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100 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Gabrielle Williams16.77aPeak Perfomance South
2.7-8Simone Dennis16.99aAlpha Crush Running
3.7-8Mina Lovelace17.16aPeak Perfomance South
4.7-8Egypt Catuy17.26a PRCobb PAL
5.7-8Elle Albert17.41aBoys & Girls Track
6.7-8Jada Lubin17.47a PRKennworth Track
7.7-8Harley Ward17.65aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
8.7-8Faith Moore18.06a PRE-1 Track
9.7-8Shontate Smith18.11aCarrollton Track
10.6USa'Niyah Williams18.32a SRDepartment of Speed
11.7-8Eden Poole18.91aE-1 Track
12.7-8Ashley Brothers19.35a PREtowah Youth Track
13.7-8Nicole Delgado20.01a SRWalton Youth Track
14.7-8Savannah Moore20.32aThe Heat Track
15.6UNye'zurri Sims20.45a SRKennworth Track
16.7-8Lynden Harvey20.88a SRWalton Youth Track
17.6UMaureen Jones21.03a PRDepartment of Speed
18.7-8Adalynn Dioguardi21.70a SRCreekview Youth Track
19.6UPaisley Graaff22.00a PREtowah Youth Track
19.7-8Noelle Broyles22.00aPeak Perfomance South
19.7-8Camden Curry22.00aPeak Perfomance South

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Adaejah Hodge13.72a PRE-1 Track
2.9-10Grace Smith14.11aSmyrna Elite
3.9-10Shani Lofton14.93aBoys & Girls Track
4.9-10Taylor Scribner14.96aWalton Youth Track
5.9-10Dominique Brown14.97aPeak Perfomance South
6.9-10Zoe Ziglor15.11a PRFull Throttle Elite
7.9-10Jamari Maxime15.43aEtowah Youth Track
8.4Tessa Bray15.43a PR45-Unattached
9.9-10Jai-Lyn Ware15.49aThe Heat Track
10.9-10Amani Johnson15.51a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
11.9-10Honor Byrd15.59aWalton Youth Track
12.9-10Gabrielle Crane15.65aThe Heat Track
13.9-10Leelah Dennis15.76a SRAlpha Crush Running
14.9-10Aubrey Dishman15.80aCarrollton Track
15.9-10Caila Joseph15.93aBoys & Girls Track
16.9-10Alexis Odunuga15.93aDepartment of Speed
17.9-10Kayleigh Stargell15.97aFull Throttle Elite
18.9-10Kayln Perkins16.11a PRAlpharetta YMCA Spirit
19.9-10Kaia Brooks16.36a PRWalton Youth Track
20.9-10Kristine Lila16.48a SREtowah Youth Track
21.9-10Destiny Smith16.56a PRAlpharetta YMCA Spirit
22.9-10Miyah Thomas16.75aEtowah Youth Track
23.9-10Kaylin Lila16.85a SREtowah Youth Track
24.9-10Alexis Block16.96a PRCreekview Youth Track
25.9-10Grace Tyson17.40aWalton Youth Track
26.9-10Brenna Jewett17.79aAlpha Crush Running
27.9-10Mikaili Boykin17.83aPeak Perfomance South
28.9-10Zuri Quick17.83a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
29.9-10Brianna Flournoy19.59aCarrollton Track
30.9-10Varnika Dalal19.79aWalton Youth Track
31.9-10Jacey Sabo20.23a PRCarrollton Track
32.9-10Alaina Herrington20.42a PRCarrollton Track
33.9-10Parvati Narwate21.08a SRWalton Youth Track
34.9-10Mackenzie Miles22.00a PRKennworth Track
34.9-10Evangeline Hayes22.00a SRCreekview Youth Track
34.9-10Jayda Jackson22.00a SRKennworth Track
34.9-10Aniya Flournoy22.00aCarrollton Track
34.9-10India Moore22.00a SRE-1 Track

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Raquel Grier13.03aDepartment of Speed
2.11-12Nacari Williams13.09aExchange Zone
3.11-12Trinity Marshall13.65aDepartment of Speed
4.11-12Scout Chambers13.79aDepartment of Speed
5.11-12Samiyah Graziosi14.17aThe Heat Track
6.11-12Laila Odom14.30aThe Heat Track
7.11-12Avery Burr14.39aCreekview Youth Track
8.11-12Eryn Rayford14.55aPeak Perfomance South
9.11-12Caroline Lord14.59aCarrollton Track
10.11-12Kierra Montgomery14.89aCarrollton Track
11.11-12Ella Lutzow14.98aKennworth Track
12.11-12Kimberly Lila15.17a PREtowah Youth Track
13.11-12Kira Taylor15.34aKennworth Track
14.11-12Kayla Moore15.39a PREtowah Youth Track
15.11-12Aaliyah Harris15.51a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
16.11-12Meriah Jewsome15.87a SRKennworth Track
17.11-12Mekinley Lott15.90a SRCreekview Youth Track
18.11-12Anna Blackwell16.04a SRCreekview Youth Track
19.11-12Bria Smith16.81a PRE-1 Track
20.11-12Dejanay Scarlette17.17a PRKennworth Track
21.11-12Hannah Griffin17.25a PREtowah Youth Track
22.11-12Riley Sager17.63a PREtowah Youth Track
23.11-12Sophie-Katherine Harvey17.67a SRWalton Youth Track
24.11-12Aaliyah Miranda17.76aAlpha Crush Running
25.11-12Ashley Lyen17.95a PREtowah Youth Track
26.11-12Kaylynne Barfield18.00a PREtowah Youth Track
26.11-12Cadence Walker18.00a PRCreekview Youth Track
26.11-12Alana Smallwood18.00a SRKennworth Track
26.11-12Leilani Catuy18.00a PRCobb PAL
26.11-12Taylor Barnes18.00aMajor Impact Track

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Kali Terza12.73a SREtowah Youth Track
2.8Chatham Brown12.74a PR45-Unattached
3.13-14Marley Froe12.96aBoys & Girls Track
4.13-14Kara Stewart13.00aExchange Zone
5.13-14Kalaya Lee13.00aCobb PAL
6.13-14Milan Ming13.04a PRFull Throttle Elite
7.13-14Kassidy Trimble-Williams13.12aPeak Perfomance South
8.13-14Dalen Saunders-Carter13.14aBoys & Girls Track
9.13-14M'iArie Haynie13.19aBoys & Girls Track
10.13-14Zyan Mathis13.43aPeak Perfomance South
11.13-14Kyla Johnson13.45a SRPeak Perfomance South
12.13-14Jada Foote13.49a PRE-1 Track
13.13-14Joy Scott13.59aExchange Zone
14.13-14Roshae'Aaliyah Marshall-Douglin13.72aCobb PAL
15.13-14Alexis Milton13.73aKennworth Track
16.13-14Anisa Williams13.83a SRMarietta Track Club
17.13-14Cyan Green13.98aPeak Perfomance South
18.13-14Brooke Lofton14.06aBoys & Girls Track
19.13-14Kaylah Adams14.10a SRPeak Perfomance South
20.13-14Megan Sullivan14.36a SRKennworth Track
21.13-14Tahjee Hinton14.37aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
22.13-14Nia Walker14.41a PRCelerity Track Club
23.13-14Karrington Daughtry14.63a PRE-1 Track
24.13-14Cierra McFerrin14.77aDepartment of Speed
25.13-14Catheryn Elder14.87aBoys & Girls Track
26.13-14Kennedy Fitch14.88aMajor Impact Track
27.13-14Leah Terry15.14a PRE-1 Track
28.13-14Hannah Winegar15.17a SREtowah Youth Track
29.13-14Blythe Moore15.21a PRCreekview Youth Track
30.13-14Layla Senter15.34aSprint Athletics Track
31.13-14McKenzie Anderson15.48a PREtowah Youth Track
32.13-14Jada Marsh16.12a SRCarrollton Track
33.13-14Ronndasia Coleman16.35a PRE-1 Track
34.13-14Maggie Gibson16.53a PRCreekview Youth Track
35.13-14Daiyanna Cooper17.05aCarrollton Track
36.13-14Haley Bryant18.00a PRCreekview Youth Track
36.13-14Kamiya Lee18.00a SRCobb PAL
36.13-14Lashanti Williams18.00a SRCarrollton Track
36.13-14Alden Newsome18.00a PREtowah Youth Track
36.13-14Kayla Bellamy18.00a PRKennworth Track
36.13-14Pearl Onwumblko18.00aPeak Perfomance South
36.13-14Isabella McCollum18.00a PREtowah Youth Track
36.13-14Alex Rogers18.00a PRCelerity Track Club
44.13-14Aneisa Jones18.17aThe Heat Track

