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55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kerron Gonzales6.57a PRAmityville Memorial
2.11Christophe Borzor6.58aUniondale
3.12Terrance Hinds6.65aAmityville Memorial
4.12Michael Thurmond6.79a PRGlen Cove
5.10Giordano Williams6.82aUniondale
6.12Kalvin O'Neal6.83a SRAmityville Memorial
7.12Najee Bass6.85aNew Rochelle
8.12Aaron Sanabria6.92aChrist The King

55 Meter Dash  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Dornell Mullings6.81aYonkers Public Schools
2.10Michael Hermance6.96aColonie Central
3.10Chanon Simmons7.05aLawrence
4.10Andre McGann7.09aChrist The King
5.9Tahliq Battle7.20aChrist The King
6.10Anthony Ferara7.22aHauppauge
7.10Donavon Woolley7.23a SRLawrence
8.10Hunter Hollins7.26aColonie Central

55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Najee Bass6.64aNew Rochelle
2.11Christophe Borzor6.65aUniondale
3.12Kerron Gonzales6.72aAmityville Memorial
4.12Terrance Hinds6.79aAmityville Memorial
5.12Michael Thurmond6.84aGlen Cove
6.12Aaron Sanabria6.84a PRChrist The King
7.12Kalvin O'Neal6.85aAmityville Memorial
8.10Giordano Williams6.86aUniondale
9.12Lucas Mathieu6.88aElmont Memorial
9.12Stephan Dupont6.88aLawrence
11.11Elyjah Pellew6.93a SRSuccess Academy of t...
12.11Ernie Robertson6.93a PRRiverdale Country
13.11Deonte Palmer7.01a PRAmityville Memorial
14.10Jordan Forrest7.04aNew Rochelle
15.11Max Harouche7.06a PRCold Spring Harbor
16.11Billy Hollis-Ragin7.11a PRNew Rochelle
17.12Kyle Garnsey7.13aColonie Central
18.12Sevin Malcolm7.14aElmont Memorial
19.11Daniel Murphy7.20a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
20.12Paul Tonic7.23aColonie Central
21.12Tasheen Moore7.24a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
22.11Donte Palmer7.26a PRAmityville Memorial
23.11Nicholas Simonetti7.34aGeneral Douglas Maca...
24.11Yorlly Paulino7.35a SRUniondale
25.12Hayden DiPalma7.39a PRNorth Shore
26.11Dakota Kessler7.44a PRNorth Shore
27.12Matt Wellington7.45aNew Rochelle
28.11Salvatore Fusco7.50a SROyster Bay-East Norw...
29.10Edward Obeng7.52aColonie Central
30.-Joel Mentor7.65a PRRiverdale Country
31.12Geofrey Verno7.65aAmityville Memorial
32.-Adam Fuentes7.67a PRNorth Shore
33.-Charlie Mather7.68a PRRiverdale Country
34.-Evan Greif7.80a PRRoslyn
35.11Nyleek Hendricks7.84a PRAmityville Memorial
36.11Wesley Jean-Pierre7.90a PRAmityville Memorial
37.11Samson Sickler7.92a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
38.12Jose Alvarez8.00aWestbury
39.12Ryan Gomez8.02aJericho
40.-Christiansen Peter8.06a PRNorth Shore
41.12David Dalton8.06a PRAmityville Memorial
42.-Adrian Oertiz8.10a PRNorth Shore
43.-Jagger Gilman8.17aNorth Shore
44.11Chris Happel8.36aGeneral Douglas Maca...
45.-Scott Schwartz8.42a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
46.-Bryan Lau8.45aGeneral Douglas Maca...
47.12Matt Grinelli8.50a PRNorth Shore
48.11Thomas Holler8.53a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
49.-Chris Luchessi8.78a PRNorth Shore
50.-Vicent Mercado8.91a PRNorth Shore
--12Timothy ForehandFSUniondale

