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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Levi Conner11.66aPortage Central
2.10Grant Emery12.06aPortage Central
3.12Kelly Rogers12.19aPortage Central
4.12Alex Maurer12.33aPortage Central
5.10Trent Cumo12.53aSRPortage Central
6.12Blake Hively12.75aPortage Central
7.9Devin Porter12.77aPortage Central
8.9Cole Root12.80aPortage Central
8.9Frank Roseman12.80aPortage Central
10.11Lance Wheeler12.82aPRRichland Gull Lake
11.12David Larson12.93aSRRichland Gull Lake
12.9Micaiah Crookston12.97aPRRichland Gull Lake
12.12Ethan Turner12.97aRichland Gull Lake
14.11Dakota Oman13.14aPRRichland Gull Lake
15.9Samuel Branhan13.31aPortage Central
16.9Lucas Geer13.48aPRPortage Central
17.12Amos Pentikainen13.52aPRPortage Central
18.10Max Longjohn14.26aPortage Central
19.10Sergio Ramos-Rivera14.49aPortage Central
20.9Marcus Varnell14.58aPortage Central
21.9Ryan Totten14.67aPortage Central
22.9Carter Horton14.71aPortage Central
23.12Sheldon Shen14.75aPortage Central
24.10Brayden Fuller15.97aPortage Central
25.12Tommy Chen21.51aPortage Central

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Levi Conner23.43aPortage Central
2.11Juston Larkin23.44aRichland Gull Lake
3.10Grant Emery24.48aPortage Central
4.12Kelly Rogers25.06aSRPortage Central
5.10Trysten Klipsch25.37aRichland Gull Lake
6.9Brendan Seiler25.54aPRRichland Gull Lake
7.12Blake Hively25.73aPortage Central
8.10Eric White25.85aRichland Gull Lake
9.12Harrison Fitts25.90aPRPortage Central
10.11Lance Wheeler25.94aRichland Gull Lake
11.9Micaiah Crookston26.10aPRRichland Gull Lake
12.11Grant Feraco26.19aRichland Gull Lake
13.11Dakota Oman26.29aPRRichland Gull Lake
14.9Frank Roseman26.30aPortage Central
15.10Yidana Mumuni26.45aSRPortage Central
16.10Trent Cumo26.63aPortage Central
17.12Ethan Turner26.77aRichland Gull Lake
18.12Luke Simmons27.15aRichland Gull Lake
18.9Haidyn Garrison27.15aRichland Gull Lake
20.9Cole Root27.17aPortage Central
21.12John Porter27.50aRichland Gull Lake
22.9Rylee Johnson27.62aPortage Central
23.11Kevin Hook27.84aPRRichland Gull Lake
24.11Ethan Lee28.45aPortage Central
25.12Saketh Thota28.64aPortage Central
26.10Jacob Hernandez29.31aPortage Central
27.12Amos Pentikainen29.45aPortage Central
28.10Zach Alday29.46aRichland Gull Lake
29.9Marcus Varnell29.50aPortage Central
30.9Lucas Geer29.77aPortage Central
31.10Noah Gatz29.78aPortage Central
32.12Sheldon Shen31.19aSRPortage Central
33.10Sergio Ramos-Rivera31.65aPortage Central
34.9Colin Lauraine31.79aPortage Central
35.10Brayden Fuller37.01aPortage Central
36.12Tommy Chen45.16aPortage Central

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Trent Stoner53.99aPRRichland Gull Lake
2.12Luke Arvidson56.11aPRRichland Gull Lake
3.10Parker Ray58.37aRichland Gull Lake
4.9Maxwell Skrceny59.61aRichland Gull Lake
5.12Luke Simmons59.94aPRRichland Gull Lake
6.10Noah Gatz1:01.00aPortage Central
7.11Ethan Lee1:03.53aPortage Central
8.10Jacob Hernandez1:03.72aPortage Central
9.10Max Longjohn1:03.94aPortage Central
10.12Amos Pentikainen1:05.27aPortage Central
11.11Noah Braasch1:08.27aPRPortage Central
12.9Riley Finstrom1:09.06aPRPortage Central
13.12Sheldon Shen1:17.18aPortage Central
14.10Brayden Fuller1:30.59aPortage Central

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nolan Fraaza2:07.00aSRRichland Gull Lake
2.11Nick Dawson2:13.30aPRRichland Gull Lake
3.11Logan Misejka2:17.06aPortage Central
4.12Zach Zahrt2:19.00aSRRichland Gull Lake
5.11Ryan Chase2:20.00aSRPortage Central
6.12Oliver Harnden2:21.00aRichland Gull Lake
7.9Caleb Heid2:21.50aPortage Central
8.12Brenden Buchanan2:23.00aPortage Central
9.9Marc Krawczyk2:24.00aRichland Gull Lake
10.10Thenuka Jayatilaka2:26.00aPortage Central
11.9Lukas VanderSloot2:29.00aPortage Central
12.9Zach Franz2:30.00aPortage Central
13.9Cameron Perkins2:31.00aPRRichland Gull Lake
14.12Alvaro Velasco2:33.00aPRRichland Gull Lake
15.12Paul Balko2:36.00aRichland Gull Lake
16.11Evan Higgins2:36.20aPRPortage Central
17.9Brenden Perry2:36.30aPRRichland Gull Lake
18.9Bennett Tetzlaff2:37.00aPortage Central
19.9Eric Fernandez2:38.00aPRPortage Central
20.12Colin Northuis2:39.00aPRPortage Central
21.10Asad Khan2:39.50aPRPortage Central

