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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Terrance Sanford14.85a (1.9)Hallmark Track
2.7-8Bryson Mathis II14.97a (1.9)Tru Speed Track
3.7-8Travis Green15.45a (1.9)Illusions Track
4.7-8D'Aires Byerly15.48a (1.9)A.W. Brown Track
5.7-8Gatlon Cryer15.65a (1.9)A.W. Brown Track
6.7-8Noah Williams15.75a (1.9)NTX Jackrabbits
7.7-8Devin Scott16.30a (1.9)FCHW Wolves
7-8Cannon CapletonDNS (1.9)Stealth Track

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Orlando Thompson13.24a (.5)Tru Speed Track
2.9-10Remington Martin14.06a (.5)Team QUEST
3.9-10Jhase Hall14.20a (.5)Hallmark Track
4.9-10Tyrian Jackson14.23a (.5)Stealth Track
5.9-10Xavier Walker14.24a (.5)Hallmark Track
6.9-10Rodrick Ghoston14.35a (.5)Illusions Track
7.9-10Jayson Williams14.41a (.5)North Texas Burners
8.9-10Bryson Jackson14.74a (.5)Start 2 Finish

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Elijah Clark12.85a (-1.2)Hallmark Track
2.11-12Davion Hall13.13a (-1.2)Tru Speed Track
3.11-12Trenton Bronaugh13.25a (-1.2)NTX Jackrabbits
4.11-12Kingsley Bennett13.30a (-1.2)Tru Speed Track
5.11-12Kenyan Gibson13.44a (-1.2)Hallmark Track
6.11-12Dayaun Green13.70a (-1.2)Stealth Track
7.11-12Ethan Smith13.92a (-1.2)Hallmark Track
8.11-12Jerry Bledsoe14.19a (-1.2)Start 2 Finish

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dennis Phillips11.11a PR (1.5)NTX Jackrabbits
2.13-14Tkai Wade11.36a PR (1.5)Team QUEST
3.13-14JaTyler Shaw11.49a PR (1.5)North Texas Burners
4.13-14Omari Walker11.65a PR (1.5)Tru Speed Track
5.13-14DaCorey Ware11.68a PR (1.5)Illusions Track
6.13-14William Perry11.75a (1.5)Team QUEST
7.13-14Braxton Smith11.98a (1.5)Tru Speed Track
13-14William JohnsonDNS (1.5)DeSoto SWIFT

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keishawn Everly10.71a (1.8)Hallmark Track
2.15-16Asante Fazarro10.92a (1.8)Hallmark Track
3.15-16Paul Brawner III10.93a (1.8)Hallmark Track
4.15-16Shamel Allwood11.07a PR (1.8)A Running Start TC
5.SoDarius Henderson11.17a (1.8)26-Unattached
6.15-16Raymond Scott III11.18a (1.8)FCHW Wolves
7.15-16Michael Collier11.27a (1.8)A Running Start TC
8.15-16Jeffrey Carter11.30a (1.8)Hallmark Track

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Joseph Sheffield10.63a (.4)Team QUEST
2.12Savion Drake10.85a (.4)26-Unattached
3.17-18Joshua Lewis10.87a (.4)Team QUEST
4.17-18Jaylen Allen10.87a (.4)Team QUEST
5.JrAustin Carbone11.04a (.4)26-Unattached
6.17-18Nicholas Alexander11.06a (.4)Tru Speed Track
7.17-18Jackson Web11.33a (.4)Team QUEST
SrTrevin ChambersDNS (.4)26-Unattached

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Terrance Sanford14.56a PR (2.9)Hallmark Track
2.7-8Bryson Mathis II14.96a (3.7)Tru Speed Track
3.7-8D'Aires Byerly15.08a PR (3.9)A.W. Brown Track
4.7-8Travis Green15.17a PR (3.9)Illusions Track
5.7-8Gatlon Cryer15.21a PR (3.7)A.W. Brown Track
6.7-8Cannon Capleton15.21a PR (3.7)Stealth Track
7.7-8Noah Williams15.26a PR (3.7)NTX Jackrabbits
8.7-8Devin Scott15.38a PR (3.7)FCHW Wolves
9.7-8Kylan Nobles15.77a PR (3.7)A.W. Brown Track
10.7-8Bradley Williams15.81a PR (2.9)East Texas Track
11.7-8Raylon Ghoston15.97a PR (3.7)Illusions Track
12.7-8Terry Johnson16.13a PR (3.7)Tru Speed Track
13.6USeneca Johnson Jr16.15a PR (3.7)Tru Speed Track
14.7-8Brayden Criss16.35a PR (3.9)A.W. Brown Track
15.7-8Desean Robinson16.45a PR (3.9)Stealth Track
16.7-8Aiden Thomas16.66a PR (2.9)Hallmark Track
17.7-8D'Mari Payne16.68a PR (2.9)Tru Speed Track
18.7-8Shalom Martin17.05a PR (3.7)Hallmark Track
19.7-8Jaydan Fra17.26a PR (3.9)Hallmark Track
20.7-8Terrance Adkinson17.81a PR (3.7)Lancaster Lightning TC
21.6UBryan Collins18.05a PR (3.9)Texas Faces
22.6UStephen Collins18.18a PR (3.7)Illusions Track
23.7-8Jaylen Ferrell18.97a PR (3.9)Hallmark Track
24.SoIsaiah Johnson19.13a PR (3.7)26-Unattached
25.7-8Jaylen Rios19.70a PR (3.9)Hallmark Track
1D'Aires ByerlyDNS (3.7)26-Unattached
7-8Christian KennedyDNS (3.7)Hallmark Track
7-8Zachary KadiriDNS (2.9)Team QUEST
6UJustin Patterson JrDNS (2.9)Top Speed Track
6UMarvin Murphy IIIDNS (2.9)Tru Speed Track

100 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Orlando Thompson12.89a PR (5.6)Tru Speed Track
2.9-10Xavier Walker13.66a PR (5.6)Hallmark Track
3.9-10Remington Martin13.72a PR (4.0)Team QUEST
4.9-10Jayson Williams13.90a PR (4.0)North Texas Burners
5.9-10Tyrian Jackson13.91a PR (3.8)Stealth Track
6.9-10Jhase Hall13.94a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
7.9-10Rodrick Ghoston13.99a PR (6.2)Illusions Track
8.9-10Bryson Jackson14.20a PR (4.0)Start 2 Finish
9.4Jeremiah Johnson14.35a PR (5.6)26-Unattached
10.9-10Omari Thompson14.46a PR (5.6)Tru Speed Track
11.9-10Domonic Jackson III14.75a PR (3.8)Texas Torch Track
12.9-10Terrynce Williams14.86a PR (4.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
13.9-10Joshua Gatlin14.93a PR (6.2)Elite of Mesquite
14.9-10Tristan Johnson15.24a PR (5.0)Tru Speed Track
15.9-10Curtis Carr15.35a PR (5.6)Lancaster Lightning TC
16.9-10Jameel Ross15.45a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
17.9-10Simeon Bennett15.47a PR (3.8)Top Speed Track
18.9-10Jared Thomas15.49a PR (4.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
19.9-10Davis Parker Jr15.62a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
20.9-10Caleb Brookins15.84a PR (4.0)FCHW Wolves
21.9-10Joshuan Fields15.91a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
22.9-10Kamryhn Echols16.15a PR (3.8)Lancaster Lightning TC
23.9-10Travon BAttle16.28a PR (5.0)Hallmark Track
24.9-10Danny Walzier Jr16.30a PR (5.0)Hallmark Track
25.9-10James Gray16.64a PR (4.0)Mach 1 TC
26.9-10CAyden Ellis16.73a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
27.9-10Joshua Mayo17.03a PR (6.2)Hallmark Track
28.9-10Aiden Culbert17.36a PR (4.0)FCHW Wolves
29.9-10Adiel Calderon17.58a PR (4.0)Mach 1 TC
30.9-10Micah Moore17.66a PR (6.2)Mach 1 TC
31.9-10Bradley Simmons17.75a PR (4.0)Mach 1 TC
32.9-10Charles Demps18.38a PR (5.0)Hallmark Track
9-10Gerald BanksDNS (5.6)Hallmark Track
9-10Kingston WillisDNS (5.0)Hallmark Track
9-10Derrick Tasby JrDNS (5.6)Hallmark Track
9-10Jay Sauls IIIDNS (3.8)Illusions Track
9-10James Mitchell IIIDNS (5.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
9-10King RichardsonDNS (4.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
9-10Gary JonesDNS (5.0)Hallmark Track
9-10Ethan MckinneyDNS (6.2)Elite of Mesquite
9-10Javion JacksonDNS (6.2)Hallmark Track

100 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Davion Hall12.65a PR (3.5)Tru Speed Track
2.11-12Elijah Clark12.66a PR (3.5)Hallmark Track
3.11-12Jerry Bledsoe12.98a PR (3.8)Start 2 Finish
4.11-12Kenyan Gibson12.98a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
5.11-12Kingsley Bennett13.01a PR (3.5)Tru Speed Track
6.11-12Trenton Bronaugh13.15a (3.5)NTX Jackrabbits
7.11-12Ethan Smith13.29a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
8.11-12Dayaun Green13.32a PR (3.5)Stealth Track
9.11-12Joshua Nealey13.44a PR (3.5)Hallmark Track
10.11-12Curtis Johnson13.49a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
11.11-12Caleb Collins13.51a PR (3.5)Illusions Track
12.11-12Cael Govan13.90a PR (3.8)North Texas Burners
13.11-12Ian Williams13.90a PR (3.5)Lancaster Lightning TC
14.11-12Sign Shuva13.97a PR (3.8)Team QUEST
15.11-12J'Darion Berry14.02a PR (3.8)Tru Speed Track
16.11-12Jayden Fanner14.47a PR (3.5)Hallmark Track
17.11-12Jordan Fanner14.84a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
18.11-12Isaiah Robinson15.25a PR (3.8)Stealth Track
19.11-12Jh'Don Brown15.37a PR (3.5)Hallmark Track
20.11-12Jordan Green15.40a PR (3.5)Hallmark Track
21.11-12Malachi Edmonds15.81a PR (3.8)NTX Jackrabbits
11-12Etelridge MckinneyDNS (3.5)Elite of Mesquite
11-12Jarmal BriscoeDNS (3.8)Hallmark Track
5Caleb CantuDNS (3.8)26-Unattached
5Cael GovanDNS (3.5)26-Unattached
11-12Derick Armstrong JrDNS (3.5)Lancaster Lightning TC
11-12Aundre MinnifieldDNS (3.8)Tru Speed Track

100 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Dennis Phillips11.25a (3.1)NTX Jackrabbits
2.13-14Tkai Wade11.45a (1.4)Team QUEST
3.13-14JaTyler Shaw11.58a (2.0)North Texas Burners
4.13-14William Perry11.63a PR (2.9)Team QUEST
5.13-14Omari Walker11.69a (1.4)Tru Speed Track
6.13-14DaCorey Ware11.81a (1.4)Illusions Track
7.13-14Braxton Smith11.90a PR (2.0)Tru Speed Track
8.13-14William Johnson11.99a PR (1.4)DeSoto SWIFT
9.13-14Jordan Johnson12.00a PR (1.4)NTX Jackrabbits
10.13-14Noelle Whitehead12.01a PR (3.1)SpeedKIDZ ELITE
11.13-14Ja Quaviion Mason12.13a PR (3.1)Hallmark Track
12.13-14Daryl Turner II12.14a PR (1.2)Northeast Texas Track
13.7Jaden Nixon12.20a PR (2.9)26-Unattached
14.13-14Grant Robinson12.21a PR (2.0)NTX Jackrabbits
15.13-14Blake May12.22a PR (2.0)Team QUEST
16.13-14Rylan Texada12.26a PR (2.9)NTX Jackrabbits
17.13-14Demondre Green12.29a PR (2.9)Stealth Track
18.13-14Desmond Thomas12.46a PR (2.0)Hallmark Track
19.13-14Austin Nkwoparah12.61a PR (1.4)26-Unattached
20.13-14Princeton Parker12.66a PR (1.2)NTX Jackrabbits
21.13-14Adgren Brooks12.67a PR (1.2)Hallmark Track
22.13-14Gideon Collins12.81a PR (3.1)Illusions Track
23.13-14Lennell Berry13.03a PR (3.1)Tru Speed Track
24.13-14QuDarian McMiller13.37a PR (2.9)East Texas Track
25.13-14De'Cameron Thomas13.45a PR (2.0)East Texas Track
26.13-14Jesse Hurst III13.48a PR (2.0)Illusions Track
27.13-14Elijah Colbert13.70a (2.9)Heavenly Track
28.13-14William Collins14.29a PR (1.2)Illusions Track
29.13-14Jordan Gaffney14.60a PR (1.4)Hallmark Track
13-14Reid VincentDNS (1.2)26-Unattached
13-14Jared HolmanDNS (2.9)Hallmark Track
13-14Drew WilliamsDNS (3.1)Team QUEST
13-14Kavarus TennysonDNS (1.2)Lancaster Lightning TC
13-14Kenneth ChamberlainDNS (1.2)Team QUEST