55 Meter Dash  Frosh/Soph - Prelims

1.10Dornell Mullings6.81aYonkers Public Schools
2.10Michael Hermance6.99aColonie Central
3.10Chanon Simmons7.02a PRLawrence
4.10Andre McGann7.07aChrist The King
5.9Tahliq Battle7.18aChrist The King
6.10Anthony Ferara7.19a PRHauppauge
7.10Hunter Hollins7.24aColonie Central
8.10Donavon Woolley7.30aLawrence
9.10James Lin7.31aJericho
10.9Tirek Murphy7.32aChrist The King
11.8William Ledzema7.39aPort Jefferson (Earl...
12.10Gabriel Jean-Bart7.46aAmityville Memorial
13.9Matthew Then7.46a PRChrist The King
14.10Justin Seplowe7.49a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
15.10Isiah Washington7.54aAmityville Memorial
16.10Luke Cavanagh7.64a PRHauppauge
17.-Phineas Kraebber7.66aRiverdale Country
18.-Abner Sanchez7.83a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
19.10Thomas Fine7.97a PRHauppauge
20.10Joseph Gagnon7.98a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
21.10Michael Fennessy8.00a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
22.10Kevin Cho8.08a SRRoslyn
23.9Andrew Abbonizio8.19a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
24.10Joel Barrett8.27aAmityville Memorial
25.10Garrett Cerro8.29a PRHauppauge
26.9Col VanOverberghe8.33a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
27.-Connor Augstinson8.40a PRSeaford
28.9Manuel Fernandez8.49aGeneral Douglas Maca...
29.-Omar Piniero8.90aGeneral Douglas Maca...
30.-Chris Bellando8.91a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
31.-Sean Loftus9.05aGeneral Douglas Maca...
32.-Jack Dooley9.07a PRHauppauge
33.-Jacob Lando9.15a PRNorth Shore
34.-Cole Kessler9.18a PRNorth Shore
35.8Justin Schiralli9.82aSeaford

300 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kerron Gonzales36.79aAmityville Memorial
2.11Tyler Edmeade37.55aUniondale
3.12Kyle Garnsey37.80a PRColonie Central
4.11Max Harouche38.02aCold Spring Harbor
5.12Jack Casey38.26a PROyster Bay-East Norw...
6.11Nicholas Minerva38.31aSeaford
7.11James Sanchez38.70a PROssining Senior
8.12Jowell Dixon38.88aAmityville Memorial
9.12Daniel Battillo39.16a SRCold Spring Harbor
10.11Jacob Grant39.49a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
11.12Daniel Vargas39.65aGeneral Douglas Maca...
12.12Alijah Benymon39.83aAmityville Memorial
13.12Shawn Anand39.85a PRRoslyn
14.11Shemar Allen40.43a PRAmityville Memorial
15.11Xavier Allen41.00aWestbury
16.12Terrance Hinds41.93a PRAmityville Memorial
17.-Jeffrey Qui42.09a PRJericho
18.11David Mascolo42.83aSeaford
19.11Jose Rodriguez42.85a PRChrist The King
20.12Tom Vihopolous42.90a PRNorth Shore
21.11Joshua Watson43.10aNew Rochelle
22.11Michael Peterson43.52aHauppauge
23.11Brian Cheng43.71a PRJericho
24.12David Dalton43.78a PRAmityville Memorial
25.-Jagger Gilman43.81aNorth Shore
26.12Alejandro Cabrera43.86aOssining Senior
27.12Dylan Flynn44.15a PRHauppauge
28.-Evan Greif44.68a PRRoslyn
29.11Michael Barr44.69a PRHauppauge
30.11Dan Claps44.82a PRHauppauge
31.9Isaiah Allen45.15a PRWestbury
32.11Ian Valencia45.22aNew Rochelle
33.-Dillon Krug45.26aRiverdale Country
34.11Wesley Jean-Pierre45.50a PRAmityville Memorial
35.-Joshua Londin45.55a PRRoslyn
36.11Trevor Yee45.65a PROyster Bay-East Norw...
37.11Ismael Ramirez45.74aNew Rochelle
38.11Ramon Perez45.77aNew Rochelle
39.-Axel Heinemann46.30aRiverdale Country
40.11Matt Arroyave48.11aLawrence
41.11Christopher Liotta48.99a PRRoslyn
42.11Thomas Holler49.66a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
43.11Christo Jaiyesimi50.00a PRLawrence
44.-Vicent Mercado50.73aNorth Shore
45.11Chris Happel51.66aGeneral Douglas Maca...
46.10Felix McLymont51.95a PRCold Spring Harbor
47.12Anthony Lang52.71a PRChrist The King
48.11Hugo Alvarez54.08aLawrence

