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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mo Brooks11.37a (1.2)PRWayne Christian
2.9Russell Burns11.43a (1.2)Grace Christian (Ral...
3.11Tim Smith11.48a (1.2)cfa Academy
4.10Marquise Dark11.54a (1.2)Coastal Christian
5.11Marcos Abadi11.59a (1.2)American Hebrew Acad...
6.10Travonte' Robinson11.61a (1.2)Fayetteville Christian
7.12Adam Hartley11.82a (1.2)Burlington Christian...
8.10Christopher Payne11.95a (1.2)Burlington

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

2.10Marquise Dark10.67a (4.6)PRCoastal Christian
3.11Tim Smith10.69a (.8)PRcfa Academy
6.10Travonte' Robinson10.80a (4.6)PRFayetteville Christian
7.10Christopher Payne10.83a (4.6)PRBurlington
4.12Adam Hartley10.89a (1.1)PRBurlington Christian...
8.11Marcos Abadi10.96a (.8)PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
9.10Chan Park11.01a (1.1)PRNorthside Christian
10.12Jayden Jenkins11.04a (2.3)PRFayetteville Christian
11.11Keeshaun Pierce11.05a (1.1)PRCoastal Christian
12.11Khamisi Jackson11.06a (1.1)PRTrinity School of Du...
13.12Jose Askenazi11.11a (1.1)PRAmerican Hebrew Acad...
14.10Latterrion Johnson11.12a (.8)PRFayetteville Christian
15.12Ron Kirkland11.14a (.8)PRFayetteville Christian
16.12Jack Dunn11.14a (4.6)PRSt Davids
17.11Jack Mundy11.20a (1.1)PRBurlington Christian...
18.10Christopher Rhoads11.22a (.8)PRSt Davids
19.9Jack Jones11.25a (4.6)PRAsheville Christian ...
20.12Daniel Mangum11.30a (.8)PRTrinity School of Du...
21.11Tanner Jernigan11.31a (1.1)PRRocky Mount Academy
22.10Ras Andry11.32a (4.6)PRCarolina Day
23.12Jeff Branch11.34a (.8)PRWestchester Country ...
24.11Jordan Anderson11.36a (2.3)PRcfa Academy
25.12Will Hedrick11.46a (4.6)PRWoodlawn
26.11Jack Hager11.52a (2.3)PRWoodlawn
27.12Jake Booth11.95a (2.3)Coastal Christian
28.11Kai Hubbard12.50a (2.3)PRFayetteville Christian
1.12Mo Brooks10.64a (2.3)Wayne Christian
5.9Russell Burns10.64a (2.3) Grace Christian (Ral...

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Travion Smith23.16a (.4)Victory Christian Ce...
2.9Russell Burns23.34a (.4)Grace Christian (Ral...
3.10Marquise Dark23.78a (.4)Coastal Christian
4.12Adam Hartley23.83a (.4)Burlington Christian...
5.11Tim Smith24.13a (.4)cfa Academy
6.10Christopher Rhoads24.55a (.4)St Davids
7.12Jeff Branch24.57a (.4)Westchester Country ...