100 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keishawn Everly10.58a PR (1.6)Hallmark Track
2.15-16Asante Fazarro10.87a PR (2.5)Hallmark Track
3.15-16Paul Brawner III10.87a PR (1.8)Hallmark Track
4.15-16Shamel Allwood11.07a (1.6)A Running Start TC
5.SoDarius Henderson11.10a PR (1.6)26-Unattached
6.15-16Raymond Scott III11.17a (2.5)FCHW Wolves
7.15-16Michael Collier11.19a PR (2.1)A Running Start TC
8.15-16Jeffrey Carter11.27a PR (2.1)Hallmark Track
9.15-16Jarrion Patton11.32a SR (1.6)Tru Speed Track
10.15-16Andronicus Odie Jr11.32a PR (1.6)Texas Torch Track
11.15-16JaDarion Smith11.34a PR (2.5)Texas Torch Track
12.15-16Nurye Cornell11.59a PR (1.8)Tru Speed Track
13.15-16Shamauri Rivera11.60a PR (1.8)A Running Start TC
14.15-16Alfred Pemberton III11.65a PR (2.5)A Running Start TC
15.15-16Isiah Banks11.74a PR (2.5)Lancaster Lightning TC
16.9Isaiah Capricciuolo11.75a PR (2.5)26-Unattached
17.15-16Tayvion Jackson11.76a PR (2.5)Tru Speed Track
18.15-16Nai'Sean Williams11.88a PR (1.8)A Running Start TC
19.15-16Drashoune Washington11.95a PR (2.1)Tru Speed Track
20.15-16Joshua Schmidtke11.99a PR (2.1)NTX Jackrabbits
21.8Desmond Lewis12.53a PR (1.8)26-Unattached
22.15-16Kijon Robinson12.54a PR (2.1)Stealth Track
23.15-16Traven Dorsey12.83a PR (1.6)East Texas Track
24.15-16Scott Stadler-Ruliffson14.52a PR (2.5)North Texas Burners
15-16Ja'Bray YoungDNS (2.1)North Texas Burners
15-16Brian King JrDNS (1.8)North Texas Burners
15-16Jack SebastianDNS (1.6)FCHW Wolves
15-16Jayson McFaddenDNS (1.8)East Texas Track
15-16Bryant WestmorelandDNS (1.6)Elite of Mesquite
15-16Jake ChamberlinDNS (2.1)Team QUEST
15-16Cedrick PellumDNS (1.8)Tru Speed Track
15-16Derek Marquez PerezFS (2.1)Texas Torch Track

100 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Joseph Sheffield10.40a PR (2.9)Team QUEST
2.SrTrevin Chambers10.58a PR (2.8)26-Unattached
3.17-18Jackson Web10.64a PR (2.8)Team QUEST
4.17-18Joshua Lewis10.67a PR (2.3)Team QUEST
5.JrAustin Carbone10.67a PR (2.9)26-Unattached
6.17-18Nicholas Alexander10.71a PR (2.9)Tru Speed Track
7.12Savion Drake10.73a PR (1.6)26-Unattached
8.17-18Jaylen Allen10.77a PR (2.9)Team QUEST
9.17-18Jalen Brown10.78a PR (1.6)North Texas Burners
10.12Demarviae Gray10.79a PR (1.6)26-Unattached
11.17-18Sean Hooper10.79a PR (2.4)26-Unattached
12.17-18Isiah Irby10.88a PR (3.4)Team QUEST
13.17-18Daniel Lescay10.90a PR (2.3)North Texas Burners
14.17-18Jimmerick Martin II11.03a PR (2.9)A Running Start TC
15.17-18Kyron Johnson11.03a PR (2.3)Stealth Track
16.17-18Chris Hill11.08a PR (3.4)Team QUEST
17.17-18Rickey Fantroy Jr11.11a PR (2.8)Destined To Run
18.17-18Tyrik Barnes11.13a PR (2.8)A Running Start TC
19.17-18Demarkus Kayhey11.15a PR (2.8)A Running Start TC
20.17-18Mondra Randall11.16a PR (2.4)A Running Start TC
21.17-18David Howse11.17a PR (2.4)Team QUEST
22.17-18Denver Watkins11.25a PR (2.3)Elite of Mesquite
23.17-18Javan Reece11.25a PR (1.6)Denton Elite
24.12Austin Warren11.27a PR (3.4)26-Unattached
25.17-18Jaalen Generette11.31a PR (3.4)DeSoto SWIFT
26.17-18Brian McCutcheon Jr11.32a PR (2.4)A Running Start TC
27.11Freddie Johnson III11.33a PR (2.4)26-Unattached
28.17-18Darryan Riley11.41a PR (2.9)Elite of Mesquite
29.17-18Blessing Gwean11.49a PR (2.9)Stealth Track
30.17-18Earl Carmon IV11.52a PR (3.4)Elite of Mesquite
31.17-18Datrel Davis11.58a PR (2.8)Stealth Track
32.17-18Tyreon Hall11.68a PR (2.3)Stealth Track
33.17-18Tracy Goodwin11.87a PR (3.4)A Running Start TC
34.17-18Ryan Roache12.21a PR (1.6)North Texas Burners
35.17-18Luis Trejo12.23a PR (2.8)Stealth Track
36.17-18Rodney Smith II12.89a PR (1.6)Texas Torch Track
11Jordan AtkinsDNS (2.4)26-Unattached
17-18J'mei Walker JrDNS (2.4)Elite of Mesquite
17-18Andre NormanDNS (2.9)North Texas Burners
17-18Tavian DavisDNS (3.4)Team QUEST
17-18Paul EmordiDNS (1.6)Club Vaultitude
17-18Joshua JacksonDNS (2.3)FCHW Wolves
12Chandler GarrettDNS (2.8)26-Unattached
17-18Christian AnglinDNS (1.6)North Texas Burners
17-18Jaylin AnglinDNS (2.3)North Texas Burners
17-18Christian FellDNS (2.4)Hallmark Track
17-18Joshua JohnsonDNS (3.4)Texas Torch Track

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jaylon Walker30.07a (1.1)Hallmark Track
2.7-8Bryson Mathis II30.91a PR (1.1)Tru Speed Track
3.7-8Tristan Cobb30.94a (1.1)Tru Speed Track
4.7-8Travis Green31.82a (1.1)Illusions Track
5.7-8Noah Williams32.03a (1.1)NTX Jackrabbits
6.7-8Carlos Trammell33.97a (1.1)Hallmark Track
7.7-8Davion Wright34.11a (1.1)Hallmark Track
8.7-8Jabrien Henderson34.14a (1.1)Tru Speed Track

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Orlando Thompson26.72a (-.3)Tru Speed Track
2.9-10Amar Williams26.79a PR (-.3)Team QUEST
3.9-10Remington Martin28.82a (-.3)Team QUEST
4.9-10David Marks29.28a PR (-.3)Tru Speed Track
5.9-10Rodrick Ghoston29.68a (-.3)Illusions Track
6.9-10Tyrian Jackson29.84a (-.3)Stealth Track
7.9-10Rhyan Smith30.07a (-.3)Elite of Mesquite
8.9-10Rico Mitchell30.15a (-.3)Hallmark Track

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Elijah Clark25.91a (.6)Hallmark Track
2.11-12Davion Hall26.63a (.6)Tru Speed Track
3.11-12Arzjuan Frazier26.96a (.6)Hallmark Track
4.11-12Trenton Bronaugh27.01a (.6)NTX Jackrabbits
5.11-12Charis Jackson27.40a (.6)NTX Jackrabbits
6.11-12Jerry Bledsoe27.73a (.6)Start 2 Finish
7.11-12Jaylen Bateman Jr28.26a (.6)A.W. Brown Track
8.11-12MarKyiden James29.54a (.6)Hallmark Track

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Tkai Wade23.05a PR (1.1)Team QUEST
2.13-14Ja Quaviion Mason23.38a (1.1)Hallmark Track
3.13-14William Perry23.97a (1.1)Team QUEST
4.13-14JaTyler Shaw24.01a (1.1)North Texas Burners
5.13-14Cortland Venters24.02a (1.1)East Texas Track
6.13-14Daryl Turner II24.02a (1.1)Northeast Texas Track
7.13-14Kavarus Tennyson24.14a (1.1)Lancaster Lightning TC
8.13-14Omari Walker25.04a (1.1)Tru Speed Track

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keishawn Everly21.84a (1.6)Hallmark Track
2.15-16Greg Sholars21.94a (1.6)Hallmark Track
3.15-16Glenn Bender21.96a (1.6)Team QUEST
4.15-16Asante Fazarro22.30a (1.6)Hallmark Track
5.15-16Dorian Morris22.34a (1.6)Texas Torch Track
6.15-16Paul Brawner III22.39a (1.6)Hallmark Track
7.15-16Quajon Fuller22.61a (1.6)Tru Speed Track
8.SoDarius Henderson23.45a (1.6)26-Unattached

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Lawrence Coleman20.89a PR (1.9)Team QUEST
2.17-18Jordan Hollis21.25a (1.9)DeSoto SWIFT
3.12Demarviae Gray21.46a PR (1.9)26-Unattached
4.11Jadon Johnson21.61a PR (1.9)26-Unattached
5.17-18Sean Hooper21.79a (1.9)26-Unattached
6.17-18Jalen Brown21.91a (1.9)North Texas Burners
SrTrevin ChambersDNS (1.9)26-Unattached
17-18Joseph SheffieldFS (1.9)Team QUEST

200 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Jaylon Walker29.91a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
2.7-8Tristan Cobb30.25a PR (3.3)Tru Speed Track
3.7-8Bryson Mathis II31.76a (3.3)Tru Speed Track
4.7-8Carlos Trammell31.85a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
5.7-8Noah Williams31.86a PR (3.2)NTX Jackrabbits
6.7-8Travis Green32.83a (3.3)Illusions Track
7.7-8Davion Wright33.00a PR (3.2)Hallmark Track
8.7-8Jabrien Henderson33.27a PR (3.3)Tru Speed Track
9.7-8Bradley Williams33.34a PR (4.1)East Texas Track
10.7-8Raylon Ghoston33.59a PR (3.2)Illusions Track
11.7-8Terry Johnson33.60a PR (3.2)Tru Speed Track
12.7-8Gavin Guidry33.92a PR (4.1)Lancaster Lightning TC
13.7-8Devin Scott34.01a PR (3.3)FCHW Wolves
14.7-8Zachary Kadiri34.09a PR (3.3)Team QUEST
15.6USeneca Johnson Jr34.84a PR (4.1)Tru Speed Track
16.7-8Amari Bartee35.43a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
17.7-8Aiden Thomas36.24a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
18.7-8Terrance Adkinson36.25a PR (3.3)Lancaster Lightning TC
19.6USamuel Porter Jr36.25a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
20.7-8Shane Johnston36.71a PR (3.2)FCHW Wolves
21.7-8D'Marion Patterson37.26a PR (3.2)Texas Torch Track
22.7-8Jackson Forge37.29a PR (3.3)Hallmark Track
23.6UStephen Collins37.53a PR (3.3)Illusions Track
24.7-8Shawn Johnston37.57a PR (4.1)FCHW Wolves
25.6UBryan Collins39.96a PR (3.3)Texas Faces
26.7-8Jett Mortensen40.84a PR (3.3)Mach 1 TC
27.7-8Melvin Smith44.14a PR (4.1)Tru Speed Track
28.7-8Jaylen Langston44.20a PR (4.1)Tru Speed Track
29.7-8Christian Kennedy44.32a PR (3.2)Hallmark Track
6UMarvin Murphy IIIDNS (4.1)Tru Speed Track
7-8Dameion Calhoun JrDNS (4.1)Texas Torch Track

