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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Amir Walker15.50a (-1.7)Capital City Track C...
2.7-8Lathan Ajegba15.69a (-1.7)Capital City Track C...
3.7-8Dylan Griffiths15.77a (-1.7)Capital City Track C...
4.7-8Jayden Cox16.15a PR (-1.7)Panther Track
5.7-8Gianni Simpson16.43a (-1.7)New York Starz Track
6.7-8August Alexander16.45a PR (-1.7)Central CT Jaguars
7.7-8Giordano Simpson16.67a (-1.7)New York Starz Track
8.7-8Taveon Jones16.68a (-1.7)Y Speed Track

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Walter Barrows14.11a (-1.4)New York Novas TC
2.9-10James Wreh II14.21a (-1.4)Metropolis-Brookline
3.9-10Rajaan Garfield14.56a (-1.4)Town Track
4.9-10Kyaire Lawson14.64a (-1.4)Ruff Kutz
5.9-10Gyan Davis14.64a (-1.4)Capital City Track C...
6.9-10Chase Royal14.87a (-1.4)Capital City Track C...
7.9-10Christien Fields14.89a (-1.4)New Horizon Track
8.9-10Kieran Edwards14.98a (-1.4)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Robert Rowe13.40a (-2.6)Rock City Striders
2.11-12Aidan Rose-Pierre13.64a (-2.6)Envy Track Club
3.11-12Frank Morang13.90a (-2.6)01-Unattached
4.11-12Antoine Blackman14.18a (-2.6)Medgar Evers Cougars
5.6Matthew Steele14.26a (-2.6)02-Unattached
6.11-12Jaavier Jackson14.27a (-2.6)Grant You Wings Track
7.6Curtis Spruill14.53a (-2.6)59-Unattached
8.11-12Julien Woodley14.61a (-2.6)2C2W Athletic Academy

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Richmond Kwaateng12.14a (-2.8)Panthers
2.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz12.44a (-2.8)Spa City Running
3.13-14Anthony Cozzy12.56a (-2.8)Averill Park Road Ru...
4.13-14Jacob Lamothe12.63a (-2.8)Rumford Road Runners
5.13-14John Wise12.86a (-2.8)Wilton Running
6.13-14Tahj Ferguson13.00a (-2.8)Capital City Track C...
7.13-14Lionel Raye Jr13.16a (-2.8)Rumford Road Runners
8.13-14Malcolm Beckford13.29a (-2.8)Capital City Track C...

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jaheim Jones11.18a (-2.5)Newburgh Elite TC
2.15-16Trevaughn Morgan11.57a (-2.5)Ruff Kutz
3.15-16Justin Marsland11.59a (-2.5)Rock City Striders
4.10Eugene Meleshkevich11.76a (-2.5)02-Unattached
5.10Dasani Prideaux11.79a (-2.5)02-Unattached
6.15-16Alexander Hiser11.93a (-2.5)Waltham Track
7.10Joseph Young12.01a (-2.5)02-Unattached
8.15-16Omari Ottley12.03a (-2.5)New Horizon Track

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Mark Doyley11.02a PR (-1.9)Capital City Track C...
2.17-18Dante Brown11.16a (-1.9)Rock City Striders
3.11Donovan Tulloch Jr11.39a PR (-1.9)59-Unattached
4.17-18Evan Porter11.49a (-1.9)01-Unattached
5.17-18Kedar Ashford11.59a (-1.9)New Horizon Track
6.11Mathieu Freeman Jr11.61a (-1.9)05-Unattached
7.11Tyler Dingle11.71a (-1.9)59-Unattached
8.17-18Griffin G Madden11.93a PR (-1.9)Scarborough Recreati...

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Amir Walker15.75a (-3.0)Capital City Track C...
2.7-8Lathan Ajegba15.86a (-2.2)Capital City Track C...
3.7-8Taveon Jones15.98a (-3.0)Y Speed Track
4.7-8Dylan Griffiths15.98a (-2.0)Capital City Track C...
5.7-8Gianni Simpson16.05a (-2.2)New York Starz Track
6.7-8Jayden Cox16.29a (-3.0)Panther Track
7.7-8Giordano Simpson16.42a (-2.0)New York Starz Track
8.7-8August Alexander16.46a (-2.2)Central CT Jaguars
9.2Blaine Evans16.53a (-2.0)02-Unattached
10.7-8Kenneth Bryan16.54a (-2.0)New York Novas TC
11.7-8Jaylen Wesley17.13a (-2.0)Central CT Jaguars
12.2Marquise Dyson17.25a PR (-2.2)03-Unattached
13.7-8Lucas Sansone17.51a (-3.1)RUNDMGfit
14.7-8Dakari Phillips17.59a (-3.0)Grant You Wings Track
15.7-8Dylon Gray-Cohen17.64a (-2.2)RUNDMGfit
16.2Sidney Jackson17.70a PR (-3.0)03-Unattached
17.7-8Josan Williams17.79a (-3.0)Granite State Flash
18.7-8Ezkiel Green17.85a (-2.0)Njia
19.7-8Mishon Hite17.88a (-3.1)Capital City Track C...
20.2Matthew Jernigan18.14a (-2.2)02-Unattached
21.7-8Kayden Julien-Brown18.18a PR (-2.2)Njia
22.2Jimmy Peters Jr18.23a (-3.1)59-Unattached
23.7-8Darell Murray18.32a (-3.1)Njia
24.7-8Max Headley18.51a (-3.0)Averill Park Road Ru...
25.7-8Micah Casimir18.75a (-2.0)Panthers Track Club ...
26.7-8David Hanafin19.05a (-3.1)Waltham Track
7-8Shayne Folkes JrSCR (-3.1)Y Speed Track
7-8Cainan WeeresingheSCR (-3.1)Cambridge Jets TC

100 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10James Wreh II14.15a (-2.7)Metropolis-Brookline
2.9-10Gyan Davis14.50a (-2.9)Capital City Track C...
3.9-10Rajaan Garfield14.53a (-2.9)Town Track
4.9-10Kyaire Lawson14.54a (-1.6)Ruff Kutz
5.9-10Christien Fields14.82a (-1.6)New Horizon Track
6.9-10Walter Barrows14.82a (-4.6)New York Novas TC
7.9-10Kieran Edwards14.90a (-4.6)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
8.9-10Chase Royal15.11a (-2.7)Capital City Track C...
9.9-10Chase Burns15.16a (-2.7)Brooklyn Lightning T...
10.9-10Justin Waters15.29a (-2.9)Cambridge Jets TC
11.9-10Gavin Warner15.35a (-1.6)Glencadia Bullets
12.9-10Kyle Rwabukamba15.51a (-2.7)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
13.9-10Quenten Dulin15.52a (-4.6)Town Track
14.9-10Chamberlain Guthrie Jr15.67a (-1.6)Providence Cobras
15.9-10Robert Danza III15.79a (-4.6)Delmar Track and Field
16.9-10Samir Gardner15.96a (-1.6)Njia
17.9-10Andrew Thornton-Sherman16.18a (-2.7)Granite State Flash
18.9-10Matthew Sanzi16.35a (-1.6)Attleboro YMCA Jaguars
19.9-10Nathaniel Jackson16.48a (-2.9)Delmar Track and Field
20.3Dane Lagrasta16.58a (-2.9)59-Unattached
21.4Nicholas Robertson16.63a (-4.6)59-Unattached
22.9-10Julian Farmer Campbell17.15a (-2.7)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
23.9-10David Winchenbach II17.56a PR (-2.9)Wiscasset Parks & Re...
24.2Owen Blades17.60a PR (-2.7)01-Unattached
25.9-10Tyler Mastronardi-Granito18.16a (-4.6)RUNDMGfit
26.9-10Andrew Jennette18.43a (-4.6)RUNDMGfit
9-10Josiah ChamberlainSCR (-2.9)Central CT Jaguars

100 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Robert Rowe13.03a (-2.2)Rock City Striders
2.11-12Aidan Rose-Pierre13.37a (-.9)Envy Track Club
3.11-12Frank Morang13.58a (-2.2)01-Unattached
4.6Matthew Steele13.84a (-3.7)02-Unattached
5.11-12Antoine Blackman14.00a (-3.7)Medgar Evers Cougars
6.11-12Jaavier Jackson14.05a (-.9)Grant You Wings Track
7.6Curtis Spruill14.11a (-2.3)59-Unattached
8.11-12Julien Woodley14.17a (-.9)2C2W Athletic Academy
9.11-12Alex DelNigro14.61a (-3.7)CLCF Track Panthers
10.11-12Deavion Springsteen14.65a PR (-.9)Njia
11.11-12Matthew Johnson14.76a (-2.3)Waltham Track
12.11-12Christopher Winslow14.77a (-2.2)Y Speed Track
13.11-12Kavon Almeida14.90a (-.9)FAST TRACK
14.11-12Ibrahim Doumbouya15.13a (-2.3)FAST TRACK
15.11-12Nasaiah Shelton15.16a (-2.3)FAST TRACK
16.5Christopher Baer15.18a (-3.7)59-Unattached
17.11-12Torrence Borletto15.28a (-2.2)Greater Lowell Road ...
18.11-12Ethan Narofsky15.47a (-2.3)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
19.11-12Ja'Quare Jones15.56a (-3.7)Njia
20.11-12Leandre Hunter15.79a (-3.7)Capital City Track C...
21.11-12Dimitri Cerrone16.07a (-2.2)Averill Park Road Ru...
22.5Brad Peters16.13a (-.9)59-Unattached
23.11-12James Wise16.93a (-2.3)Wilton Running
24.5Zachary Taranko16.93a PR (-.9)01-Unattached
25.11-12Nehemiah Cooper17.19a (-2.2)Njia
26.11-12Reuben Hurdle17.47a (-2.3)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
27.11-12Matthew Chuchro18.07a (-3.7)Central CT Jaguars
11-12Justice ThomasSCR (-3.7)Delmar Track and Field
11-12Nasir SmithSCR (-2.3)Njia
11-12Nicholas PaulSCR (-2.2)2C2W Athletic Academy

100 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Richmond Kwaateng12.27a (-3.0)Panthers
2.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz12.39a (-2.3)Spa City Running
3.13-14Anthony Cozzy12.43a (-3.4)Averill Park Road Ru...
4.13-14Jacob Lamothe12.43a (-3.0)Rumford Road Runners
5.13-14Tahj Ferguson12.60a (-2.3)Capital City Track C...
6.13-14Lionel Raye Jr12.68a (-3.4)Rumford Road Runners
7.13-14John Wise12.70a (-2.3)Wilton Running
8.13-14Malcolm Beckford12.77a (-2.3)Capital City Track C...
9.8Zachary Jacobs12.96a (-3.0)02-Unattached
10.13-14Abhi Dodgson13.00a (-3.0)Green Mountain Athle...
11.13-14Edmund Hurdle13.02a (-3.4)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
12.13-14Gregory Melusky13.22a (-3.4)Attleboro YMCA Jaguars
13.13-14Braedon Longfritz13.36a (-3.0)Waltham Track
14.13-14Hayden Curley13.60a (-2.3)Spa City Running
15.8Jordan Samuels13.76a (-2.3)06-Unattached
16.13-14John Reynolds13.84a (-3.0)Spa City Running
17.13-14Andriew Garcia13.98a (-3.0)Njia
18.13-14Jamol Franklin15.41a (-3.4)Njia
19.13-14Colin Shea25.42a (-2.3)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Nicholas DelNigroSCR (-3.4)CLCF Track Panthers
13-14Andrew DecoteauSCR (-3.4)Explosion Track Club

