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100 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Zion Rush15.18a (.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.7-8Tory Pittman15.23a (.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8LaDaineon Smith15.83a PR (.1)Des Moines Area Yout...
4.7-8Heston Anderson16.11a (.1)REAL Track & Field
5.7-8Jaeden Jackson16.34a (.1)Eagles Wings
6.7-8Quincy Shelton16.40a PR (.1)La Crosse Track Club
7.7-8Evan Roell16.67a PR (.1)Merton Area Running
8.7-8Brennan Lunde16.67a PR (.1)All-American Track C...

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Donald Defrand Jr13.86a PR (1.1)Lincoln Youth Track
2.9-10Maurice Bell14.01a (1.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.9-10Keynan Cotton14.10a (1.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.9-10Gabriel Cline14.29a (1.1)East Ridge Athletic ...
5.9-10Del Johnson Jr14.31a (1.1)Track Minnesota Elite
6.9-10Darren Burch-Walker14.40a (1.1)I.C.A.A./Breeze
7.9-10Tyler Sickerson14.49a (1.1)Turbo Track Club
8.9-10Ryan Rasco Jr14.87a (1.1)Wings of Omaha Track

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sanjay Redd12.50a PR (1.3)Track Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr12.59a PR (1.3)I.C.A.A./Breeze
3.11-12Devon Jackson12.70a (1.3)Boys & Girls of Midl...
4.6Tyler Williams13.04a PR (1.3)20-Unattached
5.11-12Lucas Heyroth13.47a (1.3)20-Unattached
6.11-12Hunter Cruchelow13.59a (1.3)West Side Track
7.11-12Laron Dameron13.60a (1.3)West Side Track
8.11-12DrewDeShawn Damper Jr13.71a (1.3)Boys & Girls of Midl...

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14George Jackson11.70a PR (2.2)Real Athletics
2.13-14Demetrius Marshall11.80a (2.2)Eagles Wings
3.13-14Dante White11.88a PR (2.2)Track Minnesota Elite
4.13-14Sean Diedrich12.00a (2.2)Park Flyers Track & ...
5.8Jacob Fisher12.81a (2.2)20-Unattached
6.13-14Brigham Daniel12.95a (2.2)All-American Track C...
13-14Timothy BergeDNS (2.2)Team NoDak
8Joseph BraaschDNS (2.2)29-Unattached

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson11.38a (3.6)I.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Jacob Levin11.48a PR (3.6)Team NoDak
3.15-16Michael Kruse11.49a PR (3.6)Park Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Marcus Vaughn-jones11.58a PR (3.6)Wings of Omaha Track
5.15-16Gratt Reed11.72a PR (3.6)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Nolan Metz11.73a (3.6)Stevens Point Area R...
7.10Justin Six11.75a PR (3.6)52-Unattached
8.15-16Tyler Burian12.03a PR (3.6)Team NoDak

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Evan McClellon10.47a PR (1.6)Park Flyers Track & ...
2.17-18Denzel Brown10.56a PR (1.6)Real Athletics
3.17-18Javien Versey10.87a PR (1.6)Eagles Wings
4.17-18David Dunlap Jr10.91a PR (1.6)Purple Storm Congress
5.17-18Genuine Matthews11.02a (1.6)Real Athletics
6.17-18Darren Misiak11.04a (1.6)Park Flyers Track & ...
7.12Elijah Hicks11.05a PR (1.6)40-Unattached
8.11Rhett Streeter11.21a (1.6)30-Unattached
9.17-18Kurtis Cotton11.26a (1.6)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...

100 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Tory Pittman15.73a (-.8)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.7-8Zion Rush15.78a (.0)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8LaDaineon Smith15.93a (-.8)Des Moines Area Yout...
4.7-8Heston Anderson16.60a (-1.1)REAL Track & Field
5.7-8Jaeden Jackson16.85a (.0)Eagles Wings
6.7-8Brennan Lunde17.12a (-.8)All-American Track C...
7.7-8Evan Roell17.14a (.0)Merton Area Running
8.7-8Quincy Shelton17.19a (-1.1)La Crosse Track Club
9.7-8Enzo Sturycz17.24a (-.8)Kenosha Phlyerz
10.1David Meberg18.08a (-.8)30-Unattached
11.7-8Landon Zink18.22a PR (-.8)Team NoDak
12.7-8Drew Winterscheidt18.49a (.0)Tiger Track Club
13.7-8Joshua Declouet18.49a PR (-1.1)Eagles Wings
14.7-8Vincent Lombardo18.50a (-1.1)Merton Area Running
15.7-8Braden Williams18.80a (-1.1)Merton Area Running
16.7-8Jaylen Young19.13a (.0)REAL Track & Field
17.6URickie Thomas19.77a (-.8)30-Unattached
7-8Joel WanderaDNS (-1.1)West Side Track
7-8Kristopher BakerDNS (-1.1)Wings of Omaha Track
7-8Jakius McCluskey-MillnerDNS (.0)Eagles Wings
6ULyndon ShelbyDNS (.0)Eagles Wings

100 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Maurice Bell14.31a (-.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.9-10Donald Defrand Jr14.32a (-.1)Lincoln Youth Track
3.9-10Keynan Cotton14.36a (-.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.9-10Gabriel Cline14.57a (-.1)East Ridge Athletic ...
5.9-10Tyler Sickerson14.61a (-.1)Turbo Track Club
6.9-10Del Johnson Jr14.66a (-.1)Track Minnesota Elite
7.9-10Ryan Rasco Jr14.71a (.0)Wings of Omaha Track
8.9-10Darren Burch-Walker14.73a (.0)I.C.A.A./Breeze
9.9-10Mason Williams14.84a PR (.0)Merton Area Running
10.9-10Avery Batala14.85a (.0)Track Minnesota Elite
11.9-10Mitchell Darst15.15a (.0)Tiger Track Club
12.9-10Brady Sauve15.26a (-.1)REAL Track & Field
13.9-10Tyrell Foster15.51a (-.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
14.2Avery Buckner15.51a (-.1)30-Unattached
15.9-10Isaac Schumacher15.54a (-.1)Team NoDak
16.9-10Broden Dahl15.59a (-.1)Merton Area Running
17.9-10Miles Newton15.67a (-.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
18.9-10Derrick Evans Jr15.73a (.0)Eagles Wings
19.9-10Trent Jacobs15.88a (-.1)Turbo Track Club
20.9-10James Johnson16.11a PR (-.1)Team NoDak
21.9-10Elijah Jackson16.14a (.0)Stevens Point Area R...
22.9-10Zachary McKay16.22a (.0)All-American Track C...
23.9-10Tommy Schreiner16.70a (-.1)Team NoDak
24.9-10Ryan Heiman17.04a (-.1)Merton Area Running
9-10Manning AllenDNS (-.1)Turbo Track Club

100 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Devon Jackson12.68a (-.3)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.11-12Sanjay Redd12.84a (-.5)Track Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr13.26a (-.1)I.C.A.A./Breeze
4.6Tyler Williams13.43a (-.3)20-Unattached
5.11-12Lucas Heyroth13.72a (-.5)20-Unattached
6.11-12DrewDeShawn Damper Jr13.75a (-.3)Boys & Girls of Midl...
7.11-12Laron Dameron13.76a (-.1)West Side Track
8.11-12Hunter Cruchelow13.78a (-.1)West Side Track
9.6Leighton Olesen13.82a PR (-.5)40-Unattached
10.5Keondre Bryant13.82a (-.5)30-Unattached
11.11-12Mekhi Marks13.96a (-.1)N.O. Bengals Track
12.5Benny Brudnak14.11a (-.3)36-Unattached
13.11-12Jordan Mccaleb14.34a (-.1)I.C.A.A./Breeze
14.6Mason Perich14.35a (-.5)30-Unattached
15.11-12Isreal Moses14.41a (-.5)Minnesota Track Spikes
16.5Justin Gleason14.53a (-.3)30-Unattached
17.11-12Luke Berge14.74a PR (-.3)Aberdeen Area Running
18.11-12Trevor Ragan14.81a PR (-.3)Team NoDak
19.11-12Cole Eberly14.83a (-.1)Iowa Speed Track & F...

100 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Demetrius Marshall11.90a (.0)Eagles Wings
2.13-14George Jackson11.94a (-.8)Real Athletics
3.13-14Sean Diedrich11.99a (-.8)Park Flyers Track & ...
4.13-14Dante White12.00a (.0)Track Minnesota Elite
5.8Joseph Braasch12.09a (.0)29-Unattached
6.13-14Timothy Berge12.38a PR (-.8)Team NoDak
7.13-14Brigham Daniel12.99a (.0)All-American Track C...
8.8Jacob Fisher13.04a (-.8)20-Unattached
9.8Cooper Glenn13.14a PR (.0)52-Unattached
10.7Bill Mukhtar13.22a PR (-.8)40-Unattached
11.13-14Ashton Brown13.49a (-.8)Real Athletics
12.13-14Amani Patton13.51a (.0)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
13.13-14Thomas Fidone II13.55a (.0)High Voltage
14.13-14Logan Grover13.76a (-.8)I-Run
15.13-14Alex Dueker13.77a (.0)Iowa Speed Track & F...

100 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keylan Jackson11.37a (-.1)I.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Michael Kruse11.75a (-.4)Park Flyers Track & ...
3.15-16Jacob Levin11.78a (-.4)Team NoDak
4.15-16Marcus Vaughn-jones11.81a (-.4)Wings of Omaha Track
5.15-16Gratt Reed11.83a (-.4)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Nolan Metz11.84a (-.1)Stevens Point Area R...
7.10Justin Six12.10a (-.1)52-Unattached
8.15-16Tyler Burian12.22a (-.4)Team NoDak
9.9Thomas Bradshaw12.24a (-.1)20-Unattached
10.15-16Jacob Brechtel12.44a PR (-.1)Central Iowa Excalib...
11.8Bryce Woelfel12.49a (-.1)20-Unattached
12.15-16Logan Day12.52a PR (-.1)REAL Track & Field
13.15-16Nathan Flomo12.55a (-.1)Eagles Wings
14.15-16Alek Roggenbuck12.83a (-.4)Park Flyers Track & ...

100 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Evan McClellon10.72a (-.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
2.17-18David Dunlap Jr10.96a (-.1)Purple Storm Congress
3.17-18Denzel Brown10.97a (-.1)Real Athletics
4.17-18Kurtis Cotton11.10a (-.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
5.17-18Darren Misiak11.11a (-.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
6.17-18Javien Versey11.12a (.6)Eagles Wings
7.12Elijah Hicks11.19a (-.1)40-Unattached
8.17-18Genuine Matthews11.20a (-.1)Real Athletics
9.11Rhett Streeter11.27a (-.1)30-Unattached
10.17-18Conor Penington11.33a (-.1)West Omaha Track
11.17-18Caelon Harkey11.36a (-.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
12.17-18Goodness Akindemowo11.40a (-.1)Real Athletics
13.17-18Dallas Krech11.46a (-.1)REAL Track & Field
14.17-18Tanner Iske11.52a (-.1)Iowa Speed Track & F...
15.17-18James Warren11.53a (-.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
16.17-18DaRon Johnson11.69a (-.1)Wings of Omaha Track
17.11Lucas Larson11.69a (-.1)30-Unattached
18.17-18Jacoby White11.72a (.6)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
19.17-18Reed Overweg11.76a (-.1)Aberdeen Area Running
20.17-18Bryce Shonka11.86a (-.1)Des Moines Area Yout...

100 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.9Kaden Wolsky11.96a PR (-.1)52-Unattached
2.9Thomas Bradshaw11.97a (-.1)20-Unattached
3.15-16John List11.97a (-.1)Madison Eastside Sha...
4.15-16Brittan Burns12.01a PR (-.1)30-Unattached
5.15-16Luke Hupp12.35a (-.1)Kenosha Phlyerz
6.15-16Edward Thompson12.57a (-.1)Central Iowa Excalib...
15-16Nick GerardDNS (-.1)Iowa Speed Track & F...