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Koby Fraaza4:40.89aRichland Gull Lake
2.9Caleb Heid4:58.01aPortage Central
3.11Logan Misejka5:03.46aPortage Central
4.11Nick Dawson5:04.16aPRRichland Gull Lake
5.11Jaron Taylor5:05.42aPortage Central
6.12Joel Blackburn5:13.13aRichland Gull Lake
7.11Ryan Chase5:13.45aSRPortage Central
8.12Brenden Buchanan5:13.78aPortage Central
9.9Marc Krawczyk5:15.78aPRRichland Gull Lake
10.10Thenuka Jayatilaka5:20.08aPortage Central
11.10Tyler Brunner5:33.52aSRPortage Central
12.9Lukas VanderSloot5:35.20aPortage Central
13.12Colin Northuis5:38.96aSRPortage Central
14.12Alvaro Velasco5:41.69aRichland Gull Lake
15.12Nate Krawczyk5:43.39aRichland Gull Lake
16.9Eric Fernandez5:44.10aPRPortage Central
17.9Miles Anderson5:45.40aPRPortage Central
18.9Bennett Tetzlaff5:45.72aPortage Central
19.12Dylan Gwyn5:47.51aPortage Central
20.9Zach Franz5:48.04aPortage Central
21.11Andres Munoz5:51.24aRichland Gull Lake
22.9Brenden Perry6:00.15aRichland Gull Lake
23.11Evan Higgins6:06.84aPortage Central
24.12Jaden Butcher6:11.79aRichland Gull Lake
25.11Joseph Keiser6:16.13aPRPortage Central
26.10Asad Khan6:23.60aPortage Central
27.9Zachary Pollack6:23.69aPortage Central
28.10Ethan Valentin6:24.71aPortage Central
29.12Riley Smith7:53.96aRichland Gull Lake

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Koby Fraaza9:56.59aSRRichland Gull Lake
2.11Jaron Taylor11:58.82aPortage Central
3.9Cameron Perkins12:26.10aRichland Gull Lake
4.10Tyler Brunner12:26.59aPortage Central
5.12Colin Northuis12:37.41aPortage Central
6.9Miles Anderson12:58.45aPortage Central
7.9Riley Finstrom12:59.06aPRPortage Central
8.12Brenden Buchanan13:06.44aPortage Central
9.9Zachary Pollack13:50.87aPortage Central
10.12Jaden Butcher13:55.39aRichland Gull Lake
11.11Joseph Keiser14:11.73aPRPortage Central
12.11Noah Braasch14:12.91aPRPortage Central
13.10Ethan Valentin15:00.36aPRPortage Central

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

7.10Greg Jung19.47aRichland Gull Lake
8.9Colin Lauraine22.19aPortage Central
9.9Carter Horton23.29aPortage Central

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Harrison Fitts44.71aPortage Central
2.12Arun Singh47.85aPortage Central
3.11Isaac Cochran48.02aRichland Gull Lake
4.12Tyler Ford49.31aRichland Gull Lake
5.11Jason Reeves49.46aRichland Gull Lake
6.10Greg Jung51.04aRichland Gull Lake
7.12David Larson52.19aRichland Gull Lake
8.12Saketh Thota53.37aPortage Central
9.9Marcus Varnell54.98aPortage Central
10.9Carter Horton56.40aPortage Central

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Grant Emery
Kelly Rogers
Blake Hively
Levi Conner
45.52aPortage Central
2.Grant Feraco
Lance Wheeler
Dakota Oman
Juston Larkin
47.03aRichland Gull Lake
3.Brendan Seiler
Trysten Klipsch
Eric White
Jason Reeves
48.88aRichland Gull Lake
4.Frank Roseman
Devin Porter
Samuel Branhan
Rylee Johnson
50.01aPortage Central

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Qubin Brown
Yidana Mumuni
Trent Cumo
Kelly Rogers
1:39.25aPortage Central
2.Isaac Cochran
Parker Ray
Maxwell Skrceny
Greg Jung
1:42.03aRichland Gull Lake
3.Grant Feraco
Luke Arvidson
Ethan Turner
David Larson
1:43.63aRichland Gull Lake
4.Ethan Lee
Ryan Totten
Marcus Varnell
Kaleb Landis
1:54.42aPortage Central
5.Cole Root
Cole Lewis
Carter Horton
Sergio Ramos-Rivera
1:56.04aPortage Central
6.Max Longjohn
Shelden Shen
Colin Lauraine
Brayden Fuller
2:02.24aPortage Central

