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55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kyree Johnson6.55aHuntington
2.11Sean Bryan6.82a PRSt Anthony's
3.12Devin Henry6.83a PRSt Anthony's
4.10Daniel Cardito7.05aKellenberg Memorial
5.10Shane Walsh7.06aChaminade
6.12Kei'Ron Byrams7.43aHuntington

55 Meter Dash  Freshman - Finals

1.9Gregory Randall7.22aSt Anthony's
2.8Nasir Youngblood7.24aHuntington
3.9Zachary Friend7.49a PRSt Marys
4.9Christopher Bruhnke7.60aSt Anthony's
5.9Matthew O'Leary7.66aChaminade
6.9Vincent Estevez7.80a PRSt John The Baptist
7.9John Panos7.89a PRHuntington
8.9Mauricio Flores7.90aHuntington
9.9Darren Fils-Aime8.11aHuntington
10.9James Mackiewicz8.27a PRChaminade
11.9Mateus Toppin8.32aChaminade
12.9Ronan Fitzgerald8.46a PRChaminade
13.9Matthew Sindone8.64a PRSt John The Baptist
14.9Will Van Deusen8.91a PRSt Dominic
14.9Jack Jamison8.91a PRHuntington
16.9Ethan Petine9.04a PRSt John The Baptist
17.9Joseph Flores9.23a PRSt Dominic
18.9Thomas Jaycox10.02a PRSt John The Baptist
19.9Edward Noble10.08a PRHoly Trinity

55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Semi-Finals

1.12Kyree Johnson6.56aHuntington
2.11Sean Bryan6.89aSt Anthony's
3.12Devin Henry6.96aSt Anthony's
4.12Kei'Ron Byrams7.00a PRHuntington
5.10Daniel Cardito7.05a PRKellenberg Memorial
6.10Shane Walsh7.08aChaminade
7.10Cameron Dupera7.10aSt Anthony's
8.Unknown 4 See F.A.T.7.18aU
9.Unknown 7 See F.A.T.7.30aU
9.11Christopher Beyers7.30aKellenberg Memorial
9.10Brendan Campbell7.30a PRChaminade
12.11Luca Saponieri7.31aChaminade
13.11Nigel Jarvis7.36aSt John The Baptist
14.11Dan Parker7.37aSt John The Baptist
15.10Nicolas Baylis7.38aChaminade
16.12Lucas Musella7.41aKellenberg Memorial
17.11Owen Rail7.45a SRChaminade
17.11Connall Scaring7.45a PRChaminade
19.10Bobby Spano7.46aSt John The Baptist
20.Unknown 3 See F.A.T.7.49aU
21.Unknown 6 See F.A.T.7.50aU
22.11Kieran Rodriguez7.51a PRChaminade
23.11Shah Christopher7.52a PRSt Marys
24.10Connor Buschle7.54a PRSt John The Baptist
25.12Tyler Stapleton7.55a SRChaminade
25.10Jordan McCullers7.55a PRHoly Trinity
27.12Kole Castro7.60a PRSt Marys
28.10Frank Gentilella7.62aKellenberg Memorial
29.10Ndebueze Okonkwo7.69aChaminade
30.11Brendan Franko7.70aChaminade
31.10Jake Deakin7.72aKellenberg Memorial
32.10Lorenzo Casanova7.75aChaminade
33.10Christopher Stringer7.81a PRChaminade
34.10Kristian Castro7.92aSt Marys
35.9Lex Colato7.93a PRHuntington
36.10Vision Johnson7.95a SRHoly Trinity
37.12Joseph Jackson7.98aChaminade
38.10Rocco Loscalzo8.00a PRKellenberg Memorial
39.10Alberto Calderon8.02a PRChaminade
40.11Patrick Lanigan8.03a PRChaminade
41.10Matthew Oxford8.10a PRSt Marys
42.10Jack Sullivan8.11a PRChaminade
43.11Josh Pierre8.17a PRHuntington
44.10Matthew Calderon8.18a PRChaminade
45.10Dante Spielmann8.20a PRChaminade
46.10James Messina8.24aChaminade
47.11Liam Joyce8.26a PRChaminade
48.10Jack Englehardt8.28a PRChaminade
49.10Brian Jackson8.29a PRChaminade
50.10Joseph Santos8.31a PRChaminade
51.10Christopher Tarasco8.37a PRSt Dominic
52.10Liam Dolan8.46a PRChaminade
53.10Ryan Kenny8.66aChaminade
54.Unknown 5 See F.A.T.8.73aU
55.10Matthew Long8.78a PRChaminade
56.10Niel Chonoolal8.87a PRHoly Trinity
57.10Michael Recine9.71a PRSt Anthony's
58.10Nicholas Chrisafis9.76a PRSt Marys
--11Marco ZgaljardicFSKellenberg Memorial