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Travion Smith22.87a (.1)SRVictory Christian Ce...
2.9Russell Burns23.24a (-.4)Grace Christian (Ral...
5.10Marquise Dark23.36a (.1)Coastal Christian
3.12Adam Hartley23.42a (.3)Burlington Christian...
4.11Tim Smith23.48a (-.1)cfa Academy
6.10Travonte' Robinson23.74a (-.4)SRFayetteville Christian
7.12Jeff Branch23.92a (-.1)PRWestchester Country ...
8.10Christopher Rhoads23.95a (.3)PRSt Davids
9.10Christopher Payne24.00a (-.4)SRBurlington
10.12Mo Brooks24.01a (-.4)PRWayne Christian
11.10Chan Park24.04a (.1)PRNorthside Christian
12.12Jayden Jenkins24.07a (-.4)Fayetteville Christian
13.12Matthew Hartness24.15a (-.1)PRCoastal Christian
14.11Tanner Jernigan24.18a (.3)Rocky Mount Academy
15.10Dustin Ren24.21a (.3)PRCalvary Day School
16.11Keeshaun Pierce24.35a (.3)Coastal Christian
17.10Latterrion Johnson24.35a (-.4)PRFayetteville Christian
18.11Jack Mundy24.41a (-.1)SRBurlington Christian...
19.10Ethan Mason24.48a (.1)Woodlawn
20.11Brendan Graves24.66a (.1)cfa Academy
21.11Nathan Oakes24.68a (.1)SRBurlington Christian...
22.10Ras Andry24.81a (-.1)Carolina Day
23.9Jack Jones24.87a (.1)Asheville Christian ...
24.12Will Hedrick25.14a (-.1)Woodlawn
25.11Samuel Moore25.58a (-.1)Cary Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jackson Garrett51.92aCoastal Christian
2.11Travion Smith52.63aSRVictory Christian Ce...
3.10Tafari Croom52.75aSRCoastal Christian
4.12Alan Baker53.34aPRCary Christian
5.12Declan Cutler54.16aFayetteville Christian
6.11Spencer Sherrill54.21aWestchester Country ...
7.10Jesse Jacobson54.75aWoodlawn
8.12Mo Brooks58.22aWayne Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Declan Cutler51.92aPRFayetteville Christian
2.11Jackson Garrett52.70aCoastal Christian
4.11Travion Smith52.91aVictory Christian Ce...
3.10Tafari Croom53.36aCoastal Christian
5.12Alan Baker53.43aCary Christian
6.10Jesse Jacobson53.88aSRWoodlawn
7.12Mo Brooks53.89aPRWayne Christian
8.11Spencer Sherrill54.12aSRWestchester Country ...
9.8RJ Klein54.28aWoodlawn
10.11Griffin Shigo54.30aWestchester Country ...
11.12Mathew Clayton54.42aEpiphany
12.12Tripp Berini54.74aWoodlawn
13.10Jack Shriver55.04aCary Christian
14.12Francis Colbert55.17aVictory Christian Ce...
15.12Derrick Diggs55.34aPRFayetteville Christian
16.10Zach Vig55.76aTrinity Academy of R...
17.10John Chuchta56.53aCary Christian
18.11Adrian Quintero57.24aChrist the King Cath...
19.10Marco Tan57.95aSt. Thomas More Acad...
20.9Raymond Campos58.27aPRFayetteville Christian

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Reece Collie2:02.86aSRAsheville Christian ...
2.12Connor White2:03.84aPRChrist the King Cath...
3.9Nicholas Scrocco2:03.95aSRCoastal Christian
4.12Daniel Morken2:05.25aSRTrinity School of Du...
5.8Mitchell Zammitti2:05.92aSRDavidson Day
6.12Lukas Irwin2:06.30aSRCarolina Friends
7.12Tripp Berini2:06.37aWoodlawn
8.10Harrison Oswald2:07.00aSRCarolina Day
9.10Will Sandlin2:07.19aCaldwell Academy
10.12Luke Evans2:07.47aSRWestchester Country ...
11.12Mathew Clayton2:08.23aPREpiphany
12.11Ethan Marotta2:09.45aCary Christian
13.11Trek Thorne2:09.85aPRGrace Christian (Ral...
14.10Nicholas McConnell2:10.74aPRCoastal Christian
15.12Alexander Bussey2:11.76aSRFayetteville Christian
16.9David Nicholson2:13.91aPRCalvary Day School
17.10Jax Ledford2:16.34aAsheville Christian ...
18.9Ethan Kemp2:17.15aSRAsheville Christian ...
19.9Spencer Young2:18.00aAsheville Christian ...
20.10Joseph Chrise2:23.19aEpiphany
21.11Zach Beale2:40.65aWestchester Country ...
--12Will SossamanDQGrace Christian (Ral...
--11Necco JohnsonDNFFayetteville Christian

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Reece Collie4:28.91aAsheville Christian ...
2.12Connor White4:32.41aPRChrist the King Cath...
3.11Zach Beale4:32.71aPRWestchester Country ...
4.12Will Sossaman4:33.95aPRGrace Christian (Ral...
5.11Matthew Fowler4:36.19aSRcfa Academy
6.12Lukas Irwin4:40.07aPRCarolina Friends
7.12Daniel Morken4:40.30aSRTrinity School of Du...
8.10Harrison Oswald4:43.80aSRCarolina Day
9.10Jack Councill4:46.11aWestchester Country ...
10.12Mathew Clayton4:47.43aPREpiphany
11.11Ethan Marotta4:47.54aSRCary Christian
12.10Nicholas McConnell4:49.19aPRCoastal Christian
13.10Will Sandlin4:50.11aPRCaldwell Academy
14.8Mitchell Zammitti4:51.01aSRDavidson Day
15.11Bryce Samples4:51.39aSRO'Neal
16.9George Culp4:51.39aWestchester Country ...
17.11Trek Thorne4:54.02aPRGrace Christian (Ral...
18.12Luke Evans4:54.61aWestchester Country ...
19.10Will Miller4:55.59aPRCaldwell Academy
20.10Jax Ledford4:55.78aAsheville Christian ...
21.9Spencer Young4:59.83aAsheville Christian ...
22.12Nathaniel Stucky5:00.29aFayetteville Christian
23.9Caleb Daniels5:10.14aPRCommunity Christian