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Macy White12.18a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
2.15-16Nilaja Florence12.40aExchange Zone
3.15-16Kayla Hunt12.51aExchange Zone
4.15-16Chloe Robinson12.52aExchange Zone
5.15-16Seqouya Hunter12.60aExchange Zone
6.15-16Khadijah Montgomery12.61aCarrollton Track
7.15-16Kayla Williams12.62a SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
8.15-16Jayda Parsons13.06aExchange Zone
9.15-16Crystal Jones13.14a PRPebblebrook Jr. Falc...
10.15-16Amani Atwood13.22aBoys & Girls Track
11.15-16Iyanna Mann13.33a PRCarrollton Track
12.15-16Chanta Smith13.40aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
13.15-16Cameron Hastings13.40a PRDepartment of Speed
14.15-16Dashia Shorter13.46a SRMarietta Track Club
15.15-16Tomisin John13.47a SRE-1 Track
16.15-16Kristina Maxwell13.60aPeak Perfomance South
16.15-16Keyara Robinson13.60aNation of Speed
18.15-16Maya Dunn13.60a PRCobb Track
19.15-16Imani Marshall13.65a PRNation of Speed
20.15-16Stormy Conner13.82aElite Jaguars Track ...
21.15-16Aulante Woodley13.82aSprint Athletics Track
22.15-16Camryn Johnson13.83a PRMarietta Track Club
23.15-16Cydney Thornton13.84a PRCelerity Track Club
24.15-16Alexis Lay14.00a SRDepartment of Speed
25.15-16Wendy Ulman14.07aMajor Impact Track
26.15-16Paisley Hays14.07a PRThe Heat Track
27.15-16Niyah Penn14.17a PRE-1 Track
28.15-16Tracie Smith14.19a PRThe Heat Track
29.15-16Catherine Oliga14.30aRSS Athletics
30.15-16Phoenix Lofton14.46aBoys & Girls Track
31.15-16Lauren Shaw14.47a PRSprint Athletics Track
32.15-16Audrey McNeal14.81a PRKennworth Track
33.15-16Moraima Garcia15.50a SRCreekview Youth Track
34.15-16Angel Fudge15.51a PRE-1 Track
35.15-16Jada White15.89a PRMajor Impact Track
36.15-16Mersadies Foote18.00a PRE-1 Track
36.15-16Erica Chunn18.00a PRNation of Speed
36.15-16Samantha George18.00a PRKennworth Track
36.15-16Elasia Campbell18.00a PRFull Throttle Elite
36.15-16Ashley Schwerzler18.00a SRCreekview Youth Track

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Cassondra Hall11.59a PRSprint Athletics Track
2.17-18Hope Glenn11.89aRSS Athletics
3.17-18Vivette Green12.47aE-1 Track
4.17-18Jayda Owens12.53aElite Jaguars Track ...
5.17-18Nia Brown12.66a PRMajor Impact Track
6.17-18Aliyah Mickens12.70a PRThe Heat Track
7.17-18Meagan Lynch12.93a PRSprint Athletics Track
8.17-18Kendra Whitehurst12.99a PRSprint Athletics Track
9.17-18Jacqueline Riggins13.05a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
10.17-18Jaida Bolden13.13aTitans Track
11.17-18Lauren Stenson13.14a PRExchange Zone
12.17-18Louise Tocays13.23aMajor Impact Track
13.17-18Camile Oliga13.28aRSS Athletics
14.17-18Brittany Cox13.30a PRE-1 Track
15.17-18Morgan Millikan13.48a PRMajor Impact Track
16.17-18Emma Francis13.57a PRTitans Track
17.17-18Leslie Hudgins13.63a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
18.17-18Morgan Lewis13.81a SRRSS Athletics
19.17-18Angelica Henderson13.84aPeak Perfomance South
20.17-18Victoria Westfield13.88a PRE-1 Track
21.17-18Alyssia Smith14.24aMarietta Track Club
22.17-18Jhacianna Jefferson14.59a PRNation of Speed
23.17-18Justice Cooper14.87a PRE-1 Track
24.11April Rogers15.00a45-Unattached
24.17-18Ashley Hunter15.00aRSS Athletics
24.17-18Nia Brown15.00a PRThe Heat Track
24.17-18Ansley Jenkins15.00aCreekview Youth Track
24.17-18Jasmine Reese15.00a PRExchange Zone
24.17-18Kiera Elston15.00aRSS Athletics
24.17-18Dominiq DeLisser15.00aRSS Athletics
24.-Paris Warner15.00aTitans Track
24.17-18Sydni Gilmore15.00aSprint Athletics Track
24.17-18Cassidi Jones15.00a SRE-1 Track
24.17-18Shania Evans15.00aExchange Zone

200 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Jaya Bowick34.71a PRExchange Zone
2.7-8Camden Curry36.34aPeak Perfomance South
3.7-8Jada Lubin36.78a PRKennworth Track
4.7-8Noelle Broyles36.98a PRPeak Perfomance South
5.7-8Egypt Catuy37.62a PRCobb PAL
6.7-8Elle Albert38.39aBoys & Girls Track
7.6USa'Niyah Williams38.40a SRDepartment of Speed
8.7-8Faith Moore38.77a PRE-1 Track
9.7-8Mina Lovelace38.97a SRPeak Perfomance South
10.7-8Harley Ward39.61aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
11.7-8Ashley Brothers40.33a PREtowah Youth Track
12.7-8Eden Poole40.41aE-1 Track
13.7-8Braley Lane41.23a PRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
14.7-8Claire Kinnaman42.01a PRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
15.7-8Shontate Smith42.89aCarrollton Track
16.6UNye'zurri Sims43.96a SRKennworth Track
17.7-8Savannah Moore45.46a PRThe Heat Track
18.7-8Lillian Brookshire46.00a PRCreekview Youth Track
18.6UMaureen Jones46.00a PRDepartment of Speed
18.7-8Gabrielle Williams46.00aPeak Perfomance South

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Adaejah Hodge29.02aE-1 Track
2.9-10Grace Smith29.66aSmyrna Elite
3.9-10Shani Lofton31.12aBoys & Girls Track
4.9-10Taylor Scribner31.25aWalton Youth Track
5.9-10Zoe Ziglor31.75a PRFull Throttle Elite
6.4Tessa Bray31.80a PR45-Unattached
7.9-10Jai-Lyn Ware31.90aThe Heat Track
8.9-10Gabrielle Crane32.07aThe Heat Track
9.9-10Yasmine Williams32.32a SRE-1 Track
10.9-10Jamari Maxime32.51aEtowah Youth Track
11.9-10Mallory Martin32.68a PRE-1 Track
12.9-10Amani Johnson32.78a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
13.9-10Anija White32.88aPeak Perfomance South
14.9-10Alexis Odunuga32.95aDepartment of Speed
15.9-10Anna Lea Parodi33.02a PRCreekview Youth Track
16.9-10Honor Byrd33.47a PRWalton Youth Track
17.9-10Aubrey Dishman34.23aCarrollton Track
18.9-10Kaylin Lila34.29a SREtowah Youth Track
19.9-10Caila Joseph34.36aBoys & Girls Track
20.9-10Kristine Lila35.29a SREtowah Youth Track
21.9-10Catherine Moore37.99aThe Heat Track
22.9-10Mikaili Boykin38.37aPeak Perfomance South
23.9-10Zuri Quick39.71a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
24.9-10Natalia Randleman41.53a PRMarietta Track Club
25.9-10Brianna Flournoy47.39aCarrollton Track
26.9-10Kayleigh Stargell1:01.44aFull Throttle Elite
27.9-10Destiny Smith1:02.00aAlpharetta YMCA Spirit
27.9-10Parvati Narwate1:02.00a SRWalton Youth Track
27.9-10Mackenzie Miles1:02.00a PRKennworth Track
27.9-10Addison Higgins1:02.00a SREtowah Youth Track
27.9-10Jayda Jackson1:02.00a SRKennworth Track
27.9-10India Moore1:02.00a SRE-1 Track
27.9-10Kayln Perkins1:02.00aAlpharetta YMCA Spirit

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Nacari Williams26.89aExchange Zone
2.11-12Raquel Grier27.28aDepartment of Speed
3.11-12Morgan Campbell28.02a SRE-1 Track
4.11-12Scout Chambers28.30aDepartment of Speed
5.7Zion Rice28.84a PR45-Unattached
6.11-12Jaydah Sangster29.89a PRE-1 Track
7.11-12Leilani Catuy29.90a PRCobb PAL
8.11-12Lyric Coleman29.96a SRE-1 Track
9.11-12Laila Odom30.08aThe Heat Track
10.11-12Saneah Howard30.23aPeak Perfomance South
11.11-12Eryn Rayford30.63aPeak Perfomance South
12.11-12Avery Burr30.87aCreekview Youth Track
13.11-12Kierra Montgomery31.04a SRCarrollton Track
14.11-12Caroline Lord31.44a PRCarrollton Track
15.11-12Alexandria Bacon31.54aPeak Perfomance South
16.11-12Kira Taylor31.76a SRKennworth Track
17.11-12Kayla Moore31.84a SREtowah Youth Track
18.11-12Ella Lutzow32.18aKennworth Track
19.11-12Kimberly Lila32.28a SREtowah Youth Track
20.11-12Aaliyah Harris32.60aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
21.11-12Alana Smallwood33.24aKennworth Track
22.11-12Amber Lee33.91a SRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
23.11-12Meriah Jewsome34.49a SRKennworth Track
24.11-12Dejanay Scarlette35.97a PRKennworth Track
25.11-12Lexi Pavese36.00a PREtowah Youth Track
25.11-12Anna Blackwell36.00a PRCreekview Youth Track
25.11-12Zion Rice36.00aGazelle Track
25.11-12Johrdyn Tarpeh36.00aMajor Impact Track
25.11-12Sophia Bradford36.00a PRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
25.11-12Taylor Barnes36.00aMajor Impact Track
31.11-12Bria Smith36.37a PRE-1 Track