300 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Lawrence Leake36.29aHuntington
2.11Jaden Antoine37.30aHoly Trinity
3.12Tyler Dingle37.75aHoly Trinity
4.11Christian Taylor38.08a PRHoly Trinity
5.12Derrick Magwood38.56aSt John The Baptist
6.12William Haring38.59a PRSt Anthony's
7.11Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal39.25aSt Anthony's
8.12Jarrett Gilreath39.28aKellenberg Memorial
9.12Maxwell Smith39.47a PRKellenberg Memorial
10.11Dan Parker39.59aSt John The Baptist
11.11Will Vollack39.77a PRHuntington
12.12Peter DeMaio39.78a PRSt John The Baptist
13.10Christopher Lee39.99aHoly Trinity
14.12John Capozzoli40.13aKellenberg Memorial
15.10Oliver Chen40.25a PRHoly Trinity
16.12Jarrett Wrede40.28aSt John The Baptist
17.10Jonathan Smith40.53aHuntington
18.11Christopher Williams40.63a PRHoly Trinity
19.11Jack Dignam40.75a PRChaminade
20.11Patrick Beglane40.81aKellenberg Memorial
21.12Nicholas DeRosa40.91aSt Anthony's
22.10Bobby Spano41.24a PRSt John The Baptist
23.10Luis Salazar41.26a PRKellenberg Memorial
24.11Arkim Pierre41.55aHuntington
25.11Evan Katsounis41.59aKellenberg Memorial
26.12Thomas Folan41.75a PRSt John The Baptist
27.11Connall Scaring41.89a SRChaminade
28.11Owen Rail41.91aChaminade
29.10Vincent Aleaga42.21a PRSt John The Baptist
30.11Michael Hernandez42.28aChaminade
31.11Dydro Prosper42.40aKellenberg Memorial
32.10Thomas Korth42.59a PRChaminade
33.11Jake Maltese42.65a PRSt Anthony's
34.10Erik Williams42.73aSt John The Baptist
35.10Lukas Mullaney42.94a PRSt John The Baptist
36.10John Mansfield43.00aChaminade
37.10John DeFrancisco43.01aSt Anthony's
38.12Tyler Stapleton43.05aChaminade
39.12Latrelle Ward43.12a PRHuntington
40.10Christopher Stringer43.15aChaminade
41.10David Schneider43.18a PRSt John The Baptist
42.11Christopher Russo43.22aSt Anthony's
42.11Anthony Catanese43.22a PRSt John The Baptist
44.11Connor Hickey43.40a PRSt Anthony's
45.11Freddy Amador43.47aHuntington
46.10Nicolas Baylis43.55a PRChaminade
47.11Thomas Cava43.81aKellenberg Memorial
48.11Alexander Belotte43.97aKellenberg Memorial
49.11Kandall Williams44.01a PRHuntington
50.11Frankie Pryz44.12a PRSt John The Baptist
51.12Joseph Jackson44.43aChaminade
52.12Gerald Browne44.94a SRChaminade
53.10James Messina45.10aChaminade
54.10Vision Johnson45.48a PRHoly Trinity
55.10Matt Manzalillo45.62a PRSt John The Baptist
56.10Alberto Calderon45.86aChaminade
57.10Lorenzo Casanova45.90a PRChaminade
58.10Jordan McCullers46.08a PRHoly Trinity
59.10Ndebueze Okonkwo46.10a PRChaminade
60.10Connor Lieberz47.21a PRSt John The Baptist

