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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brandon Taylor10.38a (4.3)Clear Brook
2.11Shamon Ehiemua10.48a PR (4.3)Fort Bend Marshall
3.12Jace Comick10.54a (4.3)Humble Atascocita
4.12Trevin Chambers10.56a (4.3)DeSoto
5.11Kaleb Campbell10.78a (4.3)Fort Bend Travis
6.12Christion Childs10.92a (4.3)Manvel

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Jeffery Hulon Jr.10.62a (1.1)Beaumont West Brook
2.12Brandon Taylor10.70a (-.6)Clear Brook
3.12Trevin Chambers10.73a (.6)DeSoto
4.12Jace Comick10.77a (-1.4)Humble Atascocita
5.11Shamon Ehiemua10.81a (-1.2)Fort Bend Marshall
6.11Kaleb Campbell10.94a (-1.0)Fort Bend Travis
7.12Ashton Williams10.97a (-.7)Austin LBJ
8.12Christion Childs11.03a (-1.6)Manvel
9.11Cameron Montgomery11.09a (1.6)Stafford
10.11Brandon Cowart11.11a (-1.0)Houston MacArthur
11.12Tramaine Robbins11.12a PR (1.1)Galena Park North Sh...
12.12Seth Page11.13a (-1.0)Fort Bend Elkins
13.11Devin Broussard11.16a PR (.6)Beaumont Central
14.11Ishmail Malik11.16a (1.1)Manvel
15.12Trevon Thomas11.20a (-.3)DeSoto
16.12Miller Kyle11.28a (-.6)Angleton
17.11Patrick Thomas11.28a PR (-1.1)Beaumont Central
18.10Arlon Williams11.28a (.5)Houston Eisenhower
19.11DeAndrea Angelle11.29a (-1.6)Port Arthur Memorial
20.12Marlon Rose11.29a (-.7)Houston Benjamin Davis
21.10Jahmad Boothe11.35a SR (-1.1)Houston Nimitz
22.11Christopher Brantley11.35a (.5)Stafford
23.11Terio Brown11.36a (-1.1)Humble
24.12Kwabena Agyei11.37a (.6)Fort Bend Marshall
25.12David Frazier11.38a (.5)Galena Park North Sh...
26.9Kenny Otah11.38a (-.6)Episcopal
27.11Emon Pought11.40a (1.1)Alief Taylor
28.12Marcus Younger11.40a (.5)Port Arthur Memorial
29.12Christopher Brown11.41a (-1.6)Pro-Vision Academy
30.12Jirmail Proctor11.47a (.6)Houston North Forest
31.12Ese Ayokunle11.48a (-1.4)Fort Bend Hightower
32.12Satchel Smith11.48a (-.7)Beaumont West Brook
33.10Steven Jones11.49a (1.6)Beaumont West Brook
34.11Kam'Ron Mitchell11.50a (-1.6)Houston Eisenhower
35.9Tyler Tyrell11.50a (-1.4)Round Rock McNeil
36.10Mcadoo Devin11.51a PR (-.3)Fort Bend Hightower
37.10Trevion Woodfork-Thompson11.53a PR (-.7)Houston Lamar
38.12Curtis Williams11.55a SR (1.1)Caldwell
39.12Isaiah Rubio11.55a PR (-.3)Corpus Christi West ...
40.12Clayton Fields11.57a (1.6)Alvin
41.12Niyl Campbell11.57a PR (-.7)Humble Atascocita
42.11Trelon Smith11.59a PR (-1.6)Houston Cyp. Springs
43.12Terry Harris11.60a PR (1.1)Houston Nimitz
44.10DeCarlos Demmeritte11.60a (.5)Humble Atascocita
45.11Kosey Okolie11.60a PR (-1.0)Houston Lamar
46.10Jaquel Hamm11.64a SR (-1.4)Houston Madison
47.11Antonio Davis11.65a (-1.1)Houston North Forest
48.12Miquel Price11.67a PR (-.6)Houston MacArthur
49.12Jermiah Credit11.69a (-1.2)Freeport Brazosport
50.12D' Angelo Ellis11.74a PR (-.3)Houston Cyp. Springs
51.9Jacoby Groves11.75a SR (1.1)Houston Madison
52.11La'Darius Stewart11.79a (-1.6)Houston Wheatley
53.10D'Yonte Heckstall11.79a (1.1)Temple
54.11Devin Morris11.81a SR (1.6)Caldwell
55.11Dante Bennings11.83a SR (-1.2)Fort Bend Hightower
56.9Julius Young11.86a (.5)Episcopal
57.10Ja'len Cleveland11.92a (-.3)Austin LBJ
58.10Marlin White11.92a (-1.1)Angleton
59.11Carlos Perez-Abreu11.92a (1.1)St Thomas
60.11Bruce Bivens11.94a SR (1.1)Houston Benjamin Davis
61.10Evrin Hawkins11.95a (1.1)Angleton
62.11Aaron Johnson12.02a PR (-.3)Manvel
63.12J'Qouri Smith12.07a (-.6)Houston MacArthur
64.12De avian Wright12.13a SR (-1.6)Houston Wheatley
65.10Adam Fountain12.15a (1.1)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
66.12Deandrea Flowers12.16a SR (-1.0)Temple
67.12Christopher Guitguit12.18a (-1.2)Mount Carmel Academy
68.11Jacobi McCoy12.21a (-.7)Houston Nimitz
69.10Darius Lewis12.22a SR (-1.0)Houston Wheatley
70.10Cameron Ross12.24a (.5)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
71.12Devante Nealy12.25a (-1.1)Temple
72.9Jonathan Micek12.31a (1.1)St Thomas
73.12Stephen Campbell12.37a PR (1.6)Fort Bend Travis
74.11Marquis Green12.50a PR (.6)Houston Wheatley
75.11Ben Lingenfelter12.56a (.6)Providence Classical
76.11Corey Gray12.69a (-1.6)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
77.9Ethan Cogar13.01a PR (-1.4)Providence Classical
78.9Gary Evans13.01a (-.7)Houston KIPP Sunnyside
79.9Zavion Linscorb13.04a PR (-.7)Mount Carmel Academy
80.9Addison Lindsey13.89a (1.6)Providence Classical
81.10KeAaron Sanders14.97a PR (-1.2)Corpus Christi West ...
--10Trelyn ThomasFS (-.7)Austin LBJ
--11Charles ButlerFS (-1.6)DeSoto