100 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Jack Herkert11.60a PR (.4)20-Unattached
2.17-18Peter Wysocki11.79a (.4)Ragnarök Athletic Club
3.17-18Tyler Enerson11.80a (.4)Ragnarök Athletic Club
4.17-18Dominique Smith11.98a (.4)20-Unattached
5.17-18Collin Sieffert12.00a PR (.4)30-Unattached
6.12Ken Westrick12.03a (.4)40-Unattached
7.17-18Jacob Heitkamp12.04a (.4)Cornhusker Flyers
8.11Spencer Howe12.10a PR (.4)30-Unattached
9.17-18Nathan Rupprecht12.40a (.4)Cornhusker Flyers
10.17-18Alexander Holmes12.55a (.4)Ragnarök Athletic Club

200 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Tory Pittman32.72a SR (.0)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.7-8Quavis Graham32.73a PR (.0)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8Heston Anderson33.60a PR (.0)REAL Track & Field
4.7-8LaDaineon Smith33.70a (.0)Des Moines Area Yout...
5.7-8Malik Ellison33.73a (.0)Lincoln Youth Track
6.1David Meberg36.44a (.0)30-Unattached
7.7-8Quincy Shelton37.43a (.0)La Crosse Track Club
8.7-8Brandon McLaughlin37.88a (.0)West Side Track

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Maurice Bell29.12a (-1.7)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.9-10Donald Defrand Jr29.36a (-1.7)Lincoln Youth Track
3.9-10Del Johnson Jr29.71a PR (-1.7)Track Minnesota Elite
4.9-10Jermaine Dortch29.72a PR (-1.7)Boys & Girls of Midl...
5.9-10Aja Bradford29.96a (-1.7)N.O. Bengals Track
6.9-10Darren Burch-Walker30.19a (-1.7)I.C.A.A./Breeze
7.9-10Mitchell Darst31.81a (-1.7)Tiger Track Club
8.2Avery Buckner32.18a PR (-1.7)30-Unattached

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Sanjay Redd25.66a PR (-.5)Track Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Devon Jackson25.71a (-.5)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr25.77a PR (-.5)I.C.A.A./Breeze
4.6Tyler Williams27.27a PR (-.5)20-Unattached
5.11-12Isaac Jeffrey27.29a (-.5)Track Minnesota Elite
6.11-12Hunter Cruchelow27.87a (-.5)West Side Track
7.11-12Mekhi Marks28.55a (-.5)N.O. Bengals Track
8.11-12Quinn Servais28.66a PR (-.5)La Crosse Track Club

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14George Jackson24.09a (1.0)Real Athletics
2.13-14Demetrius Marshall24.56a (1.0)Eagles Wings
3.13-14Sean Diedrich24.85a (1.0)Park Flyers Track & ...
4.8Jack Drahota25.36a (1.0)29-Unattached
5.13-14Daniel Swartz25.40a PR (1.0)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
13-14Timothy BergeDNS (1.0)Team NoDak
13-14Aaron SmithDNS (1.0)Iowa Core Elite Trac...
8Joseph BraaschDNS (1.0)29-Unattached

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson22.58a (-.8)I.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Nolan Metz23.41a (-.8)Stevens Point Area R...
3.15-16Jacob Levin23.49a (-.8)Team NoDak
4.15-16John Ford23.58a (-.8)Purple Storm Congress
5.15-16Gratt Reed23.65a (-.8)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Marcus Vaughn-jones24.21a (-.8)Wings of Omaha Track
7.10Justin Six24.41a PR (-.8)52-Unattached
15-16Damir YoungDNS (-.8)Central Iowa Excalib...

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Evan McClellon21.70a (-1.8)Park Flyers Track & ...
2.17-18David Dunlap Jr21.74a (-1.8)Purple Storm Congress
3.17-18Denzel Brown21.89a (-1.8)Real Athletics
4.17-18Kenneth Bednarek22.29a (-1.8)20-Unattached
5.17-18Genuine Matthews22.42a (-1.8)Real Athletics
6.12Elijah Hicks22.52a (-1.8)40-Unattached
7.17-18Caelon Harkey23.01a (-1.8)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
17-18Kurtis CottonDNS (-1.8)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...

200 Meters  8 & Under - Prelims

1.7-8Tory Pittman33.12a (-.5)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.7-8Quavis Graham33.60a (.5)Boys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8Malik Ellison34.10a (-.5)Lincoln Youth Track
4.7-8Heston Anderson34.17a (.5)REAL Track & Field
5.7-8LaDaineon Smith34.18a (.5)Des Moines Area Yout...
6.1David Meberg36.03a (-.5)30-Unattached
7.7-8Quincy Shelton36.48a (-.5)La Crosse Track Club
8.7-8Brandon McLaughlin37.12a (.5)West Side Track
9.7-8Vincent Lombardo37.97a (.5)Merton Area Running
10.7-8Joel Wandera38.03a (.5)West Side Track
11.7-8Randy Johnson-Hill38.22a (-.5)Midwest Striders
12.7-8Landon Zink38.32a PR (.5)Team NoDak
13.2Weston Clementson38.57a (-.5)30-Unattached
14.7-8Braden Williams38.63a PR (-.5)Merton Area Running
15.7-8Joshua Declouet39.02a PR (-.5)Eagles Wings
16.7-8Jaylen Young40.69a (.5)REAL Track & Field
17.6URickie Thomas44.60a (-.5)30-Unattached

200 Meters  9-10 - Prelims

1.9-10Maurice Bell29.64aBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.9-10Donald Defrand Jr29.79a (-.6)Lincoln Youth Track
3.9-10Del Johnson Jr30.27aTrack Minnesota Elite
4.9-10Jermaine Dortch30.76a (-1.1)Boys & Girls of Midl...
5.9-10Darren Burch-Walker30.78aI.C.A.A./Breeze
6.9-10Aja Bradford31.39a (-.6)N.O. Bengals Track
7.9-10Mitchell Darst32.05a (-1.1)Tiger Track Club
8.2Avery Buckner32.22a (-1.1)30-Unattached
9.9-10Tyler Sickerson32.30a (-.6)Turbo Track Club
10.9-10Ryan Rasco Jr32.38a (-1.1)Wings of Omaha Track
11.9-10Derrick Evans Jr32.53a (-.6)Eagles Wings
12.9-10Joshua Beil32.87a PR (-.6)Team NoDak
13.9-10Brady Sauve33.09aREAL Track & Field
14.9-10Jaxson Minear33.23a (-.6)Central Iowa Excalib...
15.9-10James Johnson33.67a PR (-1.1)Team NoDak
16.9-10Trent Jacobs33.69a (-.6)Turbo Track Club
17.9-10Desmond Ware33.70a (-1.1)Real Athletics
18.9-10Bryce Bullard33.76a (-.6)Minnesota Track Spikes
19.9-10Broden Dahl34.14aMerton Area Running
20.9-10Bryce Williams34.23a (-1.1)Merton Area Running
21.9-10Elijah Jackson35.25aStevens Point Area R...
9-10Jaylon GullingDNSDes Moines Area Yout...
9-10Matthew JarrettDNS (-1.1)La Crosse Track Club

200 Meters  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Devon Jackson25.81a (-.5)Boys & Girls of Midl...
2.11-12Sanjay Redd26.01a (-.3)Track Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Isaac Jeffrey27.08a (-.3)Track Minnesota Elite
4.6Tyler Williams27.70a (-.3)20-Unattached
5.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr27.92a (.3)I.C.A.A./Breeze
6.11-12Hunter Cruchelow27.93a (-.5)West Side Track
7.11-12Mekhi Marks28.39a (-.5)N.O. Bengals Track
8.11-12Quinn Servais28.73a (-.3)La Crosse Track Club
9.11-12Laron Dameron28.80a (.3)West Side Track
10.11-12Gavin Stammer29.07a PR (-.3)West Omaha Track
11.11-12Nathaniel White29.07a (-.3)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
12.5Keondre Bryant29.14a (-.5)30-Unattached
13.5Benny Brudnak29.21a (.3)36-Unattached
14.6Mason Perich29.46a (.3)30-Unattached
15.11-12Zach Robus29.69a (-.5)Waukee Track Club
16.11-12Cole Eberly29.97a (-.5)Iowa Speed Track & F...
17.11-12Isreal Moses30.06a (.3)Minnesota Track Spikes
18.11-12Trevor Ragan30.49a PR (.3)Team NoDak
19.11-12Luke Berge31.42a (-.3)Aberdeen Area Running
20.11-12Christian Dietz32.16a (-.3)Team NoDak
11-12Bennett FriedDNS (.3)La Crosse Track Club
6Alexander HulteenDNS (.3)30-Unattached
11-12TyJon JenkinsDNS (-.5)I.C.A.A./Breeze

200 Meters  13-14 - Prelims

1.8Joseph Braasch24.17a (.7)29-Unattached
2.13-14George Jackson24.30a (.6)Real Athletics
3.13-14Sean Diedrich24.69a (.7)Park Flyers Track & ...
4.13-14Demetrius Marshall24.71a (.7)Eagles Wings
5.13-14Aaron Smith25.02a (.6)Iowa Core Elite Trac...
6.13-14Timothy Berge25.53a PR (.7)Team NoDak
7.8Jack Drahota25.59a (.6)29-Unattached
8.13-14Daniel Swartz25.66a (.7)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
9.13-14Brigham Daniel26.33a PR (.7)All-American Track C...
10.7Bill Mukhtar26.78a PR (.7)40-Unattached
11.13-14Michael Broad27.27a (.6)Park Flyers Track & ...
12.13-14Ashton Brown27.67a (.7)Real Athletics
13.13-14Amani Patton27.80a (.6)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
14.13-14Andrew Laqua32.89a PR (.7)Team NoDak
13-14Ryan SartainDNS (.6)Iowa Speed Track & F...
13-14Braxton SwiftDNS (.6)Peak Performance T.C.
13-14Cade ParkerDNS (.6)Cedar RapidsTrack

200 Meters  15-16 - Prelims

1.15-16Keylan Jackson22.56a (-.3)I.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Nolan Metz23.22a (.1)Stevens Point Area R...
3.15-16Jacob Levin23.48a (.1)Team NoDak
4.15-16Damir Young23.61a PR (-.3)Central Iowa Excalib...
5.15-16John Ford23.69a (.1)Purple Storm Congress
6.15-16Marcus Vaughn-jones23.93a (-.3)Wings of Omaha Track
7.15-16Gratt Reed24.03a (-.3)Central Iowa Excalib...
8.10Justin Six24.45a (-.3)52-Unattached
9.15-16Trokon Karngar24.51a (.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
10.15-16Eugene Dixon24.66a (.1)Eagles Wings
11.15-16Michael Kruse24.70a (.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
12.15-16Tyler Burian24.77a (-.3)Team NoDak
13.15-16Jacob Brechtel25.19a (.1)Central Iowa Excalib...
14.15-16Nathan Flomo25.32a (-.3)Eagles Wings
15-16Logan DayDNS (-.3)REAL Track & Field
15-16Shiv JhanjeeDNS (.1)Track Minnesota Elite

200 Meters  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Evan McClellon21.95a (-.1)Park Flyers Track & ...
2.17-18Kenneth Bednarek22.05a (-.7)20-Unattached
3.17-18David Dunlap Jr22.22a (-.1)Purple Storm Congress
4.12Elijah Hicks22.59a (-.7)40-Unattached
5.17-18Genuine Matthews22.68a (-.1)Real Athletics
6.17-18Denzel Brown22.73a (-.3)Real Athletics
7.17-18Caelon Harkey22.91a (-.7)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
8.17-18Kurtis Cotton23.08a (-.3)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
9.11Daniel Bendel23.12a PR (-.7)20-Unattached
10.17-18Justice Young23.16a (-.1)Iowa Core Elite Trac...
11.17-18Conor Penington23.31a (-.3)West Omaha Track
12.11Rhett Streeter23.36a (-.3)30-Unattached
13.17-18Michael Knowles23.47a (-.1)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
14.17-18Korvante Lott23.66a (-.1)N.O. Bengals Track
15.17-18Tanner Iske24.18a (-.7)Iowa Speed Track & F...
16.17-18Calvin Matthew III25.40a PR (-.3)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
17-18Kyle StallDNS (-.1)Tornado Track
17-18Reed OverwegDNS (-.7)Aberdeen Area Running
17-18Darren MisiakDNS (-.7)Park Flyers Track & ...
17-18DaRon JohnsonDNS (-.1)Wings of Omaha Track
17-18Marcus HughesDNS (-.3)Des Moines Area Yout...
17-18Javien VerseyDNS (-.3)Eagles Wings
11Branden BolemanDNS (-.3)30-Unattached
11Lucas LarsonDNS (-.7)30-Unattached