200 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Orlando Thompson26.12a PR (5.4)Tru Speed Track
2.9-10Amar Williams27.75a (4.2)Team QUEST
3.9-10Remington Martin28.70a (5.3)Team QUEST
4.9-10Rodrick Ghoston28.82a PR (5.4)Illusions Track
5.9-10David Marks29.32a (4.6)Tru Speed Track
6.9-10Rico Mitchell29.37a PR (5.4)Hallmark Track
7.9-10Tyrian Jackson29.43a (3.1)Stealth Track
8.9-10Rhyan Smith29.98a (4.0)Elite of Mesquite
9.9-10Bryson Jackson30.02a PR (5.3)Start 2 Finish
10.9-10Ja'Cori Williams30.18a PR (3.1)Tru Speed Track
11.9-10Omari Thompson30.29a PR (5.3)Tru Speed Track
12.9-10Joshua Gatlin30.93a PR (4.0)Elite of Mesquite
13.9-10Jayson Williams31.06a PR (4.6)North Texas Burners
14.9-10Cameron Maples31.51a PR (4.2)Tru Speed Track
15.9-10Andre Pentecost Jr31.70a PR (4.6)DeSoto SWIFT
16.9-10Tristan Johnson31.91a PR (3.1)Tru Speed Track
17.9-10Domonic Jackson III31.94a PR (4.6)Texas Torch Track
18.9-10Luke Jackson32.13a PR (5.4)Illusions Track
19.9-10Curtis Carr32.34a PR (5.3)Lancaster Lightning TC
20.9-10Joshuan Fields32.72a PR (5.3)Hallmark Track
21.9-10Simeon Bennett33.00a PR (5.4)Top Speed Track
22.9-10James Brown33.04a PR (4.6)Hallmark Track
23.9-10Terrynce Williams33.08a PR (4.2)Lancaster Lightning TC
24.4Jeremiah Johnson33.13a PR (4.6)26-Unattached
25.9-10Caleb Brookins33.65a PR (4.2)FCHW Wolves
26.9-10Kamryhn Echols34.17a PR (5.4)Lancaster Lightning TC
27.9-10Mikael Swoopes34.35a PR (4.6)Texas Faces
28.9-10Jared Thomas34.80a PR (5.4)Lancaster Lightning TC
29.9-10Jayshawn Scales34.98a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
30.9-10Travon BAttle36.07a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
31.9-10James Gray36.96a PR (3.1)Mach 1 TC
32.9-10Micah Moore38.93a PR (4.6)Mach 1 TC
33.9-10Adiel Calderon39.40a PR (4.2)Mach 1 TC
34.9-10Bradley Simmons40.41a PR (5.3)Mach 1 TC
35.9-10Danny Walzier Jr43.48a PR (3.1)Hallmark Track
9-10Kingston WillisDNS (4.0)Hallmark Track
9-10CArl EvansDNS (4.2)Hallmark Track
9-10Jay Sauls IIIDNS (4.0)Illusions Track
9-10James Mitchell IIIDNS (3.1)Lancaster Lightning TC
9-10Gerald BanksDNS (4.0)Hallmark Track
9-10Gary JonesDNS (5.3)Hallmark Track
9-10Ethan MckinneyDNS (3.1)Elite of Mesquite
9-10Javion JacksonDNS (4.2)Hallmark Track

200 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Elijah Clark25.76a PR (3.2)Hallmark Track
2.11-12Davion Hall26.26a PR (3.0)Tru Speed Track
3.11-12Arzjuan Frazier26.56a PR (3.0)Hallmark Track
4.11-12Jaylen Bateman Jr26.94a PR (4.5)A.W. Brown Track
5.11-12Charis Jackson27.10a (4.5)NTX Jackrabbits
6.11-12Jerry Bledsoe27.10a PR (4.5)Start 2 Finish
7.11-12Trenton Bronaugh27.24a (3.2)NTX Jackrabbits
8.11-12MarKyiden James27.73a PR (4.6)Hallmark Track
9.11-12Ian Williams27.77a PR (4.6)Lancaster Lightning TC
10.11-12Carter Stoutmire28.05a PR (4.5)NTX Jackrabbits
11.11-12Ethan Smith28.08a PR (3.0)Hallmark Track
12.11-12Ross Texada28.16a PR (3.0)NTX Jackrabbits
13.11-12Caleb Collins28.38a PR (3.8)Illusions Track
14.11-12Adem Madise28.68a PR (3.8)Start 2 Finish
15.11-12Jerrod Braziel Jr28.96a PR (3.8)Hallmark Track
16.11-12Jaylon Bass29.03a PR (3.2)Tru Speed Track
17.11-12Cael Govan29.07a PR (4.6)North Texas Burners
18.11-12Prentice Sanders II29.14a PR (4.6)NTX Jackrabbits
19.11-12Derick Armstrong Jr29.15a PR (3.2)Lancaster Lightning TC
20.11-12Kernell Slack Jr29.20a PR (3.8)Texas Torch Track
21.11-12Ezekiel Long29.38a PR (4.6)Destined To Run
22.11-12Sign Shuva29.65a PR (3.8)Team QUEST
23.11-12Dayaun Green29.94a PR (3.8)Stealth Track
24.11-12J'Darion Berry30.02a PR (4.5)Tru Speed Track
25.11-12Jalen Caldwell30.11a PR (4.5)Lancaster Lightning TC
26.11-12Iderrick Perry30.81a PR (3.2)East Texas Track
27.11-12Shemar Moore32.12a PR (4.6)Hallmark Track
28.11-12Malachi Edmonds32.74a PR (3.2)NTX Jackrabbits
29.11-12Jayden Fanner33.17a PR (3.2)Hallmark Track
30.11-12David Moore36.76a PR (3.8)Mach 1 TC
5Cael GovanDNS (4.5)26-Unattached
5Caleb CantuDNS (4.6)26-Unattached
11-12Kaleb DeanDNS (3.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
11-12Aundre MinnifieldDNS (3.0)Tru Speed Track
11-12Xzavier MartinDNS (3.0)NTX Jackrabbits

200 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Tkai Wade23.29a (3.0)Team QUEST
2.13-14Ja Quaviion Mason23.35a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
3.13-14Daryl Turner II23.55a PR (3.4)Northeast Texas Track
4.13-14JaTyler Shaw23.61a PR (4.0)North Texas Burners
5.13-14Cortland Venters23.65a PR (4.0)East Texas Track
6.13-14William Perry23.89a (1.5)Team QUEST
7.13-14Kavarus Tennyson23.89a PR (4.0)Lancaster Lightning TC
8.13-14Omari Walker23.92a PR (1.5)Tru Speed Track
9.13-14William Johnson24.08a PR (2.5)DeSoto SWIFT
10.13-14DaCorey Ware24.11a PR (2.5)Illusions Track
11.13-14Braxton Smith24.15a PR (3.4)Tru Speed Track
12.13-14Obinna Ugwu24.61a PR (3.0)Texas Faces
13.13-14Austin Nkwoparah24.97a PR (2.5)26-Unattached
14.13-14Rylan Texada25.02a PR (3.0)NTX Jackrabbits
15.13-14Blake May25.30a PR (1.5)Team QUEST
16.13-14Demondre Green25.32a PR (4.0)Stealth Track
17.13-14Kenneth Chamberlain25.36a PR (4.0)Team QUEST
18.13-14Princeton Parker25.43a PR (1.5)NTX Jackrabbits
19.13-14Desmond Thomas25.50a PR (3.0)Hallmark Track
20.13-14Noelle Whitehead25.58a PR (3.0)SpeedKIDZ ELITE
21.13-14Gideon Collins26.40a PR (3.4)Illusions Track
22.13-14Dreshun Powers26.73a PR (1.5)Hallmark Track
23.13-14Lennell Berry27.02a PR (2.5)Tru Speed Track
24.13-14Kennon Polk27.05a PR (4.0)Hallmark Track
25.11-12Elijah Colbert27.25a (3.0)Heavenly Track
26.13-14Deonte Jones27.68a PR (3.4)Texas Faces
27.13-14Charles Demmings27.70a PR (3.0)Tru Speed Track
28.13-14Jesse Hurst III28.07a PR (1.5)Illusions Track
29.13-14De'Cameron Thomas28.25a PR (1.5)East Texas Track
30.13-14Damonte Cunningham28.78a PR (3.4)Hallmark Track
31.13-14QuDarian McMiller29.09a PR (2.5)East Texas Track
32.13-14William Collins29.97a PR (4.0)Illusions Track
33.13-14Jordan Gaffney30.50a PR (2.5)Hallmark Track
13-14Adgren BrooksDNS (3.4)Hallmark Track
13-14Reid VincentDNS (3.0)26-Unattached
13-14Jared HolmanDNS (2.5)Hallmark Track
13-14Elijah PottsDNS (3.4)Hallmark Track
13-14Drew WilliamsDNS (2.5)Team QUEST
13-14Davontay KennedyDNS (3.4)Hallmark Track