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevin Chambers21.11a (3.0)DeSoto
2.12Brandon Taylor21.14a PR (3.8)Clear Brook
3.12Jace Comick21.32a (3.0)Humble Atascocita
4.11Reynaud Jackson21.67a (3.0)Houston Benjamin Davis
5.12Daniel Ford21.75a (4.6)Manvel
6.11Kaleb Campbell21.76a (3.0)Fort Bend Travis
7.9Ashton O'Conner22.13a (4.6)Houston Lamar
8.12Christion Childs22.13a SR (3.8)Manvel
9.11Joshua Mitchell22.15a (2.5)Spring DeKaney
10.12Justice Swint22.18a (4.6)Beaumont West Brook
11.12Montray Norris22.28a SR (3.0)Houston Benjamin Davis
12.12Christopher Brown22.38a PR (2.5)Pro-Vision Academy
13.12D'Vaughn Pennamon22.51a PR (3.5)Manvel
14.12Jarmaiz Whitaker22.55a (3.8)Fort Bend Marshall
15.10Christopher Tilford22.64a (4.6)Fort Bend Elkins
16.12Cuatarus Quarles22.72a PR (3.5)Clear Brook
17.9Genson Hooper Price22.79a (3.5)St John's
18.11James Brown22.87a PR (2.3)Stafford
19.11Deaundre Fisher22.87a PR (2.5)Corpus Christi West ...
20.11Kameron Pryor22.90a (3.8)Houston Benjamin Davis
21.12Curtis Williams22.98a SR (4.6)Caldwell
22.12Deandre Wytaske22.99a (2.5)Austin LBJ
23.12Trevion Goode23.01a PR (5.0)Houston Madison
24.12Jeremiah Mcafee23.03a PR (5.0)Fort Bend Marshall
25.12Romeo Thomas23.09a (2.3)Humble Summer Creek
26.12Scherry Allen23.10a (3.5)Humble Atascocita
27.11Herbert Coleman23.19a (3.5)Galena Park North Sh...
28.11Jordan Stevens23.19a PR (3.0)Houston Lamar
29.11Edwin Godfrey23.26a (2.4)Stafford
30.10Al'Vonte Woodard23.36a PR (3.5)Houston Lamar
31.12Trevion McClary23.37a (3.0)Corpus Christi West ...
32.12Oliver Davis23.43a (2.5)Fort Bend Hightower
33.11Cameron Howard23.46a PR (3.1)Humble Atascocita
34.12Brandon Thibeaux23.46a PR (3.3)Humble Summer Creek
35.10Ralph Davis23.48a SR (3.8)Galena Park North Sh...
36.11David Allison23.52a (3.0)Stafford
37.10Braelon Hill23.53a SR (2.3)Clear Brook
38.9Kenny Otah23.58a (3.0)Episcopal
39.10Tamerik Williams23.67a SR (3.3)Angleton
40.10Billy Foster23.71a (2.4)Angleton
41.12Carlos Borbon23.74a (3.0)Temple
42.11Domminque Simmoms23.91a (2.4)Houston Eisenhower
43.9Julius Young23.91a (3.0)Episcopal
44.12Ravey Wesley23.99a (3.1)Mount Carmel Academy
45.11Raheem Keith24.04a (3.1)Houston Nimitz
46.11Marquez Thomas24.09a (2.4)Beaumont West Brook
47.9Donovan Brown24.13a SR (.2)Round Rock McNeil
48.12Deurgray Prince24.16a (3.1)Houston Westbury
49.12Deandrea Flowers24.35a SR (.2)Temple
50.12Jeffery Stotts24.52a PR (2.4)Lufkin Hudson
51.10Everett Bell24.58a (3.3)Houston Madison
52.10Marlin White24.59a (3.3)Angleton
53.12Christopher James24.62a PR (3.0)Houston Nimitz
54.9Levi Redding24.95a (3.3)Round Rock McNeil
55.9Trevon Aikens25.03a PR (3.3)Houston Westbury
56.11Jaderius Myles25.13a PR (3.3)Houston Math Science...
57.10Adam Fountain25.16a PR (3.3)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
58.10Cameron Ross25.59a (.2)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
59.11David Coats25.88a (3.3)Corpus Christi West ...
60.9Anthony Diggs25.95a (1.2)Houston KIPP Sunnyside
61.9Gary Evans26.08a PR (3.3)Houston KIPP Sunnyside
62.9Zacharia Doar26.48a PR (3.3)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
63.11Marquis Green26.48a PR (.2)Houston Wheatley
64.9De'Quashie Lindsey26.52a PR (3.3)Corpus Christi West ...
65.9Ibrahim Solis26.58a PR (1.2)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
66.9Zavion Linscorb27.60a (1.2)Mount Carmel Academy
67.10Dubem Nwachukwu27.87a PR (4.6)St Thomas
68.11Roma Fenley28.42a PR (3.3)Lufkin Hudson
69.11Jeffery Hulon Jr.30.43a (3.8)Beaumont West Brook
--12Jonathan ChristieFS (5.0)Corpus Christi West ...

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Isom48.42aFort Bend Marshall
2.12Anthony John48.44aAlief Taylor
3.10Jordan Booker49.46aHumble
4.12Terrion Spivey49.66aDeSoto
5.11Tyrell Valentine50.51aFort Bend Marshall
6.10Jaquan Francois50.72aPort Arthur Memorial
7.11Lawrence Murray50.98aManvel
8.12Carl Jordan51.37aHumble

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12John Isom48.16aFort Bend Marshall
2.10Jordan Booker48.86a PRHumble
3.12Anthony John48.87aAlief Taylor
4.11Lawrence Murray49.00aManvel
5.12Terrion Spivey49.19aDeSoto
6.11Tyrell Valentine49.31aFort Bend Marshall
7.12Carl Jordan49.37a SRHumble
8.10Jaquan Francois49.58a PRPort Arthur Memorial
9.12Malik Robinson49.64aHouston Eisenhower
10.12Christian Joseph49.70a PRHumble Atascocita
11.11Payton Davis49.74aLufkin Hudson
12.11Cameron Neely49.78aDeSoto
13.11Joshua Mitchell49.85aSpring DeKaney
14.12Jeffery Williams50.00a PRHouston Cyp. Springs
15.12Darrin Jackson50.01aDeSoto
16.12Evan Chambers50.04aDeSoto
17.9Genson Hooper Price50.12aSt John's
18.11Myles Hornsby50.13aBeaumont West Brook
19.12Terrence Pitre50.25a SRPort Arthur Memorial
20.10Christopher Tilford50.48a PRFort Bend Elkins
21.12Puma Sorie50.50aAlief Taylor
22.12Cuatarus Quarles50.55aClear Brook
23.11Lawrence Murray50.58aManvel
24.11Joshua Mukoro50.64aFort Bend Travis
25.10Lavone Brown50.77aAlief Taylor
26.12Kareem Levingston50.90a PRCorpus Christi West ...
27.11Patrick Swanson51.12aHumble Atascocita
28.10Jamarcus Fleming51.12a SRHouston Nimitz
29.12Brailon Murray51.16aHouston Westbury
30.12Anthony Mitchell51.21a PRHouston North Forest
31.12Charles Peacok51.21a PRHouston Eisenhower
32.12Terance Batiste51.23a PRHouston North Forest
33.12Dominique Solomon51.25a PRFort Bend Hightower
34.11Ryan Alvarez51.27a PRCorpus Christi West ...
35.10Dubem Nwachukwu51.90aSt Thomas
36.11Devyn Allen52.03a PRFort Bend Travis
37.12Jonathan Everette52.11aHouston Benjamin Davis
38.12Mohammad Sesay52.40aHouston Westbury
39.11Bryson Moore52.43aPro-Vision Academy
40.10Braelon Hill52.47aClear Brook
41.10Damion Vera52.54a PRAlvin
42.9Rayveon Shelton52.58aGalena Park North Sh...
43.12Jared Ackerman52.62a PRClear Brook
44.9Jalen Curry52.73aStafford
45.11Roma Fenley52.75aLufkin Hudson
46.11Fredrick Alaric52.87aAustin LBJ
47.9Dashunn Brown52.90a PRHouston Nimitz
48.10Cameron Foston52.91a SRBeaumont Central
49.10Travis Jacob52.91aHumble Summer Creek
50.10Justin Wheatfall53.16aHouston Benjamin Davis
51.12Christian Dickey53.43a PRHouston Nimitz
52.9David Lumpkins53.76a PRRound Rock McNeil
53.12Romello Hoyle53.82a PRHouston Madison
54.10Billy Foster53.94a PRAngleton
55.12Carlos Collazo54.01aCorpus Christi West ...
56.10Devonte Petitt54.09a PRHouston Eisenhower
57.12Jacob Wootson54.11a PRBeaumont West Brook
58.12Jashon Waddy54.20a PRAngleton
59.12Anothony LaFleur54.26aGalena Park North Sh...
60.11Fernando Chavez54.38a PRAngleton
61.12Trace Rogers54.39a PRHumble Atascocita
62.12Noah Hatcher55.02a PRHouston Cyp. Springs
63.10Deon Collins55.13a PRAustin LBJ
64.12Caleb Reeves55.40a PRHCYA Home School Lions
65.11Isaiah Levert55.51a SRRound Rock McNeil
66.12Jonathan Christie55.83a PRCorpus Christi West ...
67.10Royal Davis56.12a PRHCYA Home School Lions
68.10Darius Lee56.33a SRHouston Math Science...
69.11Lloyd Daniel56.75aHarmony Sch. of Natu...
70.10Brody Tarpey56.91a PRFirst Baptist Christ...
71.9Ethan Cogar56.96a SRProvidence Classical
72.11Jamal Franklin57.75a PRHouston Madison
73.10Lendon Dutton58.00a PRFirst Baptist Christ...
74.9Joshua Morris59.08a PRHarmony Sch. of Natu...
75.12Patrick Wilkins1:00.35aHouston Scarborough
76.9Zacharia Doar1:00.41aHarmony Sch. of Natu...
77.11Raemon Guidry1:00.54a PRHouston Madison
78.11Ben Lingenfelter1:00.67a PRProvidence Classical
79.9Jose Hernandez1:02.20a PRCorpus Christi West ...
80.11Jake Robinson1:02.32aMount Carmel Academy
81.9Ibrahim Solis1:03.61a PRHarmony Sch. of Natu...
82.9Addison Lindsey1:03.84a PRProvidence Classical
83.9Damien Dennis1:05.70aHouston KIPP Sunnyside
--11Howard FieldsDNFManvel

