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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Heston Anderson16.00aReal Track & Field
2.7-8Jaeden Jackson16.32a PREagles Wings
3.1David Meberg17.45a PR30-Unattached
4.7-8Jaylen Young17.72a PRReal Track & Field
5.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner18.46a PREagles Wings
6.6ULyndon Shelby18.78a PREagles Wings
7.6URickie Thomas18.82a PR30-Unattached
8.7-8Joshua Declouet19.03aEagles Wings
7-8Jack MiltonDNSEden Prairie Pole Va...

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gabriel Cline13.99a PREast Ridge Athletic ...
2.9-10Darren Burch-Walker14.14a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.9-10Del Johnson Jr14.28a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.9-10Avery Batala14.35a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
5.9-10Miles Newton15.00a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.2Avery Buckner15.15a PR30-Unattached
7.9-10Brady Sauve15.19aReal Track & Field
8.9-10Derrick Evans Jr15.32a PREagles Wings
9.9-10Rashad Fischer15.66aTrack Minnesota Elite

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sanjay Redd12.60aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr12.67aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.11-12Rashad McKinley12.79a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.5Keondre Bryant13.54a30-Unattached
5.6Mason Perich13.99a30-Unattached
6.5Justin Gleason14.13a PR30-Unattached
7.11-12Isreal Moses14.15aMinnesota Track Spikes
8.11-12Jordan Mccaleb14.19aI.C.A.A./Breeze
9.11-12Jaivon Hill14.60aTrack Minnesota Elite

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14George Jackson11.78aReal Athletics
2.13-14Sean Diedrich11.79a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
3.13-14Demetrius Marshall11.99aEagles Wings
4.13-14Dante White12.11aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.13-14Allemu Slattery12.72aI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.6Dawson Andree12.94a30-Unattached
7.13-14Ashton Brown13.05aReal Athletics
8.6Jordan Shaw13.67a30-Unattached
7Xavier FlemisterDNS30-Unattached

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson11.08a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Michael Kruse11.51aPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Nathan Flomo12.04a PREagles Wings
4.15-16Alek Roggenbuck12.25a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.15-16Shiv Jhanjee12.28a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
6.15-16James Wilde12.91a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.15-16Trevor Roell13.41a PREagles Wings
15-16Kester WubbenDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
10Logan DayDNS30-Unattached

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Denzel Brown10.59aReal Athletics
2.17-18Javien Versey10.90aEagles Wings
3.17-18Genuine Matthews10.98aReal Athletics
4.17-18Darren Misiak11.02a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.11Rhett Streeter11.12a30-Unattached
6.17-18Dallas Krech11.12a PRReal Track & Field
7.17-18Goodness Akindemowo11.13aReal Athletics
8.11Lucas Larson11.17a PR30-Unattached
9.17-18Leroy Kwateh11.20a PRReal Athletics

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Heston Anderson16.03aReal Track & Field
2.7-8Jaeden Jackson16.85aEagles Wings
3.1David Meberg17.76a30-Unattached
4.7-8Jaylen Young17.81aReal Track & Field
5.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner18.62aEagles Wings
6.6URickie Thomas19.31a30-Unattached
7.7-8Joshua Declouet19.55aEagles Wings
8.6ULyndon Shelby19.77aEagles Wings
9.7-8Jack Milton20.47a PREden Prairie Pole Va...
10.7-8Lysanias Shelby II20.82a PREagles Wings
11.7-8John Smida21.72a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
12.6ULyncoln Shelby24.97a PREagles Wings

100 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Gabriel Cline14.19aEast Ridge Athletic ...
2.9-10Darren Burch-Walker14.47aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.9-10Del Johnson Jr14.75aTrack Minnesota Elite
4.9-10Avery Batala14.84aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.2Avery Buckner15.34a30-Unattached
6.9-10Miles Newton15.35aPark Flyers Track & ...
7.9-10Brady Sauve15.45aReal Track & Field
8.9-10Rashad Fischer15.48aTrack Minnesota Elite
9.9-10Derrick Evans Jr15.53aEagles Wings
10.9-10Bryce Bullard15.77a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
11.9-10Isaiah Grady15.84a PREagles Wings
12.2Lorenzo Hampton III15.91a PR30-Unattached
13.9-10Kajor Cress15.95a PRReal Athletics
14.9-10Keontae Whitehead16.07a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
15.9-10Desmond Ware16.25a PRReal Athletics
16.9-10Gavin Miller16.50a PRReal Track & Field
17.9-10Quintice Combs16.51a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
18.3Owen Guertin16.62a PR30-Unattached
19.3Justin Page16.84a PR30-Unattached
20.9-10Princeton Normil17.48a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
21.9-10Kingston Normil17.54a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
22.9-10Terrance Russell Jr17.82a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
9-10Marshawn WatsonDNSEagles Wings
9-10Jonathan CatheyDNSMinnesota Track Spikes

100 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr12.83aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.11-12Sanjay Redd12.86aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Rashad McKinley13.18aI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.5Keondre Bryant13.53a PR30-Unattached
5.6Mason Perich13.95a PR30-Unattached
6.11-12Jordan Mccaleb14.10aI.C.A.A./Breeze
7.5Justin Gleason14.15a30-Unattached
8.11-12Isreal Moses14.45aMinnesota Track Spikes
9.11-12Jaivon Hill14.48aTrack Minnesota Elite
10.11-12Elisha Addison14.76a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
11.5Luke Brown14.90a PR30-Unattached
12.5Caylor Ellis15.31a PR30-Unattached
13.11-12Joshua Margheim16.01a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.11-12Dontarrious Sampson16.08a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
15.11-12Connor Comfort16.59a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
16.11-12Peyton Anderson17.45a PRMinnesota Track Spikes