300 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Brandon Raysor37.65aOssining Senior
2.10Carlos Brito37.93a PRColonie Central
3.10Romario Grant40.16a PRSpring Creek Community
4.10Rafael Maldonado40.61aOssining Senior
5.9Tahliq Battle40.62a PRChrist The King
6.10James Vizza40.70a PRNorth Shore
7.9Jalen Romeo41.29aChrist The King
8.-Phineas Kraebber41.44aRiverdale Country
9.10Matt Ryan41.62aSeaford
10.10Isiah Washington42.58aAmityville Memorial
11.-Brandon Omateo43.24a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
12.10Jonathon Nieves43.56a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
13.10Nicholas Lividini44.04a PROssining Senior
14.9Isaiah Amir-Townes44.43aNew Rochelle
15.10Nick Kerins44.53aGeneral Douglas Maca...
16.-Spencer Nachman44.65aRiverdale Country
17.9Ajay Morrison44.66aChrist The King
18.9Andrew West44.75aWestbury
19.-Abner Sanchez45.04a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
20.-Ben Jenkins45.16aRiverdale Country
21.9Chris Flick45.17aGeneral Douglas Maca...
22.-Vicent Mercado45.25a PRNorth Shore
23.10Robert Hagner45.53a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
24.9Manuel Fernandez46.02aGeneral Douglas Maca...
25.10Elijah Crosbourne46.21a PRColonie Central
26.10Tyrell Spencer46.21a PRSpring Creek Community
27.10Joseph Gagnon46.52aGeneral Douglas Maca...
28.-Eli Pullaro46.53a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
29.-Brian Rodriguez47.07a PRSeaford
30.-Frank Gagliano47.08a PRSeaford
31.-Connor Augstinson48.06a PRSeaford
32.10Kory David48.14aSpring Creek Community
33.10David Rotunno48.83a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
34.9Eric Chin48.94a PRNew Rochelle
35.-Will Gomez-Castro48.98a PRNorth Shore
36.10Joel Barrett49.20aAmityville Memorial
37.8Justin Schiralli50.16a PRSeaford
38.-James Padavan50.41a PRSeaford
39.-Jack Dooley51.01a PRHauppauge
40.-Omar Piniero51.66aGeneral Douglas Maca...
41.-Chris Bellando51.67aSouth Side (Rockvill...
42.-Noah Kashman52.73a PRRoslyn
43.-Sean Loftus53.29aGeneral Douglas Maca...

600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dylan Welch1:24.32a PRNorth Shore
2.12Justin Riveira1:25.63a PRNorth Shore
3.11Malik Johnson1:26.46a PRElmont Memorial
4.12Ryan Kapoor1:26.51aJericho
5.12Damahya Coeur1:27.24aElmont Memorial
6.12Alex Singer1:27.74aRoslyn
7.11Jacob Grant1:27.79a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
8.11Andrew Shaw1:29.03aColonie Central
9.12Joseph Agyarko1:29.04aYonkers Public Schools
10.12Preston Cucuzza1:29.80aRoslyn
11.11Demoni Gilkes1:29.80a PRElmont Memorial
12.11Justin Rutley1:30.17a PRHauppauge
13.12Rob Economou1:30.84a SRNew Rochelle
14.12David Gray1:31.03aColonie Central
15.11TJ McBride1:31.31aOssining Senior
16.12Nathan Armstrong1:31.87aUniondale
17.11Dante Paolucci1:32.33a PRNew Rochelle
18.11Chris Cowles1:32.40aNew Rochelle
19.11Jeff Smith1:32.50a PRWestbury
20.11Ethan Elliott1:33.02aElmont Memorial
21.11Eric Chao1:33.06a PROyster Bay-East Norw...
22.10William White1:33.29aRiverdale Country
23.12Jevin Wicks1:33.33a PRUniondale
24.11Drexel Will1:33.85aNorth Shore
25.10Benjamin Chen1:33.99a PRJericho
26.12Richie Ragnauth1:34.47aUniondale
27.12Alex Rollo1:34.62aColonie Central
28.11Angel Rivera1:34.70aNew Rochelle
29.11Rudolph Posy1:36.22aWestbury
30.11Andrew Alphonse1:37.98a PRNew Rochelle
31.11Alex Smith1:38.70aLawrence
32.12Thelot Etienne1:39.25a SRUniondale
33.11Darwin Arias1:39.38aOssining Senior
34.11Satchell Bunch-Wimbley1:39.65aChrist The King
35.12Jaden Dennis1:40.29a PRChrist The King
36.12Dylan Flynn1:40.63aHauppauge
37.11Connor Kelly1:40.79aSeaford
38.12Albert Kirchner1:44.62a PRCold Spring Harbor
39.11Justin Barrios1:44.80a PRLawrence
40.11Dan Claps1:44.95a PRHauppauge
41.12Alejandro Cabrera1:45.75aOssining Senior
42.12Andrew Yan1:46.70aRoslyn
43.11Brian Sanders1:47.18a PRLawrence
44.11Peter Sarro1:47.52a PRLawrence
45.12Anand Jay Subudhi1:47.57a PRCold Spring Harbor
46.-Joshua Londin1:49.46a PRRoslyn
47.11Paul Altubar1:51.06a PRLawrence
48.11Baron Ethan1:51.36aNorth Shore
49.11Christopher Liotta1:52.70a PRRoslyn
50.12Douyi Xi1:57.70a PRGlen Cove
51.9Milber Mejia1:57.91aGlen Cove
52.12Owen Toomey2:01.13a PRCold Spring Harbor
53.-Michael Kania2:01.22a PRCold Spring Harbor
54.9Andres Garcia2:08.70a PRGlen Cove
55.-Cristian Cue a2:13.12a PRGlen Cove
56.9Justin Mendez2:21.72a PRGlen Cove

