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100 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.9Tejay Evans11.65aWest De Pere
2.11Riley Ballard11.78aDe Pere
3.12Drew Engel11.98aDe Pere
4.12Mason Ballweg11.98a PRDe Pere
5.12Nate Baranek12.23aDe Pere
6.9David Vanderlogt12.24aWest De Pere
7.10Payton VanLaarhoven12.29a PRDe Pere
8.12Josh Verhagen12.33aWrightstown
9.11Sam Heling12.37a PRDe Pere
10.11Elijah Wright12.41aDe Pere
11.10Gabe Finley12.45a PRWest De Pere
12.12Jonnie Gieringer12.56a SRWest De Pere
13.10Hunter Mashl12.57a PRDe Pere
14.12Andrew Peroutka12.57aDe Pere
15.9Maddax Shinners12.58a PRDe Pere
16.10Trevor Golden12.72a PRWrightstown
17.10Tyler Sanders12.73a PRWest De Pere
18.9Alex Cherveny12.76a PRWest De Pere
19.9Nicholas Kerkhoff12.81aDe Pere
20.10Quinn Swenson12.87a SRWest De Pere
21.12Jacob Klister12.90aWrightstown
22.9Quincy Holmes12.98a PRWrightstown
23.10Juan Morazan13.03a PRWest De Pere
24.9Ian Fuller13.07aDe Pere
25.9Robbie Jones13.10a PRWest De Pere
26.9Michael Turriff13.12a PRWest De Pere
27.9Logan Koel13.28a PRWrightstown
28.10Ben Pawlak13.31a PRWest De Pere
29.11Chris Kiley13.31a PRDe Pere
30.9Tanner Kubeny13.37aDe Pere
31.11Kevon Holmes13.37a PRWrightstown
32.10Patrick Moeller13.43aDe Pere
33.10Jordan Clancy13.63aWrightstown
34.10Miguel Martinez-Flores13.68aDe Pere
35.9Justin Lamers13.68aWrightstown
36.10Nick Roffers13.74aDe Pere
37.10Avery Lee13.80a PRWest De Pere
38.10Laparris Catchings14.08a SRWest De Pere
39.9Ethan Anderson14.25aWrightstown
40.10Chance Green14.26a PRWest De Pere
41.9Kyle Ruhland14.28a PRWest De Pere
42.9Dominic Hermes14.38a PRWest De Pere

200 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.9Tejay Evans23.04aWest De Pere
2.12Tony Vandenberg23.28a PRWest De Pere
3.11Riley Ballard24.28aDe Pere
4.12Drew Engel24.34aDe Pere
5.10Gabe Finley24.63aWest De Pere
6.11Spencer Borley24.66a PRWest De Pere
7.9David Vanderlogt24.99a PRWest De Pere
8.11Devon Hermes25.03a PRWest De Pere
9.10Mason Schauer25.12a PRWest De Pere
10.10Payton VanLaarhoven25.19aDe Pere
11.12Nate Baranek25.27aDe Pere
12.10Jacob Carriveau25.28aWest De Pere
13.12Mason Ballweg25.33a SRDe Pere
14.10Matthew Burns25.44a PRWest De Pere
15.12Jonnie Gieringer25.87a SRWest De Pere
16.12Jack Kautzer26.01aDe Pere
17.12Jacob Klister26.12aWrightstown
18.11Elijah Wright26.21aDe Pere
19.9Logan Gross26.37aDe Pere
20.9Quincy Holmes26.39a PRWrightstown
21.10Trevor Golden27.14a PRWrightstown
22.10Kadon Patenaude27.17aWrightstown
23.9Alex Cherveny27.58a PRWest De Pere
24.9Logan Koel27.66a PRWrightstown
25.11Kevon Holmes27.77aWrightstown
26.12Andrew Peroutka27.79aDe Pere
27.10Ben Pawlak28.28aWest De Pere
28.10Miguel Martinez-Flores28.77aDe Pere
29.9Ethan Anderson29.29aWrightstown
30.10Austin Kerkhoff30.04aDe Pere
31.10Alex Mirkes31.11aDe Pere

