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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Khristian Conner11.0h PRMansfield
2.10Joe Cappelletti11.3h PRMansfield
11Jared Boone11.6h PROliver Ames
10James O'Sullivan11.6h PRMansfield
12John Galas11.7hOliver Ames
10Christopher Galas11.7h SROliver Ames
10Dan McCarthy11.8hMansfield
10Ethan Thevenot11.8hMansfield
10Luis Marquez11.9hOliver Ames
11Chukwubuikem Akanegbu11.9hOliver Ames
3.11Greg Waters11.9hMansfield
10Ben Ierardo12.3h SRMansfield
12Patrick Dean12.3h PRMansfield
9Myles Kiyanda12.3h PRMansfield
10Ethan Schlosser12.3hMansfield
9Asher Thomas12.3hOliver Ames
12Jack Mills12.4h PROliver Ames
11Jacob Gula12.4hOliver Ames
9Jaiden Daly12.4hOliver Ames
9Colin True12.5h PRMansfield
9Andrew Krysko12.5h PRMansfield
10Joseph Buccigross12.6hOliver Ames
10Thomas Rozelle12.6hMansfield
9William Acker12.6h PROliver Ames
10Dan Reith12.7hMansfield
11Marius Machado12.7h SROliver Ames
9Logan McGill13.0h PRMansfield
9Jack Souza13.0h PROliver Ames
10Sam Bolduc13.1h SRMansfield
9Xavier Manuel13.1h PRMansfield
10Alexander Manthous13.2h PROliver Ames
10Joshua Cook13.2h PRMansfield
10Robert McCarthy13.2hOliver Ames
9Dean Demarino13.2hOliver Ames
9Joseph DeMassi13.3hMansfield
9Elijah Smalls13.4hMansfield
9Carter Pierce13.5hMansfield
9Ryan Ventura13.5hOliver Ames
10Shane Hart13.5h PROliver Ames
10Daniel Pohlman13.6h PRMansfield
9Cam Meelia13.8h PRMansfield
10Paul Quinn13.9hMansfield
9Tommy Scibilia13.9hMansfield
10William Evans14.1hOliver Ames
10Chi Fung Li14.2hOliver Ames
10Nicholas Williams14.3hOliver Ames
9James Craven14.6h PROliver Ames
9Matthew Guarino14.6hOliver Ames
9Nasyve Beech15.0hMansfield
9Dylan Ricci15.8hMansfield
9Colin Mahoney18.0hOliver Ames

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nick Horn22.9h PRMansfield
10Ryan Hilliard23.1h PROliver Ames
2.11Dan Knight23.1h PRMansfield
12Colin Eutsay23.9hMansfield
12John Galas24.2h PROliver Ames
10Luis Marquez25.1hOliver Ames

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tyler King54.5hMansfield
2.12Sean Lanzillo55.0hMansfield
3.10Jack Rivard55.4h PRMansfield
12Jack Sheahan57.3h PRMansfield
9Jimmy Keane57.7h PROliver Ames
9Myles Kiyanda58.0hMansfield
12Robert MacInnis58.2h PROliver Ames
9Sebastian Durand59.1hOliver Ames
9Stephen Saba59.2h PRMansfield
9William Acker63.8h PROliver Ames
10William Evans65.0h PROliver Ames
9Logan McGill65.3hMansfield
10Thomas Rozelle66.4hMansfield
10Teddy Querzoli67.5h PROliver Ames
9Jack Magit68.9hOliver Ames
10Cormac Ganshirt69.5h PROliver Ames
10Benjamin Murphy70.4h PROliver Ames

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Cooney2:10.3h SRMansfield
2.12Kevin Crawford2:11.2hMansfield
3.11Peter Sullivan2:11.5hMansfield
12Collin Rice2:12.3hMansfield
9Alex Ramirez2:13.1h PROliver Ames
11Luke Savoie2:13.3h PRMansfield
11Cole DiForte2:15.2hMansfield
10Conor McCarthy2:20.5hMansfield
9Caden Riley2:20.8h PRMansfield
10Jonathan Montgomery2:29.7h PROliver Ames
11Robbie Saquet2:32.2h PRMansfield
9Christian Moro2:33.2h PROliver Ames
9James Schlenker2:33.5hMansfield
9Evan Condon2:37.4h PROliver Ames
10Joshua LaBrosse2:46.3hOliver Ames
9Andrew Hanna2:51.4h PROliver Ames

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Jason Windvogel1:59.8hOliver Ames
12Matthew H. Campbell2:06.6h PROliver Ames
11Ethan Eckstrom2:07.8hOliver Ames
11Sean Flaherty2:12.6h PROliver Ames

1 Mile  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kalin Petrov4:39.9h SRMansfield
2.12Collin Rice4:45.9h PRMansfield
3.10Mike Mullahy4:47.4h PRMansfield
11Luke Savoie4:48.8h PRMansfield
11Justin Miller4:58.8h PRMansfield
9Kyle Sarney5:02.0h PROliver Ames
9Nate Reservitz5:06.0hOliver Ames
10Ben Giffen5:06.9h PRMansfield
10Peter Oldow5:09.1h PRMansfield
9Trevor Flint5:11.7hMansfield
11Connor Eames5:29.2hMansfield
10Anthony Cardosa5:29.5hMansfield
9Tim Corkery5:29.9hMansfield
12Matt Weiner5:31.1hMansfield
10Joseph Looney5:31.1h SROliver Ames
9James Schlenker5:33.9hMansfield
10Andrew Waldorf5:34.0h PROliver Ames
12Devin Chatterjee5:35.2hMansfield
9Michael Jeans5:37.4h PRMansfield
10Mike Peel5:48.6h PRMansfield
11Matt Whalen5:52.9hMansfield
11Matthew Katz5:53.2hMansfield
9Ian McFarland7:18.0hOliver Ames