100 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14George Jackson11.90aReal Athletics
2.13-14Dante White11.97aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.13-14Sean Diedrich11.98aPark Flyers Track & ...
4.13-14Demetrius Marshall12.09aEagles Wings
5.7Xavier Flemister12.68a PR30-Unattached
6.13-14Allemu Slattery12.71a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
7.13-14Ashton Brown12.74a PRReal Athletics
8.6Dawson Andree12.81a PR30-Unattached
9.6Jordan Shaw13.05a PR30-Unattached
10.13-14Michael Broad13.20a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
11.13-14Julian Diedrich13.27a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
12.13-14Timothy Johnson13.47a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
13.13-14Dex Wright13.48aI.C.A.A./Breeze
14.13-14Da'quan Spearman13.57a PREagles Wings
15.13-14Seth Johnson13.68a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
16.13-14Christian Dodd13.91aTrack Minnesota Elite
17.13-14Caden Bry14.16a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
18.7Ethan Double14.38a PR30-Unattached
19.13-14Kahn Powell II14.53a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
20.13-14Tyler Nagengast14.68a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
21.13-14Aidan Hartnett14.86a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
22.13-14Joshua Loe16.86a PRVictory Track and Fi...
23.6Peyton Ihns17.41a PR30-Unattached

100 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Denzel Brown10.77aReal Athletics
2.17-18Javien Versey10.94aEagles Wings
3.17-18Genuine Matthews10.96a PRReal Athletics
4.17-18Darren Misiak11.10aPark Flyers Track & ...
5.17-18Goodness Akindemowo11.10a PRReal Athletics
6.11Rhett Streeter11.11a PR30-Unattached
7.17-18Dallas Krech11.23aReal Track & Field
8.11Lucas Larson11.25a30-Unattached
9.17-18Leroy Kwateh11.29aReal Athletics
10.11Noah Anderson11.34a PR30-Unattached
11.17-18Alex Spillum11.67aTrack Minnesota Elite
12.17-18Eric Mensah11.69a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
13.17-18Alex McFarland12.06a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.17-18Brenden Eyrich12.06a PREagles Wings
15.17-18Shaheed Bell12.36a PREagles Wings
16.17-18Javeon Williams12.39aI.C.A.A./Breeze
17.17-18Seakh Menheer12.49a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Christopher ClarkeDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Larry DarbyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Malachi LossowDNSEagles Wings
17-18Evan McClellonDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

100 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer13.49a PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

100 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert12.34a30-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe12.51a30-Unattached

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Heston Anderson35.86aReal Track & Field
2.1David Meberg35.95a PR30-Unattached
3.2Weston Clementson38.53a PR30-Unattached
4.7-8Jaylen Young39.37a PRReal Track & Field
5.7-8Amar Gray42.71a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.7-8Joshua Declouet43.29aEagles Wings
7.6URickie Thomas44.48a PR30-Unattached
7-8Jaeden JacksonDNSEagles Wings

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Darren Burch-Walker30.43aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.9-10Del Johnson Jr30.83aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.9-10Carter Reckelberg31.88aMinnesota Track Spikes
4.9-10Derrick Evans Jr32.04aEagles Wings
5.2Avery Buckner32.86a30-Unattached
6.9-10Brady Sauve33.46aReal Track & Field
7.9-10Bryce Bullard33.78aMinnesota Track Spikes
8.9-10Desmond Ware34.54aReal Athletics
3Jack GiffordDNS30-Unattached

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sanjay Redd26.28aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr26.84aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.11-12Isaac Jeffrey27.77aTrack Minnesota Elite
4.5Keondre Bryant28.60a30-Unattached
5.6Mason Perich29.39a30-Unattached
6.11-12Isreal Moses29.42a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7.11-12TyJon Jenkins30.50a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
8.6Alexander Hulteen31.16a30-Unattached
9.11-12Jaivon Hill33.95aTrack Minnesota Elite

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14George Jackson23.95a PRReal Athletics
2.13-14Sean Diedrich24.34a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
3.13-14Demetrius Marshall24.42aEagles Wings
4.13-14Rais Hill25.87aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.13-14Ashton Brown26.90aReal Athletics
6.13-14Michael Broad26.98a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
13-14Dex WrightDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze
6Jordan ShawDNS30-Unattached
6Dawson AndreeDNS30-Unattached

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson22.32a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Michael Kruse23.59a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Trokon Karngar23.90a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Eugene Dixon24.52aEagles Wings
5.15-16Nathan Flomo24.80aEagles Wings
6.15-16Shiv Jhanjee24.93aTrack Minnesota Elite
7.15-16Alek Roggenbuck24.95a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
15-16Caden TurnerDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
15-16Jaxson BrownDNSEagles Wings

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Denzel Brown21.87a PRReal Athletics
2.17-18Genuine Matthews22.25aReal Athletics
3.17-18Javien Versey22.77aEagles Wings
4.11Noah Anderson22.87a30-Unattached
5.17-18Darren Misiak23.16aPark Flyers Track & ...
6.11Lucas Larson23.23a30-Unattached
7.11Branden Boleman23.40a30-Unattached
8.11Rhett Streeter23.52a30-Unattached
9.17-18Goodness Akindemowo24.06aReal Athletics