400 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Leo Cauble1:12.59aWest Omaha Track
2.7-8Quavis Graham1:17.35a PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8Cale Frazier1:18.44aWest Omaha Track
4.7-8Brandon McLaughlin1:20.05a PRWest Side Track
5.2Isaac Karber1:20.33a PR30-Unattached
6.7-8Isaias Ventura1:21.92aLincoln Community Tr...
7.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner1:22.16a PREagles Wings
8.7-8LaDaineon Smith1:22.33aDes Moines Area Yout...
9.7-8Joseph McLaughlin1:22.44a PRWest Side Track
10.1David Meberg1:23.83a30-Unattached
11.7-8Enzo Sturycz1:26.27a PRKenosha Phlyerz
12.7-8Drew Winterscheidt1:27.63aTiger Track Club
13.7-8Alexander Williamson1:27.88a PREagles Wings
14.2Weston Clementson1:27.91a PR30-Unattached
15.7-8Braden Williams1:29.90a PRMerton Area Running

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Preston Stensland1:04.30a PRAll-American Track C...
2.9-10Del Johnson Jr1:04.33a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
3.9-10Truitt Brannan1:09.56a PRTeam NoDak
4.9-10Avery Batala1:12.43aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.9-10Keegan Steege1:12.70aTiger Track Club
6.9-10Darren Burch-Walker1:13.01aI.C.A.A./Breeze
7.9-10Matthew Jarrett1:13.11a PRLa Crosse Track Club
8.9-10Joshua Beil1:13.37a PRTeam NoDak
9.9-10Tyler Heiman1:15.53a PRMerton Area Running
10.9-10Noah Hager1:15.63aWest Side Track
11.9-10Desmond Ware1:15.64a PRReal Athletics
12.9-10Noah Cleghorn1:18.27aTurbo Track Club
13.9-10Carter Zink1:21.74a PRTeam NoDak
14.9-10Bryce Williams1:25.56a PRMerton Area Running
15.9-10Ryan Heiman1:26.56aMerton Area Running
3Porter GrangerDNS52-Unattached
9-10Oliver TadewaldDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Hunter Cruchelow1:00.47a PRWest Side Track
2.11-12Sanjay Redd1:01.44aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Bennett Fried1:01.53aLa Crosse Track Club
4.6DreVonnte Dunkins1:02.62a30-Unattached
5.11-12William Kyle III1:03.27aBellevue Breeze Rec ...
6.11-12Isaac Jeffrey1:04.37aTrack Minnesota Elite
7.6Clayton McDonough1:04.64a PR40-Unattached
8.6Tyler Williams1:05.23a PR20-Unattached
9.11-12Nathaniel White1:05.65a PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
10.11-12Cayden Schellhorn1:06.13a PRTiger Track Club
11.11-12Kade McIntyre1:06.68a PRFremont Track
12.11-12Jordan Mccaleb1:07.12a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
13.11-12Zach Robus1:07.23a PRWaukee Track Club
14.5Benny Brudnak1:08.30a36-Unattached
15.11-12Steven Tipton II1:08.42a PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
16.6Aaron Clausen1:10.54a30-Unattached
17.11-12Anden Schieldt1:10.81a PRLa Crosse Track Club
18.11-12Trevor Ragan1:10.88a PRTeam NoDak
19.11-12Christian Dietz1:10.96a PRTeam NoDak
20.5Quinn Schroeder1:11.82a PR20-Unattached
6Alexander HulteenDNS30-Unattached

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Daniel Swartz56.33a PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
2.13-14Timothy-Michael Drefs57.89a PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.13-14Timothy Berge57.93a PRTeam NoDak
4.13-14Jackson Thoe1:00.74a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.13-14Koa McIntyre1:01.76aFremont Track
6.13-14Alex Dueker1:02.59a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
7.13-14Brigham Daniel1:03.36aAll-American Track C...
8.13-14Jacob Lego1:07.08aDCG Track Club
9.13-14Tayler Ott1:09.07aI-Run
10.13-14Eddy Ndayikengurukiye1:19.99a PREagles Wings
13-14Dante WhiteDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
8Jacob FisherDNS20-Unattached
13-14Braxton SwiftDNSPeak Performance T.C.
13-14Allemu SlatteryDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze
13-14Jack RenningDNSCedar RapidsTrack
13-14Drake WoodyDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Keylan Jackson49.01a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.15-16Nolan Metz50.91aStevens Point Area R...
3.15-16Beau Brannan51.75a PRTeam NoDak
4.15-16Damir Young52.48a PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.15-16Montrea Talabi52.72aEagles Wings
6.10Justin Six53.54a PR52-Unattached
7.15-16Eugene Dixon54.51a PREagles Wings
8.15-16Samuel Wesner56.41aOak Creek
9.15-16Jacob Brechtel57.71aCentral Iowa Excalib...
10.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine1:00.53a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
11.15-16Noah Aziramubera1:00.78a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
15-16Drake DanielsDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
9Carter SnelsonDNS20-Unattached
9Gabriel RichDNS52-Unattached
15-16Jaxson BrownDNSEagles Wings
15-16Shiv JhanjeeDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
10Noah SchultzDNS30-Unattached

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Kenneth Bednarek48.79a20-Unattached
2.17-18Genuine Matthews49.07aReal Athletics
3.17-18Michael Knowles50.65aBellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.17-18Aaron Johnson50.75aJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.17-18Todd Beadle50.80a PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
6.11Daniel Bendel50.98a PR20-Unattached
7.11Branden Boleman51.36a30-Unattached
8.17-18Corey Folds Jr52.18a PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
9.17-18Alec Still52.23a PRIowa United
10.17-18Peyton Miller52.26a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
11.17-18Leroy Kwateh52.47aReal Athletics
12.17-18Babatunde Jinadu54.17aREAL Track & Field
13.17-18Collin Sieffert54.40a30-Unattached
14.17-18Jacques Lyles57.21aI.C.A.A./Breeze
11Payton GrangerDNS52-Unattached
17-18Kyle StallDNSTornado Track
17-18Jeffrey Garbutt JrDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

400 Meters  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Kayd Matthews1:14.10a SRWest Omaha Track
2.9-10Jaxson Minear1:19.72aCentral Iowa Excalib...
3.9-10Alexander Windels1:25.66aREAL Track & Field
9-10Jackson McClungDNSLincoln Youth Track

400 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns53.71a PR30-Unattached
2.9Kaden Wolsky54.94a PR52-Unattached
3.15-16John List55.59aMadison Eastside Sha...
4.15-16Edward Thompson55.61aCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.15-16Luke Hupp56.38a PRKenosha Phlyerz
6.9Thomas Bradshaw59.36a20-Unattached
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

400 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert54.00a30-Unattached
2.17-18Dominique Smith54.31a20-Unattached
3.11Jack Herkert54.42a PR20-Unattached
4.12Ken Westrick54.55a PR40-Unattached
5.17-18Jacob Heitkamp56.18aCornhusker Flyers
6.17-18Tyler Enerson56.52a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.11Spencer Howe56.61a30-Unattached
8.17-18Nathan Rupprecht57.49a PRCornhusker Flyers
9.17-18Peter Wysocki58.68a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
10.17-18Alexander Holmes59.24a PRRagnarök Athletic Club

800 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8David Krier2:56.25aLincoln Community Tr...
2.7-8Cale Frazier2:57.44aWest Omaha Track
3.7-8Brandon McLaughlin3:06.14aWest Side Track
4.7-8Jakius McCluskey-Millner3:06.86aEagles Wings
5.7-8Isaias Ventura3:08.94aLincoln Community Tr...
6.7-8Joseph McLaughlin3:11.10aWest Side Track
7.7-8Enzo Sturycz3:15.12a PRKenosha Phlyerz
8.2Isaac Karber3:16.14a30-Unattached
9.1Rocco Brannan3:22.15a PR52-Unattached
10.7-8Keagan Whitmarsh3:25.07a PRWest Omaha Track
11.7-8Evan Lillie3:27.01aHigh Voltage
12.7-8John Smida3:51.28aMinnesota Track Spikes
7-8Dane HansenDNSLynx Youth Track Club
7-8Logan DrevlowDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Preston Stensland2:37.37aAll-American Track C...
2.2Jaden Merrick2:42.51a40-Unattached
3.3Jack Gifford2:43.77a30-Unattached
4.9-10Kayd Matthews2:47.50aWest Omaha Track
5.9-10Truitt Brannan2:47.62a PRTeam NoDak
6.9-10Ryan Becker2:49.86aMinnesota Speed
7.9-10Noah Hager2:50.97aWest Side Track
8.9-10Keegan Steege2:51.74aTiger Track Club
9.9-10Jack Cole2:53.87aLincoln Youth Track
10.9-10Tyler Heiman2:58.62aMerton Area Running
11.9-10Carter Zink3:08.54a PRTeam NoDak
12.9-10Niko Zink3:10.66a PRTeam NoDak
13.9-10Timmy Webber Jr3:33.80aEagles Wings
2Jacob JunigDNS20-Unattached
9-10Jonathan OwenDNSWest Side Track
9-10Jaylon GullingDNSDes Moines Area Yout...

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12William Kyle III2:22.80a PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
2.6Bryce McDonough2:29.12a PR40-Unattached
3.11-12Kade McIntyre2:30.93a PRFremont Track
4.6Clayton McDonough2:31.92a40-Unattached
5.11-12Cayden Schellhorn2:32.49a PRTiger Track Club
6.11-12Aiden Rudloff2:33.59aHigh Voltage
7.5Quinn Roehl2:34.25a PR52-Unattached
8.11-12Jack Sennes2:37.14a PRREAL Track & Field
9.11-12Jude Willcock2:39.98aPark Flyers Track & ...
10.11-12Paul Rhodes III2:43.38a PR30-Unattached
11.11-12William Kempkes2:51.04aLincoln Youth Track
12.11-12Riley Bry2:53.52aPark Flyers Track & ...
13.11-12Anden Schieldt2:54.22a PRLa Crosse Track Club
14.11-12Josiah Ebel2:54.32a PRMerton Area Running
15.4Joe Cross2:55.39a PR52-Unattached
5Reilly SchmittDNS52-Unattached
6DreVonnte DunkinsDNS30-Unattached
11-12TyJon JenkinsDNSI.C.A.A./Breeze
7Hayden HaagDNS30-Unattached