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Connor White9:48.49aPRChrist the King Cath...
2.11Matthew Fowler9:51.65acfa Academy
3.12Luke Evans10:14.29aWestchester Country ...
4.10Harrison Oswald10:17.57aSRCarolina Day
5.11Bryce Samples10:22.56aSRO'Neal
6.10Nicholas McConnell10:23.93aPRCoastal Christian
7.12Nathaniel Stucky10:25.40aPRFayetteville Christian
8.9George Culp10:26.94aPRWestchester Country ...
9.8Mitchell Zammitti10:28.42aPRDavidson Day
10.10Jack Councill10:30.63aWestchester Country ...
11.10Will Sandlin10:38.27aPRCaldwell Academy
12.10Jax Ledford10:45.45aSRAsheville Christian ...
13.12Philip Lindia11:00.63aPRTrinity School of Du...
14.12Benjamin Wu11:07.92aPRTrinity School of Du...
15.10Carson Oswald11:09.53aPRCarolina Day
16.10Will Rutledge11:10.20aGrace Christian (Ral...
17.10MacGregor VanBeurden11:10.61aUniversity Christian
18.12Becker Andry11:13.87aCarolina Day
19.10David Adams11:14.25aWestchester Country ...
20.9Mikey Schwartz11:14.31aWestchester Country ...
21.11Mateo Otto11:19.48aCary Christian
22.11Rand Cochrane11:19.93aCalvary Day School
23.9Jackson McGeough11:28.04aWoodlawn

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tim Smith14.82a (.9)cfa Academy
2.10Keith Frasier15.67a (.9)Caldwell Academy
3.9Tyreke Thompson16.79a (.9)Victory Christian Ce...
4.12Francis Colbert16.86a (.9)Victory Christian Ce...
5.10Skylar Davies17.09a (.9)SRCoastal Christian
6.11Jonathan Brewer17.19a (.9)St Davids
7.11Houston Walker17.21a (.9)SRSt Davids
8.11Benjamin Overby18.93a (.9)Burlington