200 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Darren Burch-Walker29.83a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.9-10Del Johnson Jr30.74aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.9-10Carter Reckelberg31.29a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
4.9-10Derrick Evans Jr31.46a PREagles Wings
5.3Jack Gifford31.72a PR30-Unattached
6.9-10Brady Sauve32.48a PRReal Track & Field
7.2Avery Buckner33.07a30-Unattached
8.9-10Bryce Bullard33.09a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
9.9-10Desmond Ware33.53a PRReal Athletics
10.9-10Isaiah Grady33.66a PREagles Wings
11.9-10Rashad Fischer33.88a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
12.2Lorenzo Hampton III33.94a PR30-Unattached
13.9-10Marlow Hampton34.03a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.9-10Keontae Whitehead34.15a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
15.9-10Kajor Cress34.87a PRReal Athletics
16.9-10Quintice Combs34.90a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
17.9-10Miles Newton35.81a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
18.2Ethan Aagaard37.78a PR30-Unattached
19.3Justin Page37.91a PR30-Unattached
20.9-10Kingston Normil38.33a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
21.9-10Princeton Normil39.02a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
9-10Jonathan CatheyDNSMinnesota Track Spikes
9-10Marshawn WatsonDNSEagles Wings

200 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Sanjay Redd26.55aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr26.60aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.11-12Isaac Jeffrey27.05a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.5Keondre Bryant28.49a PR30-Unattached
5.6Mason Perich28.57a PR30-Unattached
6.6Alexander Hulteen30.01a PR30-Unattached
7.11-12Isreal Moses30.25aMinnesota Track Spikes
8.11-12Jaivon Hill31.15a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
9.11-12TyJon Jenkins31.37aI.C.A.A./Breeze
10.5Caylor Ellis31.68a PR30-Unattached
11.11-12Kaleb Lewis31.82a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
12.11-12Jordan Mccaleb32.09aI.C.A.A./Breeze
13.11-12Paul Rhodes III32.12a PR30-Unattached
14.11-12Elisha Addison32.81aI.C.A.A./Breeze
15.11-12Joshua Margheim34.62a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
16.11-12Dontarrious Sampson34.75a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
11-12Rashad McKinleyDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze

200 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14George Jackson24.27aReal Athletics
2.13-14Sean Diedrich24.40aPark Flyers Track & ...
3.13-14Demetrius Marshall24.82aEagles Wings
4.13-14Rais Hill25.44a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
5.13-14Ashton Brown26.71a PRReal Athletics
6.6Jordan Shaw27.28a PR30-Unattached
7.13-14Michael Broad27.41aPark Flyers Track & ...
8.13-14Dex Wright27.66a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
9.6Dawson Andree28.18a PR30-Unattached
10.13-14Timothy Johnson28.26a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
11.13-14Christian Dodd28.27aTrack Minnesota Elite
12.13-14Samuel Bryan28.77a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
13.13-14Seth Johnson29.08a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.13-14Da'quan Spearman29.11a PREagles Wings
15.13-14Kahn Powell II29.86a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
16.13-14Caden Bry30.44a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
17.13-14Aidan Hartnett30.50a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
18.7Xavier Flemister30.93a PR30-Unattached
19.13-14Joshua Loe37.28a PRVictory Track and Fi...
13-14Allemu SlatteryDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze
7Ethan DoubleDNS30-Unattached

200 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keylan Jackson22.43aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Michael Kruse23.89aPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Trokon Karngar24.13aPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Eugene Dixon24.45a PREagles Wings
5.15-16Shiv Jhanjee24.60a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
6.15-16Nathan Flomo24.77a PREagles Wings
7.15-16Caden Turner24.99a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
8.15-16Alek Roggenbuck25.03aPark Flyers Track & ...
9.15-16Jaxson Brown25.49a PREagles Wings
10.15-16Drake Daniels25.51aTrack Minnesota Elite
10Logan DayDNS30-Unattached
15-16Trevor RoellDNSEagles Wings