400 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.12Tony Vandenberg51.84a SRWest De Pere
2.9Tejay Evans53.45aWest De Pere
3.11Devon Hermes54.47a PRWest De Pere
4.10Linus Smith54.86aDe Pere
5.11Spencer Borley55.86aWest De Pere
6.10Ben Calaway58.53aDe Pere
7.9Maddax Shinners59.15aDe Pere
8.11Billy Brosteau59.40aDe Pere
9.11Alex Nuthals1:03.00a PRDe Pere
10.11Sam Heling1:03.20aDe Pere
11.9Logan Gross1:03.87aDe Pere
12.10Patrick Moeller1:05.29aDe Pere
13.9Ian Fuller1:07.24aDe Pere
14.10Jackson Gallagher1:08.22aDe Pere
15.10Austin Kerkhoff1:09.30aDe Pere
16.10Alex Mirkes1:09.57aDe Pere

800 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.10Andrew Lopez2:08.87aDe Pere
2.10Chase Hansel2:15.44aDe Pere
3.11Aaron Milkie2:17.28aDe Pere
4.12Parker Hoff2:18.85a SRDe Pere
5.12Austin Esser2:20.90a SRDe Pere
6.11Billy Brosteau2:25.27aDe Pere
7.11Wesley Ericksen2:27.05aDe Pere
8.9Kale Borseth2:28.08aDe Pere
9.11Kyle Rohan2:30.45aWrightstown
10.10Jared Fietz2:30.56a PRDe Pere
11.12Spencer Fitch2:33.21a PRWrightstown
12.12Ryan Milkie2:34.33aDe Pere
13.9Quincy Klister2:35.68a PRWrightstown
14.9Kaiden Koltz2:37.11a PRWrightstown
15.11Alex Nuthals2:38.48aDe Pere
16.11Fernando Garcia-Castro2:44.51a PRWrightstown
17.11Shaun Whitman2:44.70aWrightstown
18.9Colsen Wilber2:44.73aDe Pere

1600 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.11Jermaine Evans4:39.43aWest De Pere
2.10Matthew Galler4:39.57aDe Pere
3.10Andrew Lopez4:44.24aDe Pere
4.10Daniel Ericksrud4:57.10a PRDe Pere
5.11Patrick Willmott5:17.77aDe Pere
6.10William Soquet5:18.05aDe Pere
7.11Collin Fayas5:25.04aWest De Pere
8.9Trae Thompson5:25.47aWrightstown
9.9Josh Hampton5:26.69a PRWest De Pere
10.9Andrew Bishop5:28.81aDe Pere
11.12Spencer Fitch5:36.95aWrightstown
12.12Cal Konshak5:38.38aWest De Pere
13.12Daniel Voltmer5:39.32aDe Pere
14.9Charlie Buboltz5:42.21aDe Pere
15.9Kaiden Koltz5:42.81aWrightstown
16.9Colsen Wilber6:02.72aDe Pere
17.9Andrew Ebert6:04.12a PRWest De Pere
18.9Nick Timmerman6:12.36aDe Pere
19.10Devendra Kachole6:16.28aWest De Pere
20.9Yury Bodanov6:22.48a PRWest De Pere
21.11Fernando Garcia-Castro6:25.06a PRWrightstown
22.11Shaun Whitman6:25.07aWrightstown
23.9Colton Williams6:45.02a PRWest De Pere

3200 Meters  New Division - Finals

1.10Daniel Ericksrud10:58.02aDe Pere
2.10Matthew Galler11:14.02aDe Pere
3.10Jonah DeCleene11:37.51aWest De Pere
4.11MacGregor Farah12:11.90a SRWest De Pere
5.10Bryce Linssen12:13.45a PRDe Pere
6.10William Soquet12:24.58aDe Pere
7.10Bret Gerbers12:49.93aDe Pere
8.10Andrew Kennard13:03.24a PRWest De Pere

110m Hurdles - 39"  New Division - Finals

1.12Brandon Buck16.44aWest De Pere
2.12Michael Mirkes16.58aDe Pere
3.9Isaac Wright17.06aDe Pere
4.9Jack Rosner17.57aDe Pere
5.12Casey Sroda18.28a SRDe Pere
6.9Connor Walsh19.08aWest De Pere
7.11Isaac Austin21.53aWest De Pere