200 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keishawn Everly21.31a PR (3.4)Hallmark Track
2.15-16Dorian Morris21.72a PR (3.4)Texas Torch Track
3.15-16Glenn Bender21.76a (3.4)Team QUEST
4.15-16Greg Sholars21.93a (2.8)Hallmark Track
5.15-16Paul Brawner III21.96a PR (3.2)Hallmark Track
6.SoDarius Henderson22.11a PR (2.5)26-Unattached
7.15-16Quajon Fuller22.28a PR (2.8)Tru Speed Track
8.15-16Asante Fazarro22.28a PR (2.5)Hallmark Track
9.15-16Emmett Seals22.30a PR (3.2)Team QUEST
10.15-16Derek Marquez Perez22.38a PR (3.2)Texas Torch Track
11.15-16Gabriel Woodard22.54a PR (2.3)Hallmark Track
12.15-16Raymond Scott III22.67a PR (2.2)FCHW Wolves
13.15-16Jarrion Patton22.76a PR (3.4)Tru Speed Track
14.15-16Gary Green22.76a PR (5.0)Texas Torch Track
15.15-16Isom Williams22.78a PR (2.2)Hallmark Track
16.15-16JaDarion Smith23.15a PR (2.2)Texas Torch Track
17.15-16Jeffrey Carter23.16a PR (3.7)Hallmark Track
18.15-16Ben Umunnakwe23.26a PR (2.3)Team QUEST
19.15-16Tayvion Jackson23.31a PR (2.3)Tru Speed Track
20.15-16Isayah Williams23.32a PR (2.2)A Running Start TC
21.15-16Nurye Cornell23.35a PR (5.0)Tru Speed Track
22.15-16Isiah Banks23.46a PR (2.3)Lancaster Lightning TC
23.15-16Charles Lee III23.62a PR (5.0)Hallmark Track
24.15-16Alfred Pemberton III23.80a PR (2.8)A Running Start TC
25.10Micah Johnson23.81a PR (2.2)26-Unattached
26.15-16Shamauri Rivera23.93a PR (2.5)A Running Start TC
27.9Isaiah Capricciuolo24.11a PR (3.7)26-Unattached
28.15-16Nai'Sean Williams24.18a PR (2.5)A Running Start TC
29.15-16Paul Christopher24.44a PR (2.5)Tru Speed Track
30.15-16Grant Robertson24.52a PR (3.2)NTX Jackrabbits
31.15-16Jon Drake24.64a PR (2.2)Destined To Run
32.15-16Benjamin Armendariz24.69a PR (3.4)West Texas X-Treme
33.15-16Drashoune Washington24.72a PR (3.7)Tru Speed Track
34.15-16Kijon Robinson24.80a PR (3.4)Stealth Track
35.15-16Joshua Schmidtke24.83a PR (5.0)NTX Jackrabbits
36.15-16Bryant Westmoreland24.83a PR (3.4)Elite of Mesquite
37.15-16Willlie Turner IV24.93a PR (2.5)Texas Torch Track
38.15-16Cedrick Pellum25.04a PR (2.2)Tru Speed Track
39.15-16Bryson Newton25.34a PR (2.8)Texas Faces
40.15-16Traven Dorsey25.40a PR (2.8)East Texas Track
41.8Desmond Lewis25.57a PR (2.3)26-Unattached
42.15-16Kairo De La Torre25.71a PR (3.7)West Texas X-Treme
43.15-16Edgar Huerta25.73a PR (3.2)West Texas X-Treme
44.15-16Scott Stadler-Ruliffson31.19a PR (2.8)North Texas Burners
15-16Brian King JrDNS (2.5)North Texas Burners
15-16Charles NelsonDNS (3.7)North Texas Burners
15-16Ja'Bray YoungDNS (2.8)North Texas Burners
15-16Jacob ArnoldDNS (5.0)North Texas Burners
15-16Darrell Crowder JrDNS (5.0)A Running Start TC
15-16Tremaine HunterDNS (2.3)Texas Faces
15-16Jayson McFaddenDNS (3.2)East Texas Track
15-16Sirtyeous SpikesDNS (5.0)Stealth Track
15-16Bob SantiagoDNS (3.7)A Running Start TC
15-16Harrison ManuelDNS (3.7)Team QUEST
15-16Houston RobinsonDNS (2.5)Team QUEST
15-16Jake ChamberlinDNS (2.8)Team QUEST
15-16Ryan GordonDNS (2.2)Team QUEST
15-16Caleb BrandonDNS (2.3)A Running Start TC
15-16Michael CollierDNS (3.2)A Running Start TC

200 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.SrTrevin Chambers21.02a PR (3.8)26-Unattached
2.17-18Joseph Sheffield21.03a PR (2.3)Team QUEST
3.17-18Lawrence Coleman21.09a (2.2)Team QUEST
4.17-18Jordan Hollis21.18a PR (3.8)DeSoto SWIFT
5.17-18Sean Hooper21.38a PR (2.2)26-Unattached
6.12Demarviae Gray21.49a (3.4)26-Unattached
7.17-18Jalen Brown21.59a PR (3.8)North Texas Burners
8.11Jadon Johnson21.63a (3.5)26-Unattached
9.JrAustin Carbone21.65a PR (2.3)26-Unattached
10.17-18Michael Haynes21.88a PR (2.5)Team QUEST
11.17-18Andre Norman21.88a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
12.17-18Nicholas Alexander22.07a PR (2.3)Tru Speed Track
13.17-18Isiah Irby22.08a PR (3.5)Team QUEST
14.17-18Isaiah Palmer22.19a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
15.12Austin Warren22.19a PR (3.2)26-Unattached
16.17-18Joshua Lewis22.24a PR (3.8)Team QUEST
17.17-18Jimmerick Martin II22.27a PR (3.8)A Running Start TC
18.17-18Jaalen Generette22.30a PR (3.5)DeSoto SWIFT
19.11Freddie Johnson III22.36a PR (3.2)26-Unattached
20.17-18Viktor Ngwube22.44a PR (3.2)NTX Jackrabbits
21.17-18Corjuan Cooper22.46a PR (2.8)Stealth Track
22.17-18Tyrik Barnes22.47a PR (3.4)A Running Start TC
23.11Bretram Rogers22.57a PR (2.8)26-Unattached
24.17-18Jaylin Anglin22.68a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
25.17-18Jacob Schunk22.72a PR (2.5)NTX Jackrabbits
26.17-18Rickey Fantroy Jr22.86a PR (2.8)Destined To Run
27.17-18David Howse22.90a PR (3.4)Team QUEST
28.17-18Denver Watkins23.06a PR (3.8)Elite of Mesquite
29.17-18Timothy Burton23.17a PR (3.2)A Running Start TC
30.17-18Nick Kelley23.19a PR (2.5)Team QUEST
31.17-18Christian Palmer23.24a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
32.11Myles Wheeler23.25a PR (3.4)26-Unattached
33.17-18Devin Guy23.26a PR (2.8)MadFrogs Track
34.17-18Christian Fell23.47a PR (2.5)Hallmark Track
35.17-18Emeka Ugwu23.64a (3.8)Texas Faces
36.17-18Connor Collett23.68a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
37.17-18Michael Franklin23.69a PR (3.5)Stealth Track
38.17-18Blessing Gwean23.69a PR (2.3)Stealth Track
39.17-18LaMachus Rivers IV23.71a PR (3.4)NTX Jackrabbits
40.17-18Asa Harris23.73a PR (2.2)Denton Elite
41.17-18J'mei Walker Jr24.45a PR (2.2)Elite of Mesquite
42.17-18Sterling Jones24.55a PR (3.4)MadFrogs Track
43.17-18Ryan Roache24.80a PR (3.4)North Texas Burners
44.17-18Earl Carmon IV25.11a PR (3.5)Elite of Mesquite
45.17-18Luis Trejo25.26a PR (2.5)Stealth Track
46.17-18Rodney Smith II28.91a PR (2.3)Texas Torch Track
47.17-18Joshua Jackson1:09.26a PR (2.5)FCHW Wolves
12Chandler GarrettDNS (2.5)26-Unattached
17-18Daquarius Franklin-fisherDNS (2.2)Stealth Track
17-18Jackson WebDNS (3.5)Team QUEST
17-18Chris HillDNS (2.8)Team QUEST
17-18Lavandis DouglasDNS (2.2)Destined To Run
17-18Tracy GoodwinDNS (2.8)A Running Start TC
17-18Ethan GriggsDNS (2.8)North Texas Burners
17-18Jeremy MillerDNS (3.5)A Running Start TC
17-18Joshua JohnsonDNS (3.4)Texas Torch Track
17-18Marcus HaynesDNS (2.3)Team QUEST
17-18Daniel LescayFS (2.0)North Texas Burners
17-18Jostyn AndrewsDNS (2.5)Tru Speed Track
11Jordan AtkinsDNS (3.8)26-Unattached
17-18Bryce HarrisDNS (3.2)Elite of Mesquite
17-18Darryan RileyDNS (2.3)Elite of Mesquite
17-18Madison EdwardsDNF (3.5)Tru Speed Track
12Savion DrakeDNS (3.2)26-Unattached
17-18Paul EmordiDNS (2.2)Club Vaultitude
17-18Tavian DavisDNS (3.2)Team QUEST

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Chaston Odhams1:10.68a PRTru Speed Track
2.7-8Leonidas Williams1:10.76a PRTeam QUEST
3.7-8Aprince Hobbs1:11.25aTru Speed Track
4.7-8Travis Green1:11.26a PRIllusions Track
5.7-8Amari Wilburn1:13.68a PRHallmark Track
6.7-8Zachary Kadiri1:14.38a PRTeam QUEST
7.7-8Gavin Guidry1:14.90a PRLancaster Lightning TC
8.7-8Ashton Bennett1:19.07a PRA.W. Brown Track

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Amar Williams59.48aTeam QUEST
2.9-10Rhyan Smith1:04.84aElite of Mesquite
3.9-10Caleb Adkinson-Harrison1:05.47a PRLancaster Lightning TC
4.9-10Rodrick Ghoston1:05.67a PRIllusions Track
5.9-10Zaid Walker1:05.81a PRHallmark Track
6.9-10Loyd Mcintosh1:06.06a PRTru Speed Track
7.9-10Ja'Cori Williams1:07.64a PRTru Speed Track
8.9-10Issac Allen1:09.92aHallmark Track

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Charis Jackson59.65a PRNTX Jackrabbits
2.11-12Jaylen Bateman Jr59.71a PRA.W. Brown Track
3.11-12Adem Madise1:02.95aStart 2 Finish
4.11-12Jeffery Robinson1:03.08aMade Track Club
5.11-12Jaedin Harris1:04.01aHallmark Track
6.11-12Christian Morgan1:05.31aHallmark Track
7.11-12DaMarian Ghoston1:07.68aIllusions Track
8.11-12Ian Williams1:10.36aLancaster Lightning TC

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Daryl Turner II53.93aNortheast Texas Track
2.13-14Cortland Venters54.44aEast Texas Track
3.13-14Joel Ekeanyanwu55.20a PRTeam QUEST
4.13-14Kavarus Tennyson55.22aLancaster Lightning TC
5.13-14Tsegaya Fazarro Fazzarro55.99a PRHallmark Track
6.13-14Austin Nkwoparah56.50a PR26-Unattached
7.13-14Ethan Goodwin58.55aTru Speed Track
8.13-14Matthew Tousant1:00.28aTeam QUEST

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Glenn Bender48.30aTeam QUEST
2.15-16Jake Chamberlin49.37aTeam QUEST
3.15-16Quajon Fuller49.37a PRTru Speed Track
4.15-16Dorian Morris49.99aTexas Torch Track
5.15-16Greg Sholars50.70aHallmark Track
6.SoDarius Henderson50.77a26-Unattached
7.15-16Isom Williams52.43aHallmark Track
8.15-16Bob Santiago55.25aA Running Start TC

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Jadon Johnson47.13a PR26-Unattached
2.17-18Jordan Hollis47.23aDeSoto SWIFT
3.17-18Sean Hooper47.64a26-Unattached
4.17-18Tre Davis48.82aDeSoto SWIFT
5.11Freddie Johnson III48.87a PR26-Unattached
6.JrAustin Carbone48.91a26-Unattached
7.12Austin Warren50.07a26-Unattached
8.17-18Terrion Spivey50.39aDeSoto SWIFT

400 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Chaston Odhams1:13.30aTru Speed Track
2.7-8Leonidas Williams1:14.06aTeam QUEST
3.7-8Travis Green1:14.35aIllusions Track
4.7-8Aprince Hobbs1:14.89aTru Speed Track
5.7-8Amari Wilburn1:16.42aHallmark Track
6.7-8Gavin Guidry1:19.09aLancaster Lightning TC
7.7-8Zachary Kadiri1:19.48aTeam QUEST
8.7-8Ashton Bennett1:21.42aA.W. Brown Track
9.7-8Brayden Criss1:21.91a PRA.W. Brown Track
10.7-8Terrance Adkinson1:22.04a PRLancaster Lightning TC
11.7-8D'Marion Patterson1:23.27a PRTexas Torch Track
12.7-8Shane Johnston1:25.98a PRFCHW Wolves
13.7-8Shawn Johnston1:27.03a PRFCHW Wolves
14.7-8Desean Robinson1:27.43a PRStealth Track
15.7-8Kylan Nobles1:28.23a PRA.W. Brown Track
16.6UMarvin Murphy III1:36.97a PRTru Speed Track
7-8Jaylen LangstonDNSTru Speed Track
7-8Dameion Calhoun JrDNSTexas Torch Track
7-8Raylon GhostonDNSIllusions Track

