewisville
8.11Cristian Pineda2:03.51aIrving
9.11Thomas Krzysiak2:03.79aArlington
10.10Jacob Turmon2:04.79aCoppell
11.12Trey Brown2:05.07a PRLewisville Flower Mo...
12.11Dylan Galvan2:05.24aArlington

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Romanow2:05.01a SRLewisville Flower Mo...
2.9Harold Murphy2:08.01a SRLewisville Marcus
3.11Tyler Briscoe2:08.83aCoppell
4.9Dylan Lowe2:11.20aLewisville Hebron
5.-Dylan Moseley2:12.79aLewisville Flower Mo...
6.9Andrew Mares-Camarena2:13.96a SRCoppell
7.9Juan Martinez2:15.09aLewisville
8.11Lucas Petty2:15.68a SRLewisville Hebron
9.12Luke Hoggard2:18.32aLewisville Hebron
10.10Grant Holly2:19.32aArlington
11.9Ethan Gallegos2:19.93aLewisville The Colony
12.9Brian Klimek2:20.31a SRLewisville Marcus

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Drew Cummings4:23.20a SRLewisville Hebron
2.11Alan Huo4:31.01a SRCoppell
3.12Cole Klashinsky4:34.11aLewisville Marcus
4.10Payton Ash4:34.13a SRLewisville Flower Mo...
5.12Alec Blair4:34.21aLewisville Marcus
6.11Michael Romero4:34.82a SRLewisville Flower Mo...

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Caleb Hughes4:44.86aLewisville Flower Mo...
2.9Alonzo Hernandez4:48.46a PRLewisville
3.10Sam Babbidge4:49.79a SRLewisville Marcus
4.10Carter Moates4:50.37aLewisville Flower Mo...
5.11Tyler Briscoe4:50.81a PRCoppell
6.9Andrew Mares-Camarena4:52.05aCoppell

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Payton Ash9:52.01a SRLewisville Flower Mo...
2.11Nathan Sims9:53.07aCoppell
3.12Cole Klashinsky9:54.09aLewisville Marcus
4.9Alex Maier9:54.19aLewisville Flower Mo...
5.11Conner Miller9:56.19aLewisville Hebron
6.11Michael Romero9:58.30aLewisville Flower Mo...
7.10Adam Dayani10:04.48aLewisville Hebron

3200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Romanow10:19.16aLewisville Flower Mo...
2.11Caleb Hughes10:41.09aLewisville Flower Mo...
3.10Carter Moates10:43.38aLewisville Flower Mo...
4.9Grant Evans10:47.12aCoppell
5.10Sam Babbidge10:50.11aLewisville Marcus
6.9Tyler Hopkin11:05.42aLewisville
7.9Myles Richter11:06.56aLewisville Hebron

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kyle Covington14.83a (2.0)Lewisville The Colony
2.12Kent Wohlgemuth15.42a (3.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
3.11Javan Reece15.44a (3.0)Denton Guyer
4.11Harrison Dodson15.83a (1.0)Lewisville Marcus
5.11Addison Roberts16.13a (1.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
6.12DeLeion Voss16.22a PR (3.0)Lewisville

110m Hurdles - 39"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Matthew Johndrow16.60a (3.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
2.10Richard Finn16.68a PR (2.0)Lewisville Flower Mo...
3.9Alec Sibley16.74a (2.0)Lewisville Hebron
4.10Jatyn Taylor16.81a (1.0)Lewisville Hebron
5.9Peirson Greenlee17.23a (3.0)Coppell
6.11Cayden Govinchuck17.27a SR (3.0)Lewisville The Colony

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Addison Roberts40.45aLewisville Flower Mo...
2.11Harrison Dodson40.59aLewisville Marcus
3.12Kyle Covington41.30aLewisville The Colony
4.12Tyler Miller41.84aLewisville Marcus
5.10Philip Frank43.09aCoppell
6.11Khavory Lee43.17aLewisville Marcus
7.11Benjamin Harris43.24aLewisville
8.12Kent Wohlgemuth43.70a PRLewisville Flower Mo...
9.10Clayton Tune43.73aLewisville Hebron
10.10James Mcafee44.02aLewisville Flower Mo...
11.10Gozie Okafor44.65a PRLewisville Hebron
12.12Daniel Rosado44.69aLewisville
13.12Alan Slette45.65aCoppell
14.10Joshua Bowen45.77aArlington
15.12Andrew Reed46.11aArlington
16.10Corey Perryman46.20aLewisville Hebron