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Tim Smith14.77a (.4)PRcfa Academy
2.10Keith Frasier16.29a (.4)Caldwell Academy
3.9Tyreke Thompson16.52a (1.3)SRVictory Christian Ce...
4.11Jonathan Brewer16.80a (.4)SRSt Davids
5.12Francis Colbert16.81a (.4)PRVictory Christian Ce...
7.10Skylar Davies17.23a (.4)Coastal Christian
8.11Houston Walker17.30a (.4)St Davids
9.12Elijah Albright17.50a (.4)Burlington Christian...
10.11Ethan Anderson17.57a (.4)SRTrinity Academy of R...
6.11Benjamin Overby17.71a (1.3)Burlington
11.12Andrew Jones18.40a (.4)PRUniversity Christian
12.12Matthew Hinson18.60a (1.3)Caldwell Academy
13.10Jose Barbeito19.21a (1.3)SRTrinity School of Du...
14.10Wyatt Hopkins19.87a (.4)SRTrinity School of Du...
15.10Joseph Chrise20.08a (1.3)Epiphany
16.12Justin Tuckmantel20.40a (.4)Caldwell Academy
--10Thomas HevenerDNF (1.3)Trinity Academy of R...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Keith Frasier40.68aPRCaldwell Academy
2.11Tim Smith40.95acfa Academy
3.9Tyreke Thompson43.28aVictory Christian Ce...
4.10Skylar Davies43.57aSRCoastal Christian
5.11Jonathan Brewer43.67aSt Davids
6.12Francis Colbert43.68aPRVictory Christian Ce...
7.10Joseph Chrise45.71aEpiphany
8.10Thomas Hevener45.78aSRTrinity Academy of R...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Tim Smith42.32acfa Academy
2.9Tyreke Thompson42.63aSRVictory Christian Ce...
3.10Keith Frasier42.96aCaldwell Academy
4.11Jonathan Brewer43.54aSRSt Davids
5.10Joseph Chrise44.66aSREpiphany
7.10Skylar Davies44.87aCoastal Christian
6.12Francis Colbert45.25aVictory Christian Ce...
8.10Thomas Hevener45.98aTrinity Academy of R...
9.11Benjamin Overby46.15aBurlington
10.11Kyron Forte46.17aSRVictory Christian Ce...
11.10Jose Barbeito46.62aTrinity School of Du...
12.12Andrew Jones47.31aUniversity Christian
13.11Ethan Anderson47.51aTrinity Academy of R...
14.11Ian Jenkins48.07aCalvary Day School
15.11Griff Smith48.84aWestchester Country ...
16.12Matthew Hinson49.01aCaldwell Academy
17.12Elijah Albright49.91aBurlington Christian...
18.10Wyatt Hopkins50.63aSRTrinity School of Du...
19.11Thomas Powell50.92aWestchester Country ...
20.8Griffin Van Vooren51.36aCary Christian
21.12Mehul Muppasani51.81aWestchester Country ...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Jayden Jenkins
Declan Cutler
Latterrion Johnson
Travonte' Robinson
45.28aFayetteville Christian
2.Jack Mundy
Sachit Kumar
Patrick Wonganusom
Adam Hartley
46.08aBurlington Christian...
3.J'maal Law
Alex Mason
Daniel Mangum
Khamisi Jackson
46.21aTrinity School of Du...
4.Chan Park
Tshokete Shosola
Gary Mason
Malachi Rennix
46.54aNorthside Christian
5.Jack Dunn
Josh Rhoads
Houston Walker
Christopher Rhoads
47.63aSt Davids
6.Gaston Cohen
Benjamin Forti
Jose Askenazi
Marcos Abadi
47.84aAmerican Hebrew Acad...
7.Eli Sigmon
Tommy McGrath
Michael Speagle
Aidan Smith
48.94aHickory Christian Ac...
8.Caleb Coleman
Tyreke Thompson
Matthew Spencer
Adarius Erwin
48.96aVictory Christian Ce...
9.Tom Zhou
Mehul Muppasani
Griff Smith
Thomas Powell
48.99aWestchester Country ...
10.Will Miller
Marshall Landry
Josh Hawkins
Ben Grieves
49.18aCaldwell Academy
11.Joseph Shao
Nick Fletcher
Connor Bauer
Javon Outlaw
49.53aWayne Country Day
12.Russell Burns
Grayson Farless
Zach Gabor
Aaron Armstrong
49.83aGrace Christian (Ral...
13.Samuel Moore
Alec Woods
Alan Baker
Josh Dixon
50.05aCary Christian
14.Rae Rice
Josiah Sherrill
Brendan Graves
Jordan Anderson
51.13acfa Academy
15.Jackson Hall
Sullivan Denning
Alex Hibbs
Grant Watts
52.92aTrinity Academy of R...
--Matthew Hartness
Marquise Dark
Keeshaun Pierce
Jaden Pierce
DNFCoastal Christian

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Jayden Jenkins
Declan Cutler
Latterrion Johnson
Travonte' Robinson
1:35.09aFayetteville Christian
2.Matthew Hartness
Marquise Dark
Tafari Croom
Keeshaun Pierce
1:35.29aCoastal Christian
3.Ethan Anderson
Zach Vig
Jackson Hall
Matthew Young
1:37.28aTrinity Academy of R...
4.Jordan Anderson
Kyle Mislevy
Brendan Graves
Josiah Sherrill
1:38.09acfa Academy
5.Samuel Creek
Malachi Rennix
Gary Mason
Chan Park
1:38.15aNorthside Christian
6.Travion Smith
Tyreke Thompson
Caleb Coleman
Adarius Erwin
1:38.36aVictory Christian Ce...
7.J'maal Law
Alex Mason
Daniel Mangum
Khamisi Jackson
1:38.50aTrinity School of Du...
8.Jack Dunn
Josh Rhoads
Jonathan Brewer
Christopher Rhoads
1:38.53aSt Davids
9.Michael Euliss
Sachit Kumar
Nathan Oakes
Harrison Jordan
1:39.08aBurlington Christian...
10.Jack Hager
Ethan Mason
RJ Klein
Will Hedrick
11.Hamer Brigman
Thomas Powell
Spencer Sherrill
Jeff Branch
1:40.24aWestchester Country ...
12.Samuel Moore
Alec Woods
Jack Shriver
John Chuchta
1:41.14aCary Christian
13.Justin Tuckmantel
Marshall Landry
Ben Grieves
Matthew Hinson
1:43.45aCaldwell Academy
14.Dustin Ren
Marlin Ma
Jay Grider
Blake Dixon
1:45.46aCalvary Day School
--Joseph Shao
Nick Fletcher
Connor Bauer
Javon Outlaw
DQWayne Country Day