400 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Amar Williams1:01.32aTeam QUEST
2.9-10Rhyan Smith1:06.29aElite of Mesquite
3.9-10Zaid Walker1:07.53aHallmark Track
4.9-10Issac Allen1:08.31aHallmark Track
5.9-10Caleb Adkinson-Harrison1:09.78aLancaster Lightning TC
6.9-10Ja'Cori Williams1:09.83aTru Speed Track
7.9-10Loyd Mcintosh1:09.92aTru Speed Track
8.9-10Rodrick Ghoston1:10.86aIllusions Track
9.9-10Jordyn Hull1:11.22a PRHallmark Track
10.9-10Bryson Jackson1:12.20a PRStart 2 Finish
11.9-10Dominic Maples1:12.31a PRTru Speed Track
12.9-10Simeon Bennett1:16.54a PRTop Speed Track
13.9-10Josiah Bagsby1:16.89a PRHallmark Track
14.9-10Mikael Swoopes1:17.44a PRTexas Faces
15.9-10Joshua Gatlin1:18.97a PRElite of Mesquite
16.9-10Cameron Maples1:20.62a PRTru Speed Track
17.9-10Luke Jackson1:20.78a PRIllusions Track
18.9-10Jermaine Reynolds1:21.25a PRTru Speed Track
19.9-10Terrynce Williams1:21.35a PRLancaster Lightning TC
20.9-10Kamryhn Echols1:27.47a PRLancaster Lightning TC
21.9-10Daelon Camp1:33.94a PRTexas Torch Track
9-10Kayden EdwardsDNSHallmark Track
9-10Remington MartinDNSTeam QUEST
9-10James Mitchell IIIDNSLancaster Lightning TC
9-10King RichardsonDNSLancaster Lightning TC

400 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Jaylen Bateman Jr59.93aA.W. Brown Track
2.11-12Charis Jackson1:02.12aNTX Jackrabbits
3.11-12Jeffery Robinson1:03.97aMade Track Club
4.11-12Jaedin Harris1:04.67aHallmark Track
5.11-12Ian Williams1:05.13a PRLancaster Lightning TC
6.11-12Christian Morgan1:05.15a SRHallmark Track
7.11-12Adem Madise1:07.18aStart 2 Finish
8.11-12DaMarian Ghoston1:08.56aIllusions Track
9.11-12Kernell Slack Jr1:09.78a PRTexas Torch Track
10.11-12Ezekiel Long1:10.01a PRDestined To Run
11.11-12Chas Burks1:10.73a PRDestined To Run
12.11-12Caleb Collins1:11.26a PRIllusions Track
13.11-12Jerry Bledsoe1:12.05a SRStart 2 Finish
14.11-12Devontae Johnson1:12.93a PRTru Speed Track
15.11-12Xzavier Martin1:13.20a PRNTX Jackrabbits
16.11-12Jalen Caldwell1:15.54a PRLancaster Lightning TC
17.11-12Cortez Dear1:16.88a PRHallmark Track
18.11-12Malachi Edmonds1:17.35a PRNTX Jackrabbits
19.11-12Jeremiah Gray1:17.99a PRTexas Torch Track
20.11-12Jordan Green1:18.59a PRHallmark Track
21.11-12Ian Culbert1:23.96a PRFCHW Wolves
22.11-12Prentice Sanders II1:24.53a PRNTX Jackrabbits
23.11-12David Moore1:28.23a PRMach 1 TC
11-12Jarmal BriscoeDNSHallmark Track
11-12Terell MillsDNSLancaster Lightning TC
11-12Kaleb DeanDNSLancaster Lightning TC
11-12J'Darion BerryDNSTru Speed Track

400 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Daryl Turner II54.14aNortheast Texas Track
2.13-14Kavarus Tennyson54.27a PRLancaster Lightning TC
3.13-14Cortland Venters54.41a PREast Texas Track
4.13-14Joel Ekeanyanwu56.69aTeam QUEST
5.13-14Tsegaya Fazarro Fazzarro57.49aHallmark Track
6.13-14Ethan Goodwin58.20aTru Speed Track
7.13-14Matthew Tousant59.17a PRTeam QUEST
8.13-14Austin Nkwoparah59.26a26-Unattached
9.13-14Davontay Kennedy59.91a PRHallmark Track
10.13-14Obinna Ugwu1:00.06a PRTexas Faces
11.13-14Deonte Jones1:01.86a PRTexas Faces
12.13-14Elijah Potts1:01.89a PRHallmark Track
13.13-14Charles Demmings1:02.52a PRTru Speed Track
14.11-12Elijah Colbert1:03.33a PRHeavenly Track
13-14Gideon CollinsDNSIllusions Track
13-14DaCorey WareDNSIllusions Track
13-14Nathaniel ChavezDNSHallmark Track

400 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Glenn Bender49.10aTeam QUEST
2.15-16Greg Sholars49.22a PRHallmark Track
3.15-16Dorian Morris49.77a PRTexas Torch Track
4.15-16Quajon Fuller50.43aTru Speed Track
5.SoDarius Henderson50.46a PR26-Unattached
6.15-16Isom Williams50.72a PRHallmark Track
7.15-16Jake Chamberlin50.94aTeam QUEST
8.15-16Bob Santiago51.09a PRA Running Start TC
9.15-16Ben Umunnakwe51.24a PRTeam QUEST
10.15-16Kadeem Burton52.02aTexas S.W.A.G.
11.15-16Caleb Brandon52.24a PRA Running Start TC
12.15-16Kayron Johnson52.36a PRStealth Track
13.15-16Tayvion Jackson52.55a PRTru Speed Track
14.15-16Dillon Bedell52.61a PRTru Speed Track
15.15-16Gabriel Woodard52.72a SRHallmark Track
16.15-16Vittorio Adeagbo52.85a PRTexas Faces
17.10Micah Johnson52.86a PR26-Unattached
18.15-16Dominic Elsaw53.41a PRNorth Texas Burners
19.15-16Isayah Williams54.31a PRA Running Start TC
20.15-16Grant Robertson54.54a PRNTX Jackrabbits
21.15-16Charles Lee III54.83a PRHallmark Track
22.15-16Benjamin Armendariz55.34a PRWest Texas X-Treme
23.15-16Sirtyeous Spikes55.84a PRStealth Track
24.15-16Paul Christopher55.99a PRTru Speed Track
25.15-16Kairo De La Torre57.87a PRWest Texas X-Treme
26.15-16Edgar Huerta57.90a PRWest Texas X-Treme
27.15-16Houston Robinson57.98aTeam QUEST
28.15-16Robert Eaton58.10a PRMach 1 TC
29.15-16Bryant Westmoreland58.74a PRElite of Mesquite
30.15-16Jon Drake59.11a PRDestined To Run
31.15-16Ryder Love59.96a PRMach 1 TC
32.15-16Traven Dorsey1:00.08a PREast Texas Track
33.15-16Kijon Robinson1:00.13a PRStealth Track
15-16Ryan GordonDNSTeam QUEST
15-16Nai'Sean WilliamsDNSA Running Start TC
15-16Shamel AllwoodFSA Running Start TC
15-16Isiah BanksDQLancaster Lightning TC

400 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Jordan Hollis47.35aDeSoto SWIFT
2.11Jadon Johnson47.36a26-Unattached
3.17-18Tre Davis47.86a PRDeSoto SWIFT
4.17-18Sean Hooper48.71a26-Unattached
5.11Freddie Johnson III48.89a26-Unattached
6.12Austin Warren48.99a PR26-Unattached
7.JrAustin Carbone49.00a26-Unattached
8.17-18Terrion Spivey49.19a PRDeSoto SWIFT
9.17-18Cameron Neely49.38aDeSoto SWIFT
10.17-18Brandon Reasoner49.38a PRHallmark Track
11.17-18Demarkus Kayhey49.62a PRA Running Start TC
12.17-18Jessie Mcnary50.04a PRTeam QUEST
13.17-18Madison Edwards50.53a PRTru Speed Track
14.17-18Bailey Stone50.72a PRTeam QUEST
15.17-18Timothy Burton50.93a PRA Running Start TC
16.11Myles Wheeler51.14a PR26-Unattached
17.17-18Jacques Morgan51.20a SRA Running Start TC
18.17-18Viktor Ngwube51.64a PRNTX Jackrabbits
19.17-18Austin Smith52.05a PRTexas Torch Track
20.17-18Mondra Randall52.09a PRA Running Start TC
21.17-18Jacob Schunk52.27aNTX Jackrabbits
22.17-18Arrington Beamon52.35a PRDestined To Run
23.17-18Connor Collett52.57a PRNorth Texas Burners
24.17-18Christian Fell53.32a PRHallmark Track
25.17-18LaMachus Rivers IV53.56a PRNTX Jackrabbits
26.17-18Devin Guy53.58a PRMadFrogs Track
27.17-18Corjuan Cooper53.64a PRStealth Track
28.17-18Brian McCutcheon Jr53.78a PRA Running Start TC
29.17-18Asa Harris53.85a PRDenton Elite
30.17-18Emeka Ugwu54.02aTexas Faces
31.17-18Michael Franklin54.94a PRStealth Track
32.17-18Sterling Jones56.09a PRMadFrogs Track
33.17-18Bryce Harris56.69a PRElite of Mesquite
34.17-18Ryan Harmon57.91a PRA Running Start TC
17-18Marcus HaynesDNSTeam QUEST
17-18Michael HaynesDNSTeam QUEST
17-18Josh BranchDNSA Running Start TC
17-18Travis GreenDNSNorth Texas Burners
17-18Jostyn AndrewsDNSTru Speed Track
17-18Isaiah PalmerDNSNorth Texas Burners
17-18Christian PalmerDNSNorth Texas Burners
17-18Jaylin AnglinDNSNorth Texas Burners
12Chandler GarrettDNS26-Unattached
17-18Tanaka TavaDNSFCHW Wolves
17-18J'mei Walker JrDNSElite of Mesquite

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Chaston Odhams2:43.27a PRTru Speed Track
2.7-8Leonidas Williams2:48.39aTeam QUEST
3.7-8Jayden Washington2:49.35a PRDeSoto SWIFT
4.7-8D'Marion Patterson3:18.81aTexas Torch Track
5.-Dariell Anderson3:21.86a PR26-Unattached
6.7-8Jaylen Langston3:21.93a PRTru Speed Track

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Rhyan Smith2:32.53aElite of Mesquite
2.9-10Caleb Adkinson-Harrison2:36.62aLancaster Lightning TC
3.9-10Chris Williams2:46.16a PRTru Speed Track
4.9-10Jaden Elgin2:48.36a PRNTX Jackrabbits
5.9-10Dominic Guerrero2:53.39a PRCool Runnings Track ...
6.9-10Luke Jackson3:01.11aIllusions Track
7.9-10Keegan Jackson3:03.91a PRMach 1 TC
8.9-10Daelon Camp3:05.81a PRTexas Torch Track
9.9-10Aidan Adams3:12.47a PRTexas Torch Track
10.9-10Winner Kitoko3:22.62a PRStart 2 Finish
11.9-10Bradley Simmons3:28.11a PRMach 1 TC
12.9-10CArl Evans3:34.91a PRHallmark Track

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jaylen Bateman Jr2:22.59aA.W. Brown Track
2.11-12Cedrick Reynolds2:24.15a PRTru Speed Track
3.11-12Jeffery Robinson2:30.20a PRMade Track Club
4.11-12Victor Dupree2:37.96a PRTru Speed Track
5.11-12DaMarian Ghoston2:42.37aIllusions Track
6.11-12Chas Burks2:48.82a PRDestined To Run
7.11-12Jaylon Bass2:52.09a PRTru Speed Track
8.5Dallas Golightly2:57.16a PR26-Unattached
9.11-12Deylon Rodgers3:00.15a PRStealth Track
10.11-12Terell Mills3:05.34a PRLancaster Lightning TC
11.11-12Banning Smith3:06.42a PRMach 1 TC
12.11-12Michael Goff3:51.18a PRMach 1 TC
11-12Jalen BowieDNSElite of Mesquite