200 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Genuine Matthews21.88a PRReal Athletics
2.17-18Denzel Brown22.25aReal Athletics
3.11Noah Anderson22.48a PR30-Unattached
4.17-18Javien Versey22.57a PREagles Wings
5.11Branden Boleman22.74a PR30-Unattached
6.17-18Darren Misiak22.96a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.11Rhett Streeter23.10a PR30-Unattached
8.11Lucas Larson23.18a PR30-Unattached
9.17-18Goodness Akindemowo23.36a PRReal Athletics
10.17-18Alex Spillum23.76a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
11.17-18Eric Mensah24.19a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
12.17-18Andrew Swenson24.30a PREagles Wings
13.10John Romes24.50a PR30-Unattached
14.17-18Jacques Lyles24.60a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
15.17-18Alex McFarland24.74a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
16.17-18Brenden Eyrich25.18a PREagles Wings
17.17-18Shaheed Bell25.52a PREagles Wings
18.17-18Seakh Menheer25.63a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
19.17-18Javeon Williams25.77aI.C.A.A./Breeze
17-18Malachi LossowDNSEagles Wings
17-18Dallas KrechDNSReal Track & Field
17-18Christopher ClarkeDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Evan McClellonDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.2Isaac Karber1:21.16a30-Unattached
2.1David Meberg1:22.90a PR30-Unattached
3.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner1:25.38aEagles Wings
4.2Weston Clementson1:28.97a30-Unattached
5.7-8Alexander Williamson1:36.11aEagles Wings
6.7-8Amar Gray1:36.38a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Del Johnson Jr1:09.90aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.9-10Darren Burch-Walker1:10.13aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.9-10Avery Batala1:10.99a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.3Jack Gifford1:11.02a PR30-Unattached
5.9-10Oliver Tadewald1:13.46a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.9-10Carter Reckelberg1:13.57aMinnesota Track Spikes
7.9-10Desmond Ware1:16.81aReal Athletics
8.9-10Quintice Combs1:18.94a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
9.2Cole Braunshausen1:19.65a PR30-Unattached
10.9-10Edward Gronau1:22.90a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
11.9-10Alexander Windels1:24.41aReal Track & Field
12.9-10Nigel Caldwell1:25.22a PRVictory Track and Fi...
13.9-10Marquavius Hinds1:27.70a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
14.9-10Timmy Webber Jr1:27.76a PREagles Wings
15.9-10Keontae Whitehead1:28.57aI.C.A.A./Breeze
16.9-10Princeton Normil1:37.23a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
17.9-10Kingston Normil1:38.93a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sanjay Redd1:01.28aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.6DreVonnte Dunkins1:02.01a PR30-Unattached
3.11-12Isaac Jeffrey1:02.76a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.6Aaron Clausen1:08.07a PR30-Unattached
5.11-12Jordan Mccaleb1:08.23aI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.5Ryan Kilibarda1:08.51a PR30-Unattached
7.6Alexander Hulteen1:09.76a PR30-Unattached
8.11-12Jude Willcock1:09.76a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
9.11-12TyJon Jenkins1:10.45a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
10.11-12Paul Rhodes III1:14.28a PR30-Unattached
11.7Hayden Haag1:16.70a PR30-Unattached
12.4Kellen Butler1:17.06a PR30-Unattached
13.11-12Dontarrious Sampson1:24.25aI.C.A.A./Breeze
11-12Elisha AddisonDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Allemu Slattery57.44a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.13-14Dante White59.17a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
3.13-14Jackson Thoe1:00.78aPark Flyers Track & ...
4.7Aiden Kilibarda1:02.36a PR30-Unattached
5.6Dawson Andree1:04.97a PR30-Unattached
6.13-14Samuel Bryan1:08.10a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.13-14Eddy Ndayikengurukiye1:23.96aEagles Wings
13-14Dex WrightDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze
13-14Rais HillDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
13-14Luke SilgenDNSReal Track & Field
6Aidan EngertDNS30-Unattached

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson49.36aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Montrea Talabi52.62a PREagles Wings
3.15-16Shiv Jhanjee54.55a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.15-16Jaxson Brown54.77a PREagles Wings
5.15-16Drake Daniels56.23a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
6.15-16Eugene Dixon1:00.16aEagles Wings
7.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine1:01.91aI.C.A.A./Breeze
8.15-16Noah Aziramubera1:01.97aTrack Minnesota Elite
10Noah SchultzDNS30-Unattached

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Genuine Matthews49.25aReal Athletics
2.11Branden Boleman50.98a PR30-Unattached
3.11Marcus Haskins51.06a PR30-Unattached
4.11Noah Anderson51.62a PR30-Unattached
5.17-18Leroy Kwateh52.11a PRReal Athletics
6.17-18Babatunde Jinadu53.20aReal Track & Field
7.17-18Collin Sieffert53.49a PR30-Unattached
8.17-18Jacques Lyles55.81a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
9.17-18Therence Niyonkuru56.93a PREagles Wings
10.17-18Seakh Menheer57.42a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
11.17-18Javeon Williams1:00.37aI.C.A.A./Breeze
12.17-18Ryan Paul1:03.11a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
11Lucas LarsonDNS30-Unattached
17-18Andrew SwensonDNSEagles Wings
17-18Benjamin GrosseDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

400 Meters  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Alexander Windels1:24.94aReal Track & Field

400 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer1:12.19a PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

400 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert54.73a30-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe55.68a PR30-Unattached

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner3:06.33a PREagles Wings
2.2Isaac Karber3:07.77a PR30-Unattached
3.7-8Logan Drevlow3:14.59a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.7-8John Smida3:47.21a PRMinnesota Track Spikes

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.3Jack Gifford2:43.00a PR30-Unattached
2.9-10Ryan Becker2:46.82a PRMinnesota Speed
3.9-10Edward Gronau3:13.38a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.3Tom Sabre3:13.90a PR30-Unattached
5.3Ilyas Jama3:19.01a PR30-Unattached
6.9-10Timmy Webber Jr3:20.54a PREagles Wings
7.2Ethan Aagaard3:26.74a PR30-Unattached
8.4Ahmed Mohamed3:33.82a PR30-Unattached

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.6DreVonnte Dunkins2:26.45a PR30-Unattached
2.11-12Jude Willcock2:36.11a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
3.11-12Grant LeNeau2:36.57a PRFalcon Track
4.11-12Jack Sennes2:38.72aReal Track & Field
5.11-12TyJon Jenkins2:49.75aI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.7Hayden Haag2:50.94a PR30-Unattached
7.11-12Riley Bry2:51.93a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
8.11-12Paul Rhodes III2:52.97a30-Unattached
9.4Kellen Butler2:54.19a PR30-Unattached
10.11-12Jordan Kuhlmann3:08.35a PREagles Wings
5Jacob LarsonDNS30-Unattached
6Gavin MichalekDNS30-Unattached

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.7Brennen Peterson2:24.97a PR30-Unattached
2.13-14Robert McKusky-Spain2:28.74a PRReal Track & Field
3.13-14Demarion Watson2:34.56aTrack Minnesota Elite
4.7Declan Rodefeld2:38.88a PR30-Unattached
5.13-14Caleb Dunnewind2:50.16aPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Justin Anderson3:13.06a PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7.13-14Eddy Ndayikengurukiye3:13.12aEagles Wings

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Montrea Talabi2:04.39a PREagles Wings
2.9Carlos Momsen2:05.22a PR30-Unattached
3.9Maxwell Gifford2:06.41a PR30-Unattached
4.15-16Mickies Kiros2:13.73a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
5.15-16Collins Yego2:18.80aTrack Minnesota Elite
6.15-16Sam Hurcomb2:20.26a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.15-16Noah Aziramubera2:28.72aTrack Minnesota Elite
8.8Henry Budke2:37.83a PR20-Unattached

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Marcus Haskins2:01.56a PR30-Unattached
2.11McEwan Rodefeld2:02.73a PR30-Unattached
3.17-18Trenton Allen2:11.67aReal Track & Field
4.17-18Therence Niyonkuru2:14.46aEagles Wings
17-18Michael CrawfordDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Parker PhillipsDNSTrack Minnesota Elite

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Logan Drevlow6:45.66a PRPark Flyers Track & ...