300 Meters  Freshman - Finals

1.8Anthony Joseph40.89aHuntington
2.9Robert Squillace42.95aChaminade
3.9John O'Connell42.96a PRSt John The Baptist
4.9Alexander Calderon43.14a PRChaminade
5.9Mario Escobar43.27a PRSt Anthony's
6.9Matthew O'Leary43.59a PRChaminade
7.9David Butera43.62a PRSt Anthony's
8.9Jack Windmiller44.08a PRSt Anthony's
9.9Craig Reid44.09a PRSt John The Baptist
10.9Chris Ramos44.33a PRSt John The Baptist
11.9Ryan Whitlock44.43a PRKellenberg Memorial
12.9Nicholas Killian44.88aKellenberg Memorial
13.9Andres Sarmiento45.30a PRSt Anthony's
14.9Brian Healy45.78a PRSt John The Baptist
15.9Aidan Farrell45.87a PRChaminade
16.9John Panos46.06a PRHuntington
17.9Jimmy Cairney46.11a PRSt John The Baptist
18.9Brian Roman46.15a PRSt John The Baptist
19.9Chadd Smart46.18a PRChaminade
20.9Joseph Striano46.28a PRSt Anthony's
21.9Joseph Darcy46.48a PRKellenberg Memorial
22.9Ian Pollock46.49a PRSt John The Baptist
23.9Michael Nasti46.94aSt Anthony's
24.9Joseph Boyle47.78a PRSt Anthony's
25.9Liam Healy47.84a PRSt John The Baptist
26.9Charles St. Hilaire48.61a PRSt John The Baptist
27.9Thomas Costa48.89a PRSt John The Baptist
28.9Connor Elling48.99a PRSt John The Baptist
29.9Matthew Colvell49.02aSt Anthony's
30.9Brian Lendino-Nieves52.41a PRChaminade

600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mason Gatewood1:27.11aSt Anthony's
2.10Joshua Michel1:28.01a PRKellenberg Memorial
3.12Derrick Magwood1:29.70aSt John The Baptist
4.10Michael Barbaro-Barnett1:30.61a PRSt Anthony's
5.12Mark Rafuse1:30.62aHuntington
6.12Christopher Love1:31.03a PRKellenberg Memorial
7.12Ricardo Lopez1:31.45a SRKellenberg Memorial
8.10Zachary Lazo1:31.78a PRKellenberg Memorial
9.12Noah Charvat1:32.03aSt John The Baptist
10.11Aidan Healy1:32.08aSt John The Baptist
11.12Ryan Carney1:32.56a PRChaminade
12.11Colm Brown1:33.39aSt John The Baptist
13.11David Lozipone1:33.52a PRKellenberg Memorial
14.12Nick Ponzio1:34.74aSt John The Baptist
15.10Hunter Vierling1:34.78a PRSt Anthony's
16.11Kyle McCormack1:35.84aSt John The Baptist
17.12Declan Brown1:36.43aSt John The Baptist
18.11Thomas Roulette1:36.92a PRSt John The Baptist
19.11Anthony Catanese1:37.02aSt John The Baptist
20.12Elias Smith1:37.18a PRSt Anthony's
21.12Luke Daniello1:37.23aChaminade
22.10Alex Rivera1:37.31aHuntington
23.12Sean Madden1:37.43a PRSt John The Baptist
24.12Donald Kelly1:38.82aKellenberg Memorial
25.12Jarrett Wrede1:39.08a SRSt John The Baptist
26.12Peter Korchak1:39.18aChaminade
27.10Matthew Reda1:39.39a PRSt Anthony's
28.11Angelo Licata1:39.52aSt John The Baptist
29.12Donovan Mahon1:39.77aChaminade
30.10Kyle Brady1:44.00aKellenberg Memorial

