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100 Meters  Cadet - Finals

1.3Josiah Molden15.67aOur Lady of the Lake
2.4John Tycast15.84a PROur Lady of the Lake
3.4Jack Rader16.15aSt. Thomas More
4.3Miles Wahrgren16.16aOur Lady of the Lake
5.4Jaden Hedges16.32a PRSt. John Fisher
6.3Nate McGillis16.48a PRSt. Thomas More
7.4Ta Ohr16.58a PROur Lady of the Lake
8.4Ashdyn Reeves16.59aSt. Matthew
9.3Quinn Alexander16.76a PRSt. Thomas More
10.4Wilson Elmgren16.77aSt. Thomas More
11.4Jayden Wilkinson16.81aOur Lady of the Lake
12.4August Boecker16.82aOur Lady of the Lake
13.3Isaac Connell17.22aSt. John Fisher
14.4David Ensminger17.24a PROur Lady of the Lake
15.4Samuel Kaempf17.46aSt. Thomas More
16.-Matthew Sanders17.52aHoly Trinity
17.4Michael Schreiber17.58aOur Lady of the Lake
18.3Gerrick Armstrong17.61aHoly Trinity
19.4Oliver Deazley17.79a PRSt. John Fisher
20.3Emmett Curl17.80aSt. Matthew
21.-Kellan Harris17.87aHoly Trinity
22.3Rodrigo Rodriguez17.98aSt. Matthew
23.4Finley Spear18.44a PROur Lady of the Lake
24.3Brandon Parker18.58aSt. John Fisher
25.4Mason Tanner18.59aSt. Matthew
26.4Andrew Pashley18.62aOur Lady of the Lake
27.-Jack Kline18.66aHoly Trinity
28.4Paul Donnelly18.77aOur Lady of the Lake
29.-Tyler Mirkes18.91aHoly Trinity
30.3Isaias Castillo Becerra19.18aSt. Matthew
31.3Carter Vuylsteke19.59a PRSt. John Fisher
32.3Andrew Levick19.61aSt. Matthew
33.3Rowan Cook19.87a PROur Lady of the Lake
34.3Jasper Foreman20.03aSt. John Fisher
35.-Fletcher Tull20.35a PRHoly Trinity

100 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.5Grant Valley14.30aHoly Trinity
2.6Kyle Becker14.40aSt. Matthew
3.5Max Baricevic14.44a PRSt. Thomas More
4.5Daniel Ryan14.58aHoly Trinity
5.6Eamon McDonagh14.66aSt. Thomas More
6.6Landon Lagesen14.83a PRSt. Thomas More
7.5Calvin Hansen14.98a PRHoly Trinity
8.5Baron Kurland15.04aOur Lady of the Lake
9.5Noah Ha15.34a PROur Lady of the Lake
10.5Owen Nash15.59aHoly Trinity
11.6Denver Bowers15.74aSt. Matthew
12.6Jack Ryan15.99a PRHoly Trinity
13.Nathan salmeron16.00aOur Lady of Lourdes
14.6Ibrahim Rushdan-Adil16.05aSt. Matthew
15.6Dominic Dolan16.14a PROur Lady of the Lake
16.5Riley Reeves16.22aSt. Matthew
17.6Nicholas Rask16.41aSt. Thomas More
18.5George Hogue16.44aSt. Thomas More
19.5Alberto Hernandez16.47aSt. Matthew
20.5Maxwell Gaston16.50a PRHoly Trinity
21.5Daniel Milander16.52a PRSt. Thomas More
22.5Owen Risch16.70aSt. Thomas More
23.6Teddy Murphy16.92a PRSt. Thomas More
24.5Theo Morganson16.96a PROur Lady of the Lake
25.-Owen Scholes17.42aHoly Trinity
26.6Jacob Griffith17.49a PRHoly Trinity
27.5Maxwell Borgmeier17.52aSt. John Fisher
28.6Grady Brown17.56a PROur Lady of the Lake
29.5Evan Spencer17.92aOur Lady of the Lake
30.5Sean Sype18.34a PROur Lady of the Lake
31.5Isaiah Rodriguez18.45aHoly Trinity
32.5Nicholas Buck18.63a PROur Lady of the Lake
33.5Brett Seely19.25aOur Lady of the Lake
34.-Raphael Deplanche20.17aHoly Trinity
35.6Daniel Garcia21.72a SRSt. Matthew