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Mekenze Kelley26.30aBoys & Girls Track
2.13-14Kali Terza26.38a PREtowah Youth Track
3.13-14Milan Ming26.44a PRFull Throttle Elite
4.7Jania Hodges26.47a PR45-Unattached
5.13-14Kalaya Lee26.65a PRCobb PAL
6.13-14Dalen Saunders-Carter26.83a SRBoys & Girls Track
7.13-14Taviana Williams26.95a SRE-1 Track
8.13-14Marley Froe27.00aBoys & Girls Track
9.13-14M'iArie Haynie27.13aBoys & Girls Track
10.13-14Jayla Brown27.21a PRExchange Zone
11.8Makayla Jones27.31a PR45-Unattached
12.8Makylah Jones27.34a PR45-Unattached
13.13-14Kennedy Oglesby27.35a SRMajor Impact Track
14.13-14Jada Wilson27.53a PRFull Throttle Elite
15.13-14Joy Scott27.60a SRExchange Zone
16.13-14Kara Stewart27.61a PRExchange Zone
17.13-14Jacqueline Savage27.67aMajor Impact Track
18.13-14Ariana Madison27.90a PRSprint Athletics Track
19.13-14Zyan Mathis27.98aPeak Perfomance South
20.13-14Kyla Johnson28.06aPeak Perfomance South
21.13-14Jada Foote28.41a PRE-1 Track
22.13-14Roshae'Aaliyah Marshall-Douglin28.47aCobb PAL
23.13-14Shyla Timberlake28.66aMarietta Track Club
24.13-14Brooke Lofton28.67a SRBoys & Girls Track
25.13-14Kassidy Trimble-Williams28.78aPeak Perfomance South
26.13-14Isabella McCollum28.83a PREtowah Youth Track
27.13-14Netanya Brown29.06a PRE-1 Track
28.8Sidney Stout29.24a PR45-Unattached
29.13-14Shyelle Davenport29.39aCobb PAL
30.13-14Briana Madison29.56a PRSprint Athletics Track
31.13-14Skylar Horton29.62a PRThe Heat Track
32.13-14Megan Sullivan29.68a SRKennworth Track
33.13-14Alexis Milton29.90a SRKennworth Track
34.13-14Alexa Kreh30.41a SRCreekview Youth Track
35.13-14Karrington Daughtry30.51a PRE-1 Track
36.13-14Kaylah Adams30.87aPeak Perfomance South
37.13-14Tahjee Hinton31.11aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
38.13-14Pearl Onwumblko31.44aPeak Perfomance South
39.13-14Leah Terry32.12a PRE-1 Track
40.13-14Kolina Smith32.61aBoys & Girls Track
41.13-14Hannah Winegar32.90a SREtowah Youth Track
42.13-14Kennedy Fitch33.61a PRMajor Impact Track
43.13-14McKenzie Anderson33.94aEtowah Youth Track
44.13-14Maggie Gibson34.27a PRCreekview Youth Track
45.13-14Sidney Stout35.00aGazelle Track
45.7Osaose Eguakun35.00a PR45-Unattached
45.13-14Tommi Newton35.00a PRE-1 Track
45.13-14Makylah Jones35.00aGazelle Track
45.13-14Kamiya Lee35.00a SRCobb PAL
45.13-14Anna Hooker35.00a PREtowah Youth Track
45.13-14Kiala Blackman35.00a SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
45.13-14Rickaiya Conyers35.00a PRE-1 Track
45.13-14Lashanti Williams35.00a SRCarrollton Track
45.8Carlie Turner35.00a SR45-Unattached
45.13-14Carlie Turner35.00a PRTitans Track
45.13-14Kayla Bellamy35.00a PRKennworth Track
45.13-14Nia Walker35.00a PRCelerity Track Club
45.13-14Alex Rogers35.00a PRCelerity Track Club
59.13-14Ronndasia Coleman35.39a PRE-1 Track
60.13-14Anisa Williams36.38a SRMarietta Track Club
61.13-14Aneisa Jones45.20aThe Heat Track

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tia Jones25.02a PRFull Throttle Elite
2.15-16Macy White25.07aElite Jaguars Track ...
3.15-16Nilaja Florence25.32aExchange Zone
4.15-16Chloe Robinson25.67aExchange Zone
5.15-16Khadijah Montgomery25.70a PRCarrollton Track
6.15-16Elasia Campbell25.84a PRFull Throttle Elite
7.15-16Seqouya Hunter25.98aExchange Zone
8.15-16Ayonna Dennis26.09aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
9.15-16Tyra Poole26.26aWalton Youth Track
10.15-16Kayla Hunt26.29aExchange Zone
11.15-16Kayla Williams26.38aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
12.15-16Jayda Parsons26.65aExchange Zone
13.15-16Crystal Jones27.40a PRPebblebrook Jr. Falc...
14.15-16Cameron Hastings27.48a PRDepartment of Speed
15.10Kelah Poleon27.53a PR45-Unattached
16.15-16Amani Atwood27.59a PRBoys & Girls Track
17.15-16Chynna Gomez28.23aSprint Athletics Track
18.15-16Lauren Powell28.27a SRMarietta Track Club
19.15-16Aulante Woodley28.68aSprint Athletics Track
20.15-16Chanta Smith28.82aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
21.15-16Kristina Maxwell28.93aPeak Perfomance South
22.15-16Stormy Conner29.23aElite Jaguars Track ...
23.15-16Camryn Johnson29.25a PRMarietta Track Club
24.15-16Dashia Shorter29.56aMarietta Track Club
25.15-16Lauren Shaw29.70a PRSprint Athletics Track
26.15-16Paisley Hays29.82a PRThe Heat Track
27.15-16Phoenix Lofton30.02a PRBoys & Girls Track
28.15-16Ra'chel Young30.60aThe Heat Track
29.15-16Tracie Smith31.14a PRThe Heat Track
30.15-16Angel Fudge32.94a PRE-1 Track
31.15-16Jada White34.03a PRMajor Impact Track
32.15-16Erica Chunn35.38a PRNation of Speed
33.15-16Imani Marshall39.00aNation of Speed
33.15-16Maya Dunn39.00aCobb Track
33.15-16Wendy Ulman39.00a SRMajor Impact Track
33.15-16Nia Perryman39.00aDepartment of Speed
33.15-16Niyah Penn39.00a PRE-1 Track
33.15-16Tomisin John39.00a SRE-1 Track
33.15-16Abigail Banas39.00aElite Jaguars Track ...
33.15-16Joshua Robinson39.00aElite Jaguars Track ...
33.15-16Catherine Oliga39.00aRSS Athletics
33.15-16Cydney Thornton39.00a PRCelerity Track Club
33.9Mikaela Sanders39.00a PR45-Unattached
33.15-16Mikaela Sanders39.00a PRGazelle Track
33.15-16Audrey McNeal39.00a PRKennworth Track
33.15-16Asia Johnson39.00aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
33.9Trinity Williams39.00a PR45-Unattached
33.15-16Trinity Williams39.00a SRGazelle Track

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Cassondra Hall23.51a SRSprint Athletics Track
2.17-18Hope Glenn24.78a SRRSS Athletics
3.-Nina Nkem24.85aTitans Track
4.17-18Vivette Green25.06aE-1 Track
5.17-18Sydney Davis25.32aSprint Athletics Track
6.17-18Ebele Okoye25.40a PRSprint Athletics Track
7.17-18Jasmine Reese25.60a PRExchange Zone
8.17-18Nya Hall25.77aElite Jaguars Track ...
9.17-18Aliyah Sangster25.84a PRE-1 Track
10.17-18Meagan Lynch26.03aSprint Athletics Track
11.17-18Danielle Okonta26.08aThe Heat Track
12.17-18Shania Evans26.10aExchange Zone
13.10Kennedy Quarles26.17a PR45-Unattached
14.17-18Aliyah Mickens26.20aThe Heat Track
15.17-18Nia Brown26.50a PRMajor Impact Track
16.17-18Lauren Stenson26.58a PRExchange Zone
17.17-18Jayda Owens26.72a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
18.17-18Ashley Devert26.80a PRTitans Track
19.17-18Louise Tocays26.87aMajor Impact Track
20.17-18Kendra Whitehurst27.07a PRSprint Athletics Track
21.17-18Kaitlyn Peeples27.26aElite Jaguars Track ...
22.17-18Oneillia Martin27.34aSprint Athletics Track
23.17-18Emma Francis27.86a PRTitans Track
24.17-18Jaida Bolden27.88a PRTitans Track
25.17-18Cyntrecia Anderson27.89a PRE-1 Track
26.17-18Victoria Powell28.09a SRTitans Track
27.17-18Antonia Frazier28.20aRSS Athletics
28.17-18Victoria Westfield28.34a PRE-1 Track
29.17-18Jacqueline Riggins28.45aElite Jaguars Track ...
30.17-18Leslie Hudgins28.92aElite Jaguars Track ...
31.17-18Alyssia Smith29.55aMarietta Track Club
32.17-18Leilani Johnson30.20a PRMarietta Track Club
33.17-18Justice Cooper30.37a PRE-1 Track
34.17-18Jhacianna Jefferson30.84a PRNation of Speed
35.17-18Theresa Riccio32.00aThe Heat Track
35.17-18Nia Brown32.00a PRThe Heat Track
35.17-18Morgan Millikan32.00aMajor Impact Track
35.11April Rogers32.00a PR45-Unattached
35.17-18Katelyn McConnell32.00a SRMajor Impact Track
35.15-16Stormy Conner32.00aElite Jaguars Track ...
35.17-18Angelica Henderson32.00aPeak Perfomance South
35.17-18Ashley Hunter32.00a PRRSS Athletics
35.17-18Camile Oliga32.00aRSS Athletics
35.17-18Micaiah Ransby32.00a PRTitans Track
35.-Paris Warner32.00aTitans Track
35.11Grace Loehr32.00a PR45-Unattached
35.17-18Kiera Elston32.00a PRRSS Athletics
35.17-18Sydni Gilmore32.00a PRSprint Athletics Track
35.17-18Kennedy Quarles32.00a SRGazelle Track
35.17-18Cassidi Jones32.00a SRE-1 Track
35.17-18Brianca Louis32.00a PRKennworth Track