100 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Jaheim Jones11.32a (-2.5)Newburgh Elite TC
2.15-16Trevaughn Morgan11.52a PR (-3.4)Ruff Kutz
3.15-16Justin Marsland11.57a (-3.4)Rock City Striders
4.10Eugene Meleshkevich11.76a (-2.5)02-Unattached
5.10Dasani Prideaux11.95a (-2.9)02-Unattached
6.15-16Omari Ottley12.04a (-3.4)New Horizon Track
7.10Joseph Young12.05a (-3.4)02-Unattached
8.15-16Alexander Hiser12.05a (-2.9)Waltham Track
9.9Christopher Matthews12.06a (-3.4)02-Unattached
10.15-16Marc Alexandre12.08a (-3.4)Rock City Striders
11.15-16Jason Rappazzo12.12a (-3.4)Delmar Track and Field
12.9Abayomi Lowe12.20a (-2.5)02-Unattached
13.9Nicolas Adornetto12.23a PR (-3.4)01-Unattached
14.15-16Dorian Ryan12.27a (-2.9)2C2W Athletic Academy
15.15-16Cedrick Pierre-Paul12.45a (-2.9)2C2W Athletic Academy
16.15-16Broox Bolden12.50a (-2.5)Capital City Track C...
17.15-16Tyrees Brown12.52a (-3.4)2C2W Athletic Academy
18.15-16Tyrese Stinfort12.59a (-2.5)Rock City Striders
19.15-16Quentin Bucknor12.69a (-2.9)2C2W Athletic Academy
20.15-16Dante Montaque12.79a (-2.5)Capital City Track C...
21.15-16Naji Middleton13.05a (-3.4)Central CT Jaguars
22.15-16Zephaniah Jackson13.48a (-2.9)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
23.15-16Connor McCabe14.39a (-3.4)Wilton Running
15-16Alexander WrightSCR (-3.4)Scarborough Recreati...
10Austin HeathFS (-3.4)05-Unattached

100 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Mark Doyley11.16a (-3.4)Capital City Track C...
2.17-18Dante Brown11.36a (-2.4)Rock City Striders
3.17-18Evan Porter11.41a PR (-2.5)01-Unattached
4.11Donovan Tulloch Jr11.65a (-3.4)59-Unattached
5.11Tyler Dingle11.72a (-2.5)59-Unattached
6.17-18Kedar Ashford11.77a (-3.4)New Horizon Track
7.11Mathieu Freeman Jr11.84a (-2.4)05-Unattached
8.17-18Griffin G Madden12.02a (-3.4)Scarborough Recreati...
9.17-18Dylan Myrie12.08a (-3.4)Litchfield Track
10.17-18Shamar Cohen12.21a (-2.5)2C2W Athletic Academy
11.17-18Jhustin Cooper12.28a (-3.4)Njia
12.17-18Kimani Brown12.32a (-2.4)2C2W Athletic Academy
13.17-18Trae - Jon Barnes Jr12.42a (-3.4)2C2W Athletic Academy
14.17-18Shaun Williams12.66a (-2.5)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
15.17-18Kareem Williams13.13a (-2.5)Central CT Jaguars
16.17-18Daniel Thomas13.57a (-2.4)Quicksilvers
17-18Keyran SteeleSCR (-2.4)Central CT Jaguars
17-18Jabali WashingtonSCR (-2.5)Scarborough Recreati...
17-18Dominick PhengkaenSCR (-2.4)Litchfield Track
17-18Evan PorterSCR (-2.4)Scarborough Recreati...
17-18Theodore CampbellSCR (-2.5)Boston United
11Dmitri BrzezinskiSCR (-2.4)05-Unattached

100 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin12.58a PR (-.9)01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman13.86a PR (-.9)Spa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard13.87a PR (-.9)Spa City Running

100 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan12.09a PR (-.8)02-Unattached
2.JrJoshua Houle12.53a PR (-.8)03-Unattached
3.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb12.80a (-.8)01-Unattached
4.17-18Amar Abbatiello14.03a PR (-.8)Patriot Pole Vault

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Cainan Weeresinghe30.29a PR (4.9)Cambridge Jets TC
2.7-8Amir Walker30.61a PR (4.9)Capital City Track C...
3.7-8Jayden Cox31.35a PR (4.9)Panther Track
4.7-8Lathan Ajegba31.95a PR (4.9)Capital City Track C...
5.7-8Gianni Simpson31.98a SR (4.9)New York Starz Track
6.7-8Dylan Griffiths32.22a PR (4.9)Capital City Track C...
7.7-8Kenneth Bryan33.10a (4.9)New York Novas TC
8.7-8Taveon Jones33.33a (4.9)Y Speed Track

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Walter Barrows27.41a PR (5.9)New York Novas TC
2.9-10James Wreh II27.54a (5.9)Metropolis-Brookline
3.9-10Kyaire Lawson28.77a PR (5.9)Ruff Kutz
4.9-10Kieran Edwards28.97a PR (5.9)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
5.9-10Maxim Copeland29.15a PR (5.9)Capital City Track C...
6.9-10Gavin Warner29.18a PR (5.9)Glencadia Bullets
7.9-10Chase Burns29.59a PR (5.9)Brooklyn Lightning T...
8.9-10Angel Santiago31.03a (5.9)Brooklyn Lightning T...

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Aidan Rose-Pierre25.87a PR (4.5)Envy Track Club
2.11-12Robert Rowe26.28a PR (4.5)Rock City Striders
3.11-12Frank Morang26.92a PR (4.5)01-Unattached
4.11-12Jaavier Jackson27.32a (4.5)Grant You Wings Track
5.11-12Amare Fortes27.97a PR (4.5)FAST TRACK
6.6Matthew Steele28.17a (4.5)02-Unattached
7.11-12Julien Woodley28.64a (4.5)2C2W Athletic Academy
8.11-12Ethan Jina28.83a (4.5)Greater Lowell Road ...

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Richmond Kwaateng24.26a (2.6)Panthers
2.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz24.57a PR (2.6)Spa City Running
3.13-14Anthony Cozzy24.61a PR (2.6)Averill Park Road Ru...
4.13-14Malcolm Beckford25.31a (2.6)Capital City Track C...
5.13-14John Wise25.38a (2.6)Wilton Running
6.8Zachary Jacobs25.39a PR (2.6)02-Unattached
7.13-14Tahj Ferguson25.98a (2.6)Capital City Track C...
8.13-14Abhi Dodgson26.25a (2.6)Green Mountain Athle...

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jaheim Jones21.72a PR (5.1)Newburgh Elite TC
2.15-16Justin Marsland22.48a PR (5.1)Rock City Striders
3.15-16Trevaughn Morgan22.53a PR (5.1)Ruff Kutz
4.10James Petersen22.66a PR (5.1)01-Unattached
5.15-16Tai Brown22.97a (5.1)Ruff Kutz
6.10Austin Heath23.23a (5.1)05-Unattached
7.15-16Jarett Flaker23.97a (5.1)Scarborough Recreati...
10Eugene MeleshkevichSCR (5.1)02-Unattached

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Mark Doyley21.31a PR (3.6)Capital City Track C...
2.17-18Cody Housen21.84a PR (3.6)New Horizon Track
3.17-18Zackary Warden21.88a PR (3.6)Newburgh Elite TC
4.17-18Kedar Ashford22.25a (3.6)New Horizon Track
5.11Syeed Holtzclaw22.29a PR (3.6)03-Unattached
6.17-18Paolo DeMarco22.59a (3.6)Scarborough Recreati...
7.12Jacob Hoffman22.86a (3.6)06-Unattached
8.11Donovan Tulloch Jr22.87a (3.6)59-Unattached

200 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Amir Walker31.45a (2.4)Capital City Track C...
2.7-8Cainan Weeresinghe31.53a (1.5)Cambridge Jets TC
3.7-8Dylan Griffiths32.27a (1.5)Capital City Track C...
4.7-8Lathan Ajegba32.83a (1.5)Capital City Track C...
5.7-8Kenneth Bryan33.15a (.6)New York Novas TC
6.7-8Gianni Simpson33.20a (.6)New York Starz Track
7.7-8Taveon Jones33.27a PR (1.5)Y Speed Track
8.7-8Jayden Cox33.37a (2.4)Panther Track
9.7-8Cameron Mair33.43a PR (2.4)New York Starz Track
10.7-8Giordano Simpson33.49a (2.4)New York Starz Track
11.7-8Jaylen Wesley34.39a PR (1.5)Central CT Jaguars
12.7-8Marc Williams34.43a PR (1.5)Eclipse Track
13.7-8Dakari Phillips34.64a PR (1.5)Grant You Wings Track
14.7-8Lucas Sansone35.11a PR (2.4)RUNDMGfit
15.7-8Dylon Gray-Cohen36.21a (.6)RUNDMGfit
16.2Noah Morrin36.22a (2.4)02-Unattached
17.7-8Shayne Folkes Jr36.39a PR (.6)Y Speed Track
18.7-8Osbert Boakye Jr36.55a PR (1.5)Njia
19.7-8Ezkiel Green36.79a (1.5)Njia
20.7-8Kayden Julien-Brown38.57a PR (1.5)Njia
21.7-8Jahmel Rodrigues39.19a (.6)FAST TRACK
22.7-8David Hanafin39.33a (1.5)Waltham Track
23.7-8Darell Murray40.98a (2.4)Njia
7-8Micah CasimirSCR (1.5)Panthers Track Club ...
7-8Hunter DoolittleSCR (.6)Averill Park Road Ru...
7-8August AlexanderSCR (1.5)Central CT Jaguars
2Jimmy Peters JrSCR (.6)59-Unattached
2Marquise DysonSCR (1.5)03-Unattached

200 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10James Wreh II28.14a (1.9)Metropolis-Brookline
2.9-10Walter Barrows29.07a (2.1)New York Novas TC
3.9-10Kyaire Lawson29.65a (1.0)Ruff Kutz
4.9-10Maxim Copeland29.73a (4.6)Capital City Track C...
5.9-10Kieran Edwards29.79a (1.9)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
6.9-10Gavin Warner30.22a (4.6)Glencadia Bullets
7.9-10Angel Santiago30.51a (1.9)Brooklyn Lightning T...
8.9-10Chase Burns30.54a (2.1)Brooklyn Lightning T...
9.9-10Jayden Smith30.56a PR (1.0)New York Novas TC
10.9-10Neil Howard III30.64a (2.1)In a New York Minute
11.9-10Kyle Rwabukamba31.14a PR (4.6)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
12.9-10Justin Waters31.58a (1.0)Cambridge Jets TC
13.4Quinn McNutt31.64a PR (4.6)02-Unattached
14.9-10Chamberlain Guthrie Jr31.89a PR (1.0)Providence Cobras
15.9-10Samir Gardner32.10a PR (1.9)Njia
16.9-10Nathaniel Jackson32.79a PR (4.6)Delmar Track and Field
17.9-10Caleb Hoyle33.10a PR (1.9)Sentinel Striders
18.4Giovanni Sebastianelli33.18a (2.1)02-Unattached
19.9-10Daniel Corpes33.46a (2.1)Y Speed Track
20.3Gus Mallory34.18a PR (2.1)05-Unattached
21.3Dane Lagrasta35.00a PR (1.0)59-Unattached
22.9-10Jamel Franklin35.24a PR (1.9)Njia
23.9-10Vasillios Parsley36.02a PR (1.9)New Haven Age Group
24.9-10Andrew Jennette37.67a PR (2.1)RUNDMGfit
25.9-10Reid Binsfeld39.13a PR (4.6)Quicksilvers
9-10Andrew ScottSCR (1.0)2C2W Athletic Academy
9-10Josiah ChamberlainSCR (1.0)Central CT Jaguars
2Owen BladesSCR (4.6)01-Unattached