600 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Josh Segal1:34.44a PRHauppauge
2.10Dan Zukowski1:35.23aColonie Central
3.-X Turcious Boni1:36.36a PRWestbury
4.9Henry Cullom1:36.68aNew Rochelle
5.10Rodney Jerome1:37.48aWestbury
6.10James Carey1:38.88aAmityville Memorial
7.10Taylor Diamond1:39.31a PRRoslyn
8.10Christian Zuluaga1:39.94aOssining Senior
9.9Colin Logan1:39.99a PRNew Rochelle
10.10Isaiah Flores1:40.25aChrist The King
11.9Shane Cass1:40.27aNew Rochelle
12.10Manuel Jimenez1:41.67aChrist The King
13.-Tobias Wolfson1:41.84aRiverdale Country
14.9Scott Peterson1:43.06a PRHauppauge
15.10Robert Hagner1:45.31aGeneral Douglas Maca...
16.10Yexon Bonilla1:45.49a PRWestbury
17.9Nick Dente1:45.72a PRNew Rochelle
18.9Javier Pazmanzano1:46.59a PRWestbury
19.-Jonatha Marroquin1:46.82a PRRoslyn
20.-Nataniel Oakes1:48.74aRiverdale Country
21.10Jayden Jenkins1:50.25a PRSuccess Academy of t...
22.-John Barretto1:50.83a PRRoslyn
23.-Eli Pullaro1:51.82a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
24.10David Marcano1:52.28a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
25.10Ryan McNerney1:52.37a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
26.-Maxwell Horne1:53.37aRiverdale Country
27.9Dimitri Franklin1:53.41a PRSuccess Academy of t...
28.-Evan Peters1:53.57a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
29.9Nate Paulino1:54.04a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
30.9Chris Gallucci1:54.69a PRNew Rochelle
31.-Benjamin Marks1:56.69aRiverdale Country
32.9Eric Chin1:57.36a PRNew Rochelle
33.10Vicente Ibanez1:57.81a PROssining Senior
34.10Tyler Rothman1:58.53a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
35.-Jett Mineroff1:58.59a PRRoslyn
36.-Will Gomez-Castro2:00.34a PRNorth Shore
37.-Gabriel Feldman2:00.73aRiverdale Country
38.-Sean Urban2:25.20a PRSeaford

1000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Matt Jacob2:44.27aNew Rochelle
2.11Collin O'Sullivan2:45.06a PRNorth Shore
3.12Todd Warshawsky2:46.05a SRRoslyn
4.12Keith Dusling2:49.33a PRRoslyn
5.11Oscar Varela2:50.18a PRNorth Shore
6.11Jacob Grant2:53.20aSouth Side (Rockvill...
7.11Ryan Chen2:59.70a PRRoslyn
8.11Drexel Will3:01.07a PRNorth Shore
9.11Andrew Alphonse3:01.86aNew Rochelle
10.12Peter Dugan3:05.72aGeneral Douglas Maca...
11.12Rob Economou3:09.16aNew Rochelle
12.11Jared Bazan3:11.55aNorth Shore
13.11Jake Furnari3:11.57a SRGeneral Douglas Maca...
14.11Nick Pallotta3:15.91a SRNew Rochelle
15.11Chris Cohen3:17.25aChrist The King
16.10Miles Bernstein3:21.83a PRNew Rochelle
17.11Kevin Velasquez3:22.61aWestbury
18.12Andrew Yan3:22.67a PRRoslyn
19.11Sean Duffe3:24.33aGeneral Douglas Maca...
20.11Baron Ethan3:29.20a PRNorth Shore
21.11Rudolph Posy3:35.96a SRWestbury
22.-Jared Schwartz3:39.26a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...