100 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Austin Stampflee12.09aSt. Matthew
2.7Carter Kroenke13.51aSt. John Fisher
3.7Ronan Dolan13.61aSt. John Fisher
4.7Derek Peebles13.68aSt. Matthew
5.8Logan Scholes13.78aHoly Trinity
6.7Pierson Hays13.95aSt. Thomas More
7.7Clay Currin14.04aSt. Matthew
8.7Roman McCoy14.15aSt. Matthew
9.7Joshua Keizur14.68aSt. Matthew
10.7Beckkham Bowers14.83aSt. Matthew
11.7Isaiah Amador15.01aSt. John Fisher
12.7John O'Connor15.93aSt. Matthew
13.7Elijah Martinez16.97a PRSt. Matthew

200 Meters  Cadet - Finals

1.4John Tycast33.87aOur Lady of the Lake
2.4Cooper Cardwell34.54a PRHoly Trinity
3.4Jordan Juang34.69a PROur Lady of the Lake
4.4Jaden Hedges35.44a PRSt. John Fisher
5.3Nate McGillis35.53aSt. Thomas More
6.-Kenton Docktor36.63aHoly Trinity
7.4Ashdyn Reeves36.94aSt. Matthew
8.4Michael Schreiber36.98aOur Lady of the Lake
9.3Gabriel Dolan37.58a PRSt. John Fisher
10.-Viet Cao Minh37.86aHoly Trinity
11.4Zachary Contreras38.18a PRHoly Trinity
12.4Paul Donnelly40.53a PROur Lady of the Lake
13.3Raymond Karol42.48aOur Lady of the Lake
14.3Jasper Foreman42.84aSt. John Fisher
15.3Booker Hedinger44.24a PRSt. Thomas More
16.3Rowan Cook47.14aOur Lady of the Lake

200 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.5Max Baricevic29.63aSt. Thomas More
2.5Daniel Ryan30.05aHoly Trinity
3.6Eamon McDonagh30.93aSt. Thomas More
4.Nathan salmeron33.01aOur Lady of Lourdes
5.5Daniel Milander33.84aSt. Thomas More
6.6Jack Ryan34.25a PRHoly Trinity
7.5Parker Rice34.66a PROur Lady of the Lake
8.6Teddy Murphy34.76a PRSt. Thomas More
9.5Maxwell Gaston35.08a PRHoly Trinity
10.5Owen Risch36.26aSt. Thomas More

200 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Austin Stampflee25.41aSt. Matthew
2.8Henry Tierney26.32a PRHoly Trinity
3.8Logan Scholes27.77a PRHoly Trinity
4.7Wylie Sassano30.28aSt. Matthew
5.7Beckkham Bowers31.50aSt. Matthew
6.8Ian Rasovsky31.94a PRHoly Trinity
7.7John O'Connor34.74aSt. Matthew

400 Meters  Cadet - Finals

1.4Ike Bradshaw1:15.12a PRSt. John Fisher
2.4Jordan Juang1:18.68aOur Lady of the Lake
3.4Wilson Elmgren1:18.73aSt. Thomas More
4.3Miles Wahrgren1:19.48aOur Lady of the Lake
5.4Jayden Wilkinson1:19.87aOur Lady of the Lake
6.3Isaac Connell1:19.94a PRSt. John Fisher
7.3Nate McGillis1:20.65aSt. Thomas More
8.4Liam Donnelly1:21.04a PRSt. Thomas More
9.4Ta Ohr1:21.48aOur Lady of the Lake
10.4Ashdyn Reeves1:25.58aSt. Matthew
11.3Gerrick Armstrong1:25.70aHoly Trinity
12.4Oliver Deazley1:27.02aSt. John Fisher
13.-Tyler Mirkes1:27.16a PRHoly Trinity
14.4Zachary Contreras1:27.75a PRHoly Trinity
15.-Viet Cao Minh1:29.56a PRHoly Trinity
16.-Jack Kline1:30.98a PRHoly Trinity
17.-Logan Bates1:31.50a PRHoly Trinity
18.-Matthew Sanders1:32.43a PRHoly Trinity
19.3Brandon Parker1:34.12aSt. John Fisher
20.4Daniel Fleming1:35.96aOur Lady of the Lake
21.4Quinn Farrell1:37.46a PROur Lady of the Lake
22.4Thomas Huff1:39.40aSt. Thomas More
23.4Bennett Tisdale1:39.48aOur Lady of the Lake
24.3Garrett Foy1:40.06a PROur Lady of the Lake
25.3Carter Vuylsteke1:43.62aSt. John Fisher
26.-Fletcher Tull1:45.14aHoly Trinity