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Nolan Fraaza
Juston Larkin
Trent Stoner
Zach Zahrt
3:42.32aRichland Gull Lake
2.Yidana Mumuni
Levi Conner
Qubin Brown
Gavin McNamara
3:53.42aPortage Central
3.Luke Arvidson
Luke Simmons
Eric White
Trysten Klipsch
4:05.29aRichland Gull Lake
4.Harrison Fitts
Ryan Chase
Blake Hively
Alex Maurer
4:08.77aPortage Central
5.Maxwell Skrceny
Brendan Seiler
Greg Jung
Isaac Cochran
4:15.92aRichland Gull Lake
6.Micaiah Crookston
Parker Ray
Ethan Turner
Oliver Harnden
4:34.23aRichland Gull Lake

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Nolan Fraaza
Zach Zahrt
Koby Fraaza
Trent Stoner
8:42.51aRichland Gull Lake
2.Logan Misejka
Brenden Buchanan
Jaron Taylor
Thenuka Jayatilaka
9:10.99aPortage Central
3.Joel Blackburn
Paul Balko
Oliver Harnden
Nick Dawson
9:30.28aRichland Gull Lake
4.Alvaro Velasco
Andres Munoz
Marc Krawczyk
Cameron Perkins
9:51.35aRichland Gull Lake
5.Caleb Heid
Noah Gatz
Zach Franz
Joseph Keiser
9:58.00aPortage Central
6.Lukas VanderSloot
Colin Northuis
Riley Finstrom
Miles Anderson
10:11.02aPortage Central
7.Tyler Brunner
Dylan Gwyn
Evan Higgins
Noah Braasch
10:21.82aPortage Central
8.Eric Fernandez
Zachary Pollack
Bennett Tetzlaff
Ethan Valentin
10:48.44aPortage Central
9.Brenden Perry
Nate Krawczyk
Jaden Butcher
Riley Smith
10:49.06aRichland Gull Lake

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Porter39'06.00Richland Gull Lake
2.10Johnathan Newland36'10.00Portage Central
3.10Logan Pennock33'11.00Richland Gull Lake
4.9Colton Hicks31'10.00PRRichland Gull Lake
5.12Steven Gary30'11.50Richland Gull Lake
6.12Nathin Nelson30'10.50PRPortage Central
7.9Haidyn Garrison30'08.00Richland Gull Lake
8.11Kevin Hook30'00.00Richland Gull Lake
9.9Jasper Taylor27'09.00Portage Central
10.9Isaac Newland27'04.00Portage Central
11.10Zach Alday27'03.00Richland Gull Lake
12.9Chris Campbell25'05.00Portage Central
13.9Charlie Wilks22'04.00Portage Central

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Porter105'04.00Richland Gull Lake
2.10Johnathan Newland95'08.00Portage Central
3.9Haidyn Garrison79'10.00Richland Gull Lake
4.12David Larson75'10.00Richland Gull Lake
5.10Logan Pennock72'09.00Richland Gull Lake
6.9Jasper Taylor72'05.00Portage Central
7.10Zach Alday72'00.50Richland Gull Lake
8.9Colton Hicks67'00.00Richland Gull Lake
9.11Kevin Hook66'06.00Richland Gull Lake
10.12Steven Gary62'00.00Richland Gull Lake
11.9Isaac Newland59'00.00Portage Central
12.9Charlie Wilks57'07.00Portage Central
13.9Chris Campbell54'07.00Portage Central

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Trysten Klipsch5'08.00PRRichland Gull Lake
2.10Grant Emery5'04.00PRPortage Central
3.10Eric White5'04.00Richland Gull Lake
4.10Lucas Meints5'00.00PRRichland Gull Lake
5.12Saketh Thota5'00.00SRPortage Central

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jon Esposito9'00.00Portage Central
2.11Devin Crawford8'06.00Portage Central
12Tyler Ford7'6Richland Gull Lake
3.10Lucas Meints7'06.00Richland Gull Lake
9Rylee Johnson6'6"Portage Central

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alex Maurer18'00.00Portage Central
2.11Dakota Oman17'01.50Richland Gull Lake
3.9Frank Roseman16'04.75Portage Central
4.9Devin Porter15'11.50Portage Central
5.9Samuel Branhan15'11.25PRPortage Central
6.12Arun Singh15'11.00PRPortage Central
7.12Joel Blackburn15'04.50PRRichland Gull Lake
8.10Trent Cumo14'09.50SRPortage Central
9.11Ryan Chase13'07.50Portage Central
10.9Cole Root12'09.75Portage Central
11.12Amos Pentikainen12'04.75Portage Central
12.10Sergio Ramos-Rivera12'01.00PRPortage Central


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