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jakalub Rhodes2:00.06aBeaumont Central
2.10Christian Gilmore2:00.42aHumble Atascocita
3.12Marcus Caldwell2:00.47aFort Bend Hightower
4.10Pierce Schrade2:02.14a PRHumble Summer Creek
5.12Joshua Martin2:02.35aManvel
6.11Jerrell Hunter2:02.71a PRHouston Lamar
7.11Lawrence Murray2:02.94aManvel
8.12Joel Munoz2:04.01aGalena Park North Sh...
9.11Payton Davis2:04.58a PRLufkin Hudson
10.11Kevin Duong2:05.05a SRAngleton
11.12Sheikh Kenneh2:05.96aHouston Benjamin Davis
12.12Peter Dulworth2:06.29aHCYA Home School Lions
13.11Cyrus Shy2:07.06aHCYA Home School Lions
14.12Gerardo Solorzano2:07.17aHumble Atascocita
15.11Luke Crockett2:07.36aAustin Royals
16.11Damarrius Smith2:07.99aArlington Houston
17.11Daveon Tones2:07.99aHouston Lamar
18.12Brenden Cokes2:08.51a PRFort Bend Hightower
19.11Jonathan McCowan2:08.59aHouston Lamar
20.10Devonte Petitt2:08.72aHouston Eisenhower
21.9Eric Prier2:09.62a PRAlief Taylor
22.10Cameron Foston2:10.07aBeaumont Central
23.11Rivaldo Rios2:10.61aFreeport Brazosport
24.12Robert Saunders2:10.94aBeaumont West Brook
25.9Sam Faraguna2:11.45aSt John's
26.10Jackson Meyer2:11.68aAwty International
27.10Dylan Chapa2:11.86a PRFort Bend Travis
28.12Kwesi Awotwe2:12.13aHouston Westbury
29.11Charles Garza2:12.31aAlvin
30.11Lewis Crooks2:12.92aGalena Park North Sh...
31.11Michael Chaplin2:13.86aSt Thomas
32.11Dana Gilmore2:14.83aHumble
33.10Aaron Johnson2:15.24a PRHuffman Hargrave
34.10Isaiah Maldonado2:16.24a PRBridge City
35.11Cameron Houston2:16.54aHouston Westbury
36.10Jamarcus Fleming2:16.91aHouston Nimitz
37.10Joel Hernandez2:17.05aAngleton
38.11Taten Blue2:17.94aStafford
39.11Mauro Collazo2:18.14aCorpus Christi West ...
40.10Cameron Gilmore2:19.30aHumble
41.12Hezekiah Johnson2:19.86aHouston Wheatley
42.10Bryce Orange2:21.07aHouston Math Science...
43.10Stephen Whiting2:23.17aAustin Royals
44.11Pedro Carrizales2:23.28aFreeport Brazosport
45.9Reginald Ellis2:23.54a PRHouston Benjamin Davis
46.9Lindsey Williams Jr.2:24.09aHouston KIPP Sunnyside
47.12John Easter2:25.45aHuffman Hargrave
48.9Stephen Hayes2:27.68aHouston Madison
49.9Joshua Morris2:32.77a PRHarmony Sch. of Natu...
50.11Christopher Salazar2:37.80a SRHouston Math Science...
51.9Douglas Garner2:44.02aHouston KIPP Sunnyside
52.11Antonio Morris3:29.19a PRHarmony Sch. of Natu...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Julian Perez4:28.85aBeaumont West Brook
2.12Reed Nevermann4:31.09aHumble Atascocita
3.12Ludreche Bouanga4:31.82aHouston Westbury
4.11Pedro Flores4:33.01aManvel
5.10Worthington Moore4:33.07aHumble Atascocita
6.11Will Worthington4:36.64aEpiscopal
7.12Wyatt George4:37.65aSt Thomas
8.11Ryan Trahan4:37.86aAltair Rice
9.9Cymon Shy4:38.37a SRHCYA Home School Lions
10.10Cash Kunkel4:40.63aBurton
11.10Drew Woodfolk4:41.96aSt John's
12.11Tate McMillian4:46.81aHumble Atascocita
13.12Tedron Roberts4:49.40aLufkin Hudson
14.11Stephen Barker4:53.92aGalena Park North Sh...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Reed Nevermann4:26.50a PRHumble Atascocita
2.11Pedro Flores4:32.99aManvel
3.10Worthington Moore4:33.64aHumble Atascocita
4.12Ludreche Bouanga4:34.56aHouston Westbury
5.12Julian Perez4:35.49aBeaumont West Brook
6.12Dominic Franshaw4:37.36aHouston Lamar
7.12Wyatt George4:39.17aSt Thomas
8.10Cash Kunkel4:40.19aBurton
9.11Stephen Barker4:40.68aGalena Park North Sh...
10.11Ryan Trahan4:40.73aAltair Rice
11.11Tate McMillian4:41.41aHumble Atascocita
12.12Tedron Roberts4:42.38aLufkin Hudson
13.10Drew Woodfolk4:42.79aSt John's
14.10Solomon Brent4:42.95aHumble Summer Creek
15.11Will Worthington4:43.74aEpiscopal
16.9Cymon Shy4:45.37aHCYA Home School Lions
17.10Philip Roxas4:45.49aBeaumont West Brook
18.12Aaron Scott4:46.76a PRAngleton
19.11Andres Uriegas4:46.97aAustin Royals
20.12Ajay Nair4:47.40aFort Bend Travis
21.10Joel Garza4:48.71aHouston MacArthur
22.11Luke Crockett4:50.06a PRAustin Royals
23.10Jackson Meyer4:50.08aAwty International
24.11Damarrius Smith4:50.37aArlington Houston
25.11Cyrus Shy4:50.73a SRHCYA Home School Lions
26.12Verna Austin4:51.86aManvel
27.11Dedrick Conway4:52.22a SRHouston Lamar
28.12Rannon Terry4:52.74aHuffman Hargrave
29.12Donald Kelly4:52.92aHuffman Hargrave
30.9Sam Faraguna4:55.88aSt John's
31.11Rivaldo Rios4:56.68aFreeport Brazosport
32.9Seth Burns4:57.94a PRCorpus Christi West ...
33.11Ben Duong4:57.94aRound Rock McNeil
34.12Jesus Ramos4:59.41aLufkin Hudson
35.10Weston Romero5:00.64aRound Rock McNeil
36.10Edward Njuguna5:01.33a SRFort Bend Travis
37.12Troy Sinegal5:03.80aStafford
38.11Damian Soto5:06.17aTemple
39.9Johnny Santiago5:06.72a SRAngleton
40.11Angel Hernandez5:07.11a PRAngleton
41.9Jacob McCabe5:07.12aHouston Lamar
42.11Taten Blue5:08.03aStafford
43.11Israel De la Fuente5:09.51aTemple
44.10Aaron Johnson5:10.46a PRHuffman Hargrave
45.11Matthew Coughlin5:10.53aSt Thomas
46.10Michael Skinner5:11.02aHouston MacArthur
47.10Joshua Overcash5:12.42aProvidence Classical
48.9Jose Gonzalez5:13.08a SRGalena Park North Sh...
49.9Nicholas Wright-Eulitt5:14.23aProvidence Classical
50.10Stephen Whiting5:19.12aAustin Royals
51.10Isaiah Maldonado5:19.21a PRBridge City
52.10Joshua Fleming5:20.11aHouston North Forest
53.9Juan Vazquez5:20.42aSt Thomas
54.9Sam Bryan5:23.53aHCYA Home School Lions
55.10Diem Merci5:23.91aHouston Wheatley
56.12Hezekiah Johnson5:26.11a PRHouston Wheatley
57.12Nick Click5:28.78a SRHuffman Hargrave
58.9Ben Bludau5:31.57aSt Thomas
59.9James Denson5:39.54aHouston KIPP Sunnyside
60.10Colin Post5:41.98a SRProvidence Classical
61.9Stephen Hayes5:42.29aHouston Madison
62.11Antonio Morris6:35.11aHarmony Sch. of Natu...
63.9Xavier Wynne6:50.56aHouston KIPP Sunnyside
--9Jordan KlasmanovicsDNFFort Bend Travis
--11Saulo YoelDNFHouston Westbury