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Ras Andry
Harrison Oswald
Devin Elliott
Jeffrey Short
3:40.16aCarolina Day
2.Jack Mundy
Patrick Wonganusom
Sachit Kumar
Adam Hartley
3:40.22aBurlington Christian...
3.Tripp Berini
Ethan Mason
Jesse Jacobson
RJ Klein
4.Alan Baker
Jack Shriver
John Chuchta
Ethan Marotta
3:42.63aCary Christian
5.Necco Johnson
Alexander Bussey
Derrick Diggs
Declan Cutler
3:42.87aFayetteville Christian
6.Josh Hawkins
Will Miller
Matthew Hinson
Keith Frasier
3:43.65aCaldwell Academy
7.Relay Team 3:46.04aHickory Christian Ac...
8.Kyron Forte
Tony Redd
Francis Colbert
Caleb Coleman
3:46.58aVictory Christian Ce...
9.Griff Smith
Spencer Sherrill
Griffin Shigo
Jack Councill
3:49.72aWestchester Country ...
10.Kyle Mislevy
Matthew Fowler
George Serrano
Josiah Sherrill
3:49.76acfa Academy
11.Zach Vig
Alex Hibbs
Jackson Hall
Graham Marshall
3:50.11aTrinity Academy of R...
12.Connor Bauer
Cooper Edmondson
Nick Fletcher
David Gurley
3:55.47aWayne Country Day
13.Thomas Watson
Aaron Barton
Ben Slay
Bobby Merryman
3:57.66aDavidson Day
14.Alex Mason
Jeff Lindsay
Tommy Biggs
Daniel Morken
3:58.69aTrinity School of Du...
15.Turbo Meng
Bryce Samples
Chase Osorio
Jalen Lindsey
16.Tyler Washington
Andrew Walford
Tshokete Shosola
Eric Hua
4:07.11aNorthside Christian
--Taylor Scheibner
Grayson Farless
Trek Thorne
Will Sossaman
DQGrace Christian (Ral...
--Nicholas Scrocco
Ty Lewis
Tafari Croom
Jackson Garrett
DQCoastal Christian

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.George Culp
Jack Councill
Luke Evans
Zach Beale
8:24.84aWestchester Country ...
2.Nicholas Scrocco
Jackson Garrett
Nicholas McConnell
Caleb Fargo
8:32.76aCoastal Christian
3.Trek Thorne
Will Rutledge
Taylor Scheibner
Will Sossaman
8:37.44aGrace Christian (Ral...
4.Will Sandlin
Silas Avis
Brandon Speight
Will Miller
8:53.56aCaldwell Academy
5.Philip Lindia
Jeff Lindsay
Benjamin Wu
Daniel Morken
8:53.80aTrinity School of Du...
6.Jay Grider
Eli Kunkle
Ian Jenkins
David Nicholson
8:58.11aCalvary Day School
7.Mateo Otto
Martin Chuchta
Walker White
Ethan Marotta
9:07.81aCary Christian
8.Kyle Mislevy
George Serrano
William Suttles
Josiah Sherrill
9:33.10acfa Academy
9.Alexander Bussey
Tyler Daack
Andy Wang
Samuel Nelon
9:41.77aFayetteville Christian
10.Hunter Orel
Luke Wilburn
Harrison Jordan
Sachit Kumar
9:47.74aBurlington Christian...
11.Connor Bauer
David Gurley
Cooper Edmondson
Suraj Patel
9:48.42aWayne Country Day
12.Kyron Forte
Kayman Forte
Ari Velazquez
Adarius Erwin
9:59.77aVictory Christian Ce...
13.Andrew Walford
Eric Hua
Jackson VanBenschoten
William Walford
10:04.42aNorthside Christian