300m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Matthew Johndrow43.12aLewisville Flower Mo...
2.9Peirson Greenlee44.04aCoppell
3.10Jatyn Taylor44.50aLewisville Hebron
4.10Richard Finn44.76aLewisville Flower Mo...
5.10Aaron Dixon44.91aLewisville The Colony
5.9Alec Sibley44.91aLewisville Hebron
7.9Christian Herrera44.93a SRArlington
8.11Michael Hidalgo45.08a PRLewisville Hebron
9.11Cayden Govinchuck45.83a SRLewisville The Colony
10.9Quincy Smith45.89a PRLewisville
11.10Erik Hattendorf46.02aLewisville Flower Mo...
12.9Mason Fowler46.93aLewisville Marcus
13.10Michael Quirk47.28aCoppell
14.10Daniel Bautista50.00aIrving
15.12Grady Holly50.08aArlington
16.-Zachariah Metzger50.95a PRLewisville Marcus
17.12Nakeleon Mosley52.46aIrving
18.-Brady Vaughan55.73a SRLewisville Marcus

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Kyle Covington
Jalen Brown
Antonio Delacruz
De'undre Taylor
42.31aLewisville The Colony
2.Myron Mason
Brock Thompson
Christian Moore
Logien Franklin
42.81aDenton Guyer
3.Evan Powell
Derian Vaughn
Hogan Pearson
Nicolas Kelley
43.07aLewisville Hebron
4.Tayvion Harlin
Jadon Johnson
Kyle Smith
Austin Warren
5.Alan Braxton
Antonio Reed
Darien Ruffin
Kenland McCray
6.Gabriel Lemons
Justin Dinka
Matthew Dorrity
Timmie Heard
7.Myles Wheeler
Lorenzo Daniel
Nick Boda
Khavory Lee
44.49aLewisville Marcus
8.William Radke
Kent Wohlgemuth
Uzowihe Ifeanyichukwu
Max Wadding
46.14aLewisville Flower Mo...
9.Levante Briggs
Bryan Allen
Angel Ontiveros
Kyandus Hall

4x100 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.Weston Salmon
Adam Ordorsio
Scott Devitt
Coby Kelley
45.40aLewisville Flower Mo...
2.Andres Aguirre
Ryan Dale
Aaron Norng
Jemel Jones Jr.
45.41aLewisville The Colony
3.Collin Lundgren
Andrew Merutka
Greg Harris
Brett Branan
45.63aLewisville Hebron
4.Noah Cain
Joseph Fletcher
Devin Jefferson
Caleb Bridges
45.64aDenton Guyer
5.Aaron Trahan
Dwayne Tate
Mankare Fleming-
Kyron White
6.Marcus Rangel
James Miles
Keyshawn Young
Javante Griffin
7.Blake Anderson
Skyler Seidman
Maxwell Anderson
Christian Leffingwell

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Myron Mason
Christian Moore
Brock Thompson
Logien Franklin
1:24.84aDenton Guyer
2.Evan Powell
Derian Vaughn
Hogan Pearson
Nicolas Kelley
1:31.31aLewisville Hebron
3.Quantrell Dean
Kenry Newton
Daniel Rosado
Kyle Smith
4.Alan Braxton
Antonio Reed
Darien Ruffin
Kenland McCray
5.Davis Grunwald
Nick Manuel
Bailey Somero
Sean Tietje
1:34.57aLewisville Marcus
6.Cristian Pineda
Bryan Allen
Angel Ontiveros
Kyandus Hall
7.Spencer Light
William Radke
Uzowihe Ifeanyichukwu
Max Wadding
1:37.14aLewisville Flower Mo...