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Timothy-Michael Drefs2:14.01aBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.8Benjamin Tuescher2:14.30a PR20-Unattached
3.13-14Koa McIntyre2:19.98a PRFremont Track
4.6Wyatt Schreiner2:21.15a29-Unattached
5.13-14Drake Woody2:24.74aIowa Speed Track & F...
6.13-14Brady Cortez2:26.75a PRCedar RapidsTrack
7.7Raul Ramos2:28.43a PR20-Unattached
8.13-14Alexander Boerner2:29.08aBellevue Breeze Rec ...
9.13-14Robert McKusky-Spain2:31.36aREAL Track & Field
10.13-14Aidan Hasby2:32.08aTeam NoDak
11.7Brennen Peterson2:32.15a30-Unattached
12.13-14Demarion Watson2:32.19a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
13.13-14Caleb Dunnewind2:45.42a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
14.13-14Seth Ebel2:56.67a PRMerton Area Running
15.13-14Eddy Ndayikengurukiye3:01.82a PREagles Wings
7Declan RodefeldDNS30-Unattached
13-14Zachary JonesDNSWest Omaha Track
13-14Jack RenningDNSCedar RapidsTrack
13-14Bryson CantonDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Beau Brannan2:02.45aTeam NoDak
2.15-16Montrea Talabi2:06.62aEagles Wings
3.15-16Floyd Evans Jr2:08.77aCedar RapidsTrack
4.15-16Mickies Kiros2:15.53aI.C.A.A./Breeze
5.15-16Jack Boub2:16.27a PRTeam NoDak
6.15-16Collins Yego2:17.11a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
7.15-16Ethan Robus2:23.58aWaukee Track Club
8.15-16Noah Aziramubera2:24.00a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
9.9Elijah Strutz2:27.33a PR20-Unattached
10.15-16Andrew VanPatten2:30.06a PRTiger Track Club
11.15-16Kristian Harris2:35.01aWings of Omaha Track
15-16Damir YoungDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Samuel WesnerDNSOak Creek
15-16Sam HurcombDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18David Hettich1:59.17a PR52-Unattached
2.17-18Alec Still1:59.19aIowa United
3.17-18Michael Knowles2:01.87a PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.17-18Jeffrey Garbutt Jr2:02.09aIowa Speed Track & F...
5.17-18Peyton Miller2:05.03aIowa Speed Track & F...
6.17-18Trenton Allen2:06.72a PRREAL Track & Field
7.17-18Therence Niyonkuru2:14.21a PREagles Wings
8.10Braedon Gumke2:19.17a PR52-Unattached
9.17-18Jacob Zetocha2:28.02aTeam NoDak
11McEwan RodefeldDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8David Krier5:56.51aLincoln Community Tr...
2.7-8Isaias Ventura6:18.85aLincoln Community Tr...
3.7-8Evan Lillie6:22.64aHigh Voltage
4.7-8Joseph McLaughlin6:28.52a PRWest Side Track
5.7-8Keagan Whitmarsh6:44.17a PRWest Omaha Track
6.6UBriggs Canton8:20.49aIowa Speed Track & F...
7-8Logan DrevlowDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Preston Stensland5:21.89aAll-American Track C...
2.2Jaden Merrick5:33.23a40-Unattached
3.9-10Jonathan Owen5:42.11aWest Side Track
4.9-10Jack Cole5:44.58aLincoln Youth Track
5.9-10Kayd Matthews5:50.78aWest Omaha Track
6.9-10Tyler Heiman5:52.31a PRMerton Area Running
7.9-10Keegan Steege6:07.89a PRTiger Track Club
8.9-10Niko Zink6:12.79a PRTeam NoDak
9.9-10Jared Schroeder6:12.86aLincoln Community Tr...
10.2Jacob Junig6:50.11a PR20-Unattached
11.9-10Brayden Moore6:52.25aLynx Youth Track Club
4Ahmed MohamedDNS30-Unattached
3Ilyas JamaDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ethan Vander Meer4:47.30a20-Unattached
2.11-12Joseph Volkmer4:50.50a SRLincoln Youth Track
3.6DreVonnte Dunkins5:00.94a PR30-Unattached
4.6Bryce McDonough5:03.49a PR40-Unattached
5.11-12Jude Willcock5:07.38a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.11-12Aiden Rudloff5:10.86a PRHigh Voltage
7.11-12Aiden Johnson5:12.37a SRTeam NoDak
8.6Alden Keller5:14.09a30-Unattached
9.5Quinn Roehl5:23.13a PR52-Unattached
10.11-12Drew Arduser5:33.44a SRLincoln Youth Track
11.11-12Barrett Coffey5:33.85a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
12.11-12Jack Sennes5:41.66aREAL Track & Field
13.11-12Colin Lillie5:48.04aHigh Voltage
14.5Jacob Lafleur5:48.85a PR29-Unattached
15.11-12William Kempkes5:49.99a SRLincoln Youth Track
16.11-12Carter Maffet5:52.27aKenosha Phlyerz
17.11-12Josiah Ebel5:53.42a PRMerton Area Running
18.4Joe Cross6:00.22a PR52-Unattached

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ethan Vargas4:35.75a20-Unattached
2.13-14Zachary Jones4:36.00a PRWest Omaha Track
3.8Benjamin Tuescher4:43.62a PR20-Unattached
4.6Wyatt Schreiner4:49.88a29-Unattached
5.13-14Samuel Basala4:51.03a PRStevens Point Area R...
6.7Brennen Peterson4:53.83a30-Unattached
7.13-14Brady Cortez5:01.13a PRCedar RapidsTrack
8.13-14Conrad Schroeder5:02.94a PRLincoln Community Tr...
9.13-14Bryson Canton5:09.46a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
10.13-14Aidan Hasby5:09.93a PRTeam NoDak
11.7Raul Ramos5:15.37a20-Unattached
12.13-14Jackson Thoe5:17.98aPark Flyers Track & ...
13.13-14Ryan Garvey5:20.19a PRWest Omaha Track
14.13-14Quinten Eberly5:33.63a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
15.13-14Gavin Keeney5:36.92a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
16.13-14Caleb Dunnewind6:02.19aPark Flyers Track & ...
7Charly GarciaDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Isaac Huber4:14.07a52-Unattached
2.15-16Floyd Evans Jr4:24.44aCedar RapidsTrack
3.15-16Mickies Kiros4:35.85aI.C.A.A./Breeze
4.15-16Jack Boub4:37.90a PRTeam NoDak
5.15-16Ethan Robus4:41.49a PRWaukee Track Club
6.15-16Collins Yego4:41.91a PRTrack Minnesota Elite
7.15-16Jake Arason5:03.63a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
8.9Elijah Strutz5:21.40a20-Unattached
9Jared ZwettlerDNS20-Unattached
9Mohamed AbdiDNS30-Unattached
9Abdikani AbdiDNS30-Unattached
9Abdifitah FarahDNS30-Unattached
10Abdullahi HusseinDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Hunter Lucas4:02.31aTeam NoDak
2.17-18Andy Vasquez4:05.48a PRCornhusker Flyers
3.17-18David Hettich4:10.13a52-Unattached
4.17-18Parker Phillips4:15.18aTrack Minnesota Elite
5.17-18Eric Hoffman4:22.63a PRIowa United
6.17-18Trenton Allen4:25.23a PRREAL Track & Field
7.17-18Jeffrey Garbutt Jr4:36.10a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
8.17-18Jacob Zetocha4:38.77a PRTeam NoDak
9.10Daniel Nordquist4:39.30a PR40-Unattached
10.17-18Joseph Bustrak4:48.60a PR30-Unattached
11.10Braedon Gumke4:51.41a PR52-Unattached

1500 Meters  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.5Christian Batchlor5:37.67a30-Unattached
2.11-12Jessie Cauble5:44.97a SRWest Omaha Track
3.11-12Kash Bates5:46.88aLincoln Youth Track
4.11-12Nathaniel White5:55.61aJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.11-12Reece Grosserode6:08.18aLincoln Community Tr...
6.5Paul Missiaen6:13.57a PR20-Unattached
7.11-12Jude Owens7:03.09a PRAll-American Track C...
11-12Isaac JeffreyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite

1500 Meters  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Drake Woody5:05.10aIowa Speed Track & F...
2.13-14Koah Thompson5:28.27a PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
3.8Jacob Fisher5:30.75a PR20-Unattached
4.13-14Chantz Minear5:37.60aCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.13-14Caden Bry6:05.46a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Kaedon Thurman6:51.99aLincoln Youth Track
13-14Tevin MatthewDNSJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

1500 Meters  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Edward Thompson4:58.86aCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.15-16Brittan Burns5:10.15a30-Unattached
3.15-16John List5:18.88aMadison Eastside Sha...
4.9Thomas Bradshaw5:33.26a20-Unattached
5.9Kaden Wolsky5:43.31a PR52-Unattached
6.15-16Luke Hupp6:02.59a PRKenosha Phlyerz
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

1500 Meters  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Collin Sieffert4:48.46a PR30-Unattached
2.12Ken Westrick5:22.67a PR40-Unattached
3.17-18Dominique Smith5:23.75a PR20-Unattached
4.11Spencer Howe5:31.22a PR30-Unattached
5.17-18Alexander Holmes5:36.03a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
6.17-18Tyler Enerson5:37.40a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.11Jack Herkert5:39.87a PR20-Unattached
8.17-18Jacob Heitkamp5:41.55aCornhusker Flyers
9.17-18Peter Wysocki5:47.29a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht5:48.62a PRCornhusker Flyers

1500m Racewalk  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Sebastian Reutzel13:41.03aCornhusker Flyers

1500m Racewalk  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Thomas Vasquez11:52.88a PRCornhusker Flyers

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ethan Vander Meer10:16.06a20-Unattached
2.11-12Joseph Volkmer10:16.55a PRLincoln Youth Track
3.11-12Aiden Johnson10:55.28a PRTeam NoDak
4.11-12Drew Arduser11:53.46a SRLincoln Youth Track
5.11-12Barrett Coffey11:53.99a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
6.11-12Colin Lillie12:24.13aHigh Voltage
7.11-12William Kempkes12:38.04a PRLincoln Youth Track
8.11-12Tate Ray13:41.65aOmaha Racers
9.11-12Wesley Havelka13:59.99a PRCornhusker Flyers
10.11-12Leo Yudelson14:33.95aWest Omaha Track
5Jacob LarsonDNS30-Unattached
6Musa AliDNS30-Unattached

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Ethan Vargas10:31.73a20-Unattached
2.13-14Zachary Jones10:41.53aWest Omaha Track
3.13-14Conrad Schroeder11:16.44a PRLincoln Community Tr...
4.13-14Bryson Canton11:25.96aIowa Speed Track & F...
5.13-14Ryan Garvey11:48.43aWest Omaha Track
6.13-14Gavin Keeney12:40.49aIowa Speed Track & F...
7.13-14Emmett Myers12:45.39a PRWest Omaha Track
8.13-14Quinten Eberly12:45.98a PRIowa Speed Track & F...
9.13-14Ethan Keeney13:04.04aIowa Speed Track & F...
10.13-14Lane Cole14:13.16aLincoln Youth Track
13-14Carson SansenbachDNSIowa Speed Track & F...
7Declan RodefeldDNS30-Unattached
7Charly GarciaDNS30-Unattached

3000 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Isaac Huber9:25.99a52-Unattached
2.15-16Mickies Kiros10:11.27aI.C.A.A./Breeze
3.15-16Jake Arason10:24.55a PRRagnarök Athletic Club
4.15-16Jack Boub10:29.92aTeam NoDak
5.15-16Andrew VanPatten12:38.36aTiger Track Club
9Jared ZwettlerDNS20-Unattached
9Abdikani AbdiDNS30-Unattached
9Mohamed AbdiDNS30-Unattached
9Abdifitah FarahDNS30-Unattached
10Abdullahi HusseinDNS30-Unattached

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Hunter Lucas8:50.47aTeam NoDak
2.17-18Jacob Zetocha10:16.98a PRTeam NoDak
3.17-18Joseph Bustrak10:19.62a30-Unattached
4.10Daniel Nordquist10:25.93a PR40-Unattached
17-18Andy VasquezDNSCornhusker Flyers

3000m Racewalk  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Logan McLaughlin18:26.47a20-Unattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Lucas Heyroth12.83a (1.1)20-Unattached
2.11-12Ty Dingman13.87a PR (1.1)West Omaha Track
3.6Leighton Olesen14.60a PR (1.1)40-Unattached
4.11-12Quinn Servais14.79a PR (1.1)La Crosse Track Club
5.11-12Jacob Bodin15.82a PR (1.1)Falcon Track
6.11-12Carter Fadiga16.11a (1.1)Tiger Track Club
7.11-12Kaleb Lewis17.37a (1.1)Minnesota Track Spikes
8.11-12Wyatt Ledinsky19.07a (1.1)Des Moines Area Yout...

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - Prelims

1.11-12Lucas Heyroth13.21a (-.6)20-Unattached
2.11-12Ty Dingman14.30a (.3)West Omaha Track
3.11-12Quinn Servais14.91a (-.6)La Crosse Track Club
4.6Leighton Olesen15.13a (.3)40-Unattached
5.11-12Wyatt Ledinsky15.94a (-.6)Des Moines Area Yout...
6.11-12Carter Fadiga15.99a PR (.3)Tiger Track Club
7.11-12Jacob Bodin16.77a (.3)Falcon Track
8.11-12Kaleb Lewis16.84a PR (-.6)Minnesota Track Spikes
9.11-12Xander Koski17.41a SR (-.6)Cornhusker Flyers
10.5Paul Missiaen18.72a (.3)20-Unattached
11.5Jacob Lafleur19.05a PR (-.6)29-Unattached
12.5Lucas Lafleur19.24a (.3)29-Unattached
13.11-12Fletcher Morris33.01a (-.6)West Omaha Track

80m Hurdles - 30"  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey15.21a PR (1.6)Track Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Jessie Cauble15.57a (-.1)West Omaha Track
3.11-12Reece Grosserode16.33a (-.1)Lincoln Community Tr...
4.11-12Nathaniel White16.43a (-.1)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.11-12Kash Bates16.62a (1.6)Lincoln Youth Track
6.5Christian Batchlor17.69a (1.6)30-Unattached
7.5Paul Missiaen18.82a (-.1)20-Unattached
11-12Jude OwensDNF (1.6)All-American Track C...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Tamin Lipsey14.51a (1.4)All-American Track C...
2.8Jack Drahota14.91a PR (1.4)29-Unattached
3.13-14Oisin Leopold15.28a (1.4)Iowa Speed Track & F...
4.13-14Chase McKinney15.90a (1.4)I-Run
5.13-14Thomas Fidone II15.98a PR (1.4)High Voltage
6.13-14Chantz Minear16.10a (1.4)Central Iowa Excalib...
7.13-14Tanner Johnson16.29a (1.4)20-Unattached
13-14Ryan SartainDNS (1.4)Iowa Speed Track & F...

