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VarsityJr. Varsity
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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kai'Lib Copes11.08aPRSt Mary's College
2.12Amir Davis11.28aDe Anza
3.10Devaughn Jackson11.48aJesse Bethel
4.11Devon Gilbert11.58aPRJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...
5.12Charles Modeste11.69aDe Anza
6.12Antoine Morales11.76aPRSt Mary's College
7.12Danny Lockwood11.94aPRJesse Bethel
8.12Jaylen Williams11.98aSalesian
9.11Ramon Smith12.04aPRJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...
10.10Shawn Tate12.13aDe Anza
11.11Jordan Mure12.16aSt Mary's College
12.10Kris Lucy12.26aPRSalesian
13.10Jowell Smith12.75aDe Anza
14.11Elias Jones12.84aDe Anza
15.11Eric Gutierrez13.02aPRDe Anza
16.11Elivin Gueston13.03aPRJesse Bethel

100 Meters  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.10Joshua Holmes12.14aJesse Bethel
2.11Lawerence Hargravesll12.15aJesse Bethel
3.10Jeremy Richardson12.23aPRJesse Bethel
4.10James Mariano12.40aSalesian
5.10Ivan Castro12.48aPRJesse Bethel
6.10Samari White12.57aJesse Bethel
7.10Dylan Robinson12.98aPRSt Mary's College
8.9Stephen Ransom13.30aJesse Bethel
9.10Amare McArthur13.35aSalesian
10.9Ben Soto13.43aSt Mary's College
11.10Theautis Persons13.50aSt Mary's College
12.9Mickie Byrd13.54aJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...
13.10Dennis Knight13.61aJesse Bethel
14.10Maxwell Behrans13.68aSt Mary's College
15.9Ian Tamagno14.58aSt Mary's College

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Amir Davis22.85aDe Anza
2.10Di'Niko Bates24.67aSt Mary's College
3.12Danny Lockwood24.83aJesse Bethel
4.10Kris Lucy25.22aSalesian
5.9Nicholas Fontanilla25.91aSalesian
6.11Elias Jones26.02aDe Anza

200 Meters  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.10Shawn Tate24.69aPRDe Anza
2.10James Mariano24.99aSalesian
3.10Ivan Castro25.54aPRJesse Bethel
4.11Lawerence Hargravesll25.56aPRJesse Bethel
5.10Jowell Smith25.91aDe Anza
6.10Samari White26.21aJesse Bethel
7.10Joshua Holmes26.29aJesse Bethel
8.10Dylan Robinson26.43aPRSt Mary's College
9.11Eric Gutierrez26.54aDe Anza
10.10Dorian Laverne26.91aPRSt Mary's College
11.10Amare McArthur27.06aPRSalesian
12.10Dennis Knight27.65aJesse Bethel
13.9Stephen Ransom27.75aJesse Bethel
14.10Traylen Jones27.91aJesse Bethel
15.9Ben Soto28.15aSt Mary's College
16.10Maxwell Behrans28.23aSt Mary's College
17.9Chales Rosenberg29.81aSt Mary's College

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kai'Lib Copes50.57aSt Mary's College
2.12Amir Davis53.74aDe Anza
3.11Jordan Walton54.88aSt Mary's College
4.10Brandon Bazile54.89aSt Mary's College
5.10Dominic Turqueza55.24aSalesian
6.9Simeon Harris55.91aJesse Bethel
7.9Nicholas Fontanilla57.48aPRSalesian
8.11Joseph Alvarez58.29aPRJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...

400 Meters  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.9Julian Womack-Batzdorf57.63aSt Mary's College
2.10Ivan Castro58.65aPRJesse Bethel
3.10Dorian Laverne58.81aSt Mary's College
4.10Jose Najar1:00.89aPRJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...
5.10Hans Sikare1:01.86aPRSt Mary's College
6.9Stephen Ransom1:02.10aJesse Bethel
7.10Traylen Jones1:02.19aJesse Bethel
8.10Shahzaib Shahid1:04.67aJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Dominic Fontanilla2:05.63aSalesian
2.10Riley Hartney2:13.87aPRSt Mary's College
3.10Kristian Domingo2:15.94aDe Anza
4.11Palvir Singh2:21.11aDe Anza
5.11Jakwuez Howard2:24.04aPRJesse Bethel
6.10Zax Lieske2:25.50aSt Mary's College
7.10Matteo Brownlow2:38.54aSt Mary's College
8.11Alex Rudolph2:40.86aSt Mary's College
9.11Talyn Mitchell2:45.44aSt Mary's College
10.12Joshua Harris2:49.85aPRJesse Bethel