4x200 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.Andres Aguirre
Ryan Dale
Aaron Norng
Jemel Jones Jr.
1:34.11aLewisville The Colony
2.Ian Castillo
Andrew Merutka
Greg Harris
Brett Branan
1:34.18aLewisville Hebron
3.Weston Salmon
Adam Ordorsio
Scott Devitt
Coby Kelley
1:34.29aLewisville Flower Mo...
4.Jacob McCoy
Aaron Kovacevich
Bradley Love
Michael Marinello
1:34.64aLewisville Marcus
5.Kwame Mickels
Cedrick Dockery
Dwight Walker
Emanuel Adebayo
6.Aaron Trahan
Dwayne Tate
Mankare Fleming-
Kyron White
7.Nicholas Taylor
Joseph Fletcher
Devin Jefferson
Caleb Bridges
1:37.36aDenton Guyer
8.Jaden Walker
Blake Anderson
Jayron Busby
Maxwell Anderson
9.Marcus Rangel
James Miles
Ja'Darius Proby
Javante Griffin

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Quantrell Dean
Kenry Newton
Jadon Johnson
Austin Warren
2.Ian Braxton
Myles Wheeler
Lorenzo Daniel
Nick Boda
3:26.63aLewisville Marcus
3.Spencer Light
Freddie Jackson
Marshall Mathieu
Addison Roberts
3:28.78aLewisville Flower Mo...
4.Nicolas Kelley
Drew Cummings
Tibyus Williams
Ricardo Granados
3:30.05aLewisville Hebron
5.Gabriel Lemons
Matthew Dorrity
Alan Huo
Jacob Turman
6.Cristian Pineda
Bryan Allen
Angel Ontiveros
Carlos Avery
7.Alan Braxton
Jarret Nies
Thomas Krzysiak
Darrien Lipscomb

4x400 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.Marcus Rangel
Rodney Lawton
Keyshawn Young
Nick Howard
2.9Brett Branan
Dylan Lowe
Greg Harris
Andrew Merutka
3:35.80aLewisville Hebron
3.Matthew Johndrow
Adam Ordorsio
Samuel Climer
Erik Hattendorf
3:38.76aLewisville Flower Mo...
4.Jaden Walker
Peirson Greenlee
Nathan Gantchev
Christian Leffingwell
5.Adam Cano
Aaron Dixon
Jovan Jackson
Tyler Blanch
3:41.17aLewisville The Colony
6.Issac Peterson
Harold Murphey
Aaron Kovacevich
Jett Sutherland
3:41.83aLewisville Marcus

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Antonio Montez52-11.50Lewisville Hebron
2.12Colin Echols49-06.00Coppell
3.12Karl Sralla47-04.00Lewisville Marcus
4.12Hayden Hagmann44-10.50Lewisville The Colony
5.12Noah Howard44-07.00Lewisville Hebron
6.12Joseph Hinnant44-03.50 PRLewisville The Colony
7.12Ben Nwiba44-01.00 PRDenton Guyer
8.12A.J. Wozniak44-00.50Lewisville Marcus
9.12Nicholas Snyder43-05.00Lewisville
9.12Ju'Andre Drennon43-05.00 PRLewisville
11.10Thomas Edwards43-01.00Coppell
12.12Cesar Vidana43-00.00 PRDenton Guyer
13.11Dylan Spears42-08.25Lewisville The Colony
14.12Matt Fischer42-02.75 PRLewisville Marcus
15.9Corbin Hicks40-08.75Coppell
16.12Carter Severson40-02.50Lewisville Flower Mo...
17.10Khristian Lee40-01.50Lewisville
18.11Daryl Rutherford40-01.25Lewisville Flower Mo...
19.11Brandon Bacue39-11.75Lewisville Flower Mo...
20.10Murad Almas39-01.00 SRArlington
20.10Henry Felts39-01.00 SRArlington
22.9Brian DeClercq36-10.50Arlington
23.12Chadwick Hickson36-05.50Denton Guyer

Shot Put - 12lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Braeden Daniels41-07.50Lewisville Hebron
2.10DeMario Montez41-01.75Lewisville Hebron
3.9Nick Wilson40-02.00Lewisville Marcus
4.11Spencer Laichak39-07.00 PRCoppell
5.11Leon Vega37-06.00Lewisville Hebron
6.11Eric Jones36-07.00Lewisville