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.2Cole Braunshausen5:43.01a PR30-Unattached
2.9-10Ryan Becker6:00.47a PRMinnesota Speed
3.3Ilyas Jama6:31.40a PR30-Unattached
4.4Ahmed Mohamed6:55.96a PR30-Unattached
3Tom SabreDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.6DreVonnte Dunkins5:09.67a30-Unattached
2.6Alden Keller5:11.88a PR30-Unattached
3.5Ryan Kilibarda5:16.18a PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Jude Willcock5:22.03aPark Flyers Track & ...
5.11-12Grant LeNeau5:25.93a PRFalcon Track
6.11-12Jack Sennes5:33.88a PRReal Track & Field
7.6Musa Ali5:43.63a PR30-Unattached
8.5Abdullahi Salad6:03.39a PR30-Unattached
9.11-12Riley Bry6:05.32a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
10.11-12Luke Elsesser6:11.67a PRVictory Track and Fi...
11.5Jacob Larson6:14.69a PR30-Unattached
12.11-12Jordan Kuhlmann6:52.35a PREagles Wings
11-12Daniel ElsesserDNSVictory Track and Fi...
6Gavin MichalekDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ethan Vargas4:44.62a20-Unattached
2.7Aiden Kilibarda4:45.65a PR30-Unattached
3.7Brennen Peterson4:53.29a PR30-Unattached
4.13-14Robert McKusky-Spain5:10.61a PRReal Track & Field
5.13-14Jackson Thoe5:12.77a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Caleb Dunnewind5:52.65a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.7Charly Garcia7:25.21a PR30-Unattached

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Mickies Kiros4:34.23aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.9Abdikani Abdi4:34.53a PR30-Unattached
3.9Carlos Momsen4:34.59a PR30-Unattached
4.15-16Collins Yego4:51.75aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.10Abdullahi Hussein4:54.85a PR30-Unattached
6.15-16Ben Lundsten4:54.86a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
7.9Mohamed Abdi5:31.39a PR30-Unattached
8.9Abdifitah Farah5:35.16a PR30-Unattached

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Parker Phillips4:22.80aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.10Mahamed Salad4:25.52a PR30-Unattached
3.11McEwan Rodefeld4:25.84a PR30-Unattached
4.17-18Joseph Bustrak4:50.47a30-Unattached
17-18Trenton AllenDNSReal Track & Field

1500 Meters  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey5:28.37aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.5Christian Batchlor5:29.51a PR30-Unattached
3.11-12Owen Sterner6:13.17a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.5Devin Jordan6:24.07a PR30-Unattached

1500 Meters  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry6:18.50aPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer7:56.71a PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert4:58.90a30-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe5:39.37a30-Unattached

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.5Abdullahi Salad12:30.35a PR30-Unattached
2.6Musa Ali12:30.37a PR30-Unattached
3.5Jacob Larson13:42.39a PR30-Unattached
6Gavin MichalekDNS30-Unattached

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ethan Vargas10:00.86a20-Unattached
2.7Declan Rodefeld12:53.27a PR30-Unattached
3.7Charly Garcia13:27.16a PR30-Unattached

3000 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Mickies Kiros9:55.56aI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.9Abdikani Abdi10:17.24a PR30-Unattached
3.10Abdullahi Hussein10:48.18a PR30-Unattached
4.15-16Ben Lundsten10:48.66a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
5.9Mohamed Abdi12:17.42a PR30-Unattached
6.9Abdifitah Farah13:04.89a PR30-Unattached

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.10Mahamed Salad10:00.79a PR30-Unattached
2.17-18Joseph Bustrak10:20.51a30-Unattached

3000m Racewalk  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Logan McLaughlin15:26.69a PR20-Unattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jacob Bodin16.93aFalcon Track
2.11-12Kaleb Lewis18.90aMinnesota Track Spikes

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey15.33aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.5Christian Batchlor15.66a PR30-Unattached
3.5Devin Jordan17.07a PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Owen Sterner18.95a PRPark Flyers Track & ...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Rais Hill15.50aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.13-14Julian Diedrich18.96aPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry23.18aPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Caden Turner15.74a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
2.15-16Drake Daniels16.71aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine18.52aI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.15-16Gabe Zilmer20.43aZero Gravity
5.8Adam King22.11a PR30-Unattached
10Logan DayDNS30-Unattached

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Finals

1.10John Romes16.82a PR30-Unattached
2.17-18Sam Akers17.54aPark Flyers Track & ...
3.17-18Thomas Boehlke18.50a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.17-18Ryan Paul20.34a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Joey FrasierDNSPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Evan El-HalawaniDNSReal Track & Field

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer20.42a PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert17.00a PR30-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe17.73a PR30-Unattached