400 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Jaya Bowick1:17.34a PRExchange Zone
2.7-8Simone Dennis1:18.85a SRAlpha Crush Running
3.7-8Haley Sarden1:19.00a PRWalton Youth Track
4.7-8Elle Albert1:23.38a PRBoys & Girls Track
5.7-8Camden Curry1:27.36a SRPeak Perfomance South
6.7-8Egypt Catuy1:31.31a PRCobb PAL
7.7-8Eden Poole1:32.19a PRE-1 Track
8.7-8Mallory Daniels1:32.70a SREtowah Youth Track
9.7-8Noelle Broyles1:33.83a PRPeak Perfomance South
10.7-8Nicole Delgado1:34.10a SRWalton Youth Track
11.7-8Gabrielle Williams1:35.32a PRPeak Perfomance South
12.7-8Braley Lane1:40.06a SRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
13.7-8Lynden Harvey1:40.74a SRWalton Youth Track
14.6UNye'zurri Sims1:45.30a SRKennworth Track
15.7-8Savannah Moore1:50.00aThe Heat Track
15.7-8Lillian Brookshire1:50.00a PRCreekview Youth Track

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Kayleigh Stargell1:04.50aFull Throttle Elite
2.9-10Anaya Fraser1:08.06a SRPeak Perfomance South
3.9-10Dominique Brown1:08.24a PRPeak Perfomance South
4.9-10Jasmine Perez1:11.96a PRCelerity Track Club
5.9-10Shani Lofton1:12.31aBoys & Girls Track
6.9-10Jai-Lyn Ware1:13.86aThe Heat Track
7.9-10Yasmine Williams1:16.25a SRE-1 Track
8.9-10Anija White1:16.79a SRPeak Perfomance South
9.9-10Rachel Odister1:17.48a SRSmyrna Elite
10.9-10Briana Marks1:18.00aPeak Perfomance South
11.9-10Marisa Taylor1:18.30a PRKennworth Track
12.9-10Mallory Martin1:18.80a PRE-1 Track
13.9-10Kaia Brooks1:18.99a PRWalton Youth Track
14.3Niara Gayle1:19.19a PR45-Unattached
15.9-10Leelah Dennis1:22.53aAlpha Crush Running
16.9-10Catherine Moore1:23.65a PRThe Heat Track
17.9-10Kamryn Peeples1:26.57a PREtowah Youth Track
18.9-10Caila Joseph1:26.57aBoys & Girls Track
19.9-10Anita Sharma1:26.63a SRWalton Youth Track
20.9-10Brenna Jewett1:27.32aAlpha Crush Running
21.9-10Varnika Dalal1:32.97a SRWalton Youth Track
22.9-10Prisha Mody1:34.24a PRAlpha Crush Running
23.9-10Alexandra Duffie1:34.34a PRAlpha Crush Running
24.9-10Natalia Randleman1:37.31a PRMarietta Track Club
25.9-10Aniya Flournoy1:37.66a PRCarrollton Track
26.9-10Alexis Odunuga1:38.00a PRDepartment of Speed
26.9-10Zoe Ziglor1:38.00a PRFull Throttle Elite
26.9-10Miyah Thomas1:38.00aEtowah Youth Track
26.9-10Carlie Wilson1:38.00a PRKennworth Track
30.9-10Helen Miller1:38.23a PRAlpharetta YMCA Spirit

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Raquel Grier1:01.64aDepartment of Speed
2.11-12Jessicka Woods1:04.47aBoys & Girls Track
3.11-12McKenna Boykin1:05.39a SRPeak Perfomance South
4.11-12Samiyah Graziosi1:06.33aThe Heat Track
5.11-12Skye Chambers1:06.85aDepartment of Speed
6.7Zion Rice1:07.30a PR45-Unattached
7.11-12Sy'Riaha Bailey1:07.33a SRPeak Perfomance South
8.11-12Lyric Coleman1:09.10a SRE-1 Track
9.11-12Laila Odom1:10.39aThe Heat Track
10.11-12Saneah Howard1:11.19a PRPeak Perfomance South
11.11-12Akhaila Makenna1:12.36a PRMarietta Track Club
12.11-12Kayla Moore1:13.97a SREtowah Youth Track
13.11-12Aaliyah Harris1:14.34aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
14.11-12Juliette Scarangello1:14.85a SRThe Heat Track
15.11-12Ariel Moore1:15.03a PRE-1 Track
16.11-12Srishti Talati1:16.16a PRAlpha Crush Running
17.11-12Alana Smallwood1:16.23a PRKennworth Track
18.11-12Aziah Dix1:17.42aCarrollton Track
19.11-12Alexandria Bacon1:20.12aPeak Perfomance South
20.11-12Bria Smith1:20.73a PRE-1 Track
21.11-12Jazmine Afolayan1:25.36aBoys & Girls Track
22.11-12Aaliyah Miranda1:26.43aAlpha Crush Running
23.11-12Brooklyn Mcvicker1:26.96a PRMarietta Track Club
24.11-12Ashley Lyen1:27.08a PREtowah Youth Track
25.11-12Brighton Moore1:27.99aThe Heat Track
26.11-12Riley Sager1:30.29a PREtowah Youth Track
27.11-12Zion Rice1:35.00aGazelle Track
27.13-14Makayla Jones1:35.00aGazelle Track
27.11-12Kate Slappey1:35.00a SRCarrollton Track
27.11-12Johrdyn Tarpeh1:35.00aMajor Impact Track
27.11-12Leilani Catuy1:35.00a PRCobb PAL

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ashton Lindley57.05aGazelle Track
2.13-14Mekenze Kelley58.72aBoys & Girls Track
3.13-14Chakiya Plummer59.33a PRExchange Zone
4.13-14Milan Ming59.47a PRFull Throttle Elite
5.13-14Taviana Williams59.62a PRE-1 Track
6.8Makayla Jones59.84a PR45-Unattached
7.13-14Jazzmin Taylor1:00.45a PRE-1 Track
8.13-14Alexia Allen1:00.66aExchange Zone
9.13-14Makylah Jones1:01.07a SRGazelle Track
10.13-14Jayla Brown1:01.75a SRExchange Zone
11.13-14Kalaya Lee1:01.76aCobb PAL
12.13-14Jada Wilson1:02.10aFull Throttle Elite
13.13-14Kennedy Oglesby1:02.42aMajor Impact Track
14.13-14Tyler Simpson1:02.66a PRExchange Zone
15.13-14Isabela Castillo1:03.29a PR45-Unattached
16.13-14Joy Scott1:03.34a PRExchange Zone
17.13-14Jacqueline Savage1:03.73aMajor Impact Track
18.13-14Marley Froe1:04.07aBoys & Girls Track
19.8Sidney Stout1:05.48a PR45-Unattached
20.13-14Alexia Todd1:06.53a PRBoys & Girls Track
21.13-14Abby Scott1:07.67a PRMajor Impact Track
22.13-14Alexa Kreh1:08.00a PRCreekview Youth Track
23.13-14Skylar Horton1:08.15a PRThe Heat Track
24.13-14Ariana Madison1:09.41aSprint Athletics Track
25.13-14Emma Flynn1:09.71a PRAlpha Crush Running
26.13-14Nia Walker1:10.09a PRCelerity Track Club
27.13-14Briana Madison1:10.13aSprint Athletics Track
28.13-14Netanya Brown1:10.77a PRE-1 Track
29.13-14Katelyn McLean1:11.31aAlpha Crush Running
30.13-14Cierra McFerrin1:13.50aDepartment of Speed
31.7Osaose Eguakun1:15.38a PR45-Unattached
32.13-14Jessie Zhu1:15.45aWalton Youth Track
33.13-14Kolina Smith1:16.38aBoys & Girls Track
34.13-14Kayla Bellamy1:17.29a PRKennworth Track
35.7Princess Elimian1:19.42a PR45-Unattached
36.13-14Pearl Onwumblko1:22.63a PRPeak Perfomance South
37.13-14Carlie Turner1:29.84aTitans Track
38.13-14Zyan Mathis1:58.70aPeak Perfomance South
39.13-14Jada Foote1:59.11a PRE-1 Track
40.13-14Wallis Adair2:00.92a SRE-1 Track
41.13-14Dakota Martin2:02.83aExchange Zone
42.13-14Kyla Johnson2:03.64aPeak Perfomance South
43.13-14Kiala Blackman2:09.77aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
44.13-14Sydney St Fleur2:14.91aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
45.13-14Emma Dalton2:30.00a PRKennworth Track
45.13-14Megan Sullivan2:30.00a SRKennworth Track
45.13-14Alex Rogers2:30.00a PRCelerity Track Club
45.13-14Taylor Menshon2:30.00a PREtowah Youth Track
45.8Carlie Turner2:30.00a SR45-Unattached
45.13-14Rickaiya Conyers2:30.00a PRE-1 Track
45.8Ashton Lindley2:30.00a PR45-Unattached
45.13-14Tahjee Hinton2:30.00a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
45.13-14Shyelle Davenport2:30.00aCobb PAL
45.13-14Sidney Stout2:30.00aGazelle Track
45.13-14Tommi Newton2:30.00a PRE-1 Track
45.8Makylah Jones2:30.00a PR45-Unattached
45.13-14Roshae'Aaliyah Marshall-Douglin2:30.00aCobb PAL
58.13-14Kamiya Lee2:44.94aCobb PAL

