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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Charlie Young12.10a PRGrand Haven
2.10Timmy Kleyla12.32aGrand Haven
3.12David Dankowski12.34a SRGrandville
4.12Mac Mahacek12.37aGrand Haven
5.10Aiden Herrema12.40a PRGrandville
6.10Pierce Foster12.46aGrand Haven
7.10Travis Williamson12.46aGrand Haven
8.11Noah Elders12.49aGrandville
9.10Seth Taylor12.51aGrand Haven
10.12Luis Quinones12.60aGrandville
11.10Alex Kaufman12.64aGrand Haven
12.9Keegan Florio12.75a PRGrandville
13.11Hunter Dood12.85a PRGrandville
14.12Jackey Tran12.87a SRGrandville
15.9Ryan Cawthon12.89a PRGrandville
16.10Cameron Slootmaker12.92aGrand Haven
17.10Cam Moody12.95a PRGrandville
18.9Joe Costello12.97aGrand Haven
19.10Garrett McMillian12.98aGrandville
20.10Ethan Fare13.08a PRGrandville
21.10Ethan Haubrich13.13a PRGrandville
22.11Tavin Ardell13.19aGrand Haven
23.9Jack Hardebeck13.29aGrand Haven
24.9Andre Edmond13.30aGrand Haven
25.9Drew Dahlman13.35aGrand Haven
26.9Daniel Bremmer13.46aGrand Haven
27.9Ben Knoth13.49aGrand Haven
28.10Ahmad Ahmad Nizam13.54aGrand Haven
29.11Austin Rokus13.72a PRGrand Haven
30.11Spencer Shrontz13.94aGrand Haven
31.10Jackson Moleski14.07a PRGrandville
32.9Bennett Mejia14.11aGrandville
33.9Carlos Bays14.18aGrandville
34.9Haiden Kowalewski14.25a PRGrandville
35.10Alex Beecham14.31aGrand Haven
36.9Carter Jones-Hirr14.64aGrand Haven
37.9Zach Kooyer14.70a PRGrandville
38.9Louie Malott15.37aGrand Haven
39.9Jack Weaver15.58aGrand Haven

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Charlie Young23.58aGrand Haven
2.10Timmy Kleyla24.27a PRGrand Haven
3.11Aaron Hughes24.31a PRGrand Haven
4.12Aaron Brokaw24.43aGrandville
5.10Seth Taylor24.51a PRGrand Haven
6.12David Dankowski24.52a SRGrandville
7.12Luis Quinones24.54a PRGrandville
8.11Hunter Dood24.99a PRGrandville
9.10Travis Williamson25.01a PRGrand Haven
10.10Aiden Herrema25.21a PRGrandville
11.10Garrett McMillian25.50a PRGrandville
12.10Alex Kaufman25.51aGrand Haven
13.9DJ Spencer25.57aGrand Haven
14.9Joe Costello25.70a PRGrand Haven
15.10Pierce Foster25.94aGrand Haven
16.12Jackey Tran26.02a PRGrandville
17.9Ryan Cawthon26.37a PRGrandville
18.10Cameron Slootmaker26.39aGrand Haven
19.9Jack Hardebeck26.77a PRGrand Haven
20.9Drew Dahlman26.85a PRGrand Haven
21.9Ben Knoth27.15a PRGrand Haven
22.9Andre Edmond27.16aGrand Haven
23.10Ethan Haubrich27.17a PRGrandville
24.9Daniel Bremmer27.42aGrand Haven
25.12Derrick Lewis27.66aGrand Haven
26.10Ahmad Ahmad Nizam28.19aGrand Haven
27.10Jackson Moleski28.57a PRGrandville
28.11Spencer Shrontz28.65aGrand Haven
29.9Haiden Kowalewski28.68a PRGrandville
30.9Bennett Mejia28.80a PRGrandville
31.9Carlos Bays28.81aGrandville
32.10Alex Beecham28.96a SRGrand Haven
33.9Jack Weaver32.08aGrand Haven

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Charlie Young51.84aGrand Haven
2.11Aaron Hughes53.05a SRGrand Haven
3.11Adam Nelson55.44aGrand Haven
4.12David Dankowski56.05a SRGrandville
5.12Brock Balley56.47aGrandville
6.9DJ Spencer56.67a PRGrand Haven
7.12Jack Costello56.84a PRGrand Haven
8.12Kent Martin57.16aGrandville
9.11Tavin Ardell59.88aGrand Haven
10.12Derrick Lewis1:02.04aGrand Haven
11.9Andre Edmond1:02.58aGrand Haven
12.11Brendan Kelly1:07.74a PRGrand Haven
13.11Christopher Anderson1:09.55a SRGrand Haven
14.9Stone Smith1:15.14aGrand Haven
15.12Stephen Webster1:15.47a PRGrand Haven