200 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Aidan Rose-Pierre26.49a (1.7)Envy Track Club
2.11-12Frank Morang27.36a (2.4)01-Unattached
3.11-12Jaavier Jackson27.68a (2.4)Grant You Wings Track
4.11-12Robert Rowe28.02a (1.9)Rock City Striders
5.6Matthew Steele28.22a (2.0)02-Unattached
6.11-12Amare Fortes28.23a (1.9)FAST TRACK
7.11-12Julien Woodley28.60a PR (2.0)2C2W Athletic Academy
8.11-12Ethan Jina28.82a PR (1.7)Greater Lowell Road ...
9.11-12Brendan Jenkins29.02a (2.4)Capital City Track C...
10.11-12Christopher Winslow29.06a PR (1.7)Y Speed Track
11.11-12Nasaiah Shelton29.82a PR (2.4)FAST TRACK
12.11-12Matthew Johnson30.35a (2.0)Waltham Track
13.11-12Noah Jina30.38a PR (1.9)Greater Lowell Road ...
14.11-12Jovan Hill30.50a (2.4)Capital City Track C...
15.11-12Roel Figueroa Jr30.51a (2.0)Y Speed Track
16.11-12Deavion Springsteen30.70a SR (1.7)Njia
17.11-12Ja'Quare Jones31.15a PR (1.9)Njia
18.11-12Leandre Hunter32.90a PR (2.4)Capital City Track C...
19.11-12James Wise34.59a (1.7)Wilton Running
20.11-12Reuben Hurdle36.08a (1.7)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
21.11-12Arlan Edwards36.16a PR (1.9)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
11-12Nasir SmithSCR (1.9)Njia
11-12Matthew DeJulioSCR (1.7)Averill Park Road Ru...
11-12Jonny RoblesSCR (2.0)In a New York Minute
11-12Nicholas PaulSCR (2.0)2C2W Athletic Academy
6Brady GuaySCR (1.9)01-Unattached
5Brad PetersSCR (2.4)59-Unattached

200 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Drelyn Van Deinse Diaz24.96a (3.3)Spa City Running
2.13-14Richmond Kwaateng24.97a (.8)Panthers
3.13-14Malcolm Beckford25.20a PR (1.8)Capital City Track C...
4.13-14Anthony Cozzy25.23a (3.3)Averill Park Road Ru...
5.13-14Tahj Ferguson25.59a PR (3.3)Capital City Track C...
6.13-14John Wise25.74a (1.8)Wilton Running
7.13-14Abhi Dodgson25.76a PR (1.8)Green Mountain Athle...
8.8Zachary Jacobs25.85a (.8)02-Unattached
9.13-14Braedon Longfritz26.24a (.8)Waltham Track
10.8Westley Brinegar26.48a PR (1.8)01-Unattached
11.13-14Edmund Hurdle26.68a PR (.8)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
12.13-14Gregory Melusky26.80a PR (.8)Attleboro YMCA Jaguars
13.13-14Hayden Curley27.17a PR (3.3)Spa City Running
14.13-14Dylan Barkasy27.61a PR (3.3)Capital City Track C...
15.13-14Andriew Garcia27.89a PR (3.3)Njia
16.13-14William Smith27.97a PR (1.8)Central CT Jaguars
17.13-14KeChaun Bennett28.97a PR (.8)Capital City Track C...
18.13-14Jamol Franklin30.50a PR (1.8)Njia
19.13-14Crawford Green30.99a (.8)Njia
20.13-14Kevin McNamara33.08a PR (3.3)Spa City Running
13-14Jaylin JohnSCR (3.3)Metro Eagles
13-14Andrew DecoteauSCR (1.8)Explosion Track Club

200 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Jaheim Jones22.55a (2.6)Newburgh Elite TC
2.15-16Trevaughn Morgan22.86a (4.5)Ruff Kutz
3.15-16Justin Marsland22.93a (4.0)Rock City Striders
4.10James Petersen22.94a (2.8)01-Unattached
5.15-16Tai Brown22.95a PR (2.8)Ruff Kutz
6.10Austin Heath22.97a PR (4.5)05-Unattached
7.10Eugene Meleshkevich23.30a PR (4.0)02-Unattached
8.15-16Jarett Flaker23.46a PR (4.0)Scarborough Recreati...
9.9Christopher Matthews23.61a PR (4.0)02-Unattached
10.10Dasani Prideaux23.85a PR (2.6)02-Unattached
11.15-16Jason Rappazzo23.89a PR (4.5)Delmar Track and Field
12.9Nicolas Adornetto23.98a PR (4.5)01-Unattached
13.10Joseph Young24.24a (2.6)02-Unattached
14.15-16Dorian Ryan24.33a PR (4.0)2C2W Athletic Academy
15.9Abayomi Lowe24.36a (2.6)02-Unattached
16.8Shawn Carter24.49a (2.8)02-Unattached
17.15-16Cedrick Pierre-Paul24.64a (2.8)2C2W Athletic Academy
18.15-16Broox Bolden24.73a PR (4.5)Capital City Track C...
19.15-16Corey Powell25.37a (2.6)2C2W Athletic Academy
20.15-16Naji Middleton25.72a (4.0)Central CT Jaguars
21.15-16Tyrees Brown27.59a (2.6)2C2W Athletic Academy
22.15-16Dante Montaque28.32a (2.8)Capital City Track C...
23.15-16Caleb Jeralds28.60a (2.8)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
24.15-16Eric Civitella28.69a PR (4.5)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
25.15-16Connor McCabe29.02a (4.0)Wilton Running
15-16Jahlahnee WatkinsSCR (2.8)Eclipse Track
15-16Joshua ZinckeSCR (4.5)New Horizon Track

200 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Mark Doyley21.61a (2.8)Capital City Track C...
2.17-18Cody Housen22.05a (2.8)New Horizon Track
3.17-18Kedar Ashford22.37a (2.7)New Horizon Track
4.17-18Zackary Warden22.40a (3.4)Newburgh Elite TC
5.11Syeed Holtzclaw22.48a (3.4)03-Unattached
6.17-18Paolo DeMarco22.54a PR (3.4)Scarborough Recreati...
7.11Donovan Tulloch Jr22.59a PR (2.8)59-Unattached
8.12Jacob Hoffman22.70a PR (2.8)06-Unattached
9.11Tyler Dingle22.71a PR (2.7)59-Unattached
10.17-18Bobby Williams23.09a (2.7)Newburgh Elite TC
11.17-18Marquis Pellerin23.13a (3.4)Y Speed Track
12.JrAlexander Bartone23.41a PR (2.7)01-Unattached
13.17-18Shamar Cohen23.58a PR (2.8)2C2W Athletic Academy
14.17-18Trae - Jon Barnes Jr24.04a PR (2.8)2C2W Athletic Academy
15.11Keegan Cochrane24.24a PR (2.7)03-Unattached
16.17-18Jhustin Cooper24.71a PR (3.4)Njia
17.17-18Daniel Thomas26.50a (2.7)Quicksilvers
17-18Kareem WilliamsSCR (2.8)Central CT Jaguars
17-18Dante BrownSCR (2.8)Rock City Striders
17-18J'Saun BastienSCR (2.7)Boston United
11Mathieu Freeman JrSCR (3.4)05-Unattached
11Dmitri BrzezinskiSCR (3.4)05-Unattached

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Cainan Weeresinghe1:13.16aCambridge Jets TC
2.7-8Kenneth Bryan1:17.91aNew York Novas TC
3.7-8Kevin Doherty1:18.25a PRGranite State Flash
4.7-8Hunter Doolittle1:18.48aAverill Park Road Ru...
5.7-8August Alexander1:18.51aCentral CT Jaguars
6.7-8Giordano Simpson1:18.82aNew York Starz Track
7.2Marquise Dyson1:20.52a PR03-Unattached
8.7-8Cameron Mair1:22.11aNew York Starz Track
9.7-8Brody Wilson1:24.40aFoundation Track Club
10.2Noah Morrin1:24.51a02-Unattached
11.2Matthew Jernigan1:30.19a02-Unattached
12.2Jimmy Peters Jr1:31.27a59-Unattached
13.7-8Osbert Boakye Jr1:33.11aNjia
14.7-8Jahmel Rodrigues1:33.30aFAST TRACK
15.7-8Koen Schwartz1:35.88aSpa City Running
7-8Gabriel CalnanSCRAverill Park Road Ru...

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10James Wreh II1:02.98aMetropolis-Brookline
2.9-10Jasir Muwwakkil1:07.53aNew York Novas TC
3.9-10Maxwell Robinson1:09.92a PRTailwind
4.4Nathan Blades1:10.26a PR01-Unattached
5.9-10Jayden Smith1:12.25a PRNew York Novas TC
6.4Quinn McNutt1:13.49a02-Unattached
7.9-10Rajaan Garfield1:13.69aTown Track
8.9-10Kyaire Lawson1:14.42aRuff Kutz
9.4Ian Oehlschlaeger1:16.53a03-Unattached
10.4Giovanni Sebastianelli1:17.80a02-Unattached
11.3Gus Mallory1:18.47a PR05-Unattached
12.9-10Quenten Dulin1:18.72a PRTown Track
13.9-10William Bedard1:18.73a PRPanther Track
14.9-10Amos Stack1:18.79aChatham Gold/Morris ...
15.4Benjamin Cobb1:21.27a PR01-Unattached
16.9-10Jamel Franklin1:23.38a PRNjia
17.9-10Luke Puffer1:24.73aCentral CT Jaguars
18.9-10Hunter Rossi1:25.01aBAA Masconomet
19.9-10Vasillios Parsley1:25.56aNew Haven Age Group
20.9-10Alexander Goodrich1:28.30aChatham Gold/Morris ...
9-10Samuel CalnanSCRAverill Park Road Ru...
9-10Zachary PotikSCRNjia
9-10Josiah ChamberlainSCRCentral CT Jaguars

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Kymoy Phillip1:01.39aPegasus9
2.11-12Giovanni Bass1:03.64a06-Unattached
3.11-12Ethan Jina1:05.22aGreater Lowell Road ...
4.11-12Jaedyn Sim1:05.72aPanthers
5.11-12Jonathan Greco1:06.59a PRWilton Running
6.11-12Amare Fortes1:06.59aFAST TRACK
7.11-12Jayden Flaker1:07.31a PRScarborough Recreati...
8.11-12Alex DelNigro1:07.93aCLCF Track Panthers
9.11-12Nolan Freeman1:09.25aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
10.11-12Jeremiah Shaw1:09.30aNew Haven Age Group
11.11-12Spencer Reith1:10.10aWaltham Track
12.11-12Roel Figueroa Jr1:10.50aY Speed Track
13.5Brad Peters1:12.53a PR59-Unattached
14.6Toby Martin1:12.62a PR01-Unattached
15.11-12Mark Gilling1:12.88aCapital City Track C...
16.11-12Cade Allen1:12.96a PRDelmar Track and Field
17.11-12Jovan Hill1:13.49aCapital City Track C...
18.11-12Timothy Jeralds1:16.41a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
19.5Aleksander Smietana1:17.46a PR03-Unattached
20.11-12Noah Jina1:17.53aGreater Lowell Road ...
21.11-12Cody Hosgood1:24.13a PRDelmar Track and Field
11-12Luke CalnanSCRAverill Park Road Ru...
11-12Matthew BinsfeldSCRQuicksilvers

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ryler Gould54.63aNewburgh Elite TC
2.13-14Joshua Backert54.68a PRWaltham Track
3.13-14Kaleb Istvan55.66aNewburgh Elite TC
4.13-14Shakur Hill56.42aCapital City Track C...
5.13-14Zack Notarianni57.07aCLCF Track Panthers
6.13-14Ian Oller58.84aCapital City Track C...
7.8Westley Brinegar59.09a PR01-Unattached
8.13-14Melvin Orn59.47a PRPanthers
9.13-14Dominic Silvestro1:00.78a02-Unattached
10.13-14Yann Gaudin1:05.18a PRSpa City Running
11.13-14William Smith1:06.78aCentral CT Jaguars
12.13-14Crawford Green1:12.27aNjia
13.13-14Samuel Binsfeld1:15.84a PRQuicksilvers
14.13-14Kevin McNamara1:16.04aSpa City Running
13-14Jaylin JohnSCRMetro Eagles
13-14Liam MoneySCRLitchfield Track