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Sterling Lester54.54aMarietta Track Club
2.15-16Seqouya Hunter59.09a PRExchange Zone
3.15-16Macy White59.90a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
4.15-16Elasia Campbell1:00.69aFull Throttle Elite
5.15-16Ilene Soleyn1:00.92a PRE-1 Track
6.15-16Mikayla Dunn1:01.16a PRCobb Track
7.15-16Kayla Hunt1:01.57a SRExchange Zone
8.15-16Ayonna Dennis1:01.87aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
9.15-16Tyra Poole1:02.02aWalton Youth Track
10.10Kelah Poleon1:02.05a PR45-Unattached
11.15-16Alexis Lay1:02.59aDepartment of Speed
12.15-16Amani Atwood1:02.89a PRBoys & Girls Track
13.15-16Taya Jackson1:02.90a SRTitans Track
14.15-16Simone Johnson1:03.20a PRMarietta Track Club
15.15-16Joshua Robinson1:03.36aElite Jaguars Track ...
16.15-16Laney Kronz1:03.43a PRTitans Track
17.15-16Maya Dunn1:04.40a PRCobb Track
18.15-16Keyara Robinson1:06.11aNation of Speed
19.15-16Abigail Banas1:06.48aElite Jaguars Track ...
20.15-16Nia Perryman1:06.90aDepartment of Speed
21.15-16Paisley Hays1:07.16a PRThe Heat Track
22.15-16Cydney Thornton1:10.78a PRCelerity Track Club
23.15-16Lauren Powell1:11.59aMarietta Track Club
24.15-16Phoenix Lofton1:12.24a PRBoys & Girls Track
25.15-16Kristina Maxwell1:18.52a PRPeak Perfomance South
26.15-16Angel Fudge1:24.38a PRE-1 Track
27.15-16Katherine Konieczka1:30.00a PRMajor Impact Track
27.15-16Jada White1:30.00a PRMajor Impact Track
27.15-16Frankie Rowland1:30.00a PRAlpha Crush Running
27.15-16Mikaela Sanders1:30.00aGazelle Track
27.15-16Lazariah Howard1:30.00aNation of Speed
27.15-16Armalin Greene1:30.00aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
27.9Trinity Williams1:30.00a PR45-Unattached
27.15-16Trinity Williams1:30.00a SRGazelle Track
27.15-16Kylan Rice1:30.00a PRGazelle Track
27.15-16Asia Johnson1:30.00a SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
27.15-16Chloe Robinson1:30.00aExchange Zone
40.15-16Dashia Shorter1:33.10aMarietta Track Club

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Sydney Davis56.70aSprint Athletics Track
2.17-18Ebele Okoye56.91aSprint Athletics Track
3.11Alexis Jones57.50a SR45-Unattached
4.17-18Tamira Gitonga57.61a PRRSS Athletics
5.-Nina Nkem58.06aTitans Track
6.17-18Aliyah Sangster58.71a PRE-1 Track
7.17-18Iyanna Dandrea59.22a PRE-1 Track
8.17-18Shania Evans59.57a PRExchange Zone
9.17-18Oneillia Martin59.78a PRSprint Athletics Track
10.17-18Jasmine Reese1:00.24a PRExchange Zone
11.17-18Nya Hall1:00.30aElite Jaguars Track ...
12.17-18Cyntrecia Anderson1:00.71a PRE-1 Track
13.17-18Brandi Mcgrady1:00.84a PRMarietta Track Club
14.17-18Lauren Stenson1:01.52aExchange Zone
15.17-18Isabella Tremble1:02.23a PRTitans Track
16.17-18Rachel Edler1:03.08a PRSprint Athletics Track
17.17-18Keri Ashworth1:03.17a PRE-1 Track
18.17-18Ashley Devert1:03.23a PRTitans Track
19.11Grace Loehr1:03.55a45-Unattached
20.17-18Kaitlyn Peeples1:03.70a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
21.17-18Victoria Westfield1:04.17a PRE-1 Track
22.17-18Alyssia Smith1:07.78a PRMarietta Track Club
23.17-18Leslie Hudgins1:07.90a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
24.17-18Leilani Johnson1:10.10aMarietta Track Club
25.17-18Dominique Miller1:10.34a PRElite Jaguars Track ...
26.17-18Lillian Hamman1:11.34aCarrollton Track
27.17-18Deborah Yussuff1:12.00a PRMarietta Track Club
27.17-18Katelyn McConnell1:12.00a PRMajor Impact Track
27.11April Rogers1:12.00a PR45-Unattached
27.17-18Micaiah Ransby1:12.00a PRTitans Track
27.17-18Savannah Ray1:12.00a PRNation of Speed
27.17-18Lauren Jackson1:12.00a SRSprint Athletics Track
27.17-18Victoria Powell1:12.00a SRTitans Track
27.17-18Kennedy Quarles1:12.00a SRGazelle Track
27.17-18Victoria Thornton1:12.00aThe Heat Track

800 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Jaya Bowick3:03.39a PRExchange Zone
2.7-8Haley Sarden3:08.97aWalton Youth Track
3.7-8Taylor Kallbreier3:11.73a SREtowah Youth Track
4.7-8Gianna Burke3:22.70a PRMarietta Track Club

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Tyler Lowe2:39.56aCelerity Track Club
2.9-10Heidi Heppner2:40.49aAlpha Crush Running
3.9-10Daniela Delgado2:49.97aWalton Youth Track
4.9-10Jasmine Perez2:52.47a PRCelerity Track Club
5.9-10Kamryn Peeples2:54.66a PREtowah Youth Track
6.9-10Lauren Fath2:55.68aCreekview Youth Track
7.9-10Brynn Schlaupitz2:56.13aAlpha Crush Running
8.9-10Addison Tilley2:57.86aMarietta Track Club
9.9-10Abbie Kallbreier2:59.31aEtowah Youth Track
10.9-10Avery Wheeler3:04.22a PRWalton Youth Track
11.9-10Jaylyn Rooks3:05.36aCarrollton Track
12.9-10Rachel Odister3:06.15a SRSmyrna Elite
13.9-10Ryan Norris3:09.11a SRAlpha Crush Running
14.9-10Addison Higgins3:15.87aEtowah Youth Track
15.9-10Clare Cole3:26.91a PRAlpha Crush Running
16.9-10Catherine Moore3:29.56aThe Heat Track
17.9-10Prisha Mody3:31.70aAlpha Crush Running
18.9-10Helen Miller3:38.77aAlpharetta YMCA Spirit
19.9-10Alexandra Duffie3:40.00a PRAlpha Crush Running
19.9-10Jaci Guyton3:40.00a PRCarrollton Track
19.2Rebekah Rogers3:40.00a PR45-Unattached

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Skye Chambers2:39.88aDepartment of Speed
2.11-12Knyesha Slocumb2:40.23a PRSmyrna Elite
3.11-12Clara Heppner2:40.65aAlpha Crush Running
4.11-12Shahani Farmer2:44.67aPeak Perfomance South
5.11-12Emily McNeice2:44.89a PRWalton Youth Track
6.11-12McKenna Boykin2:45.66aPeak Perfomance South
7.11-12Jessicka Woods2:47.87aBoys & Girls Track
8.11-12Avery Brothers2:50.63a PREtowah Youth Track
9.11-12Juliette Scarangello2:52.70aThe Heat Track
10.5Mataya Gayle2:54.52a45-Unattached
11.11-12Sarah Bedell2:55.88a PRWalton Youth Track
12.11-12Srishti Talati2:56.02a PRAlpha Crush Running
13.11-12Emery Dembski3:11.15a PRWalton Youth Track
14.11-12Brighton Moore3:16.34aThe Heat Track
15.11-12Brooklyn Mcvicker3:19.77a PRMarietta Track Club
16.11-12Jazmine Afolayan3:26.65aBoys & Girls Track
17.11-12Elise Moore3:35.62aE-1 Track
18.11-12Caroline Olvin3:40.00a SREtowah Youth Track
18.11-12Kate Slappey3:40.00a PRCarrollton Track
18.11-12Sophie-Katherine Harvey3:40.00a PRWalton Youth Track
18.11-12Aaliyah Miranda3:40.00aAlpha Crush Running

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Royal Delay2:26.52aExchange Zone
2.13-14Alexia Allen2:28.53aExchange Zone
3.8Makylah Jones2:30.41a PR45-Unattached
4.13-14Jazzmin Taylor2:30.94a PRE-1 Track
5.13-14Carolyn Calzada2:32.17a PRTitans Track
6.13-14Camryn Curtis2:32.80a SRE-1 Track
7.13-14Jada Wilson2:38.75aFull Throttle Elite
8.13-14Katelyn McLean2:40.65aAlpha Crush Running
9.13-14Isabela Castillo2:41.31a PR45-Unattached
10.13-14Kennedy Crawford2:43.62a SRE-1 Track
11.13-14Abby Scott2:45.40aMajor Impact Track
12.13-14Wallis Adair2:47.80a SRE-1 Track
13.13-14Hannah Johnson2:48.70aEtowah Youth Track
14.13-14Dakota Martin2:50.72aExchange Zone
15.13-14Anaya Ferrell2:51.89a PREtowah Youth Track
16.13-14Shyelle Davenport2:53.02aCobb PAL
17.13-14Ariel Ellis2:53.51a PRAlpha Crush Running
18.13-14Margaret Stephens2:53.96a PRAlpha Crush Running
19.13-14Makenna Calbert2:58.96a SREtowah Youth Track
20.13-14Alexia Todd3:10.39aBoys & Girls Track
21.13-14Kiala Blackman3:11.92aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
22.13-14Audrey Minton3:12.29aAlpha Crush Running
23.13-14Kolina Smith3:16.23aBoys & Girls Track
24.8Sidney Stout3:22.32a PR45-Unattached
25.13-14Sidney Stout3:30.00aGazelle Track
25.8Kelli Flowers3:30.00a PR45-Unattached
25.13-14Kelli Flowers3:30.00a PRGazelle Track
25.13-14Georgia Noori3:30.00a PRCarrollton Track
25.7Osaose Eguakun3:30.00a PR45-Unattached
25.13-14Makylah Jones3:30.00aGazelle Track
25.13-14Jessie Zhu3:30.00a SRWalton Youth Track
32.7Princess Elimian3:51.22a PR45-Unattached
33.13-14Sydney St Fleur4:56.93aAtlanta Lightspeed T...