400 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.5Grant Valley1:06.31aHoly Trinity
2.6Leo Cook1:07.17a PROur Lady of the Lake
3.7William Shields1:07.25a PRSt. Thomas More
4.6Eric Schumacher1:07.75aSt. Thomas More
5.5Owen Nash1:11.42aHoly Trinity
6.5Max Baricevic1:11.49aSt. Thomas More
7.5Baron Kurland1:12.61aOur Lady of the Lake
8.5Daniel Milander1:15.15aSt. Thomas More
9.5Noah Ha1:15.98a PROur Lady of the Lake
10.5Calvin Hansen1:16.09a PRHoly Trinity
11.5George Hogue1:16.79a PRSt. Thomas More
12.6Ibrahim Rushdan-Adil1:17.79a PRSt. Matthew
13.5Parker Rice1:17.87a PROur Lady of the Lake
14.5Joseph Ferguson1:17.92a PRSt. Thomas More
15.5Maxwell Gaston1:18.19a PRHoly Trinity
16.5Maxwell Borgmeier1:18.21a PRSt. John Fisher
17.5Theo Morganson1:24.69aOur Lady of the Lake
18.5Cooper Rankin1:27.08a PRSt. John Fisher

400 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.8Dominic Tran1:03.61a PRHoly Trinity
2.7Carter Kroenke1:04.81aSt. John Fisher
3.8Ian Rasovsky1:07.09aHoly Trinity
4.7Isaiah Amador1:08.23aSt. John Fisher

800 Meters  Cadet - Finals

1.4Cooper Cardwell2:49.36aHoly Trinity
2.4Benjamin Kane2:49.66a PRSt. Thomas More
3.4David Ensminger2:52.77aOur Lady of the Lake
4.-Kenton Docktor2:56.51a PRHoly Trinity
5.3Jayse Brefczynski2:58.89aOur Lady of the Lake
6.4Liam Donnelly3:02.85aSt. Thomas More
7.4Ta Ohr3:04.52a PROur Lady of the Lake
8.4Victor Smith3:04.82a PROur Lady of the Lake
9.4Samuel Kaempf3:05.40aSt. Thomas More
10.3Owen Suratt3:20.62aSt. Thomas More
11.3Jack Warlick3:22.58aSt. Thomas More
12.4Antonio Daron3:24.62a PRSt. Thomas More
13.3Brennan Fogarty3:26.97a PROur Lady of the Lake
14.4Daniel Fleming3:27.93a PROur Lady of the Lake
15.3Booker Hedinger3:36.20aSt. Thomas More

800 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.5Santana Handegard2:40.74aOur Lady of the Lake
2.5Tyler Brown2:46.29aOur Lady of the Lake
3.5Bernard Albers2:51.19aOur Lady of the Lake
4.5Aiden Donis2:51.78a SRSt. Matthew
5.-Simon Thiebes3:03.59a PRHoly Trinity
6.5Jack Bradshaw3:06.65a PRSt. John Fisher
7.5Joseph Leben-Wollen3:13.42a SROur Lady of the Lake
8.5Cooper Rankin3:27.50a PRSt. John Fisher

800 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.8Henry Tierney2:17.84aHoly Trinity
2.7Tristan Sullivan2:30.51aHoly Trinity
3.8Cooper Bourland2:38.97aHoly Trinity
4.8Alexander Contreras2:42.43aHoly Trinity
5.8James Huard3:12.09a SRHoly Trinity

1500 Meters  Cadet - Finals

1.3Jayse Brefczynski5:47.18aOur Lady of the Lake
2.4David Ensminger5:49.95aOur Lady of the Lake
3.4Samuel Kaempf6:01.82aSt. Thomas More
4.3Owen Suratt6:14.68a PRSt. Thomas More
5.3Davis Marr6:49.07aSt. Thomas More
6.4Thomas Huff7:10.96a PRSt. Thomas More
7.3Brennan Fogarty7:20.28aOur Lady of the Lake
8.3Garrett Foy7:20.67a PROur Lady of the Lake

1500 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.6Leo Cook5:10.66aOur Lady of the Lake
2.5Santana Handegard5:30.42aOur Lady of the Lake
3.5Bernard Albers5:34.08a PROur Lady of the Lake
4.5Maxwell Borgmeier5:52.67a PRSt. John Fisher
5.5Michael Gomez5:55.58a PROur Lady of the Lake
6.-Simon Thiebes5:58.10aHoly Trinity
7.5Jack Bradshaw6:02.47a PRSt. John Fisher
8.5Benjamin Ryan6:04.20aHoly Trinity