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Demarion Watson34.56aTrack Minnesota Elite
13-14Rais HillDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Caden Turner1:01.23aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.15-16Trokon Karngar1:05.21aPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Samuel Ojebode1:09.75a PREagles Wings
4.8Adam King1:19.42a PR30-Unattached

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Evan El-Halawani56.15a PRReal Track & Field
2.17-18Clayton Johnson57.57a PRReal Track & Field
3.17-18Collin Sieffert1:01.04a30-Unattached
4.17-18Jacques Lyles1:03.79aI.C.A.A./Breeze
5.17-18Sam Akers1:04.31aPark Flyers Track & ...
6.17-18Thomas Boehlke1:07.00a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
7.17-18Ryan Paul1:09.90a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Joey FrasierDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

2k Steeplechase  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Parker Phillips6:37.93aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.17-18Joseph Bustrak7:59.32a PR30-Unattached

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Seth Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Michael Broad
Sean Diedrich
52.09aPark Flyers Track & ...
2.13-14Caden Bry
Aidan Hartnett
Caleb Dunnewind
Timothy Johnson
57.82aPark Flyers Track & ...

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders
Michael Kruse
Jacob Brown
Aaron Sledge
47.36aPark Flyers Track & ...
2.15-16Jaxson Brown
Eugene Dixon
Nathan Flomo
Trevor Roell
47.76aEagles Wings

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Goodness Akindemowo
Denzel Brown
Leroy Kwateh
Genuine Matthews
43.02aReal Athletics
2.17-18Shaheed Bell
Brenden Eyrich
Malachi Lossow
Andrew Swenson
45.32aEagles Wings
17-18Evan McClellon
Keegan Bloedel
Joey Frasier
Darren Misiak
DNSPark Flyers Track & ...

4x400 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jaxson Brown
Eugene Dixon
Montrea Talabi
Nathan Flomo
3:48.12aEagles Wings
15-16Trokon Karngar
Brendon Johnson-Snyders
Michael Kruse
Sam Hurcomb
DNSPark Flyers Track & ...

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Brenden Eyrich
Shaheed Bell
Malachi Lossow
Andrew Swenson
4:03.30aEagles Wings
17-18Benjamin Grosse
Evan McClellon
Samuel Hoyt
Sam Akers
DNSPark Flyers Track & ...

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Alexander Williamson4.35mEagles Wings
2.6URickie Thomas2.27m PR30-Unattached
3.7-8Joshua Declouet2.16mEagles Wings

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Dallas Downey6.05mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.9-10Thomas Windels5.48mReal Track & Field
3.3Owen Guertin4.85m PR30-Unattached
4.9-10Alexander Windels4.76m PRReal Track & Field
5.4Michael Aber4.58m30-Unattached
6.9-10Terrance Russell Jr4.35mMinnesota Track Spikes
7.9-10Joseph Hayes3.98m PRVictory Track and Fi...

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.5Justin Gleason8.33m30-Unattached
2.4Thomas RedWing III7.68m PR30-Unattached
3.11-12Peter Schaehrer6.90m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.11-12Daniel Elsesser6.85m PRVictory Track and Fi...
5.5Luke Brown6.73m PR30-Unattached

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Alexander Windels4.69mReal Track & Field

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey8.94m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
2.5Christian Batchlor7.07m30-Unattached
3.5Devin Jordan6.71m PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Owen Sterner5.38m PRPark Flyers Track & ...

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.6Steele Tebay10.89m PR30-Unattached
2.6Jordan Shaw10.08m PR30-Unattached
3.13-14Da'quan Spearman8.12m PREagles Wings
4.13-14Tyler Nagengast7.80m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
5.8Jalen Shaw7.67m PR30-Unattached
6.13-14Julian Diedrich7.64mPark Flyers Track & ...
7.6Peyton Ihns7.04m PR30-Unattached
8.13-14Austin Schroeder6.43m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
9.13-14Luke Silgen5.74m PRReal Track & Field
10.13-14Ian Jeffery5.59mTrack Minnesota Elite

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry5.96mPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Kyle Atkinson Jr14.65m PR30-Unattached
2.15-16Maxwell Otterdahl12.54mReal Track & Field
3.15-16Zach Gillem11.29m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Landry Mugisha8.81mEagles Wings
5.15-16Kester Wubben8.06mTrack Minnesota Elite
6.15-16Eleazar Rott7.75m PREagles Wings

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Trevor Otterdahl16.82m PRReal Track & Field
2.17-18Jake Kubiatowicz16.64m PR30-Unattached
3.JrAndrew Swartz13.16m PR30-Unattached
4.17-18Jedidiah Jones11.88mEagles Wings
5.17-18Larry Darby10.07m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
12Kieran McKeagDNS30-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer7.92m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Spencer Howe10.63m30-Unattached
2.17-18Collin Sieffert9.73m PR30-Unattached

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Peter Schaehrer18.46mPark Flyers Track & ...
2.4Thomas RedWing III16.37m PR30-Unattached
3.11-12Ryan DuSaire14.41mPark Flyers Track & ...