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Alexis Lay2:31.55aDepartment of Speed
2.15-16Jackie Addy2:31.76a45-Unattached
3.15-16Simone Johnson2:32.88a SRMarietta Track Club
4.10Kirsten Eason2:34.27a PR45-Unattached
5.15-16Cheyenne Spinks2:37.54a45-Unattached
6.15-16Taya Jackson2:38.98aTitans Track
7.15-16Jazmine Reed2:39.25a PRE-1 Track
8.15-16Katherine Konieczka2:40.07a PRMajor Impact Track
9.10Kelah Poleon2:42.93a PR45-Unattached
10.15-16Laney Kronz2:47.91a PRTitans Track
11.15-16Priyanka Gowda2:56.35aMajor Impact Track
12.15-16Lauren Powell3:10.83aMarietta Track Club
13.15-16Armalin Greene3:17.99aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
14.15-16Nydia Person3:32.77a PRCarrollton Track
15.15-16Bronte Bacchetta3:33.00aGazelle Track
15.15-16Mikayla Dunn3:33.00a PRCobb Track
15.15-16Frankie Rowland3:33.00a PRAlpha Crush Running
15.15-16Ilene Soleyn3:33.00aE-1 Track
15.15-16Kirsten Eason3:33.00aGazelle Track
15.15-16Victoria Flowers3:33.00a SRGazelle Track

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Lauren Jackson2:16.85aSprint Athletics Track
2.17-18Ellunde Montgomery2:23.92a SRSprint Athletics Track
3.17-18Iyanna Dandrea2:32.04a PRE-1 Track
4.17-18Keri Ashworth2:35.25a PRE-1 Track
5.17-18Sarika Gowda2:37.34aMajor Impact Track
6.17-18Lillian Hamman2:48.29aCarrollton Track
7.17-18Leilani Johnson3:07.15aMarietta Track Club
8.17-18Savannah Ray3:10.00a PRNation of Speed
8.17-18Charis Morgan3:10.00a PREtowah Youth Track

1500 Meters  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Taylor Kallbreier6:41.01aEtowah Youth Track
2.7-8Gianna Burke6:46.34a PRMarietta Track Club

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Daniela Delgado5:26.78a SRWalton Youth Track
2.9-10Tyler Lowe5:26.81aCelerity Track Club
3.9-10Heidi Heppner5:31.21aAlpha Crush Running
4.9-10Lauren Fath5:46.32aCreekview Youth Track
5.9-10Brynn Schlaupitz5:48.97aAlpha Crush Running
6.9-10Abbie Kallbreier5:54.74aEtowah Youth Track
7.9-10Avery Wheeler6:00.21a PRWalton Youth Track
8.9-10Addison Tilley6:09.20aMarietta Track Club
9.9-10Addison Higgins6:11.00aEtowah Youth Track
10.9-10Jaylyn Rooks6:17.86aCarrollton Track
11.9-10Clare Cole6:25.45aAlpha Crush Running
12.9-10Anita Sharma6:26.79a PRWalton Youth Track
13.2Rebekah Rogers6:30.34a PR45-Unattached
14.9-10Ryan Norris6:30.61aAlpha Crush Running
15.9-10Madison Ashe6:37.31a PRAlpha Crush Running
16.9-10Prisha Mody6:40.11a PRAlpha Crush Running
17.9-10Jaci Guyton6:45.00a PRCarrollton Track

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Shahani Farmer5:11.66a PRPeak Perfomance South
2.11-12Clara Heppner5:11.75aAlpha Crush Running
3.11-12Emily McNeice5:33.51a PRWalton Youth Track
4.11-12Elsa Loechl5:41.92a SRWalton Youth Track
5.11-12Avery Brothers5:42.47a PREtowah Youth Track
6.11-12Sarah Bedell5:52.17a PRWalton Youth Track
7.11-12Knyesha Slocumb5:53.16aSmyrna Elite
8.11-12Lexi Pavese5:57.02a SREtowah Youth Track
9.11-12Katelyn Rager5:57.51a PRAlpha Crush Running
10.11-12Emery Dembski6:01.80aWalton Youth Track
11.11-12Caroline Olvin6:10.50a SREtowah Youth Track
12.11-12Brighton Moore6:36.81aThe Heat Track
13.11-12Miranda Fairlie6:52.65aAlpha Crush Running
14.11-12Elise Moore7:25.88a PRE-1 Track
15.11-12Jazmine Afolayan7:43.38a PRBoys & Girls Track
16.11-12Kaylynne Barfield7:45.00a PREtowah Youth Track

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Katelyn McLean5:11.70aAlpha Crush Running
2.13-14Royal Delay5:16.46aExchange Zone
3.13-14Kennedy Crawford5:17.06a PRE-1 Track
4.13-14Meg Lance5:19.38a SREtowah Youth Track
5.13-14Camryn Curtis5:20.69a SRE-1 Track
6.13-14Carolyn Calzada5:23.25aTitans Track
7.13-14Alexia Allen5:23.37aExchange Zone
8.13-14Isabela Castillo5:26.82a45-Unattached
9.8Kelli Flowers5:47.32a PR45-Unattached
10.13-14Anaya Ferrell5:52.07a PREtowah Youth Track
11.13-14Erin Lippers5:58.33a PREtowah Youth Track
12.13-14Margaret Stephens6:02.86a PRAlpha Crush Running
13.6Mckinsey Spinks6:06.09a PR45-Unattached
14.13-14Ariel Ellis6:07.79a PRAlpha Crush Running
15.13-14Hannah Johnson6:14.87aEtowah Youth Track
16.13-14Makenna Calbert6:16.14a SREtowah Youth Track
17.13-14Audrey Minton6:37.08a SRAlpha Crush Running
18.13-14Anna Hooker6:43.38a PREtowah Youth Track
19.7Princess Elimian7:23.72a PR45-Unattached
20.13-14Emma Flynn7:28.52a SRAlpha Crush Running
21.13-14Sydney St Fleur8:00.00a PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
21.13-14Madeline Prol8:00.00a PRAlpha Crush Running
21.13-14Kelli Flowers8:00.00a PRGazelle Track
21.13-14Georgia Noori8:00.00a PRCarrollton Track

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Brenda Ayuk5:01.56a PRE-1 Track
2.10Victoria Flowers5:06.11a PR45-Unattached
3.15-16Jackie Addy5:13.07a45-Unattached
4.15-16Cheyenne Spinks5:25.85a45-Unattached
5.10Kirsten Eason5:34.62a PR45-Unattached
6.15-16Katherine Konieczka5:38.72a PRMajor Impact Track
7.15-16Mikayla Dunn5:52.30a PRCobb Track
8.15-16Jazmine Reed5:56.47a PRE-1 Track
9.15-16Priyanka Gowda6:00.60a PRMajor Impact Track
10.15-16Frankie Rowland6:00.63a PRAlpha Crush Running
11.15-16Bronte Bacchetta6:22.00aGazelle Track
11.15-16Kirsten Eason6:22.00aGazelle Track
11.15-16Victoria Flowers6:22.00a SRGazelle Track

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Sarika Gowda5:31.23aMajor Impact Track
2.17-18Lillian Hamman5:45.47aCarrollton Track
3.17-18Charis Morgan6:23.97a PREtowah Youth Track
4.17-18Ellunde Montgomery6:30.00a PRSprint Athletics Track

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Nacari Williams13.47aExchange Zone
2.7Zion Rice13.61a PR45-Unattached
3.11-12Jessicka Woods15.81aBoys & Girls Track
4.11-12Samiyah Graziosi15.91aThe Heat Track
5.11-12Payton Musselwhite16.42aCarrollton Track
6.11-12Sophia Bradford17.01a PRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
7.11-12Juliette Scarangello17.15aThe Heat Track
8.5Mataya Gayle17.30a45-Unattached
9.11-12Akhaila Makenna17.44a PRMarietta Track Club
10.11-12Amber Lee17.51a SRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
11.11-12Cadence Walker18.97a PRCreekview Youth Track
12.11-12Morgan Campbell19.00aE-1 Track
12.11-12Zion Rice19.00aGazelle Track
12.13-14Makayla Jones19.00a SRGazelle Track
12.11-12Johrdyn Tarpeh19.00aMajor Impact Track
16.11-12Madison Phillips20.27a PRCarrollton Track

100m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.8Ashton Lindley15.02a PR45-Unattached
2.13-14Chakiya Plummer15.56a PRExchange Zone
3.13-14Briana Madison15.64a PRSprint Athletics Track
4.13-14Kali Terza16.69a PREtowah Youth Track
5.8Makayla Jones17.11a PR45-Unattached
6.13-14Shyla Timberlake17.28a SRMarietta Track Club
7.13-14Kara Stewart17.31a PRExchange Zone
8.7Jania Hodges17.36a PR45-Unattached
9.13-14Haley Bryant20.44a PRCreekview Youth Track
10.13-14Ashton Lindley21.00a PRGazelle Track
10.13-14Brooke Lofton21.00a PRBoys & Girls Track
10.13-14Skylar Horton21.00a PRThe Heat Track