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.10James Petersen51.17a PR01-Unattached
2.15-16Joshua Zincke51.71aNew Horizon Track
3.15-16Parker Myers53.41a PRRuff Kutz
4.9Nicolas Adornetto53.71a PR01-Unattached
5.15-16Jarett Flaker54.03a PRScarborough Recreati...
6.10Joshua Mollison54.22a06-Unattached
7.15-16John Siani55.44aCapital City Track C...
8.9Maximilian Gorriaran55.71a02-Unattached
9.15-16Corey Powell55.94a PR2C2W Athletic Academy
10.15-16Henry Jordan58.45aRumford Road Runners
11.15-16Naji Middleton59.73aCentral CT Jaguars
12.15-16Daniel Taylor1:00.76a PRQuicksilvers
13.15-16Michael Sweeney1:01.92a PRQuicksilvers
14.15-16Samuel Coates Jr1:02.30aCapital City Track C...
15.15-16Caleb Jeralds1:03.55aChatham Gold/Morris ...
16.15-16Eric Civitella1:08.98aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
15-16D'Andre BarriffeSCRMetro Eagles
15-16Kymali HaySCRCapital City Track C...
15-16Jahlahnee WatkinsSCREclipse Track
15-16David DelBonis JrSCRCLCF Track Panthers
15-16Alexander WrightSCRScarborough Recreati...
15-16Adrian AlvarezSCRProvidence Cobras

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Paolo DeMarco49.28a PRScarborough Recreati...
2.17-18Cody Housen49.33aNew Horizon Track
3.17-18Robert Walker49.83aNewburgh Elite TC
4.12Jacob Hoffman50.60a06-Unattached
5.11Syeed Holtzclaw51.15a PR03-Unattached
6.17-18Kelly Hernandez52.12aNew Horizon Track
7.JrAlexander Bartone52.77a PR01-Unattached
8.17-18Derrick Simmons52.91aRuff Kutz
9.11Keegan Cochrane53.39a03-Unattached
10.17-18David Onwuka54.28aNewburgh Elite TC
11.17-18Marquis Pellerin54.32a PRY Speed Track
12.12Michael Ganesh54.82a03-Unattached
13.12Matthew Lawless55.71a59-Unattached
14.17-18Kimani Brown57.53a2C2W Athletic Academy
15.11Nicholas Stanton57.59a03-Unattached
16.17-18Kareem Williams1:00.03a SRCentral CT Jaguars
17.17-18Daniel Thomas1:00.27a PRQuicksilvers
17-18Keyran SteeleSCRCentral CT Jaguars
17-18Troy BensonSCRFoundation Track Club
17-18Andy PhothirathSCRLitchfield Track
17-18Jordan ThompsonSCRIsland Express
17-18Calvin PalmerSCRLitchfield Track

400 Meters  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Neil Howard III1:08.96a PRIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Kyle Snow1:13.99aNotre Dame Track
3.9-10Alexander Goodrich1:32.40aChatham Gold/Morris ...

400 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin58.02a01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman1:03.26a PRSpa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard1:05.75a PRSpa City Running

400 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.JrJoshua Houle54.19a PR03-Unattached
2.SoConnor Sheridan54.33a PR02-Unattached
3.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb57.13a PR01-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloSCRPatriot Pole Vault

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Kevin Doherty2:56.80a PRGranite State Flash
2.7-8Hunter Doolittle2:57.03a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
3.1Jonathan Mallory2:57.03a PR05-Unattached
4.7-8Brody Wilson3:05.43aFoundation Track Club
5.7-8Adam Vitale3:20.37aIsland Express
6.7-8Miles Flusche3:23.16a PRSpa City Running
7.7-8Cian Bergin3:54.61a PRLitchfield Track
7-8Jaiden JohnsonSCRHall's Express II Tr...

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Zackary Haseley2:36.72aTailwind
2.9-10Max Huang2:37.11a05-Unattached
3.9-10Jasir Muwwakkil2:39.38a PRNew York Novas TC
4.9-10Jackson Doolittle2:40.81a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
5.4Ollie Swabey2:45.09a02-Unattached
6.4Nicholas Robertson2:54.11a59-Unattached
7.9-10Logan Johnson2:54.18a PRCLCF Track Panthers
8.9-10Quenten Dulin2:54.70a PRTown Track
9.9-10Parker Cheyne2:55.58a PRGranite State Flash
10.9-10Jonan Story2:57.02a PRTown Track
11.9-10Russell Ide2:59.48aRumford Road Runners
12.2Tait Harvey3:01.77a PR01-Unattached
13.9-10William Bedard3:05.72a PRPanther Track
14.9-10Ibrahim Dagher3:08.70aTown Track
15.9-10Oliver Guzy3:09.31aNutmeg Striders
16.9-10Elijah Hill3:13.10aCapital City Track C...
17.9-10Reid Binsfeld3:19.20aQuicksilvers
18.9-10Alexander Goodrich3:22.02aChatham Gold/Morris ...
4Byron GreviousSCR05-Unattached

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Kymoy Phillip2:24.48a PRPegasus9
2.11-12Parker Paragas2:25.42aNew Haven Age Group
3.11-12Gordon Su2:26.34a PRDelmar Track and Field
4.11-12Giovanni Bass2:26.53a PR06-Unattached
5.11-12Aidan Puffer2:28.01aCentral CT Jaguars
6.11-12Tobias Jeralds2:29.01a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
7.11-12Dubar Smalls2:44.72a PRPanthers Track Club ...
8.11-12Anthony Scotto III2:45.37a PRBellmore/N. Bellmore...
9.11-12Michael Thomas2:45.77aWaltham Track
10.11-12Marcus Reilly2:45.95aSpeedy Kidz Running
11.11-12Hunter Wilson2:46.94a PRFoundation Track Club
12.11-12Cade Allen2:47.62a PRDelmar Track and Field
13.11-12Timothy Jeralds2:48.01a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
14.11-12Mark Gilling2:49.56aCapital City Track C...
15.11-12Bodie Rocklein2:51.68a PRDelmar Track and Field
11-12Nolan FreemanSCRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
11-12Michael CalafioreSCRIsland Express
11-12Dennis SachekSCRTown Track

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Darius Frey2:12.05aWarwick Wolves
2.13-14Zedekiah Williams2:12.24a PRProspect Park Youth ...
3.13-14Abhi Dodgson2:13.06a PRGreen Mountain Athle...
4.13-14Nicholas Jacobs2:16.85aNutmeg Striders
5.8Griffin Allaire2:17.42a PR01-Unattached
6.13-14Luca Cazzaniga2:22.36aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
7.8Garrett Erickson-Harris2:24.82a PR01-Unattached
8.13-14Nicholas Porter2:25.77a PRWaltham Track
9.13-14Juan Giron2:34.34aPanthers
10.13-14Dale Burdett2:43.99aWaltham Track
11.7David Thielke3:03.28a PR03-Unattached
13-14Aidan StickanSCRDelmar Track and Field
8George AtanasovSCR03-Unattached

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jackson Harris2:04.07aMHC Track Club
2.15-16Jacob Brass2:05.21a PRDelmar Track and Field
3.9Matthew Cavaliere2:06.83a PR03-Unattached
4.9Maximilian Gorriaran2:08.95a PR02-Unattached
5.10Seon Clarke Jr2:10.35a PR06-Unattached
6.15-16Parker Myers2:12.17aRuff Kutz
7.15-16Weston Farrell2:13.53a PRHomegrown Athletic C...
8.15-16Allester Hall2:14.20a PRHall's Express II Tr...
9.15-16John Siani2:14.38a PRCapital City Track C...
10.9Kyle Culley2:15.75a PR03-Unattached
11.9Brad Bornn2:16.53a05-Unattached
12.15-16Prince Peixoto2:16.76a PRRumford Road Runners
13.15-16Henry Jordan2:17.02a PRRumford Road Runners
14.15-16Evan Piscitelli2:42.37a PRSpa City Running
15-16Curtis WilliamsSCRCentral CT Jaguars
15-16Spencer ParagasSCRNew Haven Age Group
15-16Eric CivitellaDQDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
10Gabriel CalandriSCR01-Unattached

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Derrick Simmons1:59.02aRuff Kutz
2.17-18Mick Hains2:02.20a05-Unattached
3.17-18Keshaun Javois2:03.18aClub44
4.17-18Elijah Akindolie2:09.39a PRProvidence Cobras
5.17-18Lucian D'Acchille2:09.54a PR03-Unattached
6.17-18Antonio Muratori2:14.33aLitchfield Track
7.17-18Juan Corona Jr2:26.87aProvidence Cobras
17-18Andy PhothirathSCRLitchfield Track
17-18Devonte FahieSCRTeam Dynasty

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.1Jonathan Mallory6:11.22a PR05-Unattached
2.7-8Adam Vitale6:34.27aIsland Express
3.7-8Miles Flusche7:01.75a PRSpa City Running
4.2Evan Piwowar7:15.79a02-Unattached
5.7-8Benjamin Coonradt8:47.41aAverill Park Road Ru...

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.4Byron Grevious5:12.07a PR05-Unattached
2.9-10Max Huang5:14.24a05-Unattached
3.9-10Maxwell Robinson5:18.81aTailwind
4.9-10Jackson Doolittle5:19.77aAverill Park Road Ru...
5.4Ollie Swabey5:19.83a PR02-Unattached
6.9-10Zackary Haseley5:20.73aTailwind
7.9-10Erwind Valentine5:38.74a PRHall's Express II Tr...
8.9-10Eli Russo5:39.01a PRIn a New York Minute
9.9-10Parker Cheyne5:50.77a PRGranite State Flash
10.4Ian Oehlschlaeger5:51.08a PR03-Unattached
11.9-10Dylan Reilly5:51.64aSpeedy Kidz Running
12.9-10Russell Ide5:52.35a PRRumford Road Runners
13.9-10Logan Johnson5:58.91aCLCF Track Panthers
14.9-10Luke Puffer6:02.09aCentral CT Jaguars
15.9-10Ibrahim Dagher6:02.63a PRTown Track
16.4Nicholas Robertson6:02.80a59-Unattached
17.9-10Tyler Grossman6:12.36a PRDelmar Track and Field
18.9-10Sean Meek6:12.37a PRDelmar Track and Field
19.2Tait Harvey6:14.17a PR01-Unattached
20.4Benjamin Cobb6:18.65a PR01-Unattached
21.9-10Elias Alvarado6:43.70a PRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
22.9-10Thomas Murray6:48.46aAverill Park Road Ru...
23.9-10Teddy Dangler7:03.62a PRAverill Park Road Ru...
24.9-10John Sweeney7:06.90a PRQuicksilvers
9-10Evan BellesSCRLitchfield Track

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Parker Paragas4:52.33aNew Haven Age Group
2.11-12Gordon Su4:52.97a PRDelmar Track and Field
3.11-12Aidan Puffer4:56.21aCentral CT Jaguars
4.11-12Evan Thornton-Sherman4:58.15a PRGranite State Flash
5.11-12Tobias Jeralds5:09.88aChatham Gold/Morris ...
6.11-12Chase Hinton5:11.88aCambridge Jets TC
7.11-12Dennis Sachek5:25.30aTown Track
8.11-12Jack Toolin5:26.07aSentinel Striders
9.5Marco Bussone5:32.72a02-Unattached
10.11-12Hunter Wilson5:36.79a PRFoundation Track Club
11.11-12Anthony Scotto III5:36.85aBellmore/N. Bellmore...
12.11-12Timothy Jeralds5:37.74aChatham Gold/Morris ...
13.5Eamon Graves5:45.35a PR03-Unattached
14.11-12Phineas Wright6:10.03aLitchfield Track
15.11-12Malique McCrea6:22.30aHall's Express II Tr...
16.11-12Elan Schwartz6:27.70a PRSpa City Running
17.11-12Sean Black6:41.58a PRDelmar Track and Field
11-12Matthew BinsfeldSCRQuicksilvers
11-12Fernando DiazSCRIsland Express