1500 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Tristan Sullivan4:45.09aHoly Trinity
2.7Vlad Stancescu4:47.35aOur Lady of the Lake
3.8Sebastian Handegard5:08.76aOur Lady of the Lake
4.8Ian Rasovsky5:09.51aHoly Trinity
5.8Cooper Bourland5:28.44aHoly Trinity
6.8Alexander Contreras5:29.74aHoly Trinity
7.8James Miller6:04.80a PRSt. John Fisher
8.8James Huard6:05.19aHoly Trinity
9.7James Curl6:28.72a PRSt. Matthew

3000 Meters  Cub - Finals

1.6Zane Moore10:40.37h PRSt. Thomas More
2.5Aiden Donis12:10.94hSt. Matthew
3.5Michael Gomez12:25.15hOur Lady of the Lake
4.6Ethan Baker12:38.91hOur Lady of the Lake

3000 Meters  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Vlad Stancescu10:22.37h PROur Lady of the Lake
2.7Liam Murphy10:30.07hSt. Thomas More
3.7Andrei Stancescu10:54.01hOur Lady of the Lake
4.-Stephen Cummings11:11.63h PRHoly Trinity

4x60 Shuttle Relay  Cadet - Finals

1.Relay Team 40.57aOur Lady of the Lake
2.Relay Team 42.92aSt. Thomas More
3.Relay Team 43.92aHoly Trinity
4.Relay Team 44.79aSt. Matthew
5.Relay Team 46.39aOur Lady of the Lake
6.Relay Team 48.03aSt. John Fisher

4x100 Relay  Cadet - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:03.26aOur Lady of the Lake
2.Relay Team 1:05.93aSt. Thomas More
3.Relay Team 1:06.31aSt. John Fisher
4.Relay Team 1:10.33aOur Lady of the Lake
5.Relay Team 1:10.76aSt. Thomas More
6.Relay Team 1:14.06aSt. Matthew
7.Relay Team 1:15.75aHoly Trinity

4x100 Relay  Cub - Finals

1.Relay Team 57.79aHoly Trinity
2.Relay Team 1:00.14aSt. Matthew
3.Relay Team 1:04.54aSt. Thomas More
4.Relay Team 1:05.01aOur Lady of the Lake

4x100 Relay  Roadrunner - Finals

1.Relay Team 52.16aSt. Matthew
2.Relay Team 1:00.36aSt. Thomas More

4x400 Relay  Cub - Finals

1.Relay Team 4:42.91aSt. Thomas More
2.Relay Team 4:53.38aOur Lady of the Lake

4x400 Relay  Roadrunner - Finals

1.Relay Team 4:19.32aHoly Trinity

Shot Put - 6lb  Cub - Finals

1.6Zane Moore23-09.00 PRSt. Thomas More
2.5Tyler Brown23-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
3.6Iain Clee23-01.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
4.6Dominic Dolan22-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
5.6Grady Brown21-05.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
6.5Nicholas Buck19-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
7.5Julian Figueroa18-00.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
8.5Benjamin Ryan17-05.00Holy Trinity
9.5Isaiah Rodriguez17-03.00Holy Trinity
10.5Jack Davis15-04.00St. John Fisher
11.-Raphael Deplanche14-09.00Holy Trinity
12.6Daniel Garcia13-05.00St. Matthew

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Charlie Holtz33-04.00 PRSt. Thomas More
2.8Christopher Freeman30-00.00 PRSt. Thomas More
3.7Lucas Randall26-09.00 PRSt. Matthew
4.8Cameron Grant25-09.50 PRSt. Thomas More
5.7Pierson Hays24-00.50 PRSt. Thomas More
6.7James Curl20-11.00 PRSt. Matthew