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.6Steele Tebay27.67m PR30-Unattached
2.7Ethan Double19.10m PR30-Unattached
3.13-14Austin Schroeder18.66m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
4.13-14Luke Silgen17.88m PRReal Track & Field
5.6Peyton Ihns16.55m PR30-Unattached
6.13-14Ian Jeffery15.88mTrack Minnesota Elite
7.13-14Justin Anderson14.24m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
8.8Jalen Shaw13.09m PR30-Unattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.10John Herlofsky40.36m PR30-Unattached
2.15-16Kyle Atkinson Jr35.88m30-Unattached
3.15-16Maxwell Otterdahl34.10m PRReal Track & Field
4.15-16Zach Gillem27.62mPark Flyers Track & ...
5.15-16Landry Mugisha26.14mEagles Wings
6.15-16Josiah Sutton23.06mEagles Wings
7.15-16Eleazar Rott21.85m PREagles Wings
8.15-16Samuel Ojebode19.40mEagles Wings
9.15-16Kester Wubben15.89m PRTrack Minnesota Elite

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jake Kubiatowicz53.56m30-Unattached
2.17-18Trevor Otterdahl48.15m PRReal Track & Field
3.JrAndrew Swartz35.26m PR30-Unattached
4.17-18Jedidiah Jones34.48m PREagles Wings
5.17-18Larry Darby17.14m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
12Kieran McKeagDNS30-Unattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer21.77m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Spencer Howe24.93m30-Unattached
2.17-18Collin Sieffert20.91m30-Unattached

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jaylen Young13.40mReal Track & Field
2.7-8Alexander Williamson9.05mEagles Wings
3.7-8Lysanias Shelby II8.50mEagles Wings
4.6ULyndon Shelby8.10m PREagles Wings
5.7-8Jaeden Jackson7.34mEagles Wings
6.6ULyncoln Shelby3.23mEagles Wings

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Marlow Hampton22.35mPark Flyers Track & ...
2.4Michael Aber19.64m PR30-Unattached
3.9-10Timmy Webber Jr19.02m PREagles Wings
4.9-10Alexander Windels18.00m PRReal Track & Field
5.9-10Nigel Caldwell16.66mVictory Track and Fi...
6.9-10Thomas Windels14.16mReal Track & Field
7.9-10Gavin Miller13.99m PRReal Track & Field
8.9-10Dallas Downey13.81m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
9.9-10Oliver Tadewald11.98m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
10.9-10Marquavius Hinds11.32m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
9-10Marshawn WatsonDNSEagles Wings
9-10Joseph HayesDNSVictory Track and Fi...

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jacob Bodin31.87mFalcon Track
2.11-12Grant LeNeau27.57m PRFalcon Track
3.11-12Jordan Kuhlmann24.67m PREagles Wings
4.11-12Peter Schaehrer23.81mPark Flyers Track & ...
5.11-12Riley Bry21.27mPark Flyers Track & ...
6.4Thomas RedWing III21.02m PR30-Unattached
7.11-12Connor Comfort19.17m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
8.11-12Peyton Anderson16.57m PRMinnesota Track Spikes

Javelin - 600g  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Seth Johnson21.69mPark Flyers Track & ...
2.7Declan Rodefeld20.31m PR30-Unattached
3.13-14Ian Jeffery13.71m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
6Jordan ShawDNS30-Unattached
8Jalen ShawDNS30-Unattached

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Josiah Sutton34.25mEagles Wings
2.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders31.48mPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Landry Mugisha27.76mEagles Wings
4.15-16Kester Wubben12.38mTrack Minnesota Elite

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Parker Phillips28.32mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.17-18Daniel Kuntz27.19mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.17-18Larry Darby25.06mTrack Minnesota Elite
4.17-18Steven Nye19.78mTrack Minnesota Elite
5.17-18Jedidiah Jones13.32m PREagles Wings

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer19.65m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Spencer Howe35.49m PR30-Unattached
2.17-18Collin Sieffert17.27m30-Unattached

High Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gabriel Cline1.19mEast Ridge Athletic ...
2.9-10Miles Newton1.14mPark Flyers Track & ...

High Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jacob Bodin1.30m PRFalcon Track
2.11-12Jaivon Hill1.20mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.7Hayden Haag1.10m30-Unattached
5Christian BatchlorDNS30-Unattached
11-12Luke ElsesserDNSVictory Track and Fi...

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dante White1.72mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.13-14Rais Hill1.67mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.6Steele Tebay1.42m PR30-Unattached
4.13-14Demarion Watson1.37mTrack Minnesota Elite
5.13-14Luke Silgen1.27m PRReal Track & Field
6.13-14Austin Schroeder1.27m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7.13-14Tyler Nagengast1.22m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.8Parker Ellis1.77m PR30-Unattached
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Benjamin Grosse1.83m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
2.17-18Daniel Kuntz1.83m PRTrack Minnesota Elite

High Jump  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Alexander Windels0.89mReal Track & Field

High Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey1.50m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
2.5Devin Jordan1.25m PR30-Unattached
2.5Christian Batchlor1.25m PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Owen Sterner1.15m PRPark Flyers Track & ...

High Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry1.27mPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

High Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer1.42m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

High Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert1.72m PR30-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe1.47m PR30-Unattached

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.9Hawkin Petron3.65m30-Unattached
2.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders3.20m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Alex Berg2.90mSouthern Minnesota V...
10Calvin CiganikDNS30-Unattached

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.12Erik Olson4.10m30-Unattached
2.12Kyle Johnson3.95m30-Unattached
3.11Drew Dockendorf3.95m30-Unattached
4.17-18Steven Nye3.35mTrack Minnesota Elite
5.11Mark McPherson3.35m PR30-Unattached
12Jesse HoldsNH30-Unattached

Pole Vault  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer2.24m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Pole Vault  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert2.99m PR30-Unattached
11Spencer HoweNH30-Unattached

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Heston Anderson3.04mReal Track & Field
2.2Weston Clementson2.97m PR30-Unattached
3.7-8Jaeden Jackson2.89mEagles Wings
4.7-8Lysanias Shelby II2.73m PREagles Wings
5.6ULyndon Shelby2.37mEagles Wings
6.7-8John Smida2.28m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7.1Jakin Miller2.22m PR30-Unattached
8.6ULyncoln Shelby1.12mEagles Wings