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Julian Perez9:54.60aBeaumont West Brook
2.12James Hebert10:00.95aSt Thomas
3.12Ludreche Bouanga10:04.69aHouston Westbury
4.10Worthington Moore10:06.57aHumble Atascocita
5.11Daniel McCutchen10:07.62aAustin
6.12Jesus Ramos10:10.30aLufkin Hudson
7.11Pedro Flores10:10.36aManvel
8.11Felix Cruz10:18.53a SRHouston MacArthur
9.12Tedron Roberts10:21.18aLufkin Hudson
10.10Yoel Yoel10:22.39aHouston Westbury
11.10Ben Maldinado10:23.79aHumble Atascocita
12.12Verna Austin10:24.18aManvel
13.11Andres Uriegas10:24.44a SRAustin Royals
14.9Seth Burns10:34.92a PRCorpus Christi West ...
15.12Michael Benavides10:42.47aHumble Atascocita
16.9Nicholas Wright-Eulitt10:51.09aProvidence Classical
17.9Jordan Klasmanovics10:51.37a SRFort Bend Travis
18.11Calib Wong10:53.61aHouston Lamar
19.11Ryan Howell10:54.49a SRAngleton
20.12Troy Sinegal10:56.58a PRStafford
21.12Ray Guerrero11:02.19aGalena Park North Sh...
22.9Johnny Santiago11:03.19a SRAngleton
23.9Jose Gonzalez11:12.71a SRGalena Park North Sh...
24.9Sam Bryan11:18.93aHCYA Home School Lions
25.10Diem Merci11:33.57a PRHouston Wheatley
26.9Joshua Garcia11:43.61aHouston Lamar

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Guillory14.22a PR (2.6)Houston Cyp. Springs
2.12Quinton Smith14.41a (2.6)Temple
3.11Derrick Brown14.60a PR (2.6)Houston Benjamin Davis
4.11QuiVell Jordan14.69a (2.6)DeSoto
5.12Caleb Parker14.94a (2.6)Stafford
6.11Savion Bevel14.97a (2.6)Houston Eisenhower
--12Carl GuilloryDNF (2.6)Galena Park North Sh...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Tyler Guillory14.40a (5.0)Houston Cyp. Springs
2.12Quinton Smith14.72a (5.5)Temple
3.12Caleb Parker14.78a (3.7)Stafford
4.11Derrick Brown14.92a (4.9)Houston Benjamin Davis
5.11QuiVell Jordan15.08a (2.7)DeSoto
6.11Savion Bevel15.19a (4.4)Houston Eisenhower
7.12Tyler Hart15.25a (3.9)Fort Bend Christian ...
8.12Carl Guillory15.32a (4.3)Galena Park North Sh...
9.12Vernon Williams15.55a (3.9)Galena Park North Sh...
10.12Terrance Coleman15.67a (4.4)Beaumont West Brook
11.12Jonathan Boozer15.70a (2.7)Round Rock McNeil
12.12Quintin Derry15.79a (5.0)Beaumont Central
13.9Javonta Butler15.84a (5.5)Port Arthur Memorial
14.11Javier Vallecilla15.90a (3.7)Angleton
15.12Ishmael Callandret15.94a (2.7)St Thomas
16.11Abraham Adesipe15.99a (4.3)Alief Taylor
17.10Keegan Crawford16.03a (2.7)Humble Atascocita
18.10My'Kell Ross16.16a (4.3)Angleton
19.12Marquinn Davis16.35a (4.9)Fort Bend Marshall
20.11Coleman Cornelius16.47a (5.0)Fort Bend Hightower
21.11Simon Blair16.47a (3.7)Fort Bend Hightower
22.10Reed Hartle16.51a (3.9)Round Rock McNeil
23.11Terrance Scott16.57a (4.9)Houston Nimitz
24.12Boudreaux Chris17.11a (5.5)Beaumont Central
25.11Avery McElveen17.51a (5.5)Lufkin Hudson
26.11DaSean Crew17.55a (4.4)Houston Scarborough
27.9Austin Dickerson17.58a SR (5.0)Lufkin Hudson
28.12Dante Russom17.61a PR (5.0)Angleton
29.12Desmond Veals17.81a (4.3)Beaumont West Brook
30.12Jacobie Watson18.02a (4.9)Houston Scarborough
31.12Trevion Goode18.23a SR (4.3)Houston Madison
32.12Luke Alsbrooks18.58a SR (4.9)Lufkin Hudson
33.12Bobby Henderson18.89a (2.7)Caldwell
34.12Xavier Anderson18.93a (3.7)Houston Math Science...
35.12Nick Taylor19.41a (3.9)Beaumont West Brook
36.11Lujuan Winningham20.02a (3.7)Humble Atascocita
37.10De'Quaris Sherrard20.54a (3.7)Houston North Forest
38.11Saveion Lewis22.35a (2.7)Houston Math Science...
39.11Gejuan Morris33.15a (3.9)Houston Madison