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Javin Burrell2:16.13aLancaster Lightning TC
2.13-14Matthew Tousant2:20.30a PRTeam QUEST
3.8Noah Brooks2:25.91a PR26-Unattached
4.13-14Kalen Barlow2:33.58a PREast Texas Track
5.13-14Gavin Mowery2:35.06a PRMach 1 TC
6.13-14Isaiah Montes2:36.25a PRNorth Texas Elite
7.13-14William Conn2:43.70a PRNorth Texas Burners
7Samuel IngramDNS26-Unattached
6Isaiah MontesDNS26-Unattached

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Kadeem Burton2:00.10aTexas S.W.A.G.
2.15-16Ben Mcafee2:01.23a PRTeam QUEST
3.15-16Dagon Juarez2:03.77aTexas Titans Track
4.15-16Kayron Johnson2:04.51a PRStealth Track
5.15-16Vittorio Adeagbo2:04.94aTexas Faces
6.15-16Mason Guerrero2:05.56aCool Runnings Track ...
7.15-16Justin Anthony2:06.86a PRNorth Texas Burners
8.15-16CJ Van Slyke2:15.10a PRMach 1 TC
9.15-16Austin Martin2:17.10a SREast Texas Track
10.9Loren Avila2:19.42a PR26-Unattached
11.15-16Houston Robinson2:21.33a PRTeam QUEST
12.15-16Robert Eaton2:23.32a PRMach 1 TC
13.15-16Ryder Love2:24.95a PRMach 1 TC
10Lee TyerDNS26-Unattached

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Brandon Reasoner1:58.21a PRHallmark Track
2.17-18Cameron Neely1:59.32a PRDeSoto SWIFT
3.David Torkington2:00.62a26-Unattached
4.17-18Raul Diaz Jr2:01.45a PRTexas Torch Track
5.17-18Arrington Beamon2:01.51aDestined To Run
6.17-18Jessie Mcnary2:02.20a PRTeam QUEST
7.17-18Josh Branch2:04.34aA Running Start TC
8.17-18Alejandro Jimenez2:04.59a PRTexas Titans Track
9.17-18Jaysen Shiner2:05.82a PRTexas Titans Track
10.17-18Moises Nunez2:09.02a PRTexas Titans Track
11.17-18Carson Traylor2:15.26a PRTexas Faces
12.17-18Scott Harris2:16.83a PRTexas Faces
13.17-18Ryan Harmon2:18.33a PRA Running Start TC
14.17-18Leroy Mcghee2:26.29a SRNTX Jackrabbits
17-18Madison EdwardsDNSTru Speed Track
17-18Bryce HarrisDNSElite of Mesquite

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jayden Washington5:53.39a PRDeSoto SWIFT
2.7-8Torrence Gort Jr6:57.98a PRDeSoto SWIFT
3.-Dariell Anderson7:04.93a PR26-Unattached
4.7-8Jett Mortensen8:12.86aMach 1 TC

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Chris Williams5:26.79a PRTru Speed Track
2.9-10Jaden Elgin5:32.40a PRNTX Jackrabbits
3.9-10Dominic Guerrero6:15.83a PRCool Runnings Track ...
4.9-10Keegan Jackson6:39.09a PRMach 1 TC
5.9-10Winner Kitoko7:01.60a PRStart 2 Finish
6.9-10Micah Moore7:08.66a PRMach 1 TC

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Luke Johnson5:22.85a PRTop Speed Track
2.11-12Wesley Harris5:43.28a PRTru Speed Track
3.5Dallas Golightly5:56.15a PR26-Unattached
4.11-12Darrion Harden6:11.35a PRTop Speed Track
5.11-12Banning Smith6:41.44a PRMach 1 TC
6.11-12Xavier Kelly7:04.59a PRStart 2 Finish
7.11-12Michael Goff7:46.76a PRMach 1 TC

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Jonathan Chung4:38.30aTeam QUEST
2.13-14Javin Burrell4:45.79a PRLancaster Lightning TC
3.13-14Kevin Curry IV4:51.55a PRNTX Jackrabbits
4.Henry Lynn4:56.86a26-Unattached
5.13-14Rylan Shaffer5:01.53a PRMach 1 TC
6.13-14Jeb Williamson5:08.27a PRTexas Titans Track
7.8Noah Brooks5:09.24a PR26-Unattached
8.13-14Isaiah Montes5:14.88a PRNorth Texas Elite
9.7Samuel Ingram5:16.43a PR26-Unattached
10.13-14Kalen Barlow5:24.66a PREast Texas Track
11.13-14William Conn5:34.03a PRNorth Texas Burners
12.13-14Branden Torres5:34.93a PRMach 1 TC
13.13-14William Kelly5:42.00a PRMach 1 TC
14.13-14Gavin Mowery5:48.65a PRMach 1 TC
13-14Michael DinkinsDNSMach 1 TC
6Isaiah MontesDNS26-Unattached

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ben Mcafee4:16.08a PRTeam QUEST
2.15-16Graydon Morris4:16.15a26-Unattached
3.15-16Dagon Juarez4:23.79aTexas Titans Track
4.15-16Daniel Soto4:25.96a PRWest Texas X-Treme
5.15-16Mason Guerrero4:29.20aCool Runnings Track ...
6.15-16Nicholas Mosqueda4:33.71a PRTexas Titans Track
7.9Loren Avila4:41.57a26-Unattached
8.15-16Justin Anthony4:44.45a PRNorth Texas Burners
9.15-16Alexander Mejia4:45.42a PRNTX Jackrabbits
10.15-16Fernando Manzanares4:55.73a PRTexas Titans Track
11.15-16Ryder Love5:05.88a PRMach 1 TC
12.15-16Alejandro Cuevas5:13.91a PRTexas Torch Track
13.15-16Austin Martin5:14.86a PREast Texas Track
15-16Wilson NullDNSClub Vaultitude

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Antwain George II4:14.46a PRCedar Hill Blaze Track
2.17-18Joshua Moran4:15.77aTexas Faces
3.17-18Fabion Trevino4:20.86a PRTexas Titans Track
4.17-18Damon Lewis4:22.00aTexas Titans Track
5.David Torkington4:23.92a26-Unattached
6.17-18Raul Diaz Jr4:26.92aTexas Torch Track
7.17-18Austin Cuevas4:29.71a PRTexas Torch Track
8.17-18Roberto Roque Jr4:32.92a PRTexas Titans Track
9.17-18Alejandro Jimenez4:36.33a PRTexas Titans Track
10.17-18Jaysen Shiner4:38.09a PRTexas Titans Track
11.17-18Moises Nunez4:38.65a SRTexas Titans Track
12.17-18Luis Manqueros4:46.62a PRTexas Titans Track
13.17-18Austin Shumake4:48.88a PRClub Vaultitude
14.17-18Leroy Mcghee5:03.35a PRNTX Jackrabbits
15.17-18Carson Traylor5:05.23a PRTexas Faces
16.17-18Scott Harris5:28.29a PRTexas Faces
17-18Roger McCraryDNSClub Vaultitude
17-18Nic RolandDNSClub Vaultitude

1500m Racewalk  9-10 - Finals

1.Robert Conroy10:48.53aNorth Texas Elite
2.9-10Aidan Adams11:33.48a PRTexas Torch Track
-Robert ConroyDNS26-Unattached
9-10King RichardsonDNSLancaster Lightning TC

1500m Racewalk  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Kanaan Hurst11:09.11a PRIllusions Track
2.11-12Shemar Moore12:13.83a PRHallmark Track
3.11-12Marquise Stafford12:16.84a SRHallmark Track
11-12Jarmal BriscoeDNSHallmark Track
11-12Jh'Don BrownDNSHallmark Track

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Luke Johnson11:46.20aTop Speed Track
2.11-12Wesley Harris12:03.10a PRTru Speed Track
3.11-12Darrion Harden15:08.21aTop Speed Track

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Wyatt Wingard9:35.14a26-Unattached
2.Cameron Hunter10:05.84a26-Unattached
3.13-14Kevin Curry IV10:26.70a PRNTX Jackrabbits
4.13-14Jonathan Chung10:28.29aTeam QUEST
5.Henry Lynn10:35.99a26-Unattached
6.13-14Jeb Williamson11:13.47aTexas Titans Track
7.13-14Michael Dinkins11:13.90a PRMach 1 TC
8.13-14Rylan Shaffer11:17.49a PRMach 1 TC
9.8Noah Brooks11:44.46a PR26-Unattached
10.7Samuel Ingram12:10.56a PR26-Unattached
11.13-14Branden Torres12:35.89a PRMach 1 TC
13-14William KellyDNSMach 1 TC

3000 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Graydon Morris9:33.86a26-Unattached
2.15-16Ben Mcafee10:00.63a PRTeam QUEST
3.15-16Nicholas Mosqueda10:01.51aTexas Titans Track
4.15-16Daniel Soto10:05.60aWest Texas X-Treme
5.15-16Alexander Mejia10:33.89a PRNTX Jackrabbits
6.15-16Duke Brinkley10:52.12a PRSpeedKIDZ ELITE
7.8Jackson Dennis11:06.36a PR26-Unattached
8.15-16Fernando Manzanares11:08.48aTexas Titans Track
9.15-16Alejandro Cuevas11:53.08a PRTexas Torch Track

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Raul Diaz Jr9:32.75aTexas Torch Track
2.17-18Fabion Trevino9:42.53aTexas Titans Track
3.17-18Joshua Moran9:44.59a PRTexas Faces
4.17-18Jaysen Shiner10:03.03a PRTexas Titans Track
5.17-18Damon Lewis10:04.98aTexas Titans Track
6.17-18Austin Cuevas10:11.43aTexas Torch Track
7.17-18Luis Manqueros10:23.70a PRTexas Titans Track
8.17-18Roberto Roque Jr10:27.18aTexas Titans Track
9.17-18Leroy Mcghee11:37.63a SRNTX Jackrabbits
17-18Austin ShumakeDNSClub Vaultitude
17-18Nic RolandDNSClub Vaultitude

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Kelton Brookins14.12a (1.1)Hallmark Track
2.11-12Jalen Bowie15.40a (1.1)Elite of Mesquite
3.11-12Christian Morgan16.51a (1.1)Hallmark Track

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Raylen Sharpe14.82a (1.1)26-Unattached
2.13-14Fredrick Johnson15.23a PR (1.1)Elite of Mesquite
3.8Kyndel Sims15.27a PR (1.1)26-Unattached
4.13-14Noah Ford16.42a PR (1.1)North Texas Burners
5.13-14Kennon Polk17.33a PR (1.1)Hallmark Track
6.13-14Jaylen Williams18.08a PR (1.1)North Texas Burners
7.13-14Antonio Adams II19.49a PR (1.1)Texas Torch Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keiron Hunter14.93a (2.1)Team QUEST
2.15-16Jaylon Robinson15.62a (2.1)Hallmark Track
3.10Shayne Lawrence15.66a PR (2.1)26-Unattached
4.15-16Gerard Bryant16.94a (2.1)A Running Start TC
5.15-16Emanuel Fincher17.38a PR (2.1)North Texas Burners
6.15-16Gregory Satchell III18.37a PR (2.1)Hallmark Track
7.15-16Alex Wilson18.49a (2.1)Hallmark Track
8.15-16Kristofer Pauda18.65a PR (2.1)Hallmark Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Bryce Douglass14.01a (1.2)Team QUEST
2.11Bretram Rogers14.29a (1.2)26-Unattached
3.17-18Christain Jackson14.69a (1.2)A Running Start TC
4.17-18Javan Reece14.76a (1.2)Denton Elite
5.17-18Ikechi Iromuanya14.80a (1.2)Team QUEST
6.17-18Micaelen Hughes15.35a (1.2)North Texas Burners
7.17-18Justin Young15.77a (1.2)Team QUEST
17-18James MandersDNS (1.2)Texas Express TFC