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Collin Wilson40-10.00SRBurlington Christian...
2.12Pate Dunlap39-10.00PRTrinity School of Du...
3.10Colman Senter39-06.00SRCalvary Day School
4.12Griffin Dunlap39-02.00Community Christian
5.11Brendan Graves38-09.00PRcfa Academy
6.11Chase McCullough38-06.00Northside Christian
7.11Thomas Raven38-03.00SRCaldwell Academy
8.10Marshall Landry37-05.00PRCaldwell Academy
9.10Joseph Hopey37-02.00Asheville Christian ...
10.10Christian McMoore-Carraway36-01.00Northside Christian
11.11Trey Williams36-00.00Coastal Christian
11.12Marc Farahmand36-00.00PRWestchester Country ...
13.12Zac Abraham35-10.00Fayetteville Christian
13.-Benjamin Forti35-10.00American Hebrew Acad...
15.10Josh Diaz35-04.00cfa Academy
16.10Kevin Wright34-07.00Trinity School of Du...
17.11Jeremiah Graham34-02.00Fayetteville Christian
18.11Scott Shinn34-00.00Cary Christian
19.10Jarrett Herndon33-05.00Trinity School of Du...
20.12B.J Worrell33-04.00cfa Academy
21.9Jimmy Dziadziola32-02.00Christ the King Cath...
22.12Cameron Major31-08.50Trinity Academy of R...
23.11Jackson Barton30-11.00Westchester Country ...

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Thorne Pruden135-06Rocky Mount Academy
2.11Chase McCullough125-03SRNorthside Christian
3.9Jimmy Dziadziola112-03PRChrist the King Cath...
4.11Chris Maxy109-04Hickory Christian Ac...
5.10Marshall Landry109-04SRCaldwell Academy
6.11Stephen Tucker109-03Rocky Mount Academy
7.12Griffin Dunlap106-06SRCommunity Christian
8.10Josh Diaz104-09cfa Academy
9.12B.J Worrell102-04cfa Academy
10.10Christian McMoore-Carraway100-11PRNorthside Christian
11.12Cameron Major99-08PRTrinity Academy of R...
12.12Davis Wood99-00Calvary Day School
13.12Brandon Tate98-11Burlington Christian...
14.11Griffin Shigo94-03Westchester Country ...
15.11Trey Williams91-06Coastal Christian
16.11Max Fulcher91-04Hickory Christian Ac...
17.9Cam Gerrard87-06Wayne Country Day
18.11Jackson Barton86-07Westchester Country ...
19.12Ben Leach84-10Christ the King Cath...
20.12Pate Dunlap81-05Trinity School of Du...
--11Scott ShinnFOULCary Christian

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Lee Langstaff6-00.00Carolina Day
2.12Gray Jackson5-10.00Asheville Christian ...
2.12Ty Lewis5-10.00Coastal Christian
4.11Daniel Buckner5-10.00Coastal Christian
5.12Eli Sigmon5-08.00Hickory Christian Ac...
6.12Tommy McGrath5-08.00Hickory Christian Ac...
7.11Gabe Walker5-08.00PRHickory Christian Ac...
8.9Gavin Guion5-06.00Cape Fear Academy
8.12Mo Brooks5-06.00Wayne Christian
10.10Anderson Lawler5-04.00Carolina Day
10.12J'maal Law5-04.00Trinity School of Du...
12.12Elijah Albright5-04.00Burlington Christian...
13.12Mehul Muppasani5-04.00Westchester Country ...
13.11Sean O'Malley5-04.00Cape Fear Academy
15.9Jack Holt5-02.00Calvary Day School
16.11Jacob Keshguerian5-02.00Westchester Country ...
17.11Cooper Edmondson5-00.00Wayne Country Day
18.12Michael Speagle5-00.00Hickory Christian Ac...
19.9Anthony Quintero5-00.00Christ the King Cath...
20.10Hunter Warren4-10.00Gaston Day

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Wilson Barr12-00.00St Davids
2.12Hao Tong10-06.00PRWestchester Country ...
3.12Brandon Tate8-06.00Burlington Christian...
--12Seth HollowayNHCary Christian