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Hart38.26aFort Bend Christian ...
2.11QuiVell Jordan38.96aDeSoto
3.12Quinton Smith39.28aTemple
4.12Caleb Parker39.32aStafford
5.10Thomas Davis39.49aGalena Park North Sh...
6.10Zach Martin39.71aFort Bend Travis
7.12Tyler Guillory39.91a PRHouston Cyp. Springs
8.11Adrian Frye39.99a PRHouston Eisenhower
9.12Vernon Williams40.04aGalena Park North Sh...
10.11Lujuan Winningham40.10aHumble Atascocita
11.11Derrick Brown40.23aHouston Benjamin Davis
12.11Howard Hunter40.28aBeaumont Central
13.11Simon Blair40.41aFort Bend Hightower
14.12Quintin Derry40.98aBeaumont Central
15.11Stephen Patterson41.04a PRHouston MacArthur
16.9Javonta Butler41.09aPort Arthur Memorial
17.10Reed Hartle41.54aRound Rock McNeil
18.11Terrance Scott41.59a SRHouston Nimitz
19.11Savion Bevel41.88aHouston Eisenhower
20.12Josh Hitchcock41.90a PRCaldwell
21.11Zaquincius Addison41.93a PRAngleton
22.12Desmond Veals42.07aBeaumont West Brook
23.12Dante Russom42.14a PRAngleton
24.10My'Kell Ross42.16a SRAngleton
25.12Ishmael Callandret42.41aSt Thomas
26.10Keegan Crawford42.51aHumble Atascocita
27.11Coleman Cornelius42.67aFort Bend Hightower
28.10Kenneth Mosley42.74aHouston MacArthur
29.9Daylon Reddic42.92aHouston Westbury
30.9Kenneth Dotson42.98aHouston Lamar
31.12Bobby Henderson43.35a PRCaldwell
32.10Shaquan Dixon43.50aPro-Vision Academy
33.12Noah Taylor43.69aFreeport Brazosport
34.12Luke Alsbrooks43.70aLufkin Hudson
35.11Avery McElveen44.12aLufkin Hudson
36.11DaSean Crew44.70a PRHouston Scarborough
37.9Austin Dickerson44.71a PRLufkin Hudson
38.11Jamison Gibbs44.82aHouston Math Science...
39.10De'Quaris Sherrard44.90a SRHouston North Forest
40.9Elmer Whitehead45.41aHumble
41.10Tyler Jackson46.65a PRFort Bend Travis
42.12Boudreaux Chris46.91aBeaumont Central
43.12Jacobie Watson48.31a SRHouston Scarborough
44.10Brody Tarpey48.80aFirst Baptist Christ...
45.9George Charles52.12a SRHouston Madison
46.11Gejuan Morris52.88aHouston Madison

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 40.93aFort Bend Marshall
2.Relay Team 41.12aPort Arthur Memorial
3.Relay Team 41.48aTemple
4.Relay Team 42.08aDeSoto
5.Relay Team 42.17aManvel
6.Relay Team 42.40aHouston Benjamin Davis
7.Relay Team 42.46aBeaumont Central
8.Relay Team 43.07aRound Rock McNeil
9.Relay Team 43.20aBeaumont West Brook
10.Relay Team 43.25aHouston Eisenhower
11.Relay Team 43.55aHouston North Forest
12.Relay Team 43.78aFort Bend Hightower
--Relay Team DNFAustin LBJ
--Relay Team DNFGalena Park North Sh...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Prelims

1.Cederian Lynch
Shamon Ehiemua
Jarmaiz Whitaker
John Isom
41.95aFort Bend Marshall
2.DeAndrea Angelle
Kameron Martin
Quantae Conner
Kary Vincent
42.34aPort Arthur Memorial
3.Jemiyah Franklin
Willari Watson
Isaac Cole
Davion Curtis
4.D'Eriq King
Jaren Colbert
Caleb Jolivette
Deontay Anderson
5.Savion Drake
Charles Butler
Fredrick Williams
Trevon Thomas
6.Myron Smith
Tavus Woodall
Benjie Franklin
Emon Pought
42.69aAlief Taylor
7.Devwah Whaley
D Broussard
Calen Ragsdale
Patrick Thomas
43.22aBeaumont Central
8.Bruce Bryant
Montray Norris
Kameron Pryor
Reynaud Jackson
43.23aHouston Benjamin Davis
9.Oliver Davis
Robert Grays
Ese Ayokunle
Mcadoo Devin
43.53aFort Bend Hightower
10.Zafir Murphy
D'Angelo Huff-Morgan
Tramaine Robbins
David Frazier
43.56aGalena Park North Sh...
11.Jacob Wootson
Darrell Baldwin Jr.
Justice Swint
Satchel Smith
43.69aBeaumont West Brook
12.George Nyakwol
Arlon Williams
Malik Robinson
Deon Allen
43.71aHouston Eisenhower
13.Tyler Tyrell
Isaiah White
Jonathan Boozer
Justin Hernandez
43.90aRound Rock McNeil
14.Antonio Davis
Terance Batiste
Jirmail Proctor
Damon Wiggins
44.09aHouston North Forest
15.Alonso Woods
Trevian Blaylock
Niyl Campbell
DeCarlos Demmeritte
44.09aHumble Atascocita
16.Tyron McDonald
Ashton Williams
Deandre Wytaske
Trelyn Thomas
44.19aAustin LBJ
17.Tamerik Williams
Miller Kyle
Billy Foster
Jashon Waddy
18.Keylon Stokes
Walter Brown
Ishmail Malik
CeCori Tolds
19.Anthony Horton
Jahmad Boothe
Jacobi McCoy
Terry Harris
44.30aHouston Nimitz
20.Trelon Smith
D' Angelo Ellis
Foster McLaurin
Jeffery Williams
44.51aHouston Cyp. Fair
21.Keioskie Bussey
Brandon Cowart
Javionte Cleveland
Jayson Rubio
44.58aHouston MacArthur
22.Jose Madrano
Clayton Fields
Jacob Cano
Jerry Dickens
23.Ashton Oconner
Trevion Woodfork-Thompson
Denzel Davis
Tre Lewis
44.65aHouston Lamar
24.Clifford Maxey
Christopher Brown
Kevin Thomas
Devin Thomas
44.96aPro-Vision Academy
25.Julius Young
Jordan Booker
Daniel Cai
Kenny Otah
26.Carlos Harris
Tushawn Wilson
Damar Marc
Rhavy Kidzoua de Mviri
45.39aHouston Westbury
27.Jeremiah Hartfield
Carl Jordan
Terio Brown
Jayshon Anderson
28.Darius Blake
Regie Stubblefield
Santi Santiago
Kabien Barron
46.30aArlington Houston
29.Jermiah Credit
Navontae Darthard
Amir King
Ashton Dudley
46.63aFreeport Brazosport
30.Craig Clemons
Keon Hodge
De'Quashie Lindsey
KeAaron Sanders
47.97aCorpus Christi West ...
31.Cameron Ross
Corey Gray
Lloyd Daniel
Adam Fountain
48.32aHarmony Sch. of Natu...
32.Xavier Anderson
Lewis Saveron
Jaderius Myles
Bryce Orange
49.55aHouston Math Science...
--Zach Hargrove
Zach Martin
Bruce Carty
Kaleb Campbell
DNFFort Bend Travis
--Christopher Brantley
James Brown
Elijah Washington
Cameron Montgomery
--Deaundre Fisher
Isaiah Rubio
Ryan Alvarez
Kareem Levingston
DNFCorpus Christi West ...