600 Meters  Freshman - Finals

1.9Patrick Fiorillo1:36.99aSt John The Baptist
2.8Isaiah James1:38.57aHuntington
3.9Brendan Roller1:39.75a PRHuntington
4.9Craig Reid1:43.47a PRSt John The Baptist
5.9Jacob Martin1:53.74a PRChaminade

1000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Matthew Payamps2:40.32aSt Anthony's
2.12Shane McGuire2:40.99aHuntington
3.12Sean Vierling2:42.50a PRSt Anthony's
4.12Peter DeMaio2:45.23aSt John The Baptist
5.12Danny Collins2:55.19aHuntington
6.12Thomas Folan2:55.65a PRSt John The Baptist
7.11Thomas Schmidt2:58.94aSt Anthony's
8.12William Madden3:00.89aSt John The Baptist
9.9Christopher Cooney3:01.34a PRChaminade
10.10Vincent Aleaga3:02.29aSt John The Baptist
11.10John Connolly3:03.23aSt Anthony's
12.10Luke Gunsel3:03.78a PRSt Anthony's
13.11Edward Duncklee3:05.01aChaminade
14.10Lukas Mullaney3:05.11a PRSt John The Baptist
15.12Aidan Schretzmayer3:05.63a SRSt Anthony's
16.11Nick Sanin3:09.37aHuntington
17.12Ryan Di Lisio3:11.10a PRChaminade
18.10Noah Hoonhout3:11.17a PRChaminade
19.10Matthew Lusak3:11.56aSt Anthony's
20.12Liam O'Grady3:11.73a PRChaminade
21.10Owen Murphy3:12.29a PRChaminade
22.10Edward Maleszewski3:14.01aHuntington
23.11Aidan Tahany3:15.36aChaminade
24.10Michael White3:22.45a PRChaminade
25.12Nicholas Skelton3:22.79a SRSt Anthony's
26.10Patrick Turansky3:38.77aChaminade

1000 Meters  Freshman - Finals

1.9John O'Connell3:01.86a PRSt John The Baptist
2.9Thomas Byrnes3:02.95aChaminade
3.9Ryan Norton3:04.37a PRSt Anthony's
4.8Andrew McKenzie3:05.18aHuntington
5.9Brian Healy3:05.94a PRSt John The Baptist
6.9Anthony Algieri3:06.23aSt Anthony's
7.9Stephen Eger3:07.20aSt Anthony's
8.9John Kawakami3:11.43aSt Anthony's
9.9John Segreti3:21.15a PRHuntington
10.8Aidan Heller3:22.28aHuntington
11.9Ryan Wise3:26.67aSt Anthony's
12.9Kevin Budveit3:29.92a PRSt John The Baptist
13.9Jeffrey Schlick3:31.19a PRHoly Trinity
14.9Nate Brooks3:35.40a PRSt John The Baptist
15.9Timothy Weber3:37.17a PRChaminade
16.9Patrick Gaffney3:51.46a PRSt Anthony's
17.9Conor Lang3:55.02aSt Anthony's
--9Joseph LalorDQSt Anthony's