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - Prelims

1.13-14Tamin Lipsey14.72a (-1.3)All-American Track C...
2.8Jack Drahota15.37a (-1.3)29-Unattached
3.13-14Oisin Leopold15.39a (.3)Iowa Speed Track & F...
4.13-14Ryan Sartain15.53a (-1.3)Iowa Speed Track & F...
5.13-14Chantz Minear15.84a (.3)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.13-14Chase McKinney15.94a (.3)I-Run
7.13-14Tanner Johnson16.22a PR (-1.3)20-Unattached
8.13-14Thomas Fidone II16.90a (.3)High Voltage
9.13-14Julian Diedrich18.46a PR (.3)Park Flyers Track & ...
10.7Jesse Drahota19.82a (-1.3)29-Unattached
11.13-14Tevin Matthew20.13a PR (-1.3)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
12.13-14Cullen Bereza20.68a PR (-1.3)Kenosha Phlyerz
13.13-14Andrew Laqua23.31a (.3)Team NoDak
13-14Nathan JarrettDNS (.3)La Crosse Track Club
7Alec BurnsDNS (.3)30-Unattached

100m Hurdles - 33"  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Chantz Minear15.63a (2.4)Central Iowa Excalib...
2.13-14Kaedon Thurman15.85a PR (2.4)Lincoln Youth Track
3.13-14Drake Woody16.10a PR (2.8)Iowa Speed Track & F...
4.8Jacob Fisher16.36a PR (2.4)20-Unattached
5.7Alec Burns17.38a PR (2.8)30-Unattached
6.13-14Koah Thompson18.81a PR (2.8)Central Iowa Excalib...
7.13-14Caden Bry22.22a PR (2.4)Park Flyers Track & ...
13-14Tevin MatthewDNS (2.8)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Gratt Reed15.58a (-1.9)Central Iowa Excalib...
2.15-16Caden Turner16.17a (-1.9)Track Minnesota Elite
3.15-16John Ford17.08a (-1.9)Purple Storm Congress
4.15-16John List17.22a (-1.9)Madison Eastside Sha...
5.15-16Edward Thompson18.39a (-1.9)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine18.40a PR (-1.9)I.C.A.A./Breeze
15-16Drake DanielsDNS (-1.9)Track Minnesota Elite
15-16Logan DayDNS (-1.9)REAL Track & Field
15-16Zachary HangmanDNS (-1.9)Cornhusker Flyers

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Joah Wallace14.42a (1.7)Iowa Speed Track & F...
2.17-18Lantz Reed15.39a (1.7)40-Unattached
3.11Jake Driscoll15.44a (1.7)20-Unattached
4.11Daniel Bendel15.47a (1.7)20-Unattached
5.17-18Bryce Shonka15.66a (1.7)Des Moines Area Yout...
6.17-18Austin Cruz15.89a PR (1.7)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
7.FrDerek Reeves16.99a (1.7)20-Unattached
8.17-18Sam Akers17.40a PR (1.7)Park Flyers Track & ...

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Prelims

1.17-18Joah Wallace14.96a (.7)Iowa Speed Track & F...
2.11Daniel Bendel15.40a PR (.7)20-Unattached
3.17-18Bryce Shonka15.52a PR (.7)Des Moines Area Yout...
4.17-18Lantz Reed15.61a (-1.1)40-Unattached
5.17-18Austin Cruz16.07a (.7)Bellevue Breeze Rec ...
6.11Jake Driscoll16.31a (-1.1)20-Unattached
7.FrDerek Reeves17.48a (-1.1)20-Unattached
8.17-18Sam Akers17.67a (.7)Park Flyers Track & ...
9.17-18Dominick Goecken18.31a (-1.1)Tiger Track Club
10.17-18Emire Sewell18.63a PR (-1.1)Purple Storm Congress
17-18Steed WelchDNS (.7)Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
17-18Preston DoerrfeldDNS (-1.1)Central Iowa Excalib...
17-18Ryan PaulDNS (.7)Track Minnesota Elite

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns15.90a (3.7)30-Unattached
2.15-16John List16.25a (2.8)Madison Eastside Sha...
3.9Thomas Bradshaw16.79a PR (3.7)20-Unattached
4.9Kaden Wolsky17.52a PR (3.7)52-Unattached
5.15-16Edward Thompson18.26a PR (2.8)Central Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Luke Hupp18.35a PR (2.8)Kenosha Phlyerz
15-16Nick GerardDNS (3.7)Iowa Speed Track & F...

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Jack Herkert14.96a PR (2.5)20-Unattached
2.17-18Tyler Enerson15.79a PR (2.5)Ragnarök Athletic Club
3.17-18Dominique Smith16.13a (2.5)20-Unattached
4.17-18Peter Wysocki16.27a PR (2.5)Ragnarök Athletic Club
5.12Ken Westrick17.00a PR (2.5)40-Unattached
6.17-18Collin Sieffert17.48a (3.1)30-Unattached
7.17-18Jacob Heitkamp17.63a (2.5)Cornhusker Flyers
8.17-18Alexander Holmes17.65a PR (3.1)Ragnarök Athletic Club
9.11Spencer Howe17.83a (3.1)30-Unattached
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht20.65a (2.5)Cornhusker Flyers

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.8Jack Drahota27.46a PR (.9)29-Unattached
2.13-14Thomas Fidone II29.03a PR (.9)High Voltage
3.13-14Oisin Leopold29.22a PR (.9)Iowa Speed Track & F...
4.13-14Tanner Johnson29.52a (.9)20-Unattached
5.13-14Chase McKinney30.91a PR (.9)I-Run
6.13-14Drake Woody31.08a (.9)Iowa Speed Track & F...
7.13-14Demarion Watson34.45a (1.4)Track Minnesota Elite
8.13-14Cullen Bereza36.46a (1.4)Kenosha Phlyerz
13-14Ryan SartainDNS (.9)Iowa Speed Track & F...
13-14Nathan JarrettDNS (1.4)La Crosse Track Club
13-14Chantz MinearDNS (.9)Central Iowa Excalib...
7Alec BurnsDNS (1.4)30-Unattached

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16John Ford58.78aPurple Storm Congress
2.15-16Caden Turner1:00.06aTrack Minnesota Elite
3.15-16Trokon Karngar1:02.66a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Christopher Gray Jr1:04.54a PRWings of Omaha Track
5.15-16Luke Hupp1:05.90aKenosha Phlyerz
6.15-16Samuel Ojebode1:09.83aEagles Wings
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...
15-16Edward ThompsonDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Evan El-Halawani57.08aREAL Track & Field
2.17-18Collin Sieffert58.79a30-Unattached
3.17-18Emire Sewell59.71a PRPurple Storm Congress
4.17-18Kyle Weiland1:00.02a PR20-Unattached
5.17-18Clayton Johnson1:00.29aREAL Track & Field
6.17-18Austin Cruz1:01.86aBellevue Breeze Rec ...
7.FrDerek Reeves1:02.23a20-Unattached
8.17-18Jacques Lyles1:02.76a PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
9.17-18Dominick Goecken1:03.09a PRTiger Track Club
10.17-18Peyton Miller1:03.12aIowa Speed Track & F...
11.17-18Sam Akers1:03.26a PRPark Flyers Track & ...
12.17-18Noble Briggs1:03.76aCentral Iowa Excalib...
17-18Preston DoerrfeldDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...
11Jake DriscollDNS20-Unattached
17-18Ryan PaulDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Justice YoungDNSIowa Core Elite Trac...

2k Steeplechase  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ross Dent8:25.40aTeam NoDak

2k Steeplechase  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Parker Phillips6:22.58aTrack Minnesota Elite
2.10Daniel Nordquist7:18.06a PR40-Unattached

4x100 Relay  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Presha Allen Jr
Makkiah Sanders
Uzziah Sanders
Malik Ellison
1:07.12aLincoln Youth Track

4x100 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Manning Allen
Noah Cleghorn
Trent Jacobs
Tyler Sickerson
1:01.47aTurbo Track Club
2.9-10Joshua Beil
Tommy Schreiner
Isaac Schumacher
Carter Zink
1:01.71aTeam NoDak

4x100 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12J'Dyn Bullion
Jaylen Lloyd
DrewDeShawn Damper Jr
Devon Jackson
52.01aBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.11-12Dayton Popenhagen
Cayden Schellhorn
Carter Fadiga
Simon Moes
57.37aTiger Track Club

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Seth Johnson
Caden Bry
Michael Broad
Sean Diedrich
51.42aPark Flyers Track & ...
13-14Jackson Thoe
Julian Diedrich
Caleb Dunnewind
Timothy Johnson
DQPark Flyers Track & ...

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders
Michael Kruse
Trokon Karngar
Alek Roggenbuck
45.78aPark Flyers Track & ...
2.15-16Jaxson Brown
Eugene Dixon
Nathan Flomo
Trevor Roell
47.77aEagles Wings

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Goodness Akindemowo
Denzel Brown
Leroy Kwateh
Genuine Matthews
42.42aReal Athletics
2.17-18Nathan White
Caelon Harkey
James Warren
Kurtis Cotton
43.25aBellevue Breeze Rec ...
3.17-18Thomas Kelly V
Todd Beadle
Jacoby White
Corey Folds Jr
43.53aJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
4.17-18Shaheed Bell
Brenden Eyrich
Malachi Lossow
Javien Versey
44.02aEagles Wings
5.17-18Evan McClellon
Alex McFarland
Seakh Menheer
Darren Misiak
44.44aPark Flyers Track & ...

4x400 Relay  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Jhett Johnson
Alexander Garren
Dominic Garren
Ethan Eggen
6:09.60aWest Omaha Track

4x400 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Leo Yudelson
Rylan Melcher
Fletcher Morris
Gavin Stammer
5:24.79aWest Omaha Track
2.11-12Michael Boehm
Wesley Havelka
Xander Koski
Thomas Vasquez
5:35.56aCornhusker Flyers

4x400 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Rob Hruska III
Ian Klimowicz
Andrew Schmitz
Tyler Wilson
5:15.73aCornhusker Flyers

4x400 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jaxson Brown
Eugene Dixon
Montrea Talabi
Nathan Flomo
3:45.99aEagles Wings
15-16Jacob Brown
Brendon Johnson-Snyders
Michael Kruse
Sam Hurcomb
DNSPark Flyers Track & ...

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jacoby White
Aaron Johnson
Todd Beadle
Corey Folds Jr
3:25.37aJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
17-18Benjamin Grosse
Evan McClellon
Sam Akers
Samuel Hoyt
DNSPark Flyers Track & ...