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Behailu Bekele-Arcuri4:19.08aeXCelsior Running Club
2.13-14Darius Frey4:42.60aWarwick Wolves
3.8Griffin Allaire4:44.09a PR01-Unattached
4.13-14Benjamin Guerin4:46.19aSpa City Running
5.8Garrett Erickson-Harris4:46.64a PR01-Unattached
6.13-14Nicholas Porter4:47.27a PRWaltham Track
7.13-14Luca Cazzaniga4:54.17aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
8.13-14Selvin Backert4:57.01a PRWaltham Track
9.13-14Aidan Stickan5:23.59a PRDelmar Track and Field
10.13-14Eric Hoerdemann5:27.87a PRWilton Running
11.13-14Samuel Binsfeld5:31.71aQuicksilvers
12.13-14Gaven Planavsky5:33.57a PRSpa City Running
13.7Leif Harvey5:33.79a PR01-Unattached
14.13-14Hugh Talmage5:54.51aDelmar Track and Field
15.13-14Jack Rath5:59.14aSpa City Running

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.8Matthew Farrell4:23.62a PR05-Unattached
2.15-16Jackson Harris4:24.92a PRMHC Track Club
3.10Ethan Matthews4:26.44a02-Unattached
4.15-16Nolan Defreitas4:27.03aNew York Starz Track
5.15-16Victor Fleury4:30.42a02-Unattached
6.15-16Wondu Summa4:34.55a PRGreen Mountain Athle...
7.15-16Parker Myers4:36.59aRuff Kutz
8.15-16Michael Sweeney4:45.96aQuicksilvers
9.15-16Robert Lopatowski4:47.41a PRHomegrown Athletic C...
10.SoJeremy Gundrum4:47.53a PR03-Unattached
11.8Corey Seamans4:49.52a02-Unattached
12.15-16Daniel Taylor4:50.18a PRQuicksilvers
13.15-16Leo Rosenblum4:52.75a PRDelmar Track and Field
14.10Edgar Zarate V Jr5:06.59a06-Unattached
15-16Curtis WilliamsSCRCentral CT Jaguars
15-16Spencer ParagasSCRNew Haven Age Group
15-16Maxwell DiMuccioSCRSentinel Striders

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Derrick Simmons4:21.39aRuff Kutz
2.17-18Keshaun Javois4:24.29aClub44
3.17-18Elijah Akindolie4:31.33a PRProvidence Cobras
4.JrWesley Moody4:36.55a PR01-Unattached
5.17-18Juan Corona Jr5:09.46aProvidence Cobras

1500 Meters  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Tobias Jeralds5:12.03aChatham Gold/Morris ...
2.11-12Jaden Snow5:17.02a PRNotre Dame Track
3.11-12Timothy Jeralds5:29.53aChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.11-12Reilly Bennett5:58.24a PRSentinel Striders
5.6Brady Guay6:10.77a PR01-Unattached
6.11-12Alex Kennedy6:41.17a PRNew Fairfield Flash ...

1500 Meters  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete5:06.90aNotre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon5:14.20a PRSouth Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller7:04.41a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsSCREclipse Track

1500 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin5:07.97a PR01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman5:22.98a PRSpa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard5:36.81a PRSpa City Running

1500 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan5:00.59a PR02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb5:03.58a PR01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle5:12.50a PR03-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloSCRPatriot Pole Vault

1500m Racewalk  9-10 - Finals

1.3Rowan McDonald10:09.46a PR01-Unattached
2.9-10Lucas Coonradt12:54.50aAverill Park Road Ru...

1500m Racewalk  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Michael Thomas8:44.44a SRWaltham Track
2.11-12Max Coisman11:57.47aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
11-12Morris SmithDQWaltham Track

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Aidan Puffer10:18.86aCentral CT Jaguars
2.11-12Parker Paragas10:35.40aNew Haven Age Group
3.11-12Evan Thornton-Sherman10:37.89aGranite State Flash
4.6Ryan Bush10:46.02a PR03-Unattached
5.11-12Matthew Binsfeld11:27.10a PRQuicksilvers
6.11-12Chase Hinton11:30.05aCambridge Jets TC
7.5Graham Richard11:49.95a PR03-Unattached
8.11-12Michael Thomas12:01.17a PRWaltham Track
9.11-12Elan Schwartz14:00.30a PRSpa City Running
10.11-12Aiden Shea16:27.00a PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
11-12Fernando DiazSCRIsland Express

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Behailu Bekele-Arcuri9:31.00aeXCelsior Running Club
2.13-14Zachary Leavitt9:54.56aRumford Road Runners
3.13-14Nicholas Gaitanis10:03.31a PRSentinel Striders
4.13-14Alexander Maxwell10:20.76aSentinel Striders
5.13-14Zedekiah Williams10:24.42a PRProspect Park Youth ...
6.13-14Tyler Chambers10:25.77aSentinel Striders
7.13-14Luca Cazzaniga10:39.54a PRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
8.13-14Christian Rincon10:46.91a SRNotre Dame Track
9.13-14Riley Marszalek11:22.58aRumford Road Runners
10.13-14Colby James Elwell11:39.31aRumford Road Runners
11.7Leif Harvey11:53.51a PR01-Unattached
12.13-14Gaven Planavsky12:08.74aSpa City Running
13.7David Thielke12:25.81a PR03-Unattached
14.13-14Gunnar Shonbeck12:36.74aElm City
13-14Joey BevilacquaSCRNutmeg Striders
13-14Ian BellesSCRLitchfield Track
8Matthew HeathSCR05-Unattached

3000 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.8Matthew Farrell9:26.85a PR05-Unattached
2.10Ethan Matthews9:30.70a PR02-Unattached
3.15-16Wondu Summa9:41.05a PRGreen Mountain Athle...
4.15-16Nolan Defreitas9:45.22aNew York Starz Track
5.15-16Bart Rust9:53.57aNew York Starz Track
6.8Connor Coffin9:58.42a PR01-Unattached
7.8Tristram Coffin10:07.87a PR01-Unattached
8.15-16Curtis Williams10:53.65a PRCentral CT Jaguars

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Antonio Muratori10:00.55a PRLitchfield Track
2.17-18Lucian D'Acchille10:05.56a PR03-Unattached
3.11Oliver Hall10:19.17a PR02-Unattached
11Christopher MilitelloSCR03-Unattached

3000m Racewalk  15-16 - Finals

1.10Nolan Allen15:52.35a PR02-Unattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jayden Flaker14.16a PR (-2.4)Scarborough Recreati...
2.11-12George Turkson14.54a PR (-2.4)Panthers
3.11-12Jeremiah Shaw16.62a (-2.4)New Haven Age Group
4.6Toby Martin17.18a PR (-2.4)01-Unattached
5.11-12Ethan Narofsky17.31a PR (-2.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
6.11-12Dylan Bokan17.65a PR (-2.4)Town Track
7.5Nate Morrin18.53a (-2.4)02-Unattached
8.11-12Ian Story19.03a (-2.4)Town Track

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Alex Kennedy16.26a PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
2.11-12Tobias Jeralds16.58a (.9)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
3.11-12Jaden Snow16.84a (.9)Notre Dame Track
4.6Brady Guay17.25a PR01-Unattached
5.11-12Timothy Jeralds17.70a (.9)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
6.11-12Reilly Bennett17.86a PRSentinel Striders

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ryler Gould14.88a (-2.3)Newburgh Elite TC
2.13-14Zack Notarianni16.93a (-2.3)CLCF Track Panthers
3.13-14Evan Holland17.11a PR (-2.3)Elm City
4.13-14Ryan Hauser17.40a (-2.3)Granite State Flash
5.13-14Melvin Orn17.63a (-2.3)Panthers
6.13-14Chigozie Adigwe18.17a PR (-2.3)Panthers
7.13-14Marc Galloway19.76a PR (-2.3)New York Novas TC
13-14Gabe TuckerSCR (-2.3)Averill Park Road Ru...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Ryler Gould15.23a (-1.9)Newburgh Elite TC
2.13-14Zack Notarianni17.07a (-2.0)CLCF Track Panthers
3.13-14Evan Holland17.56a (-1.9)Elm City
4.13-14Ryan Hauser18.13a (-2.0)Granite State Flash
5.13-14Chigozie Adigwe18.36a (-1.9)Panthers
6.13-14Melvin Orn19.36a (-2.0)Panthers
7.13-14Marc Galloway20.37a (-2.0)New York Novas TC
8.13-14Gabe Tucker21.13a PR (-2.0)Averill Park Road Ru...
9.13-14Caleb Johnson22.16a (-2.0)CLCF Track Panthers
10.13-14Robin Wright23.33a (-1.9)Litchfield Track
13-14LeAndre SimpsonSCR (-1.9)New York Novas TC

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete17.72a (.4)Notre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon17.73a PR (.4)South Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller23.54a (.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsSCR (.4)Eclipse Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tai Brown15.32a (-2.7)Ruff Kutz
2.15-16Jarett Flaker16.55a (-2.7)Scarborough Recreati...
3.10Humphrey Banful17.04a (-2.7)06-Unattached
4.15-16Seth Hoynoski17.49a PR (-2.7)02-Unattached
5.9Jordan Zaia18.39a PR (-2.7)59-Unattached
6.15-16Otis Love19.36a PR (-2.7)Waltham Track
7.9Braden Jarosz19.39a PR (-2.7)03-Unattached
15-16Jery VillamanSCR (-2.7)NYC Junior Sprinters

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Griffin G Madden15.30a PR (-2.5)Scarborough Recreati...
2.17-18Jamison Jarosz19.56a PR (-2.5)03-Unattached
17-18Enis RamaSCR (-2.5)Island Express
17-18Almalik WilliamsSCR (-2.5)Central CT Jaguars
17-18Divaughn DixonSCR (-2.5)New Horizon Track
17-18Chrystian CollazoSCR (-2.5)Island Express

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Tai Brown16.29a (-1.9)Ruff Kutz
2.15-16Jarett Flaker16.53a PR (-1.3)Scarborough Recreati...
3.10Humphrey Banful16.87a (-1.3)06-Unattached
4.15-16Seth Hoynoski17.92a (-1.9)02-Unattached
5.9Jordan Zaia18.55a (-1.3)59-Unattached
6.15-16Otis Love19.49a (-1.9)Waltham Track
7.15-16Jery Villaman20.29a PR (-1.9)NYC Junior Sprinters
8.9Braden Jarosz21.49a (-1.3)03-Unattached
9.15-16Tyler Sherman22.64a (-1.3)Spa City Running
10.15-16James Tenreiro23.26a PR (-1.9)Rumford Road Runners
15-16Roger YapSCR (-1.9)Island Express
15-16David DelBonis JrFS (-1.3)CLCF Track Panthers

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin16.45a PR (-1.0)01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman21.93a PR (-1.0)Spa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard24.15a PR (-1.0)Spa City Running

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan16.58a PR (-.3)02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb17.60a PR (-.3)01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle17.97a PR (-.3)03-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloSCR (-.3)Patriot Pole Vault

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ryler Gould25.88a (-2.5)Newburgh Elite TC
2.13-14Shakur Hill27.72a PR (-2.5)Capital City Track C...
3.13-14Zack Notarianni28.93a (-2.5)CLCF Track Panthers
4.13-14Evan Holland30.75a (-2.5)Elm City
5.13-14Chigozie Adigwe30.86a (-3.1)Panthers
6.8Jordan Samuels32.26a PR (-3.1)06-Unattached
7.13-14Marc Galloway32.99a (-2.5)New York Novas TC
8.13-14Yann Gaudin33.40a (-3.1)Spa City Running
9.13-14LeAndre Simpson34.03a (-3.1)New York Novas TC
10.13-14Robin Wright36.62a (-3.1)Litchfield Track
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsSCR (-2.5)Eclipse Track

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Richardo Singh57.77aNewburgh Elite TC
2.15-16Tai Brown59.73aRuff Kutz
3.15-16Seth Hoynoski1:00.06a PR02-Unattached
4.15-16Jarett Flaker1:01.02a PRScarborough Recreati...
5.10Humphrey Banful1:03.24a06-Unattached
6.15-16Jery Villaman1:07.00aNYC Junior Sprinters
7.15-16Tyler Sherman1:13.28a PRSpa City Running
8.15-16James Tenreiro1:14.31a PRRumford Road Runners

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Robert Walker56.17aNewburgh Elite TC
2.11Easton Reagan57.42a PR03-Unattached
3.17-18Almalik Williams57.68aCentral CT Jaguars
4.17-18Evan Porter59.11a PRScarborough Recreati...
5.12Michael Ganesh1:01.46a03-Unattached
6.17-18Raul Gomez1:01.46aY Speed Track
7.12Nicholas-Constantine Cephas1:06.38a PR06-Unattached
8.17-18Shaun Williams1:07.74a PRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...