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Amani Morrell4:38.23a PRSt Anthony's
2.10Harshil Patel4:44.60a PRHoly Trinity
3.12Steven Hoffman4:44.90aKellenberg Memorial
4.12Justin Barrett4:46.23aSt Anthony's
5.12Christopher Emerson4:46.35aKellenberg Memorial
6.12Daniel J. Baez4:46.71a PRSt Anthony's
7.12Ezekiel Wigutow4:47.50aSt Anthony's
8.11Dylan Ambroise4:47.98aKellenberg Memorial
9.11Smith Ronan4:48.21a PRSt Marys
10.10Philip Polo4:49.05aSt Anthony's
11.10Evan Forero4:51.78aKellenberg Memorial
12.11Edward Daubel4:58.03aChaminade
13.11Thomas McKenna4:58.63aKellenberg Memorial
14.12Dominic D'Angelo5:01.57aSt Anthony's
15.11William Lang5:04.82a PRSt Anthony's
16.12Benjamin Ferreri5:08.81aChaminade
17.11Patrick Kutch5:12.68aSt Anthony's
18.11Anthony Suarez5:13.36aKellenberg Memorial
19.11Andrew Suarez5:13.97aKellenberg Memorial
20.10Matthew Franolich5:18.92a PRKellenberg Memorial
21.10Brian Willman5:24.00a SRChaminade
22.Unknown 1 See F.A.T.5:27.69aU
23.10Ryan Braster5:31.72a PRChaminade
24.10Patrick Signorile5:32.53aChaminade
25.10Blaise Trapani5:33.76aChaminade
26.10Rolando Ramos5:35.08a PRKellenberg Memorial
27.10Manuel Abreu5:51.47aKellenberg Memorial
28.10Matt Gornstein5:56.36aKellenberg Memorial

1600 Meters  Freshman - Finals

1.9Brian Smith5:00.62aSt Anthony's
2.9Owen McCarthy5:02.72a PRSt Anthony's
3.9Kyle McLean5:05.71a PRChaminade
4.9Justin Saldana5:17.09a PRKellenberg Memorial
5.9James Miller5:18.51a PRKellenberg Memorial
6.9Aidan Quinn5:20.29a PRKellenberg Memorial
7.9Tyler Vasquez5:20.48a PRKellenberg Memorial
8.9Eric Lopez5:27.67a PRKellenberg Memorial
9.9Christopher Gazis5:29.97a PRKellenberg Memorial
10.9Brendan Petronis5:31.97a PRChaminade
11.9Jonathan Solar5:33.40aSt Anthony's
12.9Robert Dahl5:34.64aSt Anthony's
13.9Patrick Finegan5:35.46aSt Anthony's
14.9Peter Kawakami5:35.82a PRSt Anthony's
15.9Nicholas DeVita5:36.74a PRChaminade
16.9Ryan Murphy5:37.06a PRKellenberg Memorial
17.9Anthony Perchinelli5:58.83a PRHoly Trinity

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Aidan Healy10:13.49a PRSt John The Baptist
2.11Thomas Roulette10:26.34aSt John The Baptist
3.11Matthew Eaton10:31.32a PRChaminade
4.11Kyle McCormack10:33.37a PRSt John The Baptist
5.11John Phelan10:35.53a PRChaminade
6.12Declan Brown10:45.90a SRSt John The Baptist
7.10Brendan McGrath10:47.20a PRChaminade

3200 Meters  Freshman - Finals

1.9Patrick Fiorillo10:38.70a PRSt John The Baptist
2.9Jason Verville11:04.06a PRHuntington
3.9Raymond Sweeney11:26.32a PRChaminade

55m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bryant Lewis8.44aSt Anthony's
2.11Brian Pierre8.62aHuntington
3.11Chris Tyszka8.76aSt John The Baptist
4.11Jake Maltese9.54aSt Anthony's
5.11Jourdon Lynch9.84aSt Anthony's
6.10Matthew Lally10.09aChaminade

55m Hurdles - 39"  Freshman - Finals

1.9Jaylen Bush10.08aHuntington
2.9Alexander Calderon10.28aChaminade
3.9Justin Stevens10.45aHuntington
4.9Tyler Maslak10.99aSt Anthony's
5.9Liam Willman11.44aSt Anthony's