1000 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Jack Waldman2:54.76a PRRoslyn
2.10Kergy Senat2:55.80a PRUniondale
3.10Daniel Finning3:04.50aSouth Side (Rockvill...
4.10Jesse Guapi3:10.68aChrist The King
5.9Dylan Baker3:11.27aSeaford
6.9Roberto Milan3:16.05aSouth Side (Rockvill...
7.9Sean Dempsey3:16.32aGeneral Douglas Maca...
8.10Chris Ducey3:18.37aGeneral Douglas Maca...
9.9Chris Gallucci3:23.74a PRNew Rochelle
10.9Conor Blake3:25.38aPort Jefferson (Earl...
11.-Keever Rood3:25.88a PRRoslyn
12.9Rony Duque3:26.84aWestbury
13.-Kazuki Neo3:26.98a PRRoslyn
14.10Tyler Rothman3:27.93aGeneral Douglas Maca...
15.-Chris Schneider3:28.53a PRSeaford
16.9Jason Maynard3:38.87aGeneral Douglas Maca...
17.-Evan Peters3:39.60aGeneral Douglas Maca...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Rebic4:34.28a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
2.11Matt Jacob4:36.75aNew Rochelle
3.12Todd Warshawsky4:38.04aRoslyn
4.11Jacob Oertel4:38.64a PRColonie Central
5.11Collin O'Sullivan4:45.30a PRNorth Shore
6.12Tyler Lipina4:45.80aColonie Central
7.11Ethan Lorring4:46.93a PRNorth Shore
8.12Keith Dusling4:47.52a PRRoslyn
9.12Branden McAuley4:48.76aColonie Central
10.12Robert Becker4:50.21a PRCold Spring Harbor
11.11Patrick Rodrigues4:50.44a PROssining Senior
12.11Kenny Barrett4:51.36aGeneral Douglas Maca...
13.12Peter Dugan4:51.51a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
14.12Ryan Moon4:51.54a PRColonie Central
15.11Ryan Chen5:02.91aRoslyn
16.10William White5:03.13aRiverdale Country
17.11Jared Craw5:03.84a PRColonie Central
18.11Jared Bazan5:07.52a PRNorth Shore
19.11Kenneth McGee5:08.40a PROyster Bay-East Norw...
20.11Jake Furnari5:18.90aGeneral Douglas Maca...
21.11Sean Duffe5:39.29aGeneral Douglas Maca...
22.11Chris Cohen5:42.41aChrist The King
23.-Andrew Fred5:51.19a PRSeaford
24.12Sam Israel6:20.12aGlen Cove
25.-Bre Piszezatowski6:38.18a PRGlen Cove

1600 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Patric Saint Ange4:47.56a PROssining Senior
2.9Jason Linzer4:48.85aSeaford
3.10Grayson Kaminer4:57.85aByram Hills
4.10Chris Kelly5:00.99a PRHauppauge
5.10Tim Rickert5:03.36aColonie Central
6.10Kevin Victoria5:03.38aOssining Senior
7.10Daniel Finning5:03.54a PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
8.-Tobias Wolfson5:04.76aRiverdale Country
9.10Luke Strand5:04.97a PRHauppauge
10.-Nataniel Oakes5:05.99aRiverdale Country
11.-John Kryzminski5:17.08a SRSeaford
12.8Grant Samara5:18.13a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
13.9Sean Dempsey5:21.33aGeneral Douglas Maca...
14.8Daniel Koban5:25.97a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
15.10Chris Ducey5:26.32aGeneral Douglas Maca...
16.-Maxwell Horne5:27.77a PRRiverdale Country
17.-Sean Balakahanei5:27.85a PRRoslyn
18.10Justin Schiavo5:31.93a PRRoslyn
19.10Solomon Mompelas5:32.38a PRLawrence
20.10Ryan Occhipinti5:32.85a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
21.9Roberto Milan5:32.90aSouth Side (Rockvill...
22.10Tyler Rothman5:34.44aGeneral Douglas Maca...
23.9Brett Venuti5:35.95a PROssining Senior
24.-Benjamin Marks5:37.02aRiverdale Country
25.10Paul Congimi5:38.33a PRChrist The King
26.-Justin Gulbin5:50.24a PROyster Bay-East Norw...
27.-Gabriel Feldman6:00.79aRiverdale Country
28.-Jacob Shufro6:01.04aRiverdale Country
29.9Jason Maynard6:03.56aGeneral Douglas Maca...
30.-Jack Howard7:13.78aGeneral Douglas Maca...