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keiron Hunter15.01a (1.9)Team QUEST
2.15-16Jaylon Robinson15.16a (2.7)Hallmark Track
3.10Shayne Lawrence15.90a (1.9)26-Unattached
4.15-16Gerard Bryant16.72a PR (2.7)A Running Start TC
5.15-16Emanuel Fincher18.49a (1.9)North Texas Burners
6.15-16Alex Wilson18.75a (1.9)Hallmark Track
7.15-16Gregory Satchell III18.85a (1.9)Hallmark Track
8.15-16Kristofer Pauda19.61a (1.9)Hallmark Track
9.15-16Riley Stewart20.71a (2.7)Club Vaultitude
15-16Harrison ManuelFS (2.7)Team QUEST
15-16Peyton LoweryDNS (2.7)Texas Express TFC
15-16Terry Smith JrFS (2.7)North Texas Burners

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Bryce Douglass13.85a (2.0)Team QUEST
2.11Bretram Rogers14.02a PR (2.0)26-Unattached
3.17-18Javan Reece14.70a (2.0)Denton Elite
4.17-18Ikechi Iromuanya14.71a PR (1.1)Team QUEST
5.17-18Justin Young14.75a (1.1)Team QUEST
6.17-18Christain Jackson14.83a (2.0)A Running Start TC
7.17-18Micaelen Hughes15.10a PR (2.0)North Texas Burners
8.17-18James Manders15.35a PR (2.0)Texas Express TFC
9.17-18Noah Sewell15.41a PR (1.1)Club Vaultitude
10.17-18Trivett Jones16.31a (1.1)Club Vaultitude
11.17-18Myles Rice16.36a SR (2.0)Hallmark Track
12.17-18Robert Wood17.30a PR (1.1)Club Vaultitude
13.17-18Roger McCrary18.50a PR (1.1)Club Vaultitude
14.17-18Andreas Kleck19.96a PR (2.0)Club Vaultitude
17-18Landon GrayDNS (1.1)A Running Start TC
11Jordan AtkinsDNS (1.1)26-Unattached

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Raylen Sharpe26.91a PR (-.7)26-Unattached
2.13-14Fredrick Johnson27.90a (-.7)Elite of Mesquite
3.8Kyndel Sims28.97a PR (-.7)26-Unattached
4.13-14Noah Ford30.57a (-.7)North Texas Burners
5.13-14Antonio Adams II31.41a (-.7)Texas Torch Track
6.13-14Jaylen Williams34.08a PR (-.7)North Texas Burners
13-14Avery BullockDNS (-.7)Texas Faces

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keiron Hunter58.70a PRTeam QUEST
2.15-16Darrell Crowder Jr59.24aA Running Start TC
3.15-16Gary Green1:00.14aTexas Torch Track
4.15-16Harrison Manuel1:00.72aTeam QUEST
5.15-16Tremaine Hunter1:01.40a PRTexas Faces
6.15-16Alex Wilson1:03.06aHallmark Track
7.15-16Jaylon Robinson1:06.19aHallmark Track
8.15-16Gerard Bryant1:07.93aA Running Start TC

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Bryce Douglass53.66aTeam QUEST
2.17-18Christain Jackson54.94aA Running Start TC
3.17-18Ikechi Iromuanya55.19aTeam QUEST
4.17-18Landon Gray55.84aA Running Start TC
5.17-18Jeremy Miller57.09aA Running Start TC
6.17-18Antwuane Johnson Jr57.50a PRDestined To Run
7.17-18Justin Young57.91aTeam QUEST
8.17-18Myles Rice1:13.18aHallmark Track

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Jaylon Robinson59.21a SRHallmark Track
2.15-16Keiron Hunter59.48aTeam QUEST
3.15-16Gary Green59.61a PRTexas Torch Track
4.15-16Darrell Crowder Jr59.87aA Running Start TC
5.15-16Harrison Manuel1:02.05aTeam QUEST
6.15-16Tremaine Hunter1:03.46aTexas Faces
7.15-16Alex Wilson1:04.45aHallmark Track
8.15-16Gerard Bryant1:05.92a PRA Running Start TC
9.15-16Quincy Smith1:07.98a PRNTX Jackrabbits
10.15-16Kristofer Pauda1:07.99a PRHallmark Track
11.15-16Bryson Newton1:12.89a PRTexas Faces
15-16Gregory Satchell IIIDNSHallmark Track

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Ikechi Iromuanya55.34aTeam QUEST
2.17-18Bryce Douglass55.67aTeam QUEST
3.17-18Landon Gray57.25aA Running Start TC
4.17-18Christain Jackson57.26aA Running Start TC
5.17-18Antwuane Johnson Jr58.62aDestined To Run
6.17-18Justin Young58.93aTeam QUEST
7.17-18Jeremy Miller58.98aA Running Start TC
8.17-18Myles Rice1:01.63a PRHallmark Track
9.17-18Javan Reece1:02.67aDenton Elite
10.17-18Austin Smith1:07.44a PRTexas Torch Track
17-18Gregory ChikaezeDNSElite of Mesquite

4x100 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.-Relay Team 59.00aTru Speed Track
2.-Relay Team 59.18aHallmark Track
3.-Relay Team 1:00.76aA.W. Brown Track
4.-Relay Team 1:05.95aTru Speed Track
5.-Relay Team 1:07.98aHallmark Track
6.-Relay Team 1:11.02aHallmark Track
-Relay Team DNSHallmark Track
-Relay Team DNSHallmark Track

4x100 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 55.02aTru Speed Track
2.-Relay Team 59.08aHallmark Track
3.-Relay Team 59.57aHallmark Track
4.-Relay Team 1:04.46aHallmark Track
-Relay Team DNSHallmark Track
-Relay Team DNSHallmark Track
-Relay Team DQHallmark Track

4x100 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 50.95aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 51.82aTru Speed Track
3.-Relay Team 52.51aHallmark Track

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 46.18aTeam QUEST
2.-Relay Team 46.28aNTX Jackrabbits
3.-Relay Team 47.57aHallmark Track
4.-Relay Team 47.95aTru Speed Track
5.-Relay Team 49.44aHallmark Track
6.-Relay Team 54.70aHallmark Track

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 41.50aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 42.76aTeam QUEST
3.-Relay Team 42.82aHallmark Track
4.-Relay Team 43.03aTexas Torch Track
5.-Relay Team 43.76aA Running Start TC
6.-Relay Team 43.95aTru Speed Track
7.-Relay Team 45.01aA Running Start TC
-Relay Team DNSNorth Texas Burners

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Joshua Lewis
Joseph Sheffield
Jackson Web
Lawrence Coleman
40.50aTeam QUEST
2.17-18Daniel Lescay
Jalen Brown
Isaiah Palmer
Ian Colbert
40.92aNorth Texas Burners
3.17-18Jaylen Allen
Nick Kelley
Chris Hill
Isiah Irby
41.99aTeam QUEST
4.17-18Mondra Randall
Jimmerick Martin II
Demarkus Kayhey
Tyrik Barnes
42.23aA Running Start TC
5.17-18Tyreon Hall
Corjuan Cooper
Antonio Franklin
Kyron Johnson
43.26aStealth Track
6.17-18Marcus Haynes
Michael Haynes
David Howse
Bailey Stone
43.72aTeam QUEST
7.17-18Christian Anglin
Jaylin Anglin
Christian Palmer
Micaelen Hughes
43.75aNorth Texas Burners
8.17-18Earl Carmon IV
Denver Watkins
Darryan Riley
J'mei Walker Jr
44.01aElite of Mesquite

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Joshua Lewis
Joseph Sheffield
Jackson Web
Lawrence Coleman
40.37aTeam QUEST
2.17-18Jaylen Allen
Nick Kelley
Chris Hill
Isiah Irby
41.86aTeam QUEST
3.17-18Daniel Lescay
Jalen Brown
Isaiah Palmer
Ian Colbert
41.96aNorth Texas Burners
4.17-18Tyreon Hall
Corjuan Cooper
Antonio Franklin
Kyron Johnson
42.36aStealth Track
5.17-18Mondra Randall
Jimmerick Martin II
Demarkus Kayhey
Tyrik Barnes
42.90aA Running Start TC
6.17-18Earl Carmon IV
Denver Watkins
Darryan Riley
J'mei Walker Jr
43.55aElite of Mesquite
7.17-18Marcus Haynes
Michael Haynes
David Howse
Bailey Stone
43.76aTeam QUEST
8.17-18Christian Anglin
Jaylin Anglin
Christian Palmer
Micaelen Hughes
43.88aNorth Texas Burners
9.17-18Christain Jackson
Brian Mccutcheon Jr
Landon Gray
Jacques Morgan
44.09aA Running Start TC
10.17-18Blessing Gwean
Datrel Davis
Michael Franklin
Luis Trejo
45.13aStealth Track
17-18Timothy Burton
Tracy Goodwin
Ryan Harmon
Jeremy Miller
DNSA Running Start TC

4x400 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:53.94aTru Speed Track
2.-Relay Team 4:59.38aHallmark Track
3.-Relay Team 5:28.98aA.W. Brown Track
4.-Relay Team 5:50.41aHallmark Track
5.-Relay Team 6:18.31aHallmark Track

4x400 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:36.45aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 4:45.92aTru Speed Track
3.-Relay Team 5:00.52aHallmark Track

4x400 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:16.41aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 4:16.56aNTX Jackrabbits
3.-Relay Team 4:28.41aHallmark Track
4.-Relay Team 4:42.57aTru Speed Track
-Relay Team DNSLancaster Lightning TC

4x400 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:49.67aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 3:59.09aTru Speed Track
3.-Relay Team 4:01.77aTeam QUEST
4.-Relay Team 4:16.53aHallmark Track

4x400 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:19.13aHallmark Track
2.-Relay Team 3:19.38aTeam QUEST
3.-Relay Team 3:29.92aA Running Start TC
4.-Relay Team 3:35.45aTru Speed Track
5.-Relay Team 3:37.67aHallmark Track
6.-Relay Team 3:42.05aA Running Start TC
-Relay Team DNSNorth Texas Burners

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:15.28aDeSoto SWIFT
2.-Relay Team 3:16.26aNorth Texas Burners
3.-Relay Team 3:20.02aTeam QUEST
4.-Relay Team 3:20.05aA Running Start TC
5.-Relay Team 3:21.69aTeam QUEST
6.-Relay Team 3:25.42aNorth Texas Burners
7.-Relay Team 3:28.27aA Running Start TC

4x800 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Wesley Harris
Victor Dupree
Devontae Johnson
Cedrick Reynolds
11:21.36aTru Speed Track
2.11-12Josiah Charles
Jerrod Braziel Jr
MarKyiden James
Cortez Dear
12:09.37aHallmark Track
3.11-12Jh'Don Brown
Jordan Green
Curtis Johnson
Shemar Moore
13:05.59aHallmark Track

4x800 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Gavin Mowery
Branden Torres
William Kelly
Rylan Shaffer
10:27.74aMach 1 TC
2.13-14Nathaniel Chavez
Damonte Cunningham
Dreshun Powers
Jared Holman
11:03.29aHallmark Track

4x800 Relay  15-16 - Finals

15-16Gregory Satchell III
Nicholas Hopskin
Kristofer Pauda
Alex Wilson
DNSHallmark Track

4x800 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Alejandro Jimenez
Moises Nunez
Roberto Roque Jr
Jaysen Shiner
8:32.05aTexas Titans Track
2.17-18Ikechi Iromuanya
Bailey Stone
Marshall Tousant
Jessie Mcnary
11:53.48aTeam QUEST

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tyson Price7.90mNorth Texas Elite
2.7-8Maurice Gindratt III6.55m PRTru Speed Track
3.7-8Damien Blair3.54mTru Speed Track
7-8McTobia Piolt JrDNSHallmark Track
7-8Jalyn RussellDNSHallmark Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Charles Demps6.95m PRHallmark Track
2.9-10Jermaine Reynolds6.85mTru Speed Track
3.9-10Jayshawn Scales5.90m PRHallmark Track
4.9-10Demond Blair5.86m PRTru Speed Track
5.9-10Connor McCellan5.04mTru Speed Track
6.9-10Jo'Marion Scruggs3.84m PRHallmark Track
3Lucas CanoDNS26-Unattached