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Brock Balley55.6hGrandville
9Ethan Johnson56.9h PRGrandville
11Hunter Dood57.2h PRGrandville
10Cam Moody57.4h PRGrandville
10Garrett McMillian57.4h PRGrandville
12Kent Martin59hGrandville
10Ethan Fare59.4hGrandville
10Aiden Herrema59.9h PRGrandville
9Zach Theeuwes59.9h PRGrandville
9Corey Pollington61.7h PRGrandville
10Bryce Wright61.9h PRGrandville
10Victor Chemjor62.5hGrandville
12Jackey Tran63.3hGrandville
10Ethan Haubrich65h PRGrandville
9Ryan Cawthon66h PRGrandville
9Noah Wheeler66hGrandville
10Jackson Moleski67h PRGrandville
9Carlos Bays67hGrandville
9Bennett Mejia68h PRGrandville
9Zach Kooyer70hGrandville

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jack Nicholson2:10.39aGrand Haven
2.12Quentin Couvelaire2:10.65aGrand Haven
3.10Dominic Weatherwax2:13.27aGrand Haven
4.11Gavin Tucker2:13.32aGrandville
5.9Santiago Saldivar2:16.41aGrandville
6.12Jack Costello2:18.46aGrand Haven
7.10Victor Chemjor2:19.92aGrandville
8.10Ethan Fare2:21.54a PRGrandville
9.10Bryce Wright2:21.70a PRGrandville
10.9Carter Larned2:25.38aGrand Haven
11.12Tom Stock2:26.12aGrand Haven
12.12Sawyer Hamm2:32.38aGrand Haven
13.10Jack Reus2:32.46a PRGrand Haven
14.9Evan Dubridge2:35.45aGrand Haven
15.11Brendan Kelly2:37.72aGrand Haven
16.10Keegan Langeler2:39.90aGrand Haven
17.9Steven Prelesnik2:48.35aGrand Haven
18.11Christopher Anderson2:49.01aGrand Haven
19.12Stephen Webster2:59.36aGrand Haven

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Gavin Tucker2:13hGrandville
10Zach Shidler2:20hGrandville

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Quentin Couvelaire4:48.51aGrand Haven
2.12Dominic Hentemann4:50.30a SRGrand Haven
3.12Eric Johnson4:50.76a SRGrand Haven
4.12Jacob Kenny4:52.01aGrandville
5.9Zach Theeuwes4:52.21aGrandville
6.10Andrew Ireland4:54.35aGrand Haven
7.10Nathan Wolffis4:55.74aGrand Haven
8.10Aidan Martin4:56.56aGrand Haven
9.9Carter Larned5:10.76aGrand Haven
10.12Isaac Arp5:17.09aGrandville
11.12Tom Stock5:19.08aGrand Haven
12.9Isaiah Salguero5:22.99aGrandville
13.9Corey Pollington5:25.27aGrandville
14.10Keegan Langeler5:32.83a PRGrand Haven
15.12Drew Henman5:33.82a SRGrand Haven
16.10Jack Reus5:35.41aGrand Haven
17.9Noah Wheeler5:37.57a PRGrandville
18.9Evan Dubridge5:38.80aGrand Haven
19.9Jared Franke5:39.30aGrand Haven
20.12Sawyer Hamm5:39.43aGrand Haven
21.9Steven Prelesnik5:55.50a PRGrand Haven
22.11Christopher Anderson5:57.17aGrand Haven

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jack Nicholson10:43.09aGrand Haven
2.12Dominic Hentemann10:45.18a SRGrand Haven
3.10Aidan Martin10:45.21a PRGrand Haven
4.12Eric Johnson10:45.43aGrand Haven
5.10Andrew Ireland10:46.91aGrand Haven
6.10Nathan Wolffis10:49.23a PRGrand Haven
7.12Jacob Kenny11:00.20aGrandville
8.12Isaac Arp11:11.19aGrandville
9.12Drew Henman12:15.70a SRGrand Haven
10.9Jared Franke12:35.49a PRGrand Haven
11.10Logan Smith13:01.52a PRGrandville

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Johnson16.45a PRGrandville
2.10Collin Takas17.23aGrand Haven
3.12Ross Koella17.51aGrand Haven
4.9Ethan Johnson18.37a PRGrandville