2k Steeplechase  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Bart Rust7:00.88aNew York Starz Track
2.SoJeremy Gundrum7:23.87a PR03-Unattached
3.15-16Evan Forero7:29.18a59-Unattached
4.15-16Spencer Paragas7:57.32aNew Haven Age Group
5.15-16Kyler Kann9:05.50aPanthers
10Keshaune JohnsonSCR06-Unattached

2k Steeplechase  17-18 - Finals

1.JrWesley Moody6:55.03a PR01-Unattached
2.17-18Aidan Whitehead8:50.79a PR02-Unattached

4x100 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:03.14aCapital City Track C...

4x100 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.Relay Team 58.70aCapital City Track C...
2.Relay Team 1:04.90aNew Horizon Track
3.Relay Team 1:05.04aDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
4.Relay Team 1:15.99aTown Track
5.Relay Team 1:25.87aTown Track

4x100 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ibrahim Doumbouya
Kavon Almeida
Alex Maia
Nasaiah Shelton
2.11-12Mark Gilling
Brendan Jenkins
Jovan Hill
Leandre Hunter
58.42aCapital City Track C...
3.11-12Nasir Smith
Nehemiah Cooper
Damani Murray
Deavion Springsteen
4.11-12Paul Neary
Noah Jina
Ethan Jina
Torrence Borletto
59.33aGreater Lowell Road ...
5.11-12Luke Sullivan
Anders Erickson
Ian Story
Jackson Partridge
1:03.58aTown Track
11-12Karim Mansour
David Comella
Dylan Bokan
Cullen Lacey
SCRTown Track
11-12Carl NDiaye
Kahryan Adams
Robert Rowe
Joshua Reid
DQRock City Striders

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.Relay Team 48.28aCapital City Track C...
2.Relay Team 51.56aRumford Road Runners
3.Relay Team 51.73aSpa City Running
4.Relay Team 1:00.72aTown Track

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Marc Alexandre
Daniel Ibalio
Jean DeLaCruz
Justin Marsland
45.96aRock City Striders
2.15-16Wendy Boucard
Jordan Marcano
Shamar Kingston
Omari Ottley
46.00aNew Horizon Track
15-16Muhamed Diop
Reny Marte
Pedro Santos
Jery Villaman
SCRNYC Junior Sprinters
15-16Quentin Bucknor
Travis Lewis
Cedrick Pierre-Paul
Corey Powell
DQ2C2W Athletic Academy
15-16Dante Montaque
Kymali Hay
Broox Bolden
Samuel Coates Jr
SCRCapital City Track C...
15-16Mark Edghill
Ellyson Grant
Jaheim Jones
Jeremiah Miller
SCRNewburgh Elite TC

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Griffin G Madden
Alexander Dionne
Sam Rusak
Andrew Sholl
43.96aScarborough Recreati...
17-18Ivan Dorsett
Stephon Scott
Robert Walker
Bobby Williams
SCRNewburgh Elite TC
17-18Kedar Ashford
Cody Housen
Kelly Hernandez
Taje Nelson
DQNew Horizon Track

4x400 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.Relay Team 5:47.04aNotre Dame Track

4x400 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.Relay Team 5:55.50aTown Track
2.Relay Team 6:56.23aTown Track

4x400 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Karim Mansour
Ian Story
David Comella
Luke Sullivan
6:01.37aTown Track

4x400 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.Relay Team 4:06.51aPanthers
2.Relay Team 4:08.18aCapital City Track C...
3.Relay Team 4:35.27aSpa City Running
4.13-14Robin Avalos
Kevon Dulin
Bryan Holquin
Hassan Omar
5:08.36aTown Track

4x400 Relay  15-16 - Finals

Relay Team SCRCapital City Track C...
Relay Team SCRNewburgh Elite TC
Relay Team SCRNYC Junior Sprinters

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.Relay Team 3:55.17aNew Horizon Track

4x800 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jackson Partridge
Luke Sullivan
Cullen Lacey
Karim Mansour
11:58.34aTown Track

4x800 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Gaven Planavsky
John Reynolds
Jack Rath
Riley Willard
12:34.67aSpa City Running
13-14Robin Avalos
Kevon Dulin
Bryan Holquin
Hassan Omar
SCRTown Track

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Kayden Bennett8.28m PRCapital City Track C...
2.7-8Quincy Morrison5.07m PRNotre Dame Track
3.7-8Ryan Ostrowski5.06m PRNashua PAL Striders
4.7-8Adam Toleos4.88mBAA Masconomet
5.7-8Isaiah Valdovinos4.39m PRNotre Dame Track
6.2Evan Piwowar4.32m PR02-Unattached
7.7-8Sajiah Hay4.31mNew Haven Age Group
8.7-8Dean Vazquez3.75mNotre Dame Track
9.7-8Tyler Skylstad3.49mSpa City Running
10.6UEmanuel Perez2.53m PRNotre Dame Track
7-8Derrick FedikovichSCRConnecticut Hawks Tr...

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10John Milner-Jones7.24mCapital City Track C...
2.9-10Kyle Snow6.88mNotre Dame Track
3.9-10Joseph Haroutunian6.48m PRHaverhill Elite Trac...
4.9-10Gable Gray5.29mGreater Lowell Road ...
5.9-10Michael Taylor4.93m PRMHC Track Club
6.9-10Matthew Cook4.79mSpa City Running
7.9-10Fernando Martinez4.62mNotre Dame Track
8.9-10Adam Hannula4.52m PRHaverhill Elite Trac...
9.9-10Logan Johnson4.20mCLCF Track Panthers
10.9-10Jack Barcomb3.88mAverill Park Road Ru...
11.9-10Alexander Goodrich3.88m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
12.9-10Nick Manfredonia3.75mDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
9-10Khary FullardSCRCapital City Track C...

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Detton St Paul9.72m PRThrower Nation NY
2.6Sean Willis9.46m03-Unattached
3.11-12George Turkson8.83mPanthers
4.11-12Spencer Reith8.32mWaltham Track
5.11-12Jaden Snow8.24m SRNotre Dame Track
6.11-12Joey Minehan8.03m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
7.11-12Brendan Kasuba7.69m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
8.5Jordan Meyer7.43m PR06-Unattached
9.11-12Raymond Consiglio7.20m PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
10.11-12Reilly Bennett6.92mSentinel Striders
11.11-12Jeffrey Espinal-Aguilar6.87m PRNotre Dame Track
12.5Aleksander Smietana6.64m03-Unattached
13.11-12Rowan Jordan6.59mRumford Road Runners
14.11-12Emery Willis6.57m PRPanthers Track Club ...
15.11-12Liam Rounds6.28m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
16.5Zachary Taranko6.21m PR01-Unattached
17.11-12Robert Davis5.36mDelmar Track and Field

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Kyle Snow7.17mNotre Dame Track
2.9-10Neil Howard III7.00m PRIn a New York Minute
3.9-10Alexander Goodrich3.71mChatham Gold/Morris ...

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Tobias Jeralds9.06mChatham Gold/Morris ...
2.11-12Jaden Snow7.86mNotre Dame Track
3.11-12Reilly Bennett7.27m PRSentinel Striders
4.11-12Alex Kennedy6.77m PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
5.11-12Timothy Jeralds6.11m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
6.6Brady Guay5.49m PR01-Unattached

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Cameron Connell14.03m PR02-Unattached
2.13-14Cameron Hughes11.12mRumford Road Runners
3.13-14Aidan Martin10.24m PR01-Unattached
4.13-14James O'Gilvie10.24m PR02-Unattached
5.13-14KeChaun Bennett10.06mCapital City Track C...
6.8Joshua Erickson-Harris9.97m PR01-Unattached
7.13-14Matthew Medina9.91mPanthers
8.13-14Iverson Morris9.80mNew Horizon Track
9.13-14Riley Willard8.00mSpa City Running
10.13-14Jacob Feliciano7.54m PRCapital City Track C...
11.13-14David Charles II7.03mY Speed Track
12.13-14Keith Wainaina6.97mPanthers
13.7Conor Convery6.83m06-Unattached
14.13-14Roy Jacobson III6.67m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
15.13-14Luca Cazzaniga6.37mDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
16.13-14Morgan Muller5.88mChatham Gold/Morris ...
17.13-14Matthew de Noronha4.30m PRAverill Park Road Ru...

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete9.08m PRNotre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon8.04m PRSouth Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller5.89mChatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsDNSEclipse Track

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.10Sean Trott12.33m PR02-Unattached
2.8David Gagnon Jr11.27m PR02-Unattached
3.15-16Juan Ceron10.80m PR02-Unattached
4.15-16Marty Bond10.46mAverill Park Road Ru...
5.15-16Darnell Douglas Jr10.10m PRDelmar Track and Field
6.15-16Mason Walmsley10.08mSentinel Striders
7.15-16Derin Paskanik9.79m02-Unattached
10Kevin CetinSCR59-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Dilyn Cote13.18m02-Unattached
2.17-18DeAndre McKenzie-Rowe12.55m PR06-Unattached
3.17-18Jared Briere12.28m PR02-Unattached
4.17-18Jayson Morrison9.57m PRNotre Dame Track

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin11.10m01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman5.65mSpa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard5.39m PRSpa City Running

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan11.70m PR02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb9.70m01-Unattached
3.17-18Amar Abbatiello9.66m PRPatriot Pole Vault
4.JrJoshua Houle7.70m PR03-Unattached

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.6Sean Willis21.75m PR03-Unattached
2.11-12Detton St Paul19.60mThrower Nation NY
3.11-12Jeffrey Espinal-Aguilar17.54m PRNotre Dame Track
4.11-12Raymond Consiglio17.27m PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
5.11-12James Toleos17.20m PRBAA Masconomet
6.5Jordan Meyer15.76m PR06-Unattached
7.11-12Liam Rounds12.75m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
8.11-12Owen Warner12.34m PRGlencadia Bullets
9.11-12Carlos Garcia10.22m PRNotre Dame Track

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Cameron Connell34.98m02-Unattached
2.13-14James O'Gilvie33.21m PR02-Unattached
3.8Joshua Erickson-Harris31.97m PR01-Unattached
4.13-14Cameron Hughes31.21mRumford Road Runners
5.13-14KeChaun Bennett30.06mCapital City Track C...
6.13-14Aidan Martin29.30m PR01-Unattached
7.7Conor Slattery28.61m02-Unattached
8.13-14Riley Willard27.68mSpa City Running
9.7Conor Convery24.80m PR06-Unattached
10.13-14Roy Jacobson III21.74m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
11.13-14Christian Rincon20.97m PRNotre Dame Track
12.13-14Chavin Ramharak19.89m PRNotre Dame Track
13.13-14David Charles II19.77m PRY Speed Track
14.13-14Angel Espinal18.43m PRNotre Dame Track
15.13-14Jaden Bond15.09mEnvy Track Club

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jamie Cocca41.43mAverill Park Road Ru...
2.10Kevin Cetin35.89m PR59-Unattached
3.15-16Michael Balestra34.44m02-Unattached
4.15-16Mason Walmsley34.32mSentinel Striders
5.10Ryan Murray30.05m02-Unattached
6.15-16Marty Bond29.95mAverill Park Road Ru...
7.15-16Derin Paskanik28.95m PR02-Unattached
8.10Jack Sillin27.57m PR01-Unattached
9.15-16Juan Ceron27.49m02-Unattached
10.15-16Nathan Desplaines26.49m PR02-Unattached
11.15-16Pedro Santos11.47m PRNYC Junior Sprinters