4x800 Relay  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Michael Boehm
Wesley Havelka
Xander Koski
Thomas Vasquez
12:44.76aCornhusker Flyers

Shot Put - 2kg  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Brennan Lunde6.49m PRAll-American Track C...
2.7-8Jack Chambers6.35mCornhusker Flyers
3.7-8Nathaniel Scheef6.22m PRWest Omaha Track
4.7-8Jermaine Ballard5.96mBoys & Girls of Midl...
5.7-8Jackson Scheef5.96mWest Omaha Track
6.7-8Leo Cauble5.61mWest Omaha Track
7.7-8Alexander Williamson4.75m PREagles Wings
8.7-8Holden Moore3.83m PRLynx Youth Track Club
9.7-8Brady Fadiga3.26m PRTiger Track Club
10.7-8Owen Gallentine2.86mLynx Youth Track Club
11.6UBraylon Jackson2.43m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
12.7-8Joshua Declouet2.30m PREagles Wings
6URickie ThomasDNS30-Unattached

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Jackson McClung8.20m PRLincoln Youth Track
2.9-10Alexander Buescher7.28m SRLincoln Youth Track
3.9-10Jaxon Cherry7.21m PRLynx Youth Track Club
4.3Carson McInerney6.54m PR40-Unattached
5.9-10Thomas Windels6.52m PRREAL Track & Field
6.9-10Cooper Grosserode6.38m PRLincoln Community Tr...
7.3James Phebus5.69m PR20-Unattached
8.4Michael Aber4.67m PR30-Unattached
9.9-10Alexander Windels4.48mREAL Track & Field
10.9-10Terrance Russell Jr4.24mMinnesota Track Spikes
11.9-10Connor Lunde4.06mAll-American Track C...
9-10Dallas DowneyFOULTrack Minnesota Elite

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jaymes Sizer11.50m PRLincoln Community Tr...
2.11-12J'Dyn Bullion10.63m SRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.11-12Caden Lafleur10.58m PR29-Unattached
4.5Justin Gleason9.42m PR30-Unattached
5.5Ian Phebus9.34m PR20-Unattached
6.11-12Anden Schieldt8.73m PRLa Crosse Track Club
7.11-12Ja'von Watson8.65m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
8.4Thomas RedWing III7.33m30-Unattached
9.11-12Peter Schaehrer6.90mPark Flyers Track & ...
10.11-12Isaiah Fisher5.80mTornado Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Jaxson Minear6.03mCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.9-10Kayd Matthews5.22mWest Omaha Track
3.9-10Alexander Windels4.16mREAL Track & Field
9-10Jackson McClungDNSLincoln Youth Track

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.5Christian Batchlor8.99m PR30-Unattached
2.11-12Isaac Jeffrey8.63mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Jessie Cauble8.45m PRWest Omaha Track
4.11-12Nathaniel White8.05mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.11-12Kash Bates7.11mLincoln Youth Track
6.11-12Reece Grosserode6.69m PRLincoln Community Tr...
7.5Paul Missiaen6.03m20-Unattached
8.11-12Jude Owens3.63mAll-American Track C...

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Tristan Gray13.66m PR29-Unattached
2.13-14Keyshawn Pettis11.44m SRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.13-14Tyler Brown11.22m PRLincoln Youth Track
4.13-14Samuel Scheef10.96mWest Omaha Track
4.13-14Ronzell Dameron10.96mWest Side Track
6.6Steele Tebay10.43m30-Unattached
7.13-14Ian Klimowicz10.39m SRCornhusker Flyers
8.7Drake Swenson9.99m PR52-Unattached
9.13-14Tyler Wilson9.16mCornhusker Flyers
10.13-14Justice Miller8.36mCentral Iowa Excalib...
11.13-14Julian Diedrich7.86m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
12.13-14Jackson Walker7.48m PRTeam NoDak
13.13-14Da'quan Spearman6.96mEagles Wings
13-14Cade ParkerDNSCedar RapidsTrack
6Peyton IhnsDNS30-Unattached

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Kaedon Thurman10.03mLincoln Youth Track
2.13-14Drake Woody8.65mIowa Speed Track & F...
3.8Jacob Fisher8.27m20-Unattached
4.13-14Chantz Minear7.33mCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.13-14Caden Bry6.72m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Koah Thompson6.18mCentral Iowa Excalib...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached
13-14Tevin MatthewDNSJoe Sims Milwaukee S...

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Thomas Lundmark14.40m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
2.15-16Kendell Jackson14.16m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
3.15-16Kyle Atkinson Jr14.15m30-Unattached
4.15-16Maxwell Otterdahl13.13m PRREAL Track & Field
5.15-16Zander Gray13.09m PRWings of Omaha Track
6.10Patrick Horvath13.03m PR20-Unattached
7.15-16Will Gray11.71mWings of Omaha Track
8.15-16Alexander Walker11.30m PRTeam NoDak
9.15-16Samuel Jackson11.04m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
10.15-16Zach Gillem10.99mPark Flyers Track & ...
11.15-16Tyler White-Welchen10.66mWings of Omaha Track
12.15-16Drew Loukota10.53mWings of Omaha Track
13.15-16Jarrett Proby10.10mWings of Omaha Track
14.15-16Landry Mugisha10.07m PREagles Wings
15.15-16Kester Wubben8.93mTrack Minnesota Elite
16.15-16Kristian Harris8.70m SRWings of Omaha Track
15-16Eleazar RottDNSEagles Wings

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Ethan Ruh17.45m PRCornhusker Flyers
2.17-18Jake Kubiatowicz16.45m30-Unattached
3.17-18Trevor Otterdahl16.27mREAL Track & Field
4.11Rhys Enderle13.34m20-Unattached
5.17-18Jedidiah Jones12.26m PREagles Wings
6.17-18Larry Darby9.81mTrack Minnesota Elite
10Ryan ElwingFOUL20-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.9Kaden Wolsky11.28m PR52-Unattached
2.15-16John List11.16mMadison Eastside Sha...
3.15-16Brittan Burns10.19m PR30-Unattached
4.15-16Luke Hupp9.00m PRKenosha Phlyerz
5.9Thomas Bradshaw8.98m20-Unattached
6.15-16Edward Thompson8.16mCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jacob Heitkamp12.52mCornhusker Flyers
2.11Jack Herkert10.79m PR20-Unattached
3.11Spencer Howe10.70m PR30-Unattached
4.17-18Alexander Holmes10.28m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
5.17-18Tyler Enerson9.93m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
6.17-18Dominique Smith9.68m20-Unattached
7.17-18Collin Sieffert9.54m30-Unattached
8.17-18Peter Wysocki9.45m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
9.12Ken Westrick9.38m PR40-Unattached
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht8.71m PRCornhusker Flyers

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Caden Lafleur29.50m29-Unattached
2.11-12Kash Bates20.46m PRLincoln Youth Track
3.11-12Peter Schaehrer19.97m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.5Ian Phebus18.53m20-Unattached
5.11-12Maxwell Scheef18.02m PRWest Omaha Track
6.11-12Ryan DuSaire15.73m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.4Thomas RedWing III15.66m30-Unattached
8.11-12Jacob Bench11.91mWest Side Track
9.11-12Isaiah Fisher11.19mTornado Track
10.6Kenneth Moore10.97m20-Unattached

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Kaedon Thurman46.28mLincoln Youth Track
2.13-14Tristan Gray43.59m PR29-Unattached
3.13-14Tyler Brown41.96mLincoln Youth Track
4.8Edward Hydukovich41.11m PR20-Unattached
5.7Drake Swenson38.72m52-Unattached
6.13-14Ronzell Dameron32.85m PRWest Side Track
7.13-14Tyler Wilson27.63mCornhusker Flyers
8.6Steele Tebay26.15m30-Unattached
9.13-14Justice Miller22.02mCentral Iowa Excalib...
10.13-14Jackson Walker21.50mTeam NoDak
11.13-14Jared Swartwood20.17mOmaha Racers
12.13-14Samuel Scheef20.17mWest Omaha Track
13.13-14Ian Jeffery17.09mTrack Minnesota Elite
13-14Luke SilgenDNSREAL Track & Field
6Peyton IhnsDNS30-Unattached

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Kendell Jackson44.30m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.15-16Isaac Erbes42.64m40-Unattached
3.10John Herlofsky39.09m30-Unattached
4.15-16Kyle Atkinson Jr38.83m PR30-Unattached
5.15-16Will Gray38.56m SRWings of Omaha Track
6.15-16Thomas Lundmark37.49m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.15-16Alexander Walker35.48m PRTeam NoDak
8.15-16Tyler White-Welchen34.70m SRWings of Omaha Track
9.15-16Drew Loukota32.83m PRWings of Omaha Track
10.15-16Maxwell Otterdahl32.40mREAL Track & Field
11.15-16Jarrett Proby32.33m PRWings of Omaha Track
12.10Patrick Horvath31.42m PR20-Unattached
13.15-16Samuel Jackson30.13mCentral Iowa Excalib...
14.15-16Josiah Sutton28.42m PREagles Wings
15.15-16Zach Gillem28.25m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
16.15-16Landry Mugisha27.32m PREagles Wings
17.15-16Samuel Ojebode21.24m PREagles Wings
18.15-16Christopher Boehm20.93m PRCornhusker Flyers
15-16Eleazar RottDNSEagles Wings

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jake Kubiatowicz53.93m30-Unattached
2.12Tyler Goeller45.89m40-Unattached
3.17-18Ethan Ruh45.43mCornhusker Flyers
4.11Al'Moni Chambers42.84m20-Unattached
5.11Rhys Enderle42.35m PR20-Unattached
6.17-18Trevor Otterdahl41.60mREAL Track & Field
7.17-18Isaiah Yaroch36.15m PRAthletics North
8.17-18Jedidiah Jones32.25mEagles Wings
9.10Ryan Elwing31.57m20-Unattached
17-18Ty OgrenDNSRagnarök Athletic Club
17-18Larry DarbyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns30.90m PR30-Unattached
2.15-16John List28.95mMadison Eastside Sha...
3.9Thomas Bradshaw28.85m PR20-Unattached
4.9Kaden Wolsky27.89m52-Unattached
5.15-16Luke Hupp26.27m PRKenosha Phlyerz
6.15-16Edward Thompson24.10mCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

Discus - 1.6kg  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jacob Heitkamp38.45m PRCornhusker Flyers
2.17-18Dominique Smith34.68m PR20-Unattached
3.17-18Collin Sieffert29.90m PR30-Unattached
4.11Spencer Howe28.13m PR30-Unattached
5.12Ken Westrick24.57m40-Unattached
6.17-18Tyler Enerson23.37m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.17-18Nathan Rupprecht23.08mCornhusker Flyers
8.17-18Alexander Holmes22.98m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
9.11Jack Herkert22.36m PR20-Unattached
10.17-18Peter Wysocki20.32m PRRagnarök Athletic Club

Javelin - 300g TJ  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jackson Scheef24.70m PRWest Omaha Track
2.7-8Nathaniel Scheef19.48m PRWest Omaha Track
3.7-8Jaylen Young13.79m PRREAL Track & Field
4.7-8Zachary Buescher12.38mLincoln Youth Track
5.7-8Alexander Williamson11.69mEagles Wings
6.7-8Brady Fadiga11.37m PRTiger Track Club
7.7-8Keagan Whitmarsh10.90m PRWest Omaha Track
8.7-8Holden Moore10.38m PRLynx Youth Track Club
9.7-8Jaeden Jackson8.83m PREagles Wings
10.7-8Lysanias Shelby II8.62m PREagles Wings
11.7-8Randy Johnson-Hill8.46mMidwest Striders
12.7-8Ben Turner7.94mIowa Speed Track & F...
13.6ULyndon Shelby6.79mEagles Wings
14.7-8Owen Gallentine5.66mLynx Youth Track Club
15.6ULyncoln Shelby3.79m PREagles Wings
7-8Kristopher BakerDNSWings of Omaha Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Jamar Carson26.52m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.9-10Garrett Papermaster24.36m PRMerton Area Running
3.9-10Delairo Koonce-Brown22.96m PRMidwest Striders
4.9-10Marlow Hampton22.64m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.9-10Nigel Caldwell21.68m PRVictory Track and Fi...
6.9-10Jaxson Minear20.93m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
7.9-10Alexander Buescher20.65m PRLincoln Youth Track
8.9-10Jackson McClung19.66mLincoln Youth Track
9.9-10Alexander Windels17.28mREAL Track & Field
10.9-10Thomas Windels16.82m PRREAL Track & Field
11.9-10Brayden Moore16.36mLynx Youth Track Club
12.9-10Timmy Webber Jr15.93mEagles Wings
13.9-10Alexander Garren15.42mWest Omaha Track
14.4Michael Aber13.86m30-Unattached
15.9-10Edward Jones III13.82mKenosha Phlyerz
9-10Dallas DowneyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
9-10Gavin MillerDNSREAL Track & Field

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Isaiah Stennis39.01mBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.11-12Jacob Bodin34.01m PRFalcon Track
3.11-12Kash Bates33.34mLincoln Youth Track
4.11-12Maxwell Scheef32.44m PRWest Omaha Track
5.11-12Peter Schaehrer28.91m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.11-12Riley Bry25.51m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.6Kenneth Moore18.99m20-Unattached
8.11-12Isaiah Fisher17.86m PRTornado Track
9.4Thomas RedWing III15.90m30-Unattached
11-12Jordan KuhlmannDNSEagles Wings

Javelin - 600g  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Drake Woody41.64mIowa Speed Track & F...
2.13-14Tyler Brown38.64mLincoln Youth Track
3.13-14Kaedon Thurman37.48mLincoln Youth Track
4.13-14Ian Klimowicz31.92mCornhusker Flyers
5.13-14Tyler Wilson31.70mCornhusker Flyers
6.13-14Alexander Boerner30.49mBellevue Breeze Rec ...
7.13-14Samuel Scheef30.32mWest Omaha Track
8.13-14Conrad Schroeder28.26mLincoln Community Tr...
9.13-14Seth Johnson23.50m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
10.13-14Ethan Keeney22.94mIowa Speed Track & F...
11.8Jacob Fisher22.58m20-Unattached
12.13-14Andrew Laqua20.42mTeam NoDak
13.13-14Gavin Keeney19.68m PRIowa Speed Track & F...
14.13-14Jackson Walker16.57mTeam NoDak
13-14Justice MillerDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...
13-14Ian JefferyDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
7Declan RodefeldDNS30-Unattached

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Jarrett Proby43.65mWings of Omaha Track
2.15-16John List41.35mMadison Eastside Sha...
3.15-16Tyler White-Welchen38.14m SRWings of Omaha Track
4.15-16Josiah Sutton37.58m PREagles Wings
5.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders35.15m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.15-16Landry Mugisha34.52m PREagles Wings
7.10Adam Mark30.65m52-Unattached
8.15-16Stefano Covelli-Guerra30.37m PRKenosha Phlyerz
9.15-16Will Gray30.11mWings of Omaha Track
10.15-16Kester Wubben15.25mTrack Minnesota Elite
15-16Samuel JacksonDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Kendell JacksonDNSCentral Iowa Excalib...