55m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alberto Laguerre7.79a PRLawrence
2.12Dawshawn Williams7.84aUniondale
3.11Trevin Valdez8.01aNew Rochelle
4.12Alijah Benymon8.05aAmityville Memorial
5.11Franklin Boateng8.07aYonkers Public Schools
6.11Tyler Edmeade8.20aUniondale
7.12Brandon Gilpin8.30aAmityville Memorial
8.12Jeffrey Purirejejanani9.16aGeneral Douglas Maca...

55m Hurdles - 39"  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Josiah Kemp8.51aColonie Central
2.10Edwin Soto9.71aColonie Central
3.9Micheal Pezzuto10.24a PRJericho
4.9Keaton Danseglio10.70aNorth Shore
5.9Dennis Jourdain11.07aPort Jefferson (Earl...
6.9Col VanOverberghe11.11aPort Jefferson (Earl...

55m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Alberto Laguerre7.85aLawrence
2.11Franklin Boateng7.96aYonkers Public Schools
3.12Dawshawn Williams7.98aUniondale
4.12Alijah Benymon8.10aAmityville Memorial
5.11Trevin Valdez8.11aNew Rochelle
6.11Tyler Edmeade8.21aUniondale
7.12Brandon Gilpin8.29aAmityville Memorial
8.12Jeffrey Purirejejanani8.30a PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
9.12Ronel Jean8.32aUniondale
10.11Xavier Washington8.33aColonie Central
11.11Yurik McCray8.44aHauppauge
12.12Kyle Hobson8.51aAmityville Memorial
13.12Nicholas Murray8.72a PRRoslyn
14.12Adam Chin8.85aRoslyn
15.11Matthew Lennon9.32aPort Jefferson (Earl...
16.11Tristen Angel Cardona9.68aYonkers Public Schools
17.12Matt Tran9.72a PRColonie Central
18.12Chris Mathieson9.74aHauppauge
19.11Dennis Mejia9.75aOyster Bay-East Norw...
20.11Brenden Biliski9.81aNorth Shore
21.11Liam McSweeney9.90a PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
22.12Eduardo Ibarra-Cruz10.20aWestbury
23.11Shival Sohan10.53a PRAmityville Memorial
24.11Justin Shao10.72aJericho

55m Hurdles - 39"  Frosh/Soph - Prelims

1.10Josiah Kemp8.62aColonie Central
2.10Edwin Soto9.81aColonie Central
3.9Micheal Pezzuto10.30aJericho
4.9Keaton Danseglio11.10aNorth Shore
5.9Col VanOverberghe11.56aPort Jefferson (Earl...
6.9Dennis Jourdain14.51aPort Jefferson (Earl...

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:32.99aUniondale
2.Relay Team 1:34.01aAmityville Memorial
3.Relay Team 1:34.68aYonkers Public Schools
4.Relay Team 1:35.25aNew Rochelle
5.Relay Team 1:36.86aColonie Central
6.Relay Team 1:37.67aLawrence
7.Relay Team 1:38.09aHauppauge
8.Relay Team 1:38.65aChrist The King
9.Relay Team 1:38.96aUniondale
10.Relay Team 1:39.08aElmont Memorial
11.Relay Team 1:39.77aAmityville Memorial
12.Relay Team 1:40.51aColonie Central
13.Relay Team 1:40.68aGeneral Douglas Maca...
14.Relay Team 1:41.94aSeaford
15.Relay Team 1:42.34aSouth Side (Rockvill...
16.Relay Team 1:42.48aOyster Bay-East Norw...
17.Relay Team 1:42.64aNew Rochelle
18.Relay Team 1:43.00aPort Jefferson (Earl...
19.Relay Team 1:43.96aAmityville Memorial
20.Relay Team 1:44.44aNorth Shore
21.Relay Team 1:44.70aJericho
22.Relay Team 1:46.91aRoslyn
23.Relay Team 1:48.83aYonkers Public Schools
24.Relay Team 1:49.30aWestbury
25.Relay Team 1:50.65aChrist The King
26.Relay Team 1:50.99aHauppauge
27.Relay Team 1:52.23aNew Rochelle
28.Relay Team 1:54.34aNorth Shore
29.Relay Team 1:54.48aGeneral Douglas Maca...