Shot Put - 8lb  Cadet - Finals

1.3Josiah Molden22-01.50 PROur Lady of the Lake
2.4Ike Bradshaw18-09.25 PRSt. John Fisher
3.4Antonio Daron18-07.00 PRSt. Thomas More
4.4Paul Donnelly18-01.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
5.-Matthew Sanders15-09.25 PRHoly Trinity
6.3Rodrigo Rodriguez15-01.50 PRSt. Matthew
7.3Emmett Curl14-10.00 PRSt. Matthew
8.-Tyler Mirkes14-09.75 PRHoly Trinity
9.-Joshua America14-07.50 PRHoly Trinity
10.4Zachary Contreras13-11.50 PRHoly Trinity
11.-Fletcher Tull13-10.00 PRHoly Trinity
12.3Isaias Castillo Becerra12-11.00 PRSt. Matthew
13.-Logan Bates12-08.00 PRHoly Trinity
14.3Ryan Donnelly12-07.50 PRSt. Thomas More
15.4Finley Spear10-10.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
16.-Kellan Harris10-02.50 PRHoly Trinity
17.3Andrew Levick9-07.50 PRSt. Matthew
18.3Walter Hodes9-05.00 PRSt. Thomas More

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cub - Finals

1.5Tyler Brown90-10Our Lady of the Lake
2.6Eric Schumacher78-01St. Thomas More
3.6Grady Brown73-05Our Lady of the Lake
4.7William Shields72-06St. Thomas More
5.5Owen Nash70-07 PRHoly Trinity
6.5Alberto Hernandez63-10St. Matthew
7.5Calvin Hansen63-07Holy Trinity
8.5Wyatt Flood63-06Our Lady of the Lake
9.5Parker Rice61-09 PROur Lady of the Lake
10.6Nicholas Rask59-11St. Thomas More
11.5Riley Reeves59-03St. Matthew
12.6Iain Clee58-08Our Lady of the Lake
13.5Julian Figueroa57-03 PROur Lady of the Lake
14.5Isaiah Rodriguez45-00Holy Trinity
15.5Jack Davis41-05St. John Fisher
16.5Maxwell Gaston38-06Holy Trinity
17.-Simon Thiebes31-07 PRHoly Trinity

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunner - Finals

1.8Kane McNabb135-11 PRSt. Matthew
2.8Nicholas Garcia88-05 SRSt. Matthew
3.7Pierson Hays84-08 PRSt. Thomas More
4.7Derek Peebles83-10 SRSt. Matthew
5.7Beckkham Bowers74-02 PRSt. Matthew
6.8Cameron Grant73-00 PRSt. Thomas More
7.7Charlie Holtz72-04 SRSt. Thomas More
8.8Isaac Castillo Becerr71-02 PRSt. Matthew
9.8Christopher Freeman46-05 SRSt. Thomas More
10.7Elijah Martinez39-02 SRSt. Matthew

Javelin - 450g AeroJav / FinnFlier  Cadet - Finals

1.3Miles Wahrgren60-09 PROur Lady of the Lake
2.4Ike Bradshaw59-11 PRSt. John Fisher
3.4Victor Smith56-10 PROur Lady of the Lake
4.4Jordan Juang55-02 PROur Lady of the Lake
5.3Gerrick Armstrong52-03 PRHoly Trinity
6.4Antonio Daron49-00 PRSt. Thomas More
7.-Joshua America45-04 PRHoly Trinity
8.3Rodrigo Rodriguez43-00 PRSt. Matthew
9.-Jack Kline36-06 PRHoly Trinity
10.4Andrew Pashley35-08 PROur Lady of the Lake
11.3Isaias Castillo Becerra34-04 PRSt. Matthew
12.3Brandon Parker34-02 PRSt. John Fisher
13.3Walter Hodes32-09 PRSt. Thomas More
14.3Ryan Donnelly31-01 PRSt. Thomas More
14.4Thomas Huff31-01 PRSt. Thomas More
14.3Andrew Levick31-01 PRSt. Matthew
17.-Logan Bates30-01 PRHoly Trinity
18.4Mason Tanner27-03 PRSt. Matthew
19.4Finley Spear23-08 PROur Lady of the Lake
20.3Rowan Cook21-09 PROur Lady of the Lake

High Jump  Cub - Finals

1.6Kyle Becker4-02.00St. Matthew
2.6Leo Cook3-06.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
2.5Julian Figueroa3-06.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
2.5Joseph Leben-Wollen3-06.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
5Evan SpencerNHOur Lady of the Lake
5Nicholas BuckNHOur Lady of the Lake
5Brett SeelyNHOur Lady of the Lake
5Wyatt FloodNHOur Lady of the Lake
5Thomas TongueNHOur Lady of the Lake

High Jump  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Derek Peebles4-09.00St. Matthew
2.7Wylie Sassano4-06.00St. Matthew
2.7Clay Currin4-06.00St. Matthew
4.8James Miller4-04.00St. John Fisher
4.8Sebastian Handegard4-04.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
8Nicholas GarciaNHSt. Matthew