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - Finals

1.11Bryan Nicholson45.95m PR59-Unattached
2.17-18Jacob Greenless42.65m PR02-Unattached
3.JrJack Pihlkar41.69m59-Unattached
4.12Roman Lytovchenko41.34m06-Unattached
5.17-18DeAndre McKenzie-Rowe37.99m PR06-Unattached
6.17-18Jared Briere34.24m02-Unattached
7.17-18Jayson Morrison29.83m PRNotre Dame Track
8.12Kuron Williams26.13m PR06-Unattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin30.83m01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman18.83m PRSpa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard11.68m PRSpa City Running

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan32.98m PR02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb29.74m PR01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle18.85m PR03-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloDNSPatriot Pole Vault

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Adam Toleos21.82mBAA Masconomet
2.7-8Derrick Fedikovich16.98mConnecticut Hawks Tr...
3.1Jonathan Mallory16.32m PR05-Unattached
4.7-8Kayden Bennett15.86m PRCapital City Track C...
5.7-8Sachin Ramharak15.72m PRNotre Dame Track
6.7-8Aaron Irish-Bramble15.69mNotre Dame Track
7.7-8Kody Goodrich15.67m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
8.7-8Daniel Manfredonia14.75m PRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
9.7-8Josan Williams11.50m SRGranite State Flash
10.2Ryan Chase11.06m PR02-Unattached
11.7-8Sajiah Hay10.86mNew Haven Age Group
12.2Evan Piwowar10.12m PR02-Unattached
13.7-8Dean Vazquez9.88m PRNotre Dame Track
14.7-8Isaiah Valdovinos9.50m PRNotre Dame Track
15.7-8Zachary Viccaro9.38mChatham Gold/Morris ...
16.7-8Cian Bergin8.96mLitchfield Track
17.7-8Quincy Morrison8.42m PRNotre Dame Track
18.7-8Tyler Skylstad7.51mSpa City Running
19.6UEmanuel Perez6.60mNotre Dame Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.4Joseph Fahey28.05m PR05-Unattached
2.9-10Eli Russo27.88m PRIn a New York Minute
3.9-10Joseph Haroutunian24.94m PRHaverhill Elite Trac...
4.9-10Gable Gray23.94m PRGreater Lowell Road ...
5.9-10Tyler Grossman21.28mDelmar Track and Field
6.9-10Parker Cheyne21.00m PRGranite State Flash
7.9-10Jayden Smith19.38mNew York Novas TC
8.9-10John Milner-Jones19.04m PRCapital City Track C...
9.9-10Walter Barrows19.01mNew York Novas TC
10.9-10Jasir Muwwakkil18.07m PRNew York Novas TC
11.9-10Chase Royal17.72mCapital City Track C...
12.9-10Amos Stack17.18mChatham Gold/Morris ...
13.2Matthew Ross16.17m PR02-Unattached
14.9-10Montez Walton Jr14.35mNew Haven Age Group
15.9-10Oliver Guzy13.81mNutmeg Striders
16.9-10Adam Hannula11.47mHaverhill Elite Trac...
9-10Matthew CookSCRSpa City Running
9-10Marcus DoukoureSCRIsland Express
9-10John SweeneySCRQuicksilvers

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Tobias Jeralds38.33mChatham Gold/Morris ...
2.11-12Jaden Snow33.99m PRNotre Dame Track
3.11-12Brendan Kasuba32.59mAverill Park Road Ru...
4.11-12James Toleos30.87m PRBAA Masconomet
5.11-12Phineas Wright28.61m PRLitchfield Track
6.5Oliver Walters25.70m03-Unattached
7.11-12Rowan Jordan24.71mRumford Road Runners
8.11-12Bodie Rocklein24.41mDelmar Track and Field
9.11-12Kahryan Adams20.94mRock City Striders
10.11-12Robert Davis20.20m PRDelmar Track and Field
11.5Christopher Baer19.96m59-Unattached
12.5Jordan Meyer19.05m06-Unattached
13.11-12Detton St Paul18.35mThrower Nation NY
14.11-12Aiden Shea16.66m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
15.11-12Raymond Consiglio16.54m PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
16.11-12Owen Coffey16.50m PRRock City Striders
17.11-12Max Coisman12.03m PRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...

Javelin - 600g  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Nicholas DelNigro35.90m PRCLCF Track Panthers
2.13-14Aidan Martin35.88m PR01-Unattached
3.13-14Matthew Medina34.22m PRPanthers
4.13-14Miguel Negrete31.03m PRNotre Dame Track
5.13-14Kolbe Shannon28.38mSouth Shore Fireboltz
6.13-14Christian Rincon25.77m PRNotre Dame Track
7.8Joshua Erickson-Harris23.53m PR01-Unattached
8.13-14Morgan Muller21.48mChatham Gold/Morris ...
9.13-14Chavin Ramharak16.37mNotre Dame Track
10.13-14Joseph Idone16.18mOcean Breeze Wave Ru...

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jamie Cocca39.89mAverill Park Road Ru...
2.15-16Donald Jones39.66m PR03-Unattached
3.15-16Zephaniah Jackson34.61m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.15-16Marty Bond33.60mAverill Park Road Ru...
5.15-16Jaden Preston29.72m PRGranite State Flash
6.15-16Caleb Jeralds28.90mChatham Gold/Morris ...
7.15-16Dakari Chenault28.85m PRRuff Kutz
8.15-16Adam Koulibaly25.19m PRCLCF Track Panthers
15-16Yaw ObengSCRPanthers
13-14Ijaydis MartinezSCRPanthers

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - Finals

1.11Christopher Putnam50.32m PR59-Unattached
2.12Michael Jeffers Jr46.23m03-Unattached
3.11Paul Monteleone41.37m06-Unattached
4.17-18DeAndre McKenzie-Rowe38.13m06-Unattached
5.12Kuron Williams30.87m06-Unattached
6.17-18Jayson Morrison29.96m PRNotre Dame Track
12Roman LytovchenkoSCR06-Unattached
SoConnor SheridanSCR02-Unattached

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin40.61m01-Unattached
2.15-16Aidan Shephard16.74m PRSpa City Running
3.15-16Tyler Sherman15.75mSpa City Running

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan39.78m02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb34.53m PR01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle27.80m PR03-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloDNSPatriot Pole Vault

High Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Neil Howard III1.20mIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Julian Farmer Campbell1.10mDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
3.9-10Vincent Coppola1.10m PRDelmar Track and Field
4.9-10Kyle Snow1.10mNotre Dame Track
9-10David NegreteNHNotre Dame Track

High Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jaden Snow1.35mNotre Dame Track
2.11-12Agape Preister1.35m PR06-Unattached
3.11-12Alex Kennedy1.30mNew Fairfield Flash ...
4.6Joseph Dunton1.25m02-Unattached
5.11-12Reilly Bennett1.25mSentinel Striders
6.11-12Paul Neary1.15mGreater Lowell Road ...
7.11-12Dimitri Cerrone1.10mAverill Park Road Ru...
8.11-12Sean Black1.10mDelmar Track and Field
9.11-12Cody Hosgood1.00mDelmar Track and Field
10.11-12Jeffrey Espinal-Aguilar1.00mNotre Dame Track
11.11-12Carlos Garcia0.90mNotre Dame Track
11-12Luke CalnanNHAverill Park Road Ru...

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Miguel Negrete1.60m SRNotre Dame Track
2.13-14Ryan Hauser1.55mGranite State Flash
3.7Conrad Nicely1.50m PR01-Unattached
4.13-14Chavin Ramharak1.50m PRNotre Dame Track
5.13-14Jacob Dunton1.50m02-Unattached
6.13-14Thomas Neary1.45mGreater Lowell Road ...
7.13-14Brandon Rios1.40m PRCLCF Track Panthers
8.13-14John Reynolds1.40mSpa City Running
9.13-14Braedon Longfritz1.40mWaltham Track
10.13-14Gabe Tucker1.35mAverill Park Road Ru...
11.13-14Wooder Thoby1.35mWilton Running
12.13-14Angel Espinal1.25mNotre Dame Track
13.13-14Morgan Muller1.25m PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsSCREclipse Track

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Josiah Nilsen1.80m02-Unattached
2.15-16Noah Mikstay1.70m06-Unattached
3.15-16Donovan Brown1.65m PRGlencadia Bullets
4.SoChristopher Syrett1.65m59-Unattached
5.9Braden Jarosz1.60m03-Unattached
6.15-16Jaden Preston1.50mGranite State Flash
7.15-16Brandon Wilkins1.50mWaltham Track
8.15-16Zephaniah Jackson1.25mChatham Gold/Morris ...
15-16Adam KoulibalyNHCLCF Track Panthers
15-16Lavonno Mitchell JrNHRock City Striders
15-16Tai BrownNHRuff Kutz

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jamison Jarosz1.75m PR03-Unattached
2.10Josh Heintz1.50m03-Unattached
17-18William CookNHLitchfield Track

High Jump  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Neil Howard III1.25mIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Kyle Snow1.15mNotre Dame Track
3.9-10Alexander Goodrich0.90mChatham Gold/Morris ...

High Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Alex Kennedy1.30mNew Fairfield Flash ...
2.11-12Jaden Snow1.25mNotre Dame Track
2.11-12Reilly Bennett1.25mSentinel Striders
4.11-12Tobias Jeralds1.15mChatham Gold/Morris ...
4.6Brady Guay1.15m PR01-Unattached
6.11-12Timothy Jeralds1.05mChatham Gold/Morris ...

High Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete1.56mNotre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon1.45mSouth Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller1.15mChatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsDNSEclipse Track

High Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin1.85m PR01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman1.30m PRSpa City Running
15-16Aidan ShephardNHSpa City Running

High Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb1.85m PR01-Unattached
2.SoConnor Sheridan1.65m PR02-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle1.55m PR03-Unattached
4.17-18Amar Abbatiello1.45m PRPatriot Pole Vault

Pole Vault  13-14 - Finals

1.8Jack Flowers2.30m PR03-Unattached
2.13-14Miguel Negrete1.55m SRNotre Dame Track

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Donald Jones4.10m PR03-Unattached
2.9Travis Snyder3.80m01-Unattached
3.15-16Jameson Weber3.50mLitchfield Track

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Milan Spisek4.40m PR05-Unattached
2.10Nicholas Petruzzelli3.80m PR05-Unattached
3.11Jacob Tyler3.80m PR03-Unattached
4.17-18Kevin Richardson3.65mPatriot Pole Vault
5.17-18Gregory Lenegar3.50mDelmar Track and Field
5.10Josh Heintz3.50m03-Unattached
5.10Brendon Tremblay3.50m PR01-Unattached
8.12Michael Proudnikov3.05m06-Unattached
17-18Caleb BeidelSCRIsland Express
17-18Enis RamaSCRIsland Express
12Ryan LawlessNH59-Unattached

Pole Vault  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin2.90m01-Unattached
15-16Aidan ShephardNHSpa City Running
15-16Tyler ShermanNHSpa City Running

Pole Vault  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan3.50m PR02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb3.20m01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle2.45m PR03-Unattached
17-18Amar AbbatielloDNSPatriot Pole Vault

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Sachin Ramharak3.37m PRNotre Dame Track
2.7-8Aaron Irish-Bramble3.20mNotre Dame Track
3.2Matthew Jernigan3.02m PR02-Unattached
4.7-8Jayden Cox3.00mPanther Track
5.7-8Marc Williams2.85m PREclipse Track
6.7-8Mishon Hite2.82mCapital City Track C...
7.7-8David Hanafin2.77m PRWaltham Track
8.7-8Aaron Reid2.64m PRRock City Striders
9.7-8Kody Goodrich2.63mChatham Gold/Morris ...
10.7-8Gianni Simpson2.62mNew York Starz Track
11.7-8Dakari Phillips2.40mGrant You Wings Track
12.7-8Julian Mendez2.40mDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
13.7-8Wyatt Carr2.31mChatham Gold/Morris ...
14.7-8Jaylen Wesley2.29mCentral CT Jaguars
15.7-8Derrick Fedikovich2.28mConnecticut Hawks Tr...
16.7-8Josan Williams2.20mGranite State Flash
17.2Ryan Chase2.19m02-Unattached
18.7-8Tyler Skylstad1.49mSpa City Running
6UAaron BellesSCRLitchfield Track
7-8Cameron ViningFOULChatham Gold/Morris ...
7-8Shayne Folkes JrSCRY Speed Track
7-8William BernardSCRFive Points Runners