2 Miles  Varsity - Finals

1.11Patrick Heavey10:20.1h SRMansfield
2.11Paxton Howard10:41.2h PRMansfield
3.11Cullen Lancaster10:46.4hMansfield
10Owen Nipoti11:21.8hOliver Ames
12Kevin Osowski11:29.8hOliver Ames

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jareme DiLorenzo15.1h SRMansfield
12John MacAdam15.8hOliver Ames
3.10Andrew Williams16.8h PRMansfield
12Jack Dore17.1hOliver Ames
12Matthew Sullivan17.3hOliver Ames
12Jeffrey Pham18.4h SROliver Ames
9Ryan Munroe19.6h PRMansfield
9Tim Hanley21.3h PRMansfield
9Xavier Manuel21.4h PRMansfield

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Shannon61.8hMansfield
10Ryan Petrillo63.8hOliver Ames
3.10Raffi Marzella63.8hMansfield
10Chris Verros65.6hMansfield
9Alex Ramirez67.0hOliver Ames
10David Fiedorczyk68.2h PROliver Ames
9Drew Nickla73.0hOliver Ames
9Ryan Munroe81.3hMansfield
9Tim Hanley81.4hMansfield

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

Jackson Murphy
Patrick Heavey
Kalin Petrov
Kevin Crawford
Jason Windvogel
Ethan Eckstrom
Sean Flaherty
Matthew H. Campbell
8:26.6hOliver Ames

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin McCree43'1Mansfield
12Jack Mills41'7Oliver Ames
10Anthony DeCosta40'2.5 PROliver Ames
12Juan Targa-Sanchez39'5Mansfield
12Jordan Thevenot37'6Mansfield
11Jacob Gula37'3.5Oliver Ames
11Eli Pitts37'1Mansfield
11Jostil Willis35'3.5Mansfield
10Chris Graham34'2.5Mansfield
10Benjamin Murphy32'7 PROliver Ames
10Jackson Keller31'7Oliver Ames
10Luke Peretti29'9Oliver Ames
12Justin Holts29'8Mansfield
10Austin Risotti29'5Mansfield
10Sam Hutton26'10.5Mansfield
11Cedric Lamarre25'10.5Oliver Ames

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin McCree120'9Mansfield
2.11Eli Pitts110'5 PRMansfield
12Jack Mills100'2.5Oliver Ames
11Quinn Proudler100'1Oliver Ames
10Anthony DeCosta95'0Oliver Ames
10Chris Graham89'5Mansfield
10Alexander Manthous81'7Oliver Ames
10Austin Risotti70'7Mansfield
11Jostil Willis70'4Mansfield
10Jackson Keller69'10 PROliver Ames
10Sam Hutton56'8Mansfield

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kyle Haley144'Mansfield
11Quinn Proudler126'10Oliver Ames
3.10Daniel Rapoza119'11Mansfield
10Connor Murphy109'6 PROliver Ames
11Riley Adams107'10Oliver Ames
11Nolan Donze105'11Oliver Ames
10Noah Welcome105'4Oliver Ames
9Jared Mileika102'4Oliver Ames
11Alex Buche87'11Oliver Ames
10Jaden Sardella84'11Mansfield
12Robert MacInnis82'3Oliver Ames
9Adin Silva77'2 PROliver Ames
10Luke Peretti72'11 SROliver Ames
9Dean Demarino72'10 PROliver Ames
11Cedric Lamarre67'6Oliver Ames
12Jared Adams62'8Oliver Ames

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

11Ryan Tamasanis5'6Oliver Ames
12John MacAdam5'6Oliver Ames
10Andrew Williams5'4Mansfield
10Ethan Thevenot5'4Mansfield
10Ryan Hilliard5'4Oliver Ames
10David Fiedorczyk5'03 PROliver Ames
9Joshua Cavanaugh5'0 PROliver Ames

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Jareme DiLorenzo20'1Mansfield
10Andrew Williams18'7Mansfield
11Aaron MacDonald18'7Oliver Ames
12Kalil Matier17'10Oliver Ames
11Jared Boone17'8Oliver Ames
10Ethan Thevenot17'6Mansfield
10Joe Cappelletti16'2Mansfield
9Asher Thomas15'8Oliver Ames
11Marius Machado14'11Oliver Ames
12Matthew Sullivan14'11 SROliver Ames
10Robert McCarthy14'7Oliver Ames
9Jack Souza13'11Oliver Ames
10Alexander Manthous13'10Oliver Ames
10Nicholas Williams13'9Oliver Ames

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jareme DiLorenzo42'9.5 SRMansfield
12Kalil Matier42'0Oliver Ames
3.12Kyle Haley41'4Mansfield
11Aaron MacDonald38'11Oliver Ames
12Jordan Thevenot38'3.5Mansfield
10Jared Dickmann38'0Mansfield
10Ryan Hilliard37'6Oliver Ames
9Drew Nickla31'7 PROliver Ames
10Jason Pircio30'6 PROliver Ames
10Teddy Querzoli28'10.5 PROliver Ames


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Team Scores

Varsity - Womens
2.Oliver Ames48