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70 Meter Dash  New Division - Finals

1.7Evelyn Cole10.04hOvid-Elsie
3.7Sonja Ramos10.26hOvid-Elsie
7Breana Briggs10.7hOvid-Elsie
7Samantha Snider11.12hPROvid-Elsie
8Gisel Vieyra11.19hPROvid-Elsie
7Willow Evans11.16hOvid-Elsie

100 Meters  New Division - Finals

2.7Braeden Tokar14.52hOvid-Elsie
7Sonja Ramos15.26hOvid-Elsie
7Willow Evans15.54hOvid-Elsie
7Savanna Denman15.64hOvid-Elsie
8Gisel Vieyra16.19hOvid-Elsie

200 Meters  New Division - Finals

7Allison Brown31.95hOvid-Elsie
7Breana Briggs33.09hPROvid-Elsie
7Savanna Denman33.6hPROvid-Elsie
8Chelsie Shamblin36.45hPROvid-Elsie

400 Meters  New Division - Finals

8Alyse Ladiski1:19.55hOvid-Elsie
8Chelsie Shamblin1:26.21hPROvid-Elsie

800 Meters  New Division - Finals

7Abigail Prewitt3:11.84hOvid-Elsie
7Lindsey Washburn3:32.36hOvid-Elsie

1600 Meters  New Division - Finals

8Ella Powell6:50.55hSROvid-Elsie

3200 Meters  New Division - Finals

7Kaia Spiess14:28.05hPROvid-Elsie

55m Hurdles - 33"  New Division - Finals

3.7Breana Briggs11.6hPROvid-Elsie
8Karina Custer12.49hPROvid-Elsie

200m Hurdles - 33"  New Division - Finals

7Samantha Snider41.59hPROvid-Elsie
8Karina Custer42.2hPROvid-Elsie

4x100 Relay  New Division - Finals

Sonja Ramos
Allison Brown
Evelyn Cole
Braeden Tokar

4x200 Relay  New Division - Finals

Samantha Snider
Amy Davis
Rachel Spitzley
Isabella Loynes

4x400 Relay  New Division - Finals

Rachel Spitzley
Amy Davis
Isabella Loynes
Allison Brown

4x800 Relay  New Division - Finals

1.Kaia Spiess
Abigail Prewitt
Alyse Ladiski
Ella Powell

Shot Put - 4kg  New Division - Finals

8Gisel Vieyra23'05PROvid-Elsie
8Alyse Ladiski23PROvid-Elsie
7Willow Evans18'05PROvid-Elsie
8Emily Ladiski18'05PROvid-Elsie

High Jump  New Division - Finals

8Isabella Loynes4' 2PROvid-Elsie
8Ella Powell3'08Ovid-Elsie

Pole Vault  New Division - Finals

1.7Kaia Spiess5'Ovid-Elsie

Long Jump  New Division - Finals

1.7Evelyn Cole13'2Ovid-Elsie
2.7Braeden Tokar13'1.5PROvid-Elsie
3.7Abigail Prewitt11'07PROvid-Elsie
7Amy Davis9'07PROvid-Elsie
8Kloe Bigelow9'06Ovid-Elsie


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