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Lee Langstaff21-10.50 (.5)SRCarolina Day
2.12Matthew Young21-04.75 (1.4)PRTrinity Academy of R...
3.12Ty Lewis20-09.25 (.6)PRCoastal Christian
4.10Anderson Lawler20-04.50 (1.0)SRCarolina Day
5.11Devin Elliott20-02.00 (.5)Carolina Day
6.12Timothy Tysinger19-08.50 (.5)PRHickory Christian Ac...
7.9Caleb Coleman19-06.00 (.3)SRVictory Christian Ce...
8.12Tommy McGrath19-05.50 (.1)PRHickory Christian Ac...
9.12Jeff Branch19-02.50 (.0)PRWestchester Country ...
10.11Daniel Buckner19-01.00 (.0)PRCoastal Christian
11.12Josh Rhoads18-10.00 (1.7)PRSt Davids
12.10Keith Frasier18-09.00 (.6)SRCaldwell Academy
13.9Gavin Guion18-08.50 (.0)PRCape Fear Academy
14.11Nathan Oakes18-08.00 (.0)SRBurlington Christian...
15.12Jack Dunn18-07.50 (.0)PRSt Davids
16.11Malachi Rennix18-07.00 (.0)Northside Christian
17.12Pete Garrabrant18-05.75 (.0)PRSt Davids
18.12Patrick Wonganusom18-05.25 (.0)Burlington Christian...
19.9Hamer Brigman18-04.75 (.7)Westchester Country ...
20.11Rae Rice18-03.75 (1.1)PRcfa Academy
21.10Matthew Spencer18-02.50 (.0)Victory Christian Ce...
22.11James Folds18-01.50 (-.9)PRWoodlawn
23.11Adrian Quintero17-11.50 (.5)Christ the King Cath...
24.10Micah Caudle17-10.00 (2.8)PRBurlington
25.10Dustin Ren17-10.00 (.0)PRCalvary Day School
26.12Ron Kirkland17-09.00 (.0)PRFayetteville Christian
27.10Aidan Swatzell17-08.00 (.1)PRAsheville Christian ...
28.11Ethan Anderson17-07.00 (.0)Trinity Academy of R...
29.11Gabe Walker17-07.00 (-.1)Hickory Christian Ac...
30.8Jalen Lindsey17-06.25 (.9)O'Neal
31.12Eli Sigmon17-06.00 (.0)Hickory Christian Ac...
32.11Kyle Mislevy17-01.75 (2.4)cfa Academy
33.10Jesse Jacobson17-01.00 (1.0)Woodlawn
34.11Javon Outlaw17-00.00 (.0)Wayne Country Day
35.10Harrison Jordan16-10.25 (1.2)Burlington Christian...
36.9Anthony Quintero16-06.00 (.8)Christ the King Cath...
37.12Ben Leach16-02.75 (.0)Christ the King Cath...
38.-William Suttles15-11.00 (-.2)cfa Academy
39.11Samuel Creek15-00.50 (.0)Northside Christian
--11Jeffrey ShortFOULCarolina Day

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matthew Young42-06.50 (.0)PRTrinity Academy of R...
2.10Lee Langstaff41-07.00 (.0)SRCarolina Day
3.10Anderson Lawler40-10.50 (.2)SRCarolina Day
4.12Ty Lewis40-06.00 (.4)PRCoastal Christian
5.11Malachi Rennix39-10.00 (.0)Northside Christian
6.12Tommy McGrath39-00.00 (.0)SRHickory Christian Ac...
7.10Jackson Hall38-08.50 (.0)SRTrinity Academy of R...
8.11Gabe Walker38-08.00 (.0)SRHickory Christian Ac...
9.10Matthew Spencer38-04.00 (-.2)Victory Christian Ce...
10.12Alan Baker37-01.75 (.0)PRCary Christian
11.10Luke Wilburn36-11.75 (.0)Burlington Christian...
12.11Daniel Buckner36-08.00 (.0)Coastal Christian
13.10Zach Vig35-11.50 (-1.5)Trinity Academy of R...
14.12Brandon Tate35-06.25 (.0)Burlington Christian...
15.11Sawyer DelCharco35-04.50 (.0)SRHickory Christian Ac...
16.12Ben Leach35-00.00 (.0)Christ the King Cath...
17.10Jesse Jacobson34-06.00 (.0)Woodlawn
18.9Grayson Farless32-05.00 (.0)Grace Christian (Ral...
19.11Luke Evans32-04.00 (.0)Cary Christian