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12William Glenn10.80m PRCedar Hill Blaze Track
2.11-12Jacorian Antwine9.04mNorth Texas Elite
3.11-12Isaiah Robinson8.80m PRStealth Track
4.11-12Levaris Stigarll II8.41mTexas Faces
5.11-12Etelridge Mckinney7.32mElite of Mesquite
6.11-12Marquise Stafford7.26m PRHallmark Track
7.11-12Aiden Love5.74m PRHallmark Track
11-12Christhoper JohnsonDNSStealth Track
11-12Keyon BrownDNSHallmark Track
11-12Daveunta MossDNSHallmark Track
11-12Jordan FannerDNSHallmark Track

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Demondre Green11.40m PRStealth Track
2.13-14Ash Webber8.54m PRNTX Jackrabbits
3.13-14Tayshawn Smith7.86mHallmark Track
4.13-14Caleb Clark6.82m PRHallmark Track

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16James Rainey13.65m26-Unattached
2.15-16Nicholas Hopskin7.70m PRHallmark Track

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.11Salvatore Guli15.03m PR26-Unattached
2.17-18Robert Wood11.38m PRClub Vaultitude
3.17-18Kyle Oldham10.14mClub Vaultitude

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Levaris Stigarll II19.59mTexas Faces
2.11-12William Glenn19.20m PRCedar Hill Blaze Track
3.11-12Jacorian Antwine17.22mNorth Texas Elite
4.11-12Aiden Love12.72m PRHallmark Track
11-12Keyon BrownDNSHallmark Track
11-12Daveunta MossDNSHallmark Track

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Austin Nkwoparah27.36m26-Unattached
2.13-14Ash Webber23.56mNTX Jackrabbits
3.13-14Tayshawn Smith22.69mHallmark Track
4.7Harrington Holloway22.38m PR26-Unattached
5.13-14Caleb Clark20.54m SRHallmark Track

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16James Rainey37.73m26-Unattached
2.15-16Jacob Herrscher29.61mTexas Express TFC
3.15-16Peyton Lowery28.62m PRTexas Express TFC
4.15-16Riley Stewart28.17m PRClub Vaultitude
5.15-16Nicholas Hopskin19.92m PRHallmark Track

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - Finals

1.11Salvatore Guli42.85m PR26-Unattached
2.17-18James Manders40.71m PRTexas Express TFC
3.17-18Kyle Oldham40.16m PRClub Vaultitude
4.17-18Caleb Estes37.33m PRClub Vaultitude
5.17-18Andreas Kleck22.21m PRClub Vaultitude

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tyson Price20.15mNorth Texas Elite
2.7-8Devin Mayo16.47mHallmark Track
3.7-8Bradley Williams14.16m PREast Texas Track
4.7-8McTobia Piolt Jr11.36mHallmark Track
5.7-8Jaylen Ferrell9.98m PRHallmark Track
6.7-8Semaj Brown9.91mHallmark Track
7.7-8D'Mari Payne9.02m PRTru Speed Track
8.SoIsaiah Johnson7.03m26-Unattached
7-8Jalyn RussellDNSHallmark Track
7-8Jabrien HendersonDNSTru Speed Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Dylan Henderson27.84m SREast Texas Track
2.3Saheb Triguni26.56m PR26-Unattached
3.9-10Ethan Mckinney25.27mElite of Mesquite
4.9-10Joshua Mayo24.80m PRHallmark Track
5.Uziel Davis21.71mNorth Texas Elite
6.9-10Jermaine Reynolds18.53mTru Speed Track
7.9-10Curtis Carr18.17m PRLancaster Lightning TC
8.9-10Cameron White18.16m PREast Texas Track
9.9-10CAyden Ellis15.71m PRHallmark Track
10.9-10Jayshawn Scales14.55m PRHallmark Track
11.9-10Zakarias Walker14.24m PRHallmark Track
12.4Jeremiah Johnson14.23m PR26-Unattached
13.9-10Jaden Elgin13.77m PRNTX Jackrabbits
14.9-10Charles Demps13.00m PRHallmark Track
9-10CArl EvansDNSHallmark Track
3Uziel DavisDNS26-Unattached

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12D'Kyrian Henderson27.65m PREast Texas Track
2.11-12Iderrick Perry22.49m PREast Texas Track
3.11-12Etelridge Mckinney18.19mElite of Mesquite
11-12William GlennDNSCedar Hill Blaze Track
11-12Aiden LoveDNSHallmark Track
11-12Daveunta MossDNSHallmark Track
11-12Keyon BrownDNSHallmark Track
11-12Jayden FannerDNSHallmark Track
11-12Jordan FannerDNSHallmark Track

High Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.4Andre Pentecost Jr1.15m PR26-Unattached

High Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jeremiah Gray1.10m PRTexas Torch Track

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dennis Phillips1.55mNTX Jackrabbits
2.13-14Deonte Jones1.45m PRTexas Faces

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Peyton Lowery1.75m PRTexas Express TFC
2.15-16Michael Taylor1.70m PRClub Vaultitude
3.15-16Riley Stewart1.65mClub Vaultitude
15-16Isaiah DickeyNHNTX Jackrabbits

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Justin Stewart1.90mTeam QUEST
2.17-18Christian Cuellar1.85m PRJump Corps
3.17-18Myles Rice1.20m SRHallmark Track
17-18Leroy McgheeNHNTX Jackrabbits
17-18Tyrik BarnesDNSA Running Start TC

Pole Vault  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Kylor Aguilar3.35m26-Unattached

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Connor Gregston4.10mTexas Pole Vault
2.15-16Jacob Herrscher3.95mTexas Express TFC
3.15-16Riley Stewart3.50mClub Vaultitude
4.15-16Jacobee Jones3.50mClub Vaultitude
5.15-16Jonathan Greer3.50mTexas Express TFC
5.15-16Peyton Lowery3.50mTexas Express TFC
7.15-16Michael Taylor3.50m PRClub Vaultitude
8.15-16Trevor Densmore3.35mClub Vaultitude
9.8Carrick Hale3.35m PR26-Unattached
10.15-16Clay Grimes3.20m SRClub Vaultitude

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Riley Richards5.20m PRZero G Elite Pole Va...
2.17-18Adam McAdoo4.56m PRTexas Pole Vault
3.17-18Logan Freeman4.41m PRTexas Pole Vault
3.17-18James Manders4.41mTexas Express TFC
5.17-18Jacob Vanpatten4.41m PRTexas Pole Vault
6.17-18Robert Wood4.11mClub Vaultitude
6.17-18Trivett Jones4.11mClub Vaultitude
8.17-18Isaac Swift3.96m PRTexas Pole Vault
9.17-18Kyle Oldham3.81m SRClub Vaultitude
10.17-18Colin Engbrock3.81m PRTexas Express TFC
11.17-18Tanner Densmore3.66m PRClub Vaultitude
11.11Holt Bivens3.66m PR26-Unattached
13.17-18Andreas Kleck3.36mClub Vaultitude
FrRyan WomackDNS26-Unattached
17-18Sean McclellanNHTexas Pole Vault
10Warren MillerDNS26-Unattached
17-18Keith KadeskyDNSTexas Express TFC
17-18Austin FarwellNHTexas Express TFC
17-18Noah SewellNHClub Vaultitude
17-18Caleb EstesDNSClub Vaultitude
17-18Roger McCraryNHClub Vaultitude
17-18Eric EtieDNSTexas Pole Vault

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Noah Williams3.57m PRNTX Jackrabbits
2.7-8Tyson Price3.44m PRNorth Texas Elite
3.7-8Cayden Brooks3.44m PRHallmark Track
4.7-8Gavin Guidry3.30m PRLancaster Lightning TC
5.7-8Devin Scott3.24mFCHW Wolves
6.7-8Shalom Martin2.83m PRHallmark Track
7.7-8Desean Robinson2.69mStealth Track
8.7-8Jett Mortensen2.09mMach 1 TC
9.7-8Jaylen Rios1.98m PRHallmark Track
-Dariell AndersonDNS26-Unattached
SoIsaiah JohnsonDNS26-Unattached

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Andre Pentecost Jr4.15m PRDeSoto SWIFT
2.9-10Tyrian Jackson4.10m PRStealth Track
3.4Derrick Bradley II3.97m PR26-Unattached
4.Uziel Davis3.84mNorth Texas Elite
5.9-10Jameel Ross3.70m PRHallmark Track
6.9-10Tristan Johnson3.56m PRTru Speed Track
7.9-10James Gray3.32mMach 1 TC
8.9-10Aaron Johnson III2.88mNTX Jackrabbits
3Uziel DavisDNS26-Unattached
9-10Domonic Jackson IIIDNSTexas Torch Track
9-10Jared ThomasDNSLancaster Lightning TC
9-10Caleb BrookinsFOULFCHW Wolves
9-10Davis Parker JrFOULHallmark Track

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Dayaun Green4.51mStealth Track
2.11-12Jalen Bowie4.46m PRElite of Mesquite
3.11-12Carter Stoutmire4.21mNTX Jackrabbits
4.11-12Josiah Charles4.20mHallmark Track
5.5Caleb Cantu4.00m PR26-Unattached
6.11-12Ross Texada3.98m PRNTX Jackrabbits
7.11-12Curtis Johnson3.97m PRHallmark Track
8.11-12MarKyiden James3.97mHallmark Track
9.11-12Jerrod Braziel Jr3.80m PRHallmark Track
10.11-12Levaris Stigarll II3.10m PRTexas Faces
11.11-12Ian Culbert3.05m PRFCHW Wolves
12.11-12David Moore3.04m PRMach 1 TC
11-12Jeremiah CharlesFOULHallmark Track
11-12Cortez DearDNSHallmark Track
11-12Deylon RodgersFOULStealth Track
11-12Corey Love IIDNSTru Speed Track

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Matthew Tousant5.36m PRTeam QUEST
2.13-14Elijah Potts5.33mHallmark Track
3.13-14Jordan Johnson4.98m PRNTX Jackrabbits
4.13-14Ethan Goodwin4.92m PRTru Speed Track

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.SoDarius Henderson6.44m PR26-Unattached
2.15-16Willlie Turner IV5.44m PRTexas Torch Track
3.15-16Peyton Lowery5.38mTexas Express TFC
4.15-16Traven Dorsey5.24m PREast Texas Track
5.15-16Jacob Herrscher5.02mTexas Express TFC
6.15-16Trevor Densmore4.99m PRClub Vaultitude
7.15-16Kijon Robinson4.69m PRStealth Track
15-16Tremaine HunterDNSTexas Faces
15-16Cameron HickeyDNSInfinity Runners

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Devin Mungro6.80m26-Unattached
2.17-18Lavandis Douglas6.78m PRDestined To Run
3.17-18Tyler Cole6.40mTeam QUEST
4.17-18Christian Cuellar6.39m PRJump Corps
5.17-18Gregory Chikaeze6.35mElite of Mesquite
6.17-18Tanaka Tava6.05m PRFCHW Wolves
7.17-18Darryan Riley5.94mElite of Mesquite
8.17-18Denver Watkins5.82mElite of Mesquite
9.17-18Roger McCrary5.74m PRClub Vaultitude
17-18Justin StewartDNSTeam QUEST
17-18McKenzie HaneyDNSMach 1 TC
17-18Paul EmordiDNSClub Vaultitude

Triple Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Charles Demmings10.14mTru Speed Track

Triple Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ananias Hayes11.70mFCHW Wolves
2.15-16Dillon Bedell11.41m PRTru Speed Track

Triple Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Gregory Chikaeze13.74mElite of Mesquite
2.17-18Christian Cuellar13.23m PRJump Corps
3.17-18Devin Mungro13.22m26-Unattached
4.17-18Tyler Cole8.50mTeam QUEST