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:26.00aFort Bend Marshall
2.Relay Team 1:26.07aManvel
3.Relay Team 1:27.67aHouston Benjamin Davis
4.Relay Team 1:28.15aHumble Atascocita
5.Relay Team 1:28.38aBeaumont Central
6.Relay Team 1:28.51aGalena Park North Sh...
7.Relay Team 1:29.08aFort Bend Hightower
8.Relay Team 1:29.69aManvel
9.Relay Team 1:30.41aBeaumont West Brook
10.Relay Team 1:30.91aHouston North Forest
11.Relay Team 1:32.14aHouston Nimitz
12.Relay Team 1:34.51aAlvin
--Relay Team DNFAlief Taylor

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Prelims

1.Cederian Lynch
Jarmaiz Whitaker
Jeremiah Mcafee
Shamon Ehiemua
1:25.76aFort Bend Marshall
2.Reginald Hemphill
Caleb Jolivette
Deontay Anderson
Jaren Colbert
3.Emon Pought
Tavus Woodall
Myron Smith
BJ Odole
1:27.11aAlief Taylor
4.Alonso Woods
Sherry Allen
Trevian Blaylock
Jace Comick
1:27.21aHumble Atascocita
5.Dailon Gants
Patrick Thomas
Calen Ragsdale
D Broussard
1:27.24aBeaumont Central
6.Tramaine Robbins
D'Angelo Huff-Morgan
Zafir Murphy
David Frazier
1:27.44aGalena Park North Sh...
7.Marlon Rose
Montray Norris
Kameron Pryor
Reynaud Jackson
1:27.68aHouston Benjamin Davis
8.Brandon Thibeaux
Jeremiah Reece
Zarrian Holcombe
Romeo Thomas
1:29.28aHumble Summer Creek
9.CeCori Tolds
Kameron Scott
Keylon Stokes
Ishmail Malik
10.Cooper Terrance
Ese Ayokunle
Robert Grays
Oliver Davis
1:30.17aFort Bend Hightower
11.Ashton Oconner
Trevion Woodfork-Thompson
Denzel Davis
Al'Vonte Woodard
1:30.26aHouston Lamar
12.Christopher Brantley
James Brown
Elijah Washington
Cameron Montgomery
13.Marquez Thomas
Steven Jones
Jacob Wootson
Emeril Lester
1:31.23aBeaumont West Brook
14.Jacob Cano
Clayton Fields
Jerry Dickens
Jose Madrano
15.Terance Batiste
Antonio Davis
Jirmail Proctor
Montel Perkins
1:31.26aHouston North Forest
16.Anthony Horton
Raheem Keith
Jahmad Boothe
Jacobi McCoy
1:31.86aHouston Nimitz
17.Jermiah Credit
Ashton Dudley
Amir King
Navontae Darthard
1:32.48aFreeport Brazosport
18.Deandre Wytaske
Deon Collins
Fredrick Alaric
Trelyn Thomas
1:32.68aAustin LBJ
19.Jeremiah Hartfield
Terio Brown
Jayshon Anderson
Elijiah Shrader
20.Brandon Cowart
Jayson Rubio
Javionte Cleveland
Xavier Mayes
1:33.02aHouston MacArthur
21.Christopher Brown
Clifford Maxey
Devin Thomas
Kevin Thomas
1:33.42aPro-Vision Academy
22.Jaquel Hamm
Everrett Bell-Monroe
Jacoby Groves
Romello Hoyle
1:33.78aHouston Madison
23.Will Parks
Jonathan Boozer
Justin Ward
Michael Vaughn
1:34.03aRound Rock McNeil
24.Carlos Harris
Rhavy Kidzoua de Mviri
Tushawn Wilson
Deurgray Prince
1:34.13aHouston Westbury
25.Dandrea Farwell
Brodrick Peterson
DaSean Crew
Jay McInstosh
1:34.77aHouston Scarborough
26.Regie Stubblefield
Demarcus Allen
Kabien Barron
Kevin Dunbar
1:35.17aArlington Houston
--David Coats
Carlos Collazo
Jarrell Clark
Trevion McClary
DNFCorpus Christi West ...
--Miller Kyle
Tamerik Williams
Billy Foster
Evrin Hawkins

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 3:17.89aManvel
2.Relay Team 3:18.23aDeSoto
3.Relay Team 3:23.38aTemple
4.Relay Team 3:23.65aBeaumont Central
5.Relay Team 3:23.68aAlief Taylor
6.Relay Team 3:24.38aPort Arthur Memorial
7.Relay Team 3:24.65aGalena Park North Sh...
8.Relay Team 3:25.53aManvel
9.Relay Team 3:26.02aFort Bend Hightower
10.Relay Team 3:26.59aHouston Eisenhower
11.Relay Team 3:27.05aHumble Atascocita
12.Relay Team 3:27.49aFort Bend Travis
13.Relay Team 3:28.67aHouston Lamar
14.Relay Team 3:29.57aRound Rock McNeil
15.Relay Team 3:30.67aLufkin Hudson
16.Relay Team 3:31.27aBeaumont West Brook
17.Relay Team 3:32.19aHouston Westbury
18.Relay Team 3:36.38aAngleton
19.Relay Team 3:37.30aHouston Math Science...
20.Relay Team 3:38.16aHouston Nimitz
21.Relay Team 3:38.39aFort Bend Marshall
22.Relay Team 3:39.33aHouston MacArthur
23.Relay Team 3:40.56aAlvin
24.Relay Team 3:43.00aHouston Benjamin Davis
25.Relay Team 4:03.85aHouston KIPP Sunnyside