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Preston Cuddy51.17mLincoln Youth Track
2.17-18Raheem Jones43.38m PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
3.17-18Daniel Kuntz41.48m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
4.10Ryan Elwing39.32m20-Unattached
5.17-18Larry Darby27.75m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
6.17-18Parker Phillips27.46mTrack Minnesota Elite
7.17-18Steven Nye26.04m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
17-18Jedidiah JonesDNSEagles Wings
17-18Ty OgrenDNSRagnarök Athletic Club
11Daniel PierceDNS52-Unattached

Javelin - 800g  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16John List43.54mMadison Eastside Sha...
2.9Kaden Wolsky38.25m52-Unattached
3.9Thomas Bradshaw37.88m PR20-Unattached
4.15-16Luke Hupp35.58m PRKenosha Phlyerz
5.15-16Brittan Burns29.45m PR30-Unattached
6.15-16Edward Thompson28.43mCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

Javelin - 800g  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jacob Heitkamp47.27m PRCornhusker Flyers
2.11Jack Herkert42.46m PR20-Unattached
3.17-18Dominique Smith38.44m PR20-Unattached
4.12Ken Westrick36.38m PR40-Unattached
5.11Spencer Howe32.13m30-Unattached
6.17-18Peter Wysocki30.93m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.17-18Alexander Holmes29.01m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
8.17-18Tyler Enerson28.82m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
9.17-18Collin Sieffert27.04m PR30-Unattached
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht26.83m PRCornhusker Flyers

High Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Gabriel Cline1.30m PREast Ridge Athletic ...
2.9-10Kayd Matthews1.20mWest Omaha Track
3.9-10Gavin Ough1.15mWest Omaha Track
4.9-10Jaxson Minear1.15mCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.9-10Miles Newton1.15m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.9-10Jaxon Cherry1.05m PRLynx Youth Track Club
7.9-10Jhett Johnson1.00m PRWest Omaha Track
7.9-10Dominic Garren1.00mWest Omaha Track
9.9-10Alexander Garren0.95mWest Omaha Track
10.9-10Brayden Moore0.85mLynx Youth Track Club
3Porter GrangerDNS52-Unattached

High Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Jessie Cauble1.40mWest Omaha Track
2.11-12William Kyle III1.40mBellevue Breeze Rec ...
2.11-12Quinn Servais1.40mLa Crosse Track Club
2.5Caiden Gourley1.40m PR40-Unattached
5.11-12Cole Eberly1.40m PRIowa Speed Track & F...
6.11-12Wyatt Ledinsky1.35m PRDes Moines Area Yout...
7.11-12Jacob Bodin1.30mFalcon Track
8.11-12Jaivon Hill1.20mTrack Minnesota Elite
9.7Hayden Haag1.20m PR30-Unattached
10.11-12Maxwell Scheef1.20mWest Omaha Track
11.11-12Carter Maffet1.10mKenosha Phlyerz

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dante White1.80m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
2.13-14Matthew Medill1.70mBellevue Breeze Rec ...
3.13-14Luke Ferro1.65mStevens Point Area R...
4.13-14Thomas Fidone II1.60mHigh Voltage
5.13-14Cale Pritchett1.60mWest Side Track
6.13-14Samuel Scheef1.55mWest Omaha Track
7.7Alec Burns1.50m PR30-Unattached
8.13-14Demarion Watson1.40mTrack Minnesota Elite
9.13-14Tevin Matthew1.35mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
9.6Steele Tebay1.35m30-Unattached
9.13-14Koah Thompson1.35mCentral Iowa Excalib...
12.13-14Cullen Bereza1.35m PRKenosha Phlyerz
13.13-14William Ventling1.35m PROmaha Racers
13-14Luke SilgenNHREAL Track & Field

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Joshua Darwin1.88m PR52-Unattached
2.15-16Brittan Burns1.88m PR30-Unattached
3.15-16Aaron English1.83mCornhusker Flyers
4.15-16Morgan Conner1.78m PR29-Unattached
5.15-16Luke Hupp1.78mKenosha Phlyerz
6.15-16Marcus Vaughn-jones1.68mWings of Omaha Track
7.8Bryce Woelfel1.58m20-Unattached
7.9Thomas Bradshaw1.58m20-Unattached

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.11Cameron Cantrall2.00m PR40-Unattached
2.17-18Mayson Conner1.95m29-Unattached
3.11Zachary Dybul1.95m20-Unattached
4.17-18Darrell Handy1.95mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.17-18Terrell Handy Jr1.85m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
6.11Payton Granger1.80m PR52-Unattached
7.17-18Daniel Kuntz1.80mTrack Minnesota Elite
8.17-18Benjamin Grosse1.75mPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Calvin Matthew IIIDNSJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
17-18Alstian WalkerDNSBellevue Breeze Rec ...

High Jump  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Jaxson Minear1.15mCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.9-10Kayd Matthews1.10mWest Omaha Track
3.9-10Alexander Windels0.95m PRREAL Track & Field
9-10Jackson McClungDNSLincoln Youth Track

High Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Jessie Cauble1.45m PRWest Omaha Track
2.11-12Nathaniel White1.40m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
2.11-12Isaac Jeffrey1.40mTrack Minnesota Elite
4.11-12Reece Grosserode1.30m PRLincoln Community Tr...
5.5Christian Batchlor1.25m30-Unattached
6.5Paul Missiaen1.15m PR20-Unattached
7.11-12Kash Bates1.10mLincoln Youth Track
8.11-12Jude Owens0.95m PRAll-American Track C...

High Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Kaedon Thurman1.65m PRLincoln Youth Track
2.13-14Chantz Minear1.40mCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.13-14Koah Thompson1.40mCentral Iowa Excalib...
4.8Jacob Fisher1.35m20-Unattached
5.13-14Caden Bry1.30m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Drake Woody1.25mIowa Speed Track & F...
13-14Tevin MatthewDNSJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached

High Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns1.77m30-Unattached
2.15-16Luke Hupp1.67mKenosha Phlyerz
3.15-16John List1.62m PRMadison Eastside Sha...
3.9Thomas Bradshaw1.62m20-Unattached
3.15-16Edward Thompson1.62mCentral Iowa Excalib...
6.9Kaden Wolsky1.52m PR52-Unattached
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

High Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Jacob Heitkamp1.82mCornhusker Flyers
1.11Jack Herkert1.82m PR20-Unattached
3.12Ken Westrick1.77m PR40-Unattached
3.17-18Tyler Enerson1.77m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
5.17-18Alexander Holmes1.67m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
5.17-18Collin Sieffert1.67m30-Unattached
5.17-18Dominique Smith1.67m PR20-Unattached
8.17-18Nathan Rupprecht1.62mCornhusker Flyers
8.17-18Peter Wysocki1.62m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
10.11Spencer Howe1.47m30-Unattached

Pole Vault  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Chantz Minear2.05mCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.13-14Koah Thompson2.05m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.9Chase Berry4.30m PR29-Unattached
2.9Hawkin Petron3.70m PR30-Unattached
3.15-16Jack Hodge3.55m29-Unattached
4.9Jens Christensen3.40m PR52-Unattached
5.15-16Zach Runde3.40mTeam NoDak
6.15-16Alex Berg2.95m PRSouthern Minnesota V...
6.15-16Brendon Johnson-Snyders2.95mPark Flyers Track & ...
8.15-16Edward Thompson2.80m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
10Calvin CiganikNH30-Unattached

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.12Erik Olson4.40m PR30-Unattached
2.11Drew Dockendorf4.25m PR30-Unattached
3.12Kyle Johnson4.25m PR30-Unattached
4.11Keenan Graef3.95m PR20-Unattached
5.17-18Alexander Holmes3.80m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
5.17-18Dalton Berry3.80m PR29-Unattached
7.17-18Darrell Handy3.80mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
8.10Braedon Gumke3.65m PR52-Unattached
8.17-18Zachary Paustian3.65m PRTeam NoDak
10.17-18Steven Nye3.50m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
11Grant SchmeichelDNS52-Unattached
17-18Logan TaylorDNSRagnarök Athletic Club
17-18Kishen PatelDNSRagnarök Athletic Club

Pole Vault  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.9Kaden Wolsky3.32m52-Unattached
2.9Thomas Bradshaw3.17m PR20-Unattached
3.15-16Brittan Burns2.87m30-Unattached
4.15-16John List2.72mMadison Eastside Sha...
5.15-16Edward Thompson2.57mCentral Iowa Excalib...
15-16Luke HuppNHKenosha Phlyerz
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

Pole Vault  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Dominique Smith4.07m PR20-Unattached
2.17-18Alexander Holmes3.32mRagnarök Athletic Club
3.11Jack Herkert3.17m PR20-Unattached
4.12Ken Westrick3.02m PR40-Unattached
4.11Spencer Howe3.02m PR30-Unattached
6.17-18Collin Sieffert2.87m30-Unattached
7.17-18Peter Wysocki2.72m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
7.17-18Jacob Heitkamp2.72mCornhusker Flyers
7.17-18Tyler Enerson2.72m PRRagnarök Athletic Club
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht2.27mCornhusker Flyers

Long Jump  8 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Jackson Scheef3.89m PRWest Omaha Track
2.7-8Zion Rush3.84m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.7-8Leo Cauble3.53mWest Omaha Track
4.7-8Evan Roell3.34mMerton Area Running
5.7-8Brennan Lunde3.21m PRAll-American Track C...
6.7-8Nathaniel Scheef3.17mWest Omaha Track
7.7-8Jaeden Jackson3.09m PREagles Wings
8.7-8Heston Anderson3.06m PRREAL Track & Field
9.7-8Vincent Lombardo2.94m PRMerton Area Running
10.7-8Ben Turner2.78m SRIowa Speed Track & F...
11.7-8Landon Zink2.69mTeam NoDak
12.2Weston Clementson2.68m30-Unattached
13.6ULyndon Shelby2.60m PREagles Wings
14.7-8Lysanias Shelby II2.35mEagles Wings
15.1Jakin Miller2.03m30-Unattached
16.7-8John Smida1.98mMinnesota Track Spikes
17.6ULyncoln Shelby1.25m PREagles Wings
7-8Kristopher BakerDNSWings of Omaha Track