100m Hurdles - 33"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tia Jones13.77aFull Throttle Elite
2.15-16Sterling Lester14.43aMarietta Track Club
3.15-16Elasia Campbell15.05a PRFull Throttle Elite
4.10Kylan Rice16.15a PR45-Unattached
5.15-16Chynna Gomez16.25aSprint Athletics Track
6.15-16Crystal Jones16.77a PRPebblebrook Jr. Falc...
7.15-16Ra'chel Young17.43aThe Heat Track
8.15-16Jessica Rinker18.41aElite Jaguars Track ...
9.15-16Ashley Schwerzler18.70aCreekview Youth Track
10.15-16Jessalynn Braselton19.40aCreekview Youth Track
11.15-16Mikayla Williams20.62a SRE-1 Track
12.10Kammann Brown20.80a45-Unattached
13.15-16Iyanna Mann23.69aCarrollton Track
14.15-16Laney Kronz25.00a PRTitans Track
14.15-16Trinity Williams25.00a SRGazelle Track

100m Hurdles - 33"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Morgan Lewis14.72aRSS Athletics
2.17-18Danielle Okonta15.52aThe Heat Track
3.17-18Isabella Tremble15.70aTitans Track
4.17-18Brittany Cox16.03a SRE-1 Track
5.17-18Sydney Romine16.67aTitans Track
6.17-18Brandi Mcgrady16.70aMarietta Track Club
7.17-18Dominique Miller17.84aElite Jaguars Track ...
8.17-18Serenity Hill18.30a PRE-1 Track
9.17-18Justice Cooper20.43a PRE-1 Track
10.17-18Sarika Gowda21.34aMajor Impact Track
11.17-18Antonia Frazier22.00aRSS Athletics
11.17-18Victoria Thornton22.00aThe Heat Track
11.11Alexis Jones22.00a SR45-Unattached
11.17-18Katelyn McConnell22.00aMajor Impact Track
11.17-18Nia Brown22.00aThe Heat Track
11.17-18Theresa Riccio22.00aThe Heat Track

4x100 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.Ariel Moore
Adaejah Hodge
Yasmine Williams
Mallory Martin
59.89aE-1 Track

4x100 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jayla Battle
Lyric Coleman
Jaydah Sangster
Morgan Campbell
58.04aE-1 Track

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14M'iArie Haynie
Dalen Saunders-Carter
Camille Trotman
Mekenze Kelley
50.18aBoys & Girls Track
2.13-14Kassidy Trimble-Williams
Zyan Mathis
Kyla Johnson
Cyan Green
52.43aPeak Perfomance South

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Kayla Williams
Chanta Smith
Ayonna Dennis
Asia Johnson
50.01aAtlanta Lightspeed T...
2.15-16Stormy Conner
Macy White
Abigail Banas
Joshua Robinson
50.05aElite Jaguars Track ...
3.15-16Erica Chunn
Keyara Robinson
Lazariah Howard
Imani Marshall
56.28aNation of Speed

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Lauren Jackson
Ebele Okoye
Sydney Davis
Cassondra Hall
46.30aSprint Athletics Track
2.17-18Kiera Elston
Antonia Frazier
Ashley Hunter
Camile Oliga
47.90aRSS Athletics
3.17-18Jacqueline Riggins
Jayda Owens
Kaitlyn Peeples
Nya Hall
49.10aElite Jaguars Track ...
4.17-18Kendra Whitehurst
Oneillia Martin
Rachel Edler
Sydni Gilmore
49.40aSprint Athletics Track
5.17-18Nia Brown
Danielle Okonta
Aliyah Mickens
Victoria Thornton
51.00aThe Heat Track
5.17-18Katelyn McConnell
Louise Tocays
Morgan Millikan
Nia Brown
51.00aMajor Impact Track

4x400 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Dominique Brown
Anaya Fraser
Briana Marks
Anija White
5:11.05aPeak Perfomance South

4x400 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Shahani Farmer
Sy'Riaha Bailey
McKenna Boykin
Saneah Howard
4:50.99aPeak Perfomance South

4x400 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ronndasia Coleman
Karrington Daughtry
Tommi Newton
Leah Terry
4:04.56aE-1 Track
2.13-14Camille Trotman
M'iArie Haynie
Mekenze Kelley
Dalen Saunders-Carter
4:04.59aBoys & Girls Track
3.13-14Alexia Allen
Royal Delay
Jayla Brown
Tyler Simpson
4:14.32aExchange Zone
4.13-14Jada Foote
Rickaiya Conyers
Jazzmin Taylor
Taviana Williams
4:31.32aE-1 Track
5.13-14Netanya Brown
Camryn Curtis
Wallis Adair
Kennedy Crawford
4:39.25aE-1 Track
6.13-14Kennedy Fitch
Kennedy Oglesby
Jacqueline Savage
Abigail Scott
4:44.00aMajor Impact Track
6.13-14Shyelle Davenport
Kalaya Lee
Kamiya Lee
Roshae'Aaliyah Marshall-Douglin
4:44.00aCobb PAL

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.Victoria Powell
Nina Nkem
Micaiah Ransby
Ashley Devert
3:53.21aTitans Track
2.17-18Sydney Davis
Cassondra Hall
Lauren Jackson
Ebele Okoye
4:03.99aSprint Athletics Track
3.17-18Rachel Edler
Sydni Gilmore
Oneillia Martin
Meagan Lynch
4:26.67aSprint Athletics Track
4.Relay Team 4:50.99aPeak Perfomance South
5.17-18Aliyah Sangster
Iyanna Dandrea
Vivette Green
Keri Ashworth
5:00.00aE-1 Track
5.17-18Dominiq DeLisser
Kiera Elston
Hope Glenn
Morgan Lewis
5:00.00aRSS Athletics

Shot Put - 2kg  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Claire Kinnaman3.15mRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
2.7-8Adalynn Dioguardi2.45m SRCreekview Youth Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Ashlynn Bleisath6.80m PRCreekview Youth Track
2.5Braelyn DeLuca4.67m45-Unattached
3.9-10Evangeline Hayes4.45mCreekview Youth Track

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jasmine Hampton8.09mKennworth Track
2.11-12Mekinley Lott7.63mCreekview Youth Track
3.11-12Kira Little7.61mEtowah Youth Track
4.11-12Darryel Brown6.89m SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
4.11-12Payton Musselwhite6.89mCarrollton Track
6.11-12Isabella Giuliano6.59m SRCreekview Youth Track
7.11-12Madison Phillips6.16m PRCarrollton Track
8.11-12Nicole Schwerzler5.69mCreekview Youth Track
9.11-12Brooklyn Mcvicker4.68m PRMarietta Track Club
10.11-12Sarah Bedell4.15m PRWalton Youth Track
11.11-12Miranda Fairlie4.00m PRAlpha Crush Running
11.7Tuana Gitonga4.00m45-Unattached

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.7Janae Profit11.43m PR45-Unattached
2.13-14Makayla Terry9.78m PRKennworth Track
3.13-14Layla Senter9.14m PRSprint Athletics Track
4.13-14Cyan Green9.05m SRPeak Perfomance South
5.13-14Jada Marsh8.44m PRCarrollton Track
5.13-14Daiyanna Cooper8.44m PRCarrollton Track
7.7Tuana Gitonga8.32m PR45-Unattached
8.13-14Elizabeth Weems8.23m PRPebblebrook Jr. Falc...
9.13-14Imani Davis7.59m PRCobb PAL
10.13-14Aneisa Jones7.44m PRThe Heat Track
11.13-14Ronndasia Coleman7.13m PRE-1 Track
12.13-14Leah Terry7.10m PRE-1 Track
13.13-14Maggie Gibson6.23m PRCreekview Youth Track
14.13-14McKenzie Anderson5.27m PREtowah Youth Track
15.13-14Alden Newsome3.00m PREtowah Youth Track
15.13-14Isabella McCollum3.00m PREtowah Youth Track
15.13-14Hannah Winegar3.00m SREtowah Youth Track
15.13-14Catheryn Elder3.00m PRBoys & Girls Track
15.13-14Emily Shortell3.00m PRNTC Flames

Shot Put - 4kg  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Taylor Smith11.56mCreekview Youth Track
2.15-16Laurel Kun10.63mThrow 1 Deep
3.15-16Tyra Babbs10.40m PRElite Striders
4.15-16Javon Joyner10.33mThrow 1 Deep
5.15-16Mersadies Foote9.05m PRE-1 Track
6.15-16Jayla Prothro7.39mNation of Speed
7.15-16Asia Johnson7.38m PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
8.15-16Tracie Smith6.35m PRThe Heat Track
9.10Kammann Brown6.28m45-Unattached
10.15-16Moraima Garcia6.14m SRCreekview Youth Track
10.15-16Camryn Johnson6.14m PRMarietta Track Club
12.15-16Kathryn Shortell5.00m SRNTC Flames
12.15-16Jolee Green5.00m SRNTC Flames
14.15-16Armalin Greene4.91mAtlanta Lightspeed T...