300m Hurdles - 36"  New Division - Finals

1.12Michael Mirkes41.53aDe Pere
2.9Isaac Wright44.73aDe Pere
3.10Matthew Burns45.23aWest De Pere
4.12Brandon Buck45.98aWest De Pere
5.9Jack Rosner46.88aDe Pere
6.12Josh Verhagen47.58aWrightstown
7.12Josh Hoeft48.86aDe Pere
8.9Connor Walsh49.62aWest De Pere
9.11Douglas Klister49.90aWrightstown
10.10Jordan Clancy51.18aWrightstown
11.10Ben Danen51.57a PRDe Pere
12.11Isaac Austin55.99a PRWest De Pere

4x100 Relay  New Division - Finals

1.-Riley Ballard
Drew Engel
Mason Ballweg
Nate Baranek
46.22aDe Pere
2.Maddax Shinners
Ian Fuller
Nicholas Kerkhoff
Payton VanLaarhoven
48.89aDe Pere
3.Davian Willems
Robbie Jones
Alex Cherveny
Michael Turriff
50.10aWest De Pere
4.Tanner Kubeny
Chris Kiley
Andrew Peroutka
Miquel Martinez-Flores
52.31aDe Pere
5.Laparris Catchings
Chance Green
Dominic Hermes
Avery Lee
55.27aWest De Pere

4x200 Relay  New Division - Finals

1.Patrick Streich
Sam Heling
Ben Calaway
Elijah Wright
1:40.57aDe Pere
2.Juan Morazan
Quinn Swenson
Michael Turriff
Robbie Jones
1:44.17aWest De Pere
3.Chris Kiley
Nick Roffers
Jack Kautzer
Tanner Kubeny
1:53.02aDe Pere

4x400 Relay  New Division - Finals

1.Chase Hansel
Hunter Mashl
Ben Calaway
Michael Mirkes
3:44.93aDe Pere
2.Collin Fayas
Jermaine Evans
Kort Raasch
Cal Konshak
3:51.80aWest De Pere
3.Parker Hoff
Matthew Galler
Andrew Lopez
Austin Esser
3:53.62aDe Pere
4.Mason Schauer
Logan DeJardin
Jacob Carriveau
Juan Morazan
4:01.37aWest De Pere

4x800 Relay  New Division - Finals

1.Spencer Borley
Collin Fayas
Jermaine Evans
Kort Raasch
9:06.87aWest De Pere
2.Matthew Burns
Jonah DeCleene
Cal Konshak
Devon Hermes
9:10.99aWest De Pere
3.Chase Hansel
Austin Esser
Wesley Ericksen
Parker Hoff
9:14.84aDe Pere
4.Ryan Milkie
Patrick Willmott
Kale Borseth
Andrew Bishop
9:45.00aDe Pere
5.Josh Hampton
MacGregor Farah
Andrew Kennard
Devendra Kachole
10:47.30aWest De Pere
6.Bret Gerbers
Bryce Linssen
Nick Timmerman
Charlie Buboltz
10:59.99aDe Pere

Shot Put - 12lb  New Division - Finals

1.11Chase Braun46-05.25West De Pere
2.12Jacob Beining42-07.00Wrightstown
3.11Liam McDonough39-06.00West De Pere
4.11Brad Nies39-02.00De Pere
5.11Seth Mitchell38-10.25De Pere
6.11Jake Karchinski38-08.75West De Pere
7.11Kyle Peters37-01.25Wrightstown
8.11Dylan Danforth36-02.00 PRWest De Pere
9.11Logan Brost35-09.25West De Pere
10.10Bryce Graef34-09.25West De Pere
11.11Ryan Bredael32-11.50De Pere
12.9Noah Champion32-04.00De Pere
13.10Eason Vang30-06.25De Pere
14.11Levi Groth30-04.75West De Pere
15.9Benjamin Ledvina30-04.50De Pere
16.9Gabe Somerville29-02.00West De Pere
17.9Connor McDonough28-11.00West De Pere
18.9Logan Sullivan28-07.75West De Pere
19.11Loken Malin27-08.00De Pere
20.9Austin Koltz27-07.75Wrightstown
21.11John Zheng27-07.50De Pere
22.9Ethan Johnson25-07.00 PRDe Pere
23.11Ben Wegend25-00.00Wrightstown