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gabriel Cline3.86m PREast Ridge Athletic ...
2.9-10Carter Reckelberg3.75mMinnesota Track Spikes
3.9-10Oliver Tadewald3.54m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.9-10Derrick Evans Jr3.51mEagles Wings
5.9-10Avery Batala3.38mTrack Minnesota Elite
6.2Avery Buckner3.27m PR30-Unattached
7.9-10Nigel Caldwell3.25mVictory Track and Fi...
8.9-10Rashad Fischer3.09mTrack Minnesota Elite
9.9-10Gavin Miller3.04m PRReal Track & Field
10.9-10Bryce Bullard2.82mMinnesota Track Spikes
11.9-10Thomas Windels2.81m PRReal Track & Field
11.9-10Marlow Hampton2.81m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
13.2Ethan Aagaard2.79m PR30-Unattached
14.9-10Joseph Hayes2.62m PRVictory Track and Fi...
15.9-10Marquavius Hinds2.61m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
16.3Owen Guertin2.56m PR30-Unattached
17.9-10Terrance Russell Jr2.49m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
9-10Jonathan CatheyDNSMinnesota Track Spikes
9-10Isaiah GradyDNSEagles Wings
9-10Ryan BeckerDNSMinnesota Speed
9-10Dallas DowneyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
2Lorenzo Hampton IIIDNS30-Unattached

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr4.73mI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.11-12Isaac Jeffrey4.41mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.5Keondre Bryant4.40m PR30-Unattached
4.6Mason Perich4.36m30-Unattached
4.11-12Rashad McKinley4.36mI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.11-12Kaleb Lewis4.25m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
7.5Justin Gleason4.21m PR30-Unattached
8.6Alexander Hulteen4.03m PR30-Unattached
9.11-12Isreal Moses3.83m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
10.5Caylor Ellis3.73m PR30-Unattached
11.5Luke Brown3.57m PR30-Unattached
12.5Elliot Vargas3.29m PR20-Unattached
13.11-12Ryan DuSaire3.28m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.11-12Connor Comfort3.10m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
15.11-12Peyton Anderson2.65mMinnesota Track Spikes
16.11-12Joshua Margheim2.53m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5Christian BatchlorDNS30-Unattached

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dante White6.05mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.13-14Demetrius Marshall5.96mEagles Wings
3.13-14George Jackson5.57m PRReal Athletics
4.7Xavier Flemister5.13m PR30-Unattached
5.13-14Samuel Bryan4.45m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Timothy Johnson4.39m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.13-14Caden Bry4.34mPark Flyers Track & ...
8.13-14Ashton Brown4.17m PRReal Athletics
9.13-14Demarion Watson4.10mTrack Minnesota Elite
10.13-14Kahn Powell II3.97m PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
11.13-14Christian Dodd3.90mTrack Minnesota Elite
12.7Ethan Double3.77m PR30-Unattached
13.13-14Tyler Nagengast3.56m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
13-14Justin AndersonFOULMinnesota Track Spikes

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Trokon Karngar5.41mPark Flyers Track & ...
2.8Parker Ellis5.38m PR30-Unattached
3.15-16Sam Hurcomb5.24mPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Alek Roggenbuck5.10m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.15-16Trevor Roell4.32m PREagles Wings
6.8Adam King4.30m PR30-Unattached
15-16James WildeFOULPark Flyers Track & ...

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Javon Kunkel6.57m PRReal Track & Field
2.17-18Alex Spillum6.51mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.17-18Darren Misiak6.18mPark Flyers Track & ...
4.11Lucas Larson5.56m PR30-Unattached
5.17-18Seakh Menheer5.07m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Daniel KuntzFOULTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Benjamin GrosseDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

Long Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey4.04mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.5Devin Jordan3.83m PR30-Unattached
3.5Christian Batchlor3.66m PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Owen Sterner3.22m PRPark Flyers Track & ...

Long Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry4.27mPark Flyers Track & ...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Long Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer4.77m PRZero Gravity
15-16Brittan BurnsDNS30-Unattached

Long Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Spencer Howe5.23m30-Unattached
2.17-18Collin Sieffert5.15m30-Unattached

Triple Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.9John Lynn11.27m PR30-Unattached
2.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine11.26mI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.15-16Sam Hurcomb11.23mPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Alek Roggenbuck10.66mPark Flyers Track & ...
5.15-16Gabe Zilmer10.43m PRZero Gravity
8Adam KingDNS30-Unattached

Triple Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Javon Kunkel12.62m PRReal Track & Field
2.17-18Daniel Kuntz11.23mTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Alex SpillumDNSTrack Minnesota Elite

Hammer - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Josiah Sutton23.10mEagles Wings
2.15-16Logan McLaughlin22.64m PR20-Unattached
3.15-16Landry Mugisha15.34mEagles Wings

Hammer - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Kaden Elder38.87m30-Unattached
2.17-18Jedidiah Jones26.34m PREagles Wings
12Kieran McKeagDNS30-Unattached

Triathlon Score  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Alexander Windels208 PRReal Track & Field

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey2021Track Minnesota Elite
2.5Christian Batchlor1638 PR30-Unattached
3.5Devin Jordan1269 PR30-Unattached
4.11-12Owen Sterner924 PRPark Flyers Track & ...

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Caden Bry1063Park Flyers Track & ...

Decathlon Score  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Gabe Zilmer2481 PRZero Gravity

Decathlon Score  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert459430-Unattached
2.11Spencer Howe409130-Unattached

Meet Schedule