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  Varsity - Finals

1.Broderick Jones
Zac Walker
Dominique Lang
Cameron White
3:34.20aHumble Summer Creek
2.D'Eriq King
Daniel Ford
Lawrence Murray
Joshua Martin
3.D'Shawn Jamison
Tre Lewis
Matthew Parker
Dominic Franshaw
3:37.15aHouston Lamar
4.Michael Vaughn
Will Parks
Will Kohman
Isaiah White
3:43.36aRound Rock McNeil
5.Jaylen Thomas
Katreyvion Smith
Anothony LaFleur
Joel Munoz
3:46.89aGalena Park North Sh...
6.Tyree Matthews
Kam'Ron Mitchell
Charles Peacok
Devonte Petitt
3:53.20aHouston Eisenhower
7.Carlos Borbon
D'Yonte Heckstall
David James
Xavier Johnson
8.Marsavious Hopkins
Raheem Keith
Anthony Johnson
Christopher James
3:58.51aHouston Nimitz
9.Edwin Godfrey
David Allison
Jalen Curry
Taten Blue
10.David Coats
Trevion McClary
Carlos Collazo
Mauro Collazo
4:03.93aCorpus Christi West ...
11.Trevon Aikens
Willi Ussery
Cameron Houston
Saulo Yoel
4:14.02aHouston Westbury

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Varsity - Finals

1.Tate McMillian
Patrick Swanson
Christian Gilmore
Reed Nevermann
11:13.34aHumble Atascocita
2.Joel Munoz
Rayveon Shelton
Lewis Crooks
Stephen Barker
11:18.57aGalena Park North Sh...
3.Aaron Scott
Kevin Duong
Joel Hernandez
William Greene
4.Cymon Shy
Jaylen Barlow
Cyrus Shy
Peter Dulworth
11:29.72aHCYA Home School Lions
5.Dylan Chapa
Brian Raven
Edward Njuguna
Ajay Nair
11:35.73aFort Bend Travis
6.John Easter
Donald Kelly
Rannon Terry
John Douglas
11:43.03aHuffman Hargrave
7.Robert Saunders
Julio Benjamen Morales
William Gustafson
Philip Roxas
11:43.54aBeaumont West Brook

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Gabriel Oladipo18.74mFort Bend Hightower
2.12Steven Daboub18.42mHumble Atascocita
3.11Cooper Campbell17.73mKaty Seven Lakes
4.11John Barber16.61mFort Bend Travis
5.12David Chassion15.59mBeaumont West Brook
6.12Jeremy Bass15.49mFort Bend Marshall
7.12Isiah Bean15.39mHumble Summer Creek
8.12La Juan Cooper15.07mArlington Houston
9.12Devwah Whaley14.84mBeaumont Central
10.11Chris Brinkley14.52mAngleton
11.12Ty Robinson14.44mRound Rock McNeil
12.11Reggie Boseman14.39mBeaumont Central
13.11Dan Moore14.17mBeaumont West Brook
14.12Brett Alner14.03mHumble Atascocita
15.11Kobe Whiteside13.63mAlief Taylor
16.10Tyler Jackson13.13mFort Bend Travis
17.12Jared Scroggins13.06mFort Bend Marshall
18.11Antonio Williams13.00mFreeport Brazosport
19.12Hunter Hasley12.89mSt John's
20.12David Williams12.86m PRStafford
21.12Cashman Smith12.85m PRMontgomery
22.12Tracie Whatley12.78mAlief Taylor
23.12Marcus Sampy12.66mHumble Summer Creek
24.11Victor Guevara12.64mFreeport Brazosport
25.11Catney Christian12.63mAngleton
26.11Keon Hodge12.40m SRCorpus Christi West ...
27.12Andrew Hyacinth12.33m PRGalena Park North Sh...
28.10John Barrientes12.31m PRFreeport Brazosport
29.11Colby Thomas12.30mManvel
--11Osi OdumeFOULAlief Taylor
--10Giles FitzwilliamsFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--12Antonio M. PinedaFOULHouston Westbury
--10Hezekiah CotlongFOULAngleton
--11Darius BouldinFOULCorpus Christi West ...
--11Julio FloresFOULHumble
--11Antoine NewmanFOULHouston Madison
--11Domonic AlbertFOULHouston Math Science...
--9Richard JordanFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--11Aaron CooperFOULGalena Park North Sh...
--11Eric AnumnuFOULStafford
--12Christian BluiettFOULBeaumont West Brook
--11Corey GrayFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--10Andreas GiannitsopoulosFOULSt Thomas
--11Richard GomezFOULHouston Westbury
--12Antonio RiveraFOULHouston Scarborough
--11Jarrell SimsFOULSt John's
--11Mario RevelesFOULHouston Math Science...
--12Aaron ChaisonFOULHouston Madison

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Gabriel Oladipo57.42mFort Bend Hightower
2.11John Barber51.01mFort Bend Travis
3.12Isiah Bean47.40mHumble Summer Creek
4.12Christian Bluiett45.73mBeaumont West Brook
5.12Andrew Hyacinth45.69m PRGalena Park North Sh...
6.12Steven Daboub45.47mHumble Atascocita
7.12Hunter Hasley44.92mSt John's
8.11Catney Christian44.74mAngleton
9.12Logan Peck44.13mHumble Atascocita
10.10Robert Slaybaugh43.75mFort Bend Elkins
11.11Reggie Boseman43.58mBeaumont Central
12.12Jeremy Bass42.77mFort Bend Marshall
13.11Gunnar Farris41.70mRound Rock McNeil
14.12David Chassion40.05mBeaumont West Brook
15.12Brett Alner38.29mHumble Atascocita
16.11Keon Hodge37.66m SRCorpus Christi West ...
17.11Chris Brinkley37.52m SRAngleton
18.12Cameron Raphiel37.02mHumble Summer Creek
19.12Cashman Smith36.91mMontgomery
20.11Colby Thomas35.54mManvel
21.10Tyler Jackson35.45m PRFort Bend Travis
22.11Antonio Williams35.05mFreeport Brazosport
23.12JP Tatum35.01mEpiscopal
24.10John Barrientes34.55mFreeport Brazosport
25.12Chris Godin34.43mRosehill Christian
26.11Jarrell Sims34.31mSt John's
27.11Kyler Scott33.27mAngleton
--11Darius BouldinFOULCorpus Christi West ...
--11Osi OdumeFOULAlief Taylor
--12David WilliamsFOULStafford
--10Giles FitzwilliamsFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--12Antonio RiveraFOULHouston Scarborough
--10Matthew MercadoFOULSt John's
--11Domonic AlbertFOULHouston Math Science...
--12Jacobie WatsonFOULHouston Scarborough
--9Richard JordanFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--12Tracie WhatleyFOULAlief Taylor
--10Andreas GiannitsopoulosFOULSt Thomas
--11Richard GomezFOULHouston Westbury
--11Corey GrayFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--11Kobe WhitesideFOULAlief Taylor
--11Eric AnumnuFOULStafford