Long Jump  Cadet - Finals

1.3Josiah Molden12-10.50Our Lady of the Lake
2.4Max Jewett12-01.50St. Thomas More
3.4Jaden Hedges11-08.25St. John Fisher
4.-Viet Cao Minh11-07.00 PRHoly Trinity
5.4August Boecker11-05.50 PROur Lady of the Lake
5.4Jayden Wilkinson11-05.50Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Kenton Docktor11-03.50Holy Trinity
8.4Andrew Pashley11-01.00Our Lady of the Lake
9.4Cooper Cardwell10-11.50Holy Trinity
10.4Oliver Deazley10-04.25 PRSt. John Fisher
11.4Wilson Elmgren9-11.50St. Thomas More
12.3Isaac Connell9-07.50St. John Fisher
13.3Cole Moreschini9-07.00 PRSt. John Fisher
14.4Mason Tanner9-05.50 SRSt. Matthew
15.3Gabriel Dolan9-04.50St. John Fisher
16.3Raymond Karol9-01.50 PROur Lady of the Lake
16.4Michael Schreiber9-01.50Our Lady of the Lake
18.3Emmett Curl9-00.00St. Matthew
19.-Kellan Harris8-10.25 PRHoly Trinity
20.-Jack Kline7-11.00Holy Trinity
21.3Booker Hedinger7-10.50St. Thomas More
22.3Carter Vuylsteke7-08.50St. John Fisher
23.3Garrett Foy7-08.00 PROur Lady of the Lake
24.-Joshua America7-05.50 PRHoly Trinity
25.3Jasper Foreman7-04.50 PRSt. John Fisher
26.3Walter Hodes6-07.25St. Thomas More

Long Jump  Cub - Finals

1.5Daniel Ryan15-00.50 PRHoly Trinity
2.6Eamon McDonagh13-06.75St. Thomas More
3.6Kyle Becker13-06.00 PRSt. Matthew
4.5Grant Valley13-04.50Holy Trinity
5.6Denver Bowers12-11.50St. Matthew
6.6Landon Lagesen12-11.00 SRSt. Thomas More
7.5Aiden Donis12-04.75 PRSt. Matthew
8.5Baron Kurland12-03.75 PROur Lady of the Lake
9.6Nicholas Rask12-01.50St. Thomas More
10.7William Shields12-00.75 PRSt. Thomas More
11.5Riley Reeves11-08.00 PRSt. Matthew
12.5Noah Ha11-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
13.5Benjamin Ryan11-01.00 PRHoly Trinity
14.5Joseph Ferguson10-11.00 SRSt. Thomas More
15.Nathan salmeron10-10.50Our Lady of Lourdes
16.6Ibrahim Rushdan-Adil10-09.00 PRSt. Matthew
17.5Owen Risch10-07.50 SRSt. Thomas More
17.6Jack Ryan10-07.50Holy Trinity
19.5Thomas Tongue10-05.50 PROur Lady of the Lake
20.6Jacob Griffith9-07.50 PRHoly Trinity
21.5George Hogue9-05.00St. Thomas More
22.5Alberto Hernandez9-03.25St. Matthew
23.5Theo Morganson9-01.50 SROur Lady of the Lake
23.-Owen Scholes9-01.50Holy Trinity
25.-Raphael Deplanche8-05.00 PRHoly Trinity
26.5Sean Sype8-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
27.5Wyatt Flood8-01.50Our Lady of the Lake
28.5Brett Seely7-09.25 SROur Lady of the Lake
29.5Evan Spencer7-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
30.5Jack Davis6-07.25St. John Fisher

Long Jump  Roadrunner - Finals

1.7Austin Stampflee18-09.75St. Matthew
2.7Tristan Sullivan15-08.00Holy Trinity
3.7Malcolm Grant14-10.75 PRSt. Thomas More
4.7Wylie Sassano14-06.75St. Matthew
5.7Lucas Randall13-07.75 PRSt. Matthew
6.7Joshua Keizur13-07.00 PRSt. Matthew
7.7Clay Currin13-05.75 PRSt. Matthew
8.7Roman McCoy12-07.00St. Matthew
9.7Isaiah Amador12-01.75 PRSt. John Fisher
10.7John O'Connor11-02.50 PRSt. Matthew
11.7Elijah Martinez10-05.50St. Matthew
12.7James Curl10-04.00 PRSt. Matthew