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.5Rowdy Bauer4.34m PR29-Unattached
2.9-10Maurice Bell4.23m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
3.9-10Carter Reckelberg4.11m PRMinnesota Track Spikes
4.9-10Donald Defrand Jr4.09m PRLincoln Youth Track
5.9-10Matthew Jarrett4.08m PRLa Crosse Track Club
6.9-10Ronell Gibbs Jr4.03m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
7.9-10Truitt Brannan3.97m PRTeam NoDak
8.9-10Noah Hager3.97m PRWest Side Track
9.9-10James Johnson3.84m PRTeam NoDak
10.9-10Avery Batala3.69m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
11.9-10Elijah Jackson3.65m PRStevens Point Area R...
12.9-10Tommy Schreiner3.63m PRTeam NoDak
13.9-10Zachary McKay3.63m PRAll-American Track C...
14.9-10Mitchell Darst3.63m PRTiger Track Club
15.9-10Rashad Fischer3.56m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
16.9-10Nigel Caldwell3.54m PRVictory Track and Fi...
17.9-10Derrick Evans Jr3.52m PREagles Wings
18.9-10Isaac Schumacher3.31mTeam NoDak
19.9-10Niko Zink3.13mTeam NoDak
20.9-10Axel Maceda3.11m PRDes Moines Area Yout...
21.9-10Edward Jones III2.64mKenosha Phlyerz
3Carson BrockhausDNS52-Unattached
9-10Gabriel ClineDNSEast Ridge Athletic ...
3Porter GrangerDNS52-Unattached
9-10Broden DahlDNSMerton Area Running
9-10Oliver TadewaldDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Juriad Hughes Jr5.12m PRI.C.A.A./Breeze
2.11-12Isaac Jeffrey5.07m PRTrack Minnesota Elite
3.11-12Bennett Fried4.96mLa Crosse Track Club
4.11-12Nathaniel White4.94m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.11-12DrewDeShawn Damper Jr4.92m PRBoys & Girls of Midl...
6.11-12Jaylen Lloyd4.80mBoys & Girls of Midl...
7.11-12Ty Dingman4.71m PRWest Omaha Track
8.11-12Lucas Heyroth4.69m PR20-Unattached
9.6Mason Perich4.45m PR30-Unattached
10.11-12Reece Grosserode4.33mLincoln Community Tr...
11.5Keondre Bryant4.32m30-Unattached
12.6Leighton Olesen4.30m PR40-Unattached
13.11-12Jessie Cauble4.25mWest Omaha Track
14.5Justin Gleason4.09m30-Unattached
15.11-12Kaleb Lewis4.09mMinnesota Track Spikes
16.11-12Gavin Stammer4.07mWest Omaha Track
17.11-12Luke Berge3.99m PRAberdeen Area Running
18.11-12Zach Robus3.98mWaukee Track Club
19.11-12Laron Dameron3.85m PRWest Side Track
20.11-12Steven Tipton II3.72mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
21.5Quinn Roehl3.51m PR52-Unattached
6Alexander HulteenDNS30-Unattached

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Demetrius Marshall6.11m PREagles Wings
2.13-14Dante White6.05mTrack Minnesota Elite
3.13-14Timothy Berge5.57mTeam NoDak
4.13-14Matthew Medill5.43m PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
5.13-14George Jackson5.38mReal Athletics
6.13-14Luke Ferro5.00mStevens Point Area R...
7.13-14Ian Klimowicz4.85m PRCornhusker Flyers
8.13-14Oisin Leopold4.75mIowa Speed Track & F...
9.8Cooper Glenn4.70m52-Unattached
10.13-14Amani Patton4.38mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
11.13-14Logan Grover4.37mI-Run
12.13-14Caden Bry4.28mPark Flyers Track & ...
13.13-14Timothy Johnson4.18mPark Flyers Track & ...
14.13-14Tayler Ott3.92m PRI-Run
15.13-14Alex Dueker3.67mIowa Speed Track & F...
13-14Ryan SartainFOULIowa Speed Track & F...
13-14Koah ThompsonFOULCentral Iowa Excalib...
13-14Ashton BrownFOULReal Athletics
13-14Samuel BryanDNSPark Flyers Track & ...

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Zachary Hangman6.63m PRCornhusker Flyers
2.15-16Jacob Levin5.90mTeam NoDak
3.15-16Trokon Karngar5.83m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
4.15-16Luke Hupp5.65mKenosha Phlyerz
5.9Thomas Bradshaw5.64m20-Unattached
6.15-16Sam Hurcomb5.54m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
7.15-16Edward Thompson5.52mCentral Iowa Excalib...
8.15-16Jacob Brechtel5.30m PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
9.15-16Samuel Wesner5.26mOak Creek
10.15-16Stefano Covelli-Guerra4.73mKenosha Phlyerz
8Pierce SchmeichelDNS52-Unattached
15-16Carlos Horcacitas-MartinDNSRagnarök Athletic Club
10Jake JohnstonDNS20-Unattached
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...
15-16Tyler BurianDNSTeam NoDak
15-16Alek RoggenbuckDNSPark Flyers Track & ...
15-16Trevor RoellDNSEagles Wings

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Kody Weiland6.57m20-Unattached
2.17-18Nathan White6.52m PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
3.17-18Alstian Walker6.44m PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.17-18Darren Misiak6.34m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
5.17-18Jacoby White6.33m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
6.17-18Thomas Kelly V6.18m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
7.17-18Brian Pittman6.15m PRN.O. Bengals Track
8.17-18Reed Overweg6.13m PRAberdeen Area Running
9.17-18Conor Penington6.06mWest Omaha Track
10.11Payton Granger5.99m52-Unattached
11.17-18Jacob Cubacub-Johannes5.74mTornado Track
12.17-18Korvante Lott5.65mN.O. Bengals Track
13.17-18Seakh Menheer5.00mPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Alex SpillumDNSTrack Minnesota Elite
11Lucas LarsonDNS30-Unattached
17-18Benjamin GrosseDNSPark Flyers Track & ...
17-18Javon KunkelFOULREAL Track & Field
17-18Kyle StallDNSTornado Track

Long Jump  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Isaac Jeffrey4.77mTrack Minnesota Elite
2.11-12Jessie Cauble4.42mWest Omaha Track
3.11-12Nathaniel White4.38mJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
4.11-12Reece Grosserode4.26mLincoln Community Tr...
5.5Christian Batchlor3.51m30-Unattached
6.5Paul Missiaen3.41m PR20-Unattached
7.11-12Kash Bates3.37mLincoln Youth Track
8.11-12Jude Owens2.78m PRAll-American Track C...

Long Jump  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Drake Woody4.89mIowa Speed Track & F...
2.13-14Kaedon Thurman4.85m PRLincoln Youth Track
3.8Jacob Fisher4.79m PR20-Unattached
4.13-14Chantz Minear4.76mCentral Iowa Excalib...
5.13-14Caden Bry4.63m PRPark Flyers Track & ...
6.13-14Koah Thompson4.20mCentral Iowa Excalib...
7Alec BurnsDNS30-Unattached
13-14Tevin MatthewDNSJoe Sims Milwaukee S...

Long Jump  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns5.94m (.0)30-Unattached
2.9Thomas Bradshaw5.83m (1.0)20-Unattached
3.15-16Luke Hupp5.77m PR (1.0)Kenosha Phlyerz
4.15-16Edward Thompson5.62m (1.2)Central Iowa Excalib...
5.15-16John List5.34m (1.0)Madison Eastside Sha...
6.9Kaden Wolsky5.30m PR (-.8)52-Unattached
15-16Nick GerardDNSIowa Speed Track & F...

Long Jump  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.11Jack Herkert6.55m PR (1.0)20-Unattached
2.17-18Tyler Enerson6.45m PR (2.0)Ragnarök Athletic Club
3.17-18Jacob Heitkamp6.15m PR (1.6)Cornhusker Flyers
4.17-18Dominique Smith6.11m PR (.0)20-Unattached
5.12Ken Westrick5.95m PR (2.1)40-Unattached
6.17-18Peter Wysocki5.80m PR (.7)Ragnarök Athletic Club
7.17-18Collin Sieffert5.55m PR (.7)30-Unattached
8.11Spencer Howe5.51m PR (1.3)30-Unattached
8.17-18Alexander Holmes5.51m PR (1.4)Ragnarök Athletic Club
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht4.87m (1.2)Cornhusker Flyers

Triple Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Quentin Menyweather10.70mBoys & Girls of Midl...
2.8Cooper Glenn10.43m PR52-Unattached
3.13-14James Vawter8.55mCornhusker Flyers
4.13-14William Ventling8.19mOmaha Racers
5.13-14Andrew Schmitz7.16m SRCornhusker Flyers

Triple Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tarek Schraith12.24m PR (4.2)La Crosse Track Club
2.15-16Tavonne Miller-Celestine11.91m (.6)I.C.A.A./Breeze
3.15-16Derrick Morman11.63m SR (.4)Wings of Omaha Track
4.15-16Christopher Gray Jr11.44m PR (1.2)Wings of Omaha Track
5.15-16Sam Hurcomb11.37m (2.0)Park Flyers Track & ...
6.9John Lynn10.80m (1.6)30-Unattached
7.8Jaden Radcliff10.72m (.3)20-Unattached
8.15-16Alek Roggenbuck10.67m PR (.0)Park Flyers Track & ...
15-16Jack HodgeDNS29-Unattached
15-16Carlos Horcacitas-MartinDNSRagnarök Athletic Club

Triple Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Brian Pittman13.83mN.O. Bengals Track
2.17-18Alstian Walker13.27m PRBellevue Breeze Rec ...
3.17-18Nathan White13.26mBellevue Breeze Rec ...
4.17-18Terrell Handy Jr13.19m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
5.17-18Darrell Handy13.09m PRJoe Sims Milwaukee S...
6.17-18Kody Weiland12.93m20-Unattached
7.17-18Kyle Weiland12.67m20-Unattached
8.17-18Reed Overweg12.20m PRAberdeen Area Running
9.17-18Jacob Cubacub-Johannes11.37mTornado Track
17-18Javon KunkelDNSREAL Track & Field
17-18Daniel KuntzDNSTrack Minnesota Elite

Hammer - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Josiah Sutton27.27m PREagles Wings
2.15-16Alexander Walker26.58m PRTeam NoDak
3.15-16Christopher Boehm22.43m PRCornhusker Flyers
4.15-16Logan McLaughlin21.21m20-Unattached
5.15-16Landry Mugisha17.90m PREagles Wings

Hammer - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Kaden Elder38.74m30-Unattached
2.12Tyler Goeller28.47m PR40-Unattached
3.17-18Jedidiah Jones24.25mEagles Wings

Triathlon Score  9-10 - MultiEvent

1.9-10Jaxson Minear416 PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
2.9-10Kayd Matthews399West Omaha Track
3.9-10Alexander Windels202REAL Track & Field

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  11-12 - MultiEvent

1.11-12Jessie Cauble1914 PRWest Omaha Track
2.11-12Nathaniel White1709Joe Sims Milwaukee S...
3.11-12Reece Grosserode1502 PRLincoln Community Tr...
4.5Christian Batchlor148830-Unattached
5.11-12Kash Bates1329 PRLincoln Youth Track
6.5Paul Missiaen995 PR20-Unattached
7.11-12Jude Owens280 PRAll-American Track C...

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  13-14 - MultiEvent

1.13-14Drake Woody2237 PRIowa Speed Track & F...
2.13-14Kaedon Thurman2187 PRLincoln Youth Track
3.13-14Chantz Minear2119 PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
4.8Jacob Fisher2097 PR20-Unattached
5.13-14Koah Thompson1672 PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
6.13-14Caden Bry1291 PRPark Flyers Track & ...

Decathlon Score  15-16 - MultiEvent

1.15-16Brittan Burns532030-Unattached
2.15-16John List5107Madison Eastside Sha...
3.9Kaden Wolsky4851 PR52-Unattached
4.9Thomas Bradshaw4827 PR20-Unattached
5.15-16Edward Thompson4429 PRCentral Iowa Excalib...
6.15-16Luke Hupp4127 PRKenosha Phlyerz

Decathlon Score  17-18 - MultiEvent

1.17-18Dominique Smith5641 PR20-Unattached
2.11Jack Herkert5639 PR20-Unattached
3.17-18Jacob Heitkamp5472 PRCornhusker Flyers
4.12Ken Westrick5059 PR40-Unattached
5.17-18Tyler Enerson5030 PRRagnarök Athletic Club
6.17-18Collin Sieffert5010 PR30-Unattached
7.11Spencer Howe4598 PR30-Unattached
8.17-18Peter Wysocki4531 PRRagnarök Athletic Club
9.17-18Alexander Holmes4468 PRRagnarök Athletic Club
10.17-18Nathan Rupprecht3713 PRCornhusker Flyers