Shot Put - 4kg  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Makenli Forrest12.71mThrow 1 Deep
2.17-18Erika Earwood11.84m SRThrow 1 Deep
3.17-18Samaria Wilburn9.85m PRExchange Zone
4.17-18Serenity Hill8.82m SRE-1 Track
5.17-18Camille Skeffers8.25m PRBoys & Girls Track
6.17-18Ayannah Harrell7.80mMarietta Track Club
7.17-18Brianna Harrell6.92m PRMarietta Track Club
8.17-18Deborah Yussuff6.00mMarietta Track Club

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Haley Sarden41-05 SRWalton Youth Track
2.7-8Jada Lubin32-09Kennworth Track
3.7-8Mina Lovelace24-11 SRPeak Perfomance South
4.7-8Braley Lane24-02 SRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
5.6UPaisley Graaff23-09 PREtowah Youth Track
6.7-8Claire Kinnaman22-00River Ridge Youth Tr...
7.7-8Taylor Kallbreier16-10 SREtowah Youth Track
8.7-8Harley Ward15-00 PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
8.7-8Lillian Brookshire15-00 PRCreekview Youth Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.4Tessa Bray76-0045-Unattached
2.9-10Ashlynn Bleisath54-11 PRCreekview Youth Track
3.9-10Heidi Heppner52-03 SRAlpha Crush Running
4.9-10Evangeline Hayes47-11Creekview Youth Track
5.5Braelyn DeLuca41-0645-Unattached
6.9-10Alexis Block37-01Creekview Youth Track
7.9-10Mikaili Boykin34-03 SRPeak Perfomance South
8.9-10Jacey Sabo27-06 PRCarrollton Track
9.9-10Natalia Randleman20-05Marietta Track Club
10.9-10Zuri Quick17-09 PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
11.9-10Alaina Herrington17-07Carrollton Track
12.9-10Mackenzie Miles15-00 PRKennworth Track
12.9-10Jayda Jackson15-00 PRKennworth Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jasmine Hampton122-10Kennworth Track
2.11-12Jayla Battle86-00E-1 Track
3.11-12Mekinley Lott72-10Creekview Youth Track
4.11-12Ashley Lyen70-04 PREtowah Youth Track
5.11-12Sophie-Katherine Harvey58-00 PRWalton Youth Track
6.11-12Riley Sager56-00 PREtowah Youth Track
7.11-12Caroline Olvin54-00 PREtowah Youth Track
8.11-12Isabella Giuliano53-10 PRCreekview Youth Track
9.11-12Cadence Walker48-07Creekview Youth Track
10.11-12Miranda Fairlie39-06 PRAlpha Crush Running
11.11-12Nicole Schwerzler39-00 PRCreekview Youth Track
12.11-12Hannah Griffin35-06 PREtowah Youth Track
13.11-12Darryel Brown26-00 SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
14.11-12Victoria Green25-00 PREtowah Youth Track
14.11-12Alexandria Dioguardi25-00 PRCreekview Youth Track
14.11-12Kate Slappey25-00 PRCarrollton Track

Long Jump  8 and Under - Finals

1.7-8Faith Moore2.86m PRE-1 Track
2.6USa'Niyah Williams2.28m SRDepartment of Speed
3.7-8Shontate Smith1.90m PRCarrollton Track
4.7-8Adalynn Dioguardi1.82m SRCreekview Youth Track
5.6UPaisley Graaff1.50m PREtowah Youth Track
6.7-8Lynden Harvey0.50m SRWalton Youth Track

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Grace Smith4.02mSmyrna Elite
2.3Niara Gayle3.58m45-Unattached
3.9-10Lauren Fath3.56mCreekview Youth Track
4.9-10Jaylyn Rooks3.27m PRCarrollton Track
5.9-10Anna Lea Parodi3.24mCreekview Youth Track
6.9-10Gabrielle Crane3.21mThe Heat Track
7.9-10Jamari Maxime3.13m PREtowah Youth Track
8.9-10Kaia Brooks3.12m PRWalton Youth Track
9.9-10Aniya Flournoy2.69mCarrollton Track
10.9-10Alexis Block2.39m SRCreekview Youth Track
11.9-10Jacey Sabo2.19m PRCarrollton Track
12.9-10Alaina Herrington2.05m PRCarrollton Track
13.9-10Amani Johnson2.00m PRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
13.9-10Brianna Flournoy2.00mCarrollton Track
13.9-10Jaci Guyton2.00m PRCarrollton Track
13.9-10Honor Byrd2.00m PRWalton Youth Track

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Morgan Campbell4.61mE-1 Track
2.11-12Trinity Marshall4.53mDepartment of Speed
3.11-12Jayla Battle3.81mE-1 Track
3.11-12Amber Lee3.81mRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
5.11-12Jaydah Sangster3.70mE-1 Track
6.11-12Caroline Lord3.61mCarrollton Track
6.11-12Sophia Bradford3.61m PRRiver Ridge Youth Tr...
8.11-12Anna Blackwell3.42mCreekview Youth Track
9.11-12Hannah Griffin3.32m PREtowah Youth Track
10.11-12Alana Smallwood3.31mKennworth Track
11.11-12Aziah Dix3.04mCarrollton Track
12.11-12Kierra Montgomery3.00m SRCarrollton Track
12.11-12Victoria Green3.00m PREtowah Youth Track
12.11-12Kaylynne Barfield3.00m PREtowah Youth Track
12.11-12Lexi Pavese3.00m SREtowah Youth Track
12.11-12Emery Dembski3.00m SRWalton Youth Track
12.11-12Taylor Barnes3.00m SRMajor Impact Track

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ashton Lindley5.37m PRGazelle Track
2.13-14Jayla Brown5.00m SRExchange Zone
2.13-14Taviana Williams5.00m PRE-1 Track
2.13-14Jacqueline Savage5.00mMajor Impact Track
5.13-14Shyla Timberlake4.76m PRMarietta Track Club
6.13-14Kennedy Oglesby4.66m SRMajor Impact Track
6.13-14Tyler Simpson4.66m PRExchange Zone
8.13-14Briana Madison4.60m PRSprint Athletics Track
9.13-14Abby Scott4.59mMajor Impact Track
10.13-14Kiala Blackman4.47m SRAtlanta Lightspeed T...
11.13-14Alexa Kreh4.41m PRCreekview Youth Track
12.13-14Blythe Moore4.27m PRCreekview Youth Track
13.13-14Megan Sullivan4.26m PRKennworth Track
14.13-14Skylar Horton4.13mThe Heat Track
15.13-14Kennedy Fitch4.06mMajor Impact Track
16.13-14Karrington Daughtry4.01m PRE-1 Track
17.13-14Ariana Madison3.88mSprint Athletics Track
18.13-14Cierra McFerrin3.68mDepartment of Speed
19.13-14Layla Senter3.49mSprint Athletics Track
20.13-14Audrey Minton3.28m PRAlpha Crush Running
21.13-14Nia Walker3.09m PRCelerity Track Club
22.13-14Daiyanna Cooper2.44m PRCarrollton Track
23.13-14Georgia Noori2.00m PRCarrollton Track
23.13-14Haley Bryant2.00m PRCreekview Youth Track
23.15-16Wendy Ulman2.00m PRMajor Impact Track
23.13-14Alexia Todd2.00m PRBoys & Girls Track
23.7Osaose Eguakun2.00m PR45-Unattached
23.13-14Emily Shortell2.00m SRNTC Flames
23.13-14Kayla Bellamy2.00m PRKennworth Track
23.13-14Emma Dalton2.00m PRKennworth Track
23.13-14Alex Rogers2.00m PRCelerity Track Club
23.13-14Carlie Turner2.00m PRTitans Track
23.13-14Lashanti Williams2.00m SRCarrollton Track
23.13-14Anna Hooker2.00m SREtowah Youth Track
23.13-14Alden Newsome2.00m PREtowah Youth Track

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Chloe Robinson5.25m SRExchange Zone
2.15-16Iyanna Mann5.08m PRCarrollton Track
3.15-16Kylan Rice4.94mGazelle Track
4.15-16Aulante Woodley4.90mSprint Athletics Track
5.15-16Ra'chel Young4.78m PRThe Heat Track
6.10Kammann Brown4.50m PR45-Unattached
7.15-16Chynna Gomez4.49mSprint Athletics Track
7.15-16Tomisin John4.49m PRE-1 Track
9.15-16Dashia Shorter4.16m PRMarietta Track Club
10.15-16Camryn Johnson3.70m PRMarietta Track Club
11.15-16Nydia Person3.57m PRCarrollton Track
12.15-16Lauren Powell3.00m PRMarietta Track Club
12.15-16Paisley Hays3.00m PRThe Heat Track
12.15-16Kathryn Shortell3.00m SRNTC Flames
12.15-16Jolee Green3.00m PRNTC Flames
12.15-16Angel Fudge3.00m PRE-1 Track
12.10Kylan Rice3.00m PR45-Unattached
12.15-16Ashley Schwerzler3.00mCreekview Youth Track
12.15-16Khadijah Montgomery3.00m PRCarrollton Track
12.15-16Cydney Thornton3.00m PRCelerity Track Club
12.15-16Tia Jones3.00m PRFull Throttle Elite
12.15-16Amani Atwood3.00mBoys & Girls Track

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Emma Francis5.38m PRTitans Track
2.17-18Ashley Devert5.35m PRTitans Track
3.17-18Meagan Lynch5.28m SRSprint Athletics Track
4.17-18Jaida Bolden5.21m PRTitans Track
5.17-18Brittany Cox5.13m SRE-1 Track
6.17-18Danielle Okonta4.98mThe Heat Track
7.17-18Aliyah Mickens4.87m PRThe Heat Track
8.17-18Sydney Romine4.82mTitans Track
9.17-18Rachel Edler4.79m SRSprint Athletics Track
10.17-18Brandi Mcgrady4.73m PRMarietta Track Club
11.17-18Angelica Henderson4.58m PRPeak Perfomance South
12.17-18Sarika Gowda4.54m PRMajor Impact Track
13.17-18Alyssia Smith4.32m PRMarietta Track Club
14.17-18Camille Skeffers4.24m PRBoys & Girls Track
15.17-18Destiny Currie3.86mNation of Speed
16.17-18Theresa Riccio3.33mThe Heat Track
16.17-18Ansley Jenkins3.33mCreekview Youth Track
16.17-18Louise Tocays3.33m PRMajor Impact Track
16.17-18Nia Brown3.33m PRMajor Impact Track
16.11April Rogers3.33m PR45-Unattached
16.17-18Kendra Whitehurst3.33m SRSprint Athletics Track
16.17-18Cassidi Jones3.33m SRE-1 Track
16.17-18Victoria Thornton3.33mThe Heat Track
16.17-18Shania Evans3.33m PRExchange Zone

Meet Schedule