4x200 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:40.72aUniondale
2.Relay Team 1:42.13aColonie Central
3.Relay Team 1:42.47aChrist The King
4.Relay Team 1:44.91aChrist The King
5.Relay Team 1:51.81aNorth Shore
6.Relay Team 1:53.45aHauppauge
7.Relay Team 1:54.34aGeneral Douglas Maca...
8.Relay Team 1:57.08aWestbury
9.Relay Team 1:57.89aRoslyn
10.Relay Team 2:00.93aPort Jefferson (Earl...
--Relay Team DQSpring Creek Community
--Relay Team DQSuccess Academy of t...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 3:29.53aElmont Memorial
2.Relay Team 3:32.68aUniondale
3.Relay Team 3:34.76aNorth Shore
4.Relay Team 3:42.23aCold Spring Harbor
5.Relay Team 3:42.56aYonkers Public Schools
6.Relay Team 3:43.19aNew Rochelle
7.Relay Team 3:43.98aGeneral Douglas Maca...
8.Relay Team 3:44.68aColonie Central
9.Relay Team 3:45.21aRoslyn
10.Relay Team 3:46.42aOssining Senior
11.Relay Team 3:47.79aNew Rochelle
12.Relay Team 3:48.06aColonie Central
13.Relay Team 3:49.15aRiverdale Country
14.Relay Team 3:50.13aWestbury
15.Relay Team 3:53.46aYonkers Public Schools
16.Relay Team 3:54.40aJericho
17.Relay Team 3:59.42aOssining Senior
18.Relay Team 4:01.78aChrist The King
19.Relay Team 4:08.04aLawrence
20.Relay Team 4:22.99aChrist The King
--Relay Team DQNew Rochelle

4x400 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.Relay Team 4:05.08aChrist The King
2.Relay Team 4:05.69aChrist The King
3.Relay Team 4:06.38aChrist The King
4.Relay Team 4:08.17aNew Rochelle
5.Relay Team 4:14.49aGeneral Douglas Maca...
6.Relay Team 4:14.69aRoslyn
7.Relay Team 4:17.54aPort Jefferson (Earl...
8.Relay Team 4:21.89aWestbury
9.Relay Team 4:25.96aRoslyn
10.Relay Team 4:27.36aOssining Senior
11.Relay Team 4:29.17aGeneral Douglas Maca...

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jordan Forrest43-06.75New Rochelle
2.12Andrew Saulpaugh41-07.50Seaford
3.12Raynor Robinson41-04.75 PRUniondale
4.11Edward Alvarez40-05.25Uniondale
5.11Jacky Chen39-05.00Port Jefferson (Earl...
6.12Wonder Louis38-03.75Uniondale
7.12John Knapp36-04.00Port Jefferson (Earl...
8.12Leo Chen36-00.75 PRHauppauge
9.12Mike Savio35-04.75Seaford
10.12Nick Kettell34-07.00 PRHauppauge
11.11Nicholas Hunter34-00.75Christ The King
12.11Brian Cherry33-11.25Christ The King
13.11Samson Sickler33-08.00General Douglas Maca...
14.11Gisani Noel33-07.25 PRChrist The King
15.12German Chinchilla33-04.25Westbury
16.12Shazid Khan33-02.00Hauppauge
17.11Matt Brill32-11.25Roslyn
18.12Paul Prezioso32-00.75 PRLawrence
19.12Brandon Rivera31-07.50Lawrence
20.11Noah Berkowitz31-07.25New Rochelle
21.-Charlie Mather31-02.00Riverdale Country
22.11Sean Burns29-06.50 PRCold Spring Harbor
23.-John Riggio29-04.00Riverdale Country
24.11Andrew Roy28-05.75 PRJericho
25.-Nicholas Romanoff28-01.25Cold Spring Harbor
26.-Joel Mentor27-06.50Riverdale Country
27.-Anthony Naccarto27-03.00 PRCold Spring Harbor
28.11Morgan Lopez27-01.25 PRNorth Shore
29.12Bryan Tarrant26-10.00Lawrence
30.11Joey Melillo26-08.25 PRCold Spring Harbor
31.11Jeremy Tesler26-06.00 PRNew Rochelle
32.12Lawrence Huang25-10.75Riverdale Country
33.-Matt Muto24-10.75 PRCold Spring Harbor
34.-Cole Smith24-06.00 PRCold Spring Harbor
35.9Jon McGowan23-09.25 PRCold Spring Harbor
36.-Scott Schwartz23-09.00 PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
37.10Tanner Maple23-05.00 PRSeaford
38.10Robert Kania22-10.50 PRCold Spring Harbor
--10Phoenix JampolFOULPort Jefferson (Earl...