Discus - 1.6kg  New Division - Finals

1.12Jacob Beining126-07Wrightstown
2.12Steven Hermsen125-05De Pere
3.10Bryce Graef120-05West De Pere
4.11Chase Braun118-01West De Pere
5.11Seth Mitchell116-04De Pere
6.11Kyle Peters111-03Wrightstown
7.11Liam McDonough107-00 PRWest De Pere
8.11Dylan Danforth105-03 PRWest De Pere
9.11Ryan Bredael95-11 PRDe Pere
10.11Levi Groth89-02West De Pere
11.11Jake Karchinski88-05 PRWest De Pere
12.10Eason Vang81-09De Pere
13.11Brad Nies80-11De Pere
14.9Logan Sullivan80-05 PRWest De Pere
15.11Logan Brost77-04 PRWest De Pere
16.9Austin Koltz76-08Wrightstown
17.11John Zheng75-09De Pere
18.9Connor McDonough73-07 PRWest De Pere
19.9Noah Champion72-01De Pere
20.11Loken Malin68-07De Pere
21.11Ben Wegend63-04Wrightstown
22.9Ethan Johnson59-09 PRDe Pere
23.9Gabe Somerville56-02West De Pere
24.9Benjamin Ledvina52-03De Pere

High Jump  New Division - Finals

1.12Casey Kaftan5-10.00 PRDe Pere
2.10Jacob Carriveau5-08.00West De Pere
3.12Emmit Herrscher5-06.00West De Pere
3.11Elijah Wright5-06.00De Pere
5.10Trevor Golden5-06.00Wrightstown
6.9Jack Rosner5-04.00 PRDe Pere
7.9Connor Walsh5-02.00 PRWest De Pere
8.9Quincy Holmes5-00.00Wrightstown

Pole Vault  New Division - Finals

1.11Evan Rinke12-03.00West De Pere
2.11Mak Irish10-06.00 PRWest De Pere
3.11Douglas Klister10-06.00 PRWrightstown
4.11Brody Vandenhueval10-00.00West De Pere
5.12Patrick Albers10-00.00 PRWest De Pere
6.10Ben Danen9-06.00De Pere
7.11Tyler Mudd9-00.00 PRWest De Pere
7.10Kadon Patenaude9-00.00 PRWrightstown
9.10Ben Pawlak8-06.00West De Pere
10.10Jared Fietz8-00.00 PRDe Pere

Long Jump  New Division - Finals

1.12Emmit Herrscher20-03.00 SRWest De Pere
2.12Tony Vandenberg20-00.50 PRWest De Pere
3.9David Vanderlogt18-07.00 PRWest De Pere
4.9Isaac Wright18-04.75De Pere
5.10Jacob Carriveau17-10.25 PRWest De Pere
6.10Tyler Sanders17-04.25West De Pere
7.12Patrick Streich17-02.50De Pere
8.12Nate Baranek17-01.50 PRDe Pere
9.10Logan DeJardin17-00.00West De Pere
10.11Sam Heling16-08.00De Pere
11.9Jack Rosner16-02.00De Pere
12.10Ben Danen15-09.75De Pere
13.9Nicholas Kerkhoff14-05.00De Pere
14.9Quincy Klister14-02.75Wrightstown
15.9Justin Lamers13-09.00Wrightstown
16.10Jackson Gallagher13-07.00 PRDe Pere
17.10Chance Green13-05.25 PRWest De Pere
18.9Kyle Ruhland12-03.00West De Pere

Triple Jump  New Division - Finals

1.12Emmit Herrscher40-03.00West De Pere
2.10Tyler Sanders37-01.25West De Pere
3.12Patrick Streich37-00.25De Pere
4.12Casey Sroda35-03.50De Pere
5.11Isaac Austin34-05.50 PRWest De Pere
6.9Justin Lamers31-05.25Wrightstown
7.9Kyle Ruhland25-10.00 PRWest De Pere


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Team Scores

New Division - Mens
1.West De Pere94.5
2.De Pere80.5
New Division - Womens
1.De Pere91
2.West De Pere55