55m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Semi-Finals

1.12Bryant Lewis8.42aSt Anthony's
2.11Brian Pierre8.64aHuntington
3.11Chris Tyszka8.84aSt John The Baptist
4.11Jourdon Lynch9.14a PRSt Anthony's
5.10Matthew Lally9.35aChaminade
6.11Jake Maltese9.41aSt Anthony's
7.10Lucas Morizio9.52aChaminade
8.11Michael Healy9.54aSt John The Baptist
9.11Cole Dougherty9.55aChaminade
10.12Noah Charvat9.74aSt John The Baptist
11.11George Haff9.77aChaminade
12.10Connor Buschle9.93a PRSt John The Baptist
13.10John Martinkat10.10a PRChaminade
14.10Mark Cirelli10.18aChaminade
15.11Angelo Licata10.19aSt John The Baptist
16.11Colm Brown10.36aSt John The Baptist
17.10Joseph Ugenti10.53a PRChaminade
18.11Louis Cliberti10.79a PRSt John The Baptist
18.12Tafari Cameron10.79aHuntington
20.11Joseph Theodorou11.16aChaminade
21.11Joseph Kern11.31aChaminade
--11Timothy AhlstromDNFChaminade

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Jared Leake
Kei'Ron Byrams
Lawrence Leake
Kyree Johnson
2.Relay Team 1:36.90aHoly Trinity
3.Relay Team 1:40.82aKellenberg Memorial
4.Relay Team 1:48.60aKellenberg Memorial
5.Relay Team 1:48.62aSt Marys
6.Relay Team 2:08.78aSt Marys

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Brian Pierre
Mark Rafuse
Will Vollack
Shane McGuire
2.Relay Team 3:45.24aKellenberg Memorial
3.Relay Team 3:46.90aHoly Trinity
4.Relay Team 3:56.46aKellenberg Memorial
5.Relay Team 3:57.30aKellenberg Memorial
6.Relay Team 4:01.45aHuntington
7.Relay Team 4:02.33aChaminade
8.Relay Team 4:06.17aSt Marys
9.Relay Team 4:07.48aChaminade
10.Relay Team 4:15.08aHuntington
11.Relay Team 4:20.51aKellenberg Memorial
12.Relay Team 4:40.58aSt Anthony's

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  Freshman - Finals

1.Brian Smith
Gregory Randall
Christopher Bruhnke
Owen McCarthy
4:14.19aSt Anthony's
2.Relay Team 4:18.08aHuntington
3.Relay Team 4:24.90aHuntington
4.Relay Team 4:26.52aChaminade
5.Relay Team 4:28.65aSt Anthony's
6.Relay Team 4:29.11aSt Anthony's
7.Relay Team 4:30.75aHuntington
8.Relay Team 4:32.77aKellenberg Memorial
9.Relay Team 4:34.69aSt Anthony's
10.Relay Team 4:46.99aSt Anthony's

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Clay Jamison43-00.75Huntington
2.11Sam Bergman41-09.25Huntington
3.12Francesco Insingo41-05.25Chaminade
4.12Frank Guidice40-11.00 PRSt John The Baptist
5.11Alec Wargo40-09.50 SRSt Anthony's
6.12Hollis Hansen38-07.00Kellenberg Memorial
7.11Dominick DeMasi37-04.75 PRKellenberg Memorial
8.10Eric Sands36-08.75Huntington
9.11Michael Fiorentino36-08.25 PRSt John The Baptist
10.12Jason Wright36-07.75St Anthony's
11.11Shateek Parler36-02.00Huntington
12.10Jack Standwill35-11.50 PRSt John The Baptist
13.12Will Newton35-10.50Huntington
14.11Divinewell Nwalor35-08.25 SRSt Anthony's
15.12John Stanczyk35-06.00 PRSt John The Baptist
16.10Aidan Wrynn34-00.50 SRChaminade
17.10John Calisi33-07.75 PRSt Anthony's
18.12Ian Nalepinski33-06.50Kellenberg Memorial
19.11Michael Marziliano33-01.50 PRHuntington
20.10Jared Wright33-00.50St Anthony's
21.11Reece Lupo32-11.50 PRKellenberg Memorial
22.10Christopher Levitsky32-10.75Holy Trinity
23.10Michael Faccio32-09.00 PRSt Anthony's
24.12Liam Brown32-08.50St John The Baptist
25.11John Harris32-07.00 PRSt Marys
26.10Patrick Curley32-04.00 PRSt Anthony's
27.10Vincent Fariello32-03.00Kellenberg Memorial