Shot Put - 12lb  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Sharif Reid37-04.25 PRLawrence
2.9Sean Tierney35-05.00General Douglas Maca...
3.10Kevin Every35-02.50Hauppauge
4.10Alton Kimbrough35-01.75Amityville Memorial
5.10Kahil Evans31-09.50Christ The King
6.10Joseph Gagnon28-01.75 PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
7.10Jay Wiebe27-00.25 PRRoslyn
8.-Jordan Luckman25-10.75 PRRoslyn
9.9Andrew Searing22-11.00Seaford
10.10Cristiano Mele21-07.00North Shore
11.9Aidan DiSalvo20-05.75New Rochelle
12.-Noah Kashman19-06.25 PRRoslyn

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ernie Robertson6-02.00Riverdale Country
2.12Steven Smocer6-02.00 PRHauppauge
3.12Tasheen Moore5-10.00 PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
4.11Anthony Cuchel5-06.00Seaford
5.11Michael Bednar5-02.00 PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
5.11Ulric Hamlet5-02.00 SRNew Rochelle
--12Hayden DiPalmaNHNorth Shore
--12Tom VihopolousNHNorth Shore
--11Andrew FelixNHChrist The King
--12Brandon SurilloNHChrist The King

High Jump  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Nick Flanagan5-06.00 SRColonie Central
--9Henry CullomNHNew Rochelle
---Ben JenkinsNHRiverdale Country

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ezra Brody10-06.00Cold Spring Harbor
2.11Elia Alberts8-06.00North Shore
2.11Kevin Wrobleski8-06.00 PRHauppauge
--11Chris CowlesNHNew Rochelle
--11Jack SunkoNHNew Rochelle

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Emmanuel Oguntoye22-09.00Amityville Memorial
2.12Jaren Ellis20-09.50 PRChrist The King
3.11Jacob Marrero20-00.50Amityville Memorial
4.11Christopher Syrett19-11.00 PROyster Bay-East Norw...
5.11Nicholas Leong19-05.50Roslyn
6.11Elia Alberts19-05.00North Shore
7.12Harrison Treble19-03.00Oyster Bay-East Norw...
8.11Ishmael Lamarque18-11.00 PRRoslyn
9.12Keivon Williams18-09.50 PRChrist The King
10.11Anthon Libertucci18-09.00 PRColonie Central
11.12Ronel Jean18-05.00Uniondale
12.11Billy Hollis-Ragin18-04.00New Rochelle
13.11Ulric Hamlet17-00.25New Rochelle
14.11Matthew Demestrio17-00.00 PRRoslyn
15.11Cristofer Cafaro16-11.50Cold Spring Harbor
16.11Carlton Nicholson16-11.00 PRChrist The King
17.11Andrew Felix16-05.50Christ The King
18.11Alexander Hazel15-08.50Roslyn
19.11Xavier Allen15-03.00 PRWestbury
20.11Randy St.Louis15-00.00New Rochelle

Long Jump  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Justin Seplowe17-02.00 PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
2.9Roey Kafri16-09.50 PRRoslyn
3.10Michael Fennessy15-04.50 PRSouth Side (Rockvill...
4.9Col VanOverberghe13-03.00Port Jefferson (Earl...
5.-Jacob Lando11-09.50 PRNorth Shore
--10Barr BercoFOULRoslyn

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Emmanuel Oguntoye46-05.50Amityville Memorial
2.12Alijah Benymon42-05.50Amityville Memorial
3.12Najee Bass42-00.00New Rochelle
4.12Stephen Honore41-01.00Uniondale
5.12Ronel Jean40-01.50Uniondale
6.12Daniel Vargas39-06.00General Douglas Maca...
7.12Keivon Williams38-10.50 PRChrist The King
8.11Jacob Marrero37-10.00Amityville Memorial
9.12Harrison Treble37-05.50Oyster Bay-East Norw...
10.11Jared Hardy37-04.00Uniondale
11.11Ishmael Lamarque37-03.00Roslyn
12.11Anthony Brusini37-01.50 PRGeneral Douglas Maca...
13.12Nicholas Murray37-00.50 PRRoslyn
14.11Matthew Demestrio37-00.00 PRRoslyn
15.11Salvatore Fusco34-11.00 PROyster Bay-East Norw...
16.11Eric Wang34-08.50 PRCold Spring Harbor
--11Alexander HazelFOULRoslyn
--11Jordan WilliamsFOULNew Rochelle
--11Jeff SmithFOULWestbury
--11Randy St.LouisFOULNew Rochelle

Triple Jump  Frosh/Soph - Finals

1.10Jahlani Sundar40-03.00Christ The King
2.10Barr Berco31-05.75 PRRoslyn
3.9Javier Pazmanzano31-03.00 PRWestbury
4.9Andrew Abbonizio29-11.50Port Jefferson (Earl...
5.9Jason Chorao29-05.00 PRPort Jefferson (Earl...
6.9Conor Blake28-10.75 PRPort Jefferson (Earl...