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Caleb Parker2.00mStafford
2.11Michael Tolds1.98mManvel
3.12Tre'von Evans1.98mHumble Atascocita
4.12Terren Gills1.93mBeaumont West Brook
5.11Ju'Vonte Conston1.87mBeaumont West Brook
5.12Jacob McDaniel1.87mHouston Langham Crk
7.12CJ Gilmore1.82mDeSoto
7.12Anthony Mitchell1.82mHouston North Forest
9.12Luke Barksdale1.82mClear Brook
10.11Myles Fucci1.77m SRSt Thomas
11.11Lujuan Winningham1.72mHumble Atascocita
11.10Trey Johnson1.72mHumble Summer Creek
13.11Torrance Strong1.72m PRFort Bend Travis
13.10Thomas Davis1.72mGalena Park North Sh...
15.10John'Te Horace1.72m PRClear Brook
--11Travell HenshawNHHouston Westbury
--10Mike RoquemoreNHHouston Benjamin Davis
--12David JamesNHTemple
--12Travell LatoucheNHTemple
--11Terrance ScottNHHouston Nimitz
--10Tayvion JohnsonNHGalena Park North Sh...
--11Ben LingenfelterNHProvidence Classical
--11Jesse PringleNHHouston Scarborough
--12Marlon RoseNHHouston Benjamin Davis

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tyler Stafford4.41mTomball
2.12Will Gavrelos3.96mBeaumont West Brook
3.12Riley Honer3.96mHumble Atascocita
4.10Nick Hillier3.81mAngleton
5.12Carter Goyen3.81mAlvin
7.10Francisco Castro3.65mFreeport Brazosport
7.11Hayden Snyder3.65mHumble Atascocita
8.12Jason Battle3.50mGalena Park North Sh...
9.11Adrono Gonzales3.35mHumble Atascocita
10.11Grant Williams3.20mSt Thomas
--12Zafir MurphyNHGalena Park North Sh...

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Frederic Williams6.89m (1.0)DeSoto
2.10Jontrae Howard6.76m PR (2.6)Houston MacArthur
3.12Jacob McDaniel6.65m (-.9)Houston Langham Crk
3.12Davion Curtis6.65mTemple
5.11J'koven Celestine6.62m (-.5)Port Arthur Memorial
6.10Thomas Davis6.57m (.0)Galena Park North Sh...
7.12Scherry Allen6.57m (-.7)Humble Atascocita
8.12Luke Barksdale6.56m (.0)Clear Brook
9.12Trevion Goode6.36m (-3.2)Houston Madison
10.11Michael Tolds6.24m (-2.5)Manvel
11.11Vance Vallier6.22m (-1.4)Beaumont Central
12.10Xavier Mayes6.21m (-2.4)Houston MacArthur
13.12Jeremiah Hartfield6.19m (-1.5)Humble
14.12Brandon Goins6.12m (-2.3)Beaumont Central
14.12Brandon Thibeaux6.12m (-2.2)Humble Summer Creek
14.12Jackson Odom6.12m (-.4)St Thomas
14.12Carter Goyen6.12m (-1.7)Alvin
18.11Simon Blair6.09m (-4.2)Fort Bend Hightower
19.12Jashon Waddy6.04m (-.8)Angleton
20.11Griffin Hammond5.96m (-2.6)Humble Atascocita
21.10Ralph Davis5.93m (-1.5)Galena Park North Sh...
22.10Elijah Hines5.88m (-2.6)Port Arthur Memorial
23.11Colby Raphiel5.88m SR (-3.0)Humble Summer Creek
24.12Nathaniel Parker5.85m (-2.5)Beaumont West Brook
25.11Antonio Davis5.84m (-2.9)Houston North Forest
26.11Torrance Strong5.81m PR (-1.6)Fort Bend Travis
27.12Jeffery Stotts5.71m SR (-1.8)Lufkin Hudson
28.11Zaquincius Addison5.70m (1.1)Angleton
29.10John'Te Horace5.68m (-.8)Clear Brook
30.11Myles Wanza5.65m (-1.9)Humble Summer Creek
31.12Jay McInstosh5.62m (-2.9)Houston Scarborough
32.9Javontae Hopkins5.56m PR (-1.9)Fort Bend Travis
33.9Reginald Ellis5.43m SR (-.5)Houston Benjamin Davis
34.11Anthony Horton5.34m SR (-.3)Houston Nimitz
35.12Deurgray Prince5.15m PR (-2.5)Houston Westbury
36.9Zacharia Doar5.13m (-2.8)Harmony Sch. of Natu...
37.11Rashand Jones5.02m (-2.4)Houston North Forest
37.11Calvin Martin5.02m PR (-2.9)Houston Madison
39.9Craig Clemons5.00m PR (-.4)Corpus Christi West ...
40.10Royal Davis4.59m PR (-.9)HCYA Home School Lions
--12Santres BroussardFOULFort Bend Hightower
--9De'Quashie LindseyFOULCorpus Christi West ...
--11Jaderius MylesFOULHouston Math Science...
--12Ishmael CallandretFOULSt Thomas
--10Cameron RossFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--12Travell LatoucheFOULTemple
--11Lujuan WinninghamFOULHumble Atascocita
--12Caleb ReevesFOULHCYA Home School Lions
--12Xavier AndersonFOULHouston Math Science...
--12Jermiah CreditFOULFreeport Brazosport
--11Ben LingenfelterFOULProvidence Classical
--11Kameron PryorFOULHouston Benjamin Davis
--10Adam FountainFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jalen Seals14.45m (3.1)Ft Worth Boswell
2.12Carter Goyen13.69m (3.7)Alvin
3.10Travian Blaylock13.66m (3.0)Humble Atascocita
4.11George Nyakwol13.53m (2.1)Houston Eisenhower
5.10John'Te Horace13.36m SR (5.3)Clear Brook
6.12Trace Rogers13.28m (1.9)Humble Atascocita
7.12Zafir Murphy13.23m (4.9)Galena Park North Sh...
8.11Terry Tennard13.22m (2.9)Alvin
9.11J'koven Celestine13.10m (2.3)Port Arthur Memorial
10.12David James12.91m (2.8)Temple
11.11Martin Brown12.86m (5.5)Beaumont West Brook
12.10Alex Morris12.77m (2.1)Humble Atascocita
13.11Glenroy Jack12.77m (3.0)Baytown Sterling
14.12Anothony LaFleur12.67m PR (3.1)Galena Park North Sh...
15.11Simon Blair12.54m (2.8)Fort Bend Hightower
16.10Xavier Mayes12.53m (2.3)Houston MacArthur
17.10Ja'len Cleveland12.52m (1.2)Austin LBJ
18.9Javontae Hopkins12.51m (1.9)Fort Bend Travis
19.11Kenterious Walker12.51m (1.8)Houston Benjamin Davis
20.12Innis Gaines12.24m (3.5)Beaumont West Brook
21.10My'Kell Ross12.00m SR (3.5)Angleton
22.11Javier Vallecilla11.98m (2.6)Angleton
23.12Stanley Varner11.97m (3.4)Fort Bend Hightower
24.12Jackson Odom11.93m (3.8)St Thomas
--12Jeffery StottsFOULLufkin Hudson
--9Daniel CaiFOULEpiscopal
--12Caleb ReevesFOULHCYA Home School Lions
--12Deurgray PrinceFOULHouston Westbury
--12Luke BarksdaleFOULClear Brook
--12Ishmael CallandretFOULSt Thomas
--10Cameron RossFOULHarmony Sch. of Natu...
--10Omar DenmonFOULEpiscopal
--12Anthony MitchellFOULHouston North Forest
--11Travell HenshawFOULHouston Westbury
--9Reginald EllisFOULHouston Benjamin Davis
--11Dante BenningsFOULFort Bend Hightower


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