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Johnson43.36aGrandville
2.9Ethan Johnson44.76a PRGrandville
3.10Collin Takas45.00aGrand Haven
4.12Ross Koella45.76aGrand Haven
5.12Dan Becker45.80a SRGrandville
6.12Brock Star47.45aGrandville
7.11Caden Striegle47.53aGrand Haven
8.9Daniel Bremmer48.20a PRGrand Haven

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 46.25aGrandville
2.Relay Team 46.34aGrand Haven

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:37.72aGrand Haven

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 3:47.49aGrand Haven
2.Relay Team 3:52.83aGrandville
3.Relay Team 4:00.28aGrandville
4.Relay Team 4:00.69aGrand Haven
5.Relay Team 4:03.26aGrand Haven
6.Relay Team 4:23.89aGrandville
7.Relay Team 4:29.62aGrandville

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 8:57.58aGrand Haven
2.Relay Team 9:06.27aGrandville
3.Relay Team 9:12.80aGrand Haven

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Aaron Brokaw48-04.00 PRGrandville
2.12Deacon Poole36-11.00 SRGrand Haven
3.11Justin Beck35-07.00Grand Haven
4.10Marcus Jones34-05.00Grandville
5.9Tristan Potts34-00.00Grandville
6.12Hayden Johnson33-09.00Grandville
7.11Jack Plowman32-08.50Grand Haven
8.12Hau Tran31-10.00Grand Haven
9.9Joe Brenton31-09.00Grand Haven
10.11Parker Kingma31-02.50Grand Haven
11.11Devin Lueder30-07.00Grand Haven
12.9Jose Pepin24-03.00Grandville
13.9Sam Fuller24-02.00Grand Haven
14.9Benjamin Hanna23-00.00 PRGrand Haven
12Kole SpierNDGrand Haven
11Jacob WestraNDGrandville
12Levi BarryNDGrand Haven

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Aaron Brokaw108-05Grandville
2.11Adam Hunt106-08 PRGrandville
3.11Justin Beck100-08 PRGrand Haven
4.10Marcus Jones99-04Grandville
5.11Jack Plowman98-02 PRGrand Haven
6.11Devin Lueder97-05Grand Haven
7.12Deacon Poole94-10Grand Haven
8.12Brock Star90-10Grandville
9.12Hau Tran87-04Grand Haven
10.11Parker Kingma82-10Grand Haven
11.9Tristan Potts78-09Grandville
12.9Sam Fuller56-01Grand Haven
13.9Benjamin Hanna46-06Grand Haven
9Jose PepinNDGrandville
12Kole SpierNDGrand Haven
9Joe BrentonNDGrand Haven
11Jacob WestraNDGrandville
12Levi BarryNDGrand Haven
12Hayden JohnsonNDGrandville

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Mason Mahacek5-08.00Grand Haven
2.12Ross Koella5-06.00Grand Haven
3.9Joe Costello5-04.00 PRGrand Haven
3.9Drew Dahlman5-04.00 PRGrand Haven
5.11Luke Johnson5-04.00 SRGrandville
5.10Zach Shidler5-04.00 PRGrandville
7.11Spencer Shrontz5-02.00Grand Haven
12Mac MahacekNHGrand Haven

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Mason Mahacek11-06.00Grand Haven
2.11Adam Nelson10-06.00Grand Haven
3.11Hunter Crum10-00.00 SRGrandville
4.10Alex Kaufman9-06.00Grand Haven
4.10Alex Beecham9-06.00 PRGrand Haven
6.9Carter Jones-Hirr9-00.00Grand Haven
6.11Austin Rokus9-00.00 PRGrand Haven
8.11Tavin Ardell8-00.00 PRGrand Haven
8.9Zach Kooyer8-00.00Grandville
10.12Mac Mahacek7-00.00 PRGrand Haven
10.9Louie Malott7-00.00Grand Haven

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Luke Johnson19-07.00Grandville
2.10Pierce Foster19-01.50Grand Haven
3.12Luis Quinones18-01.00Grandville
4.12Kent Martin17-04.50Grandville
5.12Mac Mahacek17-02.50Grand Haven
6.10Cam Moody16-10.00Grandville
7.11Caden Striegle16-07.00Grand Haven
8.10Ethan Fare16-00.50Grandville
9.11Tavin Ardell16-00.00Grand Haven
10.10Aiden Herrema15-04.00 PRGrandville
11.9Keegan Florio15-00.00 PRGrandville
12.10Jackson Moleski14-08.50 PRGrandville
13.9Haiden Kowalewski13-00.50Grandville
10Garrett McMillianNDGrandville
11Noah EldersNDGrandville


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1.Grand Haven98
Varsity - Womens
1.Grand Haven104

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