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Colin Echols175-04Coppell
2.12Karl Sralla166-02Lewisville Marcus
3.11John Romanow147-04Lewisville Hebron
4.12Nathan Grant146-00Lewisville Hebron
5.12Matt Fischer144-09Lewisville Marcus
6.12Antonio Montez138-07Lewisville Hebron

Discus - 1.6kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Justin Osborn124-07 PRLewisville Marcus
2.10Abraham Olguin120-06Lewisville The Colony
3.11Seth Shirey119-04Lewisville Hebron
4.10Peter Kimani117-05 PRLewisville The Colony
5.10DeMario Montez115-06Lewisville Hebron
6.-Hawkens Taylor113-08Lewisville Marcus
7.10Corey Fields113-02 SRCoppell
8.9Jay Dempsey112-05Coppell

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Riley Ellis6-00.02Lewisville Hebron
2.10Clayton Tune6-00.01 PRLewisville Hebron
3.12Andrew Battleson6-00.00Coppell
4.11Basil Shabazz6-00.00 SRLewisville The Colony
5.12Daniel Rosado5-10.00Lewisville
6.10Philip Frank5-08.00Coppell

High Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Tyler Blanch5-10.00Lewisville The Colony
1.10Jaren Mitchell5-10.00Lewisville Hebron
3.10Kevin Loza5-10.00 PRLewisville
4.11Jayron Busby5-08.00Coppell
4.9Jonathan McGill5-08.00Coppell
6.11Adam Cano5-08.00Lewisville The Colony

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jacob Franks14-00.00Lewisville Marcus
2.12Zach Holmes13-06.00Coppell
3.12Tyler Miller13-06.00Lewisville Marcus
4.11Trever Larson13-00.00Coppell
5.12Adam Haworth12-06.10Lewisville Flower Mo...
6.12Trevor Onstott12-06.00Coppell
7.12Collin Rodriguez11-06.00Lewisville Marcus

Pole Vault  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Peyton Lowery11-06.02 PRLewisville Hebron
2.11Andrew Kajander11-06.01Lewisville Marcus
3.10Nick Ryer11-06.00Lewisville Marcus
4.10Jacob Fink11-06.00 SRCoppell
5.11Gavin Brasko10-06.00Lewisville Marcus
6.10Daniel Shin10-00.00Lewisville Flower Mo...

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ethan Toy21-09.00Denton Guyer
2.11Harrison Dodson21-03.00 PRLewisville Marcus
3.12Tayvion Harlin20-10.50 PRLewisville
4.12Brayin Lanehart20-10.00Lewisville
5.12Lenneth Conkelton20-05.00Coppell
6.12Luke Conlon20-00.75Coppell

Long Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Cameron Hickey18-11.00Lewisville Flower Mo...
2.10Deandre Warren18-10.50Lewisville Hebron
3.-Jake Welch18-02.00Lewisville Flower Mo...
4.10Ryan Dale17-11.75Lewisville The Colony
5.11Maxwell Anderson17-11.75 PRCoppell
6.-Duncan Burger17-11.50Lewisville Marcus

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Harrison Dodson45-00.00 PRLewisville Marcus
2.12Tayvion Harlin44-06.00Lewisville
3.12Nicolas Kelley43-08.50 PRLewisville Hebron
4.12Lenneth Conkelton43-01.50 PRCoppell
5.10Zach Richards42-06.50 PRLewisville Hebron
6.10Gabriel Lemons41-06.00Coppell
7.12Ethan Toy41-04.50Denton Guyer
8.10Matthew Dicken41-03.50Coppell

Triple Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Clayton Rutz42-00.50 PRLewisville Marcus
2.9Jonathan McGill40-08.00Coppell
3.11Adam Cano39-00.00Lewisville The Colony
4.10Aaron Norng38-11.00Lewisville The Colony
5.-Jake Welch38-07.25Lewisville Flower Mo...
6.11Zion Frazier38-05.50Lewisville Marcus
7.9Sebastian Ardilla38-02.25Coppell
8.-Duncan Burger37-09.50 PRLewisville Marcus
9.10Collin Lundgren35-07.25Lewisville Hebron