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.4Nathan Blades4.19m PR (1.9)01-Unattached
2.9-10Neil Howard III4.05m (3.1)In a New York Minute
3.9-10Rajaan Garfield4.00m (1.4)Town Track
4.9-10Colin Suh3.70m (1.9)Greater Lowell Road ...
5.4Byron Grevious3.70m (2.0)05-Unattached
6.9-10Chase Burns3.66m PR (2.6)Brooklyn Lightning T...
7.9-10Vincent Coppola3.65m PR (4.6)Delmar Track and Field
7.4Tobias Dicker3.65m PR (3.0)06-Unattached
9.4Benjamin Cobb3.51m PR (3.2)01-Unattached
10.9-10Andrew Thornton-Sherman3.47m (3.0)Granite State Flash
11.9-10Caleb Hoyle3.35m PRSentinel Striders
12.9-10Emmanuel Marshall3.33m (3.9)BENSWIC
13.9-10David Winchenbach II3.29m PRWiscasset Parks & Re...
14.9-10William Bedard3.28m PR (2.2)Panther Track
15.9-10Eli Russo3.25m (1.5)In a New York Minute
16.9-10Hunter Rossi3.24m PRBAA Masconomet
17.9-10Kyle Snow3.19mNotre Dame Track
18.9-10Jermaine Singleton3.10m (3.3)MHC Track Club
19.3Gus Mallory3.00m PR05-Unattached
20.9-10Tyler Mastronardi-Granito2.97mRUNDMGfit
21.9-10Andrew Jennette2.73mRUNDMGfit
22.9-10Oliver Guzy2.53mNutmeg Striders
23.9-10Jack Barcomb1.86mAverill Park Road Ru...
9-10Chamberlain Guthrie JrSCRProvidence Cobras

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.6Matthew Steele4.76m02-Unattached
2.11-12Aidan Rose-Pierre4.73mEnvy Track Club
3.11-12Frank Morang4.68m01-Unattached
4.11-12Alex DelNigro4.55m PRCLCF Track Panthers
5.11-12Agape Preister4.38m06-Unattached
6.11-12Jaedyn Sim4.35m PRPanthers
7.11-12James Thompson4.25m PRFive Points Runners
8.11-12Carl NDiaye4.11mRock City Striders
9.11-12Jaavier Jackson4.05mGrant You Wings Track
10.11-12Noah Kress4.04m PRElm City
11.5Christopher Baer3.99m PR59-Unattached
12.11-12Roel Figueroa Jr3.81m PRY Speed Track
13.11-12Christopher Winslow3.71mY Speed Track
14.11-12Nolan Freeman3.64m SRDanbury Flyers TF&XC...
15.5Solomon Patton3.59m02-Unattached
16.11-12Jonny Robles3.48mIn a New York Minute
17.11-12Ethan Narofsky3.45m SRChatham Gold/Morris ...
18.11-12Jayden Flaker3.43mScarborough Recreati...
19.11-12Tyler Sagendorph3.15mDelmar Track and Field
20.11-12Raigen Planavsky3.04mSpa City Running
21.11-12Matthew Chuchro3.02mCentral CT Jaguars
22.11-12James Wise2.86mWilton Running
11-12Matthew DeJulioFOULAverill Park Road Ru...
11-12Nicholas PaulSCR2C2W Athletic Academy
11-12Daniel DultsinSCRFive Points Runners

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Richmond Kwaateng5.83m PR (5.2)Panthers
2.13-14Wooder Thoby5.31m PR (5.1)Wilton Running
3.13-14Dominic Silvestro5.28m (2.7)02-Unattached
4.13-14Anthony Cozzy5.01m PR (3.1)Averill Park Road Ru...
5.13-14Jacob Dunton4.92m (3.9)02-Unattached
6.13-14Ryan Hauser4.82m (4.4)Granite State Flash
7.13-14Dylan Barkasy4.75m (3.6)Capital City Track C...
8.13-14Tahj Ferguson4.72m (2.8)Capital City Track C...
9.8Jordan Samuels4.66m PR (5.0)06-Unattached
10.13-14Edmund Hurdle4.63m (5.3)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
11.8Westley Brinegar4.58m PR (5.0)01-Unattached
12.13-14Brandon Rios4.44m PR (4.2)CLCF Track Panthers
13.13-14Spencer Bartkus4.13m PR (4.0)Granite State Flash
14.13-14Jaden Bond4.01m (4.0)Envy Track Club
15.13-14Gaven Planavsky3.33m (6.1)Spa City Running
16.13-14Kevin McNamara3.17m (2.8)Spa City Running
17.13-14Morgan Muller3.14m (2.7)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14John WiseSCRWilton Running
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsSCREclipse Track

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Cheng Xing6.14m (5.2)02-Unattached
2.15-16Quentin Bucknor5.95m PR (2.1)2C2W Athletic Academy
3.15-16Alexander Hiser5.89m (4.0)Waltham Track
4.15-16Daniel Ibalio5.83m PR (2.6)Rock City Striders
5.10Joseph Young5.54m (5.6)02-Unattached
6.15-16Marc Alexandre5.49m (3.9)Rock City Striders
7.15-16Travis Lewis5.44m PR (4.1)2C2W Athletic Academy
8.15-16Noah Mikstay5.22m (4.8)06-Unattached
9.SoChristopher Syrett5.14m (4.3)59-Unattached
10.15-16Naji Middleton4.94m (2.9)Central CT Jaguars
11.15-16Donovan Brown4.88m (2.7)Glencadia Bullets
12.15-16Adam Koulibaly4.54m (2.5)CLCF Track Panthers
13.15-16Caleb Jeralds4.39m PR (3.8)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
14.15-16Connor McCabe3.97m PR (5.2)Wilton Running
15.15-16Reny Marte3.78m PR (2.6)NYC Junior Sprinters
16.15-16Eric Civitella3.71m (4.8)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
15-16Jahlahnee WatkinsSCREclipse Track
15-16Dante MontaqueFOULCapital City Track C...
15-16Brandon WilkinsFOULWaltham Track
10Keshaune JohnsonSCR06-Unattached

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Dylan Myrie6.38m PR (3.6)Litchfield Track
2.17-18Almalik Williams6.24m (2.6)Central CT Jaguars
3.17-18SeanRoss McClinchy6.24m (2.6)Waltham Track
4.17-18Jamison Jarosz6.10m PR (3.5)03-Unattached
5.17-18Jordan Moorer5.93m (3.2)Ruff Kutz
6.17-18Kedar Ashford5.88m (2.1)New Horizon Track
7.17-18Marquis Pellerin5.37m (3.4)Y Speed Track
8.17-18Gregory Lenegar5.08m (1.4)Delmar Track and Field
17-18Kareem WilliamsFOULCentral CT Jaguars
17-18Jared PriorSCRWaltham Track

Long Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Alex Kennedy3.92m PR (-1.9)New Fairfield Flash ...
2.11-12Tobias Jeralds3.74m (-1.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
3.11-12Jaden Snow3.66m (-3.4)Notre Dame Track
4.6Brady Guay3.55m PR (-1.8)01-Unattached
5.11-12Timothy Jeralds3.32m PR (-2.4)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
6.11-12Reilly Bennett3.29m PR (-2.7)Sentinel Striders

Long Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete4.71m PR (-.9)Notre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon4.50m PR (-2.2)South Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller3.08m (-3.1)Chatham Gold/Morris ...
13-14Amon-Ra WatkinsDNSEclipse Track

Long Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin5.99m PR (1.1)01-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman4.35m PR (.8)Spa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard4.21m PR (.9)Spa City Running

Long Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb5.79m PR (.5)01-Unattached
2.SoConnor Sheridan5.75m PR (1.0)02-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle5.55m PR (.8)03-Unattached
4.17-18Amar Abbatiello4.86m PR (1.2)Patriot Pole Vault

Triple Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Jacob Dunton11.10m (-.2)02-Unattached
2.13-14Gregory Melusky10.46m PR (-1.0)Attleboro YMCA Jaguars
3.8Westley Brinegar10.18m PR (.9)01-Unattached
4.8Jordan Samuels9.88m PR (.5)06-Unattached
5.13-14Miguel Negrete9.59m PR (.2)Notre Dame Track
6.13-14Thomas Neary8.95m (.0)Greater Lowell Road ...
7.13-14Christian Rincon8.36m PR (1.8)Notre Dame Track
8.13-14Chavin Ramharak8.22m (1.3)Notre Dame Track
9.13-14Angel Espinal7.85m PR (1.6)Notre Dame Track

Triple Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Douglas Dias11.16m (-2.4)02-Unattached
2.15-16Noah Mikstay10.88m (-1.8)06-Unattached
3.15-16Travis Lewis10.32m (-1.3)2C2W Athletic Academy
4.15-16Evan Piscitelli7.70m PR (2.5)Spa City Running
15-16Cheng XingSCR02-Unattached

Triple Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jamison Jarosz12.66m PR (2.9)03-Unattached
2.17-18Jordan Moorer12.63m (5.2)Ruff Kutz
3.17-18SeanRoss McClinchy12.58m (5.2)Waltham Track
4.17-18Ryan Dumont12.14m (5.7)02-Unattached
5.17-18Shaun Williams11.36m PR (6.1)Danbury Flyers TF&XC...
6.17-18William Cook10.47m (5.6)Litchfield Track

Hammer - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jamie Cocca50.12m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
2.15-16Garrett Doyle46.83m02-Unattached
3.15-16Derin Paskanik46.55m PR02-Unattached
4.15-16Michael Balestra43.51m02-Unattached
5.15-16Jake Dalton40.85m PR02-Unattached
6.15-16Christian Sturm Jr40.31m PR05-Unattached
7.15-16Nathan Desplaines35.34m02-Unattached
8.15-16David Marszalkowski31.22m PR02-Unattached
9.15-16Marty Bond23.52m PRAverill Park Road Ru...
15-16Juan CeronFOUL02-Unattached

Hammer - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jared Briere60.72m02-Unattached
2.17-18Dilyn Cote58.16m02-Unattached
3.17-18Jacob Greenless56.51m PR02-Unattached
4.JrJack Pihlkar54.05m PR59-Unattached
5.10Evan Grivers50.85m PR02-Unattached
6.11Jacob Banse46.14m06-Unattached
7.17-18Jayson Morrison20.78mNotre Dame Track

Triathlon Score  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Neil Howard III685 PRIn a New York Minute
2.9-10Kyle Snow542Notre Dame Track
3.9-10Alexander Goodrich157Chatham Gold/Morris ...

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Tobias Jeralds1701Chatham Gold/Morris ...
2.11-12Jaden Snow1626Notre Dame Track
3.11-12Alex Kennedy1347 PRNew Fairfield Flash ...
4.11-12Reilly Bennett1249 PRSentinel Striders
5.11-12Timothy Jeralds1217 PRChatham Gold/Morris ...
6.6Brady Guay1128 PR01-Unattached

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Miguel Negrete2265Notre Dame Track
2.13-14Kolbe Shannon2042 PRSouth Shore Fireboltz
3.13-14Morgan Muller663Chatham Gold/Morris ...

Decathlon Score  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Jacob Martin529301-Unattached
2.15-16Tyler Sherman2386 PRSpa City Running
3.15-16Aidan Shephard1724 PRSpa City Running

Decathlon Score  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.SoConnor Sheridan5553 PR02-Unattached
2.17-18Jonathan Whitcomb5028 PR01-Unattached
3.JrJoshua Houle4217 PR03-Unattached