800 Meters  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.9Jacob Stamper2:34.92aPRDe Anza
2.9Dominic Storella2:56.84aPRSt Mary's College

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Vladimir Gonzalez4:51.03aSalesian
2.10Riley Hartney4:52.38aSt Mary's College
3.10Kristian Domingo5:02.79aDe Anza
4.10Zax Lieske5:03.29aSt Mary's College
5.11Jakwuez Howard5:18.37aJesse Bethel
6.9Jeffrey Norris5:22.74aSt Mary's College
7.10Matteo Brownlow5:25.65aPRSt Mary's College
8.11Alex Rudolph5:27.67aPRSt Mary's College
9.9Ryan Painter5:28.15aSt Mary's College
10.9Gabe Cutino5:32.66aSalesian
11.11Talyn Mitchell5:36.26aPRSt Mary's College
12.10Jacob Wilson5:43.07aJesse Bethel
13.12Joshua Harris6:18.09aPRJesse Bethel

1600 Meters  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.9Jacob Stamper5:31.70aDe Anza
2.9Dominic Storella5:53.24aSt Mary's College

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Gonzalez10:50.59aSalesian
2.11Jakwuez Howard11:55.12aJesse Bethel
3.9Gabe Cutino12:20.53aSalesian

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Di'Niko Bates15.45aSt Mary's College
2.10Samuel Thayer18.04aDe Anza
3.10Noah Simmons18.23aPRSalesian
4.12Ben Ahenguah19.16aPRDe Anza
5.10Jowell Smith20.13aDe Anza
6.11Elias Jones21.20aDe Anza

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ben Ahenguah44.39aPRDe Anza
2.10Brandon Bazile46.24aSt Mary's College
3.11Elias Jones46.34aDe Anza
4.11Joseph Alvarez49.54aJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 45.15aJesse Bethel
2.Relay Team 46.47aJohn F. Kennedy (Ric...

4x100 Relay  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 47.12aJesse Bethel

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Relay Team 3:45.11aDe Anza
2.Relay Team 3:59.75aSalesian

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jayden Smith41'02.00SRJesse Bethel
2.10Jeremy Richardson40'01.00Jesse Bethel
3.10Jahon Williams39'07.50PRJesse Bethel
4.11Princeton Toki39'00.50Salesian
5.10Joseph Julian37'08.00Salesian
6.11Jordan Mure36'09.00SRSt Mary's College
7.11James Woo34'05.50St Mary's College
8.10Joshua Holmes33'05.00Jesse Bethel
9.12Josiah Jacobs32'06.00St Mary's College

Shot Put - 12lb  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.10Kames Mattheson32'00.00St Mary's College
2.10Dennis Knight31'01.50Jesse Bethel
3.10Kevin Ballard29'01.00Jesse Bethel
4.10Jahon Williams28'08.50Jesse Bethel
5.9Evan Holloway28'04.50St Mary's College
6.9Chase Hoover-Mohun28'02.00St Mary's College
7.11Palvir Singh25'01.00De Anza
8.9Jacob Stamper24'01.00De Anza

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jahon Williams69'00.50Jesse Bethel
2.10Dennis Knight68'05.00Jesse Bethel
3.10Kames Mattheson66'05.50St Mary's College
4.10Kevin Ballard55'11.50Jesse Bethel
5.9Evan Holloway53'07.50St Mary's College

Discus - 1.6kg  Jr. Varsity - Finals

1.10Jahon Williams69'00.50Jesse Bethel
2.10Dennis Knight68'05.00SRJesse Bethel
3.10Kames Mattheson66'05.50St Mary's College
4.10Kevin Ballard55'11.50Jesse Bethel
5.9Evan Holloway53'07.50St Mary's College

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zach Deering-Haddix6'00.00St Mary's College
2.9Amir Cross5'10.00St Mary's College
3.10Shawn Tate5'08.00De Anza
4.10Noah Simmons5'04.00PRSalesian
5.10Samuel Thayer5'04.00De Anza
6.10Jowell Smith5'00.00PRDe Anza

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Antoine Morales23'00.00PRSt Mary's College
2.12Ben Ahenguah22'01.50PRDe Anza
3.11Devon Gilbert21'00.00John F. Kennedy (Ric...
4.12Charles Modeste20'01.00De Anza
5.9Amir Cross18'09.00PRSt Mary's College
6.9Ahmad Wanzo16'08.00St Mary's College
7.11Elivin Gueston14'02.00Jesse Bethel

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Amir Cross36'09.00St Mary's College


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