Shot Put - 12lb  Freshman - Finals

1.8Mekai Butts41-03.00 PRHuntington
2.9Gary Barash35-05.00 PRHuntington
3.9Robert Lewis33-10.50 PRSt Anthony's
4.9Anthony Bradshaw32-06.50Kellenberg Memorial
5.9Corey Kaiser32-05.75 PRSt Anthony's
6.9Michael McCarron29-06.75 PRSt Anthony's
7.9Joseph Pelio27-08.00 PRSt Anthony's
8.9Patrick Saladino27-07.50 PRSt Anthony's
9.Unknown 1 See F.A.T.26-05.75U
10.9Daniel Bermiss25-04.00 PRKellenberg Memorial
11.9Arturo Fernandez21-07.50 PRSt Anthony's

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bryant Lewis6-00.00St Anthony's
2.12Jack White5-06.00 SRSt John The Baptist
3.12John Luke Hoonhout5-06.00Chaminade
4.10Alec Portera5-03.00St John The Baptist
4.10Kevin Wang5-03.00 PRSt John The Baptist
6.11Chris Tyszka5-03.00 PRSt John The Baptist
7.11Seamus Graham4-09.00 PRKellenberg Memorial
--11Joseph HarringtonNHChaminade

High Jump  Freshman - Finals

1.9Mike Anderson4-03.00 PRSt John The Baptist

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Liam Berrin11-09.00St John The Baptist
2.11Bryan Petersen10-00.00St Anthony's
3.10Alejandro Adorno9-06.00St Anthony's
4.10Aris Stavropoulos9-00.00St Anthony's
5.12Matthew Galarza9-00.00 PRSt John The Baptist
6.10Alexander Lehr7-06.00St Anthony's
--9Christopher CarmenNHSt Anthony's
--12John Luke HoonhoutNHChaminade
--9Christopher AnnunziatoNHSt Anthony's
--10Kyle KrummenackerNHChaminade
--11Angelo RandazzoNHChaminade

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Dylan Ameres19-06.50 PRChaminade
2.10Kyle Krummenacker19-04.25 PRChaminade
3.10David Amelemah19-03.50 PRSt John The Baptist
4.10Alain Telfort19-01.75 PRKellenberg Memorial
5.12Jack White19-00.50 PRSt John The Baptist
6.10Daniel Cardito18-01.00 PRKellenberg Memorial
7.10Shane Walsh17-11.50 PRChaminade
8.12Nick Egan17-04.50 PRSt John The Baptist
9.12Gerald Browne17-01.25Chaminade
10.10Alec Portera16-10.75 PRSt John The Baptist
11.12Robert McDermett16-09.25 SRSt Dominic
12.10John Mansfield16-08.25 PRChaminade
13.11Timothy O'Brien16-00.25 PRKellenberg Memorial

Long Jump  Freshman - Finals

1.9Jonathan Staib17-00.75 PRSt Anthony's
2.9Anthony Scordio16-10.00St Anthony's
3.9Alejandro Wiltshire16-06.00 PRSt Marys
4.9Robert Squillace15-10.50Chaminade
5.9Vincent Estevez14-10.00 PRSt John The Baptist
6.9Liam Baradzi14-07.00 PRSt Anthony's
7.9Brendan Keating13-07.75 PRSt Anthony's
8.9Chadd Smart13-05.50Chaminade
9.9Michael Sampino12-09.75Chaminade

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Thomas Korth36-03.50 PRChaminade
2.10Terence Lin36-02.75 PRSt Anthony's
3.11John Murphy36-01.25 PRChaminade
4.12Jared Leake36-01.00 PRHuntington
5.10Christian Murray34-04.50Chaminade
6.10John McKie34-03.50 PRChaminade
7.11Angelo Randazzo32-09.75Chaminade

Triple Jump  Freshman - Finals

1.9Jake Messina34-08.75St Anthony's
2.9Jovanic Bontemps33-08.25 PRSt Anthony's
3.9Keith Mesecheer31-04.50St Anthony's